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The reason I find my ships so beautiful is because of the friendship that blooms; most of the time I don’t care how close to canon my OTPs are, because they already are so close, and I feel like inst-romances put me off, because I like connections over time, time to form trust, love, and an artful love story.

I’ll start small Take Percabeth for an example. They formed a strong friendship over two books, showed feelings over 2 more, and then learned to love each other.

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Miraculous; my favourite of the love square is Ladynoir, because they seem so dependents on each other in the best ways; they trust each other to save the other.

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Same goes for Bellarke and Stydia, in which they bring out the best in each other, and while they make mistakes like any other human being, they always find a way (BTW Stydia is practically ALMOST there)

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My guilty pleasure;Lams (yeas, I ship John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton. In real life and in the musical)

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And then there’s Destiel my top OTP, in which I don’t care if they kiss, f*ck, or whatever; I want them to hold hands, or just give hints on something (like they don’t already) or a confession or SOMETHING it doesn’t have to be smut; I actually prefer fluff but pLEASE

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Many other minor ships of mine also form after friendships.. I DON’T KNOW IT’S LIKE MY THING I look for in all romances