i need to know who thought of this

reasons why that whole darn episode was amazing:

  • marlon’s fACE when faith makes a break for it is p r i c e l e s s
  • “she’s like the usain bolt of grandmas.” “who needs a wheelchair?”
  • rob being so upset that the wedding wasn’t perfect and aaron not caring because all that was important to him was that, at the end of it all, robert was his husband
  • i know i’ve said this at least six times now but i cannot even believe they got married in the damn garage they fucked for the first time in
  • also the garage is so much more significant than that? like, that’s where aaron attempted suicide, it’s where he first started to really grow up and be responsible, not to mention that’s where robert made the first attempt at even a friendship, never mind the affair
  • “remind me why i’m marrying you and your massive ego again?”
  • aaron’s little choked up, emotional giggle at the end of the “i wasn’t expecting you to do the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing” i mean the lad honestly sounds like he could cry of happiness at that moment
  • “that’s how it works, idiot” i love how this has just become their pet name
  • i really, really love how they keep coming back to the “but you know” “i know” thing
  • “i never thought i’d have this with anyone. and i never though i’d have it with you.”
  • foreheadkissforeheadkissforeheadkiss
  • all of aaron’s little smiles because aaron dingle’s happiness is my happiness
  • charity ringing the bell i love her like as much as she teases them she loves them
  • ADAM
  • the damn pink confetti
  • diane “break his heart and you’re dead” sugden is my queen
  • the “drink from the welly!” chant
  • cain, who once beat the absolute daylights out of robert, getting annoyed with him when he’s taking too long to do it
  • paddy’s “he does love you. i think anyone can see that.” he’s going to start accepting rob’s presence in aaron’s life
  • also the whole padron scene, i’m so glad they’re slowly fixing them paddy just needs to stop being so wrapped up in his damn self
  • “better go and rescue my husband”
  • just anytime they refer to each other as “husband” i mean really
  • “one’s enough, i like him conscious”
  • the way rob steadies himself on aaron after the welly idk why i like that so much i just do
  • the way rob grips aaron’s face as he kisses him in front of everyone and doesn’t even care #charactergrowth
  • if you blink, you’ll miss it, but right as the camera pans over before they disappear behind chas as she walks past them you can see rob gently kiss aaron’s neck
  • the way robert presses his face into aaron’s shoulder, his lil smooshed nose, and the way they both light up when they see chas
  • faith calling rob “blondie” does she even know his damn name? anyway if they wanna make rob and faith best friends i’m here for it
  • speaking of robert’s friends, robert has friends!! even if they were just background randoms that he never actually interacted with! but where the f was bob?!
  • how peaceful aaron looks in robert’s arms
  • robert and belle interaction, that made my life
  • robert’s drunk stumble (which is mostly ryan’s post-surgery knee)
  • “oi, have you seen me husband? dead grumpy, but he doesn’t look bad in a suit.”
  • the way reality hits aaron like a freight train at the end of the ep broke my damn heart but was beautifully acted god bless u ryan and danny
  • mr. dingle and mr. sugden
  • robert knowing aaron’s not fine
  • “i don’t wanna leave ya” “i don’t want you to go”
  • aaron apologizing to robert destroyed my heart like yeah thanks i didn’t need that or anything
  • “you’ll come home to me, and we’ll never look back”
  • also, the weird cover of ‘please don’t stop the music’ playing behind them in that scene
  • and of course, that beautiful wide shot of just them in the night with some candles, clinging to each other because they’re the most important things in the world

Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…


Okay so it has been established that the lions are sentient like they’ll go running off to rescue their paladins etc. And as we all know Keith is a impulsive baby who needs rescuing a lot and so Red is the one to be shown as the most sentient. So now I’m just picturing Keith lying on Red, ranting about Lance and how his stupid eyes are so pretty and his hair looks so soft and how he looks so good when arguing. And then I’m picturing Red recording these rants and then one day when both boys are in the hangers with their lions, the recordings play. Keith looks like he’s about to faint and Lance looks torn between laughing or kissing him. Then Blue joins in. And then there are these two mortified paladins, yelling at the Lions of Voltron, faces bright red and refusing to look at each other. And then they run away and both Blue and Red find this unacceptable.

So then the next time Keith is in the hanger with his lion Red traps him under a paw or something. And Keith yells a lot and naturally Lance hears him and comes to find him. He frees Keith and then leans against Blue like “haha you needed me to come save you.” Keith glares at him but is blushing because “omfg what if Red plays those recordings again?” And so they just stand there and then (of course) Blue lifts her foot and Lance falls on his ass. 

Keith is in hysterics until Red pushes him over and he falls on Lance. They blush a lot and then confess. When they leave, to go make out, Blue and Red high five each other. They keep the recordings though. Next time everyone is in the hanger and it’s not an emergency, the recordings play. Hunk and Allura think it’s the most adorable thing ever. Coran is just chill about it. Pidge and Shiro are ready to tease Keith and Lance about this forever….right after they stop yelling at their lions about betrayal…


I know it’s late bringing this up but I thought to talk about it here: Please stop coming to me with asks about the bro//gane AU. The AU honestly makes me feel really sick to my stomach because an anti was petty enough to make that AU in the first place. Sometimes I need the reassurance that the AU isn’t going to happen in canon too and getting asks with people concerned about it being canon doesn’t make the feeling any better. 

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So I just saw the one about the basement (who would've thought hmm) and I never imagined I would like Stisaac and the idea of a basement, so I thought about something similar. Here it is: Erica told me about Gerard, and I need to know that you're okay. Stisaac please!! Might actually check out this ship tbh. Thankssssss


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The knock on the glass made Stiles’ pulse jump painfully in his chest, adrenaline racing through his veins as if it would be enough to save him from anything. The sick knot in his stomach reminded him how pointless it was. His fight or flight response hadn’t exactly served him well of late.

It was pointless anyway. He doubted murderous lizards or geriatric psychopaths would bother to knock before coming to snatch him up. That only left–

“I’m really not in the mood to chat, Scott,” he said, not bothering to raise his voice; werewolf ears could probably hear him from the front lawn even if he whispered. He stayed where he was, cross-legged on his bed, stringing and restringing his crosse like he’d been doing for the last half hour. He didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish with it, if getting the ties just right would somehow make his hands stop shaking, but he couldn’t seem to make himself stop.

He heard the rasp of the window sliding open but didn’t turn around. He didn’t think he could look at Scott right now, not after everything that had gone down. Working with the enemy in a double bluff was one thing, but doing it without informing literally anyone else was another and that thing was shitty.

“I said I’m not in the mood for this, Scott,” he repeated a little more forcefully. The way his jaw clenched made the bruises there ache.

“Not Scott.”

Definitely not Scott’s voice, and not Derek’s either. Those were the only people who had ever climbed in through his window before and Stiles found himself halfway off the bed with his crosse held up defensively before he realized whose voice it was.

“Isaac?” He lowered his makeshift weapon but couldn’t find it in him to let go of it completely. “The hell are you doing here?”

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A video of me riding Rush ft. my trainer

First ride in the side saddle in who knows how long, first canter post surgery and second ride in general post surgery.

I almost never get videos of me riding. However I definitely should because already I can see what I thought I was doing, what I was actually doing, and what I should be doing.

All in all I am very pleased with my pony. He did good 😊

feel so vile
from the inside out
stomach’s turning flips
don’t know what to do
i don’t really care

 a shiver came around
shaking from the inside out
so scared of how everything looks the same
a gray stormy Tuesday morning

panic is setting in
like an old friend
who needs a place to stay
always in the way

slow music playing
for now i feel calm
maybe i'll take a bath
wash myself away

slow music playing
and for now i'm calm
escape for a little bit
wash myself away

panic sets in
shivering inside out
curl up in front of the fire
sleep the night away

—  paranoia. by thefragilesunshine.

anonymous asked:

I really want to die. Ive wanted to in the past, but I want more than ever now. I'm so stuck. I have no friends, I have no money to move out of this horribly toxic environment. Ive turned into this disgusting person due to anger from being sexually assaulted, and then the love of my life died in November. Ive been in therapy for almost 10 years, and I always end up back in this spot. I can't handle this, it needs to be over. I just want someone in my life who cares and shows me some compassion.

I’m sorry that life is mean to you darling. I can’t imagine how it is to feel like that. I’ve been in pain for 5 years and I know that I used to thought nothing will ever get better, but it did. Things can still change. You need to keep on working on yourself. Try new things. New hobbies. Find yourself darling. Work and save the money to travel. Traveling can change everything for you. What happened in the past is supposed to stay there. You can’t change it. You have to accept it. Memories can hurt so much, but this pain is what makes us human. 

Please stay strong. Don’t give up. Life can be so beautiful. 

7:49 p.m

Just when I thought you couldn’t hurt me any more, you leave your mark. Wether it was intentional or not they’re there, for everyone to see, for people to ask questions. Most of them are hidden but there’s a bruise on my face, who wouldn’t ask? Even after alp this I will still lie to protect you. Sometimes a think I need to stop being weak and stand up for myself, but I don’t know when that day will come. This is one secret that will only be mine.

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Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and the work you put in is much appreciated. I love it so much and I hope you know how much it means to me and everyone who follows you. I hope you feel better soon. And if you need it Love, I'm always willing to listen. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

thank you so much for your kind words. It truly means so much to me to have so many who care. <3

Please, if you meet someone who makes you excited to wake up again, don’t waste your chance. Tell them how you feel before they slip between your fingers. Because never knowing what you could have been, it breaks your heart just as much as being rejected. Take the risk. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Do it because you can’t let love pass you by. Not again. Not this time.
—  These words hurt but I need to say them. For you. For me. For everyone too scared to try.
I want you to know that it is not always easy to love me. In fact, it’s probably never easy to love me. Not even for a second, I’m hard to love. Cause sometimes my heart fills with so much emptiness that it’s hard to breath. And sometimes my mind wanders out to the extreme and brings back emotions I thought would be gone. My point is I’m not easy to love, and if you can’t love me when I don’t talk to you for three days because I’m just so depressed that getting out of bed is hard then you are not fit to love me. If you can’t love me when I’m warm & happy at 2 pm then you can’t love me when I’m cold & harsh at 4 am. I need a lover who knows how to love me when I’m sad because the fact is I can’t do this on my own. Even if I say I can, I know deep down I can’t. And I don’t want to do it all alone which is what I’ve been doing for the past 18 years of life I’ve had. So please, if you’re gonna love me when I’m happy and sweet and spilling I love you’s out like it’s your name then you’re gonna have to love me when I’m on my bathroom floor crying, to tired to move, scared of what I’ll do. You’re gonna have to hold me. You’re gonna have to tell me it’s gonna be okay even if you don’t think it is. You’re gonna have to tell me that even in this mist of sadness that I have you. That I’m not alone even though I feel like I am 99% of the time. So please, please, please be careful with my heart. It’s been broken so many times and sure I’ve always put it back together but my kindness is growing weaker with every I love you that is met with a “goodbye, you weren’t enough.” So all I ask is think. Please think for a good 10 minutes of this, if I’m what you want. If you can handle this. If you choose to stay I promise I’ll love you the same each day. I promise I’ll love you when you are down about life and I promise I’ll love you when you are so joyful that it hurts to smile because you’ve been doing it all day. I promise I’ll love you with everything I have which isn’t much but I hope it’s enough. I hope I’m enough. So when you figure everything out let me know. I’ll be waiting.

When I am calm, I need a Trump supporter to explain this to me:

I need to know why the good of minorities, women, the disabled and LGBT didn’t mean anything to you.

I want to know why a misogynist and a racist was more attractive to you than a woman who was more than qualified for the position of president.

Make me understand. Because y’all just handed my children’s future to one of the most disgusting, incompetent candidates in modern history.

Bonus: I need to know why third party voters thought their morality was more important than keeping the Presidency out of the hands of an amoralist.

Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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Vilde: Hi Isak, not to be a gossip, but I just thought I’d tell you, because you have a thing with him, and then you’d perhaps like to know, but I’ve heard that Even has mental problems/is a psychopath.

Isak: Where did you hear that?

Vilde: Someone who went to Bakka with him last year said he totally snapped and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the revue’s wall and stuff.

Isak: Ok

Vilde: Just thought you’d like to know

Isak: Why would I want to know that?

Vilde: Because if i had a thing with someone and they had a reputation, then I’d like to know about it.

Isak: Ok. What if you fuck up then

Would you like people spreading rumors about you a year later?

Grow up, Vilde

Vilde: Hello, you don’t need to be mad, I just told you as a friend