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Hide a Body

Prompt: where’s the best place to hide a dead body?

AN: Damian won by a staggering amount. This features him and the reader at about age 16.

Words: 470

          “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

          Damian just kind of stares at you, over the top of his book. He has one eyebrow raised in question, and looks more than a little confused. “Excuse me?”

          You grin “Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”

          This time Damian puts his book to the side, and crawls to the end of the bed to lie beside you. He props himself up on his forearms and asks “What exactly did you do? I’m going to need details if I’m going to make this go away.”

          You outright laugh this time “It’s for creative writing class. We’re in the middle of working on a short murder mystery.”

          He grins “That makes much more sense.”

          You roll onto your back to stare up at him “More sense than what exactly? Did you seriously think I killed someone?”

          He shrugs “This is Gotham, nothing surprises me. Even you, in a fit of desperation could have killed someone.”

          Your eyes narrow “What do you mean, even me?”

          He smirks “You have absolutely no body strength, you can barely do a pull up, and pushups are an absolute no. You can’t run either; you get winded after running a block. And to top it all off, your coordination is practically nonexistent. I save you from falling to your death at least twice a month.”

          “I survived ten years without you Damian Wayne I could do so again.”

          The smirk just grows “Yes you did. I would however like to remind you, that the first time we met you were covered in Band-Aids. They were on your knees, elbows, even your nose.”

          You scowl before rolling onto your stomach and burying your head in your arms. You hear Damian chuckle before an arm slides underneath your belly, curls around you, and then you’re rolling. You end up on top of Damian looking down into his eyes. He lifts his head just enough to kiss your nose. “Don’t pout, I like your clumsiness. It makes me feel useful.”

          You roll your eyes “You save Gotham on a nightly basis.”

          “Doesn’t mean I don’t like being needed by my girlfriend. You’re an independent and strong young woman, and more often than not you’re perfectly capable of saving yourself, because you’re smart. I just like being able to help you out every once in awhile.”

          You sigh and admit “Your first aid is pretty good.”

          He grins “I’m much better than my brothers at it, that’s for sure.” There’s a pause before he reaches over and grabs your notebook and pen. He lies the notebook on his chest, and hands the pen to you and says “Now then, there are several different things to consider when hiding a body.”

          You just grin and start writing.