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Reasons Why I am Probably a Changeling

- I have a strange name and no one seems to know where it came from. My parents have no idea where they heard it only that they loved the name. They get vague and just weird when I talk about it.

- when I was little, I talked to flowers for hours. Literally HOURS

- when I found out my mom was pregnant, I woke up that night crying to my parents, completely convinced the baby was a boy while I wanted a sister. I forgot about this until much later when playing with my little brother

- I gave a ritualistic funeral to a dead imagined person, complete with circles of salt as a kid.

- I didn’t know that salt rings were a thing (my family is religious and I couldn’t watch/read anything with odd things like that until I was older) but I convinced my cousin to pretend we were protecting ourselves from goblins/ghosts/monsters by hiding in circles of rock salt

- wearing wool gloves or hats makes my skin crawl. It feels like pins and needles, but only where the wool is. Still don’t understand that.

- was convinced for years that I could make things happen by specifically NOT thinking about that thing. (And?? It usually worked???) For example, what I wanted for dinner, what TV show I wanted to come on, what my brother was thinking, etc..

- I have zero fear of heights. Like, it’s a problem

-can climb a tree like no one’s business

- unusual dumpster diving luck? Found juggling knives, large watches, love letters…

- mood swings like woah

- was super thirsty so I thought super hard at the back of a friend’s head until they turned around and announced they’d by us water

- probably asexual, I am realizing

-books are my home

- when I was a baby, I talked/sang way too early and the doctors wouldn’t believe I could say as many words as my parents said I could.

- I in all seriousness once asked a cat to touch her paw to my nose if she could understand me. She did cause she’s chill like that.

- made wishes on dandelions that came true.

- in my head, numbers have personalities and relationships with each other. (I could expand on this but that’ll take too long here)

- I am pretty much never surprised when someone tells me a secret. Like, I didn’t know what they were going to say, but… I kinda already knew. Which generally freaks people out because they think they’re being too obvious or whatever.

- Dreams happen when I wake up. (dreamed about maggots and woke up to find them trashing our kitchen, etc.)

- And I’m a writer so… that just seals the deal, don't it?

Ehem. So yes. Clearly, I am a creature of the fae. 

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

What about you, hmm?

one time i slept out in the snow because i didnt want to be in the same house as a rapist

Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.
Louis already has someone who...

“is there for him”

“is one of the most genuinely caring people in his life”

“is a stable…influence in his life whom he trusts”

“genuinely cares about him as a friend” 

For those of you who can not contact family in Puerto Rico right now/Para aquellos de ustedes que no pueden ponerse en contacto con la familia en Puerto Rico en este momento

Here are some suggestions for contacting them/Aquí hay algunas sugerencias para contactar con ellos.

202-778-0710 (Federal Affairs Administration- may not work due to downed telephone lines/ Administración de asuntos federales- puede no funcionar debido a las líneas telefónicas derribadas)

maria1@prfaa.pr.gov (Disaster relief team/equipo de socorro en casos de desastre)

Red Cross “Safe and Well” website

“Safety Check Hurricane Maria” on Facebook

“Puerto Rico Maria Updates” on Facebook

Contacting local officials is also an option/Ponerse en contacto con los funcionarios locales es también una opción.

San Juan:
Jaime Gonzalez
Tel. 787-294-0277
Fax 787-294-1165
Email: jgonzalez@prema.pr.gov

Vega Baja:
Victor Sánchez Rivera
Tel. 787-965-7770
Fax 787-855-2511
Email: vsanchez@prema.pr.gov

Juan C. Santos Santos
Tel. 787-878-3454
Fax 787-878-3637
Email: jsantos@prema.pr.gov 

Elvis Morales
Tel. 787-882-6871
Fax 787-882-6850
Email: emorales@prema.pr.gov  

Alberto Trabal Alicea
Tel. 787-833-7272, 7372,9494, 9594
Fax 787-805-5530
Email: atrabal@prema.pr.gov 

Paul Fourquet
Tel. 787-844-8272
Fax 787-844-8280
Email: pfourquet@prema.pr.gov  

Angel L. Pérez 787-614-5704
Tel. : 787-814-7680
Fax : 787-750-8098
Email: aperez@prema.pr.gov  

Luis Guillermo Torres Negrón
Tel. 787-867-7000
Fax 787-867-1220
Email: ltorres@prema.pr.gov  

Carlos A. Reyes Rivera
Tel. 787-864-1600/1690
Fax 787-866-8619
Email: careyes@prema.pr.gov  

George L. Pacheco
Tel. : 787-656-9643 - 9642
Fax : 787-961-9920
Email: gpacheco@prema.pr.gov  

Orlando Díaz Flores
Tel. 787-852-4044
Fax 787-852-3476
Email: odiaz@prema.pr.gov  

Francisco Bruno Orellano
Tel. 787-863-3330
Fax 787-863-3337
Email: fbruno@prema.pr.gov

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this is gospel // panic! at the disco


♪ It’s not difficult to define Miss Douche ♪


folkin’ around // panic! at the disco

someone!!!! please!!! watch the stars!!! with me!!!!! we could rest our heads against a blanket & just look up while holding hands & point out constellations & be star geeks together

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I’m counting on you.