i need to go eat peace

i can’t believe at all wtf is going on right now. muslim people are humans just the same as everybody else. people need to stop dehumanizing them and thinking that just because somebody eats different food than you or looks a little bit different than you, they’re not the same as you. all people around the world want the same things: peace, love, happiness, to enjoy life, to have a family or to have good friends, to go on vacation, to have a job they like, to get an education, to relax, to be healthy, etc. to anyone who doesn’t support muslim people in this horrifying time, look at yourself, do you honestly think that just because someone was born in a different country than you or has a different background than you, their heart is different than yours? their brain is different than yours? where you’re born is just random and any one of us could have easily been born in one of the countries that are currently being banned. do you think you would be any different than you are now? so different that you don’t deserve to be treated like a human being? 

finally, to anyone who in the last few years has made jokes about muslim people, or has implied in any way that muslim people are terrorists, or who has spread propaganda about muslim people, or who has spread any kind of anti-immigrant rhetoric whatsoever, fuck you. you are just as much to blame as the people who are currently setting mosques on fire. you set the climate for this and you made people think that it was okay to believe this.

About the endings in Sister Location.

I feel like as if the true murderer of the Five Nights series is the little girl that Baby killed during her first and only stage performance.

Let me explain.

Okay, so we are told in the process of the Fake Ending that the little girl is our daughter, which makes us Afton, the canonical Purple Guy. Now in theory, that makes us a murderer, no question about it. The thing is though, when we complete the fake ending we are seen sitting comfortably at home, eating popcorn and watching television with our now-robotic daughter Ennard. We are at peace. There is no need to murder. There is no want to.

“How on earth can Afton be the technician?”

In the books he has an alias that he used to be an employee. I have currently forgotten the alias, but it’s there. That’s why.

“What about the other ending?”

The thing about the other ending, is that we have to go into the mythology of the Five Nights universe that is about ghosts. In order for spirits to move on, their killer needs to be killed. The thing is, Afton’s daughter (let’s call her Phyllis because why not) Phyllis wasn’t killed by a human. She was killed by something without a soul, and it was an accident. There is one person who could possibly take the role as the soul freer, and that’s Baby’s co-creator William Afton, her father.

In the Fake Ending it’s a domestic good that was given, but in the Real Ending it was an animatronic good that was given. To finally leave the evil clutches of the restaurant and to free Phyllis’s soul, they have to kill Afton and take over his body. When this task is complete, Phyllis’s soul is still bound to Baby’s AI because the robots themselves have no interest in killing innocent people beyond Afton and Afton wasn’t her killer.

But children are cruel. And she is stuck. If Phyllis didn’t pass on to the after life after killing her father, then she would become angry, yeah? All of this pain for nothing. She would get jealous of the other children being alive and well with parents to go home to. She’d be so jealous… So, so envious… Envy is an evil emotion.

“How the fuck do YOU know that’s Purple Guy?”

At the very end of the game before the credits roll on the screen, a cutscene plays and shows our guy’s silhouette in the mirror of his bathroom. He opens his eyes and they are a deep shade of purple. Everything in the Five Nights universe is color coded, and which man is the most associated with purple?

“Are you positive? What’s your unfailable truth?”

Go to FNaF 3 and look carefully at Springtrap. Instead of normal bones, he has a metal endoskeleton with flesh and other gross stuff wrapped around it. Given that it’s a suit that he’s wearing, it shouldn’t have an endoskeleton inside of it.

Not to mention in the book, Will has survived a springlock failure and has scars all around him from it. Wanna know when he got stuck in a suit like that and survived? The fourth night of Sister Location.

TL;DR: William Afton’s daughter becomes Purple Guy because the endoskeleton she possesses takes over her father’s corpse, and because she didn’t pass on she becomes envious of other children and proceeds to kill them in a similar fashion to how she killed her father.

ADDITIONALLY: In the book, Afton’s eyes were described as being as glassy and lifeless as the animatronics. And given the end of Sister Location, we know exactly why that is the case.

ANOTHER ADDITION: In the book, when asked why Afton was so comfortable with the animatronics, he replied, “I’m one of them.”

Taurus & Gemini (w/ KITTENS )
  • Gemini, moving cat toys and other various cat items around, yells: Hey honey?! Are you alright over there with the kittens?
  • Taurus, laying down on the floor, kittens all over them, mumbles: I am at peace. My soul is now comforted by these soft precious beings
  • Gemini, walks over, sees Taurus on the floor, who looks spaced out:
  • Gemini, sighs & smirks: You know... if we finish moving in all the kitten's stuff before the evening... I'll treat you to something tonight
  • Taurus, looks over at Gemini: Do you mean sex or food because I don't need to eat today, give the kittens my share today. Sex, dear, you can handle yourself right?
  • Gemini:
  • Gemini: I think we should return these motherfuckers and go get Wendy's
Writing Prompts

1. I just wanted to spend some time with you.
2. If you’re going to act like a child, I’m going to treat you like one! 
3. Get a room, will you?
4. I like this.
5. There are other ways to warm yourself…
6. Peaceful, isn’t it?
7. Are you really going to eat that?
8. You’re staring.
9. Mind if I join you?
10. It’s just a [animal]. Go on, it won’t bite!
11. This has gone horribly wrong. Oh dear.
12. I’ll explain later, just hide me for now!
13. It’s okay to be afraid.
14. You’re not alone, dammit! I’m here! I’ll always be here!
15. How bad is it?
16. Why are you being so nice to me?
17. There’s a big difference between wanting, and needing.
18. I don’t understand! Why are you doing this?
19. You talk too much.
20. I wanted to get you something. I hope you like it.
21. I’m sorry, I don’t speak [language]!
22. Do you really think you can win this?
23. You spoil me, you know that?
24. You’re not my enemy / You were never my enemy.
25. Do you want me to stop?

Day6 on a Road Trip

i wrote this when i was on a road trip (figures right?) then i saw that someone was like “imagine day6 on a road trip” so i thought it’d be a good time to finally post this haha


  • calls shotgun so he can have control over the radio
  • sings the loudest
  • will prob start the 99 milk bottles on the wall song
  • doesn’t sleep the entire drive cuz he’s too excited
  • “hey let’s stop at that gift shop”
  • “can we stop for a while i need to stretch my legs”


  • the one who planned the entire trip
  • drives almost the entire time
  • can’t wait till all the other members fall asleep so it’s quiet and he can listen to his music in peace good luck cuz jae aint sleeping

  • gets distracted by the other members and misses their exit
  • refuses to use the GPS cuz he claims that he doesn’t need it

  • gets lost
  • multiple times
  • “are we there yet?”
  • “when are we going to eat?”
  • thinks that this trip is gonna be a really nice bonding trip
  • has partial control over radio cuz he’s sitting behind Jae
  • packed his own snacks so he wouldn’t have to share
  • keeps messing with the a/c
  • is really bored most of the time
  • would sleep but Jae and Brian and wrecking havoc 
  • offers to drive for a while so Sungjin could get a break
  • listens to his own music in hopes of tuning out jae and brian the members


  • stuck in the back with the luggage
  • asleep most of the trip
  • only wakes up for food
  • whenever they stop at a rest stop the members just leave him in the car cuz he wouldn’t wake up
  • tries to voice his opinion about what music they should listen to but nobody can hear him

I just had the best idea ever while eating a cookie

Its a pretty popular theory that Keith is part Galra right. So consider. Somehow, he’s Galra royalty. maybe not directly, most likely distantly related somehow, but still first in line for the throne (Zarkon killed all the other heirs bc he would)

There are whispers everywhere that one of the paladins of Voltron is going to dethrone Zarkon and take the crown, and its either going to usher in an era of peace or start a whole slew of new problems. 

Keith wants absolutely nothing to do with this entire mess, especially since someone literally just handed him a crown and said “here” and then left and he has no clue whats happening. All he knows is hes sure as hell not wearing the crown. And it takes a while, but he frees all the planets Zarkon conquered and apologizes about a thousand times a tick. 

In all its not so bad. He gets rid of most of the warships. He helps people. Hes still a paladin of Voltron, and has been known to ignore royal duties in favor of hanging out with his friends. 


Saber training:

“Today we’re going to focus on Juyo form.”
“Yes, master! I’m ready!”


“Master, I’m tired…”
“What? Obi-Wan, we’ve barely started!”


*Nice funny conversation*


-My padawan eats like a wild bantha-

Saving a Planet:

“We brought peace to the while system, master!”
“Indeed, and we didn’t even need our lightsabers, my friend.”


“Wha- Master! Not ANOTHER one! We’ve got a full-blown revolution on our hands!”
“This child is important, Obi-wan!”

Maybe it is time. Maybe I should go, and stop clinging onto something that isn’t there anymore. Maybe I’ve finally realised and all I’m waiting for is for you to stop me and tell me not to leave and that you want and you need me. But that isn’t going to happen. So I’ll go, I’ll leave you in peace and you can get on with life. But when you have your nightmares, I won’t be there so remember to calm down, and leave the hall light on so you don’t get scared and stop eating too many sweets or, eat as many as you like, I can’t stop you. Smoke. Drink. You have your life back now, you can fuck yourself up as much as you want again. Are you excited? I hope you are. But remember that there is always the future to hold on to, remember? Hold on for your future kids, and your wife, and your job. Hold on for the day you can walk out of that house and live your own life. I’m going to stop crying now so I’m done trying to capture all the things I love about you in a paragraph.

Because you don’t have anything you love about me.

—  submission #308

This post is mainly for me. I have been struggling with restriction for a good two months now and I need to say my peace. When I don’t eat, I begin to feel empowered and sexy. But I also feel drained, weak and lethargic. Today I ate.. Because guess what? My body fucking needed it. No binge/purge. I honestly ate a lot and even feeling bloated I know that my body deserve more love, nutrition and acceptance. I am going to try my best to stop restricting because it only hurts me mentally and physically. This is me after eating 3 meals 2 days straight. I could give a fuck if I gain some weight back. I am beautiful and deserve to be healthy and happy.

Stages of being in a musical
  • One week before first rehearsal: *friends* *band/orchestra teachers* *drama kids* JOIN PIT WE NEED A CELLO
  • First rehearsal: Okay Shrek huh OH THAT'S A LOT OF MUSIC
  • Month 2: No I can't hang out friday I have shrek
  • Month 3: Haha what is a life and where can I get one
  • Band director: Show up to the theatre 2 hours early
  • First dress rehearsal: Okay the cast is still getting ready can we like go eat breakfast or something
  • Opening night: That was pretty cool
  • Second night: The cast really needs to get their shit together
  • After final concert: Wh-what it's over already noooo what will I do with all of this free time let's do it again
  • At school: We speak of shrek no longer that is over let the past stay in the past for the love of peace
47 - Michael Clifford

From @unkindnessofone‘s prompts


“I thought you were happy.” He shouted, throwing his hands up with frustration as you stormed further down the tour bus. “You can’t just tell me shit like that and then blow up in my face over a photographer.” Michael almost sneered the last part. 

When you both argued, Michael could be plain nasty, not feeling comfortable with any tense air that ever settled around the two of you. You both fit together perfectly, the Beethoven to his Mozart, the cheese to his pickle, so to fight was very rare and it left you both uneasy. 

“Michael, I can’t do this anymore! I am tired of all this bullshit, not even being able to eat my lunch in peace without someone needing to film it. I’m a fucking human being and I didn’t ask for this.” You cried back, running a stressed hand through your hair.

You had just wanted to go back to the bus and sulk, not make a big deal out of it and just listen to some angry music and then be able to get to the end of the day without shouting at Michael. But he had had other ideas.

“You knew what was coming when you agreed to be my girlfriend, Y/N. Don’t fucking tell me you didn’t ask for this! But if you can’t handle this anymore then you know where the door is.” He screamed back, and I flinched as I saw Calum start to make his way up the stairs of the bus before scurrying back down, pretending he hadn’t seen us. 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You asked lowly, taken aback by what he was saying.

“I’m saying if being with me is such a fucking drain on you then maybe you should just go home and don’t bother calling me.” He spat, watching you carefully as you stepped back from the force of his answer. 

You were almost in a daze from his answer, barely having time to process what he’d said, before you swallowed down the lump in your throat. “Fine. Have a nice life Michael.” 

What to do to stop homophobia

Thanks for the great reactions. There where some many so I pic out a few reactions. Some where good and others made me laugh really hard haha. (There where so much reactions so I can’t post all of it but I have read them all )

We have to make them realize that we are all humans and that they don’t have more rights than anyone - well-duuuhhh

Stopping homophobes can only be done in time through peaceful activism, pride, and education. There’s really no ‘stopping’ them, that sounds too immediate. It’ll take time. - ruinedlily

We need to invite them all to a big dinner party with shirtless waiters wearing rainbow underwear and forced to only eat rainbow themed food (/o\) - Anon

There’s not much we can do but educate them.. or ya know tie them to a chair and ductape their mouth and make them sit down and watch coming out videos for five hours. Hmm. I’ll go with option #2. :D - meranda24680

send them to a gay camp (like in but im a cheerleader but for the homophobes) so they know what its like to be told you’re not normal and need to be fixed, depsite not being broken not that they should be oppressed but they need a new perspective - endofthehorizonyoubroughtme

more positive media representation with diversity. people from all genders, races, sexual and romantic orientations living full lives on screen would create empathy - rowansr

Be understanding is key.
Majority (not all) homophobic people are older adults. We have to understand that they were raised in a different generation. Their generation did not really talk about the LGBT community. Our generation is a lot more accepting because of media, TV shows, Actresses/Actors, music, & so much more. We will never be able to make our world a 100% non homophobic place, but every person we can talk to and get their support, understanding & love is a job well done. We just need to talk to them with an open mind & heart and help them realize we are just like everybody else. All we want in life is to be happy. - socalflowerchild 

Hit them with a pan so they realize it’s 2015! -  inlovewithninaa

Tell them that if being gay is a choice, they should turn gay then and there to prove a point B) - pancakesandfairydust

Establish which ones have jacked off to lesbian porn before… - the-dark-side-has-yaoi

Show them that gay people are no different than they are. And our “choice” to date the same sex is a choice made of necessity; no different than their choice to date the opposite gender. They just need to put themselves in our shoes for a day. - speiseroehre

Switch the roles and make them think if these things happened to the straight majority  - blissfal 

For my part, when I’ve prayed before leaving the house, sometimes God has told me not to do it or turn back and go home. Sometimes the reason for this has been that I forgot my wallet, which He helped me realise after prayer. Reasons have also included one of my children needing a nap or to eat and I wasn’t being mindful of the time. After fulfilling their Needs, God gave me peace to leave. It’s may sound funny, but God wants to talk to you about everything. He’s so wildly in love with you that He can’t help but share His heart constantly! If you pay attention to His voice, then He’ll communicate with you about things you’ve forgotten and activities you should be doing. He’ll show you where a lost item can be found or tell you to avoid certain places or circumstances. I’ve had God tell me not to take a particular highway to work when using a route otherwise made the most sense. But I obeyed Him, and later I found out there was a major accident that would have made me late. Life is better when listening to the spirit. He cares about you and will preserve each of your steps, no matter how insignificant and small. Entering an on ramp or going to a grocery store is pretty insignificant, but God will communicate with you regarding these things nonetheless. If your best friend were in the car, would you talk with him or her? If you went to the grocery store with your friend, would you talk with him or her while there? Obviously, you would. And you carry God with you everywhere you go. So why ignore His voice? If He truly is your best friend; then pray attention to Him always. Listening even in the most insignificant situations will save you a lot of headaches. So make it your life’s goal to live for God’s will even in the little steps. You may feel they don’t matter, but everything about you matters to God. No matter how small or insignificant, everything about you is precious to Him. In every choice you make, every turn you take, every action you perform, and every word you say, He weighs in the balance- and if it matters to God, it should matter to you. Each of theses small steps will help you to understand and hear the most important lessons. By being sensitive and obedient to God’s voice in everything. You’ll understand His will with greater clarity.

- Adam Houge