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Just One Date

Request: anything kim namjoon or kim seokjin maybe like a lil fluff scenario of a cute date perhaps? i have coffee shop, bus stop or rainy day date vibes hehe :)

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

A/N: I literally wrote this in two hours, but I’m happy with how it came out. Starting the new year off with Rap Mon because this boy needs all love. I hope that you like it! Enjoyyy :)

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ok I was talking about how shouritstu and terumobs instagrams would look like w/ @eggntoaster and i need to share

terumob: cute photos with pastel filter. photos from dates in cafes. Teru posting a photo of strawberry shortcake they ate, with Shige in the frame, sitting in the back in a big coffeeshop armchair, sporting a cute cozy outfit. Cutesy selfies, kissing Mob on the cheek with a caption like “out with my cute bf”. Photos of their shoes, while they’re sitting in the park, colourful autumn leaves in the background. Photos of them going shopping, Teru taking pictures of Shige in many cute outfits. Teeth rotting fluff.

ritsushou: photos of them drinking cheap wine under a bridge. selfies of them gross-aggressively making out. Ritsu filming Shou doing triple backflips. A photo of Ritsu sitting on Shou’s lap on a cemetery bench. “Fashion” series black-and-white photos of the boys posing in cool outfits in front of old brick walls that are really close to falling apart. Photos of their sneakers + a hand holding a bottle of cheap alcohol, from their days out drinking by the riverside. Pictures of them hanging out in abandoned buildings, kicking out windows. Two little edgelords in love. 


You want to make things with your hands and be a success? Step one get organized. Every aspect of every part of your day should be accounted for. What time you get up, What you will work on, What material and tools you will need. And most important. What you expect to get accomplished in the slotted time frame. My days are regimented down to the minute. That is the only way for me to get shit done. A lot of times it’s like Groundhog Day, but I do what I say I’m going to do. When I used to drink things in the shop we pretty vague. We use to stop and drink beer earlier & earlier every day. Yea that was fun but I was a broke Dick, and that’s not much fun. So get your ass up early. Eat healthy, Lay off the soda, and make lists and start checking things off as you get them done #jessejames (at Texas Hill Country)

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Kurt smiled as he walked into the empty house. He set his bags in his room picked up the note that was sitting on the bedside table, left by Burt. “Welcome home kid, come down to the shop when you get home -Dad” He shrugged a bit and locked up again, walking to the shop.

His Dad owned an auto shop a few blocks from their house. He never spent much time there as a kid, much more content to sit at home with his Mom and watch movies or play dress up with her clothes. After she died though, Burt needed someone to watch Kurt after school. When he couldn’t find anyone, Kurt started going to the shop instead. He ended up spending most of his time there, and working once he was old enough to do more than just help out. He’d gone to New York for school the year before, but had come back for summer break since he was living in the dorms. He jogged into the shop, looking around, “Dad?

Liam is playing pool at the tattoo parlor his friend Louis works at. The parlor is new to the suburb they live in and doesn’t get a lot of customers. Many of the older residents upset that tattoo parlors and stag shops are now at the ‘family’ plazas.
The bell above the door jingles as someone enters the shop. Liam looks up uninterested assuming it’s one of the workers with the pizza they ordered. But his breath gets caught in his throat when he sees a man around the same age as him saunter in. He has a large leather jacket on but tight skinny jeans showing off his lean frame. Liam watches as the man makes his way towards the back of the store where the tattooing takes place.
“Guys, I’m just going to see if Louis needs some help in the back,” Liam says not waiting for them to reply as he wanders after the stranger.