i need to learn more texturing stuff


Some stuff for an art test that I ended up not passing! Still an opportunity to learn so stuff and hopefully grow from it for the next ones o/


Yaaaaaaaaay, 100 (more now, oops) followers! In order to continue showing my love for ‘80s and early ‘90s pop culture, I’ve created a little set of Lisa Frank home decor.


  • The lamps, curtains and rugs have 6 solid color swatches, pulled directly from Lisa Frank prints.
  • **The throw pillow is a recolor of @peacemaker-ic‘s toss pillow from the Myra collection, so you will need it to see the Lisa Frank pillows.  If you don’t already have it, download it HERE.  If you don’t already have it, I’m not really sure what you’ve been doing with your life up until this point because all of Peacy’s stuff is A++. Download all of it, right now.  I’ll wait.
It’s not perfect, because I still don’t really know what I’m doing, but it could be worse.  I need to learn how to make more realistic textures!

Download from SFS HERE (individual and merged)

Hello simmers!

I want to annouce my next project which will be COTTAGE KITCHEN STUFF. For now I give little preview what’s coming. I wanted to make one large kitchen but I couldnt find any good inspiration  but I find a lots of kitchens in cottage style that I decided I will make 4 choosed by me (I hope I will be able to do it). One more information I want to make this CC Maxis Match so it will take me a lot time because I need to study Maxis objects to learn to they make them ( I mean texturing ), and if some of you may thing I’m still plaing to realse False Creek Home Part 2 but I don’t know when it will come. On the cover you can see first obejct which is stove. I hope you like my idea and have fingers crossed :D


Tonight I’m feeling “tricky”, I want to show you the things I’m working on!   ❤
I don’t know when they will be ready, I am barely in the firsts test!

- The top/body still need the most of my attention. (I can’t find the right method to merge the texture on the shoulders… )
- The pants are really simple, but the mesh is by me, because I wanted a more realistic jeans (I need more 3Dish, in the sims).
I still need to decide how I want the pants to end…. They are nice in a skinny version, but I don’t know…..  

So, I am really proud of this “set” because is created by me from start to finish!! I recently learned how to paint the texture myself and I think I’m going to update all my contents this way… 
I know I am still a beginner, but I hope you like the stuff or at least the effort…. 

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!! Kisses S.


When I was a kid in high school, my art teacher Mrs. Barker used to tell me my drawings were a bit juvenile. She was 100% right. But I was 15 or 16; I was juvenile. I’d sit up the back of class ignoring her when she talked of Egon Schiele, Brett Whiteley or Russell Drysdale. Being content that I was pissing her off by drawing Gandalf, Kaneda or the cover of Metal Gear Solid. I’ve never been good with authority and if you command me to do something I’ll usually do the opposite, often to my detriment. Alas I’ve never grown out of that.

But, despite the lowbrow nature of all that nerdy stuff, it taught me draughtsmanship, anatomy, composition, lighting and texture. Without learning those basics I would never tried more abstract forms of art. I needed to feel comfortable and build my confidence before journeying into the unknown. Plus, because I have those skills it’s meant I can actually make money from different forms of art like illustration, tattooing and art direction. Fields where the clientele are more comfortable paying for things they know rather than brain explosions “that look like a five year old did it”.

My college teachers were a little more tactful in their approach and guidance and that helped my tastes evolve. (Thanks Mister Edwards!)  They tried to understand my antagonistic nature and introduced me to the violent explosions of Basquiat and the terrifying visions of Francis Bacon. Not to mention graphic designers and typographers like Neville Brody and David Carson. Oh man, when I saw a magazine spread designed by Carson where he purposely made the entire body copy of the article unreadable I freaked the fuck out. What an awesome punk rock ‘fuck you’. I loved that. Although I’m sure the poor writer didn’t. All that stuff opened the flood gates for me to enjoy all the types of art I’d once ridiculed. I discovered Picasso could actually draw, he was just a fucking badass rebel.

I imagine Mrs. Barker and I probably enjoy similar sorts of art now and her heart was in the right place back then. Although it’s only now, 20 years later that I feel comfortable even attempting the sort of art that I would have sneered at in my youth.    

Anywhoo, I’m not sure what the moral of this spiel is (empathy? you can’t teach rebellious little shits about art?), but I found a bunch of drawings from that high school era and they made me think. Plus it’s the internet, and having a goddamn rant on the internet is what its there for right?

As you were.

Also, I’ll be having an exhibition in a couple weeks, and if you’re in Sydney  and not there pretending you like what you see, you’re unfriended. #art #rant