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The Problem With Being a Fan Writer/Artist in a Big Fandom

So as many of you know, yesterday there was a LOT of drama here on the blog. I was thinking about deleting all of the posts, and just leaving things alone, but I feel this is actually a good opportunity to discuss a major problem that I’ve seen happen almost consistently. And not only have I seen it occur in this fandom, but in every fandom I’ve ever been in.

The common issue that I see seems to stem from the (usually minority) of the fandom that feels as though they have the right to tell creators of fan made things such as fanart and fanfics, what to do with their own works.

So, I wanted to deliver the following important message as a writer in the YOI fandom:


This sense of entitlement that I’ve seen spreading around fandoms has become quite toxic. People have little to no respect for others and seem to think they’re doing artists and writers favors by sending them PMs or anonymous messages trying to dictate or censor or make demands of their work.

Telling a creator something like:

“You shouldn’t write ____ plot because I don’t like it.” or “____ character isn’t gay/straight/bi/poly how DARE you depict them in a way that isn’t canon!” or “This is a shitty ship/pairing/AU I don’t like it and neither should you!”

This is the definition of entitlement. You aren’t owed anything by us. We write, draw, create because these are things that we love to do. We decide to share our thoughts and ideas and worlds that we want to create with all of you. And (most of the time) were doing this for free! Unless you’re commissioning someone for artwork or a story? You have no right to tell someone what to do with their own works.

If you don’t like something within the fandom, learn to ignore it. Scroll past it. Use the blacklist to block triggering terms or tags or blogs or things you just generally aren’t into. I’ve done it, many other have done it. It isn’t difficult to do.

And if you follow someone because you like something they write or make, then realize they also make something you don’t? Either learn to block the tags they use for the posts you don’t like - or just unfollow them.

There’s no need to make a show out of it.
There’s no need to make a huge deal out of it. There’s no need to personally message us or send passive aggressive anon asks explaining the reasons why you no longer want to follow someone.

Just hit that unfollow button and keep moving.

Remember, we’re all fans of the same thing here. And the beautiful thing about being part of large fandoms is the immense amount of diversity within them. We have people interacting from all over the world. We have people creating things and drawing from experiences in all walks of life.

The issue here is that there’s no respect for anyone outside of these people’s bubble. The moment they see something they don’t agree with, they feel this impulsive need to comment on it. People feel as though they’re owed something just because they like/reblog writing and art and follow someone’s blog. Remember that we’re all fans here. Remember that we’re all human beings here. Remember that there is a person behind the screen. Learn to respect when someone is different than you.

And I’ve had people message me privately and respectfully before, asking that I tag certain things or put a TW/CW on certain types of posts so that they CAN continue to follow my work and just block whatever it is that they don’t like. It’s all about how you approach us. Many of us aren’t bothered about being told these things. But you need to learn to ask and not just be like

“Oh i don’t like ____ so I’m unfollowing you.”

The only person you’re hurting by doing this isn’t us, it’s yourself. Creators aren’t going to want to write or work with someone who can’t communicate properly with them.

So please, PLEASE respect your fanartists. Respect your fanfic authors, respect your roleplayers. All we want is to create more wonderful things in this beautiful fandom for people to share and enjoy. And we can’t do that if we’re constantly treated like shit.

That said, I’m going to continue to write the things that I enjoy and love. I only hope something like this doesn’t happen on my blog ever again.

phandom this morning: *le sigh* we live in a content desert,,,,every blog i follow is dead,,,i miss dan and phil ;____;

phandom tonight: f u c k  o f f  d a n i e l  fucking HELL learn how to talk you inconsiderate fUCK how dare u do us like this

Cherry Pie

So this is the product of a Skype call with @atc74 @chelsea072498 and @just-another-busy-fangirl a little alcohol and my husband who was in the other room screaming about his pie. 

Word Count: 587

The boys had been gone on a hunt for almost a week. You had been cleaning like crazy almost the whole time they were gone.

You had no idea when they would be back and that is why you were wearing only booty shorts and a tank top, dancing around the kitchen making pie blaring Warrant. No point in wearing clothes when you were home alone.

You had made the crust and cherry filling from scratch and had just pulled it out of the oven to cool, a satisfied smile on your face. You set the timer on your phone and made your way back to your room.

You didn’t hear the front door of the bunker open, or the boys come in and go to their rooms. Your headphones made sure of that.

You danced back down the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping in your tracks to find Dean standing in front of your masterpiece, a fork in one hand.

“Don’t touch it!” You squealed ripping your headphones out. Your state of undress forgotten you rushed forward to catch his large wrist in your hand.

“Well hey sweetheart!” Dean laughed looking down at you, his smile growing wider when he caught sight of your black booty shorts with little red cherries.

“Sit! I’ll get you some pie.” You told him pushing him toward the table the best you could. He didn’t make it too far and he came up behind you. He didn’t touch you but you could feel the best from his body through your thin tank.

“Come on, I wouldn’t have ruined it. I know how to eat pie,” he whined quietly in your ear.

“On the contrary,” you smirked, cutting a large slice for him. You dished it onto a plate and looked sideways at him.

“Didn’t think we would be coming home today did you?” he asked reaching around you to trap you between his arms against the counter. He took the fork and cut the tip off his piece slowly bringing it to his mouth.

“Mmm cherry,” he breathed nuzzling your neck.

“Of course,it is your favorite” you answered closing your eyes. He still was hardly touching you.

He took another fork full and it fell off the fork as he raised it to his lips falling to the front of your tank top.

“Guess I don’t know how to eat pie, maybe it’s the cherries.” He chuckled looking down at the front of you.

“If you are over 21 you should know how to properly eat pie, no matter the flavor.” You purred at him. You turned in his arms stepping up to him, bringing your body flush with his causing him to gasp.

“How’s the pie?” You asked pushing on his chest to rotate him so you could pin him against the counter.

“Uh, it’s damn good sweetheart,” he reached for your hips with his free hand.

“Good,” you leaned into the front of him, snaking your arm behind him.

“I can think of a better place to eat it though,” he leaned in to kiss you.

“Hmm, me too,” you breathed against his lips. Just before he came into contact, you pulled away snatching his forgotten fork from his hand.

You stepped back smiling coyly, his plate of pie in one hand, his fork in the other.

“Hey!” He frowned at you.

“You need to learn how to properly eat pie Dean,” you winked at him and strutted out of the kitchen singing ‘Cherry Pie’ very loudly.

if you like it give me a shout, a share or anything! I love feedback! 

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You guys are such a dysfunctional family damn RIP I hope you guys can learn how to properly communicate this shizzle-snap is stressful just to watch. Just like,idk man have a movie night/game night or smthn have fun together, release tension via games (bUT NOT MONOPOLY WE DON'T NEED MURDER IN THE MIX!!!)

Game night would end terribly I’m afraid, but we could try a movie night? I’m sorry we’re stressing you out, I have to admit I was a tad stressed as well, but it mostly resolved now.