i need to know what happened to my babies

This Episode was so creepy and heartbreaking but really good. Still I got more questions instead of answers 😵 I kinda don’t want to know what girls have gone through. My poor babies 😭💔 And I was so sad for the families. When I think about that my Family has to experience something like that. 😥😡 But I’m happy they’re out and all together again. I’m sure it needs a Lot of time for everyone to live on like nothing happens😞 I can’t wait for the next episodes. 😍💖 (visit me on instagram: @littleliar_gleek)

Here’s what I’m wondering about the finale though

  • What was that ass load of demon-smoke looking stuff at the end???? Knights of Hell returned? Lucifer????? Have all the demons been released????????? I NEED ANSWERS.
  • Is Cas okay? What did Rowena do to him?
  • Crowley?
  • Is Rowena coming back as one of our new big villians? And how long is she going to last before the writers kill her off?
  • cAS??? yOu OkAy???
  • So the Darkness (c'mon writers, you could’ve come up with something a bit more unique) was defeated by God and the angels once before. Does that mean Chuck and the archangels will be returning?
  • Yo. Death. What happens now that he’s dead? Does that mean that the dead can’t come back now? OR are they stuck in the veil?
  • Did they actually seriously consider sending Dean into outer space? Cue the Uranus jokes.
  • cas.

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Ok, I need to know what the "miserable twat" days were all about between Zayn and Harry! You've piqued my curiosity! Thanks!

It happened during a 2010 twitcam

LOL Reasons I actually love this:

  • We can see how much Harry has evolved from his emo baby of the bunch days.
  • We can see even back in the day Zayn Malik was not the one.
  • We can see why Liam “The Show Must Go On” Payne is Daddy Direction.
  • Louis’ dramatic “Oh my Gowwhd” is just so Louis. It gives me life. 
  • Even when bickering, their chemistry as a group is a beautiful thing.
  • They set a good example for this “miserable twat for no reason” fandom. The worked it out. They love each other. It’s not that superficial I-love-you-only-when-you-please-me love. It’s that I-love-you-even-when-you-get-on-my-fucking-nerves love.

That’s good stuff.

Church Drawing #1 (May 17th, 2015)

I don’t know what’s with me and my Amy shenanigans headcanons, but I love thinking of Amy torturing poor Tails with her desperate need for female attention and Tails being too young to resist her will. Today, I decided to draw Sonic, Amy and Tails as kids and a baby. As always, Amy looks terrible, but Sonic was on point! I love it when that happens. 

Btw, I’m so sorry for my handwriting. It’s terrible and hard to read.



Seventeen Yob! You Know What?

These days, I have a lot of thoughts
These days, I have so much to tell you (these days)

I feel weird, I’m not talking as much
My friends are all worried (these days)
My heart races only when I’m in front of you
So I’m sorry about my clumsy actions

I still can’t control it
Please don’t play with me
Why are you keeping a front?
I don’t know, I don’t know what will happen

So what I mean is, I want to know all of you
I’ll sing you, U Hoo, I’ll sing you, U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby
I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy

(Adore you) these days. I (these days)
(Adore you) these days, I (these days)

How can you dazzle so much?
You’re so pretty it’s selfish but your personality is so humble
This is not the place to joke around
I’m announcing the fact about your charms

Is it because I like how you smile at me?
Or do I just seem light to you?

Yeh, if you’re finding a spot
Yeh, right next to me is good
Yeh, I have a lot of interest in you
Even your shoe size oh oh

I’m on fire right now because of you
It’s impossible to cool me down
I’m on fire right now because of you
I don’t know, I don’t know, it’ll happen somehow

So what I mean is, I want to know all of you
I’ll sing you, U Hoo, I’ll sing you, U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby
I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy

(Adore you) these days. I (these days)
(Adore you) these days, I (these days)

You can lean right here
You can cover your pain with me

Tell me your feelings
Don’t hold back, it’s not enough
Can’t fake it no more
Crank up the speed
Stop playing hard to get
Now let me call you

Baby you’re my angel, I want to know all of you
I’ll sing you, U Hoo, I’ll sing you, U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby
I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy

(Adore you) these days. I (these days)
(Adore you) these days, I (these days)

trans by. pop!gasa

I have really bad anxiety, right?

And I’ve identified methods by now that I use that are effective for coping with my anxiety attacks. Especially because I have a lot of somatization (physiological symptoms) that are really unpleasant, so I need to deal with that shit FAST when it happens.

Anyway, one of my coping methods is calling someone I know. Because hearing a comforting voice, even if they’re just talking about nonsensical bullshit, really gets me out of my panic attacks fast.

So today I called my dad because I was having really severe ones this morning and he was the only person I knew who would be awake and not in an office (he’s self employed) who could talk.

And you know what he made me do? Sing Manic Monday and do baby circles in my office. And goddamnit it if that weird shit doesn’t work the best out of everything.

Waiting to see the electrocardiologist to get clearance for surgery. I wasn’t expecting this appointment to be so emotionally frustrating. Being told you are not going to get better never gets any easier. I’m not expecting a miracle, but not having any hope doesn’t make sense. I’m prepared and know the risks of chiari decompression, but I also know what I risk not having the surgery. I want to know how others feel about crying in a doctor’s office. Has it ever happened to you? What was the response? I completely broke down the day my daughter was born as we were told she needed major surgery to remove part of her bowel. She had sepsis and they didn’t know if she was going to make it. Shortly after, I was greeted by a social worker who tried to convince me to go on antidepressants even though I had already made the choice to breastfeed. I was angry..I felt like my response was normal. My premature baby of just over 3 pounds needed major surgery. Why was crying looked upon as an illness? I got teary eyed in my electrocardiologist’s office and I felt like it was looked down upon then as well. It’s my body…it’s breaking rapidly, I firmly believe it’s ok to be sad sometimes. It doesn’t make me weak or irrational…it makes me a normal person.

I swear Atlantis ending has affected me more than anything. The 100 hiatus is bad enough, but at least it’s coming back. Merlin ending was hard, but it had an ending. Atlantis, on the other hand, has just set up the what could be the best next season and we won’t get to see it because it wasn’t freaking renewed!!!. I desperately need to know what happens next! I feel like I’m losing my babies! We need more Atlantis!!!

berrysweetplumbobs heeft op je bericht gereageerd:What happens if you get a male heir?

pardon me if i’m being rude, but isn’t one of the rules of the 100 baby challenge that the heir be the last eligible girl?

Well, people who have been following me for a while probably know that I don’t really follow rules xD If you don’t, I’ll briefly explain it. I prefer to just play on my own, and generally follow the rules, so I changed the rules to something that fits a PGC more, my heirs need to have the fathers hair and eyes and the mothers skin and it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female.

One of the rules is also that you have to have 10 males and you can’t re-use the males, I prefer having 5 males and re-using them if necessary :)

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I know there are some who say G looks flawless all the time but these latest pics of her make my eyes water and tear up- not in a good way!! Girl needs sleep. Her bags under eyes- either mismatched under eye foundation or Double D kept her up past her bedtime a few times! Looks exhausted!

Totally agree. She still looks beautiful. She’s a gorgeous woman. But, she looks absolutely exhausted. Just wanna hug her and send her to bed. Double D probably had a hand in it. You know. Early breakfasts and occasional coffee. I figure it went down like this: 

david: hey baby…can we practice for my concert again?

gilian: it’s a fucking tambourine….how much practicing do we really need?

david: well…really it’s just an excuse to hang out with you….

gillian: awwwwww. 

david: wanna sleep over? 

gillian: nice try. (grin) I’ll bring my tambourine and we can see what happens. 

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Like why???? did they bring him on as a regular???? to make him belle’s random hookup/rebound/idek how to explain what happened there since so little time was devoted to it??? why belle?????? why did they do this???? why

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I had 1 miscarriage when I was 14(I wasn't given an option in the creation of this being, I tried so hard to keep her, went against everything everyone said and tried so hard to get better, but it wasn't enough)and absolutely love children, everyone around me, close friends, family are all having children, I miss my little girl and wish she could have seen the sky and felt mud between her little toes, all I want is my baby back, and the select few that knew of her existence don't know I miss her

Oh…I’m sorry. That’s ,uhm..How do I even respond to this ? Like, what do I say to a person that went through that without those words coming out too short ? I can’t change the fact that it happened nor do I know what to say in order to help you,but I can say that I’ll be here for you if you ever need to talk, okay ? *hugs you* It’s also good that you’re here and that you’re safe, despite everything that had happened in the past. Sweetie,I’m sorry…

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About the breastfeeding post They make breast pumps for a reason. There is literally no excuse to have your tits out. Obviously accidents happen and leakage happens and babies need food but on those rare occasions what's so wrong with finding a bathroom or some place private to do your business? I plan on breastfeeding but I can't fathom just whipping my tit out in public. Idw you to see mine and idw to see yours why is it so hard to respect that? I can respect your decision but idh to see it

They make covers too. I mean, I don’t want to feed my kid in the bathroom. Sorry but I work for restaurants. I know how dirty they really are. But they do have cloth covers for breast feeding, even some that surround the baby but doesn’t go right on their head for the babies who don’t like to be covered.


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Two questions: Do you know anything about Featherbent Arc 1 Chapter 4's release date (I need to know what's even happening in the story -total flipout-) and Who is your favorite character(s) from either/both Persona 4/3?

I do not know a date yet but I do know our devs are still working on it!! Its hard to coordinate due to everybody’s busy lives but Featherbent will go on. ALSO I CANNOT CHOOSE THEY ARE ALL MY DARLING BABY BOOS THATS LIKE ASKING A PARENT TO PICK THEIR FAVORITE CHILd

Things I'm Obsessing Over Unrelated to the Baby

1. Needing kidney surgery.

2. Having a bad outcome to aforementioned kidney surgery.

3. What could happen if I don’t have kidney surgery.

4. Needing urethra surgery.

5. Having a bad outcome to aforementioned urethra surgery.

6. What could happen if I don’t have urethra surgery.

7. No longer being attractive to my significant other.

8. My significant other’s loss of sexual interest in me because now I’m a mom.

9. How can I know if he is still into me or if he just thinks I’m now a gross mess?

10. I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet… I still need to lose 25 more pounds to be at the weight I was at when he and I met.

11. Tummy stretch marks which I had never had before. I’m extremely self conscious of them and my body in general.

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You are a brilliant writer. Never forget that or let anyone tell you otherwise. And don't sell yourself short. Tom & Michelle is just a starting point. You have a gift, show it to the world. I want, no, demand to see your name on a book one day. Understand? It is in you, make it happen.

What an overwhelmingly wonderful compliment!  I am flattered and humbled that you enjoy my work so much.  At this point in time, the babies need me, and my family really likes the paycheck.  But who knows?  Maybe one day, when my kids are out and my time and resources are more my own…

Of course, if you want that first autographed copy, you’ll have to come off Anon… ;-)

Felicity’s giggly breathlessness at the fact that her crazy plan had actually worked and Oliver’s half-laughing, half-crying, entirely overwhelmed expression as he realized that it had been his fun-sized acrophobic lady love who had come to his rescue in the giant suit managed to offset the ridiculousness. The entire sequence was capped off nicely when Oliver strode over, ripped the helmet off of her head, and kissed the breath out of her.

Oh, wait. That didn’t happen.

It totally should have.



We all know we wished that happened. It would have taken this episode from a 9.5 to a 10 for me. I loved 3X23 and I’m still smiling when I think of my babies together and happy for the next 5 months :)