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She’s My Cutie (JUNGKOOK)

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Request: ya know how you did the surprise (suga) thing, well I was wondering if you could do that with Jungkook?

I believe the request was based off of this HERE

You smiled as you held Aeri’s tiny hand in your’s as she waddled down the long hallway. Today you decided to surprise Jeongguk. The downside was no one told you which room they were going to be going into after the concert. She was a happy 13 month old baby who was excited to see her father after nearly being away from him for a month. “Daddy will be so happy to see you” you coo as she babbled about something as if you could understand. Soon your phone vibrated as you read the text from Jeongguk ‘just got done another performance’ before long your phone lit up with a call from none other than him. 

“Hello” you whispered “is Aeri asleep?” he asks lightly “no no I just need her getting overly excited” you said hearing a slight echo through the phone. “Woah that’s weird” he says hearing it as well “why are you echoing?” he asks hearing his voice through the phone. “I don’t know” you tried as you heard a door open behind you. “Please tell me that’s your butt I’m looking at right now” you hear through the phone as you ended the call. Turning around you saw Jeongguk’s face morph into a large smile. “Appa!” Aeri says pointing at him.

As Jeongguk heard it he took off running towards the two of you as you bent down to Aeri’s level as her father got closer. Nearly falling to his knees in front of you two Aeri stepped towards her father as she was taken into a large hug from him. Jeongguk buried his face into her nice dark hair breathing in the nice smell of baby shampoo. When he pulled away he looked up at you and opened his arm for you which you gladly took the opportunity to fall into.

“I missed my girls so much” he whispered as he looked down at Aeri “only a month and you look so different” he coos as he kisses her forehead. He let go of you as he picked her up “now if I heard you correctly I think you called me appa” he spoke as she smiles “appa” she says. When you stood up you brushed your knees off and looked over at him “she said appa a few days after your tour began” you told him as he wrapped his free arm around you. “I’m proud” you smiled at his words as he took you two down to the room him and the other boys were in.

“Guys look who’s here” Jeongguk says as he let you guys in “Y/N!” the called out “Aeri!” then followed as she hid her face into Jeongguk’s neck. “Why is she so shy right now?” Namjoon asks “she sees her boyfriend” you giggle. “Wait what now?” Jeongguk asks “well someone has developed a crush on someone” you coo as you ran your fingers through her hair. 

“Who is it little missy?” Jeongguk asks poking her little belly “can you tell them it’s Jin” you coo as Seokjin smiles “really at least it’s not Taehyung” Jeongguk jokes “hey now nothing wrong with liking me” Taehyung says. “Can I hold my girlfriend?” Seokjin asks as Jeongguk sends him a look before walking over “baby someone wants to hold you” he tells her as he passes her off. When she looks up at Seokjin she smiles “you look so cute baby girl” he coos as he kisses her head. “No funny business you hear” Jeongguk teases. 

I need to say this...

One Direction need a new management team or this is all going to be over SOON. All their management care about are 5sos. I’ve never ever seen one band promote another as much as the 1d/5sos situation. At my WWAT concert there were like 10 commercials for the 5sos album and three for one direction AT A FRIGGIN 1D SHOW (it was for the perfume anyway). I guess their management is feeding off the fact that 1d has reached an ultimate level of fame and 5sos is gaining fans. What is really annoying is the fact that 1d have a new album coming out yet i have seen NOTHING about it in papers and like one article talking about a new single.( Also from what i read about the single it seems pretty good considering the praise Naughty Boy gave it it and his music style isn’t really like 1d’s previous music.) The worst part is that 1d are trying to reach a broader crowd with their new stuff and thats not going to happen without proper promotion. Sure fans can promote within but no one wants to listen to us they want to hear it from the boys themselves making appearances, interviews, etc. I just hope something changes soon or this isn’t going to last much longer which would be just terrible.

When He Was Your Man

“Babe,” I jump, not paying attention to what Colin was saying, rather deciding to stare at Nate from across the room.

Colin was rather tough on Nate, yes he did me wrong, but come on. He was focused on his career, and he’s let loose. And he looks amazing too.

His jaw is more defined with the scruff that has grown onto his face, his hair a giant fluff on his head.

“(Y/N), are you paying attention to me?”

I know he’s talking about football. “Babe, you know I never listen when you talk about football.” I groan, resting my chin in my hand.

Sure, I was interested in football, but he was excessive with it.

“Come on, this is important.” He grabs my hand and I look at him. “Football season is starting up again.” He sighs.

“I know.” I nod, taking the fry from Colin’s hand. I’d always travel with him and the rest of his team, I was always a big 49ers fan.

“This the one time you can’t come with me.” I drop the fry, my eyes widening.

Not in shock, but in excitement, a plan brewing in my head.

“Really? I mean, it was only a matter of time.” I pretend to be upset, hiding the smile on my face, “But why?”

“Coach thinks I don’t focus as hard when you’re around.”

“It’s not my fault you’re in love with me.” I smile, shrugging.

“Come on, I’m sorry you can’t come, but I promise to call you whenever I can.”

“Of course.” He stands, sliding into the booth next to me, giving me a kiss.

“Public Display of Affection! That’s not allowed here!” A familiar voice yells, coming towards us. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

It’s my, correction, Nate’s brother, Stew. I always referred to Stew as my brother, because he acts like it all the time, but it seems inappropriate since Nate and I aren’t together. I jump out of the booth to give him a hug.

“Stewie! I haven’t seen you in so long.” Nate and Stew were about the same height, so Stew towered over me just like Nate did.

I hear Colin clear his throat and I turn to him. He looks upset, and I brush it off.

“Stew, this is Colin, my boyfriend.”

“Kinda figured when he had his tongue down your throat, but continue.” Stew states, seemingly annoyed.

“Colin, this is Stew, Nate’s little brother.” They firmly shake hands, before Colin grabs my arm.

“Come on, baby girl. I gotta pack for the season.”

“Wait, (Y/N), can I talk to you?”

“Just call me.”



Colin picks up the bags and I take a few as well, leaving a free hand for my phone, I plug my headphones in, waiting for Stew to call me, he’s probably waiting for us to leave.

Once we get in the car, Stew decided to call me.

“So, lil mama, I heard you aren’t going with Colin this season.” Nate’s voice radiates within my headphones.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” I turned down the volume just in case Colin can hear him.

“Stew was sitting across from you guys.”

“Oh, but why does that concern you.”

“I need an excuse to hang with you without worrying about Colin, perfect opportunity. We have a whole 4 months. We could catch up.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?” I lower my voice a bit. I see Colin glance my way, and I snap and point toward the road, making him pay attention.

“Why are you so sexual? It’s hot, but that’s not what I meant.”

“Sorry, I just kinda assumed.”

“Assumed what?”

“Um, not the best of times to ask that. Give me like five minutes.”

“Kay, so when is he leaving?”

“Hey, Colin, when are you leaving?”


“Because I want to know.”



“Yeah, I just have to finish packing and I’m leaving.”

“Sorry, Na- I mean Stew.” Colin yanks the headphone out of my phone, pressing speakerphone.

“Why the fuck are you calling my girlfriend?”

“Because I wanted to talk to my older sister.” Stew’s voice comes back, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

He looks at me, and I roll my eyes. I plug my headphones back in, putting them back in my ears.

“Anyway, what did you want to do?”

“Oh, there’s a party tonight, Sam could pick you up.”

“Sounds fun, how should I dress?”

“Sexy. Just for me Lil Mama.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to Sam.”

“Nah, I gotchu babe. Just be ready when Sam comes.” I smile, saying goodbye as we pull up to the house.

Colin lets me out, grabbing all of the bags as I go unlock the door.


“Kiss before I leave?” He smirks, knowing he just got way more than a kiss a minute ago. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, and I didn’t have one. I didn’t see the point.

“No. You have to leave. This is why your coach thinks I’m a distraction, you always trying to fuck.” I joke, pushing him back.

“How can you blame me? I got the baddest woman of them all.”

Hahaha, trust me. Savor that while you can. Cause I’m going to Nate after this.

I plug in my hair curler, and pick up my makeup bag.

“Where you going?” He asks, pulling on a T-Shirt and sweatpants.



“Sam. You remember him.”

“Is Nate gonna be there?” He asks, leaning over me to kiss on my neck.

“Not that I know of. Now hurry up and get your stuff, you’re gonna be late.”

After Colin finishes and starts to leave, I pick out my outfit and finish my hair.

“Bye baby! I love you!”

“Don’t do anything stupid! And make sure you don’t get hurt!” I yell, trying to perfect my eyeliner and mascara.

My phone rings, and I put it on speakerphone.


“(Y/N)? You ready?” Sam asks, turning down the radio in his car.

“Are you here?”

“I’m turning onto your block yeah.”

“Okay the door will be open.”

“Alright I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Okay.” I run and open the door, going back to the room and shut the door getting dressed. Once I spray on perfume and put on my watch, Sam knocks on my door.

“Come on (Y/N)! You take for-fucking-ever.”

“Sorry! Here I am!” I open the door and Sam’s jaw drops.

“Damn, really trying hard to look good for Nate huh?”

“He said sexy, I’m just dressing the part.”

He drives us to the party, and I can hear the booming bass outside of the club. The club was right by a secluded beach, the waves looking beautiful this time of night.

We go inside, and I can spot Nate by the bar. I part from Sam and approach him.

I place my hand on his back, ordering a drink.

“Cosmopolitan, thank you.” The bartender nods, quickly fixing my drink.

“Hello to you too. Looking mighty fine if I do say so myself.” Nate speaks up, placing his hand on my bare thigh.

“So do you, Mr. Maloley.” I smile, taking a sip of my drink.

“Well, finish your drink little lady, cause that’s the only one you’re getting on my watch.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you controlled the amount of alcohol I consume.”

“But I do.” He leans towards my ear, “Because I want you to remember all the things that happen tonight.”

“I’ll gladly accept that offer.”

“Shall we dance?” He questions as ‘Again’ by Fetty Wap echoes through the club.

“Gladly.” I stand, him walking me to the dance floor. We start to dance through all the songs, having fun and rapping along with the lyrics.

“I kinda wanna leave. Want to be alone.” I tell him, pulling him from the dance floor.

“Fine by me. Wanna come to my place?”

“Nah, lets go to the beach. Much more romantic.” I pull his arm, leading him to the beach. Once we are a far enough distance from the club, and any other buildings for that, I take off my heels.

“The beach is absolutely gorgeous at night.” I say, keeping my eyes on the water.

I feel Nate’s hand interlock with mine, something he’d do to get my attention. I look up at him, and he turns away for a second.

“I know you’re happy with Colin-” he whispers, more to himself than me.

“I was happier with you.” I blurt out, causing Nate to stop in his tracks.


“You trusted me more than Colin could ever imagine. You knew I wouldn’t do anything I knew wasn’t right.” I roll my eyes. “I haven’t smoked in a year and a half. Colin wouldn’t let me. He’s really commited to it.”

He smirks at me, pulling a bag with four joints in his pocket. I smile, snatching it from his hand.

“I call all four. I can’t promise I’ll share.” I joke, taking one out of the bag and handing it to him.

We sit down on the beach, facing one another.

He laughs at my eagerness when he hands me his lighter and I light it immediately, taking a long drag.

“You’re really happy about that blunt.” He smiles, and I laugh right along with him.

“I’m happy for you, Nate. I’m sorry I walked out on you.” I solemnly state, crawling into his lap.

“It’s fine, I deserved it. I should’ve payed more attention to you.”

“I pre-ordered Maloski as soon as it was available. And I went to the concerts too. I just didn’t have the heart to go to a meet and greet.” I take another drag after that statement, the smoke flowing seamlessly.

“Just stay here with me. I need you.”

“What about-”

“Fuck Colin, he doesn’t understand you like I do.”

It took me a moment to respond, I weighed my options heavily, thinking of the worst case scenario for the choice I was about to make.

“Let’s just ditch L.A. Let’s go back home. Back to Omaha.”


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Can you do a band au for solangelo??


i’m sorry


Nico took a deep breath, not even taking a glance at Will before he walked slowly onto the stage, his boots clicking softly as he did so. Will took his position by the drums and keyboard, taking a seat and pulling out his drumsticks, setting them softly on the drums as the crowd started to quiet. Nico’s shoes clicked on the floor of the stage, and the clicks echoed throughout the entire place.

And then.

And then he reached the microphone at last.

Before, he’d kept his eyes on his boots, his hands in his jeans pockets, but now he ever so slowly extracted his hands, placing them both around the mic. Will started a loud beat, a fast and heart-shaking one. Nico raised his head, and then his eyes, staring out at the crowd, the stage lights reflecting in his dark eyes. And then he sang.

The crowd went wild.


After the opening song was over, the crowd cheered, and Nico let a rather large grin encase his lips, causing most people in the crowd to scream in hysterics. When Will came up next to him and put an arm around him, there was even more ecstatic screaming.

“Hey, I’m Nico,” Nico greeted almost sheepishly into the mic, waving to the crowd.

“I’m Will,” Will greeted, leaning in so that his voice could get caught by the mic. Several people screamed because of how close the two men now were, but also because Will had winked in a general direction and it kind of seemed like he made eye contact with several people at once.

“And we’re Semi Automatic,” Nico said into the mic, glaring over at Will when he didn’t say the words with him.

“Oops,” Will said, tearing his eyes away from a fan who was trying to communicate with him and giggling a bit. “Yeah. We’re Semi Automatic.” Nico rolled his eyes, tearing himself away from Will and walking across the stage.

“Jesus, we’ve barely even started and one of us has already fucked up.” A pointed glance over at Will, who was trying to catch up with Nico to share his mic. Laughter.

Nico rolled his eyes and thrust out the microphone to Will, who grinned at him, leaning in to speak instead of taking it. “Okay, okay. I didn’t say the band name with you. Big deal. Everyone here already knows who we are.” Cheers, screams of ‘I love you Nico/Will!’

“Sure, but that’s how we start our concerts. Opening song, lame greetings, and then announcement of band name. That’s how we’ve done it.”

“Since when?”

“Since our first show.” Will rolled his eyes at the crowd, making rude gestures at Nico behind his back as the other man was trying to tell the crowd what to expect from this particular concert.

“… And apparently, this jackass is going to be rude to me as he continues to not get behind his instruments so that we can start the next song,” Nico said without missing a beat or looking behind him to catch Will in the middle of mimicking Nico’s absurd hand gestures. Will blushed, flashing one last grin at the crowd and Nico before retreating to the keyboard, pressing a button to make a synthetic beat sound over the crowd’s cheering and other general noise.

“Good boy,” Nico said into the mic, looking back at Will and winking at him. Will bowed mockingly, pressing a few more buttons on the keyboard before going back to the drum set. Several fans screamed at the exchange, thinking that it meant more than just two friends joking with each other. Maybe it did.

And then the concert began. For real, this time.


“Do you need tea?” Will asked tiredly from the kitchen in the tour-bus-RV.

Nico rolled his eyes, curling up into a ball on his bunk bed. “I learned proper singing techniques a long time ago. I don’t always need tea after I sing.”

“But do you need tea, though?” Will asked again, already bringing two mugs from the kitchen and giving one to Nico. Despite the earlier protesting, Nico took it gratefully, sitting up as Will sat beside him, hunching over to avoid hitting his head on the top bunk. “Better?”

Instead of saying anything, Nico nodded, taking another sip. “You should go to sleep soon.”

“Don’t say that like you don’t need to, too.”

“Correction: we both need to sleep soon.” Almost instinctively, they leaned against each other.

“It was a good concert,” Will said quietly, his lips on the mug.

“You said that earlier.” Their thighs were touching.

“That doesn’t mean I mean it less.” He paused, taking a sip. “It was fun.”

Nico bit the inside of his cheek, resisting the urge to smile. He was bone tired and felt like he could sleep for ten days straight, but he was so damn happy that it didn’t matter. “Yeah, it was.”

There was a mutual silence as they both finished their tea. Nico noticed how Will seemed to have put extra honey into his.

“I’ve said that I love being in a band with you, right?” Will asked quietly, bringing the mug down. Nico did the same, looking over at Will.

“Yeah, you have.”

“And we’ve been friends for a while, right?” Nico noticed that Will’s breathing had picked up. Nico put a hand on Will’s thigh, meaning to comfort, but he only seemed to make it worse. He took his hand away.

“Definitely.” There was a pause as Nico tried to understand where this conversation was leading. “Why?”

“I just… I want to try something with you.”

“Don’t make me nervous,” Nico said, half-jokingly.

“Nothing serious,” Will said quickly, glancing over at Nico. “And if we don’t like it, then we never have to talk about it ever again and we’ll both forget it happened.” He was talking so fast, it was kind of hard to distinguish the words.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Could you… maybe…. Kiss me?” At this, Will finally looked directly in Nico’s eyes, and the sincerity in his friend’s eyes shocked Nico.

Nico thought for a moment, taking Will’s mug from his hands and getting up from the bed. “I promise I’ll be right back,” Nico assured, reading the expression on Will’s face.

When he came back after putting the mugs in the sink, Nico sat down again, looking into Will’s eyes, dead serious.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Will said, even though his voice was shaking slightly.

“This wasn’t something a fan made you promise to do?”


Taking a deep breath, Nico placed his hands on Will’s cheeks, which were probably warmer than they should’ve been. For a moment, they stayed like that, and Nico ran his thumbs over Will’s cheekbones, admiring everything about him that he couldn’t before for fear of being considered as weird.

And then.

And then Nico leaned in, slowly, stopping before his lips could actually touch Will’s. It was torture, yes, but he needed to make sure that this was something Will wanted to do. He only had to stay that way for a couple of seconds before Will had his hands on Nico’s waist and had closed the remaining distance between them.

The kiss was slow and gentle, like they were trying so hard not to scare the other away. One of Nico’s hands had slid down to rest on the back of Will’s neck, pulling him closer ever so slightly as his other hand remained soft and brushing against Will’s cheek. Will’s eyebrows were furrowed, almost like he was in pain with just a simple kiss.

They separated, but only a little, a millimeter between their lips. Nico’s eyes had fluttered open, just a little, and when he saw that look of pain on Will’s face, he shut his eyes tight again and pulled Will toward him, this time not making sure that he wanted it because they both knew he did.

It was hard to tell how long they sat there, trying to pull away before they were too far gone, but then being pulled back in, but when they finally managed to pull away for real, both wore red faces and pained expressions.

“Just something I wanted to try,” Will murmured softly, his eyes flicking down to Nico’s lips.

“I want to try something else,” Nico said, trying his best to keep his eyes focused on Will’s eyes.

“And what’s that?”

“Dating you.”

Will almost kissed him again. But he managed to control himself. Barely.

“What will the fans say?” Will asked instead.

“Who said we have to tell them?”

“They’ll figure it out.”

“So what?”

And that’s when Will kissed him again, his lips carrying the faint taste of honey.


DAMN that was trash

I’m sorry i wasn’t entirely sure of the famous type of band or high school band sort of thing, so I just went with famous even though this was probably harder to write that it would’ve been if they were band geeks

and yes. they are a twenty one pilots duo. where do you think I got their band name from?

Thanks for the prompt!!!