i need to know what happened to my babies

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Completely forgot to tell you this but my best friend recently gave birth to a newborn son. And her and her husband couldn't think of a middle name, so, from reading your fic i suggested a Navajo name, Her son is now named Oscar Bidziil Reynolds. :)

A couple of months ago, my nerdiness and love for comic books forced me to make this blog. I really don’t know what happened, but somehow 500+ of you have been following this trashy blog, full of memes and love for my gay baby.

Honestly, this blog has given me A LOT and I need to THANK ALL OF YOU for hours and hours of joy and shared nerdiness!

[ TWISTED BABE ] @godsonllychild  - Your flawless style brought me here and I stayed because everything else. Also, you’re the main reason why I’m here. So, again, thanks Miss S.

[ PARTNER IN JUSTICE ] @amazonbuilt - Feels, brilliant plots and mountains of cheesiness are what you give me, P. And for that, thanks a lot.

[ SUPER-FRIEND ] @glassesandcape  - Our interactions are relatively new, but every talk, meme and thread we have, it’s really awesome.

[ BFF REQUEST ] @blvdhavens -  One thing it’s that I love your “Dick” and another one that I plainly love your graphics, your personality and our few interactions.

[ FAVOURITE DOGE ] @titus-wayne, @robbing-the-hood - Not only your drawings are gold, but also your kind personality.

[ REAL BATDAD ] @crcsader - Your blog is quality and I do really thank for our few interactions.

[ ADOPTED KIDDO ] @stephrcles - Batmom loves her child and I enjoy all the fun these two give to my life.

[ GERMAN AWESOMENESS ] @unbxrial - You’re such a pillar for our community that I’m glad to have you as a mutual and a roleplayer partner.

[ CROCKY LOVER ] @comegente - Ok, ok, ok… ya sé que ya lo dije, pero reitero que tu cool blog es uno de mis favoritos y una de las razones por las cuales sigo aquí.

And to every each one of you [ @legacyofthecowl@araneaostium, @immiineo@vormitternacht, @unxcipote, @lassowielder​, @esepyrokinetic, @revvupyourharley, @arrowsbro, @agentofspyral, @backinaflcsh, @domigerium, @eggplantcapes, @elairity, @gothamsmyth, @htgrl, @charliebrcwn, @chaordiic, @nogcd, @willbuilt, @innsania, @justakansasboy, @lunarfaced, @marksthespct, @analcg, @oracleknows, @oraclesend, @punxsher, @questionablc, @tabithagalavan, @gothamblooded], thank you so much for the interactions, words and talk we had in the past!

Okay, so I’m finally getting to posting my part of this deal with the Devil @raspberrymoriarty - a sheriarty fic based on this otp prompt and Sherlock sassing “if that ass is back I’m gonna marry the shit out of him”.    

I just need to slap a couple of big, fat disclaimers on this thrash baby of mine, though. 1) What was supposed to be a silly fluffy piece of 500 words suddenly took a detour into… ah, angst town, before its final destination at fluffville. Somehow it turned into quite the therapeutic excercise* and I ended up with 3500 words. Whut. 2) The whole concept of them marrying is basically OOC, which means so are they, but I’m gonna go ahead and say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3) It’s way too long to be put up here, really, but a deal is a deal. 

(*I discovered I might be a little upset with Jim for faking his suicide, so now I’m letting Sherlock take it out on him, whoops. Also, I guess this is me dealing with Mofftiss’ cruel teasing with Jim. I think I had a little too much fun…)

Duly warned - proceed under the cut at your own risk.  

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talk more about seth and kate CAUSE I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 3 AND I'M SO EXCITED TO SE MY BABIES BACK! I just keep going through your blog and reading all your comments about where you think they're going to go and whats going to happen

LET’S TALK ABOUT SETH AND KATE MY FRIEND because i just recently found out 304 is gonna have physical touch. yes, PHYSICAL TOUCH! and i also know the dialogs are gonna be very emotional and probably kill us. now, i don’t know what leads to it but lexie (aka @aliciaclaerk) and i were talking about this and we think it’s gonna be kate, kate takes over and maybe she’s desperate, maybe she asks for help, and he cups her face or hugs her and tells her he’s not gonna give up on her because he’s not gonna lose her again. but i bet amaru takes over again and seth’s gonna be SO MAD, but at the same time, it’s gonna give him the strenght to keep going.

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Just purely out of curiosity; how much does a necropsy and testing genetics and all that cost? And if poor Thresh is the cause, are you still keeping him?? Are you going to look into getting a new male?

Necropsy costed me $75, however sending in the tissues sample was double that, at $150. I needed to know the cause so I could avoid it. Blood tests will be cheaper, when I had Thresh tested last year it was only about $50 or so. But no matter what the outcome, or whomever is the cause, I will still be keeping them :) They are my pets and I love them, and Thresh is my big baby boy and I could never get rid of him. As for looking in to a new male, I highly doubt it at this point. I am kind of turned off from breeding because of all that happened with this clutch. I think I am looking more in to keeping a few more rare species as well, starting with the scrub python. That way I can educate people on less commonly kept ones. The scrub will likely be the only giant I will own, but it will be a step into less commonly kept reptiles :)

Golf With Your Friends w/ Lordminon777,Muyskerm,Jacksepticeye and Markiplier Starters part 1
  • "I almost made a hole in one, guys!"
  • "This is what happens when we put our balls together."
  • "_______, you gotta use finesse."
  • "UUUUUGH."
  • "Hole in one, baby!"
  • "What about me, huh? Hole in one? *Misses* FUCK OFF!"
  • "Get your balls out of my balls."
  • "I think we need to play normal golf."
  • "What the fuck is happening with your ball, ______?"
  • "Poosh! Yeah!"
  • "*Laughing at other's misery.*"
  • "You suck! You fucking asshole-- oooOOOOHHHH MAMA!"
  • "Suck less, ______."
  • "It's easy, idiots."
  • "Aw, fuck. Aw, fuck! AW FUCK!"
  • "Imma be good at this. Imma be awesome at this, watch."
  • "It's not even an ice cream cone."
  • "I bounced ________ into the hole again!"
  • "Shut up."
  • "You gotta make it this shot, _________."
  • "OH, OH! I almost had it!"
  • "Everyone can eat shit."
  • "Aww, come on, _______! Right as I shoot, you bump me?!"
  • "Yay! Birdie!"
  • "Go in this shot. Please."
  • "How did I take seven strokes, I was the first one in!"
  • "Hey, ________'s not in last."
  • "________, I'm coming fo' yo' ass."
  • "Wait, how'd you do that?
  • "Oh, come on, you sons of dicks!"
  • "Wait, wait for it. Wait for it. Wait."
  • "_________ wins by fifteen strokes?!"
  • "I fucking hate you."
  • "*Horn noise.*"
  • "You ASSHOLES bringing this bullshit into MY HOUSE."
  • "This is the best, I love this game."
  • "Suck my innards."
  • "Oh my Go-- _______! ________!"
  • "Accept your fate."

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you know how changelings are born, don't you

You know that you’re talking to a Changeling, don’t you?

What is your point, anon? 

You think I had a choice in the matter? You think I wanted that to happen? I was a baby. I’ve felt awful about it the moment I found out it was my fault, I don’t need a greyface adding to that. 

So cute😹

[My oldest Niece was happening to check out my tumblr posts today and said my content was “cool” since she knows that I love music and I basically just post album covers, but, according to her my tumblr blog needed “more stuff besides JUST music Uncle, jeez!”; thus I let her post an example of what diversification she was talking about, and that in essence would be the “Baby Rabbits & Cat in basket” photog you see above this diatribe of mine. All in good times on her 12th Birthday today; Happy Bday Lex! - Uncle Tommy]

What if the second child was a boy?

In the Jessica/Mary scene Mary wants to know what happened to Charles, she said I need to know what happened to my son. And Jessica snaps back saying he is my son. So what if Mary thought Jessica took both children and the son they are talking about was the second child that was given to CPS. And you know what CPS does to babies with no parents puts them in foster care. You know who was in foster care CALEB. What if his foster parents are the ones that abandoned him when he was five. I imagine it would be a lot easier to walk away from a child that wasn’t actually yours. Also what if the Hastings had a set of twins and one of them was psychotic. Maybe they found a way to get rid of her and she ended up in foster care and met Caleb there. Then they went their separate ways flash forward to Rosewood High Caleb runs into Spencer and maybe thinks it’s the other twin pretending to be Spencer and then the twin took over Spencer’s life and that’s why sp*leb happened.

AD is Caleb and Spencer’s twin

AD is Avery and Doyle
Avery Doyle if they were in love and going to get married some day(kinda like how rose changed her name to Rose Dawson changed her name at the end of titanic?) how’d he get the last name rivers anyway?

Sorry, I don’t even know what this is

update on the mother situation: she is out of the hospital and fine so far. she’s gonna rest for the next 2 days (if my bro & I have to take turns keeping watch to make sure she’s actually resting then I guess we’ll do that). She has follow-up checkups w/ the family doc about other stuff but otherwise the tests run today were more or less fine & they don’t really know what happened. 

all is good 4 now. I guess now I have more duties b/c now I need to tend to a child-like person when I did not choose to have a child b/c my mother is a giant baby who doesn’t understand her own body. literally lying on an EMS bed she’s like, “I can go to work today I am fine! just let me drink some water & I can run around all day.”

she’s a crazy person and now we’re saddled with her. or more like I’M SADDLED WITH HER because my brother just freaks out & that does not help either.

everyone in this house just depends on me to be their emotional punching bag and absorb the emotional labor I have to do to keep them sane and healthy and in turn my own mental health, that comes last. that is unimportant and when I get counselling or meds to deal with my issues by myself, I get called selfish for having major depressive disorder and passive aggressive emails telling me I’m ruining my health by taking unnecessary drugs.