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at ur huge movie after party, harry accidentally announces ur sortaa private relationship with him cuz he was a lil' tipsy and he doesnt know how the world finds out the next day, akudirnqiaofiwnf

Girl, I found this concept hilarious, I’m sure that baby duck would be in that level of clumsy lmao. 

It is hot in the fancy club. Warm lights are travelling all over the place, enlivening the atmosphere. The loud music swallows all the murmur formed by the conversations being held in each and every corner of the crowded room.

And Harry is taking part in one of them.

He’s been buzzing all night, happy because you are happy. Seeing you light up the room with your smile gives him the greatest bliss, which can only be dimmed by the distance from where he has to stare at it. He can only think about how bad he wants to congratulate you for your success in the form of a passionate kiss, not caring about anyone seeing you; but for the sake of the relationship, he has to limit to just watch you blush at the thousand compliment of the night from the distance.

The heat in the room makes the glasses of cold champagne running around the constraints of the club appetising all of a sudden. His eyes close in pleasure when he feels the cool liquor run down the pipe of his throat, satisfying his needs and marking his system with perky touches.

He soon becomes addicted to the feeling. Glass after glass, the alcohol starts to take over his system, making him the most talkative person in the room.

“Mate, m’girl looks amazing tonight, doesn’t she?” He babbles, pointing at you.

“Sorry, who?” The man he’s just become best friends with asks him, interested.

“Y/n. Tha’ red dress looks great on her” He drags a high-pitched chuckle.

“Uhm… yeah, I guess?”

“I’m so proud o’ her. She’s worked her socks off for this film, yeh know? I look up on her the most, she’s so passionate about what she does. She deserves this and more.

Gosh… I love her”

“Hold on, are you and Y/n having a fling?”

“We’re not a fling, yeh dummy. We’ve been together fo’ two years, but none o’ you have noticed because we’re so good at keeping things private. We’re the best fuckin’ couple” Laughing to himself, he lifts his hand in the air and gives himself a high five, cheeks all flushed and drowsy hiccups concealing badly the great reveal he’s just made.

He’s too drunk to realise he’s not so good at keeping secrets as he claims, but the joy, mixed with how tipsy he is, makes everything in his mind a blur and his mouth a clear and open way to expose himself.

Still, he finishes off the conversation with a:

“I dunno wha’ we’d do if somebody ended up finding out” As he takes another sip of the golden liquid.

The next morning you wake up to a bunch of notifications announcing “The brand new, yet surprisingly old, Hollywood couple”
You are a confused mess when you read the most accurate of the details spread on the covers of the header international gossip magazines, shaking hurriedly the sleeping body beside you, until he’s as awoke and puzzled as you.

“Wha’ the hell? How did they find out” He says rubbing his temple to ease the headache the alcohol has left behind.

“According to this… “Sources claim the big news was spilled by Harry Styles himself, in a tipsy and clearly disastrous impulse” Harry! What in the world made you do that?” You yell, driving your gaze from the screen to his bewildered profile.

“I- I don’t remember doin’ tha’, Pet, I promise. I mean, I did have some shots, yeah, but I don’t recall doing such a thing”

You glare at him before returning your vision to the article.

Wanna know the funniest part? According to the anonymous source, Styles mumbled something along the lines of “We don’t know what we’d do if anybody found out” after messing things up. What a hilarious guy!

“Harry freaking Edward Styles, you’d better tell me this is a lie”

“It is a li- hold on…” He halts when everything comes back to his mind in an overwhelming rush. And, right then, he brings his hands to his face, covering it fully and muffling a:  

“oh… fuck me”


(Know that I might be slow on posting them because I’ve got some other stuff I’m working on, but if you still wanna send them in, I’ll gladly take them!)


Emergency “I need to live” Commissions

Well everything was going well. My laptop had been paid for, and things looked to be smooth sailing…until due to personal reasons that I’d not like to get into, my partner is going through legal issues with his employment, and will more than likely be out of a job until who knows when. That being said…we could be fine for about two months until we start losing money, as the money needed to live is more than the money I earn at my full time job.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m mentioning my commissions again.

Sketches come in whatever color you desire. If it’s up to the bust, it’s $7. More than that is $10.

Comes with simple background of the color of your choice.

Same applies, comes with a simple background. 

For more complex backgrounds, price may increase upon complexity. Extra characters are $5 each.

Now for a new option. Character Sprites!

While they may not match the Danganronpa style 100% you have to admit this looks pretty nice! $20 is the price for one character, and will be in the standard pose as shown above.

Also do check out my Redbubble! 

I can’t thank you enough for looking at this post. If interested, I can be contacted here on Tumblr, or my email, capndirosso@gmail.com

I hope you all have a good day

I look at this photo
And I can remember myself dreaming of taking part in competitions (whatever rank), owning a horse, having quality tack, matching saddle pads…
I observed other riders who had those things, always wanting to be like them.
I’m looking at this pic realizing that and it makes me giggle 😆

sometimes I get frustrated so easily when it comes to equestrian things. Because Adam is not Valegro or sth, because I’ll never be superduper olympic rider. How come I forgot that my past self would die to be my present self?

I don’t know why this particular photo evoked those memories but I definitely should learn to appreciate what I have

What is bullet journaling?

I started a bullet journal this time last year but it didn’t work out for me so as summer started and I had more time on my hands I decided to restart it. It was the best decision I have made because I have got so much use out of it for the past few months. I have figured out a way to keep it simple but useful and I think it depends on the person and what works for them!

For those of you who don’t know what a bullet journal is I will explain. I used to write lots of lists and threw them out once I was done. That’s what I use my bullet journal for. I also like to use a habit tracker to see what I have been doing during the month.

The first thing people like to start with is an index. Pretty self explanatory but it helps keep track of what is on each page. I personally have no need for this I like to use page markers rather than an index I find them more useful. Along with an index a key is a must have. A key helps keep track of colour coded stuff and icons. For example I have a colour for each subject and each date so whether it is social or an appointment I have a different colour for it. I tend to stick mine in the front cover of my bullet journal for future reference.

Next thing you can add in is a future log. This is somewhere you can put future appointments, assignments and just anything you need to remember. I personally don’t use one but I hear they come in handy.

I like to then go into a monthly spread. This is where you can have a calendar view and monthly goals and tasks. I like to dedicate one whole page to the calendar and the other page for goals and tasks. I only do a monthly spread when I have time or think I need it.

Then we go onto the weekly spread. This is where you can be as creative or as practical as you want. The basis for the weekly spread is the days of the week. I like to include a habit tracker before the weekly spread.

  • A habit tracker is useful for people who want to keep track of things they do throughout the month. I like to track my period, my vitamins, my exercise, my study, my water intake and my hobbies.

All you need to get started is a cheap notebook of some sort, a pencil, a pen of choice and some time and patience. I would recommend just trying out different layouts every month until you find the right one that works for you. You don’t need your bullet journal to be pretty for it to work. As long as it works for you that is all that matters. You can add as much or as little as you want to your journal.

I hope everyone liked this and someone benefited from it. I am planning on posting a few more posts on bullet journaling so expect them sometime soon!

It’s no big surprise that @yuuri–on–ice is getting another callout post, but this time a bit more of a serious one. An anon on another blog alerted me to her [public - so I didn’t just go randomly lurking just to steal someone’s private photos] Instagram account in which she posts cosplays, and what i found there was absolutely disgusting.

Under the cut: Photos of this white nineteen year old dressing up in “belly dancer” clothes, something that is very racist and appropriative, her endorsing a non-Japanese person wearing traditional Japanese garb, something that is widely told to be wrong to do, and an insensitive comment that she felt the dire need to  say for the sake of her cosplays.

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This is a fucking tantrum

I guess you are all aware about this new arzaylea drama. And personally this has me freaking mad. I used to support this relationship so much and it is honestly stupid of her to try and expose him like that.

Sure, I wasn’t there, anything could have happened and I don’t know what kind of people they are. But honestly, how can we be sure if she is not the liar here?

This is a tantrum, because it’s been already months since they broke up and she couldn’t shut her mouth, she needed to make everyone know that he is the bad guy. Why does she even bother? Why to do it now and not before, when they just ended things?

Personally. I think she’s lying and it makes me sad because I thought of her differently. I’m not the kind of person who believes of what other people say about other people on social media unless I see it by myself.

I’m not going to stop supporting 5sos because of this. Not everything is true just because someone says it is true

i just need to know why tveit’s pants are constantly hiked like up to his damn nip nops when he’s sitting down and/or leaning against something

am i the ONLY PERSON who has noticed this nonsense??!?!?!!??!

[In Kennen’s apartment]

Gnar: *asleep on the couch*

Ziggs: Kennen, Gnar fell asleep on the couch again.

Kennen: Don’t wake him up, you know what happened last time! Rumble was in the hospital for days!

Ziggs: Yeah, but I’ve got a personal appointment and I need him off. You wake him up, he likes you better.

Kennen: Fine. *shakes Gnar gently* Gnar~ you gotta go back to–

Gnar: *grabs Kennen into a hug and doesn’t let go, still asleep*

Kennen: Welp, I’m stuck here for a while…

Ziggs: I guess I’ll just move the appointment.


Hiiiiii, guys! My name is Julia. I’m 15 y.o. girl from Russia. My dream is to have friends from all over the world. But it isn’t my plan. I just want to find a SOUL MATE who will share my interests, with whom I can communicate when I feel bad or sad and who can support me with a good word in this situation. This is what everyone needs here, is not it? Don’t think that I’m some kind of antisocial person. This is not true. I just like the essence of this communication. Because you don’t see, don’t really know each other, but you can communicate with each other quietly on the Internet, because you know that you can open up to a stranger, he will never betray you, tell your secrets anyone, but you are something like the best Friends on the Internet, judging by the communication.
Sooo, talking about me:
*I’m a creative person. I finish art school. So that snail mail is welcome. I will even be very happy about this. Really! Always wanted to send some postcards by mail to other people.
*I enjoy listening music. My fav singers/bands are, first of all, I’m in love with ED SHEERAN’s songs. If you are too you’ll be my bf without saying. Also TØP, Eminem, AJR, Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, Birdy, Imagine dragons, Sia, The Weekend and so on…
*I’m good student at school. So, I can talk w/ you about it and about Russian education.
*I love traveling. Can tell you anything about it.
Also one of the reason of me finding international friends is to improve my English. By the way, I know 3 languages: Russian, English and Chinese. I can speak with you on any of it:)
*I am fond of watching different popular tv shows. At that time my favorite is Skam (2 season (to be precise).
How you understand, I can discuss on any theme. Really!
Ooookay, I wrote a loooot of information about me… but I didn’t say here everything. If you interested in me write me anywhere:3
Insta: julia_maksimenko_
Tumblr: Julia M
Skype: julia_maksimenko_
Mail: maksimenkojulia31@mail.ru
Hope future friends or best friends:))))))
And thank YOU for reading everything I wrote here♡
I will try to communicate with you 24/7, honey:3

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Well thats a difficult ask... Cuz another blog means a new start, a new way to see the organisation of the same but i think its better because there is gonna be people with same preferences and there's gonna be the people who love ur art so idk thats my personal view whatever u want to do its ok hermana be want the best for u after all! ✨🌹

Yes I think so too. But I just need to know how can this either help me or effect things with how I’m currently am. Hhhhh- Thanks for ur support hermana c’: ♥

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Do you have any advice on asking for financial help from someone (particularly a parent) who you really don't get along with? I need help paying for college, but my dad's help tends to come with strings attached. (P.S. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine and sass 😄)

((OOC: Oh gosh. In my experiences, it’s best to sit down with the person in question, explain your situation, and ask if they’re in a position to help. If they’re alright with helping, you’ll need to sort out their terms. Often times there are strings attached, repayment plans, that sort of thing… I find it’s best to just get everything laid out in front of you and see if there’s a solution that can make you both happy. I will say, though, that while I have had to go to my parents for financial support in the past, I am on incredibly good terms with them. So I don’t know if I’m the best person to go to for advice in this case. 

Any of my followers in a similar boat, who may have some tips??))


Like I haven’t been in public school since 8th grade so basically I lost all my friends for then and I got a message yesterday that was like “Hey Ollia” on Wattpad and I’m like ? Uhmmmmm who tf calling me by real name like wheet?? And and guys guys its one of old friends and I just cried real tears man like I don’t know how I feel like omg I’m nervous as heck like 

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I have a question there is a lot of hate on here (tumblr not yours) for relationships between older and younger women. And I just wanted to know your opinion because I'm a younger gay (21) and I'm honestly only attracted to women who are older but I'm starting to think that maybe that's not acceptable.

anon, i really hope you’re an actual person and now a troll, but tbh this sounds like a troll ask attempting to to incite me to share some Problematic Opinions. well, i’ve never needed inciting, so here we go!

none of this is actually about age. it’s about power, and who supposedly has it.

from the outset i want it understood: i’m talking about relationships between two consenting adults without mental impairment. some people are of the opinion that because of a factor that gives rise to power imbalance the person without the power cannot give consent. what i don’t agree with is the underlying assumptions that feed into the idea that a single factor can give rise to a power imbalance, which is what we’re discussing anyway, so let’s avoid that circular logic. let’s do this.

i think that between two people there are multiple factors which may give one person power over another. in a romantic relationship, the two most obvious are age and gender, but they’re hardly the only two. money, religion, social status, employment, they can all position someone in a way that gives them power over another person.

two things to note in my first statement:

  1. may hold power
  2. nowhere do i say what the consequences of holding that power are

go back to the two most obvious factors that i identified: age and gender. there is absolutely an assumption in patriarchal western society (the only one i’m familiar with, so i’m not going to speak for any others) that these two factors function as an axis on which power is distributed in one direction – example: an older man with a younger woman is without question assumed to be an imbalance of power in favour of the man.

but at the same time, there are there are any number of other factors at play, all existing at the same time, varying in degree, and all interacting with each other. older woman with a younger man often confuses people to the point of uncomfortable acceptance, because the two obvious power dynamics appear to cancel each other out. the next step is usually to look at who has the money or social status. this is because the assumption in relation to a single factor only stands when the factor is considered in isolation. which is why an age difference between two women is so heavily eyeballed, because gender dynamics supposedly don’t exist.

and if at this point you’re rolling your eyes at how reductive i’m being about relationships: congratulations, you’ve found the point!

as an example outside of a romantic relationship that might be helpful: i’m five years older than co-workers significantly senior to me in terms of our organisational structure. who there holds the most power? and in relation to what?

the only way to answer that is to know who the people involved are, and what they’re like as individuals. knowing someone’s age, gender, wealth, social status, it might inform a picture made of assumptions, but they don’t actually tell you anything about a person. all you can do with that information is assume. you might be able to draw conclusions based on the factors i just gave you and your knowledge of me, but you have no idea who my co-workers are so you actually have no idea what our dynamic is.

remember point number 2? some people are susceptible to an imbalanced power dynamic in and of itself. but some aren’t. some are with some factors but not others. you have to account for that, and i think this is where all nuance is lost in these discussions about what is and is not a problematic relationship. sweeping generalisations are of no assistance, and The Discourse is built on sweeping generalisations.

nonetheless, here’s one: there’s no such thing as a relationship without power imbalances. imbalances, plural. it’s all about how these things fit together. sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. but even then, when they don’t, decent people don’t actually take advantage of that. it’s when they do that is the real problem. sometimes not taking advantage of them means not being in that relationship. sometimes it doesn’t.

so to come back to your original question anon, what’s not acceptable is a scenario where someone’s lack of power can be and is taken advantage of. being alive to the way different factors can influence the situation is a good way to avoid that happening. allowing assumptions to inform the choices you make isn’t.

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Hey there! I'm a cis girl and bi and I have many friends also in the LGBT community, but I only recently met a trans person (male). I have so much respect for them, and they're a wonderful friend, but I was wondering, since I'm not trans, how comfortable they are talking about the fact that they're trans. I mean like casual conversation. Like I always talk to my gay friends about their sexuality, but is it generally as easy to talk about anything gender-related with a trans person?

I mean, first of all, if the person you met is a transgender man, you shouldn’t be using ‘they/them’ pronouns for him (unless it’s been stated that those are the appropriate pronouns) - it’s called ‘degendering’ when you use they/them pronouns for someone who’s pronouns you know. If they do use they/them pronouns, then disregard this, but it’s something I see a lot from well-meaning cis people and it needs to be addressed. 

And honestly, I wouldn’t broach the subject with him unless he does so first. Trans people are, of course, individuals like everyone else, and so often vary in how we feel about discussing these things, just like anyone else. I really can’t tell you how comfortable he’d be talking about his status as a trans person, since I don’t know him. But it’s best to just avoid the topic unless he prompts otherwise; some people are still relatively in the closet, or want to go ‘stealth’, and some are super open about it and proud. Just like with sexuality. So the general rule I’d say to follow is that unless he invites a conversation about it, there’s no need to concern yourself with it. 

Hope this helps, mon ami.

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I can't handle these photoshoots he's been doing lately. I think he knows what he's doing to us.

Okay okay can I just say that I genuinely Love™ how different model!Shawn is from real!Shawn? I love how professional he is, how he commits 100% to the ‘role’ and how serious he looks? He looks so much more mature? And while I still think the whole ‘i’m a v mature teenager is kind of bullshit’ i almost see it during photoshoots? And he just looks so confident? And sure of himself? And you’re right it looks like he genuinely knows what effect he can have on people. I love that it’s almost like a different personality he can slip on when he needs to. Like stage!Shawn who’s just a ball of adrenaline singing his heart out, model!Shawn is just a Man in The Making and I really love it.

Sorry I /had/ to vent.

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Apologies. I was busy. She's a pathetic excuse for a friend to be honest. (Yes, I know I'm not her friend but let's be real) And even if we forget the things I've said about her, you've seen pictures. She's fat. She is taking up too much space, so she either needs to slim down or get lost. Don't know why you or anyone else is defending her. She's a big girl, literally and figuratively, she can fight back herself.

“(Yes, I know I’m not her friend but let’s be real)“

Okay so then how the fuck do you know? As someone who is friends with her, I know for a fact she’s an amazing friend. Who cares if she’s got extra weight? and you, the most pathetic excuse for a person, are the one that’s taking up space. 

You are a coward.

I defend her because again, she’s my amazing, wonderful, and beautiful friend and let me tell you this, she never asked me to stick up for her. This is of my own free will because I don’t like seeing the likes of you, who are too big of a pussy to come face me and her off anon and instead opt to stay behind the shadows like a big coward, talking lies and slander about her. 

You are the scum of the earth and I hope you get some serious help. Because this can’t seriously be fun for you lmao.


To the next girl who comes into my life I promise I’m worth it I may be stubborn and hard to deal with, I have been broken in ways I can’t talk about I have cried myself to sleep many nights.. but I will grow with you, I will show you the love you want. I will give you all that you need. Please stick around and don’t give up i know I’m a difficult person ..

but I’m worth it..

Gang Gang mod vent

(Just so we’re clear here, my Gio is based entirely off the manga so I do indeed ship Giomis. Now, I tag everything especially if it’ll be potentially disturbing to others but if you have the need to confront me about my personal preferences or have an issue with the my deliverance of Giorno- all I can say is “Sorry you feel that way.” I’m not going to change my entire characterization to suit your tastes. My Giorno is very much so asexual so for the most part so any Giomis stuff i do post is mostly for shits and giggles. However, I do still support a strong friendship between the two on this blog- that being said, If you are offended by anything I post relating to the subject, just hit the unfollow button. I run this blog for my own enjoyment.

I do ship everything though (As mentioned on my rules page if anyone ever reads those.) I’m not limited to just Giomis and I’m sorry to all the Fugio lovers out there! Sadly I haven’t read phf and I have about -1000% knowledge of Fugo but I’m still willing to interact with ya’ll and go along with your ship. I’m flexible and extremely open to new things so before anyone attempts to bite my head off check out my dang Rules tab.)

⭐"What do you eat in a day and what’s your philosophy about food" ⭐ I’m a big believer in eating real whole foods to get your nutrients as a part of a balanced diet. I believe that slow and steady wins the race and that there is no need to make drastic changes to diets or make exclusionary choices. Me personally, I have things like toast, eggs, kale and green tea for breakfast. Lots of fruit and veggie snacks with dips. I love eating sandwiches, pasta or sushi for lunch!! Dinner is mostly meat, vegetables and rice!! Most people know already, but for those who don’t, I’m Greek so we LOVE our bread and olive oils. I also LOVE dessert but usually save it for when my Yiayia makes something special at family events. 😍👌😘 After dinner each night I almost always have a BIG cup of herbal tea with a little honey it in! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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