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Types and their interest in the MBTI system


NTJs: “It’s definitely logical and offers great answers, but someone should come up with a better system down the line.”

NTPs: “It has validity for sure, but there’s also many other ways of interpretation. There are definitely some variables that are unaccounted for.”

NFJs: “It explains the human system at its core and helps understand society as a whole. It may however make people complaisant to who they are and not want to improve themselves”

NFPs: “It’s accurate, super fun, helps me understand others but also always up for debate, which I like. I do worry however that it boxes people in.”

STJs: “It’s really smart, finally makes me understand why people see things and act differently. But I’m always weary that others are misinterpreting it and twisting it around. Only those who really understand it, should use it”

SFJs: “Hate to admit it, but it’s definitely more thorough than astrology. I love how it encourages self-growth. But does it really understand me as a person?”

STPs: “Yup, that’s definitely me. But that’s just because it is who I am and I make no bones about it. Don’t need your scientific stuff to read me, bro, I’ve always been upfront it”

SFPs: “It’s accurate but I don’t like to be told who I am or who I should be. You don’t know me, neither does this thing.”

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I have a supervisor I actively don't trust, as I spoke to her in what I thought was confidence about something and she told on me and I got written up for essentially "talking about people behind their backs", so now I am sickly sweet to her to protect my damn ass but you know I'm never speaking to her about anything ever again. I always feel the need to reassure my close work buddies that I'm sweet to management to protect myself and I know who my real friends are tho....

I learned along time ago to not talk about anything that isn’t work related at work.

I would talk about let’s say I dunno… cars. I like to work on cars and my bagger did also so we were talking about how we like “brand a” car and “brand b” sucks. Our customer drives “brand b” car. She took our conversation as a personal assault on her and called corporate. We were both written up.

I would have a fellow cashier talk to me about her family and ask me about mine. She would ask deep personal questions and I was friends with her so I would answer them. She used that against me when we were both going for a promotion. I didn’t get it she did.

I have many more examples. But I trust my point is made. If you talk to me at work I will talk about work. I am done with the little high school games that everyone seems to always wants to play.


You all need to know

Hey folks, I hope you’re doing well! Today 30th April is my bday and I wanted to share some important thoughts with you all. Things I want you to know. Feel free to skip this tho, I’m just being grateful and deeply sincere here <3

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I love Taurus’ dedication. It’s beautiful and endearing how loyal to themselves they are. They pour so much energy & time into their passions/endeavors, they’re so patient and devoted, they work so hard on accumulating what they need to do what they want and they always put it to good use; I just love Taurus people, you guys are amazing, keep being yourselves


Okay people. I’m gonna tag some people who can help with spreading this around. I will be tagging the person who did this here in a minute.

@argentmauve You have no right whatsoever to steal someone else’s story. This person stole @dom-joonie ‘s story, Daddy Devil. I do not like people who steal another writers work.

@dom-joonie I’ve got your back babes. I know some big blogs that’ll repost this and they’ll get word out and then soon it should be taken down.

I am tagging some of the bigger blogs on here, because they know what its like to have an Idjit like this do that. I will be reblogging the “story they wrote” (not) here in just a minute. So please, do everything possible to get her to take this shit down. Thank you for reading this.

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What went down in Darkblade
  • Ms. Bustier: all right we need a premise for this episode so it's time for student government elections
  • Chloé: and I'm gonna win!
  • Marinette: really? you're absolutely horrible to everyone
  • Marinette: there's literally one person who'd be willing to vote for you and I'm not even sure what her deal is
  • Sabrina: I desire death and destruction the way others desire the air they breathe
  • Marinette: face it Chloé, there's no way you're gonna win
  • Chloé: oh there is bc I blackmailed everyone
  • Marinette: everyone?
  • Chloé: yeah, everyone
  • Chloé: this is how politics works, dontcha know?
  • Marinette: wow that's some real subtle social commentary there
  • Marinette: well I guess I have to run against Chloé
  • Marinette: yay
  • Adrien: now let's see what I'm doing
  • Armand: *attacks Adrien with a sword*
  • Adrien: oh holy f**k a guy is attacking me with a sword
  • Armand: ha! I caught you unawares and successfully penetrated your defenses
  • Adrien: who are you and why are you attacking me with a sword
  • Armand: this is a move my ancestor devised, "dark blade"
  • Adrien: looks like a normal blade to me
  • Armand: no that's the name of my ancestor
  • Armand: or maybe the move he made up, it's not really clear
  • Adrien: that's really odd but whatevs
  • Armand: anyway according to very real history, my ancestor took over the city and then got killed
  • Armand: and then I ran for mayor to continue his legacy
  • Adrien: wow now I understand how André keeps winning
  • Armand: but someday the flag of my ancestor will fly again
  • Adrien: oh, so this is all setup for you to be akumatized, got it
  • Armand: what
  • Nadja: and we're live on TF1 News, here's Armand D'Argencourt who got three percent of the vote in the last mayoral election
  • Armand: oh f**k this
  • Hawkmoth: fly my akuma and all that s**t
  • Darkblade: I HAVE A SWORD
  • Nadja: are you gonna sword me with it?
  • Darkblade: no it's a laser sword
  • Nadja: why
  • Nadja: why not just have a regular sword? or if you're gonna have a laser then why does it have to be in a sword
  • Darkblade: kk you're transforming into one of my knights now
  • Nadja: ok does this mean I get cool fighting skills
  • Darkblade: no just armor
  • Darkblade: so you're pretty much useless and you're gonna be wrecked by Chat Noir
  • Nadja: darn
  • Marinette: ok back to me now
  • Chloé: so anyway my dad's running my student government campaign
  • Chloé: we've got a press event with Jagged Stone!
  • Marinette: this is totally excessive for a student government campaign
  • Marinette: like this would only make sense if you were trying to appeal to huge numbers of people who don't know you personally
  • Marinette: there are literally fourteen students in our class and all but one think you're awful
  • Sabrina: with every word from Chloé's lips our society inches towards its inevitable glorious demise
  • Chloé: this is how my father does politics though
  • Marinette: also doesn't he have mayoral duties to attend to
  • André: nah
  • Darkblade: hey mr. mayor come outta there so I can sword you
  • André: how about nah
  • Darkblade: you have nothing else to say to me?
  • André: nah
  • Darkblade: all right then imma use one of my knights as a battering ram
  • Nadja: I didn't ask for this
  • André: ok time to run and leave all these teens to secure the building, I'm sure they'll be fine
  • Chat Noir: hey Darkblade, knights to meet you!
  • Darkblade: imma sword you
  • Chat Noir: and imma sword you back
  • Jagged Stone: wow those two people are swording each other really hard
  • Jagged Stone: they must be crazed fans of my music so imma go out and play guitar for them
  • Jagged Stone: *plays epic rock solo as Chat Noir and Darkblade fight*
  • Chat Noir: omg this is perf
  • Jagged Stone: *shoots fire out of his guitar like he's in Mad Max*
  • Darkblade: YES
  • Darkblade: can you please play our battle music as we storm the mayor's palace
  • Jagged Stone: sure I got nothin better to do
  • Jagged Stone: have fun storming the palace
  • Darkblade: come forth, my armies!
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's kick some ass
  • Darkblade: now imma plant my flag and transform all of the people in Paris into my knights!
  • Darkblade: *plants flag*
  • Chat Noir: I'm callin your bluff bc I'm defs not a knight right now
  • Darkblade: it takes a while
  • Darkblade: see that black tube of stuff things?
  • Darkblade: you only become a knight when that passes through you
  • Chat Noir: that seems really arbitrary and unnecessary
  • Chat Noir: it gives us more time to stop you
  • Chat Noir: Hawkmoth coulda saved a lot of trouble by just having it be instantaneous
  • Darkblade: hmm good point I'll let him know
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Darkblade: wait I didn't finish letting him know!
  • Ladybug: good bc if he figured that out he might actually start winning
  • Ms. Bustier: and the new class representative is Sabrina bc we can't have Marinette be the best at literally everything
  • Ms. Bustier: also bc I deliberately miscounted the votes in her favor
  • Sabrina: as your representative I stand for bringing about the destruction of the world as we know it
  • Ms. Bustier: now THERE'S our realistic depiction of politics in action

tumblr is a poorly coded site but i’m still really glad that unlike other social media, there is no ‘this person is online’ indicator, and you can turn off the ability for other people to see your likes/who you follow

cause (a) sometimes i wanna lurk without having to talk to anyone or for anyone to know i’m online and (b) y’all don’t need to creep on my likes, if i wanted to share it, i would have reblogged it

I gotta be honest, dceu twitter has been sort of a sobering mirror to look into and as much as I’d like to say that behavior doesn’t represent me and distance myself from it, I have to acknowledge that I haven’t figured out how to not take the mean-spirited derision that a lot of people have toward the dceu personally. I haven’t really figured out how to pretend like the kind of terrible things that people were saying about me, as someone who loved the film, in the wake of Man of Steel, didn’t stick with me.

I’ve been called a misogynist, a fake fan, a shill, pathetic, a liar, and an idiot- because I like a film that a lot of people didn’t.

I also know that these films don’t really need my defending anymore. Nothing is gonna stop this franchise or successive films, but I’m concerned we have developed a fandom that jumps so quickly to defense (largely out of reflex, I think) that we have trouble distinguishing between constructive criticism and dismissal or sabotage.

That’s not to say that I don’t think the bias isn’t real, (not conspiratory, but geeks have their own systems of bias) or that most people couldn’t take a minute to examine WHY they hate these films so much or WHERE they got the impression that they could be so easily dismissed. I just want to evaluate my little tinge of hurt each time someone takes a shot at these films and consider whether it’s justified or cumulative.

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Do you know of any guids for taking care of your spirit companion?

I don’t know of any guides, because I don’t think there is any one guide that can tell you how to take care of a companion, and here’s why - each spirit companion has different desires and needs. Consider how humans are individuals, as are pets - taking care of one person may not look or be the same as taking care of a different one. How someone might take care of me, with anxiety, for example, is probably vastly different than taking care of someone who doesn’t have anxiety.

Along that same vein of thought, each spirit companion is different, and will want and require different things to be happy in their relationship with you.

What I would recommend you do is *talk* to your spirit companion, and see what it might possibly need. If you are just starting out, knowing what it might need instinctually may not come so easily. So, do your best to reach out and contact your spirit companion, and see what it might need from you at any given time.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Shelter. Does your spirit companion have a vessel? Does it need one? Is the vessel in need of repair? Is the spirit growing too large for its vessel? 

  2. Food. Is it getting enough energy? Does it want different offerings, or more of them? 

  3. Rest. Is your spirit companion too active? Does it need more downtime to recuperate and gather energy to manifest itself to you?

  4. Socialization. Are you spending time with it? Does it need more company? Does it need other spirit friends?

  5. Entertainment. Is your spirit companion bored? Does it need to be interacted with more? Can you do anything with it?

All of those questions can be answered by asking the spirit itself what it wants or needs.

Beyond that, think of the things that you need or want as a human, that you would consider as being taken care of - you might find something else that you could do to take care of a spirit friend.

I hope that helps you!

@urbanspellcraft, do you have anything to add? :)

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Lena and Kara being a 'Kick his ass baby I got yo flower' couple. Kara is Supergirl and noticeably bigger and more muscular then Lena so it's assumed by most she would be the one who needs to 'handle' things(people talking shit or unwelcome flirting). But Kara knows Lena can handle herself and she is more then willing to hold her stuff and wait for Lena to do what she needs.

Dudeeeee, you came to the right person! :P

Lena can cut a man’s face just by glaring at him. Did you see the glare she sent Snapper’s way when he insulted Kara in her presence?! Snapper is lucky she didn’t stab him with her heels.

Kara actually WANTS Lena to be able to handle herself, she wants Lena to be able to protect herself because everyone should have that skill and after how many times Lena has been put in danger Kara needs the reassurance too. Kara ropes in Alex and James to help Lena learn some self defence and they talk about having a watch similar to James’ for Clark. Also Kara can’t always have the Supergirl bravado, it gets tiring and yes she could cut that douche-bag frat boy who hit on Lena when she was sitting right beside her but Lena can definitely hold her own - she is witty and clever and her comebacks are said so effortlessly. Plus Lena would never let anyone insult Kara’s worth and make out that she couldn’t give Lena anything in a relationship.

Their deliveries are different: Kara goes from a sweet smile to a cold stare to huffing out a response. Lena is very calm, she smirks and says it very calmly and then she starts to get a bit more firm but once you cross the line and she’s had a few glasses of wine she gets a lot more aggressive.

So it’s more like “hold my bouquet baby” *proceeds to punch him as Kara tells her to sharpen her right hook*

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hey so i have a friend and she recently told me she's trans. I'm calling her by her new name and pronouns but she still has to live her boy-life to everyone else. How can I support her??

In my experience, the best thing you can do to support her is giving her a space here she can be who she really is. It’s difficult for trans people to be in the closet at home, and having a friend who accepts her for who she is and uses her correct name and pronouns is probably really helpful! Because every trans person is different, I can’t know her individual situation enough to know what else she needs, so if you wanna help and support her I’d recommend talking to her about it and letting her know that you’re willing to help and support her. She can tell you better than anyone else what she needs.


I’m sorry but some people on this site need to remember that the authors who write here do so because it’s a hobby and shouldn’t have disrespectful and downright rude people invading their messages (on anonymous too, the absolute nerve) with paragraph length rants telling them what they should and shouldn’t do. Just because you personally can meet all your “tumblr deadlines” doesn’t mean someone else can, and they shouldn’t be bullied for it either. All of us get writer’s block, some of us have rough days and mentally exhausting days and that’s allowed. Shocker, I know. I just want to let my fellow writers on here to know that if someone tries to derail your positive experience on here with that crap, tell them to shove it ‘cause at the end of the day you’re here writing because you want to, not because some person with a bad attitude says you have to. 

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hey its the person about the boyfriend who I think is emotionally abusive and questioning being with him etc im sorry to bug you but I dobt know what t to fo I need your guys help it's getting to rb e point where I feel like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest whenever I he t a message I get nervous and scared and worried when I talk to him I need yor help

Hi there, Baby!

I hope these are the correct asks, they’re the only ones I could find regarding this issue from any recent time. (if they aren’t please just re-send them to me and I’ll re-address the issue for you, Baby) But regardless of what follows I need you to know this. I have been exactly where you are. I know what you are going through and I want nothing more than to help you remove yourself safely from the situation you are in. 

sorry for lumping this in ur ask but i don’t have anywhere else to turn to. basically my boyfriend appears to be quite bitter and snappy at me recently. its because we’re not seeing each other as much anymore -we broke up not long ago but got back together shortly after, haven’t told anyone so can’t rly stay round his house late.(1/?)

(2/?)he’s mentioned that he was thinking abt breaking up, abt if he wants to be in a relationship like this and he even suggested an open relationship - which only bothered me because I’ve explained I don’t want other people involved before and he knows how insecure and easily jealous i get. instead of apologising he had a go at me for freaking out and told me to stop talking about that shit cus i was making it worse. hes been very distant and v short with me via text

(3/?)so i get upset and then again he tells me to stop it and says he doesn’t want to talk to me if im being like that. he denies being short and snappy despite his replies being like 2-3 words long. at this time my mental health is suffering and idk what to do idk if i want to be with him anymore tbh we broke up before cus of how he was acting towards me me and others a have recognised him as being emotionally abusive in some aspects but idk.

(4/4 i think i lost count) it upsets me that im terrified im gna lose him or he’s gonna cheat or find someone else but he comes across and giving literally zero shits about us. i point it out and he gets all sarky. basically he’s doing a bunch of shit and making me feel crap about my reactions then not explaining/apologising. sorry if this seems petty and stupid but idk where else to go i don’t have anyone else i can talk to. thank u guys for everything

My ex did EXACTLY these things to me. The only difference I can see is to keep him happy I gave into his “open relationship” idea (because he wanted to sleep with our tall, blonde lady friend whom he KNEW I was already jealous and insecure around because he would openly flirt with her in front of me.)

It’s going to suck, It’s going to be shitty. It’s going to be hard. For your safety and sanity you need to leave him. Don’t let him contact you for a while after, don’t reach out to him for a while after. You’re going to want to run right back to him (trust me on this. My ex dumped me 4 times before the relationship actually ended because I realized what was happening. Every other time I felt like I ‘needed’ to be with him to function/survive/be happy and i would literally crawl back and beg him to take me back)

I know you’re afraid to lose him but if you don’t lose him you will lose yourself and who you are and that is leaps and bounds worse. He is absolutely being abusive from what you’ve told me and I want you to make sure you are safe, Baby. 

I’m not sure what other advice I can give you but if you want to speak with me more about my experience you can do so here, just send an ask/submit with ATTN : Sebastian or hit me at my personal tumblr (whatwolf).

I love you, Baby,

Sebastian the Sea Otter

If you didn't know

At age 5, my parents separated and started to neglect me. Between 6-10, my dads girlfriend abused me, physically and verbally.
At 8, I got fucking raped. I don’t know who the hell it was and it haunts me. I will never know..
My mom has been an alcoholic and my dad works constantly. I take care of myself.
I do have a job, applying for one too since I take online classes.
I take care of myself, I did not get to have a childhood. I did not get to choose.
I either grew up or I would be in a much worse place.
I am allowed to be hurt still, I am allowed to have feelings. I have a little mood, I CAN BE A LITTLE DESPITE HOW OLD I AM! I can be little because I go to that place when I’m upset and I have nothing else to turn to. I should not have to justify this. This is why I’m on Tumblr.
To be happy, to make others happy, to post things that make me feel confident, and to do whatever I please in limits.
Fuck you, asshole anon. I hope you understand that somethings are not meant to be the way you think.

Thank you to all who have been kind and accepted me for who I am. My “family” on here means the world to me.
I love you guys❤️ @awanderingpizza @blushykat @danmiller @speaknowtillmay @shyzone @ticklishsoccerlee @timefort

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I know you love Sakuya and especially shipping Sakuya with Mahiru (I mean who doesn't? ^^) But can you draw smth tetsonoish too? They need more love!

I actually have a few drawings in the works for Tetsono already. ^^ So just be patient with me, I work on a lot of things, just bit by bit. also I’m a super distracted person, haha

Cause just like SakuMahi, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED FOR CONTENT OF THEM, AND IF I DON’T DRAW IT THEN WHO ELSE WILL????????!?!??  It’s so weird how MANY ship Tetsono but for some reason there isn’t much content still….? Huh…. anyways there will be some from me. I’m actually disappointed I couldn’t make something today for Tetsu’s b-day. ;__;



Actually no, hang on. I wanna make something clear. You people can make suggestions without having to bring my fave or one of my fave ships into it. I know you are just politely asking anon, I’m NOT directing this toward you, I’m just saying. Because sometimes it kinda feels like that’s a way of saying, “Hey I know you like this one thing a lot, and its cool sure but can you do something I like?” Like…. just make a suggestion. Don’t try and coax it that way…. Thank you. Please, cause it makes me kinda irked now. 

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idk if angara are mammals but i personally like the idea of them being more like amphibians...... we have enough mammalian aliens ( or, maybe closer to fish for angara ? who knows )


yep it’s confirmed they’re mammals, but because they revere whales I assume they’re cetaceans specifically


It’s confirmed in their codex entry! “The angara are warm-blooded mammals.”

:OOO i need to read the codex more

Ignore Me, Just Getting Something Out of my System

Okay this happened like over a year ago but I’m still angry, bitter, confused and upset about it and need to get it out of my system.
So it was a friend’s birthday (a friend who I wasn’t close with, which doesn’t say much considering I was never close with anyone in my friendship group) and I really didn’t want to go. For one, there were going to be a few other people from out school and some I didn’t know coming, so that was stressful. Secondly, there was going to be a hot tub and the thought of having to be half naked (well, I had a dress/swimsuit thing that covered me more than a normal swimsuit, but I was worried I’d be judged for it) in a small space in front of people I wasn’t comfortable with, probably having to touch people was a living nightmare. Secondly, I had had a fight with two of the friends who would be there prior to the event and it was still fresh in my mind.

I kept repeating to my parents that I didn’t want to go, but they said I had to. So I had to go, but I texted b'day to say I was feeling off and might leave early, so if I did run off halfway through, it wouldn’t be too surprising.

Immediately, it went to hell. All I could see were pretty girls in tight dresses and high heels, and I felt stupid in my boots, leggings, long top and jacket. I felt like a kid. A really ugly kid. So I stood there awkwardly, gripping onto my bag for dear life and feeling myself die inside.

I said no to drinks and food, feeling ready to throw up, and only put down my bag when some guy joked about it. I knew he was only being playful, but shit, it made me feel stupid.

I was relying on my friend who I hadn’t fought with (but had a history of being jealous of, and perhaps a crush) and usually dressed in basic clothing to make me feel better. But she was dressed like the other girls, looking fantastic, and HAD A FUCKING FANTASTIC FIGURE SUDDENLY. The rectangle had become an hourglass, and I was again the odd one odd. And when I tried to hang out with her, it was awful. She was gorgeous and funny and friendly, and I just didn’t know how to talk to her; we hadn’t spoken for a while because she’d been dealing with a shit ton of mental issues. It was like she was a stranger to me. So I hovered beside her, feeling hot and sick and horrid.

I kept texting my cousins the whole way through, desperately waiting for an hour to pass; an acceptable amount of time for me to have stayed.

People tried to talking to me, but I can’t fake a smile or try to sound cheerful/happy at the best of times, nevermind when I was stressed and felt sick. So naturally, that made me feel shit too. It was bad even that I was feeling awful, I didn’t want to make other people feel that way.

So, I was stuck. The only people I felt comfortable talking to were a million miles away.

I couldn’t fit in. I couldn’t feel happy. I was ready to burst into tears.The music was loud and shit, I was too warm and felt sick.

In the end, it all became too much and I had to leave. I texted my dad to come pick me up, found someone and told them to explain to b'day girl since I couldn’t find her and was in no state to go searching for her, and ran.

But when I ran to the car, I realised I didn’t have my bag so had to awkwardly go back in and get it, making me feel even worse.

But the time I got home, I was tears. I wasn’t sobbing or anything, just silently crying. And later when I had calmed, all I could say was ‘it was too much’.

I never really spoke to b'day girl after that since I split with that friendship group, and no one else ever brought it up, but whenever I saw the photos of that party (which I had been tagged in, even though I didn’t stay long enough for any pictures to be taken) I felt pathetic. And I still do whenever

Anyway, that’s the story of how I couldn’t handle a small back garden party.

OH MY GOD so I was listening to a song about missing someone u never met bc they’re your soul mate but you already love em right and I also saw an au on ao3 where lance and shiro were dating at the garrison but then shiro just forgot completely about him when he crashed back to earth

and I thought of shiro not remembering lance but specifically remembering that there’s someone waiting for him to come home to earth and he needs to get back to this person even tho he doesn’t remember who they are he just knows he loves them with all his heart

and then when shiro does remember it stresses him TF out seeing lance in all these dangerous situations bc when he left lance was just training at the garrison as a pilot but then all of a sudden he’s in the heat of battle risking his life and shiro grows more gray hairs honestly

Protect You (JD x Reader)

Heathers (JD x Reader) I was imagining the film JD, soo yeah! Hope you liked it! Feedback is awesome too.
I stared down at the two faces of my half-attackers. The two jocks, Ram and Kurt. I felt anything but pleasure as the other girls looked at me in envy as they both pressed me up against a locker.
“What do you want?” I questioned, clicking my tongue.
“We want to know why you don’t like us. Or wanna date us.” They stared at me, as if it was the most intelligent in the world; whilst the rest of Westerberg held their breath.
“Because you’re both idiots. You’d need to give me a LOT of stuff for me to date either one of you.” I retorted, very aware of another person watching; the weird trench coat kid who had a really handsome, angular face with sharp cheekbones.
Ram and Kurt took this into consideration, conversing with each other, before they stripped from their jock jackets.
“We think you’re hot. We’ll let you wear our jackets!” Ram slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my spot in the corner, before they both slung their red-and-white jackets over my shoulders.
“You can alternate. Wear one one day and another another day!” Kurt flashed a smirk.
“How about no…..” I brushed them off and tried to walk to class. 10 minutes until free period ends but I just wanted to get away from them.
“Hey!!” Ram ran up to me and once again; cornered me. They both really like that tactic apparently.
“Go on a date with us to a drive in.”
“Ugh-no!” I impatiently stammered.
Kurt came closer to my face, as if to kiss me before weird trench coat kid slammed his fist against a locker, rattling the row of it.
“You heard her! No! Get away, assholes.” His voice was scratchy but protective.
I grinned a bit, looking up.
“What are you gonna do?” Ram & Kurt said in unison.
I don’t really remember much, but I saw a metallic gunmetal flash, which coincidentally was an actual gun.
Kurt and Ram backed off for then.

(Lunch Period)

“Maybe you should go on that date.” My friend Veronica told me, holding a staring contest with the school’s weird red Jell-O; prodding it with her fork as it bounced right back.
“Why?” I gasped, surprised. Veronica hasn’t had too many good run-ins with them either.
“Because I think they want someone to hug. Maybe they’re lonely.”
“Pfff…yeah they want someone to do.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Please just do it. We can get something to talk about, to. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m literally, gonna die.”
“I’ll have that weird kid with the gun follow you.”
“Okay, Miss overreacting.” She sighed and got up, dumping the contents of her tray into the garbage and heading to class, brushing shoulders with Heather McNamara.

The piercing shriek of the bell woke me from my thoughts, and I swallowed my pride and ran up to catch Kurt and Ram.
“I’ll go out with you.” I sighed.
“Ahahah a yeahhhhhh!” They both collided shoulders and ran out.
“Pick you up at 8!” They screamed back at me. I sighed once more.

“Looks like you need some help.” The scratchy voices came from behind me, and I tilted my head upward to stare at the gun kid.
“Will you fight for me?” I questioned, gently touching his fingers.
“I’m JD, (Y/N). I’ll be there at the movies. I’ll protect you.” He smirked to himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my ways…”
I frowned as I dabbed on a bit of clear pink lip gloss, staring down at my purple dress. It’s be lucky if It was in one piece by the end.

I stared out the window and saw a dingy looking faded cobalt car, and inhaled deeply before rushing out.

The moment I set afoot in the car I knew that hell was coming.

I tried to focus on the drive in movie, but I was failing. Ram and Kurt were eyeing not only me but other areas…of me and I was feeling extremely off about it. In any situation I’d run for the hills but I made a promise and I was pretty sure JD was behind me in a different car.
“So do you wanna like..?”
“No!” My automatic response kicked in.
They looked at each other and unzipped.
“You make my balls blue, though!”
“UGH you’ve got a left hand, use it!”
I was pressed up against the car wall now and I felt hot breath on my face as Ram kissed me.

Suddenly, the alternate door opened and JD dragged Kurt and Ram out by the back of their jackets, before slamming them and carrying me out into his car.

I waited for about 5 minutes before trench coat came back, smirking at me.
“You’ll probably have a better time with me.” He laughed, turning the key to the engine.
“You know what I really want?” He looked in my eyes, dead serious, before his expression softened.
“A slushee. Let’s go!”