i need to learn how to simplify more

As much as I like the fact that we have seminars on youth cultures and their fashions, it bothers me to no end when the tutors refuse to listen to the contributions of students.

I have lived in the world they are trying to explain for over a decade. I am surrounded by it and its sibling-subcultures every single day, I have seen it evolve and evolved with it, I have seen new styles be born and old ones become frowned upon. I see first-hand where people get their inspirations from and how styles within the subculture come and go. Why are my experiences shrugged off as wrong or unimportant, when their knowledge comes from books and documentaries but mine from the actual community? Just because thing X seems to be a continuation of thing Y doesn’t make it so.

I understand the need to simplify because many other students are learning about these subcultures for the first time. But I don’t understand why someone who is supposed to encourage learning refuses to take in more knowledge themself.