i need to know what happened to my babies


Chris: Can you stop running with my child..

Rihanna: Shut up Christopher….. My best friend having a baby…. (Rubbing Mel’s stomach) What you having? When you do? Our babies going to be besties…

Mijo: Chill Robz.

Rihanna: (Punching Mijo in the shoulder) You got my friend pregnant!

Mijo: I sure did!

Melissa: Please don’t get him started.. Robyn, we have to get ready to go!

Rihanna: I know…. I know…But I want to know everything… How did it happen?

Mijo: Duh! The same way it happened for you and Chris… Well, maybe not… We don’t need make up sex..

Chris: (Walking in the room fully dressed with J.R. in his arms) Don’t remind her… I don’t want her to have any flash backs of the first time…

Congratulations Bro. I gotta go…

Melissa: Where you off too?

Rihanna: He has an audition… My husband is going to be on T.V.

Chris: Yep…. Congratulations Sis….. Don’t let my wife work you too hard… Listen to your babydaddy over there and don’t be hard headed like my wonderful babymomma…

Rihanna: Chris, please shut the hell up… Mijo isn’t paranoid like you… Melissa makes her own decisions she knows what’s best for my god baby..

Melissa: Good Luck Chris…. Let us know when you get it..

Chris: I will.. Here Robz take him and feed him… I already changed him.. I’mma call you when I’m done to see where you at..

Rihanna: Why? I thought you was busy all day…

Chris: So, I can’t check on my wife?

Mijo: This is when I leave… Come on Mel. Let me help you get ready..

Chris: Ya’ll don’t have to leave.. I’m leaving… Robyn, I will check on you and my child you’re carrying when I get out my audition and on my way to sound check… Have a good day and don’t work too much…

Rihanna: You need to make sure to check on your spoiled cryie kids.. I’m fine…

Chris: Walking out the condo….

Rihanna: So what we having?

Mijo: You’re having a girl….

Melissa: (Trying to control her laugh) Don’t make me laugh…. You  know my stomach is weak…

Rihanna: Smart Ass.. I’m talking about Mel…

Mijo: Oh my bad.. I didn’t know you two were fucking and expecting a baby together..

Melissa: Watch it Nigga…

We don’t know, yet…

Rihanna: When you due?

Melissa: May 1st

Rihanna: So you were pregnant at my wedding and didn’t say shit?

Mijo: We didn’t know…

Melissa: Now, that you’re caught up can we go?

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Life was hard for young Maul. Any show of hesitation or a mistake was severely punished, and any hint of mercy rewarded with cruelty.

Steven Universe as it progresses
  • Start of Season 1:Oh wow this new show is adorable. Everyone is so unique and sweet and the songs are awesome this is great omg
  • Halfway through Season 1:All this suspense from their backstories are killing me I need to know more?!?!?! This seems darker than the usual cartoon, I think I've been misled--also why am I shipping these things I ship
  • End of Season 1:nEW CHARACTERS oh wow and what's this with the Homeworld, I need to knOW MORE, but I'm also so worried about the gems and steven what's happening arhghsfe OH GOD

Come and get your love
come and get your love
come and get your love now

A (slightly insane) theory

What happens when the Gods and Goddesses go back to their own realms? Are they still like Gods and Goddesses of Erilea? Or will they need someone to replace them all? Because we know already that Mab became Deanna, so mortals can become Gods/Goddesses. And in EOS, Dorian mentioned that it seemed like more than just a coincidence that everyone in their group was blessed by different Gods. AND NOW I’M JUST PICTURING MY BABIES ALL BECOMING GODS SOMEONE HELP ME 

Here’s what I’m wondering about the finale though

  • What was that ass load of demon-smoke looking stuff at the end???? Knights of Hell returned? Lucifer????? Have all the demons been released????????? I NEED ANSWERS.
  • Is Cas okay? What did Rowena do to him?
  • Crowley?
  • Is Rowena coming back as one of our new big villians? And how long is she going to last before the writers kill her off?
  • cAS??? yOu OkAy???
  • So the Darkness (c'mon writers, you could’ve come up with something a bit more unique) was defeated by God and the angels once before. Does that mean Chuck and the archangels will be returning?
  • Yo. Death. What happens now that he’s dead? Does that mean that the dead can’t come back now? OR are they stuck in the veil?
  • Did they actually seriously consider sending Dean into outer space? Cue the Uranus jokes.
  • cas.

Don’t say a word. I know what happened. And I know why you did it. How you’re feeling right now…I think I know. So don’t be anxious. I won’t ever run away.

The point is not where Louis exactly is, what exactly he’s doing and with whom, what matters here, is that we’re supposed to know he’s left LA and his son for no big reason after a whole week of public partying and nights out, left his newly rented house and his family stopped mentioning the baby. And it all happened and increased day after day after TMZ revealed the custody issue that would require an official paternity test. I doubt that Louis reading a book for children years older than Freddie would magically erase such a pattern.   

The Times They Are A Changin

10 Years Later - 1969
San Francisco, California
A Flat Above A Little Bookshop In North Beach

Sirius: *discussing the Vietnam War* I’m just sick of it, Remus! Reg basically came back in a body bag! Who knows what could have happened if he was two feet in the wrong direction!

Remus: At least he’s home with us and getting better. 

We can be thankful for that.

Sirius: Pete didn’t.

Sirius: We need to do something! Stage a demonstration, rally together-




Remus: Sirius, we’re a bookshop-

A GAY bookshop.

People don’t come here to protest, they come here to read the stories of Walt Whitman.

Sirius: *loud whine*

Remus: Do you really want to?

Sirius: *muffled* Yes.

Remus: Fine, but not tonight. Let’s find a sitter for Harry first, It’s bad enough to have a bunch of stinky hippies yelling “fascist” and annoying our neighbors. 

Especially not around a toddler.

Sirius: He’s 7.

Remus: Is he?!

Sirius: Yes.

Remus: Damn, we’re old.


Remus: Yeah, we are.


Byakuya and Yoruichi try to explain to Ichigo how shinigami babies work

As requested by anon. :)

Byakuya: Kurosaki Ichigo, please have a seat.

Byakuya: It is time for the demon cat and myself to explain something to you.

Yoruichi: It’s about where babies come from!

Ichigo: I-I know where babies come from!

Ichigo: Also you guys aren’t my parents!

Yoruichi: Shinigami babies, we mean.


Ichigo: Oh.

Ichigo: I have always wondered about that.

Ichigo: This is still super weird though, so I think I’ll just, you know, leave.

Byakuya: Sit down, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Byakuya: There is no need to be embarrassed.

Yoruichi: Yeah, shinigami babies are perfectly natural!

Ichigo: I’m not embarrassed!

Ichigo: …what do you mean natural?

Byakuya: It happens, I understand, in much the same way as it happens for human parents.

Byakuya: Except that everything involved is in soul form.

Byakuya: You see, when soul sperm meets the soul egg…

Ichigo: OH MY GOD

Byakuya: …you end up with a soul baby.

Yoruichi: It’s all very beautiful, really!

Ichigo: Wait, but where does the baby soul come from?

Byakuya: Were you not listening, Kurosaki Ichigo? When the soul sperm meets the soul egg…

Ichigo: NO

Ichigo: I got that. Seriously. I meant - is the baby’s soul a reincarnated one? Is it a new one?

Ichigo: Like, isn’t there something about a balance and how souls aren’t supposed to be added or removed from the equation?

Ichigo: So where does the baby soul come from?

Ichigo: Where do you guys, born in Soul Society, come from?



Byakuya: When soul sperm…

Ichigo: Wait, you don’t know?

Yoruichi: Well, it’s not like we have a whole lot of biology textbooks here!

Yoruichi: But probably we’re reincarnated! Because balance ‘n’ stuff.

Ichigo: So how come babies from noble families are stronger?

Ichigo: Do you guys get top pick from the reincarnation line or something?

Byakuya: I don’t think a baby would be very good at choosing a soul.

Ichigo: See? It’s weird, right?

Ichigo: Also, how do you guys age, anyway?

Ichigo: Rukia really doesn’t look like she’s over fifty! And you two have to be in your hundreds, right?

Ichigo: And how come Byakuya looked like a teenager when Yoruichi looked like she does now, and then apparently his age caught up with hers?

Yoruichi: Well that one’s easy!

Yoruichi: We age until we’re at max hotness, and then we stop!

Ichigo: But Yamamoto

Yoruichi: And by “stop” I mean “slow down considerably.”

Ichigo: So if aging from 14 to 30 takes a hundred years, how long does a pregnancy last?

Yoruichi: Nine months!

Ichigo: But that…..doesn’t make any sense.

Ichigo: And how does anyone get pregnant when Tite Kubo doesn’t allow sex?

Yoruichi: Have you SEEN anyone pregnant around here, Ichigo?

Ichigo: Well no.

Ichigo: But I assumed ghost condoms.


Ichigo: Are there not ghost condoms?

Byakuya: You were right, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Byakuya: This is super weird.


“Does anyone know what happens to sailors who drink rum? They get drunk. Drunkenness leads to bad form. If there’s one thing that won’t be tolerated on this ship, it’s bad form.” - Lieutenant Jones lecturing the crew about the bad influence of alcohol abuse ;)


Nick hears his family getting murdered

Is my brother okay? No. Ane, please talk to me. What’s happened with Dylan? Come on tell me. I am sorry, I am so sorry. Ane talk to me, what’s going on? No puedo. Ane talk to me, I need to know what’s happened. Ane I need to know what’s wrong? He is just a baby. What’s the matter with Dylan, where is he? Ane, where is Dyl- A- Ane. Ane talk to me please. *Gun shot*. ANE LISTEN TO ME WHERE IS DYLAN? ANE TALK *another gun shot*

I Never Stopped Loving You - Part 2

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Request//  Your blog is awesome I love your fics. One question: Are you goin to continue ‘I Never Stopped Loving You’?? I want to know what will happen!!! Please can you continue it??

A/N// Thank You To Everyone That Requested For A Part 2. Glad You Liked Part 1 And Hope You Like Part 2!

Part 1

The thought of telling Derek made me cry. When he pulled me into his embrace, I let it all out. How could I leave him? Derek hugged me tighter. How could I live without this? He’s the only person who cared about. the only person I could talk to. Now my world has come crumbling down.

“Baby, what do you need to tell me?” Derek asked, not letting me go.

“I’m…I’m leaving,” I told him, saying the words made everything seem to real. More tears fell from my eyes. My heart broke. I know Derek’s did too.

“What?” Derek asked shocked.

“My alpha told me that we’re leaving and if I don’t go he will kill me.Which means I have to go” I didn’t know it was possible to feel this broken. When I looked up at Derek, I saw the tears forming in his eyes.

“Why?” Derek asked again.

“I don’t know, he just want’s power. He got 4 new betas. Now I guess he is bored and he has seen me truly happy and he wants me to be miserable. Like him” I told him. Hugging Derek tighter.

“I can’t lose you. Y/N. What am I going to do without you?” Derek let the tears go. We stood in his room both crying. Both not wanting to believe that this is happening.

“When…when do you leave?” Derek asked kissing my forehead.

“7 days” I told him. 

“Well for them 7 days, we are staying together. We will spend every moment possible together” Derek told me.

“I think we should get this movie night started then,” I told him. He looked down a smiled. He wiped away my tears and placed a kiss onto lips. We climbed into bed and snuggled up together. Derek wrapped his arms around me. I soon fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Derek was still fast asleep. I just lay there enjoying being cuddled up to Derek. Why did I have to have the worst Alpha ever? He always knew how to spoil my happiness. I could feel tears forming in my eyes again. “Pull yourself together Y/N these few days with Derek will be filled with happiness and memories. We couldn’t spend them crying” I said to myself.

“Good morning beautiful,” Derek said kissing my temple. I snuggled into him more and we wrapped his arms around me tighter. Both of us didn’t really know what to say. We both just wanted the same thing.

“So what do you want to do today then,” Derek asked me, as he let go of me and turned on his side so we were laying face to face.

“Stay in bed all day, with snacks and movies,” I said as I couldn’t be bothered to even move.

“Sounds like a plan”. 

The days we spent together were amazing. But sadly they were coming to an end. 3 days left. We were currently at School in math’s class. I was helping Derek work out a question,

“I’m terrible at this, who’s going help me when your gone” Derek asked.

“I’ll find away,” I told him , but when he looked up at me his eyes were filling up with tears.

“I don’t want you to leave me,” He said. I got up out of my seat and grabbed him by the hand and lead him out of the class. 

“Where do you two think you’re going?” The teacher asked.

“Somewhere better than here,” I said. I took Derek outside. He broke down. The tears flooded out of him. I pulled him into my embrace running my fingers through his hair. How could I do this to him?  I could fell the sadness, but it suddenly changed into anger. When he looked at me his eyes his eyes were glowing blue. 

“Derek?” I said, knowing this wasn’t going to end well. Derek got out of my grip and ran. I followed after him but he was too fast. He was headed straight for my Alpha. When I arrived at the building I heard Derek shouting.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!” Derek caught my alpha of guard and pinned him against the wall. But it didn’t take much for him to through him to the ground.

“I see Y/N told you” My alpha just laughed. I ran over to Derek, who was now back onto his feet.

“You’re so power thirsty, you don’t care who’s life you ruin” Derek was getting more angrier. His fists were clenched and he had fully shifted. 

“Baby just calm down”I said grabbing hold of his hand. 

“Why don’t you just go back crying to you mommy” My Alpha laughed.

“YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TRUE POWER!” Derek shouted. I pulled Derek away before things got out of hand. 

“Derek he’s not worth it, come on,” I said pulling him out of the building, but the betas blocked us. Fangs showing, growling at us. They really think they scare me. I flashed my eyes and growled louder, they soon moved out the way.

When we got back to Derek’s we went straight to his room. I sat him on his bed and pulled him into a hug. And he began crying again. 

“I’m sorry” He told me between sobs.

“Shh Derek, I don’t care what you did. You told the truth. You braver than me. I wish I never had to leave, but if don’t you know what will happen. But I will do anything I can to come and see you. I’m not giving up. I love you Derek Hale. I love you so much and nothing will ever change that. Even if I am 1000 miles away, I will love you!” I said kissing his forehead and hugging him tight.

The last day//

Today is the day I was leaving. I couldn’t believe the week went so fast. I can’t believe that this will be the last day I see Derek. We woke friday morning cuddled up.

“Were not going school. I have a surprise for you” Derek told me placing a kiss on o my lips.

“What is it?” I asked

“You got to wait and see” Derek teased. “The sooner you get up and ready, the sooner we can go” He told me.

It was around 11:30 when we left Derek’s house. We walked to the destination hand in hand. Derek lead me in the forest.

“Were are you taking me?” I asked.

“Were nearly there” He told me. That’s when we turned the corner to see a beautiful waterfall. With roses all around and a picnic basket on the rock.

“Derek when did you do this? It’s beautiful” I said hugging so tight.

“I sneaked out last night when you were asleep. I thought it was our last day together, so why not make it special” Derek said kissing me. We sat on the rock next to the waterfall, eating and laughing. We then lay on the rock cuddled up. Until my phone buzzed.

We’re leaving. Get here now!

“Baby it’s time” I said my eyes welling up with tears. Derek and I walked back, to whereI had to meet my Alpha. When we got there he was stood with his arms folded leaning against the car. The rest of the betas were ready to leave.

“How long do you need to take” My Alpha said. I totally ignored him, I turned to Derek and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He placed a passionate kiss on my lips and leant his forehead on mine. 

“I guess this is goodbye” I said tears rolling to down my face.

“Just for now, and remember, I will never stop loving you” Derek said kissing me again.


I kissed Derek and hugged him tight. Then I let go of him. Then I remembered something. I went in my bag and took out a notebook. I handed it to Derek and kissed his cheek and got in the car. Tears rolled down my face seeing Derek stood there. He had tears rolling down his face to. He opened up the notebook. It has all the math notes he would ever need. Then on the last page I wrote.

“I will never stop loving you”

Part 3?

  • “You’re so worth it, you are”
  • “But I wish I could feel it all for you”
  • “I’m trying not to lose my faith in you.”
  • “I’ve chosen you”
  • “That feeling that doesn’t go away just did”
  • “Cover your eyes”
  • “Anything could happen”
  • “We said we’d fight together”
  • “I guess we thought that’s just what humans do”
  • “Baby, I’ll give you everything you need”
  • “But I don’t think I need you”
  • “I know it’s not over”
  • “I know you better than I ever have before”
  • “But you never fought for me”
  • “It could be home”
  • “I need you more than I can take”
  • “But something tells me I’m not alone”
  • “I’ve figured out that joy is not in your arms”
  • “I think it’s time to run cause”
  • “Don't watch me fall apart”
  • “You know we can get away”
  • “Every day I feel this pain”
  • “But you just turn and walk away”
  • “I just can’t keep hanging on”
  • “I just don’t know what is wrong, with you and me”
  • “Forgive me and forget”
  • “You trembled like you’d seen a ghost”
  • “Where have you been?”
  • “I wonder why”
  • “But you never tried”
  • “I’ve fallen from grace”
  • “Took a blow to my face”
  • “I’ve loved and I’ve lost”
  • “It’s okay to be afraid”
  • “It will never be the same”
  • “I’ve lost my faith in everything”
  • “I need to know ”
  • “I was the last thing on your mind”
  • “I know you better than you think”
  • “I pray that you will find peace of mind”
  • “You were like home to me”
  • “Please don’t close your eyes”
  • “I know you care”
  • “And know it wasn’t always wrong”
  • “‘Cause this is how things ought to have been”
  • “And I know the worst of it wasn’t all that it seemed”
  • “If I was not myself, and you were someone else I’d say so much to you”
  • “I need your love”
  • “When everything’s wrong you make it right”
  • “I feel so high”
  • “I’ve been a stranger ever since we fell apart”
  • “Hold me in your arms again”
  • “I try to fight this but I know I’m not that strong”
  • “You have never been to blame”
  • “You, my everything”
  • “You were my hometown when my heart was filled with loneliness”
  • “You are my only hope”
  • “I know you don’t feel the same”
  • “Have you lost the same things I have lost?”
  • “I wish time was still.”
  • “You left everything behind except yourself”
  • “Please don’t bring this love down.”
  • “How long will I love you?  As long as stars are above you ”
  • “How long will I need you?  As long as the seasons need to follow their plan”
  • “How long will I be with you? As long as the sea is bound to wash up on the sand ”
  • “How long will I want you? As long as you want me to. And longer by far”

anonymous asked:

Hello! c: I need some... love advice, I think? I'm only 14 and not allowed to date yet, and I'm friends with this girl! She's funny and caring and we've been friends for almost 6 months I believe. But... I think I have a crush on her! But I also don't know if it's a love crush or a friend crush. She's, well, pretty and cute! I don't know what to do! Do I just continue on with my friendship and see what happens in the future? Thank you!! <3 'v'

This is the cutest ask. Baby anon, you are precious. Just continue with your friendship and try to spend more time with her just the two of you and see where things go from there. Maybe you like her romantically and maybe you just like her as a friend, but either way, you’ll be happier hanging out with her. 


It hurt, Charlie. It hurt so bad. It was like my insides were ripping out. And I just - I needed to get back to work. I needed to stay upright, that’s all. And I kept taking the meds. And I don’t know what happened, or when, but…it was like…a switch flipped. It’s like I’ve been living inside somebody else’s body. Every pill I take, I think it’s gonna be the last one, but, it’s just the last one, and the last one, and the last one, and I’m just - so sorry…”

Gifland 3.07: “It’s Okay, Baby.” (x)

people…people!!  don’t you know what happened on arrow/the flash set this week?it’s a freaking crossover week!! arrow and the flash cast have the same script

John Barrowman and brandon routh are heading towards arrow/the flash set together (the atom will joined flash and arrow!!! open your eyes and ears for robbie amell, I really hope firestorm will joined them too)

My badass beautiful babies are ready to kick everyone asses

and all of them seems having the time of their life

forget the poster drama and started the countdown for this episode because it will be EPIC!

Not to mention a possibility felicity in the same room with oliver, barry and ray, it will be h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

I haven’t arted in a long time and what do I do? Draw this because I needed an outlet. This was really what happened when I was at work, I just couldn’t stop thinking about that scene I swear. D; As you know, I read the chapter right when I woke up and I went straight to work after that I had to contain myself from smiling too much or gushing like a baby since I’m usually a quiet person

I might draw a proper art of sasusaku, i seriously miss drawing them.