i need to learn how to draw a different kind of tree

You bored, or feeling artsy but don’t have any inspiration...!?

Do you need to distract yourself? Or are you simply bored? 

Well, let’s fix that shit right now~

Here are some great websites to make the time pass.

First off, here are some 100% free art programs!; 

  • Photoshop CS2 - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • FireAlpaca - (Windows and Mac)
  • Medibang Paint Pro- (windows and Mac)
  • Sketchbook Copic Edition - (Windows and Mac)
  • GIMP - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI [cracked]  - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI 2 beta - (tumblr post on said program)
  • iPaint - (Mac)
  • Paintbrush - (Mac)
  • Pencil - (Windows, Mac)
  • Paint.NET - (Windows)
  • Seashore [still in development, ver 0.5] - (Mac)
  • ChocoFlop - (Mac)
  • Inkscape - (Mac and Windows)
  • ArtRage [Demo] - (Mac and Windows)
  • OpenCanvas 1.1[must pay for 2.0] - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • MyPaint - (Windows)
  • Krita - (Windows)
  • Vectorian [Supports Animation] - (Windows)
  • Pixia[Japanese, some English versions] - (Windows)
  • Asperite - (Windows)
  • Chasys Draw IES - (Windows)
  • SmoothDraw - (Windows)
  • TwistedBrush Open Studio - (Windows)
  • BOUNS - CTRL+Paint [Great for teaching all kinds of stuff, like how to use digital programs.]

Alrighty, but maybe you don’t want to download software to draw, free or not. That’s just too much time, and let’s face it, you’re already bored. Well, I’ve got you covered peoples, here are some free browser paint/drawing programs!;

  • Pixlr.com-a browser photoeditor, and can be used for drawing!
  • Psykopaint
  • QueekyPaint
  • PaintOnline- ((also has some random free browser games on site too!))

Sooo, maybe You just don’t feel like drawing…understandable, you beasts-here’s a BUNCH of other websites to calm and/or stretch those brain muscles!;

  • create pixel art
  • Awesome photo editor and art program, all free…!
  • Totally free transparent textures
  • make a cute chibi
  • draw some cool generative art
  • be a graffiti creator
  • create a picassohead (you don’t need to be a picasso to do so)
  • paint online
  • another awsome site to create pixel art on
  • and another one
  • create your own mandala
  • or color one
  • create an avatar
  • or you can try creating your own superhero
  • here you can interact with organisms in different environments to see how to music changes
  • here’s a website that translates the time into hexidecimal colours,
  • Here is a website where you can travel along a 3D line into the infinite unkown
  • here is a website where you can listen to rain with or without music
  • Need a model in a certain pose for drawing? here
  • Want to build your own planet
  • here is a website where you can create your own galaxies
  • make your own pattern (very useful if you need a new background)
  • create next hit comic
  • make a city which looks like something from 90′s games
  • draw a mandala like design
  • jig saw puzzles
  • more jig saw puzzles to solve
  • create a stunning HTML5 animation - no coding!
  • make a movie
  • create and dress up dolls
  • play a piano
  • you can also play a guitar
  • create sounds
  • another sound creator
  • create a logo
  • design your dream home
  • sketch rooms
  • explore fashion trends and create your own sets
  • build a website
  • try this app for building a website
  • Or maybe start learning how to code!
  • design your own t-shirt or a beanie or sweatpants and order them
  • design your own phone case
  • pretend to be a graphic designer with this cool online tool
  • Make your own Glitch art
  • Here’s another glitch art maker
  • And another!
  • Holy hell, here’s a third!
  • make an image look like it was created by a commodore 64
  • freaking cool text generator!
  • Easy to use word processor
  • Make up really cool patterns or run your photos through it :)
  • Write an essay on anything with no hassle
  • Wanna see how something you write would look like if it was on JacksFilms YGS((Your Grammar Sucks videos on YouTube))?
  • Make pictures out of text
  • ASCII word generator
  • Need an idea for some fanart-here :D
  • mario
  • cubefield
  • sleep calculator
    essay typer
  • rice questions
  • maths 
  • artsy-fartsy pretty thing
  • quotes
  • survive nature
  • rain
  • tumblr music
  • calming rain
  • themes
  • backgrounds [x] 
  • loads of references

Still haven’t found something that would float your  proverbial boat? 

Then try these out!:

  • watch a documentary
  • learn to code
  • do something yourself
  • workout with the help of this great youtube channels
  • learn things
  • play pokemon or zelda or other awesome old school games
  • waste your time on miniclip
  • play games at additing games
  • or try games at agame
  • calm your thoughts
  • the quiet place
  • it will be okay
  • vent or listen to someone
  • pour out your soul
  • explore the sky
  • look at art from around the world
  • virtually visit museum of iraq
  • explore world with arounder
  • create a music playlist
  • list through rare books
  • scroll useful science website
  • create sand art
  • brain games
  • try out tastekid and discover new favorite band or movie or book
  • interactive 3D anatomy
  • random street view
  • post a secret
  • create a family tree
  • find our what’s the difference between x and y
  • help scientists and become volunteer researcher
  • create your own font
  • read a classic short story
  • In the mood to read, but not sure exactly what book to go for?
  • scribble on maps
  • listen to letters
  • play with acrobots
  • listen to podcasts
  • make a bucket list
  • Ever want to see the most truly useless websites in creation?
  • Prank a friend with this blue screen of death!
  • Zone out watching the colors drip down
  • Sprite generator!
  • Face Generator/Creator!

Even More stuffs;

  • Wanna make a custom minecraft skin?
  • Well then these’ll work!
  • This one too~
  • Wanna make a custom error pop up?
  • Or a custom blue screen? 
  • WELP, what about making some ASCII art?
  • Here ya go!
  • And another one~
  • WAIT-last one…
  • OH, and here’s a HTML to image converter!..You’re gonna need that!
  • How about a pixel text bubble generator
  • Here’s a photoediting website that’s free and pretty awesome to mess with!

Ok, maybe none of these peeked your interest. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an o.c, but never really knew how to start, or you just enjoy making O.C’s.

This  part of this list is specifically for OCs and Oc building. It can also apply to developing RP characters~

Gemsona stuffs;

  • Just a straight up character gemsona creator
  • Here’s another
  • Not sure what gem to go with, or where? 
  • OR maybe your unsure about more than just that?

Credit to http://spacetravels.tumblr.com/post/78602010683/so-you-want-to-make-an-oc-a-masterpost-of-ways For the majority of links here!

 ((I added a couple of links! In the appearance, details, and the whole of item names section, and the Gemsona area-((above))! 

As well as the couple of Transformers/Southpark character builder links, and Undertale/TMNT below..

Basically every link I made bold I added, because I am complete fandom trash…

..Seriously, Go check her wonderful blog out~!!!

How to Write Better OCs:

  • basic tips on how to make your oc even better
  • tragic backstory? learn how to write one/make yours great
  • writing specific characters
  • a wordier, great guide on how to develop your character
  • kick out those vague descriptions and make them AWESOME

Character Development:

  • how to actually make an OC
  • Q&A (to develop characters)
  • more Q&As
  • giving your character a backstory
  • how to write an attractive character

Need an Appearance idea?

  • Humanoid generator? check
  • Here’s another one
  • and maybe if you didn’t like those this’ll work
  • Need Monsterpeople?
  • Well, then here ya’ go
  • Maybe you need Cats?


  • adding more racial diversity
  • avoiding tokenism, AKA, how to add diversity to your cast not just because you “need” it
  • writing sexuality and gender expression(doesnt include non binary, if you have a good ref to that, please add on!)
  • masterpost on writing more diversity into your story
  • cultures of the world
  • guides to drawing different ethnicities(not just a great art reference, but also really helpful in appearance descriptions!)

Mary Sue/Gary Stu;

  • Test to see if your character is a Sue
  • Explains subdivisions of Sues/Stus
  • Powerful Characters Don’t Have to Be Sues


  • villain generator
  • need an evil sounding name for your evil character? bam
  • villain archetypes
  • what’s your villain’s motive for being a villain?


  • character perceptions(What your character thinks of themselves and what others think of them)
  • how to write strong relationships between two characters
  • 8 ways to write better characters and develop their relationships with others
  • OCxLove Interest Handbook
  • develop your couple with good ol’ Q&A!
  • how to write realistic relationships
  • how to write relatives for your characters(this is more OC related to a canon character, but will help in writing family members in general)


  • 12 common archetypes
  • 8 archetypes for male/female characters
  • female archetypes (goes pretty indepth from two main categories)
  • a list of archetypes


  • how to name your character
  • random name generator
  • most common surnames
  • surnames by ethnicity


  • tips for better design
  • basic appearance generator
  • pinterest board for character design (includes NSFW and images of skeletons/exposed muscle (?) so tread carefully!)
  • clothing ref masterpost
  • Clothing generator
  • Another clothing generator
  • More clothing generator
  • Aaaand even more
  • Steam punk clothing
  • Char Style preference
  • Dress Generator


  • give your character better powers
  • a list of professions
  • proactive vs reactive characters
  • positive and negative traits
  • interest generator
  • skills generator
  • motivation generator
  • 123 ideas for character flaws
  • list of phobias
  • Oh shit someone died
  • Backgrounds and stuff? yep
  • Quirks
  • Personality. you need that shit
  • Need something fandom related?
  • City generator hell yeah
  • location? got ya
  • World-building?
  • make your own god damn laws
  • Landscape.

Need Item names?;

  • Fantasy/sci-fi/etc. medicine names
  • Stuff to make things more interesting.Weapons, clothes, treasures… whatever your characters need.
  • Item & Artifact Generators

Other story stuffs!

  • Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators
  • How did your characters meet?
  • Fanfic plots. you bet your ass!

WAIT!…if none of that worked, then maybe you want to make a SouthPark style character?

  • Here!
  • Well, this one’s nice too~
  • And another..
  • Aaaand another!

What about Transformers Characters?;

  • Here’s a Transformers name generator~
  • And a Character builder!


  • Undertale character speech box creator!
  • Want inspiration for an Undertale Oc?
  • OR a super Edgy Undertale Theory generator?
  • Maybe you just want to read some funny Sans Puns!


  • How about a TMNT creator?
  • Or a TMNT meme generator..

If any of the links have any issues for whatever reason, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SAME LIST I COPIED TO MY DA ACCOUNT JUST IN CASE;


(this is my first masterpost sorry if it’s bad) A bullet journal has a lot of uses. A planner, homework reminders, to-do lists- but understandably, some pages could use a little of inspiration. And what better inspiration than from artists? Even without a bullet journal, quotes can be a great thing to decorate journals, your room, etcetera. So, I’ve compiled a list of quotes (some aren’t very motivational) by some of your favorite artists!


“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

“I wish they would only take me as I am.”

“In spite of everything I shall rise again; I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.”

“I see drawings and pictures in the poorest of huts and the dirtiest of corners.”

“One must work and dare if one really wants to live.”

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.“

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.“

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.“

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

“Everything you can imagine is real.“

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

“Action is the foundational key to all success.“

"It takes a long time to become young.”

“Youth has no age.”

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

“Sculpture is the art of the intelligence.”

“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”

“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.”

“To copy others is necessary, but to copy oneself is pathetic.”


“Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.“

"Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.”

“What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.”

“I am not strange. I am just not normal.”

“It is not necessary for the public to know whether I am joking or whether I am serious, just as it is not necessary for me to know it myself.”

“Everything alters me, but nothing changes me.”

“So little of what could happen does happen.”

“Give me two hours a day of activity, and I’ll take the other twenty-two in dreams.”

“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.”


“The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.”

“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.”

“My painting does not come from the easel.”

“When I am in my painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing.”

“Love is friendship set to music.”

“The painter locks himself out of his own studio. And then has to break in like a thief.”

“The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.”

“Energy and motion made visible- memories arrested in space.”

“Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you. There was a reviewer a while back who wrote my pictures didn’t have any beginning or any end. He didn’t mean it as a compliment, but it was.”

“I’m very representational some of the time, and a little all of the time. But when you’re painting out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge.”

“Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed- ater awhile you may like it or you may not.”

“Each age finds its own technique… I mean, the strangeness will wear off and I think we will discover the deeper meanings in modern art.“


“I must have flowers always and always.”

“Color is my daylong obsession, joy and torment.“

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.“

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings.”

“The more I live, the more I regret how little I know.“

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

“I can only draw what I see.“

“What keeps my heart awake is colorful silence.”

“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.“

“I don’t think I’m made for any earthly kind of pleasure.”

“The light constantly changes, and that alters the atmosphere and beauty of things every minute.“


“Nobody sees a flower- really- it is so small it takes time- we haven’t time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.”

“I wish people were all trees and I think I could enjoy them then.”

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”

“I decided to accept as true my own thinking.”

“You are one of my nicest thoughts.”

“It’s not enough to be nice in life. You’ve got to have nerve.”

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way… things I had no words for.”

“I think it’s so foolish for people to want to be happy. Happy is so momentary–you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous.”

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”

“I can’t live where I want to, I can’t go where I want to go, I can’t do what I want to, I can’t even say what I want to. I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to.”

“I’m frightened all the time. But I never let it stop me. Never!”


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?”

“Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.”

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

“While I thought I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”

“I love those who can smile in trouble…”

“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”


“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.”

“I paint flowers so they will not die.”

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because the subject I know best.”

“I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive.”

“Nothing is absolute.”

“Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.”

“My painting carries with it the message of pain.”

“There is nothing more precious than laughter.”

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

“I paint flowers so they will not die.”

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.”

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

“I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.”

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.”

“Creativity takes courage.”

“An artist must not feel under any constraint.”

“We ought to view ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought, because we too are linked to the entire universe.”

“A certain blue enters your soul. A certain red has an effect on your blood-pressure.”

“Art should be something like a good armchair in which to rest from physical fatigue.”

“To look at something as though we had never seen it before requires great courage.”

“Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul.”

“In love, the one who runs away is the winner.”

“Cutting into color reminds me of the sculptor’s direct carving.”


“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.”

“Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.”

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

“Genius is eternal patience.”

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

“A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.”

“Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.”

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

“There is no greater harm than that of time wasted.”

“I am still learning.”


Chirrut loses his sight when he is sixteen to a disease that chases its own tail across the expanse of the city until it burns out, but it does not go quickly. The healers tell him–only when he asks, only when he sits there mouth turned into a scowl and demands because he is not a child even if they are treating him like one, he will not break, he is an initiate of the temple of the Whills, he is strong enough for anything–the death toll, the slow and steady rise, which areas were hit the hardest. They tell him about the things the fever stole from people, other senses, the ability to walk, long term memories. Chirrut learns everything about it based on how it has ravaged NiJedha. He keeps it tucked inside so that he can remember it, recite it to himself when he begins to feel upset about the loss of his sight.

It is one thing. It is just one thing. And he can manage without it, he knows, but he still misses it. There are very many things in the universe that he would like to see again. There are very many things in the universe that he has never seen and never will now.

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Finally Met You

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Request: Soulmate AU with Alex Summers x Reader? Thanks!

Summary: So in this AU, anything you draw or write on your skin shows up on your soulmate. It’s told mainly in 3rd person but switches to reader’s POV towards the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Tagging: @a-girl-who-loves-disney (if any of you ever want to be tagged in a fic lemme know)

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Summary: Before Sansa leaves for King’s Landing, Jon unexpectedly gives her comfort, and something more, in a time of trouble. Ned Stark puts a stop to it.

For @jonxsansafanfiction Day 7: Flowers (Jon x Sansa: 15 Days of Valentines). Multiple POV.

Shoutout to @janebrkin for the lovely idea of Jon comforting Sansa during thunderstorms when she was little - I was inspired by your story and people should go read it! :)


Jon knew it was wrong, truly wrong, because his father was angry. Lady Catelyn had been known to come down hard on him for some perceived slight, but his father was fair, and rarely raised his voice. Lord Stark’s face was stormy now, his grey eyes like chipped flint.

“Never again, Jon, do you understand? You cannot–” Jon had seen his father at a loss for words before, but never with his mouth working quite this way. “Sansa is meant for–”

“A prince, I know, father.” Joffrey had pranced into Winterfell like the spoiled brat he was, and something about the way Sansa looked at him made Jon’s blood boil.

His father swallowed, then nodded. “Yes. A prince.”

Jon shifted uncomfortably in his seat. His father had ordered him into the Lord’s Chambers and pointed for him to sit, after bellowing at Jon and Sansa in the godswood. Sansa had fled. “Why were you cruel to her, father? I gave her the crown. It was my fault. Sansa didn’t do anything wrong.” Jon wasn’t sure what he’d done wrong either, but he knew Sansa was blameless.

His father ran a hand over his face. “I’ll talk to her, Jon. It’s not your fault, either, you just – you must promise me, now, never to be alone with Sansa again.”

Jon didn’t fully understand why he had to stay away from his half-sister, but he swore the oath then and there. He didn’t even risk saying goodbye to her when he left for the Wall. Sometimes, when he took the watch at night, he’d look out over the shelf of ice and remember the crown he’d placed in Sansa’s red hair. He’d whisper a prayer into the cold air that Joffrey had become the prince Sansa deserved.


It was only flowers. Sansa liked flowers, liked to plait them in her hair and tuck them into Lady’s collar. So when Jon learned what had happened to upset her, he picked most of the blue roses in the glass gardens. He snapped off the thorns and wove a kind of crown –lopsided, hardly the perfect construction Sansa would have made. Jon might not get along with Sansa easily, but he cared for her, just like he cared for all his family. Maybe not quite the same way, since Sansa had come of age and he’d been less able to meet her eyes. Something tightened in his chest now when he saw her toss her hair over her shoulder, and he wasn’t inclined to examine the feeling too closely.

Sansa was ecstatic when the royal visit was announced. Jon would need to practice staying out of the way, but Sansa was to be put forward as a candidate for betrothal to the Baratheon prince. Sansa had always been a thoughtful, courteous girl, and she’d made a gift for Joffrey. Jon had seen her bent over her work in her lap, the tip of her tongue sticking out as she concentrated. She’d presented Joffrey with a handkerchief, emblazoned with a golden lion, that even Jon could tell was finely worked. Joffrey had bowed to her, and Sansa glowed with happiness.

At least, she did until she picked up the handkerchief by the corner that afternoon, where Joffrey had dropped it in the mud. Joffrey and his guards had just passed by the training yard, where Robb and Jon were sparring. The sound of their ugly laughter made Jon angry. He came at Robb quicker than he should have, and got in a few blows before getting thwacked in the shoulder by Robb’s wooden sword. He was rubbing his arm as he saw Sansa and Jeyne walking together. 

Robb kept striding towards the gate. Jon saw Sansa was slumping, with her head down, and he slowed his pace. Being a bastard had few privileges, but this was one of them. Jon noticed things others didn’t, and since his station lent him a kind of invisibility, he was able to hear and see details others missed. He’d surprised his lord father more than once with his knowledge of the goings-on around the castle.

“I’ll never be able to get it clean, but I suppose it makes no difference. He didn’t care for it anyway.” Sansa was twisting the dirty handkerchief in her hands. “Oh Sansa, I’m so sorry, I’m sure he didn’t mean what he said.” Jeyne sounded as if she didn’t believe her own lie. Sansa had shaken her head. “It doesn’t matter, Jeyne. I’ll stitch him finer things. I’ll be more beautiful, I’ll make him love me.” The tremor in Sansa’s voice scared Jon the most, made him afraid for her, afraid of what she might give away to this boy. So he decided to give her something of her own.

He’d found her in the godswood the next day, and listened to her, and held out the makeshift gift. “The crown of love and beauty, for you, you’re already beautiful, Sansa. He’s your prince, he’ll love you and treat you kindly. He has to. Any prince would.” You’re worth loving, he wanted to say, but he thought that might be a step too far, even though it was true. Jon placed it on her head. She’d smiled, and asked him to play an old game. Father had crashed through the branches a few minutes later, yanking him by his injured arm, while Sansa ran. 


The stitching, Sansa thought numbly, I’ll never get the mud out. She’d begged gold thread from her mother, too, to make sure the lion’s head gleamed. Her favor had floated half-in, half-out of the puddle. Joffrey’s sneering remark echoed in her ears. All she could think was that her needlework must have been coarse, and uneven, though she’d checked and checked. She had to do better, though she wasn’t sure how. So when she heard someone step through the trees into the godswood, she was momentarily angry. Couldn’t she be left alone, to cry, to be unladylike for once in her life? She wiped her eyes, and held tight to the low tree branch. A light rain had started to fall, and the bark was slightly slippery.

Jon emerged from the leaves. He was prone to sulking, and there was an anger and melancholy that never left him. But before her mother made it clear she was to have nothing to do with Jon, when she was very little, and scared of storms outside her window, Sansa would sometimes go to him at night and ask to sleep in his bed. Robb would let her too, of course. He would chuckle, and muss her hair, and tell her there was nothing to worry about before falling back asleep. Sansa would still shake, though, each time the thunder boomed. Robb was big and strong, her oldest brother. He wasn’t frightened by the storm. But Sansa was small, so small it was hard for her to climb into Robb’s bed. She couldn’t stop the fear that coursed through her each time the thunder sounded as if it would swallow her up. Jon would tell her it was all right to be scared. He would hold her, and talk to her, until the rain ceased. She could still recall how warm he’d been, how he’d sing to her in a high, sweet voice if she asked. Her lady mother forbade her from joining her half-brother in bed when she turned six, and Sansa learned that the word “bastard” separated Jon and Robb. Although Sansa dutifully turned her head away now when Jon walked by, she remembered that he’d been gentle with her, when they were children.

Still, she was ashamed of her tears, and wasn’t sure she wanted to share them. “Did you come to mock me too, Jon?” She heard the thread of anger in her voice, but held her chin high. Jon stopped in front of her, strangely quiet. It took her a moment to realize he was holding a mass of blue flowers in his hand.

“No, Sansa. I – I came to see if you were all right.”

If he had been wheedling, or commanding, she would have sent him packing. Instead he let the silence draw out between them, and Sansa began to relax. Then, slowly, she began to talk, in fits and starts. “I wasn’t – the gift, Jon, I made Joffrey a favor, I spent weeks on it, getting every stitch right, though there’s no reason for you to know that–“

“I saw you,” Jon said. “You’d work on it day and night. You brought it outside a few times, while we trained.”

“The sunlight, it’s best for certain techniques, I – you noticed?” She thought Jon Snow would be the last person to pay attention to an embroidery hoop.

“You seemed…tense, while you did it. And you stuck your tongue out.” The corner of his mouth quirked.

“I do that when I’m concentrating. Though I’d rather others couldn’t tell.”  She gathered her skirts in an effort to look dignified, even when sitting in a tree. “Yes. Well. I’d hoped – I’d hoped the prince would like it. I’m only a lady, Jon, not a princess, I have to show him I’m not stupid, I’m worth marrying, worth bringing to King’s Landing, there are so many others he could choose. I heard him, did you know that? I heard what he said, when he dropped it. ‘Trust a dog not to know a lion’s likeness.’” She twisted her damp hair around her finger. Jon listened to her, really listened as she talked, it felt liked so few people did that anymore. “I did my best, Jon, I asked Maester Luwin to show me pictures in the library, I stitched the lion as fine as I could.”

He held the flowers out to her mutely. “Thank you Jon.” Sansa was polite, but puzzled. “What is it?”

“It’s a crown,” Jon said. “Love and beauty.” She and Robb and Jon had played this game a thousand times when they were younger, the Queen of Love and Beauty. Robb, her bright-eyed brother with the easy laugh, had always won, and named her his queen. Jon was the one before her now, serious and solemn. She bowed her head. When he placed the crown on her hair, his touch was light. He told her she was beautiful, and any prince would love her.

She drew strength from his gesture, enough to bring back some of her good humor. “Should you swear fealty then?” Robb would have teased her, and chucked her under the chin. She half-expected Jon to stammer out an excuse, and leave the way he came. Instead Jon simply went down on one knee, and took her hand. They were too old for this game, and perhaps that was the reason for the flush on her cheeks. His curls were wet, and stuck to his forehead. He brushed the back of her hand with his lips. “My queen.” Jon looked up at her with dark eyes as if she already was a queen, as if there was no room for doubt.

She held onto that look, even after father’s lecture, even after arriving in King’s Landing. She thought back on it when Joffrey’s men struck her, when Littlefinger undressed her with his eyes.

After she bled, when she was to be wed to the man she knew to be a monster, she picked at the blue roses she’d embroidered on her gown. I’m already beautiful. Any prince would love me. Sansa started to cry. Jon had spoken those words that day as if they were as true and as plain as the rain that soaked her hair. 


Promise me, Ned. Ned knew he was terrifyingly close to failing Lyanna, when he saw Jon Targaryen kneeling before his daughter in the godswood, as a crown of winter roses graced her hair. Sansa’s gaze was rapt, and Jon looked at her like she was the sun and stars together. No, he thought, Jon, stop, you can’t, a love like this once broke the world apart. So he shattered the scene, sending Sansa running, dragging Jon back to Winterfell’s halls. He’d forbid his daughter and his nephew from spending time with each other. He’d send Jon to the Wall, and escort Sansa safely to King’s Landing, before he’d let a love so strong and dangerous bloom again.

Prompt: Imagine that the first thing your soulmate, Steve Rogers, ever said to you was “hi”.

Pairing: Steve/Reader - First Words Tattoo Soulmate AU

Words: 1034

Warnings: None? (I didn’t mean to insult anyone who likes Fifty Shades of Grey.)


You looked down at your wrist, reading again the word even if you didn’t need to. You memorized it as soon as you learned it’s meaning.

After all, it was the first word your soulmates were going to say to you. Both of them.


And you were definitely going to slap them for it. 

At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Lots of people had “hi” as their soulmark(not both of them, sure) and still found their soulmates, right? Well, that’s what you thought before your first year of school, when you realized the amount of times you would hear that word every single day of your life. You couldn’t keep freezing every time you heard your friends saying hi to each other, just because you thought it could be your soulmate saying it to you, or ask to check the soulmarks of everyone new that said hi to you.

What if you and your soulmates said very common things and neither of you realized you were actually soulmates, never meeting each other again? Okay, maybe that was dramatic, but it certainly could happen.

So you made up a plan.

It seemed like a stupid plan at first, but as the time passed you noticed that it avoided a lot of confusion. It was simple, really. You just made sure that you said the strangest things to everyone in your first meetings. Everyone.

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10 Ways to Get Smarter By Keeping an Art Journal

These journal prompts are designed to help you employ common memory devices to learn new things and keep track of information. Most of these techniques are taken from the books “Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer, and “How to Develop, Train, and Use Memory” by William Walter Atkinson. These prompts emphasize the value of making connections, visualizing information, and decontextualizing key details to improve memory recall. 

1. Plan your learning:  Brainstorm a list of topics you want to learn about. When you feel left out of a conversation because you don’t know anything about the topic, take a note and add it to the list. 

2. Take Non-School Related Notes : Pick one of your listed topics and search for a simplified explanation of it on Youtube. Dedicate a page in your journal to take notes on that video. Define key terms, write in point form, and connect what you learn to things you already know by circling the point and writing in what it reminds you of. 

3. Learn About Current Events: Cut an interesting article out of a newspaper or magazine and paste it in your journal. Highlight key passages and take notes on the implications of the part you’ve highlighted. Beside the article, write your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding the article. 

4. Mix School with Your Personal Life: Dedicate at least a two page spread to taking notes on something related to school. If you’re not in school, take notes on something you remember learning but have forgotten all about. Use lines to connect your point form notes with elements from your personal life that are relevant to the topic. Example: If you’re learning about water pollution, you might connect a bit of information to your own experiences swimming in polluted water. Connecting school to your personal life helps makes studying seem like something you want to do, not something you have to do. 

5. Recall Insignificant Details: Cut the title page out of the book you are currently reading (optional, as I know a lot of people have a visceral objection to cutting books). Give a point form summary of everything that has happened in the book so far, without going back to remind yourself. Forcing yourself to recall small details will strengthen your ability to remember details in the future. 

6. Answer Your Own Questions: Draw a line down the page to divide it into two columns. In one column, brainstorm questions that you don’t know the whole answer to. Example: how does photosynthesis work? What is nuclear fusion? What trees grow in my area? Google each question and write the answers in the second column. If you find an answer that is particularly interesting, take detailed notes on the opposite page. 

7. Learn to Use Mnemonic Devices: If you are studying difficult vocabulary or something else that requires wrote-memorization, keep an ongoing list in your journal of terms and concepts you need to remember. For each one, break the word down into syllables and assign a picture or word that the syllable reminds you of. Then, put those words/pictures together in a way that is relevant to the word’s definition.  Example: the word “Zooxanthellae” (a kind of algae) can be broken into ‘zoo’ ‘zan’ ‘tell’ ‘eh’. You could think of an algae hiding in a zoo, telling a woman named Suzan about Canada, eh. Describe this situation in your journal. This is a highly effective memorization tool called a ‘mnemonic’. 

8. Kill Boredom With Memory Recall: Brainstorm lists of the books you’ve read in the past year, the things you bought at the grocery store last, the things you’ve eaten in the past two days, the characters in your old favourite tv shows, and anything else that requires detailed, accurate memory recall. Fill a page in your journal with these lists. 

9. Record Your Life: Write at least a small point-form journal entry every day describing what you did, who you saw, what you bought, and what you ate. Recalling these details strengthens your memory of them, and recording them creates memory-bridges that can be used to retrieve your memories of each day, even after you’ve completely forgotten them. In a few years, re-read your journal entries: you’ll likely be able to recall something from almost every day you took the time to record. 

10. Record and Perfect Your Thoughts, Opinions, and Ideas: Write a list of topics that you either spend a lot of time thinking about or that you have strong opinions on. When you feel like writing for a while, review this list and dedicate a page to recording your thoughts about each item. I like to title these pages “Thought practice”. Recording your thoughts will help you sort out inconsistencies and develop thought-out ideas that you can express more clearly in conversation (since you’ve already written out what to say :P) Make sure to ask questions and point out flaws in your own writing. Keep track of areas where you might be missing information.

Bonus: There are many more useful memory tips and tricks that I haven’t written about in these prompts. I’ve included a few below, but be sure to check out the books I referenced at the top if you’re interested in learning more. Both books can be found as audiobooks on Youtube.   

-Sorting information using different coloured pens or different fonts/ writing styles forces your brain to concentrate just a little bit harder, making memory bridges just a little bit stronger.

-Connect new information to something emotional, funny, or sexual to make it stand out in your mind. 

-Practice creating mnemonic devices in your head when you have some time to kill (at the bus stop, in line at the store, etc.)

-Study the same information in many different places, especially standing or moving around. 

-Teach others about what you have learnt whenever possible. Teaching reinforces memories and will also help you express your knowledge in a logical, linear way. 

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Prompt: Obi and Shirayuki stumble across a village where the people speak in riddles and shed their clothing from dark until dawn in a trance-like state. Shirayuki has to figure out what is going on because now Obi is running around naked with them

Lyrias has not brought tribute for months.

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No Surrender | Chapter Three

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,982

Summary: All your pent up emotions come rolling out when you finally see Cassian at the medbay. You never expected him to remember what you said.

Tagging: @kwaiky, @ly–canthrope

Author’s notes: Thank you guys for being patient and kind to me. Finishing this chapter took me a few days because I would run into writer’s block then school clocks me in the damn jaw. I am sad to see No Surrender come to a close but it’s been a great ride. 


Chapter 3: Rise

A chill goes down your spine as you enter the medcenter. You were never fond of the place but they saved you in more ways than one. The idea that so many of your fellow rebels have wound up here…death is always around the corner.

Your heart beats a little faster when K-2 stops at a closed door.

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The Story Of Corroded Crank [Long Post]

Art belongs to @shamefulbirb, who is very kind enough to draw my version of Corroded Crank.

Awhile back I presented my idea of a Dark Ethan. We were talking about Anti and Dark and I had an idea for Ethan. But alas, I have no drawing skills and writing it out wasn’t coming to me. So I shared the idea with the Birb, and she was very excited and latched to the idea and brought our clunky blue dude to life.

Now what I like about Birb is that she took the boy and adapted him as her own, gave him a story and lined him out as her own. But she was very sweet to constantly say that he was my idea. Corroded Crank – or CC as we affectionately call the blue bot – became our fun little project. Bouncing back and forth cute and fun ideas according to her head cannons and just breathing life into him.

But here’s the thing. While Birb was writing CC’s story, I already had my own full story for him. And my blue bot was… He was a far difference from her interpretation of the little blue bot… See while Birb gave him a more child-like feel – a sort of Pinocchio learning the world thing – my blue boy wasn’t so innocent.

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Some process gifs as an overview of my general approach when it comes to painting. I have made other posts about my process before (which you can access through the #answers tag) but it does seem to be a popular thing to ask about, so here’s another one-size-fits-all kind of answer.

For environments I follow a very loose sketch and move right into blocking out main shapes and overall colour scheme. For things that may require more detail due to proximity (e.g. faces) I will do cleaner lines.

It can be fun to paint messily (see the maidenhair drawing) but in many cases you may want to adopt habits which will speed up your process such as locking down transparency (or use layer masks or both) for things which need it so you won’t be wasting time cleaning up edges later. Natural shapes are more forgiving of lines which are out of perspective; don’t be afraid to use things like polygonal lasso or shapes when drawing buildings. Use large brushes when building up colour scheme; the whole thing will read better without unplanned strokes everywhere.

Sometimes I get comments about detail. My paintings aren’t usually very detailed. I like to draw things from far away, and the further away something is the easier it is to draw. Shapes can be implied. There is no need to draw every petal of a flower or ever branch of a tree or every blade of grass. A few blades of grass can hint at a whole lawn.

For brushes I primarily like to use Photoshop’s default hard/soft circle brushes, occasionally flattened to an oval. The default chalk series is also good. I also often make custom brushes for paintings, especially for different types of foliage. When making or using brushes pay attention to brush settings like Scattering, Brush Tip Shape > Spacing, and Shape Dynamics > Angle Jitter. There is no magical brush which will solve all your painting problems. There are brushes which are better suited for some purposes than others (e.g. a general leaf shape with scattering and angle jitter). Learn how to fish.

After all your fundamentals are there the painting process is really just a matter of defining and rendering until you feel like it’s time to stop. This is the easiest part, although depending on how defined you want your painting to be it can also be the most time consuming.

That’s all for now. :)

Lesson 13: Spellcasting 101

Teacher: Trickstersleash

Live class date and time: 1/21/2017 @ 7:00PM

 As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 The first thing most beginners ask after “Okay so what do I need to get started?” if “What kind of spells can I cast?” The answer is of course, technically you can cast any kind of spell you like. There are some things that magic simply cannot do for you here in the physical plane but outside of that the only real restriction to what you CAN do is what you are willing to do. With that being said, of course most witches adhere to some sort of ethical code and you won’t want to do anything that will harm you or someone else if that it not your express intent. As for things you simply literally cannot do, no matter how much you wish and how strong you intent is, you will not be able to make sudden major physical changes to your body. This means you cannot shapeshift or grow wings, change your hair color at the blink of an eye (without cosmetic help of course) or drop/gain weight in a matter of moments. This is of course, speaking only in the physical plane. Astrally or in other non-physical bodily ways are a completely different story (for a different teacher to tell.)  You can influence your body and bolster your efforts for things like gaining or losing weight, perking up failing health or increasing passionate desire, but these things all take some degree of effort on your own part. In the cases, magic must be working with your own mundane efforts. Just like praying to pass a test won’t get you there if you don’t bother to study, asking the gods to help you with a problem you aren’t working on already will almost always end in failure. Magic should not completely replace effort on your part.

Some basic Dos and Don'ts (in my experience)

  • DO spells that feel right, ethical for your practice and comfortable.
  • DO NOT try spells that you feel are unethical, harmful to yourself for health or safety reasons or simply you are uncomfortable performing. If your whole intent is not into something, it is self-sabotage and will fail every time.
  • DO take suggestions from other witches about what has worked for them in the past.
  • DO NOT feel that you have to do things the same way as someone just because it worked for them or they have been practicing for forever. No part of the pagan umbrella is one size fits all. You must find what feels right and works for you.
  • DO put planning and research into your spells.
  • DO NOT research, plot, and detail it out until you’re too stressed to actually craft the spells. Figure out what you HAVE to know to be safe, but don’t make yourself crazy. Remember that in the end, your will is what makes the magic, not the ingredients or history behind the spell.
  • DO expand your craft, try new things and explore other kinds of magic.
  • DO NOT steal from closed cultures, use preexisting symbols without knowing their meanings or use new ingredients without knowing how to do so safely. Also remember that you do NOT need a gold mine worth of new fancy materials to do a spell. Everything can be simplified down.
  • DO feel free to come to me, another OWS teacher or even post questions in the chats. Talk with other group members, sometimes a problem or question you have been having and thinking it dumb is more common than you ever imagined.
  • DO NOT be scared. Witchcraft is not an exact science. Every time you cast a spell it will go a little differently. Just because it didn’t work out how you planned the first time doesn’t mean you’re doing bad or aren’t powerful enough, it might just not be the right time or you might get what you need in a way you never expected.

 When designing a spell the first thing you need to think about is WHY you are casting it. What exactly is your intent? Are you in need of something? Is it protective? Is it healing? Is it a curse? You simply cannot cast a spell if you don’t have any sort of idea why you’re casting your energy out there.

Remember that the only thing you need to cast a spell is your intent. There are a ton and a half of very successful spells that are just pouring all your intent into manipulating energies the way you want. With that being said, many witches really enjoy expanding and using more in their spells. Never feel that you HAVE to go out of your way to find obscure or expensive ingredients or tools unless you just want to.

An easy and free! Ingredient to change a spell from staring really hard at an object is to simply add an incantation or hand movement. These can rhyme or not, be in any language you actually understand well enough to use, can be silly or serious, intricate or simple. It is entirely up to you. Whatever you are most comfortable with is what you should use. I have done banishing spells that were a line of expletives and I have done healing spells that were a full poem read in the round by a group. There are very few limitations with incantations.

Some tips for writing a typically successful incantation:

  • State your intent as clearly as possible in the present tense. For example, Not “I will be wealthy.” but “I am wealthy.”  “I am loved.” rather than “I will find love.”
  • Believing in what you say is important. If you think the wording is too cheesy and you don’t really feel that it is going to work, guess what? That has already tinted your intent and you’re done before you begin. Some doubt when casting a spell is normal, but learning to conquer that and put faith in your magic is a wonderful sign of your growth as a witch.
  • Rhyming is not necessary, but it sure is fun and can make things easy to remember.
  • Repetition helps cement your spell into place. Some people do not find this needed at all, others repeat the incantation or different versions of the same intent until they feel it has “stuck” this can be a sacred or special number, or just until it feels right.
  • I cannot tell you the best way to write an incantation. I can help you if you’re needing help finding good wording or a more flowing cadence, but there is no exact formula for writing a no fail spell. In the end, something in your own words will be more powerful than something someone else tells you, but don’t feel bad If that is hard at first (or ten years in, or twenty.) It’s a skill that has to be honed, just like drawing or cooking. You can learn, no matter how uncreative or silly or “dumb” you think you might be.
  • Hand Signs or Movements are a great way to help direct energy and to give yourself a physical marker for the spell in the future. If you do a spell for self confidence or calming, it can be useful to have the hand sign as something you can do to help reinforce both the magic of the spell, and the useful things that come from it. Get creative here, but be careful waving your hands around if you have candles lit, especially if you’re wearing long sleeves.  These can also be combined with the use of a tool to direct energy such as an athame, wand or wooden spoon.
  • Adding in actual physical ingredients into you spell such as herbs, crystals, charms, cards, whatever, can be fun and functional, but casting a spell is like making Chili (or soup.)  What you put into it depends strongly on your own personal preferences. You can find correspondence charts for nearly every facet of magic, from colors to crystals, herbs to animal parts… but don’t feel that these are set in stone. Some of them might have historical reasoning, or they might have medicinal reasoning, but at the end of the day if you have lavender, it isn’t going to be a calming scent. If you live in a country where most of your currency is red, it probably will feel more like a wealth color than green. If your grandmother died when a ceder tree fell on her, the scent might not be so comforting to you. So feel free to ask about or look up correspondence, but remember that they are not always going to fit just right for you. Also keep in mind that a correspondence is completely different than the use of an herbal  treatment for something. A lot of these ARE grounded in the actual chemistry of the plant and the way it interacts with the body. These should not be played will willy nilly as they are a medical practice and need to be carefully monitored for safety and health reasons. 

  If you are interested in any correspondences specifically, please feel free to ask me or post about it in the chat. I will gladly share with you any knowledge I have, as well as some goofy little things I have picked up over the years.  

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Not A Spy (Tokugawa Ieyasu daddy fic) 1/?

Not A Spy |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|

Eighteen years ago, you had fled under the cover of darkness. With nothing but the clothes on your back, along with the hairpin Lord Ieyasu had given you all those years ago. You slipped through the shadows, carful to cover your footprints. You had nowhere to go. Nobody to ask for help. Ieyasu knew where you lived, so you had no choice but to find shelter elsewhere. So you did. You made your way to Suruga. There, you would find work. You had enough money saved up to find a small home, but after you bought that home your money was gone. You found work, and you work yourself to the bone, trying to make enough so that you could stay at home and care for your soon-to-be born child.

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Fetch Modi (according to survey)

Will update this post as I receive responses.  (Currently 69 responses.) 

Canon modi

  • Array x2
  • Pictionary x3
  • Match
  • Stack 
  • Miracle

Game modi

  • Dartboard - When an idem was wanted, a dartboard will appear, and darts will have to be thrown at it. The different squares on the dartboard represent different items, and throwing the dart at a specific square gets that item. Less important items take up the larger sections, and more important ones the rings and the bullseyes
  • Rubix Cube - In order to access an item, I need to match the all the colors together. In that time I can grab whatever I need, but I do have a timer. Once I am finished it scrambles in a new form. The solution to it is never the same.  
  • Rhythm Game - The user must tap out a rhythm using any means possible to retrieve the item. The more important the item, the more complex the rhythm.
  • Tetris - a certain number of rows must be cleared the larger the item the more lines
  • Connect the Dots - You have to connect a certain amount of dots in a certain way to unlock your object.
  • 52 Card Pickup - Each item is assigned to a card in a deck (whether it’s a standard playing deck, or a tarot deck, or etc. is to be determined). To pull an item out you must draw that card from the deck. You can play “52 Card Pickup” to release all the items. Jokers are wildcards.
    Magic Eye - Items placed in the sylladex are converted to magic eye pictures. They must be seen in order to be removed.
  • Kaleidoscope -  It is a kaleidoscope, so she rotates it until she can see the item she needs.

Art modi (visual art, music, writing, etc)

  • Photoshop - Each item you captchalogue gets pasted into a photoshop image on its own layer, unlabeled of course. You have to search through every single layer until you find the one with your item on it, then select it.
  • Notebook -  To retrieve an item, I have to write a description of it. If I get it wrong, I have to try again.
  • Scale -  Each item is assigned a note and to release the item you have to hum the right pitch
  • Scenario / RP -  I need to come up with a scenario involving the item I want to retrieve, or I need to act out a scenario it gives me, that somehow relates to the object.
  • Palette -  Each object is assigned a color palette based on its colors, when you need to retrieve all that appears on the card are the three most prevalent colors of the object. 

Skill (?) modi (need better categorization)

  • Shuffle Time - all inventory cards float about the person, backwards. they must keep an eye on the one they want and grab it as it flies about
  • Pun (1) - Once I store something, it cannot be taken out unless I make a pun of said item. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, it just has to happen.
  • Pun (2) - make a pun relating to the object wanted. For further note, if a pun is made that can relate to another object, it ejects them both. Unlimited space.

Knowledge or Memory modi

  • Mind Palace - Stores items in a mental map modeled to look like a place from your imagination or memories. Remember where you left the item and navigate the palace to retrieve it.
  • cmd - Store an item in a location; to fetch, recite the entire file path to that location
  • Dictionary (2) - you say the definition of the object to access it
  • The Rap-crunching Deluxe Special Limited Edition BeatMaster - BeatMaster is the meister of all things cool, and sick raps are no small deal for him; he’s released over 50 albums in his lifetime, and it’s been estimated just over 7/8 of the English language has made an appearance throughout his songs. To celebrate this, a new kind of modus has been released for all you hip youngsters out there with a serious passion for BeatMaster’s hit jams. To retrieve an item, simply recall the line of the song that this item made an appearance in- either with an instrument, voice or tapping out of rhythms. This modus relies heavily on your intense love of BeatMaster’s songs; only the best of his fans can quickly identify which line they must recall at the speed they most likely need the item at. But what if my item doesn’t appear in a song, you ask? Well, it’s easy, really! Just take a few lines that contain words which describe the item and wrap (or should I say, rap?!) it all together to form your own unique-but-still-copyright-of-BeatMaster Mini Groove Bar!

Knowledge or Academic modi

  • Chemical -  I have to balance a chemical equation to access my item. The bigger/more important it is, the more complex the equation.
  • Language - The person using the modus sets the language to something they can’t understand. They then must learn the name of the item in that language, and speak it properly to retrieve it. Once a language has reached a certain level of proficiency, it will automatically change. Limited to languages from the user’s homeworld.

Organization modi

  • Library - Every item becomes a book, which goes into the ‘returned’ bin, in a 'fetch modus world’ sort of thing. In that place, there is a library. I can access any book I want, but I have to find it first. If I keep the place organized, it’s easy, but if I don’t…
    The limit is how many books I can fit on the shelves (including if I can fit the ones in the bin in) and the size of the book changes depending on the size of the object. I just have to open the book and read out what it is to get it.
  • Collector - My modus is represented by a card collector’s case. The captchalog cards go into the sleeves on the pages of the book. Identical or similar cards stack into the same sleeve, i.e. The Wrinklefucker stakes with the Pogohammer but not the Warhammer of Zillywhoo.
  • Alphabet Tree -  Everything is ordered in alphabetical order. It’s similar to Rose’s modus, in that there is a tree for every letter.

Miscellaneous Task modi

  • Cat - every item turns into a cat. make the cat happy to get your item. 10/10 modus.
  • Forecast -  One must describe how and in what scenario they will use this object, and it will not appear until the forecast comes true. Very inconvenient.

Random (or Externally Determined) modi

  • Roulette - The item you want and one will be flipped over and cloned once. A random third and fourth item will be put into the mix. Then select of the cards. 50% chance of being right.
  • Coin - flip a coin, it’s not rocket science
  • Ghost - If something dies near you, it’s ghost will follow you around until you need to fetch something or other, and it will choose which thing you get to fetch.
  • Satchel - semi-organized bag of garbage, reach in and hope you get what you were aiming for
  • Tarot - Draws a card. The card contains the item most needed at that particular time, or may be more importantly needed in the near future. 

Basic Storage modi

  • Pack - Similar to inventory from many mmo’s; main inventory has a set amount of slots, which cannot be added to or subtracted from. Instead, Pack Cards can be added to the deck, which add new inventory tabs.
  • Alphabetical Order - everything gets sorted in alphabetical order pretty simple really
  • Backpack (1) - There are multiple stacks of cards, a main pouch, front pouch, two side pouches, and an inner hidden pouch. The main pouch stack requires top cards to be pulled first, unless the object is particularly small. The inner pouch stack cannot be accessed until the main stack is at least half empty. The side pouch stacks can carry one or two small items that can be accessed at will. The front pouch stack can only carry small items, can carry many, but are accessed randomly, so have fun digging around.
  • Backpack (2) - If the individual item can fit into a backpack, I can carry it.
  • Dictionary (1) - I have nearly infinite space, but each card can only be used to store one item ever. For example, a card that stored a pen in the past can only store pens in the future as well, even if it is empty currently. All cards are alphabetised and must be individually selected.
  • Pipboy - instead of requiring cards to carry thing everything has a weight value and if you go above the amount you can carry you move dreadfully slow, works as a computing device so you can communicate with your allies and it wont get lost cause it’s always attached to your arm, you can view your current weapons and clothes in it as well and listen to music from it if you’d like
Stolen Glances

Pairing: Claire x Reader

Words: 1422

Includes: Bi!Claire, Dadstiel, Destiel (not a huge part, really), High School AU

Note: First time writing Claire, please let me know what you think and if you maybe want a part two? :)))

Tagging: @ddean, @pada-ackles, @perfjensen, @wrennotren , @sextydean ,@warriorclairenovak 

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Demon in my View sentence starters
  • “Ah, ___. What a perfect little niche of hell.”
  • “Why are you sitting here all alone?”
  • “Wouldn’t you rather have some company?”
  • “Maybe it’s broken…you wanna give it a try?”
  • “Learn the art of sarcasm.”
  • “I’m not hungry. Go ahead and eat without me.”
  • “Mind if I join you?”
  • “Do you always keep to yourself out here?”
  • “Do you always go out of your way to talk to people who look like they want to be left alone?”
  • “Would you prefer to be alone, or are you avoiding someone in particular?”
  • “___ seems convinced my inner child needs a friend.”
  • “It’s in his/her/their nature to try to draw people out of the dark.”
  • “Are you stalking me?”
  • “I’m not quite so obvious when I’m stalking someone.”
  • “Get out of my head.”
  • “Friends with leeches but not with humans.”
  • “I’ve been subtle, rude, and even offensive. Now it’s time for direct.”
  • “Cold. Very cold. I agree completely.”
  • “Maybe I’m paranoid, but I could swear you’ve been following me.”
  • “Does this happen to you often?”
  • “You two know each other?”
  • “I can read your mind , and learn your secret fears and darkest desires.”
  • “Do you always talk like that?”
  • “If I were you, I’d just avoid him.”
  • “May I ask why you didn’t kill him/her/them?”
  • “I see you’ve finally returned from your little game in the sunlight.”
  • “Mind if I kill ___ for you?”
  • “I have more of a quarrel with ____ than you do.”
  • “You wouldn’t admit to being wounded by a human even if you had been.”
  • “I suppose you wouldn’t be in such a good mood if you’d lost another fight.”
  • “If you don’t kill ____, or otherwise dispose of her, I will.”
  • “Don’t you have any conscience at all?”
  • “Now, as much as I love your company, I really do prefer to dine alone.”
  • “I know you’d never fight me even if you had the strength.”
  • “___, go away. You’re beginning to bore me.”
  • “I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or a threat.”
  • “Would you rather it hurt?”
  • “Do you usually sleep in trees?”
  • “Don’t you live somewhere? Or do you just follow me around all day?”
  • “You’re quiet suddenly. What are you thinking about?”
  • “How disgustingly cute.”
  • “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were attracted to him/her/them.”
  • “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were jealous.”
  • “What the hell do you want?
  • “Come upstairs. We can talk in my room.”
  • “This is your room?”
  • “Say what you came to say, ___.”
  • “What is going on here?”
  • “Welcome to my world. Or is it your world?”
  • “To knowledge, and to pain.”
  • “Leaving so soon?”
  • “I might have stayed longer, but the threats were a bit discouraging.”
  • “Many are calling for your blood, but there are actually very few of my kind who would dare to kill you.”
  • “I don’t like being toyed with.”
  • “If you or anyone else is planning to kill me, then get on with it. I have better things to do than wait for you to act.”
  • “Why am I not dead already?”
  • “What do you want to do about it?”
  • “Why aren’t you ever wrong?”
  • “Do whatever you want with him/her/them, but stop him/her/them.”
  • “If you’d rather be with them, then go. I won’t stop you. But if you choose their side, then I won’t protect you, either.”
  • “I don’t need your protection.”
  • “I was planning to go for a walk, perhaps wander in the woods a bit.”
  • “Do you really think you should be going out there alone?”
  • “It isn’t murder to kill something that died thousands of years ago.”
  • “At least they don’t preach the morality of their killing.”
  • “Either deal with it now, or I will.”
  • “You’re an idiot, you know that?”
  • “If any of your kind was really trying to kill me, it wouldn’t matter where I was.”
  • “Are you trying to poison yourself?”
  • “Oh, bite me.”
  • “It would never occur to you to be afraid, would it?”
  • “If you wanted to kill me, you would have done so long ago.”
  • “If you bite me, I’m going to bite back, and do you really want this crowd to see a human do that?”
  • “You act so sure, so unafraid, so…important, as if you can’t be killed just as easily as any other human.”
  • “Life isn’t fair, and neither is death. But I’ll make it a bit more sporting…”
  • “Do you seek death? Or are you just fond of pain?”
  • “I would have made this so much easier on you, but you chose to do it the hard way.”
  • “I might die, but which one of us will hurt more tomorrow?”
  • “I will be very sure you feel every drop of life as it leaves your veins.”
  • “I know your talents of inflicting pain. But even with them, you will never make me your prey.”
  • “You know the difference between predator and prey. You were born human, and you will die human–prey and nothing more.”
  • “It seems to me that you were human once…but I suppose you don’t need to be reminded of your experiences as prey.”
  • “Watch your words, ___. Unless you want me to squeeze your vertebrae straight through your windpipe.”
  • “You picked the wrong person to fight, because I like pain–your pain–and I really like causing it.”
  • “That’s called sadism, and I think it’s some kind of psychological disorder.”
  • “So I see you’re walking again. I must not have hit you hard enough.”
  • “I could kill you accidentally.”
  • “This is very definitely going to get me disowned.”
  • “No, not dead…I wouldn’t hurt so much if I was dead.”
  • “Careful, I’m not sure that arm is still fully attached.”
  • “I hope they sliced you open very well.”
  • “I have no desire to fight you.”
  • “Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.”
The Reality of Heaven

Prompt: If you’re still taking requests, could you do one where the reader always breaks out of her personal heaven to see her friends. Even though the reader is always sneaky, she gets caught by Michael but instead of being mad he’s more amused. The rest is up to you.

Word count: 3,157

Warnings: Water. No, really. Lots of water. Leave your devices on the bench.

Author’s Note: So, this is my first Michael story. Just so we’re clear, though: 1) This is pre-SPN, when heaven was not corporate-like white walls and dick angels, but more like the heaven Ash had. 2) I imagined Michael like Henry Winchester, whom I imagined would be his vessel at the time (bloodline and all), but since in heaven he doesn’t need an actual vessel he just looks like him. Feel free to picture him as Young John though.

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randomthingsthatilike123  asked:

Lena finds out that supergirl isn't half human, or born on earth (because superman says he was sent here as a baby, and he clearly looks older), but is actually older than superman and remembers krypton?

She doesn’t know why she’s surprised when she flies by L-Corp and finds Lena working. Weekends had never seemed to matter to the CEO, so it stands to reason holidays wouldn’t either.

Still. It makes her…she doesn’t think sad is the appropriate word, but it’s something close to that—an intense sorrow mixed in with a generous dose of empathy. After all, if there’s anyone who can understand wanting to be alone during the holidays, it’s Kara.

(Kara Danvers has a family; she has a sister and a mother, and she cried the day Eliza taught her the Danvers family secret eggnog recipe, stayed up all night with Alex wrapping presents, ate candy canes by the dozen. But Kara Zor-El has never celebrated Christmas, has never experienced snow, has never been able to sing carols or eat cookies shaped like Santa or decorate a tree.

It’s a hard line to draw, and sometimes the distinction blurs and she’s not quite sure who she is, but the holidays invariably bring everything back into focus: the holidays, without fail, remind her that who she is on Earth is not her true identity.)

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Unified Field of Consciousness

Einstein believed that there was an equation for a Unified Field that could explain the reason for everything in existence.  With this knowledge, time, space and even humanity’s origin could be deeply understood.

Today, in the world of quantum physics, there are so many mysteries that our current understanding of reality seems unequipped to grasp phenomena such as the double slit experiment, the observer effect, phantom DNA and quantum entanglement.  At the same time, there are many scholars beginning to think outside the box.

Quantum Physicist Ph.D. John Hagelin explains the foundation of the Universe is a single Universal field of intelligence.  Particles of nature are understood to be One, a Universal ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness in motion. We are just different ripples on a single ocean of existence at the basis of everything.

Just as the waves are continuous with the ocean. Your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos, and it’s all you.
— Alan Watts

New evidence is beginning to show us that everything is Energy and the result of an indiscernible sound wave or frequency. Vibrational frequency creates the energy that becomes solid matter. Galaxies, planets, plants, animals and humans are all just waves of vibration of this Unified Field. In essence, we are literally united and One at the core!

Connected Universe

The Universe is connected and alive and we are a part of the metric of space.        
— Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein, the Director of Research at the Resonance Foundation, was deeply inspired by Einstein and continued to pursue Einstein’s idea that geometry held the key to creating a unified equation for the Universe. He proposes that space is not empty, but rather full of untapped energy.  This action, reaction, and connection between the energy present in space is creating a dynamic flow in the Universe.  Simply put, it could be thought of as “the Universe is dancing with energy”.

In the Resonance Foundations various media productions, Nassim explains the idea of a ​​Holofractographic Universe. His findings explore the fractal (infinitely repeating pattern), holographic (illusion) and geometric nature of space from the macrocosm to the microcosm, and thus how the potential of the Whole is within each piece of the Universe on every scale.

Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.
— Plato

Sacred Geometry

Learn how to see. Realize that everything is connected to everything else.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Everything in the universe is geometrically connected.  Sacred Geometry is the source code of the Unified Field. It’s the language of nature, a fundamental blueprint of the universal creation process.

It’s not a coincidence that human hands & tree branches have the same fractal growth patterns or that our hearts & the Earth have the same toroidal-shaped electromagnetic field.  Even our embryos contain the fundamental geometries of star clusters and galaxies. Patterns are always present when our eyes are open. Every single system in nature uses fundamental mathematical languages as a template for growth. We can find all kinds of mathematical formulas and sequences in nature, such as the Golden spiral/ratio or Fibonacci sequence/numbers in pineapples, sunflowers, tornado formations and even galaxy arms.

When we start to see universal patterns everywhere we look, a realization of interconnection occurs deep within us. We start to see that all is intimately unified. When this occurs, we begin to simply choose Love in every aspect of our lives.

True love is born from understanding.
— Buddha

Ascension & Healing HeArt

As our understanding of Sacred Geometry develops, we begin to see deeper connections between Science & Spirituality.  As a reminder of our interconnected & united nature with all life, interacting with Sacred Geometry on a daily basis invites harmony & balance into our experience. This idea inspired and changed my life profoundly and I found myself at the center of my passions by exploring Sacred Geometry as a communication tool with consciousness in everyday life.  I found my purpose by participating in nature’s harmony.

Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.  
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ve learned that visualization & attention are key in spiritual growth.  They are fundamental in many energy practices such as Qigong, Tai-chi and Reiki. Creating designs based on Sacred Geometry help us to visualize, touch and play with Universal Energy formations, giving us direct communication with the divine. This is a meditative art that can help us find resonance with our inner and outer lives. Eventually this intention brought me to develop my dream project, Healing HeArt, where I am able to develop and share this deep and meaningful experience with everyone by creating personal communication tools and crafts for seekers.

For the first time in human history we have technology to create precise patterns without any error or mistake. Thankfully there are laser machines available for everyone to produce any possible design from a collective digital platform to the physical world.  The possibilities are infinite when it comes to creating art pieces, tools, crafts, toys or even small size constructions wherein we can meditate or experience the harmonious presence around us.

These limitless possibilities inspired me to take action, and as a result, I began an Indiegogo campaign to gain enough support in order to access a laser device with the intention to share this inspirational art with everyone.  I need your help to manifest this collective dream! As Sacred Geometry reflects the potential of the collective, we can also create amazing innovations together and support various artists with our collaboration.

You are not here reading this by accident, you are here for a greater purpose than you could ever imagine. We are here to restore the balance and uplift humanity into the next stage of evolution; from separated duality consciousness to interconnected unity consciousness, in which all life is in equilibrium and harmony.

Let’s manifest this co-creative dream together!

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
– Buddha