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Bygones of the Sun | 05 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.3k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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Parents didn’t always read the orientation material.

There were a few, every year.  They insisted on helping the new students move into the dorms.  They sent boxes from home, full of cookies or brownies or favorite munchies.  They called frequently (it wasn’t safe.  Letters were safer, e-mail was safer, even texts were safer, but calls not so much.)  They begged for pictures, for visits, and sometimes they accidentally-on-purpose “just happened to be in the area”.

The staff tried to deal with parents.  Oh how they tried.  Usually it worked.  The Gentry almost never kept parents.

But some… some parents never left.

She had taken piano lessons when she was younger.  Her parents approved:  that was a womanly decorative thing to do.  She had never played sports, because that wasn’t a womanly decorative thing.  She wore dresses.  She took ballet, she sang, she painted. Her parents told her every day in every way who they thought she should be, and she tried, she really did.

She was tired of not being good enough.  

She applied to Elsewhere, and got a full music scholarship, and carefully out of sight in the shower she sobbed with relief and fear.  Her parents loved her, they really did, they told her so.  The disappointment at her, the silent treatment, the confinement and not being allowed out with her friends… well, they were just trying to protect her, right?  They didn’t know the bubble wrap they tried to put around her was smothering her.  

She read the orientation paperwork, every single scrap.  She wanted to do everything right, because the thought of doing it wrong terrified her.  Even the strange stuff, maybe especially the strange stuff, because everything in life was a test, another opportunity to disappoint.

“As an environmentally-conscious measure, Elsewhere University’s campus is not set up to allow automobile traffic.  For those students who need transportation help, there are staff with golf carts available, as well as a series of campus shuttles that make regular stops.  Bicycles are available for rent by the hour, the week, or the semester.  Skateboards and skates are permitted but proper safety gear must be worn.”

Father was angry when campus security wouldn’t let him drive straight to her dorm.  She trembled.  Always, when Father was angry, somehow either she or Mother paid.  He fumed while waiting for a golf cart, he clenched his jaw when the staff member driving the golf cart refused to simply step aside and hand over the keys, he was elaborately careful when helping load her things after being refused a campus map.

Her dorm was a solid brick building, a pleasant generic institutional place.  Father insisted on carrying her things up to her room, on the second floor.  "So I know where my little girl will be,“ he said. His anger cooled a little with the exertion, down to its usual simmer.

It only took a few trips to get all of her things upstairs.  Father insisted on a hug, just on the edge of being painful as his hugs always were.  She endured it, because trying to get away always earned a lecture.  "I love you so much, you’ll always be my little girl, you are a disappointment because you don’t love me as much as I love you, but I will forgive you because I am better than you.”

“Elsewhere University wishes to be the beginning of a new life for every student.  We ask that students choose a nickname, in order to facilitate this feeling of a new beginning.  Common nickname categories are an interest, a favorite song or work of art, an aspiration, or a personal quality.  It is our firm belief, demonstrated by decades of successful graduates, that this practice allows students the freedom to really expand their horizons and demonstrate both their personalities and their capabilities both actual and potential.  In support of this practice, we ask that legal names not be used on campus except with the Student Services or Records and Enrollment offices.”

The driver helped as Father made one last check to be sure nothing had been left.  He reminded her to call twice a week.  He hugged her again, ignoring the gasp she made as he let go.  "Remember to call your Mother, Susan.  You’ll always be her little girl, and you know how she worries.“

“I will, Father.”

The driver watched, waiting patiently while Father said his good-byes, then cleared his throat.  "Sir, if you want to attend the parent orientation, we need to be going.“  

"Yes, I’d planned on attending.  I need to know everything, to help keep my Susan safe.”  Father climbed aboard, and the driver waved as they left.  For an instant his hand seemed to have too many fingers.

She felt eyes on her as they drove away.

She climbed the stairs back to her room, looking forward to taking her shoes off and unpacking.  The door, locked when she left it, was still locked, but now there was a pile of stuff underneath the open window.  

“Hey!  Sorry I wasn’t here when you were bringing stuff up, he looked a bit intense, oh hey are you ok?”  The girl on the tree branch outside the window climbed in and sat on the windowsill.

She nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then sat on one of the beds.

“I’m Magpie, second year, one of the stage monkeys for the theater.  You wanna see?  No obligation.”

“Yeah, I… I paint, a little.”

“You do?  Cool!  Hey, but if you want to go see, that outfit’s cute and all but it’ll get ruined pretty quick.”

“I’ve got some grubbies, let me unpack.”

Magpie grinned and pushed her hair behind one ear.  "Your dad isn’t one of those types who thinks he’ll be visiting every weekend, is he?  'Cause I can’t hide all the time.“

"I think he was heading to the parent orientation.”

Magpie blinked.  "Oh… kay.“

"What, okay?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.  They go by Melanotis. They’ll tell you about the parent orientation.  Are you sure you’re ok?”  Magpie pushed her hair back again. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you keep asking?”

“There is no parent orientation.  Here, take this.  No obligation.”  Magpie took a ring off of her index finger and handed it to her.  It was a puzzle ring made of iron and pyrite, and it fit her index finger as if it had been made for her.

“Thanks, but why?”

“My dad was like that, too.  What do you want to be called?”

The choice, the possibility of choice, was dizzying.  Something to hang onto… a favorite song.  "Call me Sussudio,“ she said, and smiled.


It’s About Time

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ Only | Smut Warning | NSFW 

Request:  Can you write something with Daryl? The reader is Rick’s younger sister, they met each other while she thought Rick had died in the hospital. Shane keeps trying to make moves on her of course she rejects him every time. Daryl sees Shane trying to hit on her when they’re all at the CDC and Daryl gets pissed, he kicks Shane out of the room. Then smut happens, making sure she knows she belongs to Daryl.

Summary: The reader is Rick’s younger sister and is saved by Shane after the outbreak. The reader and Shane shared a night together after the world ended. But, the reader isn’t in love with Shane. The reader and Daryl both have had a thang for each other since Daryl arrived to the group. Shane gets jealous of the reader paying attention to Daryl. Daryl protects her from Shane and the end up spending the night together. The next day the group travels to the CDC, where Rick talks to her about her choice in men. The reader sticks up for Daryl and they publicly make it known they are together. Shane just drunk and jealous at dinner and ends up trying to get back with the reader, only to be too harsh with her. Daryl walks in and punches him out, declaring she is his and he isn’t allowed to touch her. He brings her back to their room and lovey dovey end game smut happens.

A/N: Whew! This one got long, but I hope everyone enjoys it! I love Alpha Male Daryl (hot). 


“Alright let’s pack everything we need, leave what we don’t. We’re going to be on foot once we hit the city and we need to be prepared. Take all the weapons we can. Packs of food and water. That’s it. Alright everyone, get some sleep. Tomorrow we head to the CDC and hopefully find a way out of this mess.”

You watched your big brother Rick take command and control over the rag tag group who had been through so much. You locked eyes with Laurie and turned away, it was hard to look at her after what she had been through with Amy. She hadn’t been herself since. Your eyes looked to the spot where her little sister had recently been bitten.

You look back at your brother and smile an uneasy smile. The moment you saw him come back with the others from Atlanta, you knew there had to be some higher plan, controlling all of this. But people were still dying left and right and you would be foolish to think that would stop any time soon. Your brother had returned to you. But, you wondered how long it would last.

You had been in the woods that night of the bombings of Atlanta. People scared, running around lost and losing their minds. Until, Shane pulled a group of you together and led you all to safety. You had started a camp and soon were set up with supplies and had a pretty secure place, or so you had all thought.

“This better work! Who put him in charge anyway?” An angry voice rang out, ripping you from your thoughts, a voice you loved and knew all too well.

You fought a smile as your eyes and attention focused toward Daryl Dixon, who had walked through the crowd of people and now was standing face to face with Rick, in his face.

Daryl’s angry eyes pierced into Rick’s, not backing down.

You understood Daryl’s anger. Although you weren’t much of a fan of Merle, it was horrible to hear what had happened to him. According to your brother, there was nothing else that could have been done. Still it was Daryl’s brother, the only piece of the last world he had left. You looked at Rick. You knew how Daryl felt.

Rick put his hands on his hips and his jaw clenched as he stared back at Daryl, also not backing down.

You let your smile loose and rolled your eyes, “Okay. We get it.”

You walked through the crowd and right up to the two men acting like this was some kind of pissing contest.

“You’re both big, strong, men who are capable of leading.” You said, turning to smirk at Andrea, for the first time you saw a small smile.

You turned back around and looked at your older brother, “Rick, Daryl’s lost so much. You can’t blame him for being skeptical. Maybe instead of standing her in a standoff you could talk to him, answer any questions he may have.”

Then you turned to Daryl, gesturing with your hand from Daryl to Rick, “Daryl, my brother just wants to keep this group safe. The CDC seems to be the best place to go. If you have any suggestions or would like to help plan the trip…”

You look pointedly at your brother, “I’m *sure* my brother doesn’t mind answering and would *love* some input from someone as capable as you are.”

You looked back and forth between the two men. Rick dropped his hands, looked at the ground, and nodded, a little ashamed by his behavior.

Daryl looked at you warily, as if he was thinking it over, he looked softly into your eyes and nodded, chewing on his lip.

You smiled as you watched Rick reach out his hand and Daryl reach out his, the same. The two men shook hands and nodded, as if a silent conversation had been had between the two.

You turned back around to the people looking on, “Okay, everyone. You heard the man. Get yourselves ready to move tomorrow and then get some rest.”

The people nodded and began to move, headed to their supplies and preparing for tomorrow.

“Come on. Let me show you what Shane and I were thinkin’.” Rick said to Daryl.

Daryl nodded, looking over at you, locking his intense eyes on yours, “I’m right behind ya.”

Rick turned and walked toward the Winnebago, where there was a table set up outside and a map laid out they had been using to plan their voyage.

You stared into Daryl’s eyes and felt that all too familiar feeling; shivers ran through your body and you couldn’t help but see anyone but him. Truth be told you had had a thing for him since the moment you had met him, when him and Merle found the camp. Merle had tried to hit on you and Daryl put a quick stop to it. Merle was harsh and abrasive. Daryl could be harsh in tone, but his intensity seemed to come from a different place. He cared about everyone here. Whether he would like to admit it or not you had seen him helping out just about everyone who needed it whenever he was around. Not to mention constantly hunting for any food he could find. He was a good man.

You found yourself staring and in a daze, yet again with him. And you shook your head a little, trying to regain focus. You looked at him and smiled a little sheepishly.

He smirked and adjusted the crossbow on his shoulder, looking you up and down for a moment before locking eyes with yours again.

He licked his lips and nodded his head up at you, still smirking as if he could read your thoughts, “Ya do that for me?”

He looked down and peered up at you, awaiting your answer.

You smiled brightly and shook your head, “Now, what makes you think you’re that special, Dixon?” You laughed lightly, teasing him.

The two of you had begun to flirt more lately and you had to admit you looked forward to any interaction with the gorgeous redneck.

He smiled, seeing you were joking with him and shook his head too. Chuckling a little as he dropped his head and then locked eyes with you again. He turned and walked over to you, his body so close you could feel the electricity of it pinging off yours.

Your breath hitched and you looked up at him, all teasing gone from your expression.

He smiled softly as he watched you freeze and look down at his lips.

You slowly ran your eyes back up to his, forgetting everything else.

Daryl place one hand softly on the side of your left hip and let it rest there as he leaned in to ghost his lips with your ear.

“One of these days I’m gonna have to show ya…” Daryl whispered.

You shivered with excitement and leaned into him, you leaned in and whisper back into his ear, “Promise?”

He dropped his hand and stepped back, looking over at Rick, who was watching the entire situation, and then back at you.

He put his stoic expression back on his face and glared into your eyes, “Promise.”

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Thoughts I had while watching teen wolf 6x17

  • Jethan is so cute omg
  • “Don’t run. You fight”
  • Pappa mccall too?
  • Mason? MASON?
  • “We’re gonna need an army”
  • Deucalion is back yaas
  • “Stopping Gerard now means killing him” YES YES KILL HIM PLEASE
  • Malia I love you
  • No but ethan and jackson are baes
  • I love theo so much
  • Other bodies?
  • Gerard is a fucking monster
  • Is monroe daft? Can’t she understand how wrong everything is????
  • Wtf is going on?
  • Peter and malia moments I’ve been waiting so long
  • Scalia ftw
  • Wow the whole pack is dead surprise surprise
  • W h a t
  • Gabe you lil piece of shit
  • The flashbacks tho
  • “You’ve heard of me?"😂
  • I had really missed Jackson’s sass
ups and downs ~ soulmate series


“Good morning,” you hummed as you entered the small kitchen of Shawn’s apartment. His bare back was facing you as he was making breakfast. You leaned against the kitchen island as you watched him fry the eggs. You had to admit he looked damn good in the morning with his curls untamed and his track pants hanging loose on his waist. It was definitely a change from his usually look and you could definitely get used to seeing this more often.

“Mornin’ hun, how’d you sleep?” he asked, quickly pecking your lips as he brushed past you to get to the toast that had just popped.

“Better than expected.” You admitted, reaching for two coffee mugs in one of the cupboards and pouring yourself and Shawn a cup. He gave you a little tour the condo and where everything was yesterday and you were surprised you remembered where the mugs were.

“Should I be offended?” he chuckled as you handed him one of the mugs that was now full of coffee. Luckily you both needed your coffee in the morning because if he wasn’t a coffee drinker or didn’t have a coffee machine you didn’t know what you would do. It’s the only thing that keeps you going during the day and if you didn’t have your morning coffee you were practically dead.

“Not because of you,” you chuckled, “I was just worried that Ava would wake up in the middle of the night and forget where she is and not know where I am to come find me. Luckily she didn’t though, and for once I slept through the night.”

“You worry too much.”

“I’m a mom, it’s what we do.” you shrugged, taking a sip of your coffee before setting the hot mug on the counter. “Your eggs are going to burn.”

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Hard At Work


Request - Can I have a Harry hook imagines where he goes to Aurodon with Uma & Gil and becomes like really shy and is like an sbo. Reader is really shy and doesn’t think he knows she exists (and thinks he likes Uma who is also really popular) but he’s been like in love with her since he first got there. Thank you so much your writing is my goals
Requested by - Anon
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 708
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of Snow White)
Warnings - Nope
Summary - I think I did this wrong because I made the reader the sbo, also I assumed sbo meant small business owner..You are best friends and share a business with Tiana and Naveen’s daughter, Tina. You like to keep to yourself mostly and don’t know how to talk to people. You think your life is perfect until he comes. Also, Will do a part 2 (The Date) upon request

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Counting Up. . .

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Steve Rogers x Reader soulmate au

Prompt: A soulmate au where there’s a timer on your wrist that stops the second you meet your soulmate

An: This is the first part of a kind of series. I’m going to be posting a soulmate au for each of the other avengers…and then some. so just let me know it you want to be tagged for more

Steve looked out of the Valkyrie’s shattered cockpit window and saw that the white waste land below him was even closer than it had been a minute ago, when he last checked.

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Selina panics over every little thing in her relationship with Bruce because it is the first time she has been with someone who actually loves and appreciates her.

*Bruce and Selina are watching a movie together*

*Everything is going good but then Bruce breathes too loudly*

Selina: God I can’t do this, you breath too loud.

*Bruce working out shirtless*

Selina: Wow he is beautiful

Bruce: Do you see something you like?

Selina: I can’t do this anymore, you are too cheesey, I need to go.

*Bruce during a gala to an interviewer*

Interviewer: And who is this lovely lady?

Bruce: Isn’t she beautiful? This is my partner, Selina Kyle.

Selina: haHA partner? We barely know each other.

Interviewer: Weren’t you two just kissing?

Selina: I have to go.

Another Love

Pairing: Isaac x Fem!Reader

Requested: yes by anon❤️

A/N: Smut warning, 18+ please, a little bit angsty I guess ❤️

masterlist / coming soon

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Isaac’s words echoed in your ears, processing the information you’ve just received. Isaac, your best friend, who came back to Beacon Hills for his senior year has a girlfriend. It was strange, repeating the words in your head - it was something you never thought you would hear because you always thought, even though you and Isaac were best friends, there was something deeper between you. He gazed at you through his long eyelashes, his blue orbs filled with worry, waiting for a response. You knew your face dropped but you quickly recovered and forced a smile.

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Forelsket - Part Six

Characters - Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Word Count - 1408

AU - Soulmates

Warnings - Language, Cliffhanger, Implied depression

A/N - I’m bringing this back and I’m taking it easy so it won’t be on a daily schedule. I still don’t know how it’s going to end tbh.

Forelsket Masterlist

Nat found herself in her usual spot, leaned against the kitchen counter with a hot mug of coffee in her hand. Blowing at the steam, she peered over the rim of her cup as Steve slipped out of your room. He squeezed the door closed behind him, being sure not to make too much noise for fear of waking you up. His hair was shaggy, his beard was lush and in need of a touch-up, and there were bags living beneath his eyes.

“How’s she doing?” Natasha asked in a hushed whisper as if the sound of her voice would disturb the stillness of the apartment. “I see you go in and out but feel like I haven’t seen her in days.”

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people who think it was weird that jon apologized for what happened and felt it was false.. i don’t think they realized the emotional gravity of the situation?

daenerys was there because of jon. he had needed her, and despite the fact that she was in the middle fighting a war, the war she had been preparing for her entire life, she drops everything and rides off on her babies to go save him and his friends. and that is exactly what she does. she saves all of them. and then the NK kills viserion. i rewatched the scene, and the moment jon turns to watch is when viserion hits the ice, blood spraying everywhere… daenerys has made it so clear how much her dragons mean to her. her dragons empowered her and gave her so much strength and heart when she had none. she is known as the Dragon Queen, not the unsullied queen or the dothraki queen. and you can see it’s like watching a piece of herself die. besides drogon and rhaegal crying out, everything went silent as viserion fell. now just look at that through jon’s eyes – he had asked her there. it all had seemed hopeless until she arrived. and he watched with horror how one of her magnificent creatures fell to its death, because he had asked her to come. he spoke in episode 4 how nobody thought the world would see dragons again, and here is one dying before him. he is filled with uncontrollable anger towards the NK, and then charges towards him, slaying down any wights coming his way just to stand there and seethe at him.

& when he wakes up in the boat, then he realizes the gravity of what daenerys did. he sees how torn up she is. she had been absolutely selfless when she saved them, and lost one of her children in the process. yet she’s still there, sitting by his bedside probably for days, anxious if he is alright. and then she gives him her word that they will destory the NK and army of the dead – Together. without asking anything in return. she will fight for the north. is it really any surprise that he would finally make his decision to bend the knee to her? i feel like people who are so against from them being together and are ignoring the emotional aspects in favor of seeking out anything, any hint that jon could be deceiving daenerys in any way, only to latch onto that tiny thread and draw it out to elaborate and write metas on, don’t really understand what exactly happened. it was not ooc. there was no character assassination. just two beautiful characters finally clicking into place as they both had realizations about each other.

EXO Reaction when they eavesdrop their teenage daughter saying to their mom they have a crush

I think I have a similar one but this was really cute so meh. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He wishes he’d never heard that* “A boy… my girl… why did I… I need to call Kyungsoo and go into a secret mission…”


“No… no… my girl is not in age for this! No! I refuse to let this happen!” *Overprotective dad or what?*


“Me doen’t likey… MY princess is mine alone…. it’ll take a lot to win an Oh’s heart…” *Bet he’s forming a plan to stop this XD*


*Trying really hard to pretend he didn’t hear it* “Is it him.. no  I don’t think so… maybe that one… he looks like a Panda… my girl likes pandas… ugh… I need to know… why can’t I just ask her..”


*Stays near the door listening* “My baby… she’s really in love. This hurts my heart… I don’t want her to get hurt…”


*Can’t help himself but to listen to the whole conversation* “WOAH… it’s the first time she sounds this… passionate… I want to know this guy… give her some advice too..” *Dad goals*


*Probably will have 10000 mental break downs after listening the conversation* “They grow….. so fast…. she’ll leave me…. my 12 year old girl….”


“A boy she said? I thought she still liked cats and dogs and played with dolls… who’s this boy and what has he done with my girl!” *Really dramatic Lu xD*


“WAE! WAEEEE!!!!!!! She’s so young!!! WAAAAE!” *Screams from the other side of the door* “Ehh…. jeez….. I think they heard me… better go hide….“


“Guys… please let me hear… I need to know who we are going to kill next…” *Nah just kidding he just wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt his girl xD*


“WHY didn’t she tell me! AHH…. I could give her some flirting tips and everything!” *Probably says that too loud… in the middle of nowhere… while everyone is watching*


*So done with life* “I’m going to call the bodyguards…  seems like they haven’t been doing their job well…” XD

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


Fireplace crackling, wine in her blood. She swirls the cabernet, tilting the glass, watching the jeweled liquid struggle to reconcile itself with the forces of gravity and momentum. This is Mulder, she reminds herself, waiting for his shadow under the door. This is just Mulder. 

Be forthright and honest. Give him an out. 

The grate of his key in the lock jars her, and in the looming immediacy of his presence, her heart begins to stutter. She downs the rest of the wine in one swish, and sets the glass on the coffee table. Shit, she should bring it to the sink, he shouldn’t know she’s been drinking -

Mulder opens the door. He’s rumpled and unshaven, in work wear, his necktie loose. “Hey, Scully,” he says, gentle, almost hesitant, eyeing her as he shrugs off his snow-dusted coat and drapes it over a chair. Jacket next. She tries to absorb him, taking him in, repeating the mantra. This is just Mulder. 

“Hi. Um. Why don’t you sit down?” He purses his lips and walks around to the couch, easing himself down so that he’s angled towards her. A warm hand on her knee, a cacophony in her mind. 

“Scully,” he begins. 

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If You Ever Want To Be In Love - Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: After six years, (y/n) is back in Beacon Hills looking after her nephews while her brother heals after a near-fatal accident, she never expected to see Derek Hale again but he might be the only thing that keeps her going.

Inspired by James Bays’ ‘If You Ever Want To Be In Love’, you can listen to it here.

A/N: Toby is eight, Skye and Alex are five. 

As always thanks to @agirlwithpointlessideas

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

Originally posted by hobrien

Trailing after her nephews as they raced around the supermarket, occasionally throwing random items in the trolley, (y/n) decided she never wanted children. She’d only been looking after them for two hours and she already had a headache, though she guessed that wasn’t entirely their fault, sleeping in a hospital chair before picking them up probably hadn’t helped. Last night she’d barely made it home from work when she’d been called by the hospital, her heart working itself into a frenzy when the doctor told her that her brother, Michael, had been in a serious car accident. (Y/n) had abandoned everything, driving the two hours to Beacon Hills without hesitation and spending the night by her brother’s beside, volunteering to take time off work to take care of his sons while he recovered.

(Y/n) watched in confusion as Toby and Alex zigzagged their way down the aisle, stopping to admire multi-coloured boxes of cereal before continuing their rampage. Part of her was pleased that they were so calm despite their dad’s current state, the other half of her wished she’d put off food shopping to get some rest. She pushed the trolley around the corner, working her way down the snack aisle when she realised the boys had disappeared. (Y/n) whipped her head around, her eyes frantically looking up and down the aisle as she searched for them. Abandoning the trolley, she rushed around the supermarket, wondering if Michael would ever speak to her again in she couldn’t find them. She was on the brink of tears when she spotted them talking with a little girl in the baked goods aisle. Her heart stopped as she rushed towards them, kneeling down to gather them in her arms. The boys squirmed away from her, laughing as her frantic kisses tickled their cheeks.

“Don’t do that to me” (Y/n) didn’t realise she was crying until Toby’s eye grew almost comically wide. “I don’t mind you getting things on your own but you need to tell me first okay?”

“Sorry, Auntie (y/n)” She pulled them closer, trying to pretend that she wasn’t crying in the middle of the supermarket.

“Skye, did you pick what you wanted?” A deep voice called down the aisle as the girl Toby and Alex had been talking to turned around. (Y/n) rose to her feet, drying her cheeks as Derek Hale came around the corner. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him bend down to scoop his daughter into his arms, an adoring smile growing on his face when Skye showed him the cookie she’d picked out. (Y/n) hadn’t seen Derek since the night she’d left for college, leaving him and everything they had together behind. She was frozen in place, any form of greeting caught in her throat as she debated whether or not he’d notice if she ran away. As if he could hear her panicking, Derek looked up from Skye, meeting (y/n)’s eyes as his eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline. Not trusting her voice, she lifted her hand, waving awkwardly before Toby batted it down, snickering as he watched a blush spread across his aunt’s cheeks.

“H-hi…” Derek’s voice was soft as he set Skye down, but not before placing a kiss on her forehead. Adorable.

Forcing a smile onto her face, (y/n) cleared her throat. “Hey, how have you been?”

He blinked at her before shaking his head, only just realising he hadn’t actually responded. “Good, y’know working a lot,” Derek scratched the back of his neck. “Are you okay? You look a bit…frazzled”

A bitter laugh escaped (y/n)’s lips as she looked down at her attire, she was in her work clothes from yesterday and she hadn’t brushed her hair, the fact that she’d just been crying probably wasn’t helping her case. “I guess I do”

“I’m sorry, that was so rude” Derek stepped closer, his hands hovering awkwardly in the air as his brows settled heavily over his eyes.

“It’s okay, the last couple of hours have been a bit of a nightmare, my appearance kinda took a backseat” The concern that grew in Derek’s eyes made her want to start crying again.

“What happened?”

“Daddy was in an accident, he was taken to the hospital” Toby reached for (y/n)’s hand, he was oddly intuitive for an eight-year-old.

“Michael?” She nodded, taken aback that Derek still remembered her brother’s name. “Is he going to be okay?”

(Y/n) nodded, a shaky breath rattling her chest as she squeezed Toby’s hand. “Yeah, he’ll be fine”

He searched her face, a familiar feeling settling across his chest as he offered her a small smile. “If you need anything, call me, okay?”

“We’ll be fine, honestly-“

“(Y/n/n), I want to help, will you let me?” The nickname rolled so easily off his tongue that (y/n) couldn’t think clearly. Taking her silence as a yes, Derek pulled a business card out of his wallet, placing it in her hand gently. “Anything you need, just call”

He smiled at her again before taking Skye by the hand and walking back to his trolley. They’d almost disappeared when (y/n) called out after him.

“Thank you” Derek grinned over his shoulder, waving as he made his way to the checkouts. She was frozen in place, her heart stammering in her chest. It was only when the boys started making kissing noises that (y/n) was snapped out of her daze.

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One day, she’s going to know. She’ll know your birthday, your middle name, where you were born, your star sign, and your parents names. She’ll know how old you were when you learnt to ride a bike, how your grandparents passed away, how many pets you had, and how much you hated going to school. She’ll know your eye colour, your scars, your freckles, your laugh lines and your birth marks. She’ll know your favourite book, movie, candy, food, pair of shoes, colour, and song. She’s going to know why you’re awake at 5am most nights, where you were when you realised you’d lost a good friend, why you picked up the razor and how you managed to put it down before things went too far. She’s going to know your phobias, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your worries. She’s going to know about your first heartbreak, your dream wedding, and your problems with your parents. She’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, laziness, energy, and your mixed emotions. She’s going to know about your love for mayonnaise, your dream of being famous when you were five, your need to quote any film you know all the way through, and your fear of growing older. She’ll know your bad habits, your mannerisms, your stroppy pout, your facial expressions, and your laugh like it’s her favourite song. The way you chew, drink, walk, sleep, fidget and kiss. She’s going to know that you’ve already picked out wedding flowers, baby names, tiles for the bathroom, bridesmaid dresses, and the colour of your bedroom walls. She’s going to know, get annoyed at and then accept that you leave clothes everywhere, take twenty minutes to order a Starbucks, have to organise your DVD’s alphabetically, and check your horoscope… just incase. She’ll know your McDonald’s order, how many sugars to put in your tea, how many scoops of ice cream you want, and that you need your sandwiches cut into triangles. She’s going to know how you feel without you telling her, that you need a wee from a look on your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. She’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. She’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? She is still going to love you.
—  Unknown
31, 29 w/ Roman Reigns

31.“What are you so happy about?”
29. “I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”
Prompt from this list

It’s been ten months since your boyfriend of five years popped the question, of course you said yes and now with your wedding right around the corner you have to make sure everything is perfect. 

You were currently sitting in a hotel room in the middle of Oregon going over the seating chart as Roman layed across the edge of the bed watching you. 

“Okay so we can’t sit my aunt over here, shes a heavy drinker we need to keep her as far away from the bar as possible. And for some reason  my brother doesn’t get along with Jimmy so It’s best if we place them as far away from each other as we can.” You sighed fiddling with the name slips in your hand. You looked up at Roman who had a giant smile plastered on his face as he watched your ramble on about a seating chart. “What are you so happy about?”  You asked setting the names on the night stand.

Nothing.” He laughed shaking his head. “It’s just- I’m just now realizing that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” You felt your cheeks get hot as you looked into his pale blue eyes. “You’re so beautiful, and after we get married, we’re gonna make beautiful little babies.” You brought your hands up to your face to hide your bright red cheeks. Roman scooted closer to you taking your hands from your face and holding them in his. 

“I think it’s adorable how easily you blush. It reminds me of the first time I ever met you. All I did was open my mouth to say hello and your face was redder than hell.” Roman smiled as you leaned into his shoulder, slightly burying your face in his neck. 

“I love you.” You mumbled rubbing his leg. 

“I love you too, babygirl. Now lets figure this chart thing out. 

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Number 6 Lup teasing Taako about Kravitz? :)

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!” 

“So,” Lup starts, falling onto the couch dramatically as she spreads herself over her brother’s lap. “Let’s talk about this whole… grim reaper beau thing.”

All Taako does is lift his book up and out of his lap to make room for his twin now resting her head on his lap. He continues reading over her face. “You’ve got one, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but we’re not like, real grim reapers yet! You’ve got the real deal, a guy who’s been in the business for a long time!” The book in his hands is knocked away and onto the floor, though it’s obvious Taako wasn’t paying much attention to the words as he just grins down at his sister. “C’mon, I told you everything about me and Barry, I wanna hear about my bro’s love life! We thought you were impotent for a century.”

He scoffs. “I’m perfectly potent, and so is he.”


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An Archangel Competition

This was requested by an anon: Um I was wondering if you could write something with Gabriel and Lucifer where they’re both trying to get the reader’s attention? Like idk they do stupid things you impress you.

Pairing: Lucifer, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing)

Word count: 721

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

It wasn’t common for archangels to fight over humans.  When Lucifer and Gabriel met you a few years ago, they never thought they would be trying to win over your love and affection.  It was more surprising that Lucifer wanted your attention at all.  Things were starting to get out of hand.

You walked into your house after a hard day at work and as usual you were welcomed home by the two archangel brothers.  They tried to shove each other out of the way, but that went about as well as a kindergarten playground fight.

“Hey Gabriel, hey Lucifer,” you sighed, walking into the living room.   You set your bag down on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch.  “I don’t have the energy for this right now.”  You loved Gabriel and Lucifer, but you were too exhausted to play their game.

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Broken Heart. Part 2

Relationships: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Summary: Y/N’s friend -Bill- is getting married. He wants her help. Is she gonna help him or confess her feelings?

Warnings:  angst

Word Count:2915

A/N: Thanks for the request @mirachowder :) Special thanks to @bill-skarsgard-lil-hoe   @fandomimcurrentlyobsessedabout  for wanting me to write part 2.I hope you like it.

Guys, English isn’t my native language. I know I made mistakes. But my native language is very different than English and the story is full of mistakes. Please understand.
Just Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. I take requests btw.With love.x

part 3

  It was Saturday afternoon. Usually, people spent their Saturdays resting, going to brunch with their loved ones or doing an activity that they loved. But for Y/N, that was different Saturday. More work, less time … Y/N sometimes was pissed at her job; there was no holiday like other people. Even Saturdays would be more intense than other days.  Y/N checked her makeup on the rearview mirror and got off the car. The client, Anabel, was a lovely girl and wanted a wedding that she had dreamed of since her childhood. She would prefer customers who plan everything. Anabel wanted to be at an old farmhouse inherited from her family. When Y/N saw the old house, she had already begun to plan. The place was really beautiful. It would be much nicer with a little change. She waved at Anabel waiting in front of the house and guessed that her mother was next to Anabel. Anabel hugged Y/N with excitement; she could see her eyes glowing. Anabel went back to the other woman. Y/N walked towards to them and Anabel introduced her mother.

“Y/N, this is my mother Maria. I wanted her to come with me. It’s okay, isn’t it?"Y/N shook her hand and smiled.

"No, I’m even honored. So, do you want to see?” Y/N showed the keys she held firmly in her hand. When she saw the excited mother-daughter, she decided to leave all her problems behind and they all started to walk home together.

“Alex, Anabel liked everything. Except for the position of the tables, we need to fix them. Now I am going back to home, trusting you and other guys. When you finish, send me the photos. "Y/N took the phone kit off her ear. The lonely and quiet house … The last few months have been tough for her. She never felt good after the night. The first week she spent with Bill was so beautiful. They hardly ever left the house, Bill cooked for her; they watched a movie together. They were hugged and slept; they did everything that a couple does at home. Nobody bothered them except for Alida’s calls. Y/N was uncomfortable with this situation. She thought of herself as a bad person. Although she liked Bill, she didn’t want to be a cheater. Bill told her that he was waiting for Alida’s shootings to end and that he would talk when she returned. According to Bill, this matter was so sensitive that he couldn’t talk over the phone, and Y/N accepted it. Alida’s shooting was prolonged, and when Bill called, Alida changed the subject over and over again as if she knew what it was. Y/N sat and talked to Bill when she realized how messed up it was. She told him that she couldn’t go on like this, even though she didn’t like Alinda. Bill listened to the woman with worry. When he realized what she meant, he objected to her with fear. No, they weren’t gonna leave. No, Bill would find a way. All this happened about three months ago. Y/N hadn’t seen him ever since Bill left the house that night. She had chosen not to meet with his family. She knew that he wanted to talk to Y/N from the phones that rang every night, from the doors being knocked. Her heart told her that this was the right thing, although painful. When this “Alida situation” disappeared in eternity, Y/N could breathe deeply and live as she felt.

        Y/N forgot that she was on the road for a moment when she was captive to her thoughts.  As the car went down the road, when she passed a roundabout that she didn’t suppose, she heard a few horns behind. When she realized that she could just die, she took a deep breath and parked her car at the roadside and landed on her way out of the car. She realized that her hands were shaking when she sat in front of her car. She was in a terrible state, and she no longer had the pleasure of acting like she was happy. While the tears hurt her eyes, she took a deep breath and looked at the sky. It was as blue as it could be. Y/N closed her eyes when she saw the bird flying over her. She wished to be a bird and get as far away as she wanted. But life wasn’t a story; the writer wouldn’t turn her into a bird. She knew she had to return to her real life.

    She saw someone waiting on the patio when she parked her car on the garage road of her house. The man was sitting on the stairs on her patio, his hoodie masking his face. Y/N was breathless when she tried to guess who this tall guy would be. She thought that she clearly stated that she didn’t want Bill in her life, and when she was walking to her house she tried to prepare herself for what it would happen. As she approached the man, she felt that her knees had been turned to jelly. When the man felt her presence, he lifted his head and Y/N held the breath away. It wasn’t Bill, but his brother Alexander.

"Hey.” Y/N mumbled salute without knowing what to say. Alexander gave her the once-over and stood up.

“Hey, you look terrible.” Y/N already knew. She had to spend more time in front of the mirror than ever to hide the dark circles under her eyes. Nevertheless, the woman she saw in the mirror was unhappy and looked like a dead person. She didn’t want to reveal her true feelings but clutched her keys in her hand as she went up the stairs.

“How sweet you are, thank you.” Alexander rolled his eyes and went inside with her.

“Here take this, you should be fucking cold. How long have you been waiting for me? 10 minutes? "She left the hot chocolate in front of the man sitting on the couch and she sat too. He smelled the cup with his red nose and closed his eyes for a short moment when he took the first sip. Y/N smiled into this charming man and started to drink.

"Actually, I was waiting for you for an hour, not minutes. Time hung heavy on your hands. "Y/N lifted her eyebrows with surprise and looked at the man.

"I am sorry, I had a representation. You could call me. "He rolled his eyes.

"We’ve seen what happened when we’ve been trying to reach over the phone in the last few weeks. I thought the most logical move was to come home. "Y/N got angry with herself. Because she was afraid of confronting Bill, she lost touch with everyone. She wanted to open her mouth and tell him something. She didn’t know what to say. What did Bill tell his family? How much did they know about their fucked up relationship?

"I am sorry; I didn’t want to upset you. I know everything. "Y/N held her breath and looked at the man without blinking an eye.

"In fact, almost all the family knows. Bill was honest with his family, and even if he hadn’t told us, we would figure out. "She closed her eyes when she heard his voice shrinking toward the end of the censer. She tried to guess how Bill was. Was he sad as well as her? Was he helpless? Did he feel lost? When her eyes started to burn, she leaned over her head to hide it.

"He’s in a terrible situation. Valter and I had to go his home a few times and we were afraid to find a dead person inside. He doesn’t answer our calls; he doesn’t come out of the house. "Y/N felt she was dying inside with every word she heard. She had the courage to lift her head as her lips shaking and look at the man in front of. She looked into his desperate face, his fingers he had rubbed with concern.

"I’m sorry.” That’s what Y/N could only say. Talking about Bill was harder than she thought. Talking about the sad Bill was ruining Y/N.

“You know his birthday tomorrow, don’t you?” She nodded at him. She never could forget it, but her phone reminded her it was Bill’s birthday tomorrow.

“Mom wants to have a little party. Just us and a few Bill’s closest friends … It’s not that crowded. Are you gonna come? “Y/N hated herself for what she was going to do after seeing the man’s hopeful gaze.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea, Alexander.” She pushed a pinch of her hair behind her ear and nibbled her lower lip.

“Come on, if Bill hears you are gonna come, he will get out of that house and celebrate his birthday. I don’t think he will take the trouble to come otherwise. Please, Y/N? ”

“It has to be like this, Alex, please don’t force my hand. Ask his fiancé; I’m sure she can bring Bill to the party. "Alexander got up and took his head between his hands.

”That girl can’t do shit. We don’t want her in our lives, any of us. "When she saw the fury man, she stood up and walked to the door. She opened the door and returned to the man.

"I’m sorry Alexander; don’t ask me to do this. Give my regards to your family. "Alexander understood the message and came to the door. He turned to Y/N before he left home. He pulled her into his arms and hugged tightly.

"Please think again.” Y/N nodded and closed the door behind Alexander.

    Last night, the phone didn’t stop ringing. Persistent messages from Alex, Eija’s Facetime calls, Valter’s calls … When she brushed her teeth and got into her bed, she turned the silent mode on her phone. The thing that illuminated the dark room was the light of the phone. When she reached out and took her hand, she saw it was a new message.

“Please come back tomorrow and I promise to fix everything. If you love me a little, please come tomorrow. ”

     Here Y/N came. She looked at the magnificent house of Skarsgård family from the outside. She was afraid to walk. Her legs were against her and she couldn’t make her first step. She thought of Bill’s message again. What did he mean when he said he’d fix everything? She stopped her flickering breath and stood upright. When she knocked at the door without knowing what she hoped for, Eija answered the door. Y/N giggled when she saw the party hat she had put on her head. For the first time after a long time, she realized that she was laughing sincerely.

“I’m so glad to see you, please come in.” Y/N walked in. Her eyes were over the living room. It was really a small party. She saw Stellan and My in the corner. They were talking about something while sipping. She wondered if Megan was there either. When she saw Megan sitting with her sons on the couch, she waved to Kolbjörn, who realized her.

“You came.” Y/N smiled at Alexander who coming with his arms wide open, and nodded at him. She felt peaceful when she was in his arms. She figured out how she punished herself by getting away from them. She was crazy, longed to see those people she felt like family. When she pulled back, she realized he had his eyes shine with joy. When she looked behind his shoulder, her breath stopped. Bill was staring at Y/N. When Alexander saw what she was focusing on, he winked at his brother and left them alone.

“Y/N.” When Y/N heard the man’s voice, her heart beat like crazy. She watched the man with an eagle eye. She looked at the hunchback beneath his clothes. When she realized his face was sagging due to the pounds he had given, she wanted to caress his cheek. She took a few steps when she saw the green eyes staring at.

“Happy birthday.” Bill gently pulled her into his arms as afraid to break her. He couldn’t stop sniffing her. Both were trying to get away from their longing while standing in the middle of the living room. Y/N heard his heartbeat as she pulled the familiar cologne smell.

“I forgot to buy a present, sorry.” Bill smiled at her.

“You came, it’s enough for me.” Y/N nodded at him, smiling happily

“Oh, hey Y/N.”  She came out of the dream she was in with her voice and turned to the woman.

"Hello, Alida.”

      As Y/N leaned against the kitchen counter and watched the people, Eija came to her and gave her a glass of her own. Y/N chugged without thinking. Her eyes weren’t leaving the couple for a moment.

“Slow down girl, are you trying to get drunk?” She didn’t even pay attention to Eija’s joke.

“Maybe if I get drunk, seeing them won’t hurt me much.” Bill looked at the woman as he pushed Alida’s arms around him. When Y/N felt the man’s gaze, she turned her head to Eija. When she saw that Eija looked at her brother and his fiancé in disgust, she relieved. Alexander was telling the truth about how they felt. The family really didn’t like Alida.

“Oh, I hate this woman.” Y/N grabbed the bottle of wine standing in the stalls and filled her glass to overflowing.

“If you hate, why haven’t you ever talked to your brother? Why didn’t all of you ever talk about it? "Eija waved her shoulders as she returned to Y/N with surprise. Y/N was focusing on the wrong person. The person who she was supposed to spill out hatred against was the woman who caressed Bill’s cheek.

"Y/N, please you know Bill. If we wanted him to break up with Alida, he wouldn’t listen. He is a grown man; we can’t get involved in his life. "Y/N blinked when she heard the pain in her voice.

"I’m sorry, Eija, I shouldn’t chew your ass out. I think I really missed the wine too much. "Eija wanted to indicate that it wasn’t important, and she stroked Y/N’s arm and went to his brother who called.

"Hey, are you happy where you hid?” Y/N didn’t even bother to turn her head and look at the man.

“I was happy, at least until you came.” Alcohol made Y/N a cranky person. Bill must be understood that he took the wine bottle from her lap. When Y/N tried to grumble to reach the bottle, Bill pulled the bottle further away. Y/N got up the cold floor she sat in and stood against the man.

“I’d rather be drunk to watch you and that woman. At least the bottle of 1978 Montrachet doesn’t hurt me like you. "Bill left the bottle on the back of the table and wanted to reach out to the woman and caress her face. Despite her drunkenness, both were amazed when Y/N was withdrawn with the retribution. She licked her lips and turned her tough gaze at his.

"So, Bill, did you invite me to show how happy you are?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” When Bill stepped into the woman, Y/N took a step back. Their gaze didn’t separate from each other for a moment.

“I didn’t invite her. Even my family didn’t invite her. She heard it somewhere and came. When I saw her, I was as angry as you. "Y/N wanted to believe that he was telling the truth.

"Do you think I’m happy with her? Do you think I want her with me when you’re the only person I want? Do you think I am happy in her arms when I want to disappear among your arms? Do you think that her skin sucks on me when I’m in need of your touch? "Bill took a step towards the woman in every sentence, and Y/N had no other place to escape. She looked at him speaking with a low voice when her back hugged the cold wall. The sound of the voice was ebbing, but his eyes were telling everything in a very loud voice. Bill put his hand on Y/N’s chin.

"Do you think I can marry her when I want to be happy with you for a lifetime?” “Why are you still not break up with her then? Why are you giving me this pain? To me?  To us? “ Y/N felt that she was lost for a moment in his green eyes.

"Don’t worry Y/N; he won’t have to make you suffer anymore. Because I am breaking up with him. "Y/N and Bill forgot everything and when they looked at each other, they didn’t realize that everyone in the home was watching them. When they both looked at the same time to the woman, she realized Alida was playing a ring on her finger. When she left the house without a word, Bill became the first to realize what was going on.

"Alida, wait!” Y/N wanted to be buried in the wall she was leaning on. Watching Bill’s back, pursuing Alida, a drop of tears came from her right eye and fell between her feet.