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Life works in a way that we can’t see at first glance. Why did this situation have to hurt? You’ve been damaged before, this is nothing new. You need to make mistakes. A whole fucking lot of them. You’ve been here before, I know you have. You treat someone wrong just to learn how to listen. When someone tells you that you’ve hurt them, damn it, you fucking did. I’ve seen my heart run dry, I’ve ran out of words to try and save us. They say that seeing is believing. I get it now. You don’t really know yourself, you don’t really love yourself– you just think you do. This is a poem for you, but it’s also very much for different versions of myself– or rather, this is being written from the many wasted years. When you’re a ghost town and in the middle of nowhere– any form of acceptance sounds beautiful. When you’re a shell of passion that you can’t recall, when you’re trying to create a better you– are you still the same fuck up if you ever get better? I still don’t know my own reflection. I still don’t understand myself. There is a dark veil slicing up my thoughts, some people call it depression. And fuck, it’s never sad. Nowadays, there’s always something missing. Like a love with no trust. Like going a whole day with just clouds. Like memories with blurry faces, I’m disconnected from reality sometimes. I say what I don’t mean and I’m hurting with no feelings. Life is a stranger we pass by everyday. Have we met before? Do you really love me? What do you like about me? Wait, before you speak. Maybe we’re the same. They say lovers eventually mirror one another. You don’t ask for much. Not for poetry. Not for art. Not for anything really… not even for love itself. You know… you only ask for one thing. Honesty. So when I read a text and don’t answer it like I used to, it doesn’t mean that I like you a little bit less than I did yesterday. So when I’m quiet and just stare into the phone, it doesn’t mean that you’re not interesting. So when you say that you love me back and I question what it is exactly that you love about me… it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you too… it just means we’ve got more time to figure us out.

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But, it's like the same story over and over with Hook. It's like they can't come up with anything else.

Hmmm … OR it’s like they are continuing to build a story with him growing and approaching things differently each time…

Hook was a pirate for a long time. First he was a pirate content to stick it to the man for making him lose his brother and then he was a pirate entirely focused on revenge. There are a lot of skeletons in his closet.

I am not a fan of storytelling that just checks off boxes. Hook comes face-to-face with his past wrongs and BOOM! he is changed forever! No need to acknowledge that he ever did anything wrong. He’s redeemed!

A&E intentionally built YEARS of bad behavior into Hook’s story so they could use it when they wanted to show how far he has come. And each time he learns something from it and handles things even better the next time.

Hook’s flashbacks in Season 5 involved him being a victim, a villain, and a pick up artist :) so right there was something different that we learned about him.

Hook’s story excited me, what can I say? I love to see some of the bad things he did in his past and I love it even more when he makes it right in present day. And now they want to show me more of that? Yes, please!

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Let me wish you a great new year, too.

It’s been three weeks, but I feel like this year started only a few days ago. I have to admit that I need to learn a lot about handling my time when things get busy. Things tend to get busier, but I shall learn.
I don’t feel good postponing so many drawings, so it’s time for me to do something, thaha I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Besides, I read that Tanka-sensei aren’t in good health and I saw many beautiful drawings and words that wish them the best. I hope they recover well. 

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All these sheith shippers being sad about the bro comment doesn't make much sense. We were injected with so much sheith this season, maybe it overwhelmed us and we can't think straight yet. Have we become spoilt? Some of these blogs throwing shit rn played fe fates and married the "siblings" so what are these mental gymnastics? sucks they were ditched and didn't get the kl/@nce ending their uncle who works at voltron said they would but maybe the crew found it necessary to nip that shit off fast

tbh i was scared of the “brother” comment too but it was only for various “discourse” reasons……i just think some fans are mad bc this season focused a whole lot on shi//ro and kei//th and that they had a lot of interaction than in the last season. also, i believe its all the an//tis just being salty but they need to learn that this show isnt going to CATER to EVERYONE’S needs??? like??? god if u dont like the stuff that they have??? go read a fanfic????

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Hcs for old caesar joining the sdc gang to egypt?



-Caesar most likely joined the journey just because Joseph started to tease him if he said he wouldn’t. “I’m too old for this, Joseph.” “Ooooh look at poor old grandpa! Do you need a seat? Here, let me help you walk! Boo hoo.” “You look even older than me! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

-But when he learned that the life of his precious niece Holly was at risk, he stopped fooling around and the thing got serious immediately. No one is gonna hurt his little niece!

-He puts his headband on and dresses in a very fashionable way. He has to look good for the ladies out there! Yes, he’s still a womanizer even in his old years. Another foxy grandpa

-Avdol and him would get along very well! Caesar feels a lot of respect towards Avdol, who even being so young is so wise! and Avdol would admire Caesar’s abilities, which did nothing but grow more powerful with training!

-And Polnareff would get along even better with him. “Hey, Mister Zeppeli, check out that woman over there!” “Wow…. you have fine taste, Polnareff.” He would become Polnareff’s master and will teach him the fine arts of flirting.

-”What the hell did you just call me?! God, your grandson is a brat… just like you when you were younger…” He doesn’t like Jotaro a lot. It reminds him of a meaner, more rude version of young Joseph. But with time, their relationship might get better!

-He is pretty neutral towards Kakyoin though! He thinks he is a weird kid that plays those “vidio geims” things that he doesn’t understand at all. He does, though, try to take him out of his shell with conversations some times!

-And with Iggy, he pretty much has the same relationship as Polnareff. Just that, for some reason, Iggy has the tendency of biting his moustache when Caesar is asleep.

-Just imagine the Bastet fight but with Caesar instead of Avdol.

-He is ready to sacrifice himself for any of the kids (or the other old man) of the group. Nobody is going to harm his kids. And friend. Except himself, of course.



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Listen I don't want to offend and I know you want us all to vote but I feel like your almost getting angry at Starlights even though we /are/ voting and we /are/ trying hard to get these boys recognition, some fandom's are just a lot larger than ours, especially in Korea and even the amount of international Starlights is small compared to that of BAP and BTS' fanbase. As a small fandom we do try hard but sometimes we just can't beat the 'superpowers' of kpop

We can. I apologize for sounding rude, very rude actually. I am sorry. I was very upset. Even a small fandom can make things happen. I know a lot of Starlights are voting but a lot aren’t. Some fans think that it’s not worth it or that their votes won’t make a difference but they will! Again I’m sorry. I know you’re doing your best but sometimes we need to do more than our best.

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um hello, do you mind giving tips for lineart? you're lineart is so pretty and smooth and mine is so shaky and just generally makes me cry tbh. sorry if this a bother, i'd really appreciate it tho

Hey, don’t worry, not a bother at all!

Alright, the first thing I’m sure everyone knows by now, but bears repeating, is that you gotta practice. That’s really the short of it–Improvement happens primarily when you’re drawing. There’s a whole bunch of subtle muscle memory [like how hard you need to press your pen to get a certain line thickness] that can be learned only through trial and error and persistence. So don’t give up! I’m rooting for ya.

Now, to move on to the actual advice. Take most of this with a grain of salt, since I’m still learning & improving myself!

The most important part is to be confident in your lines. I’ve noticed a lot of beginners ‘pet’ their lines–instead of doing it in one sweep, they make multiple tiny strokes, usually going over the same section several times. The end product comes out jaggy and sketchy.

Make long, sweeping strokes. Draw from the elbow, not from the wrist. If you’re doing digital art, don’t be afraid to use the undo button as many times as you need until you achieve the results you want. Also, rotate your canvas. Seriously, the quality of your lines will suffer if you’re forcing your hand into unnatural, uncomfortable positions [I need to heed this advice more often too… It’s tricky to get used to it in the beginning, so if you’re drawing for long periods of time check yourself every once in a while to make sure you’re not falling back on old/bad habits.]

To gain some confidence, I’d highly recommend doing line exercises. Here is a link to a post that explains it all much better than I could, with examples!

Also, try switching to a traditional medium, using pens or markers or ink–basically something that you can’t erase. This will essentially force you to be more careful of your line placement and any mistakes you might make. You can do it digitally, too, but the undo button is incredibly tempting. If you’ve got the willpower to avoid that sorta thing [I know I don’t] go for it.

So, get a sketchbook and fill out all of its pages with nothing but drawings in ink–don’t focus on making the drawing itself perfect, focus on practicing your lines. There’s like, a boatload of shitty art in all of us that we need to push out before we produce anything good.

Finally, I’ve got this neato trick I’d probably be dead without. I only know how to do it in Photoshop, but I think there was a tutorial for Sai floating around too.

If you’re like me and zoom into your drawing when you line [don’t be like me. Another exercise-try lining without zooming in, pretend you’re drawing on regular A4 paper and there’s no zoom] and then zoom out and cry because it looks all wrong, all you gotta do is go to “windows” > “arrange” > “make new window for ‘drawing name’”

And, bam, second canvas! It follows your strokes on your original in real time, so you can get a better idea of what the heck is going on in your image. It’s seriously saved my art several times.

Other tips:

1. Draw on a large canvas. When you size the drawing down once you’re done, some of the shakiness of the lines will be smoothed out by the compression.

2. The shakiness might also just be a product of shaky hands, which sometimes can’t be fixed, so I’d suggest installing a stabilizer. I’ve heard Lazy Nezumi is good! [It only works for windows, though–I’d suggest others, but I’ve never used any.]

I hope at least some of this was a little bit helpful. Good luck!

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weird question but if i were to make up a language (naturalistic or otherwise) what real languages would you suggest i learn to make it easier for me? like are there languages out there that i can study so that i get a better understanding about how it all works or do you really not need that much experience?

All of them?

There is no relationship between any particular languages and being good at creating languages. If you study many languages—especially many languages from different language families—you’ll know a lot more about language in general and will have a fuller understanding of how language can vary. But no single one of them will “help” more than any other. If you’re creating an a posteriori language (e.g. like a new Slavic conlang), then it behooves you to study as many languages from that family as possible, but for a priori languages, you simply have to know more about language in general.

Dear Moftiss,
Here’s what I’d like. This would keep me hooked. If you care about such things.

1). A MAP. A mini episode or interview that TELLS us where the dreams/etc begin and end… And who’s dreaming. I expect we are dealing with multiple layers. Don’t need a lot of detail, fandom can fill in, find lots of good clues and interpretations. But we need a map to start. That could keep us engaged for ages.

2). JOHNLOCK. Could be a mini episode set in the not-too-distant future. Or Sussex if we want to get misty eyed. Let them be together, doesn’t need to be shocking. Just show they are positively in a long term lovers relationship. They suffered through everything, they learned, they worked on it- and they realized and acknowledged their love. That would be a very good thing.

Thanks for the good stuff. A bit “not good” on the bad stuff. None of us are perfect, and not everyone can have everything. Hoping you have the heart to provide a small light to guide us through the dark times ahead.

Very Sincerely Yours,

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"Bellarke is a realistic relationship with the way it deals with their flaws,and how hard and painful it is sometimes to overcome them."That's it Rosy this is why we love Bellarke bc is a real relationship something that happens in real life people tend to think most teenangers who saw and watch this shows like love is perefect and rushed and it is not,marriage its not easy we need to work everyday and learn every day from each other,and to get there it takes a lot of work through the problems.

It does. It feels like a marriage relationship to me. And to tell the truth, that’s not what drew me in. What drew me in was the typical longing and pining, the pretty people, the hugs and the meaningful looks. The feelings. 

But season 3 really took it into another direction. They grew while they were apart. I mean, they were broken, but they healed. Their relationship was tested really hard, but when they came back together it turns out who they were was more sure and more intense than ever. And I think that was just a really good emotional arc that they played with without us really noticing. We were so busy with the drama and the other romances and AI and the assassinations and the betrayals and the politics and the constant threats, that Bellarke just kind of grew to fill the spaces.

This is how I like my romance. Not the center of everything, but a thing that informs everything else that is happening. It colors all the action, but it is not the point of it. The love is HOW they do all this, but it’s not really WHY they are doing it. Does that make sense?

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for following me as I am relatively new to the study community and I have a lot more followers than I expected to have this soon! Ya’ll are amazing. I just want to put this out there that I know that today is a tough day, more than tough actually. I am currently attending an LGBTQIA conference and have been learning so much about allyship, privilege, and racial justice, among so many other things. If you need a friend or someone to vent to I am here. If you need to get away and make space to be upset and reflect I am here.

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Do you have any book recommendations for research? Or just any tips on how to find good resources for research that aren't on tumblr?

i liked skye alexander’s books…

and even though cunningham’s work is outdated, it’s always a good place to start. 

the books i have are actually still packed up somewhere otherwise i would let you know what i have. 

a lot of witchcraft books are geared towards wicca or have some kind of cultural appropriation but if you can get past that and just take in the info you need then you’ll be good. i would suggest going to your local bookstore or library and seeing what they have. skim through and find something you like. that is what i did. 

and even then, i learned more on tumblr than i did from any book.

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Fresh calm down i actually learned a lot of words from you too. I use them to replace cuss words when i get upset. My little sisters are now wary of 90's lingo. So thanks for helping me out with that.

Fresh’s expression goes back to normal. “Oh, well okay then. That’s a radical choice, my friend. Stay frosty!” He points finger guns in your direction. “But we can’t have Red going around and being a straight up bad influence on other people, now can we? I think he still needs a talking to.”

i need more practice drawing but sometimes i feel like i don’t have enough time in the day to learn everything i want and i get frustrated when i need to be away from drawing due to my own stamina or other responsibilities

i should work on being more patient i guess haha. i told myself this year that i’ll work on Rootless gradually and with a lot of thought and preparation, so I don’t regret releasing it when the time comes

i feel like i’m not there yet though. hopefully soon

A song to drive to

Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive

Deftones is a default band I can listen to no matter what kind of mood I’m in—most moods atleast. One of those moods are my “drive-to-unwind” or “let-me-think” kind of drive. I don’t get to drive now anymore since my dad sold the old and only car I’m allowed to use. Also, I’ve already moved to a place located just a few walks away from where I work, so there’s really no need to. I need to practice and learn again nonetheless for practical reasons, and to overcome this sort of PTSD I’ve been having due to a minor car accident from two years ago. 

Foals - Cassius

Lately, Ino and I have been listening to a lot of Foals everytime we need to be somewhere requiring us to use the car. They’ve kind of been staple to the long drive playlist we’ve yet to make. 

Canon AE-1P // Kodak Ektar 100

ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru

something i don’t see a lot in tumblr’s rhetoric about mental illness and recovery is a distinction between recovery through suppression and conformity and recovery through coping.

suppression and conformity is not recovery.  it implies that you are simply repressing the symptoms of your mental illness or disorder and causing yourself more pain.  suppression implies that you are ignoring your mental illness, not acknowledging your symptoms, and conformity implies that you are putting on a neurotypical facade.  so many people assume that’s the end goal of therapy and medication (should people choose to do that) or general recovery. that people are trying to “cure” you.  it’s where i think a lot of the “i shouldn’t need to get better” rhetoric comes from.

but that’s not what recovery is.  recovery is coping.  it’s learning about yourself and how you tick.  it’s learning to recognize and acknowledge symptoms so you can better understand them and, ultimately, not let them control you.  it’s understanding that being “wired” differently isn’t a bad thing, but it can make things harder, and learning to recognize those distinctions and address them so you can make your life easier.  it’s recognizing that for some people, therapy and medication are the path to coping, and that the end goal of them is to make that learning and self-discovery process easier so that those people can do it independently in the long run.

recovery is not changing yourself to fit the world.  recovery is learning how to look the world in the eye and say “i now know how to coexist with you now.  i now know how to thrive.”