i need to go to another concert soon


These past two months have been incredibly difficult, because my dad is in the hospital. My mom and I are there with him every day, and PasCon was the first time since he was admitted that I spent longer than a day away from my family.

I wasn’t even planning to go, although everything that happened messed me up for which writing/S11/Tumblr was my self-medication. But I really wanted to see @preciousmish​, and another friend had gifted me the tickets; I knew that going to PasCon, even for a day, would provide a mental break I desperately needed.

Long story short, I got here Saturday night, skipped the concert and spent most of Sunday waiting for the Castiel ops and Misha’s autos. The schedule was so unfavorable for Misha and there were delays on top of that, but I finally made it to the Castiel ops and everything that followed was wonderful.

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