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Smut where Ashton finds you touching yourself and he gets mad. Daddy kink pls. Make it fairly long. Thx 

I gotchu and don’t mind the title, its a thing w me and Maddi


Ashton’s POV:

“Mmm,” I hear, dropping my bag.  I check my watch and it’s about nine thirty. My little girl is usually asleep by eight thirty. “Daddy!” I hear her moan. I’m a little confused as to why I hear the moans coming from my office and not upstairs where her room is.

“Mmh, Daddy,” I hear. I finally reach my office door. “Daddy, please,” she squeaks. I walk in and see my little girl sat in the big brown chair behind my desk. Her knees were pushed up as she held a vibrator in her panties against her pussy.

“Please, Daddy,” she moans again, her head thrown back as she pushes the toy against her pussy, applying more pressure. “Please what, baby?” I ask. I could have just watched her get off, but joining in would be much more fun. Y/N gasps, the vibrator falling to the floor as her eyes dart up to me.

“Daddy-” “It seems like I have a naughty little girl.” I cut her off. She knew very well she wasn’t allowed in my office when I wasn’t there, she especially wasn’t allowed to go in there to get her toy.

She was supposed to be punished for a week. No vibrator or touching herself was her punishment for teasing me at a pool party we had attended Friday.

It’s now Wednesday and it looks like she couldn’t resist. This is the second time this week she’s been caught playing with herself. “You’ve been a horny little girl this week, haven’t you?” I say as and walk closer to her.

“Here, you dropped your toy, princess.” I bend down to pick up the vibrator. “Put it back baby.” She gives me a questioning look. “Go ahead baby, it feels good for your little pussy?” I ask and she nods in response.

“Then go ahead.” I say softly. She reluctantly pushes the vibrator back into her underwear. I begin to pepper kisses all over her thighs, as I did I moved her hand from the handle of the vibrator replacing it with mine.

“Daddy doesn’t like bad girls.” I mumble as I pushed the vibrator against her pussy. “ ’M sorry, Daddy.” Y/N more so moans. “You’re sorry?” I remove the vibrator to where it’s not against her but still in her little underwear.

She nods.

“But honey, this is the second time in a matter of three days.” I push it back. “You’re a very, very bad girl and I know exactly what I’m going to do to you.” I spoke, rubbing her thigh as I watched her face scrunch up with pleasure from the vibrator being against her for so long.

“Daddy,” she moans quietly. “Mmh, you love that, don’t you? Daddy putting a vibrator against that lil’ cunt? Against your cute little clit, baby? That’s what you like?” “Mhmm,” she moans, her body starting to squirm.

“Like that princess? Hm?” I put the vibrator against her for a second, only to move it away the next. “Yeah, baby? Are you a good girl, hm?” “Yes,” she moans. “Don’t lie to me.” I say sternly, pulling the vibrator out of Y/N’s underwear.

“Take these off.” I pull at the top of her underwear.  “On the desk, now.” She sits on his desk, her legs crossed. “Baby,” I move my lips to her ear. “I haven’t got time for you to act like I’m not going to play with your cunt until you cry. Now uncross these legs so Daddy can punish his dirty little girl.”

She lets out a small sigh, opening her legs and scooting a little further on the cold desk. “Daddy, it’s cold.” She says quietly. “Ohh, really?” I pout in mocking her sadness as I bring my thumb to her clit to rub small circles.

“I was going to sit in my chair,” i say as I reach for the vibrator again, holding it against her clit. “Daddy,” she squeaks as her whole body jerks. “I don’t wanna hear anything out of that mouth.”

“Like I was saying.” I say, watching her pussy casually as I spoke. Watching the way she kept clenching, watching how swollen her little pussy got, how wet she was. “Fuck, you’re drenched. Too bad you won’t be able to cum.” I say sadly.

Barely paying attention to what I’m saying as I was so absorbed in watching the way her pussy moved under the vibrator. “But I have the real prize right here.” I applied more pressure. “Daddy!” She screams.

In one swift movement I removed the vibrator and slaped her pussy, hard. The slap was heard and so was her little squeak before her legs tried to close. “What did I say about that mouth?” “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she moans, only to receive another slap. She whines as she closes her legs, I let her.

“What’s wrong, baby?” “Daddy, please,” she whines as he opened her legs back up. “Please, what?” I ask as I unbuckled my belt, letting it fall to the floor as I pulled my pants and underwear down.

“Let me cum. Please Daddy, it hurts.” “Shhhh,” I hold her legs open as I rub my cock against her pussy. “F-” she stops herself from swearing. “Daddy! Daddy, please! No! Daddy, I can’t, please let me cum.” She says, knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle being fucked without cumming. She moans after, not being able to hold it in.

“Dadddyy,” she moans in pleasure, tears pricking at her eyes. “Mmh, you like Daddy’s cock, baby? Hm? You like when I rub your pussy with it?” “Mhmmm,” she moans, her hips thrashing around as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red, tears falling from her eyes. Tears of pleasure. Too much pleasure.

“I want you to bend over now princess.” She does as she’s told, turning around and bending over the desk. “Why aren’t your legs open?” I ask and in less than a second her legs are spread as far as they could go. “Good girl.” I kiss her head.

I thrust into her, not giving any sort of warning. “You thought you wouldn’t be caught? Moaning so loud while in Daddy’s office,” I spank her ass. “You’re such a bad girl.” I spread her ass cheeks as I slowed my fast thrusts, “Y/N, honey, I want to hear you say it. What are you, hm?”

“A-a bad girl.” She cries. “Daddy,” she nearly whispers. “I’m going to cum.” I slap her ass, “I said no.” “Mh,” she cries. “Please, Daddy.” Finally I pull out. “Honey, I know you love being teased.” She shakes her head no.

“But you’re pussy is dripping. All over Daddy’s floor, too.” She grips the desk, trying to rub her legs together to make some sort of friction. Only resulting in another slap to her ass. “Stop that!”

“Now, you’re going to stop being a bad girl. Do you understand?” “Y-yes.” Another spank. “Daddy! Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry.” She moans. “You’re such a difficult little girl. You could have just been good, and waited for Daddy. Surely I would of helped you.”

“I know.” She says sadly. “Why’d you do it?” I peck the bottom of her ass, close to her pussy. “Hm?” “I-I just, I couldn’t wait.” “Oh, so you were being greedy.”
“I’m sorry,” she says and he can hear the tears in her voice.

“Don’t cry, princess. I know it feels funny, but this is what bad girls get.” I say, bending over her and wiping her tears. “Are you ready?” I ask softly. She reluctantly nods. I slowly enter her again, this time making sure he gets off. My thrusts were slow, and my grip was tight.  “You’re so tight, princess. Fuck,” I moan.

“So wet too. Fuck, Daddy’s cock slips right in.” I thrust for a while more. “Daddy,” Y/N moans quietly.  “Fuck,” I squeeze her ass as I cum inside of her, riding out my orgasm.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan as I pull out slowly, watching my cum leak from her pussy. “Good girl.” I breath.  “Turn around for me, let me see that precious face.”
She turns around, still sitting on the desk.

“Why were you crying?” I ask softly, kissing her temple. “Because my pussy hurts Daddy, I need to cum.” “I know you need to, princess, but you can’t.” I says sympathetically, my hand holding her jaw softly. “You know what being a bad girl gets you.” I rub her cheek with my thumb.

“I know.” Y/N looks down sadly. “C'mon baby, let’s go sleep now, yeah?” She nods her head. “Wait, my panties, Daddy.” She says as I pick her up and begins walking out of the room.

“You are going to have a shower, those ones are all messed up.” I say, picking her up. “Alright Daddy.” She says. “Let’s wash you up.” I says as my soapy hand comes in contact with her hip, making her jerk away.

I furrow my brows in confusion. “I don’t think you should touch me, Daddy.” She says. “I’m very sensitive right now.” “Oh baby girl, are you sure you don’t want Daddy to wash you?”

She nods. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I love you.” She kisses my cheek. “I love you too, princess. I’ll wait for you in the room.” When Y/N was finished she went into the room, and I helped her change into her pajamas. “Go to sleep, baby.” I kiss her lips before we cuddle.

“Daddy,” she asks after a while. “Yes?” “Am I really a bad girl?” “No, sweetie. You’re a good girl, you just misbehave sometimes.” “Can I be your good little girl again?” She turns around to face me. “Of course you can, baby. You’ll always be my good little girl.” I kiss her sweet lips once more before we both drift off into a deep sleep.

It’s A Hard Noct Life (Noct x Prompto x Ignis)

So I was writing something else, but then I saw @kaciart‘s piece http://kaciart.tumblr.com/post/163650643813 and had to do the Thing ™. The title was something else, but this felt more appropriate and I’m a terrible person. Also head’s up that there’s blood.

Noct’s crying.

There’s no way Prompto can’t hear the restrained sniffles that escape the tough guise Noctis tries his damndest to keep up as he’s stretched out on his stomach across the Regalia’s backseat. The Advisor isn’t immune to the heart wrenching weeping either, gloved hands grasping the steering wheel so hard that he knows his shaking knuckles must be white beneath bloodied leather.

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Love Never Dies

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 3,355

Warnings: angst in the beginning, reader getting seriously injured, sam worrying but times ten, fluffy sam at the end

Request: Hey! First of all, I absolutely love your writing!! ❤️ would it be possible to get a samxreader where all 3 of them are on a hunt and the reader gets badly injured and Sam thinks he’s gonna lose her at the hospital and just lots of worried and fluffy Sam??? No worries if not!! Thank you

Author’s Note: I really hope you feel better and I hope this makes you smile! If you want to be a Queen or apart of the Sam Fam, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists!

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“Sam! Hurry your ass up! We’re going to be late!” Dean yelled for his brother. You and Dean were both ready, waiting on your boyfriend to get ready.

“Dean, go easy on him. We had a tiring night and a tiring morning.” You said, blushing a bit. When you and Sam got home, you snuck away and had very tiring sexy with a little extra dose of it this morning. You couldn’t help yourself, that man is as delicious as they came.

“Not my problem, I told you we were going to head out at 7 in the morning. I don’t care what you two do, but be ready by then. That is what I said to you last night and you both just waved me off. The question I’m wondering, is why you’re not tired out and he is. He has a lot more stamina than you do.”

“And you would know how much stamina your brother has?” You asked, an amused smile on your face.

“Yes, I would. I’ve overheard him before with other women. I’ve overheard you with other men. He has a lot more stamina than you do.” Dean said, a smirk on his face. You lost your smile and you rolled your eyes, not denying it. Sam could go on for rounds and as much as you wanted to, your stamina levels were lower than his.

That didn’t mean he never tried to get you there and most of the times, it worked.

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Yoga Boner (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Okay, so I just watched a music video that Daveed did a while ago and I’m fucking screaming. W h a t d i d i j u s t w i t n e s s. Its called Yoga Boner and ya’ll just need to watch it. Smh.

Warning: Cursing, sexual references, light smut? (I’ve never written smut before, so I’m just gonna start out with just light smut for now.

Next chapter?: Probably not.


You were wheezing, tears already coming out of your eyes and streaming down your face. You tried catching your breath as you wrapped your arms around your stomach.

“Jas, what the fuck did you just show me?” You looked at your friend, your voice hoarse from your immense laughter. 

“I don’t know, I found this in my recommended,” she laughed. You raised a brow.

“What kind of shit are you watching for that to be in your recommended?”

“No shit like that, that’s for sure!” You both broke out into another laughing fit as  Daveed and Anthony walked into the apartment.

“What are ya’ll laughing at?” Anthony plopped himself beside Jas and wrapped an arm around her. He took one look at the screen and started laughing along with you guys.

“What are ya’ll laughing at?” Daveed walked over and looked at the screen. His face dropped and you could faintly see a blush creep up onto his face. “Why are you guys watching that?” You shook your head.

“No, the question is why are you in it?” Ant and Jas nodded in agreement. Daveed sighed.

“It was a hard time for me okay? I was trying to get people to notice my rapping skills.” You rolled your eyes.

“So you decide that a good way to do that is to rap about how you got a boner looking at girls doing yoga?” Daveed groaned. After some more teasing, Jas and Ant left, leaving you and your boyfriend alone. As you got ready for bed, you hatched a plan.



“Y/n?” Daveed called as he walked in the next afternoon. “Y/n, where are you?”

He found you on a yoga matt in the center of the living room, doing odd poses. He sighed, knowing what you were trying to do. 

“You’re still not over that video?” he asked as he set his bags down. You looked at him and smiled.

“What video?”

“You know what video, Y/n.”

“I don’t believe I do. Now leave me be, I need to concentrate.” Daveed rolled his eyes and took a seat on the couch in back of you. ‘Perfect,’ you thought. You went into the downward dog position, waving your ass a little as you watched him from between your legs. You only saw him glance up once and then look back  down. You decided to take it up a notch.

You took your leggings and shirt off, leaving you in small underwear shorts and a sports bra. You got back down on your fours to do the cat and cow pose. Daveed still didn’t budge. So you pretended to struggle with downward dog.



“Do you think you could help me with this?” you asked innocently. He sighed and got up.

“With what?”

“Well stand behind me and push me down so my heels don’t rise while I do downward dog.” At this point, you knew that he knew what you were doing but you wanted to see how far you could push him. He did as told, setting himself up behind you. He gently pushed your lower back down, forcing your feet to be completely flat on the ground. This also caused your butt to come into contact with his crotch. You winced at the stretch, but you couldn’t help but smirk when you felt something hard on your ass. 

 "Um Y-y/n? How long do I need to do this for?“ 

"Not sure, but don’t let go just yet.” He let out a groan but continued to push you down. You wiggled your rump a little causing Daveed to let out a grunt. After about two minutes of standing there, you stood up and turned to Daveed and placed a kiss on his cheek. 

“Thanks babe,” you smiled sweetly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going to take a nice shower.” You felt him grab your wrist as you tried to walk past him. He growled in your ear. 

“Only if you let me join." 

 Looolololololol still crying over that vid; anyway hope y'all enjoyed💓

ALSO THANK YOU FOR 100 NOTES (thats literally the most I’ve gotten on anything that I’ve posted)

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Birthday Blues

Hey babes! This is my contribution to the Harry birthday one shots. It’s going to be a little different to other birthday one shot’s you may have read, with plenty of angst, but of course with a VERY fluffy ending! PSA: this is not a part of my one shot series, and does include some explicit language! xxx

Y/N’s P.O.V.
The fighting started weeks ago. God knows why, it just did. At first, it was just bickering. I understood Harry was tired from work, and I’d been studying for exams a lot so the both of us were constantly exhausted. But to make matters worse, the two of us being so tired meant no sex, which meant no stress relief. So we kept bickering, going to bed without good night kisses and leaving in the morning without so much as a “good bye.” Until the real fights started. One day I got home late because I forgot to tell Harry I was working late, and when I came home at nearly 11 PM, he lost it. Then everything came out, and we haven’t gone more than a few days without a fight since. It exhausted me, but today was his birthday. I was going to make it so special for him, and put the past few weeks behind us. I woke up without Harry next to me, so I grabbed his present (a new journal) and wandered down stairs to find him fully dressed, looking like he was about to leave. “Going somewhere, birthday boy?” He looked up, startled. “Oh, hi. I’ve got meetings all morning then I’m going to lunch with Gem, so I won’t be home until later. Then the boys and I are going out for drinks tonight.” My stomach dropped as the cold tone of his voice washed over me. “Oh, okay. Well, here’s your present. Enjoy lunch with Gem. Happy birthday.” I tried to control the shaking of my voice, and walked back upstairs so he wouldn’t see me cry. An hour later, I woke up again and wandered downstairs to see his present completely untouched.

Harry’s P.O.V.
I wasn’t really going to lunch with Gemma. I was going with Kendall. I felt bad for lying to Y/N, I really did. But Kendall offered for my birthday and I knew Y/N would be mad at me, so I lied. As long as no one told her, I’d be fine. The morning dragged, and guilt started to set in. Y/N was supposed to be the love of my life and I was going behind her back. The meetings finally finished, and I hesitantly went to lunch with Kendall. All went smoothly, with no paparazzi, but I was anxious to get home to Y/N. I needed to put everything behind us. I pulled up to the house, and made my way inside. “You home, baby?” I called out, but the house was quiet. I walked around looking for her until I saw her outside, a cigarette in her hand, and her face all puffy like she’d been crying. I opened the back door and she glared at me. “How’s Kendall, Harry?” My stomach dropped. “W-who told you?” She took a drag of her cigarette. “Niall. Thought I should know you were going behind my back. Why’d you lie, Harry? You know I wouldn’t have minded if you had told me the truth.” Her voice was calmed, which scared me. “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react, given the past few weeks. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I’m so sorry.” “I was ready to forgive you, Harry. Forgive you for treating me like shit lately, but then you go and pull this shit! How fucking dare you!” She was yelling now, her voice dripping with venom. I was mad now, too. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?! You’re the one who’s been moping around for weeks!” “Is Kendall going to be there tonight, Harry?! You gonna spend the night balls deep in her fucking pussy?!” I was raging now, and approached her, yelling in her face. “Maybe I fucking will, considering you haven’t given it up in weeks!” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I fucked up. Bad. Y/N was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks. “No, no baby. Don’t cry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” I reached up to wipe her face, but she hit my hand away. “Get away from me, Harry. Get out. Now.” I nodded, not wanting to cause any further arguments, and left.

Y/N’s P.O.V.
I spent hours just crying and smoking. I only ever smoked cigarette’s when I was under a lot of stress, and now they at least soothed the pain. It was dark, and late so I made my way upstairs to shower and try to get some sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally started dozing until my phone started ringing. Niall’s name came up on the screen and I answered, nerves starting to build in my stomach. “Niall? What’s going on?” “Y/N, you need to get down here and get Harry. He’s not in a good shape.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “Niall, I don’t care. I’m not ready to face him.” “He’s sobbing for you, Y/N. He needs you.” I sat up, getting out of bed. “Okay, I’ll be there soon. Make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.” “Thank you, Y/N. We’ll be outside.” With that I hung up, got dressed and made my way to the local pub. I pulled up to see Harry and Niall, standing outside, my 6ft tall boyfriend a sobbing mess. I got out the car, and Harry stumbled over to me, wrapping me in a huge bear hug. “Oh, my baby. I’m so fucking sorry I’m such a piece of shit. I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” I rubbed his back. “Baby, we can talk about it in the morning, okay? We need to get you home.” He nodded and sniffled, letting me help him into the car. I waved goodbye and called out “thank you” to Niall, and drove home. Harry was still a mess, but I managed to get him upstairs and into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly. I curled up beside him, and quickly fell asleep, too.

I woke up, my head pounding and stomach churning. I got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. After a while, I groaned and stumbled downstairs to find Y/N pottering in the kitchen. The sight of her wearing only a pair of knickers and one of my t-shirts with her hair in a floppy bun warmed my heart. She turned around, a small smile on her face. “Morning. I made some peppermint tea to help your tummy.” I picked up the tea and sipped on it. “Thanks, love. Now, about last night.” She shook her head at me. “Drink your tea. Then we can talk about it.” I nodded and sat down beside her at the table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She rubbed my shoulder gently and whispered, her voice cracking. “Only after you got home.” I put my tea down and took Y/N into my arms. “Oh, my sweet girl. I’m so, so sorry.” She sobbed hard into my chest. “You can’t say stuff like that to me, Harry. You almost killed me.” I held her tighter. “Sweetheart, stop cryin’, please. You’re breakin’ my heart.  I know I’m a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve so much better, especially with how I’ve been treatin’ ya lately. But you mean the world to me, and I don’t think I could function without you.” I cupped her face so she’d look at me. “You’re the love of my life baby, and I am going to marry you one day.” Tears were still running down her face, but she smiled at me. “Really? You wanna get married?” I kissed her lips gently. “There’s no one else I want to spend my life with.”

After I showered, Y/N made the two of us breakfast and we spent the whole day watching movies. After we finished watching If I Stay, Y/N stood up and walked to the counter and picked up my present I’d left there yesterday morning and brought over to me. “I know it’s not much but-” I cut her off with a kiss. “Sweetheart, stop. Whatever it is, is perfect.” I unwrapped the paper, carefully, revealing the journal. My breath caught in my throat. Y/N never failed to amaze me. It was a beautiful, leather bound journal with thick paper. “Baby, I love it. I truly love it. Thank you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Even though my hang over was terrible, Y/N and I had sweet, lazy, intimate sex and were laying in bed. All was quiet until Y/N whispered “Harry?” I kissed the top of her head. “Yes, my sweet girl?” She looked up at me, her big eyes full of love. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life. Happy reading, honeys. Please reblog! xxx

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Six

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex POV*

It happened so suddenly. We were all sitting down enjoying our time together. I was so glad to see y/n and Kappy getting along. He’s become one of my good friends out here, I trust him a lot. Y/N was explaining her job to Kappy. I sit there and admire how excited and proud she is to explain it. I turn my head for a moment and that’s when I saw Will walk into the restaurant. Anxious, I started to fidget, not knowing what to do. If he sees me he’s going to blow up and cause a scene. The last thing I want is to piss him off even more. He still brings up the first night every once in a while. I could always stay here and risk him possibly seeing me, but it would be better if I could convince him to leave.

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Drug Trafficking (Imagine Jungkook - BTS) +18

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Chapter I - Narcotráfico - Prologue

My head hurts and I feel my hands tied, my eyes are blindfolded. I can hear them talking, but I can not understand. The fact of being kidnapped by traffickers is scary. I smell the drugs, and the alcohol.

Drug trafficking is now the biggest commercialization, although I am the daughter of one of the biggest drug dealers, I did not want to be living in this world. “I-I need water” I said softly, afraid they would hurt me. I’m completely naked in front of those disgusting. They killed my father, and now I am the reward. “Please!” I pleaded. Then I felt the water all over my body. “Why do this to me, what I did?” I asked, and I felt tears stream down my face.

 “Shut your fuck up, little shit!” He spit on me. “Your father is his fault, that’s why you’re here.” He began to laugh with the others. I shrunk more, crying. “Not need to cry, my dear.” He passed that disgusting hand on me. I do not understand what they say, but in some parts I can understand. I just wanted to get out, and live my life away from here. “I could rape you, but I do not want to die now … You do not know, but you’re worth a lot of money. The boss comes here tomorrow to see you, do not try any grace or you’ll be a dead woman.” He began to speak my language and remove the blindfold. “She really is beautiful, but she is very careless. Go take a shower, and if you try to run away, I’ll kill you myself!” exclaimed, pushing me into the bathroom. I closed the door and slipped by it, crying again. “Stop crying, it’s not so bad to be with us!” He said laughing. I went to the sink and looked in the mirror. My makeup was blurry and my mouth was cut, as I bit my lips hard not to scream when they hit me. With that image of mine, I put my hand to my mouth and began to cry again.

 “What did I do to deserve this?” I said through the sobs. What I want right now is to put a gun in my head and shoot myself, to die is my best way out of this hell. I promised myself I would not cry any more, that I would not cry out for help, that I would not eat. I just want to die, I exclaimed in my thoughts. I go into the bathtub, feeling some injuries burn up; “I want to get out of here!” I said quietly, grabbing my knees. “I want to see him again.” For the first time since I was kidnapped, I smiled. I took a sponge from it, and began to remove the dirt from my skin. While I was in my bath, I thought of his smile, his face, everything I loved in him. I was happy, with an air of laughter on his face, he did this to me. “Why have not you come after me?” I asked for myself. “Did not you love me?” Several questions came in my mind. I finished the shower and put on my robe, and then knocked on the door. - I’m leaving now. I said unwillingly.

 “Hurry up the boss is here, he wants to see you …” He said and I left the bathroom. The man took my purplish arm, making me moan in pain. “Do not be weak, it’s just a injury.” He laughed and squeezed my arm even more tightly. I bit my lips, suppressing the groans of pain, and we entered a room and the man threw me on the bed. “The boss order you to stay in this room.” He said taking his cigarette out of his mouth. “If you want, there’s a bottle of Whiskey you can drink.” He said pointing to the table, and I nodded, and the man left the room. My thoughts were facing him, already lying in the comfortable bed; Why have not you come to me yet? I know the same was also from the world of drugs, but he promised me that he was out of this life. I got out of bed and went to the table, pouring myself a glass of Whiskey.

“Tequila is way better!” I exclaimed with a weak smile. I opened the wardrobe and could see some clothes hanging. “They have good taste.” I grabbed some dress and opened the drawers, seeing the intimate pieces that contained there. I sit near the large window that was there, and stared at the streets. Why did you decide to treat me right now? My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. A man in a black overcoat entered the room, his eyes turned to me and I looked directly at them. I was wondering who that being was, but nothing came into my head, I could only look deep into his eyes.

I did not want to, but I was totally attracted to him. Silence was present in that cubicle. The brunette looked at me from top to bottom, the dress was a little short and showed well my legs turned. “What is your name?” His voice was hoarse. “I told you, answer me if you do not want to die!” I swallowed hard, putting my hands back.

Yes, I was scared.

“(Y/N)” I said. He came toward me, and stopped in front of me, making me look at him. She ran her hands through her hair, messing a little, and bit her lip. He could not lie, but he was handsome. His fingers went through my skin and stopped at my neck, I shivered whole. “Stop it.” I whispered, bowing my head. He gave a small smile and gripped my hair tightly, making me moan in pain.

“Jungkook…” he said into my ear, then biting my lobe. “From today you will be mine, do not you dare run away or I’ll go to hell to look for you.” He muttered. “You’re very valuable, I can not keep my eye on your actions, I know you’re tough, and you may not be able to resist me.” He smiled. Jungkook withdrew his hands from me and went to the table, drinking a glass of Whiskey. “Turn around!” he said, and I did. “Really as they say, that son of a bitch’s daughter is very hot. Thank you for being right, but tell me, did they hurt you?” He asked, and I nodded reluctantly. “Take off the dress.” He said and I blushed. “Get the fucking dress!” He said without patience. As the man commanded, I took it out and my bruises became visible, Jungkook approached me, and touched them. “I’m going to kill those motherfuckers!” He threw the glass on the wall and I was frightened. “Whatever those bastards do to you, tell me.” Jungkook held my face. “They raped you?” I denied it. “Do not worry, I’ll be here.” He gave me a hug. Him embrace was comforting, for the first time I felt safe in the arms of a drug dealer. I felt like crying, and I tightened my blouse, letting the tears flood my face.

How could I be so intimate with him, if I only saw him now? This question ran through my head.

anonymous asked:

When Beca stops taking the anti-depressants no knew she was on...

Beca looked down at the bottle of pills in her hand, her thumb rubbing across the edge of the cap.

She knew she needed them. They made her better. They made her feel normal. They stopped her feeling like she wanted to die every second of every day.

But her dad’s voice was still ringing in her ears.

“Do you want to be on them forever? Maybe you should try coming off them.”

Was he right?

She knew her therapist wouldn’t think so.

But maybe she should try. She didn’t like the idea of becoming dependent on them. She didn’t like that she didn’t feel normal without ingesting these chemicals.

So her hand tightened around the bottle before she flipped the cap off and emptied them down the sink.

She felt a flutter of fear in her stomach as she watched the last pill disappear down the drain.

Had she done the right thing? It was too late to turn back now.

A day or so later, after the last of the antidepressants left her system, Beca realised what a mistake she’d made.

It started off small. The way a big depressive episode for her would always start.

She found she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror.

When she brushed her teeth and put on makeup, she tried to avoid making eye contact with herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to see her own eyes. Didn’t want to see the anger and unhappiness.

Then she started avoiding people. She didn’t want to speak, she didn’t want to be touched, and people’s voices became too loud. The Bellas were the hardest to avoid because she still had to go to rehearsals.

She managed to escape the hall at the end of each rehearsal before any of the Bellas could speak to her until one morning she found that she just couldn’t get up.

The blankets felt like dead weights lying on her, and Beca didn’t have the energy to move them. So she rolled over and faced the wall. She texted Chloe to tell her she was sick and wouldn’t be at rehearsal.

Predictably the redhead fired back around ten messages asking if she was okay and if she needed anything, but by this time Beca was already asleep, and slept right through her afternoon class.

And that’s how it went for almost two weeks. Beca didn’t go to a single class or rehearsal. She only got up to use the bathroom and to get whatever food she could find.

Her room soon became full of discarded candy bar wrappers and empty chip packets and dirty laundry. Every time Beca entertained the notion of getting out of bed, one look at her room would force her back down. She was thankful she no longer had a roommate.

Sometimes she sat up, determined to get up and get dressed. But inevitably she would lie back down and face the wall.

Sometimes she slept, but most of the time she just stared. At the wall. At the ceiling. At nothing.

At night tears would creep out of her eyes and she’d cover her eyes with her arm and she’d sob. If she could have willed herself to simply die, she would have done it.

Her phone stopped ringing and buzzing. It had ran out of charge days ago and Beca couldn’t find the energy to plug it in.

On the twelfth day of her confinement, there was a knock at the door.

This wasn’t unusual. She’s sure her dad had come by a few times but always went away when she didn’t answer the door.

The knocking continued.

Beca rolled over again. They’d go away eventually.

“Beca. Open up.” It was Chloe.

Beca turned to face the door, but didn’t move to answer it.

“Beca please. I know you’re in there. I’m worried about you, we all are.”

Beca still didn’t move.

She heard Chloe sigh. “I have the RA with me Beca, he’ll open the door if you don’t.”

Beca didn’t want that.

She didn’t want Chloe seeing her like this but that was better than Chloe and a stranger who would probably call her dad.

Beca forced herself to stand and then unlocked the door.

She went quickly back to bed and turned away from Chloe.

She didn’t want to see her face as she took in the mess.

She heard Chloe try and stifle a gasp and she curled into herself tighter.

“Beca…” Chloe said, sounding lost. “What… what’s going on? Are you still sick?”

“Hmm…” Beca said. “Sort of.” Her voice was raspy due to lack of use.

She felt the bed dip and then Chloe was feeling her forehead, brushing her unwashed hair out of her eyes.

“You disappeared. You didn’t answer your phone or anything. I’m really worried about you,” Chloe said.

“I’m… fine,” Beca said, closing her eyes and Chloe continued to brush her thumb across her forehead.

Her voice felt slow and sluggish and she didn’t sound like how she used to.

“Have you… taken something?” Chloe asked, fear evident in her voice.

Beca laughed and shook her head. “Pretty much the opposite.”

“Please tell me what’s going on,” Chloe said.

“I… um… stopped taking my meds.”

“What kind of meds?” Chloe asked.

“You can’t guess?” Beca asked, finally making eye contact with Chloe.

Chloe almost cried at them. They weren’t the bright eyes the Chloe remembered. They were full of sadness. She also had bags under her eyes and looked smaller than Chloe remembered.

She glanced around the room again, and it didn’t take a lot for her to figure out what medication Beca was on.

“I didn’t know,” Chloe said. “Why did you stop taking them?”

“My dad said I should try,” Beca said. “It was a stupid thing to do but now I’m like… stuck. I feel trapped.”

“Can’t you just start taking them again?”

Beca shook her head. “I got rid of them. I’d need to go back to my therapist to get a new prescription and I can’t really do that right now.” She covered her eyes with her arm and started to cry. “I’m sorry. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Chloe said. “It’s okay, I can help. I can help.”

Chloe sat with her for what felt like hours, gently reassuring her that she was okay, and that she wasn’t going to leave.

She eventually convinced Beca to take a shower, and while she was gone she started tidying up. Throwing away the candy wrappers and pizza boxes and putting her laundry into the hamper so it wasn’t strewn across the floor. She even changed Beca’s bedding and got her some clean pyjamas out.

“You didn’t have to do all this,” Beca said when she got back. Her hair was still wet and she was shivering slightly.

Chloe handed her the pyjamas and turned away so she could change. Then she sat Beca back on the bed and started towel drying her hair.

“Tomorrow we’ll go back to your therapist and get you some more meds, okay?” Chloe said. “For now, we’ll just order a pizza and watch a movie.”

“You don’t have to-”

“I want to.”

Once the pizza was ordered, they lay back on the bed together, Beca wrapped protectively in Chloe’s arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me about all this?” Chloe asked.

“I was embarrassed,” Beca said. “And ashamed. I felt stupid and pathetic.”

“There is nothing pathetic or embarrassing or anything about having an illness, Beca. And you shouldn’t be ashamed to take meds to treat it,” Chloe said.

“I don’t want to be dependent on chemicals to make me feel normal,” Beca said.

“But you need them, Beca. Is how you’ve been feeling the past two weeks better than needing medication?” She felt Beca shake her head against her. “You might not be on them forever, but right now you need them. And that’s okay.”

“Thank you,” Beca said after a small silence.

“You don’t need to thank me.”

“I do. I really do.”


Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.4K
Warnings: Angst, a lil’ fluff, swearing,

A/N: I always love angst and I had such fun writing this. Sorry this took a few weeks!

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Dating Bucky Barnes didn’t come easy. Waking up at 3am to his screams of horror at his nightmare memories, his brooding quietness that drove you insane, the alcoholism that reared it’s ugly head from time to time, him not understanding that he wasn’t The Winter Soldier that Hydra made. These challenges were hard on your relationship, but you loved Bucky nonetheless. 

But there was just one thing that you couldn’t stand. The moment Bucky told you that Natasha and him had a past, you knew it was something you wouldn’t be able to get past. Not that you let Bucky know that; you made sure that any time you saw the two of them talking or training, you didn’t show the fiery jealously that burned through your veins. But you were trying, every time you saw the two of them together you try to reassure yourself that Bucky was in a relationship with you, not her.

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Prompt: Okay so here we go! One-shot time: Comforting pride after everything he’s been through with Hamilton. He’s in his room or in his bar and he’s writing something and the reader sits next to him and takes it out of his hand. Pride is trying so hard to stay strong, but the reader pulls him close and he just falls apart. Pride just cries and the reader hold him tight. I mean I didn’t write it down, but I’m sure the reader would stay with Pride, just to make sure he’s okay and gets some sleep.

Requester: imthehoneyyourethebee

Words: 1,125

Warnings: None

The squadroom was dark and empty when you came through the front door. As it should be; everyone had gone home after the get-together at Pride’s bar. After what happened, nobody knew what was to come. There’d surely be some kind of investigation into Pride’s going rogue.

But as you slowly approached the stairs, there was just one thing on your mind. Dwayne. Not your boss, Agent Pride. He’s always been an open book. Wore his heart on his sleeve. And yet, you couldn’t tell if he was alright or not.

He smiled tonight, but you hoped he wasn’t just pretending.

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Can I please request Kuroo and his female significant other staying over at his place for the first time because the rain was out of control? Fluff ensues. 💓 Thank you!

“Sorry (Name), I didn’t think it would rain today.” Kuroo states as the two of you enter his house dripping from the heavy rain shower that had just hit. Smiling, you shake your head at the tall male in front of you, “That’s okay, it’s another memory with you.”

Kuroo turns towards you with a playful smirk on his face before he tosses a dry towel in your face. “You’re sappy.” Laughter fills the air as you follow Kuroo into his room as he looks for some dry and warm clothing for the two of you.

“Kuroo! Can I wear this one?” You exclaim as you reach down to point at a shirt. “Sure, what’s so special about that one though?” Kuroo asks pulling it out for you. Taking it, you hold it out in front of you with a large smile, “It’s my favorite shirt that you wear.”

A small tint spreads across Kuroo’s cheeks as he studies you with the shirt, “If you like it when I wear it, shouldn’t I wear the shirt?” You shake your head and hold the shirt closer to your chest. “I wanna wear it though!”

Chuckling, Kuroo continues to look for a shirt for himself, “You’re such a baby, but you’re mine so it doesn’t matter.” Kuroo finally finds a shirt and strips off his old one before throwing it into the basket. “Who’s the sappy one now?” You joke as he opens his arms to pick you up and shower you with playful kisses. “Hey~ I still need to change too!” You cry as he peppers kisses all over your face.

“Okay, go ahead.” Kuroo sets you down and crosses his arms while he looks at you, “Are you gonna leave or something so I can change?” You ask with a small chuckle. Rasing his arms, Kuroo nods and leaves the room, shutting it behind him. “Alright, just because you asked so nicely.” He replies sarcastically as you respond with a laugh. You set your wet clothing aside in his room while you throw on his large shirt that you love so much, it smelt like him too.

“I’m done, you can come in now.” You say as you continue to dry your hair with his towel. “You look great in my shirts,” Kuroo says with a grin as you roll your eyes playfully. “You’re just lucky I’m able to stay the night.”

“You’re eye candy,” Kuroo states as he plops down on his bed and looks at you. Turning to face him, you plop down next to him and stare up at him as well, running your hands through his damp hair, “You’re eye candy as well~”

“What do you want to do for the rest of the night then?” Kuroo asks, resting a hand on your waist as you lean your head on his chest, closing your eyes and letting out a happy sigh, “Let’s cuddle all night, yeah?”

“Sure,” Kuroo pulls you in closer and rests his head over yours, turning off the light and humming gently as he relaxes into your hands in his hair. Nothing beats cuddling.

Love Can Heal (Part 3)

 Pairing: Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 1.170

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 7

 Part 8

 Part 9 

 Part 10

 Part 11

 Part 12

 Part 13

 Part 14

 Part 15 (FINALE)

 I don’t know how long we stayed on the airplane because I slept. I woke up on Emmett’s shoulder and stood up straight quickly since I’m still angry with him. Angry with the Cullen. Bella and Edward are waiting for us, so I say hi to both and get in the car. It’s terribly cold. I embrace myself and close my eyes only to open them to see their house. I remember it perfectly, and I hate it even more now.

 Esme hugs me and guides me in. At least they turned on the heater for me. Everyone comes to apologize and welcome me. I try not to look so pissed off.

 “Come, I’ll show you your room.”

 “Where are my bags?”

 “I throw them out.” Emmett smiles and I can notice Alice getting excited.

 “You did what?” I want to hit him in the face, but I’m just too tired. I run upstairs. Well, kind of. I walk upstairs as fast as I can. “I’ll take a shower and you better get me some clothes or I’ll be on the next flight back to Alaska!”

 I get into the first room I see and rush to the bathroom. I don’t know who “sleeps” here but I don’t care.

 Once I’m done I open the bathroom door, wrapped in a towel, I find a small pile of clothes waiting for me. I get dressed, rolling my eyes when I walk out the bathroom to spot Emmett sitting on the bed.

 “You’re not going back.”

 “I know. My bedroom, please?”

 “Come.” He makes me follow him to the other side of the house, to a bedroom with a wall made of glass. I can see the trees, the sky and so much more.

 “We set this room especially for you. Did you like it?” Esme is here, being so kind that I feel bad for being mad at her for two years.

 “Yes. Thank you. Maybe some curtains.” I suggest.

 “Sure. I’ll leave you two to talk.” She walks out and closes the door. I pull the blanket and wrap it around myself, sitting on the bed.

 “Can I hug you?”

 “No.” I say, without thinking twice.


 “I’m tired. I’ll try to get sleep.”

 “I’ll wake you up soon, so you can eat.” Emmett kisses my forehead and leaves the room. I lay down hoping for a calm sleep.

 They make me eat. Against my will. Five vampires hang over me, forbidding me to even move until I finish. There’s too much food, but I push it in. I cry and I threat to murder them. When I’m done, I feel weird, heavy. I can’t remember the last time I ate this amount of food.

 “I’ll throw up.”

 “You won’t. Just…”

 “I’m not kidding.” It’s been months since eat properly. My stomach is not used to be so… filled. I’m gonna throw up.

 “Focus. Concentrate on… on anything. Let’s watch TV. ”

 They drag me to the couch. I lay down and close my eyes again. The night is falling and I feel uncomfortable. I wanna go home. I wanna sleep. I don’t want to be in a house full of vampires who want to make feel better. That’s stupid. I get up and head to my bedroom without saying anything when someone knocks.

 Esme opens the door and four men walk in. Copper skin, jeans, and a t-shirt. It’s snowing out there, how’s that possible? I stand beside the stairs, looking at them.

 “Ivy, this is…”

 “I’m Sam. The Alpha.” He interrupts Emmett, as the four men come closer to me.

 “The wolves, as I promised.” Emmett is suddenly by my side.

 “This is Paul, Jacob and Kevin.” The Alpha continues, not bothering to smile. “Jacob is Renesmee’s boyfriend and Kevin the newest on the pack. He’s your age.”

 “How do you know my age?”

 “Emmett told us.” The one who is called Paul gives me a small smile.

 “Yeah.” I murmur.

 “He told us about your depression too.”

 “Yeah. Sam, right? He told you something else?” I’m getting really irritated with Emmett right now, telling these strange people about my private life.

 “Only about your being depressed. Care about telling us why?” Is Paul again. He steps closer, analyzing me. Why do people gotta do that? I know I’m sick. I’m pale and skinny, so nobody has to take a closer look to notice that.

 “Yes, sure.”

 “Ivy, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t feel comfortable.” Emmett touches my arm and I take a deep breath.

 “I… I killed my parents.” I whisper and all the wolves stare at me in shock. “I mean… They died because of me. I went to a party they didn’t want me to. They went after me, had a car accident, got stuck inside the car, a fire started and they burned to death.”

 I’m crying, looking at my feet. It’s cold, I’m tired and my hands are shaking. The silence kills me while they look at each other. I’m almost giving up and running to my bedroom.

 “We’re very sorry about your…”

 “About my loss? Thank you.” I say abruptly, drying my tears and facing them. “I need to take a shower.”

 “You just did. A few hours ago.” Emmett makes me stop when I’m about run upstairs.

 “Why don’t you come with us? We’re going to have pizza.” Paul speaks all of a sudden. Now I realize how he stares at me like he couldn’t get enough, or like he’s trying to memorize me. Maybe he’s so sure I’m going to die that he just wants to keep this poor girl in his memory.

 “You don’t have to do that.”

 “Do what?”

 “Whatever Emmett told you to.”

 “He told me nothing.”

 “Mhmm.” I push Emmett away again and turn to face Paul. “Being honest, I don’t wanna go.”

 “Why don’t you give it a try?” Emmett has an angry expression on his face, but I can tell he’s thinking about me first. “Go out for a walk and… keep your mind away from sad thoughts.”

 “I don’t know these men. They could be serial killers.”

 “They’re not serial killers. And I’ll go with you, of course.”

 “No. I don’t wanna go.”

 “Please? I know a very good snack bar. Great pizza.” Paul gets over excited with the pizza and I look at him awkwardly. I just can’t understand why someone can be so happy just because of pizza.

 “I’m sorry, I…”

 “I’ll give you a ride on my back.”

 “Why would I want it?”

 “Because anyone can ride a horse, but not many girls are so lucky to ride a giant wolf.” He smiles and I almost feel excited to go.

 “Okay. Turn to a wolf, then.”

 “Outside.” Paul steps aside, gesturing for me to go. I try to smile, but I don’t know if it’s possible. So I just walk past him, staring at the front door, really excited for the first time in two years.



Something just like this

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2193

Warnings: Angst, Smut!, Fluffy in the end

A/N: This oneshot is based on the song “Something Just like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. I love so much this song, it’s like a drug!

If you want be tagged in my stories, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated.

Will come back.
I take a deep breath, and in the meantime, I take the bottle of water, and I drink. By now, it’s been two weeks since Bucky left for a mission in Russia, along with Steve and Tony. I remained at the base of the Avengers, until my boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, not back. I hate staying at home alone; It reminds me every fucking minute that he’s not there, and the silence overwhelms me. So for now I sleep in the room next to Natasha; At least I try. I miss Bucky. I miss my boyfriend. I miss his voice, his contagious laugh, his eyes staring at me, his soft and sweet lips on mine, his arms around my waist. It’s horrible to be so far away from him, and not having news of him.
I drain the anger and frustration pulling punches in punching bag, but doesn’t help much; I hear the gym door open, and enters Natasha smiling.
“Y/n, dinner is almost ready.”
“Thanks Nat.”
Without another word, Natasha comes out, and I remain alone again. I sigh; she and Sam are the fantastic friends, and in all this time that Bucky is not there, did everything they could to distract me; we went to the movies, to eat a pizza, at Luna Park. But they’re not my Bucky.
I return to my room, and after a quick shower, I go into the kitchen. Natasha and Sam are already there, sitting on the couch watching a movie; after greeting Sam, I sit down beside him, and I watch the film with them. Just when it’s late, I greet you both, and silently I go back in the room. This is my daily routine, for two long weeks.
I want my Bucky.

Will come back.
And another day began; after breakfast, Sam and I have made a run, and we bet about who was faster; when there is no Steve to run with him, Sam is always happy, because it’s easier to win for him.
When we returned to base, I’m back in the gym, and I started to give again to punch the punching bag; it’s the only thing that calms me. After a while I stop and support the forehead of the punching bag, and I close my eyes; Bucky is my life, since I was back to being himself. The first time I met him, he was still the Winter Soldier, and I have done nothing but fight him; he was strong, and he put me to the mat in a few moves. At that moment I thought that I hated him. I am a proud person, and I hate to lose; in spite of everything, I felt a shiver when our eyes met. I didn’t pay much attention, but when Bucky is back to being.. Bucky, everything changed.
He’s fantastic, sweet, and kind, and even broken. And since we attend us, he makes me feel alive. For him it wasn’t easy to get back to ‘normal’ life, what the HYDRA did to him.. after all this time, sometimes he wakes up at night, because of a nightmare, and I try to comfort the more likely. I am still absorbed in my thoughts, when I hear the door open; without looking, I sigh.
“Yeah, Nat. Lunch is ready. ”
“Can I be your food?”
I open my eyes when I hear his voice; I quickly turn to the door to be sure I recogniz the voice of my boyfriend, or if it’s just a dream; but he’s there. Bucky, in his combat uniform, half dirt, but all his glory. Instinctively, I run towards him, and in a few seconds I throw myself into his arms, my legs around his waist. We remain silent for a while, enjoying this intimate moment between us; I inhale his scent, I brush his skin with the fingers.
“I missed you so much.”
“I’ve noticed.”
I blush, and having stretched the legs and resting my feet on the ground, I look in his eyes.
Bucky smiles, and laying his hands cupped my cheeks, he grabs my lips with his, and pulls me to his chest. How much he missed me..
I try to deepen the kiss, but then I remember that we are in the gym, and that someone can come suddenly.
“I missed you too.” he says when we move away, his arms still around my waist.
“When did you come back?”
“I have just returned. Natasha had told me you were here, and then I’m over here right away.”
I smile. He tries to get close, but jokingly I run him by me.
“Calm down, big boy. You need a shower, and long. ”
He laughs; I’m so happy that he is here with me, and his laugh is so contagious, that I begin laughing too.
“Why are you crying?” he suddenly asked; I frown, and I touch my face with the hand. I feel it’s wet, and I smile.
“I’m just glad you’re here.”
Bucky pulls me to him, and kisses my forehead.
“How about if we go back to our home?” he asks me as grazes my ear with his lips, making me shiver, “Take a shower, we have dinner, and we’re together.”
I swallow hard when I hear the last words; now that he’s finally back, I want him all to myself.
“Let’s go back to our home.”

After entering the house, me and Bucky we head both in the bathroom. I open the valve of the tap, and while the tub fills with hot water, I undress. I remain alone with the bra and panties, and suddenly I feel the Bucky’s eyes fixed on me. I smile, and satisfied with the effect that I do to him, I glance over my shoulder.
“Like what you see, James?”
I call him by his first name, knowing what causes in him when he hears my voice say it; he’s approaching menacingly at me, his hands touching my hips, and I feel a shiver along my spine when his metal fingers brush my bare skin. My back touch his bare chest, and Bucky leaves wet kisses in the hollow of my neck.
“After all this time, hell, of course I like it, doll.”
I turn to him, and I wrap my arms around his neck, I brush his lips, and I shrink, trying to provoke him.
“Will you do me the honour, James, to take my clothes off?”
“I’m the one just returned from a mission. You should undress me. ”
I bite my lip, and not make me say it twice, I lower the zipper of his pants, and I lower them along with the boxer; he does the same with me, and when we are both naked, we enter into the tub, facing each other. We relax both in contact with the hot water, that loosens our tense muscles. I look at Bucky, and only now I notice a tinge of sadness in his face; I was so glad to see him again, I didn’t ask him how was your mission. When I ask him, with a sad look tries to divert the issue. If he doesn’t want to talk, it means that something went wrong. I get close to him, and sat down on his legs, I obliged him to look at me.
“What’s wrong, Buck?”
He swallows, and then look at me; he touches my cheek with his metal arm, and a sad smile appears on his face.
“Why me?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Why did you choose me? Why are you with me? ”
I remain surprised by his words; I thought he knew why I’m with him. We talked about it a lot of times.
“Because I love you, Bucky.”
“Are you sure?”
I feel the tears fill my eyes, and I am speechless. Why he thinks I don’t love him?
“Bucky what happened during the mission?”
Bucky continues to look helpless, and after a while he sighs, and looks down.
“We saved the civilians by.. a bomb, I think. And when at last they were safe, people have approached us to thank us. They were so happy to see Captain America and Iron Man. But when they saw me.. I think they were afraid. I know it’s a stupid thing, but.. I’m not a hero, Y/n. Steve and Tony are. I’m just a horrible experiment, which kill.. ”
Bucky doesn’t finish the sentence because of me. My lips are placed on his, and I kiss him hard; my tongue makes contact with his, and my teeth biting his bottom lip, making him moan. I feel his erection touching my leg, but I try not to pay attention; I just want him to understand that I didn’t need a hero.

I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

We finish the kiss, but my lips brush even those of Bucky, while his arms leaning on my waist. I look into his eyes, trying not to cry.
“Those people are idiots, they don’t know what they missed. If they got to you, they would know that you are a wonderful, sweet, kind, and selfless. I love you, Bucky.”
“I was a monster before.” Bucky says, the trembling voice. Tears streaming down his face, and I push off with the thumbs. I put my lips on his again, then on the cheeks, then on the eyes, then on the forehead; I wrap my arms around his neck and I hug him.
“It wasn’t your fault. You were under the control of HYDRA, but now you are free. You have your life again, you have your best friend, and other friends who love you. You have me. I don’t need a superhero.”

I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can miss

The Bucky’s metal arm is laying on my back, massaging it up and down.
My eyes met his, and he slings on my lips, and kisses me. I put my hands cupped over his face, and I closer and closer to me; my body in contact with his drives me crazy, and makes the same effect on Bucky. He begins to torture the hollow’s neck, then the collarbone, up to fall on my breasts; he leaves me deep marks, making me moan. His erection pushes more towards me, and I just want to feel him inside of me, to make him feel how much I love him.
“I know doll, I know..”
Bucky pushes me away from him on the other side of the tub, and ranks on me; our movements they drop the water on the floor, but none of us matter at this time. My hands are on his shoulders, while he brushes my entry without preamble, and in a moment his cock inside me. I yell, while Bucky fills me more and more; he begins to push, and I cling closer to him, my legs around his waist. Our skin slamming against each other, and the water that moves around our bodies, it causes weird sounds.
“I love you, Y/n.”
My eyes met his, and Bucky pushes more and more inside of me. I arch my back, and I try to still get closer to him.
“I love you too, Bucky. I love you so much.. ”
It’s true. I love him. Despite the things that he did, in spite of the horrors he lived, I love him. I feel my body tremble, and then I come, continuing to repeat his name, and that I love him. Bucky groans, and with one final push he comes too. I don’t care if for the others he’s not a superhero; I don’t love the Winter Soldier. I love Bucky Barnes.

Oh I want something just like this
Oh I want something just like this

After our intimate moment, and putting in order the bathroom, me and Bucky we put in the kitchen to cook something. We laughed and joked, and almost burned the kitchen. Now we’re both lying on the couch, me in his arms, with the TV on. Bucky caresses my hair, and suddenly I feel him smile.
“You know you’re beautiful with this shirt on?”
I smile, realizing that the shirt is talking about is his. I lifted my face to look at him, and my eyes meet his.
“I have to thank the owner of the shirt.”
His lips brush my temple, and I feel a shiver down my spine; it always happens when he touches me.
“Now you know.” I say suddenly, losing myself in his grey eyes. He furrows his eyebrows, not understanding what I’m talking about.
“That I’m with you for who you are, not for what you do.”
“I love you, Y/n.”
“And I love you, Bucky Barnes.”

Oh I want something just like this
Oh I want something just like this

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stressedmutual  asked:

i don't know if this was asked yet, but if possible, how would the RFA (+ v and saeran if you could) react to an mc who is trans/nb and coming out to them for the first time? it could be a teary come-out, a slip up, or a "oh hey btw im trans lol", whatever you think suits each character. thank you ^^ have a nice day

hey, love💛 I hope you have a nice day/night too ^^ I hope you like this! And I hope I did it justice ^^; 

im cis so i can only hope;;;; plus i’m, uh..feeling..some kinda way today. so i thought i’d start with something cute


  • mc was not in the mood today
  • for anything, really. they would much prefer to stay in bed all day
  • especially because they really did not want to be misgendered today, as they were bound to be 
  • even by zen, who was as cheerful as everyday, but he didn’t know
  • maybe they should just tell him 
  • “hey, babe” zen said, walking back into the bedroom. “I have breakfast ready, would you like some?” 
  • “…no, i’m okay.” they said from under the blanket. zen pouted, “princess, you know you have to be healthy..”
  • the nickname made mc cringe - and not in the usual ‘zen’s being cheesy’ way
  • he felt mc shift under the covers. “are you alright, hun?”
  • “yeah…” “mc, tell me what’s bothering you.” “zen, I said nothing-” “i can tell when something’s wrong, princess, just tell me”
  • and tbh, they couldn’t handle it anymore
  • “that’s what’s wrong!” mc said, uncovering their face from the blanket. 
  • zen jerked back in surprise, looking at them. mc was tearing up as they spoke again
  • “I know you mean well, god, I know you’re only trying to be good to me. and you are, you really are, I mean that. but I- oh my god- I can’t handle that nickname.”
  • “mc…can I ask why?” now mc was crying. 
  • out with it then, mc. there’s no going back now.
  • “I-” they sigh, “I’m not a girl, Zen. I’m nonbinary.”
  • he was honestly confused, he never heard of that before
  • so the day was spent explaining and being in bed. 
  • zen listened, wiped their tears, brought in that breakfast for both of them. he asked questions, mc answered them. and he understood, in the end
  • “well. now I need a new nickname!” “isn’t ‘babe’ enough?” “no! i want to shower you in adorable nicknames for being an adorable person”


  • it was an accident. 
  • mc ordered a binder and it came in when yoosung checked the mail
  • he saw what was on the package and asked mc about it
  • “hey honey, there was a package for you. something about a binder?”
  • mc froze. oh no.
  • it’s ok mc, damage control. just make something up, it’s fine. he doesn’t need to know what it’s really for.
  • “oh, thanks, honey! I didn’t expect it to come in yet.” “I put it on the bed, okay?” “yeah, of course.”
  • nice save, mc. 
  • “why did you need a binder shipped to you, though mc? can’t you just buy one at the store?”
  • mc laughs, “sure, honey. just buy a binder at the store. I wish I could, so at least I can try it on before buying it. It would help a guy out, you know?”
  • ……….. wA I T
  • “what?” yoosung asks. mc flushes. “oh, um…”
  • “not…that kind of binder, than.” mc freezes again and looks at the ground
  • yoosung stands up and walks over, putting a hand on mc’s cheek 
  • “honey…it’s alright. you can tell me.” mc looked up at him, seeing a soft, warm smile.
  • “…I’m trans.” mc says. yoosung smiles wider, but it looks nothing like a teasing smile. “I’m a guy, yoosung.” 
  • he hugs mc tightly. “you’re the best boy I’ve ever met, honey.”


  • this was also an accident, but this time, it was on jaehee’s part
  • she didn’t know how to tell mc, especially since she just figured it out herself too
  • mc was a normal girl..and jaehee was nonbinary
  • but she would accept jaehee. of course she would…right?
  • guess she was about to find out
  • mc got home that day and jaehee spoke, “I need to tell you something, love. come sit with me?”
  • mc nodded, taking her hand and following her to the dining table. “I actually need to tell you something too, jaehee”
  • oh now jaehee was nervous
  • they sat down next to each other and jaehee took a deep breath
  • “you go first, hun.” mc said. jaehee nodded.
  • “mc, i’m…i’m nonbinary” jaehee waited for her reaction
  • mc kept quiet for a bit, staring at her and blinking
  • “…love?” “are you serious?”
  • oh no, there it was. mc was going to break up with her
  • “um, yes-” “i was just going to tell you that I’m trans!”
  • “wait- what?” “I’m a transwoman, jaehee…i couldn’t handle hiding it anymore..”
  • jaehee just pulled mc into a hug. “oh, i love you.” she let out in relief
  • mc chuckled, “i love you too.”


  • ok ok ok we can do this, mc
  • jumin won’t mind, he’s repeatedly told us he loved us for who we are, not for what we look like
  • ….but what if who we are isn’t.. 
  • oh, just do it….no no no don’t
  • the door opens and jumin calls out, “mc, I’m home!”
  • oh no
  • “hi, love! how was your day?” “busy, as always..but I’m glad to be home.”
  • mc, don’t wait any longer, do it now!
  • “um, I need to tell you something, honey bun..” 
  • jumin looked up at them before going to take his shoes off. “go ahead, my love.”
  • before mc could speak, though, they started tearing up
  • they were nervous. too nervous to say anything
  • jumin looked at them again, stopping what he was doing as soon as he saw mc crying
  • “my love, what’s wrong? are you hurt? did someone hurt you or-”
  • “no, no jumin that isn’t it, I’m sorry..” “don’t be sorry, my love. what’s wrong?”
  • “I just…I don’t know how to tell you.” “You can tell me anything, mc. I love you and I trust you.” he’s getting really worried now
  • “I’m..I’m trans, jumin. I’m a male.” 
  • he stops for a second process, but automatically moves to wipe mc’s tears
  • “oh, my love. you scared me…I thought you were really hurt..” 
  • “you don’t mind?” “of course I don’t mind. You are who you are, and I love every bit of that.”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he called mc after he signed them into the rfa
  • “hello? is this the new cutie in the rfa?” 
  • “have you really seen pictures of me?” mc says, making him laugh
  • “straight to the point, then. yeah, I have.” “then you know..”
  • “you’re cute, and I do mean that.” “…i am?”
  • “the cutest girl in the rfa! well, there’s only jaehee. but there’s me sometimes too.”
  • “..what?” “i’m genderfluid. but anymore about me is a secret~” 
  • “huh, alright. then I guess I can just say it.” “if you want to practice with me, sure.”
  • mc smiles. 707 catches it on the CCTV. “I’m trans.” 
  • 707 smiles too, though she can’t see, “atta girl.”
  • the conversation doesn’t stop there, of course
  • the two of them talk for a while, about how they relate to each other, how the rfa reacted to him coming out 
  • he assures her that the rfa is very welcoming, but she can take all the time she needs
  • they confide in each other, which only adds to why they get along so well 

v / jihyun

  • it was so casual with jihyun, actually
  • like, mc couldn’t explain why, it just felt so easy to just say it 
  • the two of them were laying on the couch, legs intertwined while they both read a book
  • it was quiet and V was focused, but mc kept getting distracted from their book and kept glancing at him
  • he noticed, but didn’t say anything.
  • it was actually really hard for him not to smile 
  • “hey, jihyun?”
  • “yes angel?” he said, looking up from his book.
  • “i’m nonbinary.” 
  • v smiled and sat up, leaning over to kiss mc’s forehead
  • “alright, my love. i’m glad you decided to tell me, thank you for putting that much trust in me”
  • mc blushed and sat up to kiss his cheek, “you’re so amazing, V. I don’t understand”
  • he chuckled and shook his head, leaning back to his original position
  • “you are mistaken. I’m a simple human. you, however, are an angel”
  • “jihyunnnnn” mc whines
  • “what? it’s true! angels are nonbinary too.” “who told you that, jihyun?” 
  • “every story I’ve heard of them. Plus the person right in front of me right now.”


  • honestly, saeran just had to be taking questionnaires right now
  • and mc was too used to making this damn joke
  • “full name.” saeran says
  • “don’t you know that?” mc answers
  • “true, alright. birthday?”
  • “saerannnn, you know all these things about me. why are you doing these in the first place?”
  • he fills out mc’s birthday before shrugging. “bored. we’re not sending these out anyways”
  • “fine. what other questions are there?”
  • “the usual for now. next is gender”
  • “alien.” mc says 
  • saeran looks back at them. “what?”
  • “i’m an alien, saeran.” “no, mc, like…male and female”
  • “i have to pick??”
  • oh wait, mc, saeran doesn’t know- 
  • “…can you explain?” he asks.
  • “um…i’m nonbinary?” 
  • saeran also needs a little explaining. he has more questions than zen, too
  • but he’s totally understanding
  • “…they should make an ‘alien’ option.” he says after their talk
  • “honestly.” mc says
  • he draws a circle near the ‘male’ and ‘female’ options and marks it as ‘alien’ before filling it in. “there.”

Minseok’s (Xiumin’s) Fake Text + Short Story:Cuddling with you because your boyfriend dumped you!

Request said:  EXO fake texts: you are best friends and you want them to come over so you can cuddle because your boyfriend dumped u badly

Short Story:

Minseok texted me, but I didn’t mind on replying. Right now my reasoning ain’t right…I have such a hard time trying to figure out things out. I feel vulnerable. I need someone to take my pain and thoughts away. Feel loved like I once used to, but thanks to that stupid Jerk…everything is ruined, he ruined my life and my hopes of seeing love again. I hate him for that. I keep on crying my heart out for him but he just…just played with my feelings. I decided to go to the bathroom and take a shower. But the memories of that day keep flowing on my mind. I started to cry once more. I could hear footsteps and probably it was Sarah but boy I was wrong. When someone opened the bathroom door, revealing that it was Xiumin. I didn’t wanted him to see me in this awful state so screamed while crying “Go away!”. “But why?…you clearly need someone to take care after you” he said. “I know what happened” he whispered as he grabbed a towel and dried my body. “You know…” I said as tears began to fall once again. “Yeah…that Jerk doesn’t even deserve you” he said. “ Here but these on” he said as he handed me my pajamas. I quickly put it on, and while I did he turned away. “I brought some food” he said. “I’ll bring it up, just stay here and lay down” he said with such love, that could make me question his feelings for me. After 5 minutes, he came back with food. “I brought pumpkin porridge” I sadly smiled because he knew that, that was favorite. I was about to grab the spoon but he insisted on feeding me. As soon as I finished I thanked him. “Why don’t you watch Disney movies?” he would ask as he put in Mulan. I didn’t argue. But as soon as it started I feel asleep in his arms. He pulled me closer and kissed my forehead and whispered “I hope you could accept me after this”. I smiled and said “I’ve been crushing on you ever since the first day I’ve meet you” and fell asleep once again. 

so it’s five am and i dont want to sleep