i need to go to sleep now good night

"i fell in love with a girl" mixtape

1. helplessly // tatiana manaois

“i’m not a coffee drinker, but i lost sleep just thinking of you. so pour me a cup, i need to wake up, i need love - now give it to me.”

2. red // miki ratsula

“a tilt in her head and parted lips, all sense of time vanishes. the engine stands still, my heart does not. fingers intertwined, her skin is soft.”

3. drove me wild // tegan and sara

“when i envision you, i think of your sheets tangled up beneath me, your body inching closer to the edge.”

4. one bad night // hayley kiyoko

“when it feels this good, don’t let go. you make me feel like i wanna be bad.”

5. oceans // lauren sanderson

“every time i see her smile, i feel that time is passing me.”

6. drive // halsey

“your laugh echoes down the highway, carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness. it’s bliss.”

total track time: 23 minutes

i absolutely hate it when advice posts tell you to study all the time. i just read one that said, “if you sleep now, you’ll dream. if you study now, you’ll live your dream.” i mean, it could be metaphorical, but it’s actually a really unhealthy message. studying constantly is not healthy. you need to have a balanced life. you need to have a social life, you need to exercise, you need to sleep. how on earth can you be the best version of yourself if you only study? look after yourself. get at least 6 hours sleep a night. eat healthy food. go outside and see your friends. do things that you love. studying constantly, through the night and day, is not good for you at all. and it’s time that the studyblr community learned that.

Peridot:You cannot catch the peridot ! Nehhahaha !

It’s my first time using markers , I pretty like how it come out
Those YouTube tutorials help me a lot !

“sh'lock… wha’ time izit?”
“five to three go back to sleep”
“..mmyIPES are those icicle your feet?!?”
“yeah sorry I’ll scoot back”
“don’t be ridiculous c'mere”
“like this?”
“yeah now pass me your hands too. there nice and toasty.”
“good night john”
“….I love you”
“love you too”

~ SPN 12x11 coda ~

Dean’s head still throbbed by the time the [Lebanon - 13 miles] sign gleamed in the Impala’s headlights. The three cups of coffee at dinner had not helped to ease the pain, and neither had the four Ibuprofen Sam gave him once they got back to the car. Sleep – that’s what he needed now.

He rubbed his hand over his face, grimacing at the stabbing ache behind his eyes. “Want me to take over?” Sam asked, Dean dropping his hand to the wheel. He sounded concerned and rightly so. If Dean was being honest with himself, Sam should have been the one to drive.

But since when was he honest, especially with himself?

“Nah, I’m good.” He tightened his grip on the steering wheel when Sam scoffed. “Besides, we’re almost home.”

Dean could almost feel Sam roll his eyes. He scanned the shadowed turnoffs for the one that would lead them home. His inner autopilot told him that it was coming up soon, but the actual location was escaping him right now. Panic fluttered in his chest and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from voicing his concerns. He could figure this out; he could remember this…there was no need to worry Sam.

“Dean.” Sam pointed off to the left side of the road. “Did you forget our turn?” He recognized it then, his anxiety decreasing a little as he slowed down and turned onto the gravel road.

It was not too long before they reached the bunker. Dean was relieved, if not a little overwhelmed, by the rush of memories flooding. Everything would be back to normal in the morning, probably…He just needed to sleep off the lingering remains of the spell.

“Go inside,” Sam said once Dean parked the Impala. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“So bossy.” Dean slipped out of his seat and grinned back at Sam. He closed the car door and trudged to the front door, his keys jingling in his hand.

The muted sounds of a far-off TV greeted Dean once he was inside the bunker. He squinted, the florescent lights grating against his headache. The high-pitched ring of the TV led him to the study where he found Cas. He glanced over to the doorway when Dean cleared his throat. “Hey, Cas.”

“You’re back.” His brow furrowed as Dean staggered into the room. Little specks of light danced around the edges of his vision as Cas sat up on the couch. “Are you okay? Dean?” Dean nodded, his temples throbbing in protest at the quick movement. He must have winced, judging by the concerned tch of Cas’ tongue. Dean sat on the edge of the couch next to him and met his eyes. “What happened?”

“Witch. Lost my memory for a while. Now all I’ve got is this headache.”

Cas extended his hand, placing his fore and middle fingertips on Dean’s temple. The vice-like pressure vanished in a blink of an eye. Cas’ gentle touch lingered for a few seconds before he dropped his hand to the space between them on the couch. “Better?”

Dean moved to stand, happy to find that the world was no longer topsy-turvy. “Much. Thanks, buddy.”

“It’s what I’m here for.” 

Dean looked down at Cas who had gone back to watching TV, anxiety tightening around his chest. The mantra he had chanted to himself all day sprang unbidden to his mind once again. My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. And Casti – 

“You’re my best friend.” He blurted before the panic he felt earlier could settle in again. “You know that, right?” A tiny smile curved the corner of Cas’ lips as he nodded. “Promise me you won’t forget that.”

Cas glanced over, looking like he was about to make some sort of sarcastic remark. His smirk, slight as it was, dropped when he took in Dean’s solemn expression. “I promise.”

A sigh of relief loosened the anxious tension constricting his chest. Dean smiled as he headed for the door. “Night, Cas.” He paused when he reached the doorway, glancing over his shoulder to find Cas watching him. “See you tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

anonymous asked:

Supercorp. Who would be the one to spoil their children? Could be adopted or science magic that makes them biologically theirs.

Alright so I just got this super sad headcanon where when they adopt their child (now accepting suggestions for a good name), she’s about two years old and that first night it takes her forever to go to sleep and the only way she finally sleeps is to have Lena hold her and Kara sing to her.

After she falls asleep, Kara tries to get Lena to come to bed because it’s 3am but Lena starts crying and refuses to let go, saying that her daughter needs to be held and to always ķnow that she’s loved.  And Kara doesn’t really have an answer for that other than to gather them up in her arms and rock them until they fall asleep in an uncomfortable mess on the couch.

Alright so anyways,  Lena is all the time buying the kid stuff because while the Luthors had money, they never really spent it on what she wanted just on what she needed to keep up the Luthor name and Kara has just given up trying to fight it.

But they do family charity work all the time and it keeps her grounded. And her favorite toy by far is the big brown teddy bear her Mum gave her when she was first adopted - yes, that teddy bear!

Listen. I see antis getting mad again and I feel like I need to speak up. Do you think we are doing this for fun?

I wish Louis and the other boys were having babies for real. Just not under these circumstances. If I had a reason to believe Louis is straight I wouldn’t be here talking about Larry. I’d be excited at the thought of Louis being a dad. I would be talking about what a lovely couple Louis and Danielle make. But that’s not the case. For anyone with a brain willing to look at facts it’s clear this stuff is shady.

Similar case for Liam. I would love to be excited at the thought of him being a dad. Yet I’m not.

Babygate 1 and 2 are literally what our worst nightmares are made off. We don’t make that shit up cause we like drama. There’s enough drama without 1D. The reason so many Larries have left is (mostly) not cause they stopped believing. It’s because it was too stressful for them. These events are causing people stress, they are making us worry.

I would love to be able to just believe everything that’s being fed to me and not be bothered. But I can’t. I have a functioning brain and I notice things are not what they look like. I can’t and won’t ignore that. Please stop being so mad at us. If you believe Freddie is Louis’ son, go ahead. If you believe Liam and Cheryl are happy, sure. I don’t mind you thinking that if you don’t harass me with it. Yet you are the ones yelling at us for having a different opinion. Can’t we just leave each other alone? Time will tell who is right and wrong.


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even people who have good intentions will take advantage of you if you do not set boundaries.

when i was younger, i thought being a good friend meant being there for every friend in every way. i thought being a good girlfriend meant talking all hours of the night and just being on the phone.

now, i know that it is not my job to be my friend’s therapists, and that i love being there for them if and only if they are there for me. because it’s a friendship, not a job. 

and now, i know that if i need to go to bed, i take my ass to sleep. and a good boyfriend knows how to respect my time and my sleep, and takes time out of his day to set time apart for us.

many of us have not learned how to prioritize ourselves while still knowing how to give and love without running ourselves ragged. so a part of growing up is maybe unlearning some of the things that inhibit us and learning new habits or new ways to cope with our past so that was don’t allow ourselves to be used. because people don’t deserve to be used.

Things I’d do if I was friends with a girl who loved being tickled in real life #18

Wake-up Tickles.
Ok, we had a nap, a good night’s sleep, whatever. Cuddling was fun, maybe we had some nice dreams and I woke up with a dead arm. I don’t mind, because you were comfy. I’m just hoping the feeling comes back before I need to get dressed, because this floppy appendage isn’t very helpful (get your minds out of the gutter, folks. I see you). I’ve gotten up, but you’re just refusing to wake up.
“Oh come on, we need to get going!”
Nothing but mumbling and curling further into a ball.
“Seriousy, now. Wake up, silly”
“Fine then, guess we do this the fun way”
My hand reaches under the bottom of the blankets to find your feet and begins scribbling lightly at your soles. You start to shift around as I hear unconscious protests.
“Cootchie coo. Wakey wakey, hun”
You feel me slide my hands further up to your legs, spidering along your thighs and hips, up to your sides, as you start to wake slowly.
“Tickle monster has things to do today with you!”
I duck into the covers and slide next to you, before sitting up, taking the blanket with my as a robe. The cold air finds you, as do my hands again, tickling softly at your sides and ribs, along your tummy.
“Awww, is someone suddenly feeling a little more active? Huh? Tickle tickle~”
The soft tickling is enough to rouse you from your slumber, but slowly and through spurts of quiet giggles. You begin to protest verbally, but also greet me good morning when I start to slow down. I come to a stop and remove myself from the bed. You sit up and look at me, smiling, asking if that’s it? But then remind yourself that it’s fair if I need to get out on time. I turn to you smiling.
“I set my alarm half an hour early” I speak through a smug grin. “Tickle monster always plans ahead”
You smile as I jump back into the bed and we resume our previous activities. It’s a great way to wake up on the weekdays, even it means I get a little less sleep. Hell, you should see the weekends.
Plus I swear you pretend to be alseep sometimes…?


Thursday things 😋

• slept in until noon which was needed!!

• went on an easy nice 3 miler and then walked 1 mile home.

• now I’m sipping on coffee and watching last nights Criminal Minds!

• then after this I am going to do my bio hw and kinesiology hw/quiz so that it’s done before I go away this weekend!

• I work tonight from 8pm to 4am 💀 but at least I slept in super late today and got a good 11 hours of sleep to get me through lol

• and then I’ll come home at 4, sleep for a few hours, and then we’re leaving for Tahoe at like 11am-noon tomorrow!! 🙌🏼

• I am nervous to be gone from work for a whole 5 days and from alisha for that long but I know that’s not healthy and hats the attachment issues coming to the surface. So maybe a week away will be good, get some space and take a few steps back so when I come back things are good. But things have been pretty good lately anyways, so good all around lol

• alright, I’m gonna watch the rest of this episode, make some food and do hw! I hope you’re all doing well! 😊


She’s your responsibility now.