i need to hire someone to make decisions for me

Look at the Marcooooosssss and the wittle frecklesssss

snk shoujo manga au where Marco is the library senpai I just wanted to draw him in glasses

We all know we were thinking it DON’T LIE TO ME

Doomfist Rant

Alright, for all those people who are disappointed and sad that Terry Crews isn’t the voice for Doomfist please remember the character is from Nigeria. So just like all the other characters from different countries he would need an accent from that country. I’m pretty sure Terry can’t do an Nigerian accent so they decided to hire someone who can. Plus the character needs a more serious tone while Terry is usually doing parts with a silly undertone.

So please stop complaining about their decision because it wasn’t what you wanted. Their decision makes sense and the va’s voice fits perfectly for his character.

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1. Well I'm not a Larry but I have noticed Harry's propensity to becoming overly obsessive with people, like he meets someone and he just loses his shit over them, worships them and hangs all over them until he finds a new one, it's not a really healthy personality trait and I've often wondered if that's what happened way back at the beginning with him and Louis. Harry got obsessed, was all over him til Jeff came along and suddenly he had someone new (there could have been others in between).

2, I don’t personally believe they were ever in a romantic relationship but I suspect Harry is brilliant at making people feel special, like you are his most important person and then suddenly he’s moved on, that must be quite jarring and hurtful. I have noticed Harry repeating this behaviour now with Mitch (who looks highly unimpressed by it LOL) and I wonder how long it’ll last til he finds a new obsession.

Hi anon! Interesting take–it makes me wonder about the business decision of hiring Jeff. And letting him do backup on his work. (Lalalallalala.)

(To preempt people asking why I’m publishing this when I’m a Larry blah blah, I know who sent this, I know they are not an anti, and we’ve had a bunch of conversations and they’re perfectly respectful of Larries.)


Harry to me has always come across as someone who needs a lot of validation and reassurance about anything he does. I think that’s why he worked with Louis so well because he is possessive and he always looked at Louis first for answers, guidance and reassurance that he was being funny or obscure or whatever. Same probably goes for his music. He doesn’t really have an idea of what he wants, because what if it isn’t the rock ‘n roll that rock 'n roll should be according to the experts like Jeff?

His album sounded all over the place to me. Sort of like throwing things that the wall to see what sticks.


I haven’t seen much of Mitch but in the pictures I have seen he’s been giving this “I didn’t ask to be a part of this narrative” look haha.



You know how Harry keeps saying that he was lucky enough to find a band that he could be completely honest with about his stories and the songs they produced? Nobody will ever be able to convince me that the band knows all of the ins and outs of every song on the album. Unless proven otherwise, Harry hasn’t known these people for very long and he seems like a very closed off person.

The only thing he misses about 1D is… Nothing. He gets a bigger dressing room. OK, Harry. Whatever.


So is hitch with the guy who looks like he just woke up from month long bender and is experiencing that slow dawning horror of embarrassment as he realises what he’s git involved with? Cos same guy, same. Thatd be me in his shoes. Lol this mess gets more and more entertaining. As long as they leave 1D alone Im just gonna sit back and enjoy the unintentional comedy. Its like David Brent has gone into music mgt with a more monotone, less intelligent Aldous Snow.

“Cos same guy, same.”

I can’t stop laughing. You guys are killing me.

The exploiter needs to be able to put pressure on the person he exploits: he only exploits what he has supremacy over. Domination is a precondition and a necessary form of exploitation. Let’s not try and decide which one logically or chronologically comes first. Exploitation is never just “economic” (I have someone work for me, in my place and for my benefit), but also “political” (instead of someone making decisions about his life, I take the decisions myself, for instance I decide when to hire and fire him). Society is not divided, as Castoriadis thought in the 1960s, between order-givers and order-takers. Or rather, this division exists, but these “orders” have to do with what structures today’s world: the capital–wage labour relation (which does not mean it determines everything). There is no need to oppose exploitation to domination. Human societies in general, and capitalism in particular, can only be understood by the link between exploitation and domination. Firms are not just profit makers: they are also power structures, but they remain in business as long as they create and accumulate value, otherwise they go bankrupt.
—  Gilles Dauvé, “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy”

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Is there any plan for Michael to go to Chicago?

As far as I know, Michael is pretty comfortable in Montana - he’s got a great job working for Hank, his best friends live there, and aside from the cold and snow I think he’s happy with the area. The decision to leave Missoula and move to Chicago was mine, and it’d be unfair of me to assume he’s going to abandon his life in order to pursue my dreams - but this show was started with Michael, and he remains an integral part of its success. It just came to be that if we want to expand The Brain Scoop and see the show meet its full potential then it makes sense that we’re were going to need to increase our staff and capacity, which ultimately meant hiring on someone who I can collaborate with in-person and on a daily basis. Which, I mean, that makes sense. Even without major geographical distances, making a show with just two people is difficult - so we’re looking forward to using the smarts of all of us to see what we can come up with. 

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you get into all those career paths? I'm a junior in high school now and I'm still not really sure what I want to do with my life. I know for sure I can't be professional. I love art but I've never had much confidence in my artwork. I just don't know what I want to do.

The best way to figure out what you want to do artistically is simply to experiment with as many different art forms as you can. Start with what you’re most comfortable with and then move onto the things that you have no experience in.

For me my starting point was sketching. When I was little I dreamed of making films but I couldn’t afford a camera and I didn’t know the first thing about filmmaking. But I had a bunch of paper and pencils so instead I made little doodles of the things I wanted to make films out of. From there I became pretty confident with my drawing ability, so I branched out to working with pen, charcoal, and paint.

Later I started with photography initially as a means to serve as reference for my drawings (particularly my colored pencil portraits). But after experimenting with photography I found that there were images I could create with the camera that I wasn’t able to achieve through drawing. So I pursued photography.

Photography led me to discover Photoshop, which in turn resulted in me messing around with graphic design and digital artwork.
Spending so much time on the computer making digital art allowed me to quickly master other software with ease, giving me the opportunity to compose music through software like Garageband (and subsequently Logic / Pro Tools).

After becoming confident with my cinematographic knowledge from photography, as well as my technical knowledge from the various computer applications, I figured the time would be right to start moving into filmmaking. But at the time I didn’t have any actors or crew or money, so I decided to try animation as a means of overcoming those obstacles. And I found that with animation I was able to reach the culmination of every single medium I’d experimented with up to that point.

When I was a junior in high school (only about five years ago), animation never even seemed to be a remote possibility for me. But after a few years of building up my skills and confidence, it is now my primary artistic focus and I absolutely love it.

As far as careers go - I’m regularly hired for projects in each of the aforementioned mediums, and everything I’ve ever been hired for has been due to my decision to show people my artwork. The majority of my recent freelance work has actually come from people who’ve found me through tumblr haha. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your artwork out there. Even if you aren’t particularly confident about your work, there’s a good chance that someone else in the world is interested in what you’re making. You just need to give them the opportunity to find you.

So don’t limit yourself! Experiment and put your work out there for others to see. And in a few years you might be shocked that you ever thought you couldn’t make a profession out of it.

Sam: Dean!

Dean: What is it, SAMMIEH?

Sam: Dean, I’ve made a DRAMATICAL DECISION!!!

Sam: I’m gonna join … the TEEN TITANS!

Dean: Welp!

Dean: I got a confession for YOU, SAMMIEH.

Sam: Ooo, is it DRAMATICAL?

Dean: Yep!

Dean: I’m gonna join DEADPOOL’S MERCS FOR HIRE!!

Sam: You know what that means!

Dean: Yep, I know what that means!

Raven: Oooo, PURPLE!

Sam ‘n Dean: CIVIL WAR!!!!!


Cas: I gots the FEELS!  I need CHOC’LIT!!!

Willy Wonka: I believe I can HELP with that!

Peter Parker: Is someone gonna let me outta this BOX so I can make WITTY REMARKS???

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*