i need to learn how lighting works


More work, and more mistakes, i’m becoming crazy! 😅 wip 3!

Edit1 : Clean (missing the eyelashes and the crown)

Edit2 : Colors+crown+eyelashes, next round (and it will be the last one), shadows+lights !

Edit3 : Final turn around, I know there is still a lot of mistakes, but i think it was a pretty good HARD exercise ! And it was the occasion to learn a little bit about how to use After Effect ! I’ll do an other one, but this time with a character that already exist in the animation world. Now I need to move on, and learn, work on animation exercise. Even if it was long, it was fun ! :)

Ps : Thanks for being +22K :D <3

Coloring Tutorial for Shadowhunters S2

Hello pals, I’m gonna show you how to achieve a quality coloring for Shadowhunters Season 2 despite the horrid lighting of the show this season. 

  • Please like/reblog if you find this tutorial useful.
  • This will not magically work for every scene, adjustments need to be made. This is just here to help you learn and gain some tips.
  • If you have any questions just let me know.

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I’ve been practicing portraits a lot in the past few months. Generally, I try to understand the structure of the face and the light by observing the reference and trying to paint what I see. That’s how we learn how to draw. Since I love painting characters, I try modeling their faces as I imagine them to be, not getting to attached to the features. The reference is useful to give me the right proportions and to make me understand how light works in the skin.

But lately I’ve been feeling quite worried by the fact I might get addicted to references. It’s not wrong, as many artist and teacher says, to use reference to learn and do research. But I need to focus on my imagination now. Draw things entirely from imagination has always been a struggle to me.

So, I’m starting to develop a process to improve that. Not only portraits, but other things too. Before going to bed, I made a study of this reference. Then I went to sleep, woke up today, looked at the reference for about one minute and then I tried to paint again, but this time only from memory.

It was so interesting! Not only has made me studied focusing on remember every brush stroke I made, but also made me see what I need to improve. From memory, the proportion is quite off, his hand is smaller, the overall picture is darker. I believe that if I haven’t spent so much time practicing with reference, I wouldn’t be able to come up with any results from memory, so now, despite of all mistakes, I understand how important it was to practice from references before. It’s also very fun to paint the same thing from memory and see the differences (I have to laugh, so I won’t cry xD)

What inspired me to do this was this stream from a cool artist named Proko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOuIgevbHs8 If you want to improve your drawings from imagination, he has great tips and exercises.

anonymous asked:

!!! i love your minghao flowershop!au ㅠㅜㅠㅜ can you do one with jihoon, please? thank you! and keep up the good work ♡

- you’re broke and need a job asap
- you quit your last job to focus more on school but now it’s summer break and here you are….. jobless and somewhat regretful
- so now you’re walking around handing out resumes, just begging for someone to hire you
- and that’s when you come across a little flower shop
- a sign that reads “HIRING” is stuck on the window and you’re like !!! this is my chance !!!
- but you stop because…… you don’t know anything about flowers…… but you’re like oh well they’ll train me anyway and i really need the money
- you enter the shop and this boy by the counter greets you while fixing a bouquet of flowers for the customer he’s serving
- there are about three more people in line and you patiently wait for him to finish ringing them up before going to the counter
- when they all leave, you go up to him and say “hello, i saw the sign you put up and i was wondering if i could apply?” and the boy says “do you have your resume?”
- you nod and clumsily hand it to him, and while he’s reading it you shift nervously
- when he’s done he says “well, it seems you have enough experience. when can you start?” and you’re like……. wait what AM I HIRED??? THIS FAST???
- you stutter “u-uh i can start t-tomorrow” and he just nods his head and says “good. i could use the extra help. it’s nice to meet you, (name). i’m jihoon.” and he holds out a hand
- you say “o-oh! nice to meet you too!” and you shake his hand
- he firmly says “you start tomorrow. we open at 9am. don’t be late.”
- you nod your head and walk out the door like…. did that just happen???
- you show up to work the next day and jihoon hands you the uniform which is pretty much just an apron with the shop’s logo on it
- there aren’t too many customers in the morning, so he just shows you where all the cleaning tools are, how to water the plants, where the bags of soil are and just the basics
- the shop starts getting a little crowded by noon and that’s when jihoon is really starting to need your help
- so you go up to a customer and ask “hello, may i help you?” and they ask “hi! a good friend of mine just got promoted and i thought i’d get them flowers for their hard work. do you think you can make me a small bouquet that means congratulations?”
- you freeze after hearing their question
- you nervously say “um…. one second i’ll be right back” and run over to jihoon who’s ringing up customers at the counter
- you ask him “hey jihoon? there’s this customer that needs a bouquet that means congratulations”
- he tells you “okay? go make them one. the flowers are all in front of you, just go ahead and pick some” but you say “no that’s not the problem, it’s that…… i….. have no idea about the meaning of flowers”
- jihoon stops what he’s doing and slowly turns to you and says “are. you. serious.”
- and you quietly say “….yeah.”
- more people start entering the shop and the line just grows as more and more people ask for custom bouquets to be made
- jihoon has dealt with this before so he takes care of it all on his own while you just shamefully watch on the side
- when all the customers are gone, jihoon walks up to you and asks “okay. let me get this straight; you know nothing about flowers but you applied at a FLOWER SHOP??”
- you argue “i thought you’d train me!! how could you expect me to know right away??”
- he argues “do you not understand?? you have to STUDY about flowers and their meaning. red roses and orange lilies may look pretty together but you can’t just ASSUME they can be paired up. you actually have to KNOW what they mean to avoid confusion or contradiction.”
- you end up just cleaning and watering the plants for the rest of the day and when it’s closing time, jihoon calls you over
- you walk up to him and you’re like ok it’s over i’m fired
- but he says “i’ll see you again tomorrow. oh and make sure not to make any plans because i still need you after closing.” you’re kind of confused but you say “oh, okay then.”
- the next day, you show up on time and jihoon tells you that you’re in charge of cleaning, watering and stock again while he takes care of the counter
- so the day goes on and you’re getting so bored because there’s only so much you can do but eventually it’s closing time and you’re excited to go home
- when you remember jihoon needs you after closing and you’re like fml
- he calls you over and says “ok look. i’m not going to fire you because i do need the help, but if you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to study.”
- he then takes a book out of his bag and it’s a book on flowers and their meaning
- he says “every other day after work, we’re going to study this. i’ll pay you for the overtime. i just need help because it gets stressful around here, and i can’t do it alone.”
- you nod your head and say “okay…. i’ll try my best”
- at first you’re like “omg wtf why do i have to study for this” but then you tell yourself “it’s either this or jobless for the summer” so you just go along with it
- your first lesson is on roses and you manage to memorize them well in one sitting, it’s only one category after all so it’s no big deal
- the next day, you’re watering the flowers when a customer comes up to you and asks “hi, sorry, do you think you could help me?”
- you’re about to tell them they could ask jihoon but you notice he’s busy with someone else
- so you look back at the customer and say “uh….. i could try??” and they ask “do you know a flower that means thank you?? i just need one.”
- your eyes light up and you say “oh i know!! pink roses mean thank you!!” and you hand the customer the healthiest pink rose you can find
- they thank you and walk up to the counter to ring it up and you’ve never felt so proud of yourself
- when your shift is over, you tell jihoon “i helped someone today!! and i gave them the right flower!!” and he just says “good. let’s see if it stays this way when you learn the others.”
- you’re like…… wow…… how nice of you.
- so every other day, it’s the same thing; work, then study with jihoon
- you thought it was pretty simple at first but then it started getting so confusing because of all the flowers
- “wrong. it’s white lilies.”
- “close. red tulips, not pink.”
- “for the last time, it’s orange gardenias.”
- you start getting a little frustrated but no, you won’t give up
- and every time you help out a customer, you get really excited and unknown to you, a little smile appears on jihoon’s face whenever you do
- when you have a good idea of the meaning of flowers, jihoon decides to teach you how to rearrange a bouquet and while he’s talking, you’re watching his face rather than the flowers
- he may look cold and all but when he smiles while talking about flowers….. he really is handsome…… and his voice is so soothing too…….
- “—did you get that?”
- you snap out of your thoughts and say “….huh?” and you’re expecting to get scolded at but instead
- jihoon laughs
- and you get flustered as he says “i’ll say it one more time. you better listen this time.”
- you listen carefully this time but while you are, you could feel your heart beating a little faster
- the next day, a few minutes before closing, one last customer walks into the shop and jihoon says “take them.”
- and your eyes widen like no no i don’t think i can?? but he tells you to take them again and you nod your head and hope you can do it
- you walk up to the customer and ask “hi, how may i help you?”
- they say “yes, my friend is sick at the hospital, so i was thinking of getting her a get well soon bouquet.”
- you take a quick glance over at jihoon who nods his head and gestures for you to go on, and you feel so confident seeing how much he believes in you
- you turn back to the customer and say “i’ll make you a bouquet in no time. so, tell me about this friend. what are they like?”
- after giving you a brief description of them, you arrange this beautiful bouquet that means get well soon while also incorporating the person’s personality, making it all the more special, as if the bouquet was designed for them and them only
- jihoon rings up the customer and you both say goodbye as she walks out the door
- he then walks over to you and says with a rare smile “good job. i knew you could do it.”
- you blush and say “thanks jihoon…. it’s all because of your help.”
- you say good night to him, but before you could leave the shop, jihoon says “wait.”
- you turn around and say “huh? is there something i didn’t do?” and jihoon is silent for a while before saying “wait right there. i’ll be back.”
- he walks to the back and returns a few mins later with the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen, it looks as though it’s been delicately put together for days
- you ask “oh, whose bouquet is that for?” and jihoon stays quiet as he walks over to you
- and then he holds it out for you and says “you.”
- your eyes widen at what he said, and you carefully take the bouquet out of his hands and ask “…for me?”
- he shyly looks away and says “well now that you know the meanings of flowers….. you should know what i’m trying to say…..”
- you look down at the bouquet and start reading into the meanings of each flower
- and then it clicks
- jihoon likes you
- you must have been silent for a long time because he nervously says “so….. what do you—”
- you cut him off by leaning in and kissing him right on the lips
- and when you pull away, you smile at him and say “i like you too, jihoon”
- after this, you and jihoon start dating!!
- jihoon gets embarrassed every time you bring up his confession because it’s like a scene right out of a movie
- he surprises you with bouquets so much your apartment is filled with them but you water them every day and take really good care of them
- cute dates after each shift
- interrupts any customer who flirts with you by saying “(name), why don’t you go ring up those customers, and I’ll deal with this jerk—i mean customer.”
- slips an orange lily (which means i hate you) into their bouquets
- not very vocal about his feelings so he tells you he loves you through flowers and you respond with flowers too while laughing
- florist jihoon’s honestly the softest and he loves you so much
- all those red roses he gave you is enough proof that he really, really does

thank you for your request!! ^^

Spell for Banishing Period Cramps

A basic banishment spell, specifically designed for my fellow menstruating witches.

you will need:

  • a candle (black works well)
  • a sigil (I have a sigil wheel you can copy here, click here to learn how to use one)


  1. Carve your sigil into the top of the candle. Your sigil can mean anything related to your cramps, such as “health”, “pain”, “ease” or even just “cramps”
  2. Light the candle and melt it until the sigil melts away while focusing on the way your body feels. Think about your abdomen, and imagine the tension and cramps melting away as the candle wax does. Repeat as necessary.

popotum  asked:

also can you give me recommendations for poets to read (especially for someone who enjoys beautiful things but doesn't read a whole lot of poetry)

this was supposed to be a quick & dirty rec list for my girl but then it got out of hand so i’ve broken it off into categories 4 ya! this is by no means an extensive list but i was starting to realize that this was verging on Too Long. happy readings & i hope u find something that moves along the soil of ur soul!!


margaret atwood / they are hostile nations, marrying the hangman, we ate the birds, the poet has come back
louise gluck / all hallows, mock orange, elms, nocturne, vespers: parousia, adult grief, mutable earth 
gregory orr / love poem, trauma (storm), gathering the bones together, origin of the marble forest, when eurydice saw him
mahmoud darwish / your night is of lilac, in jerusalem, in the presence of absence, now as you awaken, psalm one 
mark strand / the dreadful has already happened, eating poetry, keeping things whole, lines for winter, tomorrow
ee cummings / somewhere i have never travelled, buffalo bill’s, if there are any heavens, luminous tendril of celestial wish, pity this monster manunkind
michael ondaatje / application for a driving license, the cinnamon peeler, the time around scars, excerpts from the collected works of billy the kid
jack gilbert / failing and flying, it is difficult to speak of the night, the sirens again, how much of that is left in me?, the forgotten dialect of the heart
pablo neruda / one hundred love sonnets: xvii, white thighs, hillocks of whiteness, absencehere i love you, clenched soul
anne carson / glass essay, book of isaiah, compostela, short talk on hedonism & sylvia plath, ghost q & a, an excerpt from autobiography of red, excerpts from nox 


creuxing / obsessed with redefinding girlhood, the summer starts in your car, another meteor crashed outside, the girl with frizzy hair and thin wire glasses
teamcaptains / a terrible crime in the tropics, reaping, zach calavera, he left, and the pink electricity, golden age 
mythaelogy / an attempt in poetry, atlas hands, wandering hearts, her, psychopomp & circumstance, i thought it had gone away
wefragilehumans / non est, luck is a funny thing, war chant, severe weather warning, a study in restoration
deergodareyoulistening / home (reforming), lighting & thunder, a diagram, ceremony, red elk, how to eat a moon 
starredsoul / a creation tale, how we learn what it meansall along, the mother weepingdreams of the moon and birds singing together
/ deep sea diver.mp3, space age surrealism, the fact of the matter is you need to get your heart back, time travel wears a black tracksuit 
katejustkate / incase it doesn’t work out, iphone notes therapy, coma dreams, it took 3 long-ass days for you to respond to my ‘are u alive’ text
ohgdlights, the way out of winesburg, ohio, to m // for j // from me, we ran like wolves, variations on a tomato
inelegancies /  in the aftermath we are left with a girl, in another universes the sky is always pink, rules for the internet, for children


tonight, in oakland by danez smith
tinder by keith s. wilson
if being a lesbian were anything like netflix movies portrayed it to be by southwestwitch
bad poem by kelsey danielle
padlocked chest pt 1 / afterthelonely
a bronze god, or a letter on demand by clifton gachagua
lilac time by joan newmann
notes from the antichrist’s guardian angel by notbecauseofvictories
with ruins & persimmons by li-young lee 
for my best friend by  crimescened
my first lover speaks to me as i sleep with her by raven jackson
phoenix by overwhelmington
how the signs die, or fall in love, or both, maybe by cursedvideogame​ 
national geographic by elisabethhewer 
your airplanes by rachel mckibbens
sierra doesn’t watch when the world ends by wildflowerveins 
before by carl adamshick 
there is a gold light in certain old paintings by donald justice 
afterimage, 2015 by bhalbers
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem by bob hicok
folly by antonina palisano 
albuquerque, nm by 7cigars
sometimes when on fire by kathryn regina
heart by bhanu kapil

anonymous asked:

What do you think everyone needs to know?

Here are a few things that I have found useful knowing. I’m glad I have learned these things over the years. Obviously this list isn’t for everyone and I’m not saying every single person needs to know how to do every single thing on this list (cooking and budgeting would probably be priority). However, I think if your goal is to become a very well-rounded, experienced, knowledgeable person, it may be of some use to know how to do these things.

My old roommate asked me this same question once and I said “cook, do laundry, iron, sew (very basic), and budget”. She stared at me after realizing she didn’t know how to do any of it and said “oh well I’ll just hire people for all of that”. Sure that’s all good and well, whatever floats your boat but I truly believe that each person should be a self sufficient, functioning, mature human being (at least by the time you graduate college)

Of course I don’t expect everyone to cook a 5 course meal, iron a collared shirt properly, or sew a quilt. Also I realize this list is mostly for girls. I do believe both girls and guys need to be fully functioning mature self-sufficient people, however when’s the last time you saw a guy sew? Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know how to do it…just guys don’t typically think “hmm there’s a hole in this shirt, let me sew it up”…it usually just ends up in the trash

Before graduating high school:

  1. How to make your own lunch. Stop having your mom make and pack it for you. Along the same lines, if your mom wakes you up every morning…get an alarm clock
  2. Please know proper grammar. College professors won’t find it cute that you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re 
  3. How to cook a few basic meals so when you go to college you don’t starve (my old roommate once asked me if you cook pasta directly in the jar the sauce comes in, or if you cook it first somewhere else, then put the sauce on top…she was 19…don’t be this person)
  4. How to handle yourself on social media. Don’t be that girl barely wearing any clothes, posting pictures of you drinking underage on social media. Colleges, graduate schools, and jobs will look at your social media and I promise you don’t look cool drinking alcohol at 19. 
  5. Know your manners. This is something that should be taught from such a young age, but so many people forget it. Please be polite, respectful, and kind to others especially those in the restaurant or commercial industry or authority figures. Also, learn to put your phone down once in awhile. Especially during dinner or when you’re hanging out with friends. What’s on your phone will still be there when you pick it up again, but we only get so many meaningful interactions to talk, listen, or learn with people we care about. 
  6. How to sew and iron. Your grandma isn’t always going to be there for you; especially when you go to college (I’m not talking about hardcore on a sewing machine, but know how to sew up a hole or fix a button). My middle school required a home economics class and I’m so glad it did.
  7. Know how to do your own laundry, clean, and make your bed
  8. Have some work experience. At least 1-2 years whether it’s babysitting, an internship, volunteering, or an official paid job
  9. Learn how to manage money. Save some, and learn how to budget so when/if you go to college you’re not broke
  10. Know how to do a basic car check (oil, tire pressure, know what the service lights mean, know what to do incase of an emergency or flat tire) (AAA is key)
  11. Know how to use basic tools…dad won’t be with you in your apartment when you need to fix something. I’ll admit I’m still working on these last two…luckily I have a boyfriend that does them for me but I think if you’re a girl living on your own or with roommates they are necessary to know. 

Before graduating college:

  1. How to write a killer resume, CV, and cover letter 
  2. How to manage your time and try not to procrastinate. It’s really important to have some healthy habits, workout regularly, and make time for yourself 
  3. Know how to dress for an interview and the differences between business casual and business professional (let me know if you need to know the difference). 
  4. Know how to walk in heels. Wear flats or 1-2 inches for job interviews and save everything else for Friday night. But don’t be that girl stumbling around because her heels are too tall. Likewise, don’t be that girl who complains about how bad her feet hurt because that’s just annoying. Don’t wear the shoes if you can’t walk in them for at least an hour, I dont care how cute they are. 
  5. Know how to dress for your body type and your age. Crop tops are cute and fun freshman year, but after that it’s time to get a more mature wardrobe. My personal rule for going out is you can accentuate one part of your body, but only one, or else it’s too much (obviously there are some exceptions…short shorts and a crop top isn’t one of them). Again this is just my personal rule…I’m not here to tell girls how to dress. If a crop top and short shorts make you feel cute and confident then go for it girl! Who am I to make fashion rules?
  6.  Likewise, have clothes that fit you properly, a basic everyday wardrobe (let me know if you need tips for a basic wardrobe and I can type that up). Also, have a few business outfits for interviews and professional jobs, as well as a go to black dress and a go to pair of jeans
  7. How to prepare for an interview; have a list of questions to ask at the end, and always bring a notepad and pen with you
  8. How to handle yourself during a night out. Once you graduate college it isn’t 5 drinks at a bar every other night…you have commitments and responsibilities. Learn how to have 1 drink or say no to going out. You can’t show up to your job late and hungover
  9. Know how to be prepared. If I am carrying my large handbag, at all times I will have: bandaids, gel blister pads, girl things, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a lighter, a pen, a notepad, a snack, a Tide stick, tylenol, a water bottle, chapstick, a portable charger, ear phones, and more…

Before getting married:

  1. Have a good red, a good white, and a good champagne that you can always rely on
  2. Learn how to think about someone else. I feel like in college people are very self centered and unless you’re in a long term mature relationship you probably don’t understand this but…when you’re with another person you have to take into account their ideas, opinions, and feelings. It’s not all about you and your happiness isn’t the only thing that matters now. You have to communicate, compromise, and understand. 
  3. Know how to make a few basic cocktails…just because 
  4. I would say learn how to host a dinner party but that sounds very housewife-y and I know a lot of people are against that term…but if you plan on regularly having friends over for dinner or parties…learn to multitask while cooking and have a go to menu or dessert recipe 
  5. Be financially independent (this isn’t for everyone, but a priority for me. I want to be able to support myself if I ever had to alone, and not rely on my husband)

Before having a baby:

  1. The post nursing/pre-med in me feels obligated to say CPR and basic infant/child first aid
  2. Basic prenatal care, importance of prenatal vitamins, risk factors/things not to do during pregnancy (obviously no alcohol, limited caffeine, no raw fish, no lunch meats, no soft cheeses, etc.). You have to go to regular prenatal checkups and your doctor will tell you all this but…just an FYI. 
  3. Have some experience with kids whether it’s working at a daycare or babysitting your sisters kids. Babies are a lot of work and you really need experience. Take a pregnancy class if you’re very inexperienced. I’ve been working with babies/kids for 10 years and it’s great experience and has taught me so much for when I decide to have my own someday
  4. Know basic childcare…you know…basic things to keep a baby safe and alive
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs with no blankets or toys in the crib. Know the risk factors for SIDS and how to prevent it
    2. Babies stay in a rear facing car seat until they’re 2 years old or at the highest weight and height the car seat allows
    3. Don’t begin to feed your baby solid foods until 6-8 months (foods like yogurt and baby oatmeal may start as early as 4 months) 
    4. When you begin to feed a baby solid foods, you always start with vegetables. If you introduce fruits first, babies will be accustomed to the sweetness and probably won’t adapt well to veggies 

Hope this was helpful. Sorry it was long. Also I didn’t mean for it to sound housewife-y with the cleaning and cooking and sewing. I think girls and guys equally need a basic understanding of most of these things and these are the things I’m just really glad I’ve learned over the years!

Checking in.

I have been making stock of all things in my life that don’t fit my needs anymore. I’m learning to honor my body and mind. I’m basically meditating one hundred times a day and trying to not have panic attacks.

I’m not going to the gym anymore. I don’t have much of an appetite or motivation. I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m learning to appreciate what my body can do for me and what my mind is capable of. I don’t need to focus on what I should be but rather appreciate who I already am.

I am strong. I have no idea how I have made it through life but somehow I did. I’m standing. I can let light expand within me. I don’t need exterior situations or people to be my light. I have a light of my own. I am finding it over and over and through mid day naps that last for hours and crying at work. I’m finding the answer. It’s okay if I fail because it is okay for me to try again.

I’m learning to forgive. I am my own mirror. Other people are not and will not be my mirror anymore.

My secret garden

. For years the secret garden in my soul went unattended and it was covered with brambles and thorns, with noone to water it. Why? Because my garden is hidden by the valley of the shadows where only darkness has dwelled. A place where my demons have tried to prevent every seed that was planted from growing. It had become their personal playground. A place where no man has ever dared to tread. And so the soil began to crack and the ground became parched and dry as the demons laughed with glee. Alas the seeds no longer could thrive. But then there came a day when I encountered a mysterious master gardener. He was not afraid to tread where demons dwelled, because they knew him well. He himself has dwelled amongst these same demons. And so……. He entered the gardens gates surrounded by great darkness and the demons they gathered around to see who dared to enter their domain . And then suddenly to my bewilderment one by one they began to flee as he removed the bramble and then began to water the soil. I asked this master gardener “How will my garden grow”? “There is no light” and he replied. “You are the light my Dear ,it is you who determines whether or not your garden will grow” he went on to say….“ I can only plant the seeds and tend the soil and then care for the garden while it grows”.“You’re job” he said.“Is to allow the light within your heart to penetrate your soul. Only you can make that happen ” Two months later my garden is flourish ing and becoming more beautiful each day as the gardener continues to work his magic. Yes my garden is still hidden and it is here that it will always remain tucked away behind the shadows. But the demons are gone and cannot return because thanks to my wonderful master gardener I have learned how to shed light into my soul. I said to him the other day “Thank you Sir for showing me the way.” He replied"It was in you all along you just needed help to let it shine. S-howard 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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So prompt ironfalcon - Tony designed the original wings okay and did the maintenance before Afghanistan and knew Sam /very/ well, and Steve goes to introduce them and they're like we know each other *flirting while steve watches in confusion*


MCU timelines are a thing of incomprehension. According to the MCU wiki, the Jericho missile was created in 2010, and the EXO-7 thing was “sometime before 2014″ which I’m assuming means that Winter Soldier takes place in 2014. *eyes MCU timeline* Sure. We’ll just… go with that.

Whatever, let’s just consider timelines to be wibbly wobbly.


Tony Stark had a reputation. He was charming, an asshole, egotistical (and had a reason for it, with his genius and successful company), and damn good with weapons.

Sam wasn’t expecting anything more, and the first time he met Tony Stark, he didn’t get it.

Charming smile, quick words and handshakes, eyes that never settled on anyone for long. Except Rhodes. The smile was a bit looser, the words a bit warmer, when directed at Rhodes. But then, they’d supposedly known each other since their college days, and Rhodes was starting a liaison position with SI and the military.

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Things you can use instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick.

When I first discovered my path, I was surrounded by people who didn’t know, and would not encourage me if I told them about my practice into the occult. so because of this I did not have a lot of tools to work with when I first started, and if I did have a tool it would have to be disguised as something that was “acceptable”. This led to me learning, and adapting ways to practice better in secret without allowing people to know I was practicing. One thing that came out of it that people don’t talk about a lot about is things that can be used instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick. I learned this, because back in the day I did not know how to make my own spells, so I had to use other peoples, and a lot of them called for candles. The replacements for candles that I will post below relies on the fact that you need the candles for energy in order to manifest your will into the universe not so much to bring fire energy, or light into your work. So now let’s talk about things you can use instead of candles in witchcraft, and other forms of magick:

Crystals And Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have always been quite useful in all types of magical working, So why not a replacement for candles. This especially works well with stones that give off a high energy frequency such as selenite, celestite, and spirit quartz. They could be place into some sort of crystal grid in order to gain energy into your ritual that way.


Is there anything that sigils can’t do? I’m still looking for it my friend, because they can be used to replace candles. All you have to do is make, or find sigils that have to do with  releasing energy. So you can use that energy in your rituals, and spell work. It’s that simple, anyone can make them, and they’re quite inconspicuous, all they look like is doodles to people that are not practicing.

Electric Candles

These electric candles do work just like the other ones do. All you have to do is turn them on, and put them in your ritual. Sure you look like a ghetto witch, but these candles still do produce warm light, and fire energy through the use of the electricity that the batteries produce. Allowing them to still be good uses of energy in witchcraft, and other forms of magick.

Candle Burning App/other electronic devices/ Virtual candles

It may be quite unconventional to use such technology in magickal working, but these items do release energy that can be used, regardless of if it has a candle burning app on it. The idea is that you can use the energy that is produced by the devices themselves as energy to help you push your intent into the universe, but some people also like to have a app that displays a candle on their device also to make it seem more like a candle, but this is not entirely necessary.

Energies / servitors

You can call upon different forms of energy to replace candles in your rituals, and workings. These energies could be programmed to give energy, or to gather energy up so you can use it later. To do this  you will have to be ok at energy manipulation, and programming, or have very powerful visualization skills with intent, but if you pull it off it will help you with your candle crisis.

I hope you at least found some of these interesting, if not useful. This could always be adapted into your magickal practice in some form, or other, or used in situations that you would have never expected yourself to be in. It’s always a good idea to learn substitutes for things in case one day you have to use them. if you have any more suggestions feel free to post them. I’d love to hear all about them.

It is Show The Parents Day. He is learning how to write. He turns each page slowly-carefully, all pride tucked into his page-turning. There is one sentence on each page, with a drawing. My favourite planet is Saturn. I went on an airplane and I slept but my sister didn’t. An elephant is grey it has a long nose it is very big. This is a shooting star.

In Science she is learning about light they are making Light Projects with flashlights mirrors pipe cleaners feathers glue. In this unit we will be learning how light works we will be showing what light can do. The projects are lined up on a table, colourful feathers sticking out every which way and all of the lights and lamps are on. I stand staring at this table of light until she tugs my sleeve and says, Now I am supposed to read you The Thing I Am Pleased About That I Did and The Thing I Need To Work On. We sit on the tiny little chairs and she begins.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Got7 Jackson


gif not mine


A/N: Anon I’m so f***ing sorry that this took so long.

The warm water was flowing down my body. I could see steam cover the mirror in the bathroom. I put shampoo to my hair and heard the door open “Shit sorry.” I heard Jackson say. I didn’t respond to him, “I mean what do I care, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked or anything.” Jackson continued talking.

He didn’t say anything for a while but then I felt his arms wrap around my waist. “Do you need help?” he asked and kissed my back, then he kissed my neck. He brought his hands to my breasts and started massaging them. “Yep.” I said and turned around. Jackson jumped to another side of the shower because my pregnancy belly took most of the space. “Wow, are you sure it’s only one?” he asked and looked at my belly. “Thanks, I’m pretty sure the doctor would have told us if there is more than one.” I scoffed. 

Jackson got closer and put his hand on my belly. “He’s just way too big to be one.” Jackson said. I scoffed and turned around. “That’s a  one way to tell me I’m fat.” I said. Jackson made me turn around. “No, sorry, I didn’t mean it.” he said. He kissed my cheek. I kissed his lips. “So did you need help?” Jackson smirked and kissed my neck. He kissed my collarbones and then he left sloppy kisses down my body. His hand was resting on my belly when our little Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer player) started kicking. “What the fuck was that?” Jackson screamed. I started laughing, he just screamed at his own son. “Little Wang.” I tried to hold down laughing but I failed miserably. “Wow, What is wrong with him?” Jackson asked and put his hand back on my belly. “Nothing is wrong with him. This just happens from time to time. Usually when this happens you are sleeping.” I said and kissed Jackson cheek but he dodged it and brought his ear on my belly. “Hi little Ronaldo. When you get out of there I’m gonna teach you how to fence, I can’t play soccer but your uncle Mark can try to teach you.” Jackson mumbled to my belly.

“You will become the best athlete in the world because your last daddy’s last name is Wang. I will buy you your first condoms and tell you everything what you need to know. And you will never, NEVER learn how babies are made, because that isn’t romantic.” Jackson said. I coughed to get his attention. “Isn’t romantic? What the hell? So, warm bubble bath, wine, candles, and me isn’t romantic?” I asked


It was our first year wedding anniversary and Jackson had to work. It didn’t stop me. I lighted some candles and made a warm bubble bath for us. I wore only a robe so I could just slip out of it. When Jackson opened the door I poured us wine. “Hi, I’m so sorry it’s just that we wanted to get the dance perfect and I’m sorry, this was supposed to be our day and I love you.” he babbled. Instead of yelling at him I kissed him and gave him a class of wine. Why should I yell at him from working hard. It was what he wanted to do and as a good wife I had to understand that his work just took time from him. “I made a bubble bath for us.” I said and kissed Jackson one more time. 

“You are not mad?” Jackson stuttered, I nodded “Why would I?” I asked and started to drag him to the bathroom. “I don’t know. My job ruined our anniversary?” Jackson said. I took the class from his hand and put it down. “There will be other anniversaries.” I said and started to take off his shirt. “I don’t deserve you.” Jackson said and kissed me. I unbuckled his belt so he would get what we were going to do. He got it and took his pants off. I took my robe off and pulled Jackson to the bubble bath. 

I was leaning my head on Jackson’s chest. He was playing with my hair. “I don’t know what it is. Maybe that I am the biggest idiot or you are too perfect for me but I kind of wanna repay you for this.” Jackson said and kissed my shoulder. “Really because I didn’t feel that thing drill to my ass…” I said with sarcastic tone. Jackson laughed and kissed my neck. “Don’t make this embarrassing.” he said. I turned around to kiss Jackson’s lips. “Let’s go…” I hummed and tried to get up but Jackson pulled me back down. The water splashed a little and now it was covering the bathroom floor. “I wanna do it here.” Jackson whispered and kissed my collarbones. I got up a little so I could but Jackson’s dick in the right place. Jackson held his breath as I rolled my hips. I started to ride him slowly. Jackson’s hands were on my hips. I leaned to kiss his lips. Jackson moved his head to my neck and nibbled the skin. He slammed into me, making the pace faster. 

“Did I ever tell you that you are beautiful?” Jackson growled to my ear. I nodded. The pace was now really fast. The water splashed on the floor. Since Jackson was working late on our anniversary he could dry the floor. I started to be close but I tried to hold it so Jackson could cum too. The rhythm we had started to disappear and soon I felt Jackson cum in me. I stopped holding my self and came. 

I leaned on Jackson’s chest and kissed his neck “Did I tell you that you are cleaning that?” I said and pointed at the floor. Jackson chuckled and kissed my cheek “Fine, but I get rest of the wine bottle.” Jackson said and wrapped his hands around me.

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Two days ago, via the truly horrible facebook “memory” function, I was reminded of a client who stiffed me $250 for work I had done for him. This was four years ago. In those days, we were very broke, chronically underemployed, and I had lost one of my better paying gigs to an unpaid intern. We were teetering on the brink of disaster, and I was trying to make money by hustling with my art for the first time. 

I found a craigslist ad looking for someone to design a family crest. How exciting, I thought, a chance to design something that also interests me personally. I contacted the original poster, and over the course of several emails settled on a price, and I proceeded to work out a draft, get approval from the client, and execute the final design. I was stupid back then, and inexperienced, so I sent him a file of the final design with no watermark (albeit smaller than the 600dpi file he requested - I thought I was being savvy, that he’d surely pay me to get the full size file. Ha.) and awaited his response.

Days passed. No word. Ten days later I sent him an email, cautiously probing but optimistic that it was nothing more than a standard delay. Ten more days pass. At this point our bills are coming due, our groceries are running out and we had budgeted for that $250 to get us through to the next (meagre) paycheck. I send another email. Nothing.

Instead of having $250 to use for food and electricity, we had nothing. It was a horrible feeling, desperately searching at the last possible minute for ANY extra funds we could throw at the sisyphus-like hill that was our financial situation in those days. I’ll never forget the sting, the slow realization that I had been scammed for my hard work and would see nothing in return for my labor, and on top of that, we had to quickly figure out a way to keep the lights on because the $250 was meant for that.

In time, I moved on. I became smarter and learned how to ask for what I was worth and require security before embarking on new jobs for new clients. I met wonderful clients who really respected the value of an artist’s labor and paid me fairly for the work I did for them. I’m grateful for these clients, because they showed me that not everyone wants to exploit creative labor.

But I never forgot that client, never really let go of the anger, the helpless rage and desperation of needing, NEEDING SO BADLY to be paid for the work I did, and simply being dropped and given no answer whatsoever. 

I stayed silent, though, as so many wronged artists do. So often we do work for free, or for horribly reduced fees because the perception of the world is that simply because we love art, it is not “work.” When we are exploited, straight up ROBBED by people who decide our creative output is free for them to take, we diminish ourselves as artists, craftspeople, LABORERS. When I saw that post come up, all the feelings I had back in 2012 came back to me. I’m grateful that now $250 does not make or break me, but nevertheless I was moved to speak out because of the realization that four years’ worth of artists may have been screwed over by this guy and I won’t stand for it anymore.

Let me tell you something: ART IS LABOR. No matter how you parse it - creating a WORK of art TAKES WORK and anyone who believes you don’t deserve fair compensation for your labor is exploitative and should be exposed to the creative community as such. Sean Ironstag stole from me, and refuses to acknowledge this fact. I believe the record shows I completed my end of the agreement, and it falls to him to correct this.

Don’t let your work be undervalued, discounted, or stolen by people who don’t respect the work it takes to become a competent artist. Stand up for yourself, and for the artists around you who KNOW what the struggle is like. Please share this!


Annnnnnd begins the light farming.
Already finished my first rune, but I work stupid early and need to sleep.
if anything, A1S farming is teaching me how to better utilize my skills to mitigate incoming damage by using synastry for healing boost and timing well my aspected Helios.
Im learning!

Quick and Dirty Tips for Witches who can't practice openly #2

In light of a recent ask, I thought I would share a few more insights into practicing witchcraft in less-than-hospitable conditions, focusing more on beginner or novice witches just coming into their own.

First? Let me tell you about me. I’ve been unable to openly practice for 23 years. I am still in a position where my home life is not friendly toward my practices or religious beliefs, although they are pretty okay with my divination and crystal healing practices.

I don’t do as much spell work as I used to, as that’s not my specific talent, but when I do, I have a fairly good rate of success, except in my kitchen witchery, and kitchen witch spells, that’s been 100% success so far and I do that a lot more often than I do prosperity spells or whatever.

Today, however, I’m gonna drop some dirty tips for you guys on how to practice in secret. These are things that require NO tools that are out of the ordinary because most of this is gonna be internal stuff. Ready?

- learn to meditate. Silently. Calm your mind, quiet your thoughts. 15 minutes a day will do WONDERS for you, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. The 15-minute approach is great for relaxation and detoxification. Don’t be surprised if you feel slightly ill and have bathroom troubles for the first day or two. Your body will flush toxins as you begin to balance yourself. Why is this essential? Because you’ll learn to quiet your mind, to think and act with clarity, and develop patience. (And yes, you can meditate laying in bed. I do a lot and I can fall asleep much easier after. Just don’t fall asleep if you can help it because that’s a whole other can of worms and can accidentally channel things you might not want, and can be dangerous in general.)

-learn to visualize with intent to manifest. This can be done during meditation, but before you start visualizing success or money, I suggest first learning to put up a psychic shield. Imagine yourself in a bubble, surrounded by white light. Or an energy field like in Dragon Ball. Or a fine mesh grid made of rainbow energy. Or something more to your tastes. Whichever visualization you choose to use, learn to hold that shield up. Do this daily. Several times a day. Eventually, you should be able to pull your shield up at a moments notice. Also, your shield can and probably will evolve as you get better at visualization. Mine normally doesn’t look like a bubble anymore, unless I’m sick or have spent too much energy. I recommend practicing this at the mall or on public transit. Why is this essential? Because you’re learning to protect yourself, and to control your own energy. Both are truly key points you need to master before attempting astral projection/hedge crossing and spell casting.

-begin channelling your energy, start working with it and become familiar with the feeling of directing energy. Start by becoming aware of your own light, your own energy. Fill yourself and recognize how you feel. Then begin expanding outward. Reach out for the universal energy that comes from all things. Draw it in from the vastness of the universe. Draw it in through your head and through your body. Draw it down your spine and into the ground. Learn to ground yourself out, too. Let the energies you’ve drawn in dissipate back into the earth. Let it all go, leaving it the healing and comforting warmth left within you. Why is this essential? It’s necessary to learn to draw on outside energy and control it for when you start spell casting. Controlling energy is important so things don’t go sideways. I would argue that grounding yourself is also more important than anything because having a build-up of leftover energy can cause headaches, nausea, hyperactivity etc.

Okay. That’s all I have time to explain today. I hope that you’ll consider practicing these techniques. I’ll write up a post on methods for each technique later.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come ask me! I am open to all paths.

All my love,

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favourite quotes about self love, positivity, a happy life, anything uplifting? I'm looking to put lots up around my home 😊

So many! In doing research for my ebook I have accumulated literally hundreds haha but I’ll share just a few favourites:

  • “Consider becoming the type of energy that no matter where you go, or where you are, you always add value to the spaces and lives of those around you…” - India Ame’ye
  • You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.”― Elizabeth Gilbert
  • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.“ — Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • “Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ― Steve Maraboli
  • “I really don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what people think about me…I would be totally paralyzed. How could you get up in the morning if you worried about some poll or what somebody said about you? That’s giving up power over your life to somebody else and I don’t intend to do that.” ~Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light” - Yogi Bhajan
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

Feel free to reblog with any you know, I love hearing other people’s favourite quotes :)

advice for people who are still at the beginning of their art career

Since I got asked this a few times already:     

RULE NUMBER ONE: don’t give up!
no matter how frustrating it might be in the beginning, keep going.
It’s only normal you’re not as good as people who have been doing this for a long time.

2. practise!
Practise a lot! Practise as much as you wanna improve! Even if improvement only comes in little steps it will come. But only if you do something for it.

3. get inspired!
Don’t be narrow-minded. Keep your eyes open not only to styles that seem most appealing to you.
Some people never improve because they try to draw in a style that totally doesn’t suit them.
Always look for new ways and methods to do art.

4. copy!
It’s totally okay to copy. What’s not okay is to pretend you didn’t, or to steal.
With copy I mean literally copy stuff to improve (don’t upload this, tho, it’s just for practise purposes).
But also look for artists who’s work you like. Look at their art very very closely and try to figure out what it is what makes you like it. Try to figure out how that’s done and try to do it too. (It’s okay, really, everyone does it. It’s how humans learn after all). You’ll eventually reach a point at which your style will settle and turn unique.

5. In regards to 3) and 4): create a folder in which you save pictures that inspire you. it can be style examples, patterns, colours, light atmospheres, clothes, whatever

6. discipline!
Best thing would be you drew on a daily basis. I know you’ll say: “but I don’t have time”
I’m sorry to be rude now, but: that’s not true. Everyone has the time to make a doodle once a day. It takes max 20 minutes. Now you’ll maybe think that a doodle doesn’t make you get better, but that’s a wrong assumption. Drawing is 99% practise and routine. It’s important you keep doing it.
It really helps me to do prompts. Ask for some. Or participate in memes or other things, there are various ways of getting ideas for motives and the pressure to fulfil them.
Look for tutorials if you want to improve at something specific.

7. ask for feedback!
That’s important. Post your stuff online. If no one reacts, ASK for feedback. Your senpais will be glad to help you. Also, when you see something and you wanna understand how it was done, ask the artist.

8. understand drawing
understand how drawing works and what it involves. it’s not only … making brush strokes on paper or something. it’s understanding how things work, it’s imagination, it’s light, it’s colours, it’s composition, it’s typography, it’s design, it’s A LOT to be honest. So much that you can be busy studying drawing the whole day, no matter what you do, because everything you SEE is a potential thing to draw. Try to learn by heart how things look like, try to understand how light works, and the absence of light … how do colours change and perspecitve, how do facial expressions work and how do people move, how many pictures do you need to see to understand a situation ….

you see there is a lot to do, but it’s also fun.
for me drawing is so involved in my life, i cannot look at things like people do that don’t draw.
it sounds much, but it’s up to you whether you really wanna do something or not.
the more you give, the more you get <3

Peace in the Rain

Thomas Jefferson x Reader


Rain was peaceful. Rain was comforting.

Most people thought that you were crazy for thinking that, but you didn’t care. You were at peace when it was raining.

But you were not at peace right now.

A storm was brewing, one out side, and one in your home. You and your husband Thomas Jefferson were fighting.

About what you couldn’t remember, but it seemed that all of the internalized problems were coming to light.

Right now you were fighting about how much he traveled.

“Thomas you’re never home, and you never take me with you! How do you think that makes me feel?” you pleaded with him.

“Y/N I know that it’s hard, but you’re strong! You know that this is my job, so you should just learn to deal with it!” he retorted.

You wiped teardrops off your face with the sleeve of you gown. He just wouldn’t listen to you!

“Thomas please-”

“Don’t you ever stop? I need to get work done!” he yelled at you before going into his office and slamming the door.

You let out a broken sob and ran out the door.

You ran across the fields of the plantation and down the road, not even knowing where you were going.

You walked for an hour or two, the storm getting bigger and bigger the longer you walked.

The wind picked up, the sky lit up with lightning, and thunder rang through the fields.

It had an almost calming affect on you. Almost.

As you were turning the corner you didn’t see the runaway horse that was charging right towards you. Someone screamed but you didn’t hear. By the time you looked up it was too late.

You were trampled.

Everything hurt. Your head, ribs, chest, legs, you couldn’t breathe.

The owner of the horse took off for some help, trying to make sure that you would live.

You don’t know how long you laid there for, it felt like hours. Throbbing pain corsed through your body.

After awhile you heard galloping, someone was coming for you.

“Y/N!” a horrified voice called. Thomas was here.

He ran to your side and looked at you, his eyes filling with tears. He carefully pulled you into his arms, holding you close to him, knowing that this might be the last time he could do this.

“My love,” you tried to say. He hushed you.

“Darling don’t speak. You need to keep your strength up. Please, just fight for me, I need you. I-I’m so sorry,” he started sobbing.

“I’m sorry too Thomas. Please, can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course I will. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I blame myself for all of this,” he told you, stroking your cheek.

“No Thomas. Do not blame yourself. It’s all okay,” you told him, smiling tiredly. “Will you sing to me? The lullaby that we would sing together when we were tired?”

He choked on his sobs, knowing that this would be the last few moments of your life.

But he swallowed his cries and cleared his throat, readying to sing to you in your final moments.

‘Lavender blue


Lavender green

If I were king


I’d need a queen

Whoa-oh, who told me so


Who told me so

I told myself


I told me so

If your dilly-dilly heart

Feels a dilly-dilly way

If you’ll answer yes

In a pretty little church

On a dilly-dilly day

You’ll be wed in a dilly-dilly dress of

Lavender blue


Lavender green

Then I’ll be king


You’ll be my queen

Then I’ll be king


You’ll be my queen’

“You’ll always be my queen Y/N. I love you.” He buried his head into your shoulder and started to cry softly.

You used all the strength left in you and raised your hand, running your fingers through his wet hair.

“I love you too Thomas.”

Your hand dropped next to you in the puddle, the rain washing away all the blood.

Your eyes closed softly, and you could hear the rain hitting the ground.

“Be at peace Y/N.”

You were able to say one last thing before all the life faded from your body.

“I find peace in the rain.”