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Cherry Pie

So this is the product of a Skype call with @atc74 @chelsea072498 and @just-another-busy-fangirl a little alcohol and my husband who was in the other room screaming about his pie. 

Word Count: 587

The boys had been gone on a hunt for almost a week. You had been cleaning like crazy almost the whole time they were gone.

You had no idea when they would be back and that is why you were wearing only booty shorts and a tank top, dancing around the kitchen making pie blaring Warrant. No point in wearing clothes when you were home alone.

You had made the crust and cherry filling from scratch and had just pulled it out of the oven to cool, a satisfied smile on your face. You set the timer on your phone and made your way back to your room.

You didn’t hear the front door of the bunker open, or the boys come in and go to their rooms. Your headphones made sure of that.

You danced back down the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping in your tracks to find Dean standing in front of your masterpiece, a fork in one hand.

“Don’t touch it!” You squealed ripping your headphones out. Your state of undress forgotten you rushed forward to catch his large wrist in your hand.

“Well hey sweetheart!” Dean laughed looking down at you, his smile growing wider when he caught sight of your black booty shorts with little red cherries.

“Sit! I’ll get you some pie.” You told him pushing him toward the table the best you could. He didn’t make it too far and he came up behind you. He didn’t touch you but you could feel the best from his body through your thin tank.

“Come on, I wouldn’t have ruined it. I know how to eat pie,” he whined quietly in your ear.

“On the contrary,” you smirked, cutting a large slice for him. You dished it onto a plate and looked sideways at him.

“Didn’t think we would be coming home today did you?” he asked reaching around you to trap you between his arms against the counter. He took the fork and cut the tip off his piece slowly bringing it to his mouth.

“Mmm cherry,” he breathed nuzzling your neck.

“Of course,it is your favorite” you answered closing your eyes. He still was hardly touching you.

He took another fork full and it fell off the fork as he raised it to his lips falling to the front of your tank top.

“Guess I don’t know how to eat pie, maybe it’s the cherries.” He chuckled looking down at the front of you.

“If you are over 21 you should know how to properly eat pie, no matter the flavor.” You purred at him. You turned in his arms stepping up to him, bringing your body flush with his causing him to gasp.

“How’s the pie?” You asked pushing on his chest to rotate him so you could pin him against the counter.

“Uh, it’s damn good sweetheart,” he reached for your hips with his free hand.

“Good,” you leaned into the front of him, snaking your arm behind him.

“I can think of a better place to eat it though,” he leaned in to kiss you.

“Hmm, me too,” you breathed against his lips. Just before he came into contact, you pulled away snatching his forgotten fork from his hand.

You stepped back smiling coyly, his plate of pie in one hand, his fork in the other.

“Hey!” He frowned at you.

“You need to learn how to properly eat pie Dean,” you winked at him and strutted out of the kitchen singing ‘Cherry Pie’ very loudly.

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I’m fucking sad that we can’t enjoy a TV SHOW, we can’t enjoy the characters in said Tv Show or the actors because of the hate and comments.

I watch Tv shows because it makes reality go away from me, reality that sucks, so for me Tv shows are my safe place,a safe place away from overprotective family that doesn’t believe in me, away from “best friends” who OUTED me to the WHOLE TOWN, for me Supergirl is my safe place and I’m really hating how “fans” are treating other fans, and even the actors themselves.

Actors, and fans, they are people, they have feelings and they get hurt, please , if you feel like you need to post, to make public your hate, at least tag properly or just learn that not everything turns out like you want. Write your own tv show or fanfic like how you wanted it to be. Just please, keep the hate away.

It’s a tv show, guys, please. Please.

Can’t we just enjoy the show?

PD- Sorry, english isn’t my first language.

anonymous asked:

SB shipper comes into our tag to complain out Iris and WA. Then is surprised when people shoot down our argument. Later claims we need to keep our ship away from theirs. Ummmm newsflash OP we already do keep our ship away from yours. Its idiots like you who keep coming into our tags forcing us to respond. If you don't want to be taken down a peg then learn how to tag properly. Also yes please stay far far far away from our tags.


How you gon come into someone else’s tag with a negative post, get mad when people reply and then tell them to keep their ship away from you???

anonymous asked:

While I agree that cultural appropriation is a thing (why do people say it's not???) isn't it true that most Japanese want to spread their culture and beliefs? If my memory of history class serves correctly, it wasn't like this before. But hasn't that changed? Yeah I can get why her costume can be offensive, but as far as the actual tea or stylization (I hope that didn't come out wrong) of the whole thing, is it really that bad?

Alright, please bear with me and allow me to preface this by saying I’m not too good at this. You’re better off asking a blog like thisisnotjapan. But this is going to be from my perspective, and what I have learned during my time on this site.

Anon, allow me to clarify. First of all, yes, any country would like to expand the reach of their culture. That’s simply how civilization works, and by extension, how it exists in the form it is today. But here’s the thing. Japanese people in Japan (actual ones, mind you, not the ones who say they are online w/o evidence, I never trust those on principle) don’t have the same perspective as those diaspora (people of Japanese descent who live elsewhere in the world). 

You see, many non-European cultures are… made light of, in many countries around the world. General xenophobia, antiblackness worldwide, that sort of thing. And particularly in places like the United States, the current trend is East Asian countries. You’ve seen them. Weeaboos, Koreaboos, that sort of thing. Honestly if this site was around in the 80′s or 90′s you’d have Chinaboos all over the place too. That’s the problem. We are a trend here, and that’s not ok. Many people like to use our language to accessorize their own (aesthetic bloggers, looking directly at you, despite your eye gouging themes), or act as though they know more about Japanese culture because of an anime they watched.

I cannot tell you how many times, for example, I go to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, and see far more cosplayers than should be there, or see someone say something is “so anime” as though anime is the only facet of modern Japanese culture. I get it. Cosplay is a popular hobby to have. Cosplay is fun. I do it too. But the thing is that cosplay as we know it today started in Japan, and has been consumed here. Just like many other things, weeaboos have commodified many parts of Japanese culture, or used it to present themselves as more worldly or more knowledgeable, or even in some worse cases, “more Japanese” than people like myself, an actual diasporic Japanese person. 

I realize I’ve made this a bigger issue than most would have, but the thing is, it really is that bad. As I said in my much angrier version on that post, we are a culture, not a costume, and I don’t think it’s fair that that little white girl gets to have her geisha fantasy for a day, while many Japanese people train and devote themselves to the lifestyle and get looked down upon by white people, the same ones who gush about how cute their little girl looks in a much much worse “kimono” and poorly done makeup. 

In short, anon, and I sincerely hope this helps you understand, Japanese people are not a costume, not a trend, and we should not be treated as one. If some white family wants to have a geisha tea party, they need to know why that’s wrong, and learn how to go about it properly. Hell, hire an actual geisha to perform a tea ceremony with them, it’s still more respectful than bad facepaint and paper thin “kimono”.