i need to go to comic con

I need a moment. Today at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I had a little girl run up to me screaming “STARFIRE STARFIRE MOMMY OH MY GOSH LOOK!” She told me all about how I was her favorite Teen Titan and how much she loved my show. She kept looking into my eyes and telling me how beautiful they were. I was wearing green sclera contacts, you can see them in he video I recently posted. She also played with my hair and I thought I was going to melt because of the cuteness. When I said I liked her Wonder Woman outfit, she said I should put stars on my shirt since I was from “space and stuff like that.” I told her I’d have to ask Robin first, and she literally squealed. “You have to because Robin’s the leader!! Is he here today too?!” I told her yes, but he was on a secret mission and hiding somewhere.
Moral of the story - whenever you talk badly about the new Teen Titans Go, remember who it’s geared towards. Yes, I miss the titans I grew up with, but I adore the fact that little ones will grow up loving the same characters I do today.


ever since I saw a video of craig mccracken at comic con and saying how he was originally going to have Eduardo sound really beautiful, this has been sitting in my head for the past couple of days and I felt the need to share this with the world. 

It is 2am down here please spare me


Hey everyone!!

So here’s the thing, my mother and I are going to sell at a Comic Con in Texas and I need to prepare for new merch, but to do that I need extra scratch for supplies and new displays. So I put up a few Keychains and necklaces on my mom’s eBay.

Link provided here:


Some items even include free shipping!

Any questions feel free to DM me!

So, Louise Brealey was a sweetheart. She told me about her friend who has a trans kid to help me understand how my mum is feeling, and she completely loves my name! I asked for a hug and she gave me one and said she wasn’t going to let go so that I’d be stuck there with her until I needed to pee, and then she pulled me in for another cuddle! She also wrote ‘lots of love’ on my autograph, and she said I was the first she’d written that to! She is such a lovely human, and I’m so so glad I got to meet her… I’m almost crying typing this! If you see this, Loo, it’s Sebastian! Thank you so much for being you! ❤️

That’s a wrap on Salt Lake Comic Con prints! I know Thanksgiving is still a few months away, but Undertale and Thanksgiving always feel like they should go hand in hand. This print fought me the whole time, but I think it ended up in a pretty good place. I’m really glad to call it done.

Now I just need to get everything printed off, get packed, and do some other misc. things. And maybe spend some time playing games with friends.

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Hello everyone! So on August 25-27 of 2017, I am going to meet Jared Padalecki. I’ve decided to make a little happiness book filled with your messages to him, whether a funny story or your admiration. Only I and Jared will know of who sent the note unless you make it anonymous. Then only I will know. All I ask of you is to be kind in your message; if anything rude is said, I will NOT put it in the book. Please send one in by August 1st and please use proper language! It’s okay if English is not your first language, but please refrain from texting abbreviations because I don’t know most of them!

(Edit: @jaredpunalecki is still me, except my instagram account. I originally posted this there, so I guess I forgot to change it.)

sorry i went MIA in the last few days, but i went to salt lake for my first ever comic con this weekend! i spent too much money on nerd swag i didn’t need and enjoyed the panels i sat in on (zachary levi!!) after i got over the initial HOLY SHIT THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON sensory overload.

gaze upon my purchases:

so yeah, definitely doing that again some time. next time with cosplay, maybe!

Who’s He?

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Requested by anonymous:  Heey, can you do one where Y/N and Dylan are dating since a while, and on day Dylan’s at comic con and he sees a fan flirting with you and he gets jealous? I love your imagines soo much


WORDS: 490


A/N: thank u! I hope u like it.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

It’s been three years since I’ve been dating Dylan and every time he’s going to Comic Con he invites me, I think it’s really fun and I love the cast!

“I need to go now.” Dylan kisses my cheek.

“Ok, I’ll be in the same place as always.”

“Fine, just don’t wink at me again like the last time or I’ll go after you.” I laugh.

I kiss his lips and they call him. I walk over to the panel and I sit to watch it.


It was really so fun and now they were going to the meet and greet. I decided to stay there where I could see Dylan.

Some fans came to talk with me and take pictures too, it’s so good to now that the fans support out relationship.

“Y/N?” I turn and I see a boy.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Cody. I’m waiting for my turn and they’re on a break so I thought if I can take a picture with you.” He said while looking at me.


We take a selfie and he hugs me, I feel his hands on my butt and I move back a bit embarrassed.

“I admire you so much.”


“Yeah.” He winks.

I look away for a moment and I see that Dylan is looking at us.

“Y/N.” I turn to the boy. “I’m the last one now, so I need to go. I’ll post our picture on Instagram and I’ll tag you, so try to like it. And also, I want to give you this.”

He gives me a piece of paper and try to kiss me but I turn and he ends up kissing my cheek.

“Though girl, uh? I like that.” He says and goes to the meeting.

I roll my eyes and look at the piece of paper where his number was written. Really?! He wrote “call me baby girl” oh god.

I get some water and wait the last fans to meet them.

When they finish, Dylan walks at me.

“What was that about? He was really flirting with you on front of me?”

“Yep. He touched my butt, and gave me his number.”

“And tried to kiss you.”


He grabbed the piece of paper and rolled his eyes.

“He called you ‘baby girl’.”

I laugh noticing how jealous he was. I grab the piece of paper and rip it, I throw it on trash.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not calling him.”

“But he was a good-looking guy.”

“Yeah, I think.”

“You agree with me?”

”What? Oh, no! He’s ugly… totally ew!”

He was still mad so I hold his face and kiss him.

“I love you. He’s just a stupid boy. I mean, you’re Dylan O’Brien! The most amazing actor I know and who’s he?” he tried not to laugh. “I would never date someone who’s not famous.” I joke and Dylan laughs.

“This is why I love you.”

illluminonsense  asked:

oh I'm going to slc comic con next weekend too!!! I messaged you ages ago but I'm going to byu right now too :3c maybe I'll see you there! are you going to be cosplaying? :0

Heck yeah, I’m gonna wear my Bill Cipher costume to Comic Con because I’ve only worn it to Anime Banzai before and it’s frickin awesome.

My friend made most of it and it looks super cool. :)

(Also let’s hang out, I need more byu buddies)

Wanted: Padelia fans unite

We are quite a close little community of ctm fans, or so I like to think and this is why I want to ask you all for some help.
My girlfriend and I are going to our first comic con in three weeks. We are cosplaying as patsy and Delia- which I am soooooo excited about. This is where we need some help, we have a few elements of two possible costume sets, there are some things missing however. We are wanting either gateways or the square dance.
We are in need of either Delia’s skirt for the square dance or (prefered for easiness) Delia’s dress from gateways. We aren’t looking for an exact match but I wondered if any of you amazing people would help us look, either online or or on shop websites . The dress or skirt must be something we can get in the uk and the cheaper the better.
I would also like to know if there are any people who know about hair. I can’t die my hair (the first and only time I have it was semi permanent and had to grow out because my hair is so porous) but I need a red hair colouring. What should I use, my hair is a medium brown. Would hair chalks work? Or would a spray on colour be better?
Thank you all sooooo much for any help you can give us, we will of course share photos after the event. Ps I hope you don’t mind being tagged, just trying to get the message for help out there, thank you! @patsyyxdeliaa @pea-green @tlpursuit @cant-i-just-say-come-back @deliabubsy @myspecialsecretgayplace

I am so INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED with the people making my work schedule, you can’t just schedule someone for a time against their availability!!!

Especially when it says they need the entire day off!!!

The!! Entire!!! Day!!!


So I’m super excited because in I’m going to Dutch Comic Con with @sidekick-clecle next month! I’m going to cosplay Scout (the main reason why I drew him! ^ ) and I seriously can’t wait! It’s also the first time I will cosplay + attend a comic con! 

this also might be the first time ill be posting pics of me on here when that time comes ^^

First time cosplaying to a con? Then follow these tips~♥♪

With comic con showing it’s head around the corner people often forget things like these due to the pressure and anxiety Comic con brings,but don’t worry! I’ll help you

1• If you’re cosplaying and you want to buy things(obviously that’s why your going) take a book bag with you to put away your merch,when someone asks for a pic just put the bag aside.

2• Take bobby pins,glue,tape whatever you need for your cosplay take it! You don’t want wardrobe malfunctions in the con.

3• If you arrive late and have to wait in line take a fan with you. Your make up will melt and your costume will get sweaty (besides we don’t want you to faint out there)

4• WIG CLIPS ARE A MUST,if you have a wig that slips off due to weight get some of these and put them on the wig. Also, if you have a large head and the wig runs small they’re tutorials on YouTube on how to stretch it slightly (but be gentle)

5• If you wear glasses TAKE THEM WITH YOU! don’t leave your glasses behind for the sake of the costume, if someone asks for your picture simply take them off and hide them in your boob or something idk but don’t leave them you’ll get a major headache without them and you won’t be able to see the prices clearly on the merchandise.

6• If you’re making your costume I beg of you not to leave it to the last minute. You’ll be stressing and your sleep cycle will get fucked up. But if you’re ordering certain things for the costume online then order months before cause sometimes they’ll say they can’t make it due to complications so that leaves you to look for another option with very little time left.

7• Don’t let your physical health get affected for the sake of the costume you’re more important than the cosplay so please take care of yourself. Also don’t starve yourself in the con either,if you’re worried about ruining the costume then just cover yourself with napkins or a snuggie but PLEASE don’t starve.

8• Be nice to other cosplayers,don’t compare yourself to the more professional looking ones either,they started out like you and me and with practice we can get as good as them too!

9• Help out the other cosplayers too! Some may have forgotten their things at home so help them out!

10• Enjoy the con and don’t be nervous. You’re wearing the cosplay people are already loosing their marbles because you’re dressed as one of their favorites!

11• PRACTICE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE HAND! If you’re a spaz with make up like me then practice weeks before the event just so you can pick out your favorite makeup style and practice it with ease.

All of this is from personal experience and man do I wish someone would’ve told me some of these things on my first time.

No Goodbye - Alec Lightwood Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes! I’ve only just gotten round to it because I’ve been at Comic Con (I went as Clary ahhhhhh) and then it also means I have a bit more revision time (because Lord knows I need to work on my Maths and Science).

can you do and Alec imagine where he leaves for a mission that the reader didnt want him to go on without saying bye, and she is pissed. Then, she hears from someone he is back and goes looking for him in fury and when she sees him she yells “Alec!” and runs up to him, pushing him up against the wall with every intention to yell at him about how stupid he was for going on the mission because it was a suicide mission, but in that moment she was just so happy he’s okay that she kisses him?


SUMMARY: Alec is sent off on a mission that’s basically like asking for a death wish, and leaves with no goodbye. When he returns, you almost yell at him, but stop yourself.

NOTES: I had my prom on Friday and it was amazing! All the girls looked amazingly pretty, and the boys scrubbed up well. I’m going to miss everyone (well, not entirely everyone because some are staying at Sixth Form) and wish them the best for the future.

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“I’m going to be loyal to David because he is the one I've kissed the most, so we’ve been able to perfect that magic over the years. For the other guys we didn’t have the passionate history. David…

Billie Piper at Dallas Comic Con on which Doctor is the better kisser (2015)

When Sebastian Stan took over our lives.

I have to be honest. When I first joined Tumblr, it was because of Sebastian Stan. There are other guys I love too like Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Colin Firth, Taron Egerton. But my first and foremost love is always going to be Sebastian Stan. I have a Wordpress blog just for him. I even went to my first Comic Con dressed as Bucky. You know, I’m just going to appreciate this man without further ado.

This is gonna be a pretty long post.

First of all, the way he licks his lips

Does he even realize how tempting that looks?

This time when he says inappropriate things and half the time he doesn’t even realize it…

Good Lord.

And then he needs someone to remind him it’s really bad timing to say anything inappropriate.

It’s okay, darling. It happens.

He tends to bring out the five-year old child in him. Like here, when he asks for a cuddly wolf.

How old is this guy again?

Most of the time he’s behaves exactly the way we would do if we were in his place.

He shows you just how to walk out of a swimming pool.

And then he makes workout look smoking hot.


The times when he stares at you and gives this smile and makes you feel special.


He says the right words and you know he just made your day.

I love you too!

He shows you that fixing your hair is important in any given occasion.

That hair…


If that’s a threat, it still looks cute.

Sebastian’s guide to flirting. Simple questions work best.

You really want me to answer those questions, Seb? 

These moments when he was just too cute beyond comprehension.

This is how you react to being called a dork.

His laugh. Enough said.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

He has a good heart too. Like here, when he replied to a fan’s instagram post when she said her anxiety was bad.

Or this when he keeps the gifts given to him by fans.

And this.

So basically this man is dorky, cute and just all around wonderful. I think most of us can agree he really has taken over our lives.

I don’t regret it. He’s just the best thing to ever happen so he should just keep smiling, continue being beautiful and continue taking over my life. ❤