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Supernatural School Pt. 2

Part 1 (X)

It always takes time to sort yourself out after a reaping, even a relatively pleasant one. That’s why, even though you’d like to rejoin Sam, Amanda and Lexi in the cafeteria, you head back to the dorms.

You don’t feel any different after. Some legends say that you eat the souls of the dead, praying on them for sustenance. You’d like to say that Reapers never do that, that they never commit such a heinous crime, but you’ve been around long enough to know better than to lie. There are words for Reapers who eat, none of which you’d dare say here. Names give things power and eaters get more than their fair share to begin with.

You shiver under the blazing sun and try to turn your mind to more pleasant topics.

You are halfway back to your room, when you see Ms. Jan, Mr. T and Principal Finn rushing towards the animal husbandry building. Mr. T’s upset enough that his mane has burst free of his button-down shirt though he’s the only one of the three so affected. Ms. Jan, all banshee characteristics gone, is composed as she leads the group, strides long and purposeful. Principal Finn is listening to her seriously, his wheelchair rolling over the grass easily, with a grim expression on his face.

This is, of course, until he sees you.

You keep your expression blank as Principal Finn says something to Ms. Jan and Mr. T, gesturing for them to go on, and then directs his motorized wheelchair towards you.

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a non-cutesy self care guide, for when you need to bounce back after being really dysfunctional


  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. 
  2. Trim, file, and buff your nails and toenails. 
  3. Trim any hangnails. 
  4. Push back your cuticles.
  5. Put hand cream or moisturizer on your hands and/or feet.
  6. If you have any rough skin, buff it off with a pumice stone. 
  7. If it’s your style, give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. 
  8. Roll out your ankles, flex and point your feet a couple of times. 
  9. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, triceps, upper back, lower back, chest, or any other part that feels tight. 
  10. Roll your neck in circles in both directions. 
  11. Shake out your hands and roll your wrists. 
  12. If you want to, shave anywhere you want to shave. 
  13. If you have any sore muscles, massage them with your hands or a foam roller. 
  14. Go through your normal facial care routine. Splash water on your face, put on moisturizer, use a facial cleanser, or put on a nice mask. 
  15. Take a warm bath or shower. Warm, not scalding hot. 
  16. Take a cutesy, Instagram-worthy bath with a bath bomb, or use this guide for what to put in your bath.
  17. Wash your hair. Shampoo and condition if you want. 
  18. Dry yourself off gently with a soft towel.
  19. Put on clothes that make you feel confident. 
  20. Eat something, preferably healthy.
  21. Drink a huge glass of water. 
  22. Use the restroom, if you’ve been holding it for a long time. 
  23. Use a warm washcloth and wipe off the crusty bits around your eyes and nose.
  24. Blow your nose. 
  25. Take any medications or vitamins if you need to do so.
  26. Have a warm drink. Avoid caffeinated drinks if they make you jumpy.
  27. Comb or brush your hair, then style it in a way that makes you feel most confident. 
  28. If you have open cuts, put on bandages; if you have mosquito bites, apply anti-itch cream; etc.


  1. Delete unnecessary photos and apps from your phone.
  2. Close all apps running in the background of your phone.
  3. Close all of the tabs open on your computer.
  4. Delete unnecessary files from your computer.
  5. Organize your files.
  6. Check emails, and clean up your inbox. 
  7. Clear every notification on your phone.
  8. Take everything off your desk and wipe it down. 
  9. Put all papers where they need to go. 
  10. Put all books on your shelf.
  11. Reorganize your shelf by author, series, rainbow colors, or whatever else you prefer. 
  12. Untangle all of your cables.
  13. Make your bed.
  14. Change your sheets, pillowcase, and duvet cover.
  15. Put all scattered clothes in a laundry bin.
  16. Do that laundry. 
  17. Turn off all the lights if it’s daytime, or turn them all on if it’s nighttime.
  18. Put all of the random junk that doesn’t have a place into a box, and hide the box under your bed. 
  19. Hang clean clothes in your closet, or fold them and put into drawers. 
  20. Open your blinds and curtains. 
  21. Straighten everything that is hanging on your walls, unless everything is slanted in a certain way for your ~aesthetic~
  22. Vacuum the floor.
  23. Clean your phone screen, laptop screen, keyboard, etc. 
  24. Put all of your pens in jars. 


  1. Take any medication you need. 
  2. Dump all your thoughts in a journal. 
  3. Make an appointment with a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/etc.
  4. Tbh, beyond this I don’t know about each person’s circumstances. You can check out my mental health resource tag and find something to help you.

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The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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Minotaur Boyfriend

A really sweet anon left a super cute idea for a Minotaur story. It turned out real sweet I think and I hope you guys enjoy it! Keep sending in requests!

   You went camping with a bunch of your friends towards the middle of autumn, right as all the leaves change color and started to fall. It was still warm enough during the days that there was no issue, it was at night when it began to chill. The mornings when you woke up made the cold nights worth it, the crispness of the air and the glowing sun rises made you feel alive.

   On a hike, you become separated from your friends. You had gone off the path to find somewhere to relieve yourself, then when you came back you couldn’t find them anywhere. You went along the path and found yourself somewhere unfamiliar.

   The rocky ledges came close together, forming a hallway like structure. The further you went you came across dead ends and further passages. You felt like you were trapped in a maze. In fact, that was the only way to describe it the longer you remained. You tried to double back and leave the way you came, only you seemed to dig yourself in deeper.

   As night came and the air grew cold you knew you had to do something. You tried climbing up the wall, finding it hard to cling to the smooth surface. You try and find rocks to stand upon, yet they aren’t that many around you.

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Apology Not Accepted (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request: “161, 162, and 183 from the nsfw prompts with Dick pls” from @mjwavson and “dick for 183 from 200 please and thank you. Love you!!!!!” from anon.

Prompts: 161) “Bite me.” 162:) “ Make me. ” 183) “Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies.”


A/N: Combining two requests for this one since both of you chose 183 for Dick if that’s okay. 😅

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @romannovas @mjwavson @insideoflit @jxsontxdds @annoyingtacoart


“I don’t understand why he has to drive me tonight, I can drive myself.”

Jason sighed through the phone, “(Y/N), you’re a terrible driver. Which explains why your license got suspended.” You rolled your eyes as you applied your lipstick. Tonight is Damian’s birthday party and he doesn’t know about the surprise. “Why couldn’t you drive me instead?” You asked.

“Because after you broke up all you two do now is go at each other’s throats, you should talk to him for real this time. You felt your cell phone vibrate and looked at the screen. You growled, Dick texted you saying he’s outside. You placed the phone back on your ear, “I gotta go,” You groaned, “He’s here.”

You both said your goodbyes and hung up. Deep down, you knew Jason was right. But there’s no point in talking to him, he has a new girl now. The same girl you caught him kissing on your bed.

And that same girl was your best friend.


Dick ran his fingers through his hair and looked at himself in the rearview mirror, fixing his tie and checking if there’s anything stuck in his teeth. Dick couldn’t believe Jason made him pick you up, he knew how much you despise him for what he didn’t do.

If only you’d just talked to him, then he could finally explain what happened. After checking himself out, he looked out the passenger window. His eyebrows shot up when he saw you walk down the steps of your apartment building. You looked like a goddess as the wind blew your long blue dress in the perfect angle, showing your beautiful legs.

Dick chuckled, “She just had to wear blue, huh?” He muttered.

He grinned when you opened the car. You quickly slid inside without a word, folding your arms as you looked straight ahead. Dick’s face fell into a frown, he felt a pang in his chest when you didn’t see him smile. He gulped, “Um…hi.”

“Just start the car.” You deadpanned, eyes looking straight out the window.

Dick sighed, “Okay then.” You two sat in uncomfortable silence as he drove by the woods. You wanted so badly to arrive at the manor and get the heck out of his car. You looked through the corner of your eye’s and bit your lip, he looks so good in a tux.

You looked back out the window when he finally spoke, “You’re wearing blue I see.”

“Not for you, that’s for sure.” You said icily, finally turning your head to look at him. That was a complete lie. You did wear blue for him, just to see if it got his attention. Ever since you broke it off with him you had a weird obsession with the color blue.

Dick glanced at you, giving you an are you serious look, “I didn’t say that I just wanted to say you look….beautiful tonight.”

“Ha! Beautiful my ass! You didn’t think so when you kissed my best friend!” You snapped.

You gasped when he swiveled the car into the woods, “What the hell, Dick!” You cried out, back hitting your car seat. You hand automatically gripped his shoulder. Dick drove full speed into the woods just barely crashing into the trees

You quickly snatched you hand off his shoulder when he stopped the car. He put it in park and turned his entire body to face you. “Do you really believe I would do that to you?” He growled, “Why can’t you be smart for once and understand that it’s not what you think!?”

You laughed sarcastically, ignoring your already fast beating heart, “So you think I’m stupid now!?” You took off your seatbelt so you can lean over to him and jab his chest with your finger, “I’m not the one who cheated!” You hissed.

He grabbed your wrist, “I didn’t say you were stupid!” He snarled, “And I didn’t cheat!”

“Oh, bite me!

Make me!” He challenged.

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anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed but can we have some like cute fluffy smutty niall blurb? Where you guys go on vacation for the first time as a couple?


A/N: What happens when Niall goes to Ibiza and my disgust with Goulet peaks???  This.  Shout out to my girls for helping me work out the kinks!

When Niall suggested a quick getaway to Ibiza you were ecstatic.  When he also told you a gaggle of Devines and Matt Goulet would be along for the ride, you immediately refused to go.

“Babe c’mon!  Goulet’s got this hook up for a private yacht and Deo’s really excited to see Dua Lipa.”  Niall was close to begging, his big blue eyes pleading while he made his most pathetically adorable puppy face at you.

You groaned and slumped back into the couch dramatically.  “Fine.  But I’m not speaking to Goulet the entire time we’re there.  And if I hear him name drop you one time I’m totally kicking him in the throat.” You crossed your arms defiantly and set your mouth in a deep pout.  A wide smile broke out across Niall’s face and his eyes lit up with excitement.  He draped himself over your body and peppered kisses across the soft skin of your jaw and neck until you were a giggling mess underneath him.  When you finally caught your breath he pulled back and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.  

“S’gonna be sick darlin’, no interviews, no schedule.  Just sun, drinks, swimming, and music.”

You quirked your head slightly, a question bubbling up before you could really think about it.  “Wait.  Why is Deo so excited to see Dua Lipa?  I didn’t know he was into her music.”  Niall rolled his eyes and sighed.

“He thinks they might be soulmates ‘cause her name is Dua and his name is Deo.”

“Niall.  Please tell me you’re fucking joking.”

“Hand t’God.  Told me that himself.”

You closed your eyes and tried to comprehend the adorable idiocy of Niall’s cousin.  Unfortunately there was no way around it, Deo had outdone himself on this one.  “Ok, but that’s not even his real name and - you know what?  I don’t even have a response for that.  Fucking Deo.”

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after dark adventures

genre: boyfriend!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 4,075 words

author’s note: it’s not a jeff fic without some nasty, so feel free to skip ‘3:51am’ if you wish to do so 

Originally posted by nakamotens

opening line: “What is sleep when we can be doing so much more once the clock’s hand strikes past twelve?”

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With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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Birthday Games

Summary: You try to get Gabriel to play some drinking games for your birthday but things don’t go quite as expected.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 6696

Warnings/Tags: smut, swearing, drinking games, intoxication (reader and Gabriel), stripping, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, grace kink, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, perfect body Gabe, a touch of possessive Gabe, fluff  

Author’s Note: Written for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s #Challenge of Raven My prompts were:  “Loser does a striptease!”, Gabriel, and smut.  All tags are at the end.  

Special thanks to @sumara62​ who does such a fantastic job as my beta.  This wouldn’t be what it is without you. 

Originally posted by castiel-left-his-mark-on-me

“How is this supposed to be celebrating again?” Gabriel asked.  

Sam and Dean had forgotten it was your birthday again, heading in the opposite direction to visit Garth rather than returning from their latest hunt to celebrate.  As unashamed as you were about your drinking habits, you drew the line at getting drunk by yourself.  Doing it with a bunch of strangers wasn’t appealing either, which left your options pretty limited until Gabriel happened to pop in to drop off some birthday cookies.  

It had been a pleasant surprise to say the least, and once he was there you weren’t about to let the opportunity go to waste.

“I like drinking games,” you reminded him, your words taking on the slow drawl you got right before you hit the tipping point between tipsy and completely hammered.

“Ok, princess,” sarcasm rippled through tonight’s nickname he’d bestowed upon you, all because you insisted on having fun your way, “But these are all boring.”

One hand came up, toying with the neon pink umbrella decorating his glass, but it was the other hand out of your sight that had you worried.  You could feel the hum of his energy rise behind you, fingertips drifting idly across the top of your chair, brushing you in the process.  

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anonymous asked:

I know this is a lot in one request but I feel as if you could make a really good story with some of these put together , 24, 35,43,44,69, and 85 lol

Oh my God that was a lot but very fun!
26: “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”, 35: “Take your medicine.”, 43: “I feel like I can’t breathe.”, 44: “You need to see a doctor.”, 69: “We need to talk.” & 85: “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”


You squinted your eyes alertedly, looking beside to find Harry’s side of the bed empty and hearing the noises from downstairs. Your feet hit the cold tiled floor, wrapping your arms around you as you were clad in nothing but Harry’s sweater. You walked downstairs, sighing when you found Harry standing in the kitchen dumbfounded before he was reaching for the vodka bottle in the pantry.

“Harry,” You groaned, moving forward and slapping his hand away from the bottle, you looked at the clock before sighing, “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

“Just one glass, babe.” Harry pleaded, looking at you with tired eyes.

“Harry, no. Just, let’s go to bed, yeah?” You felt as if you were approaching a child as you ran the back of your knuckles gently on his cheek.

He nodded, looking down at his feet as he let you drag him behind you, up the stairs and into bed. You pressed your chest to his back and wrapped your arms around him as he held your hands, mumbling a “Sorry.”

You sighed before kissing his head and dozing off to sleep again.

Harry was going through a hard time. He had a history of feeling insecure about himself and anxious and now, it was the aftermath of his solo album and movie. He felt like everyone was now always expecting too much of him and he couldn’t keep up. So Harry took a different approach to heal his anxiety, he began drinking. He had panic attacks and would fuss over food and always needed you around him. You suggested he sees a doctor but he always would turn it to an argument, slamming a plate on the floor or kicking the wall with his foot.

The next morning, you woke up before him and fixed him breakfast, making his morning smoothie for him. You were tired to say the least. You had no idea what to do and it scared you.

“Morning,” You heard him mutter as he sat on the stool opposite to yours, looking at his plate which had his favorite omelette on it.

“Good morning, Haz. Do you have any plans for today?” You asked, supporting a small smile as you watched him.

He only shook his head, making you furrow your eyebrows, “Didn’t you have a night out with Mitch and Jeff?”

“Said I couldn’t come.” He muttered, playing with his food.


He only shrugged.

You closed your eyes momentarily before composing yourself, “Harry, please. You need— You need to see a doctor.”

“Stop it, Y/N.” He groaned, setting his fork down.

“Please, Harry. Why don’t you want to? You’ll get the help you need, baby, get back to who-”

“I feel like I can’t breathe.” Harry interrupted you.

“I’ll go grab the inhaler.” You said quickly, rushing to go upstairs before his hand held your wrist, making you stop and look at him confusingly.

“No, not like that.” He said before looking up at you with bloodshot eyes.

You tried to form the right words to say before you debated against it, instead, letting his head fall onto your chest as he wept.

Later that night, Mitch thought it would be nice to get Harry outside and have a night out after he told you that he knew that Harry needed that. You felt nervous but now as you watched Harry waving at you before getting inside the car, a sigh escaped your lips.
You trusted Mitch that he wouldn’t let Harry do anything considered stupid to do in his state. He knew what to do and promised to call you if anything goes wrong.

So what you didn’t expect was Harry stumbling inside the house, drunken slurs leaving his lips. Your eyes got tearful as you watched him, your heart breaking as you felt helpless.

“Oh! Hi, baby. You’re-You’re still awake. I missed you sooooo much tonight.” Harry giggled, leaving sloppy kisses on your cheek.

You turned your face away before holding his wrist and helping him to the guest bathroom that was next to the kitchen. You splashed his face with water, tears running down both of cheeks as he kept mumbling incoherent words.

You helped him to the kitchen, making him sit on the stool before giving him a cold bottle of water before leaning on the counter and crossing your arms as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, seeming to sober up a little.

“Just stop. Stop. I’m not going to be sympathetic with you until you go to a doctor. This is-This is getting too much for me to handle on my own, Harry.” You sobbed.

Harry nodded silently, not daring to look at you.

“I’m going to bed.” Was what Harry heard you say before he looked at where you once stood, hearing your sniffles.

The next morning, Harry panicked when he didn’t find you in the house, searching frantically for his phone before he dialed your number that he knew by heart, putting his phone on his ear with a shaking hand.

“Harry,” He heard your voice.

“Y/N,” He breathed out, “Where-Where are you?”

“I was at the grocery store. I’m coming back now.”

Harry’s butterflies calmed. He thought you left him. He thought it all got to you, that you couldn’t take it anymore.

When his hopeful and tired eyes met yours, his heart broke when you avoided his gaze as you put the grocery bags on the kitchen counter, starting to empty them out. Harry started to silently helping you, his eyes still on your moving figure and how you still hadn’t looked at him.

You stopped, putting your hands on the counter to balance yourself as you closed your eyes, “We need to talk.”

This was it, Harry thought. This was you breaking up with him. He swallowed, nodding reluctantly.

“I booked an appointment for you.” You said a moment after.

Harry’s heart raced but he nodded nevertheless. “Tonight. We’re going tonight.” You informed, still not looking at him.

“W-We?” Harry stuttered.

You looked at him and it was the moment that Harry noticed how tired you looked. Dark circles under your eyes and pale lips. “You think I’m going to leave you in this?”

Harry licked his lips, looking at the floor for a moment before nodding. You sighed, moving towards him and putting your hands on his neck to make him look at you, “Not now, not ever. We’ll get through this, yeah? Help me get you through this, please, Harry.”

“I promise.”

That led to where you are now, your leg bouncing nervously and chipping at your bottom lips as you waited for Harry outside as he was inside with the doctor. Your head turned towards the door once you saw Harry walking outside, looking at you with a small smile.

You stood up, walking towards him and looking up at him hopefully. “How was it?”

“Good. Gave me medicine to buy.” Harry said, looking at the paper in his hand.

You nodded, offering him a smile before interlocking your hand with his, leaving a loving kiss to his lips.

Two weeks later, Harry had seemed to be getting better. His color was returning to his skin, gradually allowing his old self to come out.

You were taking a nap when your alarm went off, making you get up and walking slowly downstairs with the blanket wrapped around you to keep you warm.

Harry’s head turned to where he heard your footsteps, his heart warming when you walked towards where he sat on the couch, rubbing your eyes as you stood in front of him and yawning before wrapping the blanket tightly around you once it began to fall off, “Take your medicine.” You said sleepily.

A warm, appreciative smile was drawn to his lips as he nodded, putting his hands on your hips gently, “I took it, love.”

Maybe it was the fact that you didn’t leave him through this period of time, or the fact that you had your alarm set to the time when he should take his medicine, or thinking about you searching for the best doctor to heal him, but Harry knew that after all of this, he would never sabotage your trust in him.


emotional harry makes me very very emotional. hope you liked it! x

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“Achievements” - Oneshot 

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,188

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Small Injuries, Violence(?), Cursing (?)

Summary: You help Bucky through a nightmare, but get injured in the process. But breakfast fixes everything.

Originally posted by secretly-buckybarnes

Author’s Note: Just some cute Bucky stuff. The title is kind of weird, but it’s the best I could come up with when I was writing this at midnight.

Shout out to the ever-fantastic @the-witching-hours12-3 for being a great friend and always being down to read/edit my stuff before I post it here! I am so glad to be able to be her beta reader! Please go check out her stuff! The epilogue for Best of Friends ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) is going to hit all of the feels and I’m ready.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It was 3AM when you shot up, wide awake to screaming coming from the room across the hall from yours. The team had just gotten back from a mission at around 9PM, so everyone should be asleep. It only took a couple of seconds for you to establish that it was Bucky having a nightmare. He had been getting better, but he would still have them once or twice a week. Sometimes Steve helped him, but you and Bucky had grown close very quickly, so you had been helping him with his nightmares lately.

You knocked on his door first to see if that would wake him up. 

“Bucky? I’m comin’ in.” No response other than continued  screams and pants. 

When you walked in, it was like every other nightmare you’d helped with; Bucky was laying there with a layer of sweat over him as he either gripped either his blanket, or pillow, or both. You pulled out a fresh pair of sweatpants and a tank top from his drawers and put them on the bed before you sat down. You knew he was too deep in his nightmare to be gentle, so you got a good grip on his shoulders and shook him. 

You tried speaking at a normal volume, “Bucky! C’mon, wake up! You are safe! It’s just a nightmare!” 

Apparently that was enough because his eyes shot open. Only they weren’t Bucky’s eyes; they were full of fear, and instinctive defense. Within seconds of opening his eyes, he was able to grab a hold of your wrist with his metal arm, and the top of your arm with his other hand. His grip was insanely tight and slowly getting tighter. You had to act fast or your wrist and arm would be broken.

“James Buchanan Barnes! You are safe! You are not the Winter Soldier. Now let me go!” 

You knew that that would get him to snap back. You saw the nightmare fade from his eyes, only to be replaced with the fear that he had hurt you. He let go and sat up, with his head in his hands. His breathing was still labored but he was starting to really come back. You inspected your arms really quickly; your wrist hurt like a bitch, but it wasn’t broken. It was most likely sprained though. And your upper arm was fine, it was just going to bruise for a few days.

Once you finished assessing yourself, you moved and sat next to Bucky. Putting a hand on his back and slowly drawing circles with your fingers. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean to–” You shushed him to cut him off. 

“Don’t apologize. I know you were just reacting to whatever nightmare you were in. This isn’t the first or last time I’m gonna help you. You’re stuck with me, James.” You smiled a kind smile, trying to make him feel a bit better. You both sat there for a few minutes until his breathing smoothed out, then you handed him the clean clothes you pulled out earlier. He took them and went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on himself and change.

When he came back into his bedroom, you were laying in his bed. You patted the space next to you; you knew that being close to you helped him calm down. He graciously took it. He wrapped his arms around your middle and rested his head there too. The two of you had fallen asleep this way multiple times.Honestly, it helped both of you sleep better.

“I’m sorry again, (Y/N). It’s usually not that bad.” His voice was just a bit above a whisper, sleepiness already creeping on him. You just placed your right hand on his head and shushed him. You tried to lightly play with his hair, but your wrist hurt to move too much. So you hoped the pressure and warmth of your hand on his head helped him sleep.

“It’s fine, sweetpea. Just get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.” He quickly fell back to sleep, you weren’t too far behind him.


You woke up before Bucky, the clock on his bedside table read 7AM. You’d only had a few hours of sleep, but you knew you couldn’t fall back to sleep. You decided to sneak out, back to your room and get try to get dressed. 

Once you got to your room, you discovered that picking up anything with your right hand was a no go. Your wrist was definitely sprained. You somehow got one of Bucky’s sweatshirts on over your tank top. He gave you one of his cause he knew it helped calm you down sometimes. 

“Hey Friday? Is Bruce or Tony up?” You called out to the AI system.

“Good morning, Miss (Y/L/N). Both Dr. Banner and Mr.Stark are in the lab. Should I alert them of your incoming arrival?” 

“Yes please. Tell them my wrist is messed up and I need Banner to take a look at it.”

“Of course, Miss. They will be alerted immediately.”

You knew it wasn’t broken, but might as well double check. Plus you liked visiting the science dorks. 


After X Rays and talk, they confirmed your thoughts and told you that your wrist was sprained. Bruce gave you a brace for your wrist and told you to take some painkillers if needed. They went back to work, but you kept your tradition.

Your tradition being, the morning after the team came home from a big mission, you would make french toast and various breakfast sides for everyone. It was something you looked forward to doing.

Since most of the team were still sleeping, you quietly put on some music and thought it would be safe to take off the sweatshirt you were wearing. Getting everything you needed out of the cabinets, you began to hum along to your music while you cooked. You had gotten so into your music and french toast, that you didn’t notice Bucky standing in the archway that opened into the kitchen. 

He couldn’t help but watch you; he knew you were more introverted than the rest of the team, but you loved to do things like this to show that you loved everyone. He just hoped you loved him the same way he loved you. 

Bucky was admiring your physical appearance as he was thinking about everything he loved about you. You were in a looser fitting tank top and a pair of your favorite leggings. But then he saw your arms. Your right wrist was in a brace and your left bicep had big bruises covering it. He instantly worried, thinking you got hurt on the mission and didn’t tell anyone. He clears his throat and you kind of jump in surprise. 

“Bucky! I didn’t think you would be up for another hour or so!” You notice him staring at your arms, you start to reach for the hoodie on the chair nearby, but Bucky steps in between you and the chair.

“What happened?! Who did this?” Bucky was honestly worried about you.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I just… I was stupid and messed up during my workout this morning.” You tried to play it off and continue cooking, but then Bucky put a hand on your upper arm that wasn’t bruised. 

“That’s bullshit. Don’t lie to me, (Y/N/N). You never mess up that much during training.” He then looked at his hand on your arm. It was gently placed there, no pressure on it or anything. But it was enough to make him realize something. 

It was him. He hurt you.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I did that didn’t I?” You didn’t respond, but when he asked again, you nodded. 

“Yes. But it was an accident and I’m not mad at you in any way. I promise.” He looked at you like a sad puppy before you continued,  “You wanna kiss it and make it better, or do you wanna help with breakfast?” 

He just took your hand and kissed the inside of your wrist over the brace, then headed to the fridge and got some fruit to cut up. You stood behind him for a second and hugged him from behind. He stood there stunned for a moment before cautiously putting his hands on your arms, being careful so he wouldn’t hurt you anymore. 

“You are a good person, James. You know I care too much about you to let anything like this get in the way. And you also know that I am serious because I’m using your actual name.” You both chuckle a bit a that before going back to breakfast. 

You had a lot of french toast to make, so Bucky took care of everything else. He finished cutting the fruit, set the table, and cooked various breakfast meats. You took the last pieces of toast off of the pans and then turned to Bucky, who was sitting at the counter near you, watching you in case you needed help. You walked over to him and before you could even get a word out, Bucky begins apologizing again.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I would do something like that to you. I told you I wouldn’t hurt you and I messed up. You don’t have to help me anymore. You don’t even have to talk to me anymore. I–” 

You couldn’t take this anymore. You just took his face in your good hand and kissed him. He was taken aback for a second but then kissed back. He wrapped his hands around your middle as if you were made of glass and he was scared you were going to shatter at his touch. After a few seconds of long awaited kisses, you pulled away so you could speak.

“I am not letting you out of my life anytime soon. If you haven’t guessed by now, I kind of love you. I have for awhile and now I’m officially saying it. I love you, and you don’t need to apologize for anything like this because I choose to go through this. I choose you. All of you. The good, the bad, and everything beyond and between. I have been through broken bones and bruises from so many missions and stupid dares in my past. This is nothing. And I see it as a good sign. A badge of honor, even. I was able to help you. I know that that isn’t something that everyone can do. So it’s an achievement. I would gladly do it over and over again, because I love you.” 

Bucky’s eyes were starting to get a bit glassy from tears. He just looked at you with love showing everywhere. He brought one of his hands to the back of your neck, but it was very gentle. 

“You know I’m not made of paper, right? You don’t have to be so careful.” He kind of laughed embarrassed before adding a bit more pressure and pulling you down into another kiss, both of you smiling into the kiss. He is the one to pull away this time.

“I love you too. So much.”

“Wow. Two achievements in one day. Not sure how this could get any better.” You said sort of jokingly. Bucky moved his hands back to your waist and pulled you a bit closer to him.

“I think I know something that could make this better.” He teased with a sort of cutesy smile on his face.

“And what are you thinking about, Sarge?” You knew he loved it when you used that nickname for him. It made him feel a bit more confident. 

“Well, I was wondering if you would be my girl?” He actually seemed a bit nervous when asking that. You sat sideways in his lap and put your good hand on his shoulder to keep you steady, although his hands around you were sure to do that. 

“There’s nothing that would make me happier, James.” You both smiled before leaning in for a short kiss. “Consider that three achievements within the past 24 hours!” Bucky laughs at your comment.

“You’re such a dork, doll.”

“Yeah, well you’re really stuck with me now.” You smiled. 

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart.” You leaned down and kissed him some more. 

You could get very used to this. It wasn’t until you both heard someone clearing their throat that you broke the kiss. You turn around to see Steve standing off to the side with a smirk on his face. 

“It’s about time,” he joked before starting to take the two plates of french toast that you had made to the table.

“Shut up, Stevie,” you call out playfully. 

You kiss Bucky’s cheek before he helps you up. You grab the bowl of fruit with your good hand while Bucky takes the breakfast meat plates to the table. Soon everyone files in and eats. While you were eating, Bucky had a protective but comfortable hand on your thigh. 

You could get used to this. 

Tags: @melconnor2007 @ashenfallsof @goodnightwife @the-witching-hours12-3 @theeactress @sebby-staan@feelmyroarrrr @tomorraw @marvelous-imagining

nattersfluff  asked:

How about 36; "did I say that out loud?" For kachako of course :) pls pls

This is such an ambigue prompt, I was left thinking for a while about what to do with this one. It’s such an easy prompt but OF COURSE I had to make it too complicated… well, bitch shall I be ♥ Please enjoy, and I hope this wasn’t too long or… well, you’ll see below. And thanks for the request! 

He wouldn’t look at her.

This was the fact that kept Uraraka awake all night, all day– and while it had its plenty advantages during literature class, the rattling memory of what had happened a night prior to this day tormenting her. Every time she blinked, his blank stare and the sense of dread drenching every fiber of her being would come back in tenfold, make her dizzy and just feel all color draining her cheeks.

“I could kiss you right now…”


That had been the first and last time she would curse so hard in her mind, the word vibrating staright to her soul and shattering all intentions to focus on whatever matter she had at hand– there, there she was again with the blushing, the fidgeting, the everything that came with thinking about him, him, and ten times him.

How had she said that outloud? They had been sparring, kicking each other’s butts to the ground until they couldn’t breathe. Bakugou had been doing a good damn job at making her feel weak and stupid with those smart-ass moves he had with him. Punches and quirk based dodging were his basics, but she couldn’t really prevent them in time.

So he was royally messing with her. It was evident he enjoyed fighting with her, and the fact overjoyed her. Bakugou blasted her with one of his hands as she while she was picking herself from the ground. “You are still standing?”

She looked at him, who had halted his steps and stood a bit too near to her. If he decided to blast her, she would be long dead before the embers cleared. He didn’t seem to be planning on attacking her soon, as his hands were slightly trembling. “I told you I wouldn’t give up so easily this time, Bakugou.”

He smirked and cleaned some sweat off his eyebrow, eyes closed in concentration as he laughed. “I would have never thought I’d have this damn fun with you, of all bunch of nerds in this school.” she didn’t know if he was aiming for a mean undertone, but he only came across as a little kind. She silently rose. “C’mon, Urara– OOF!”

Uraraka straight tackled him while he did his bragging business, because he sure had gained trust from seeing her lying before him but hadn’t considered how much will she had in her. His back his the ground with a loud thud, a groan escaping his lips as she straddled him.

His hands flew to her legs, trying to pry her off him, but the moment her hand landed on his chest, he knew it was game over and his hands fell limp on his side. “Goddammit.”

Her shoulders shook with laughter, but her feet still remained digging in the ground as she loomed over him, her chest heaving inches away from his to relish the moment of his defeat– then, it dawned on her that she was a bit too close to him, and that his hands had found way to the fabric of her shorts again.

Her gaze shifter from a stone to his eyes, vibrant eyes– they shone with passionate colors, like coals thriving in a fire, or the color of sunset when sun hid down the horizon, and they were staring right into hers, breath labored and hands drawing circles underneath the clothing now, as if waiting for her to do something so he would stop wanting her to be even closer.

Uraraka wanted him closer as well, and voiced her thoughts accordingly, without thinking about their repercussion.

Breathy, she spoke in a whisper. “I could kiss you right now…”

She slammed her head against the lift doors again. Everytime she remembered how tense he had gone underneath her, or how a mad blush had splashed into life on his cheeks– she would always feel the same blush be reflected on her, and her heart would hammer like crazy against her ribcage.

Yet, he wouldn’t look at her. Everytime they crossed paths at the hallways, he would mutter some curses and turn heel towards another direction which, mind you, was always the wrong one. One particular time, they almost crashed heads after turning a corner and Bakugou had scrambled away so fast that he left her there in a gloomy state, regretting having said such things so bluntly.

This very same void carried out a devastating process of self-doubt and horrorizing realization that not only had he scared him shitless, but she had also whatever chance for a healthy relationship that existed. With a single sentence she crushed those chances to pieces and left them both confused, with her thinking that he of course would never return such silly desires.

Bakugou was cool, chill, explosive and a lone wolf. Of course he would never want to be with her and of course kissing him was never an option. She was a little peasant compared to his royal aura. But someday– someday, she would make it to his level.

The lift doors opened before her and Uraraka skipped in quickly, punching the button to her floor weakly to just make it out of that lazy, dreary day of humiliation and shame that had washed over her so radically that it left her with no energies left to deal with everything.

Uraraka heard the doors close, only to open wide again and reveal the hunched over figure of a blonde guy she knew too well. Her first instinct was to blush and jump a little, grasping the hem of her skirt thinking that by pulling away she would let him breathe. But, was the air as thick as it was for her? Because hell, she couldn’t find air to hang on to.

Bakugou punched his floor button, and he did it with much more force than necessary. Uraraka feared that he could have broken the panel. “G–Good evening, Bak–kugou.”

He just glared at her, his irises still as incandescent as she remembered them, burning and crushing her all the same. His hands were deep in his pockets, grimace menacing and teeth showing. He looked everywhere to avoid her fluttering lashes, so hypnotizing that he was forgetting what he was doing all of a sudden. “Whatever.”

Uraraka sighed. Sure, she had ruined their little friendship for a lousy matter as lust. Worst of it all, was that the thought still writhed between her, not less intense or faltering, and he seemed more attractive than ever under the lift lights. Such a shame his eyes were so fixated on the floor counter, because she was dying to look deep into his eyes.

Uraraka limped on the wall bar, hands gripping the metal and wishing for this tension to fade, for the silence to break and for the lift doors to fly open so she could flee. Suddenly, it occurred to her that he was in the wrong–

There was a loud crash and the cabin shook, making her knees wobble and her grip on the bar tighten, lights flickering above them. Bakugou’s form came to stand right in front of her, his frown deep and sincere, hands grasping the bar behind her. He towered over her and had her cornered against the wall, his hand itching to grasp hers.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Uraraka.” snarled he, teeth strongly gritted. There was a weighty agitation in his voice as he spat at her, his emotions flinging between frustration, anger, and something she couldn’t quite name, but it sparked excitement in her when she glanced into his eyes.


A hand of his slammed on the wall beside her head, startling her. “What the fuck is your problem, saying stuff like that to my face and then expecting me to be totally cool with it?”

Uraraka gulped, intoxicated with a proximity that felt more intimate than when she had him pinned against the ground, his hands roaming around her thighs. The feeling of his fingertips hunting her skin came assaulting her as his pierce eyes stared down at her, and a tight knot started bubbling inside of her.

“I didn’t mean any of it, Bakugou!”

She didn’t really know how denying the the truth would make things better, but it somehow came to her and honestly, his face was dumstruck with something similar to grief, anger, and she wanted to die. The hand that still lay beside hers gripped her wrist, and he inched a bit closer.

“Take that back.”

Her eyes widened as saucers as his forehead hovered above hers in a silent threat, frown deeper in concentration as if he was reading through her, and all tension suddenly shattered when his arm flexed and that same hand let her go, sneaking through the fabric of her shirt. A moan tried to sneak out of her petite mouth, but it came out as a shiver he sure noticed.

He held her stronger against the wall, fingertips somewhat hot against her chilly skin. “Fucking take that back, Uraraka.”

The hand beside her head seized her face to divert her gaze to his angry, trembling glare. He wasn’t looking at her before, but he sure needed her attention now. Uraraka squirmed under his burning touch. “If saying that means destroying whatever we had, then I–”

His mouth crashed hers, head banging against the wall of the lift, and he only gripped her tighter when a high-pitched noise escaped her lips in the middle of his lock. Her lips parted slightly and, far from deepening the death grip, he only pulled away and squinted at her red cheeks.

“I’m not gonna say it again.” growled he, building up tension in her lungs with such agitated, thick voice. His grip was vicious, like a snake luring it pray– and boy, didn’t she feel little underneath him. “Take it back.”

“I am not going to owe up to it if it means drifting apart from you, Bakugou.”

There was a moment of silence, their mingling breaths the only thing able to be heard around them. His eyes narrowed pointedly at her, watching how his touch was affecting her sole existence and how his heart was dying to eat her alive if it meant having her closer. Something deep, scorching like hellfire was rounding his fragile, fierce heart, and suddenly, none of his grudged mattered.

“I don’t know why the fuck I would pull away from this, Uraraka.”

He didn’t even let her think an intelligent response to his rude remark, but sealed the deal with a searing liplock that made her shake beneath him, struggling to hind somewhere to hold on to while his hands travelled all the way to her waist, neck, and caressed all weak areas that he would expect her to have. Some of his caresses were blunt, some were fierce, and some were made with endearing intimacy and care that rose her above the heavens.

Bakugou broke away for a second for a sharp intake of air only to take Uraraka in again, crashing her head against the surface so she wouldn’t fucking escape, because she was moving so much that he feared she would fly away any second now, so he held her as close as possible. And she felt this, of course she did– the urgency in the kiss, how his lips were abrassing hers in a conquer war, or how his teeth grazed the sensitive roses.

When his hands travelled all the way to her thighs, her mind was completely lost, and while breaking away, a gasp allowed his tongue to swiftly pop in, hand seizing her jaw to explore all she had to give to him and all she wouldn’t be willing to. He hoisted Uraraka up on the metallic bar, her legs wrapping around his waist, and he obligued obidiently to her command, a beast tamed under her fierce attacks to his velvet cavern.

He was gonna lose it to that girl and he had no regrets on that department. His other hand busied itself burying his fingers under her clothing, fingertips reaching her spine and making her arch against his chest. Breathings fanned against each others’ faces heatedly, only making him groan for more of her skin to burn, and trying to make her let out those beautiful noises trapped within her throat.

“Fuck,” grunted he in between sucks, bites, and caresses. “you’re driving me” she shut him up urgently again, tongues clashing again. “so fucking crazy, woman.”

Uraraka pulled away for a moment, only to have him seeking for her again, and her voice was lost between gasps. “Don’t.”

His teeth bit her lower lip, making her sigh in pleasure, her hands stroking his blonde mane and eliciting a growl from him. “I love you so fucking much,” grunted he without thinking, hands starting to mindlessly roam around her back. “you damn witch.”

“I love you–” his tongue gave her lips a soft caress while going to her jaw, planting chaste kisses wherever he deemed pleasurable. “I love you so much right now…”

Two exact seconds later, his assault on her neck halted and all his roaming snap stopped, making Uraraka deflate a little and go back in time to where they were heatedly making out and–

A deep scarlet blush marred her cheeks as he pulled away a bit to look at her, mouth agape and slowly blinking with wide eyes, dread drenching them both to the bone once more. They had done it again.

“Did I…” murmured Bakugou, his hands slowly pulling away from her pearly skin and inmediately missing her afterwards. His muscles were tense in horror and utter embarrassment. “did I– did you– did I say that out loud?”

Uraraka’s shoulders tensed up because not only had he confessed in the middle of the worst time possible, but she had even returned it gladly, again, in the worst time possible.

“I– I didn’t–”

“Don’t come at me with regretful shit.” growled he under his breath, slamming his hand against the stop button to have the lift working again. Soon enough, she felt them being high in the air again. “It’s a bit too fucking late to say that now.”

He didn’t seem angry. He didn’t seem remorseful– like hell he would be regretting what they just did. He just seemed… a bit off. Uraraka knew what was crossing his head, and this wasn’t the way she had planned to confess either. 

When she looked at him, his eyes helf her glance before sighing and muttering a curt apology, frowning as the lift doors closed behind her when they reached the floor and he stayed inside to catch his lift again at the first floor. All she heard afterwards was a huge crash and a livid scream.


Paint | Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by scarypjm

❁Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

❁Summary: You get dragged along by your mom to do some community services. What happens when you get paired with a cute boy around your age to paint a house?

❁Category: Fluff

❁Words: 1400+

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The Snow Globe


Author’s Note: IDK what I just wrote, it’s kind of all over the place, but I hope you still enjoy a lil bit??? IDK IDK

I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance. - Nora Ephron

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A Long Rain

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 4- Torture

Summary: Lance loved the rain and he really didn’t understand why Keith hated it so much.

Notes: I didn’t want to write a general torture fic, like someone gets captured and tortured for information. I can’t do that to them. So I ended up with this. Which is still pretty upsetting. General inspiration and most of the title lovingly stolen from Ray Bradbury’s The Long Rain.

Warnings for injuries, burns, illness, vomiting, and past child abuse.

A Long Rain

Shiro kept having to remind Lance that this wasn’t a game. This was dangerous. Well Lance already knew that. Of course he knew that.

When they had first come to this planet, Lance had stared outside of the large glass dome with amazement as water poured from the sky and soaked the large, grey, bare trees. Everyone else was impressed with the city that lived in what looked like a large upside down fishbowl. The dome protected the inhabitants from the constant rain that beat down on this planet. But Lance just kept staring out at the rain with longing. It was slightly acidic and dangerous rain, but rain all the same.

So when the locals requested their help with a search and rescue mission outside the dome, Lance had agreed to it without hesitation. The others agreed as well, though Pidge was staying behind in an attempt to coordinate the search efforts. Some of the city’s best scientists had been on an expedition to research some nearby caves and they hadn’t made it back yet. They were believed to be stranded, as flooding was common in the area.

“The storm makes communication unreliable, even our coms will be going in and out.” Pidge typed away at the computer they had provided her with. She was happy where she was, having no desire to scavenge through a forest that held puddles that often went up past her knees.

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Nailed It: Tangled Sheets

Summary: The boat your father left you is in dire need of some tender loving care. Only problem is, you don’t know the first thing about boats. One Craigslist ad later, enter Steve Rogers, handyman extraordinaire. The only thing you hadn’t counted on was his crystal eyes and brilliant smile.
Word Count: 1,214
Warnings: Language, implied smut, family member death
Author’s Notes: @captain-rogers-beard you can only blame yourself for this one.

Don’t steal my work. It’s rude.


“Grace, I’d like you to meet Y/N,” Steve said warmly.

There was a small moment where Steve thought Grace might turn around and walk away, and he wouldn’t blame her if she did. Having been in their lives for almost two years, Maria was the closest thing to a mother that Grace had ever known.

Grace smiled lopsidedly and held out her dirty hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“You, as well,” Y/N responded, shaking the much smaller hand, smearing dirt all over her hand.

“Would you like to see what I’m building?” Bright blue eyes darted between Steve and Y/N as she rocked back and forth excitedly.

Steve went to answer, but Y/N beat him to it. “I would absolutely love to.”

Originally posted by evanseb

You and Grace quickly became like two peas in a pod, and now that school was out, Steve - with your approval - brought Grace with him most days. While he worked on the boat, you, Nat, and Grace would spend hours in the lake and sunbathing, or Grace would help while Nat continued to help you go through your parent’s belongings. Her addition made you welcome the arrival of the next day, made you smile brighter, helped lift you out of the understandable depression you had sunk into after losing your remaining parent. Even Nat had taken notice of the change in you.

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Unknown King - part II

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Here’s part two, although part 1 only got a few notes, I will continue writing this story because I really like it

Word Count: 1.5k +

Part 1


Originally posted by fvckmxk

Two weeks passed, as well as two parties. It was a routine. Friday morning, workers would be getting ready for the night ahead. Decorating, making food and cleaning up for the mayhem that would occur later on that day. Mr. Barnes has invited you to every party. At around noon each Friday, the same butler would come to deliver the creme colored invitation. You almost never went to the parties.

Today, however, is different.

Emma slammed a stack of papers on your desk. She pushed her fringe out of her eyes and smiled, “I’m gonna go to Barnes’ party later on. You coming with?”

You shook your head, “I’m much too busy ”

“With what?” Emma scoffed. “That story on the Pigeon Lady can wait. Barnes has been sending you an invitation every week and you never go to his parties! What does that say?”

You never really thought of it like that. Mr. Barnes probably think that you’re rude for never accepting him invitations. Last week you found out that he only really invites a handful of people. You’re one of those. The rest somehow end up at his place.

“Only for two hours,” You said giving in. Emma smiled and pressed her hands together gleefully. “And no more than four drinks.”

“Finally! I thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life stuck in your small shack.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her cheek. “I’ll park in front of your house so that we can walk over there together. 8:20 okay. Be ready.”

You only brought three dresses with you. One for a casual day, another for the walk of shame and the last one was your most fancy dress that cost you $300. You slipped on your fancy dress and let your hair fall loosely around your shoulders. You finished the final touches on your makeup when a knock rang throughout your house. You got up and walked towards the front door.

You pulled the door open the reveal a clad covered Emma leaning against the threshold in a teal dress. She smiled at you and her eyes widened, “Rookie! You look hot!”

You did a small spin, “You like?”

“I love!” She exclaimed. “Now, c'mon let’s go before the drinks finish!” Emma took your hand and pulled you towards the mansion.

Once you stood in front, you were gawking at the palace before your eyes. You only saw it from the sidelines, never up close. Mr. Barnes is one rich man. You gulped and followed Emma inside. Once you stepped inside, you were overwhelmed with all the beauties the house had to offer. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, bathing the room in the most divine light texture. The bass of the music was felt in your chest. Drinks were shoved into your hand and you stupidly finished it in one swallow. Women and men all danced from here and there. Hanging from the most strange places. Yelling in delight and throwing their heads back lazily.

The outside pool was swarmed with people who were all dancing around the edge. As if playing a game of Who Could Dance Closest To The Edge. Music from all different corners flooded your ears. A live band in one section. A DJ in the pool area and a Jazz band in another. It was all so beautiful. You spun in a circle various times until Emma gripped your shoulders.

“Get it together, Y/L/N,” She said and shoved another drink in your hand.

You nodded and took a sip, “Have you ever met Mr. Barnes?”

Emma shook her head, “No one has!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Isn’t that strange?”

“Very. But he throws some of the best parties!” She hollered and finished her drink before grabbing a random girl and pulling her to dance. You have been left on the sidelines once again.

Your attention was gripped on your surroundings. Everything was so mesmerizing. Suddenly someone crashed into you. Three cups of colorful liquor spilled on you and your dress. The man apologized but you waved him off. You sighed, regretting the trip over here in the first place. You climbed the steps of the house in search of the bathroom. Each door you came across was locked and you really didn’t want to interrupt.

You opened the doorway just a slight crack and poked your head inside. The room was empty and dimly lit. You stepped inside and quietly closed the door behind you. The commotion was somewhat muffled. You scanned your surroundings and froze when you saw that you weren’t alone. A man, with his back facing you, stood in front of a window. You slowly began to take a step back, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Your heel slammed against the floor, causing a loud bang! The man whirled around to face you. Your eyes widened.

“I’m so s-sorry, I shouldn’t be here,” You quickly said. “ I was looking for the bathroom.”

“No, no, please. You mean no harm,” He replied gently. “Please, stay.”

You really should have left right then and there, but there was something intriguing about this man. His hair was slicked back but a single strand of hair fell on his face. His complexion looked as if it were carved from the hand of a god. His suit was perfectly tailored. He was like an Adonis in the flesh.

“What happened to your dress?” He asked, turning to close the window he was previously looking out of.

“Oh,” You looked down to the mess that was your fancy dress. “Someone ran into me. It was my fault probably, I should’ve been paying attention.”

“I am so sorry,” he apologized as if it were his fault. “Please, allow me to have a new dress sent over to your place tomorrow.”

Your breath hitched at the words that left his mouth. A new dress? Bought by a stranger you just met? What is happening?

“Oh, no,” You quickly said. “I can’t let you do that. We barely know each other, you’re a stranger and you don’t even know where I live!”

“My apologies,” He looked confused. “I don’t understand. You live right next door, right? I’ve been wanting to introduce myself, but I’ve been much too busy.”

Realization struck hard you like a train, “You’re Mr. Barnes?”

“I am sorry,” He paused. “I thought you knew. I do believe I am not a very good host or neighbor.” He frowned, “I am James Buchanan Barnes. But you may call me James or Bucky.” He extended his hand and you shook it.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” You said.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Y/N. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to come right over and ask.” He assured you.

You were still a bit dumbfounded. You didn’t know what to say. Then suddenly, you remembered all the rumors that you heard. Did you believe them? You weren’t even sure. You didn’t have a reason to. There was no proof and you couldn’t just accuse him of doing something without even meeting the man.

“Likewise, James,” You smiled. “The party is absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you, but I have only been to a handful of my own get-togethers,” He said. Before you said anything else, James spoke up. “I still feel terrible about the dress, at least let me take you out for lunch tomorrow. Have you seen the city, yet?”

“Only on the way to The Report,” You said. “But I can’t let you do that.”

“It’s a neighborly gesture,” He added. “I’d like to get to know you better and I’m sure you have questions yourself.”

“I do,” You admitted.

“Alright, then.” He said. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at around noon.”

Before you said anything, one of the servants walked into the room. He walked towards James and whispered something in his ear. James nodded, “Thank you, Ace. Please, excuse me, Y/N but I must take a very important call.”

“Oh, okay,” You said. “No need to apologize.”

He smiled, “Ace, please escort Y/N to the bathroom and when she wishes to go home, make sure she gets there safely.” He bowed his head slightly, the strand of hair still dancing across his face. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

You nodded and watched as he left the room. Ace led you towards the bathroom. “Can I ask you a question?” You asked the butler.

“What is it, Miss Y/N?” He asked.

“Are the rumors true?” You continued.

“I’m afraid I do not know what you speak of,” Ace frowned. “If you wish for answers, I suggest you get them from Mr. Barnes himself.”

Ace waited outside of the bathroom while you played the conversation you had with James over and over. He was so intriguing, every word that rolled off his tongue left you anticipated. Not to mention, he was extremely handsome and so young as well.

The alcohol that was spilled on your dress was now dry, but you knew it was gonna leave a stain. After splashing cold water on your face, you wiped your hands and opened the door to reveal a patiently waiting Ace.

“I wish to go home now,” You said.

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for promts: I'd love to see what you'd do with Victor's POV, especially if you subscribe to the headcanon of Victor with depression or similar. I've been wanting a giant Victor Angst Fest with him trying to navigate Yuuri's (unknowingly) 'mixed-signals' and his first ever roller coaster 'he loves me, he loves me not'-crush in season 1, but their time in St Petersburg from Victor's POV would be lovely as well. 'So this is what it feels like not to be lonely. But what if he leaves?' Thank you :)

Working my way through the latter half of prompts - thank you all so much for your patience!!

So first of all, thank you so much for this opportunity - it was so much fun to try! I gave your second prompt a shot. It’s bit more ‘wistful fluff’ than ‘angst’ because I seem to be incapable of making these kids permanently sad, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Also thank you so much @kevystel for encouraging me to post what I had written of this earlier this week! It seriously helped me think through this.

Fic below the cut! Also, mild warning for oblique references to depression (plus a bit of anxiety with regard to sense of self?) Also also, this owes so much to this post.

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King Of The Poisoned Youth - Chapter ONE

King Of The Poisoned Youth is going to be a series of chapters set in an alternate reality version of Once Upon A Time, focusing on Peter Pan and Captain Hook. It’s told in the point of view of Raven, who is (unbeknownst to her) Hook’s daughter.

Take note that the title might also change.

Plot: Raven has lived her whole life on the Jolly Roger, aiding her father and the crew on their many voyages and expeditions. Hook loves her deeply, and she is the thin tendril that keeps him from spiraling into a bloodthirsty need for revenge on the one who killed her mother. Hook has kept Raven secret from Peter Pan; Pan doesn’t even know she exists, and Hook plans to keep it that way for good reasons. But luck isn’t always on his side. One night during a very bad storm, the Jolly Roger was unknowingly steered into Neverland’s waters. Raven was blown from the ship and she crashed into the raging sea. In the struggle, she nearly drowned. The waters beat her around like a ragdoll so viciously she was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, as fate was to have it, she survived. Her body washed ashore of Neverland overnight. But she awakes with no memories of who she is or where she came from. That’s when Peter Pan finds her, and he figures out pretty quickly who she is. He takes a liking to how defiant, confident, and skilled she seems to be. And in a way to get back at Hook for keeping Raven a secret, he decides to indulge in playing a game, and Raven is his pawn. He never intends to fall in love her though. Surprise! Turns out, Pan is capable of loving someone else other than himself. In his own twisted way. And after Hook comes to Neverland in search of his missing daughter, Pan will do anything to make sure Raven stays his.


Originally posted by gabedonohoe

I awoke with a start, sucking in a huge gulp of air. Frigid water lapped over ashen skin, slightly pushing and pulling my body back and forth with each roll of waves. I heaved myself onto my side, coughing and retching as salty sea water spurted from my mouth. Panic surged through me and I struggled to sit up. I was in shallow water that was only a few inches deep, and it felt arctic. I coughed, tasting nothing but salt in my parched mouth.

Though a warm breeze washed over me, I was unforgettably cold. A grayish-white sky stretched into the distance, meeting in a straight line with the ocean. The sound of waves crashed over each other against large rocks met my ears.

My head throbbed and I pressed my hand against it, briefly shutting my eyes at the pain. Within a few moments it lessened. I stood, which made me realize how weak I was. I felt drained. My legs shook slightly, I was dizzy—mostly with confusion. My soaked clothes were freezing and sticking tightly to my body, therefore I shivered visibly.

As I splashed to the shore, I noticed how battered and bruised my body really was. I was sore all over and my legs felt as heavy as stones.

Out of the water now, I hurried over the pebbles and onto the sand, hugging my body in a feeble attempt to warm myself. The white sand I was standing on ended about fifty meters from the water, lined by tall, sinister looking trees that faded into darkness.

Where was I? How did I end up here?

I racked my brain for any memories but found nothing.

Raven, I thought suddenly. How random. But that….that was the only thing I could remember about myself. The only thing I could remember at all. Raven. The word echoed in circles inside my throbbing head. My name is Raven.

I didn’t understand how this could be possible. My mind functioned without flaw, trying to calculate my surroundings and predicament. Knowledge flooded my thoughts—well, more like hazy details of the world and how it worked. It all came to me naturally. And yet I didn’t know where I came from, or how I’d ended up lying in the water, or even who my parents were. I couldn’t recall a single damn thing about myself or who I was; just my name. I didn’t even know my last name. All I knew was that I was standing alone on this seemingly-desolate shore, and that my name was Raven.

I slowly eased myself to the ground, hugging my knees to my chest. I was so cold. I looked down at my clothes: I was wearing a black boned corset with strings pulling it together in the front. My white gypsy shirt was ripped along the sleeves as if a giant bear had clawed them. My tight black pants also had a few tears.

I took off my brown leather knee-high boots and dumped water from their soles before putting them back on. I had a belt with a satchel and sheathe—I pulled a dagger from the sheathe and felt along the blade. It was sharp. At least I had a weapon.

That’s when I noticed I was wearing a large, curved, black claw tied to a string around my neck. I held it in my hand, feeling its sharp point. What kind of gigantic animal did this come from? Frustration made me clench my fists. Why couldn’t I remember anything?

I sat there for a while, shivering, trying to remember something. Anything. My mind was blank. I racked my brain until it hurt and still came up with nothing.

Eventually, when my clothes had dried enough to be only damp, I began walking along the shore, looking around. I saw nothing but trees and thick vegetation on one side, and the minacious ocean on the other. For some odd reason I can’t explain, the forest radiated a menacing feel. I wasn’t ready to go in there yet.

I kept going till I found some low, flat rocks that spilled from the sea. I sat on one, relishing in the warmth the surface held. And I put my mind to work. Right now I had hardly any options. I was out in the open, exposed, vulnerable, hungry, parched, cold, bruised, and I couldn’t remember a damn thing about how I ended up here. Were there other people? Was I in danger of being attacked by some kind of lurking predator hidden in the trees? Minutes ticked by as I weighed my options.

Groaning in frustration, I let out a big sigh. If only I could remember! I slowly rose to my feet. What I really needed was water. I decided that’s what I would go after first, before doing or thinking of anything else. Drinkable water.

“And who may you be?”

Startled, I spun around at the voice to see an older boy standing behind me. He stared at me with idle curiosity; yet his gaze held iniquity to them that made my skin prick. A feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but it was undeniable. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.

He was tall and lean, with rich chocolate hair tousled in griminess that promised finesse. His strong arched brows really brought out his eyes—they were deep and catastrophic, a dark green that was the color of the forest. His fair skin made him look devilishly handsome. But there’s a dark energy about him that ebbed and flowed as unpredictably as the waves of the ocean. I could almost feel it. And my gut instinct was screaming he’s extremely dangerous!

I yanked my dagger from its sheath. “Who are you?” I demanded, unable to look away from those eyes—they seemed to be holding me in his piercing gaze even though that was physically impossible.

“I’m Peter,” he said nonchalantly, taking a step closer. “Peter Pan.”

I didn’t reply, but I continued eyeing him. How did he even get so close without me noticing him before? Surely I’d have heard him?

“Sound familiar to you, laddie?” he asked.


He narrowed his eyes, lifting his chin, as if not pleased with my answer. “How did you get here?”

“I don’t know.” I flicked my dagger to indicate the sea. “I literally just woke up here on the shore. No memories of anything else.” Immediately I wanted to smack myself. I had just made myself even more vulnerable than before. Why would I just tell this strange, dark boy I had no memories? I’m such a fool!

“Looks like you had a nice swim,” he noted, his gaze travelling up and down my body.

I looked down at my battered, sandy, wet clothes. “Yeah, that’s what it looks like.” I don’t want to look away from him for long, out of fear that he will do something. There is a weird light in his eyes, a way he looks at me, that sets me on edge.

“What’s your name?” he pressed.

“Raven. That’s all I remember: Raven.”

He smiled, cocking an eyebrow. “Raven?” he tested. “I like the sound of that.”

I frowned, unsure of the compliment. “Okay…um, Look, Peter Pan,” I cast a glance at our surroundings. “Where are we? What is this place?”

“Why, it’s Neverland, of course.”

“Neverland,” I repeated, a little too enthusiastically. That sounded familiar, like I’ve heard it before. “Is there a village near?” I could get some answers there. Some food, maybe.

“A village?” Peter Pan scoffed. “No, I’m afraid you won’t find any villages here. Villages mean a kingdom, and a kingdom means a king. We don’t have any kings in Neverland.” He paused, then smirked. “Just me.”

“Oh?” Despite my feelings of weariness, I mocked a bow. “My apologies, your Majesty, I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of such….royalty.”

Peter Pan rolled his eyes. “And I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of such a dweeb.”

“Fair enough.”

Was he like a leader of some sort? He did seem have an aura of authority. And I just knew that this boy knew a lot about Neverland, everything, maybe. I needed to get information from him.

That’s when I saw he had a sheath around his waist, and it was longer than mine. If he had a weapon, that means there’s something on this island that he needed to defend himself from. This sent dread creeping through me. Was it animals? Or other people? He sure as hell looked as if he knew how to fight.

Peter Pan watched me with one eyebrow raised and his arms crossed, the faintest hint of a smile edging his lips.

“What?” I said wearily.

He shrugged. “What?”

“Is there a way to get off this island?” I pressed.

“Yes,” he answered vaguely. “There’s a way.”


“You’ll need my permission.”

“What?” I frowned. “What do you mean?”

His expression suddenly grew sinister and he stepped closer, his dark eyes boring into mine. “No one gets off this island without my permission.”

Anger and defiance washed away my fear. “Who are you to decide if I can leave this island or not?” I retaliated.

Peter Pan suddenly pulled out his knife, which sent panic fluttering through me. I gripped my dagger tightly, raising it in a defensive stance.

“Do you want to find out? Let’s see what you’re capable of, Raven.” Before I could say anything in response, he lunged at me. As I leaped out of the way his blade painfully cut my arm. I had no time to linger in shock at his sudden attack. Furious, I slam my dagger toward him but he blocked it with his wrist hitting mine, and kicked me hard in the stomach. I doubled over, in which he took advantage to kick my rib cage and send me crashing to the ground.

Outraged now, and refusing to be humiliated like this, I nimbly rolled over and pop back up to my feet, bringing my dagger down on him in a slashing motion.

He narrowly avoided it and his knife almost plunged into my side before I instinctively knocked his arm away and kicked him hard in the knee. He fell back but just as he hit the ground his legs swept out and rammed into mine. I stumble backwards. Peter Pan was up on his feet again in an instant. I barely managed to block another blow with my arm and slice my dagger at his torso but it never connected. He vanished into thin air right before my eyes, and my blade cut through nothing.

Bewildered, I looked around wildly. What the hell?! Suddenly, a knife was pressed against my throat, and I could feel him standing behind me. I narrowed my eyes, lowering my weapon in defeat.

“That’s not fair,” I growled. The word magic popped into my mind. This bloody demon had magic. And though it should have surprised me, it didn’t.

“You’re not bad,” Peter Pan noted. His breath was warm on my ear. “I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I was panting hard, glaring at him as best I could without turning my head. I was defeated and completely at his mercy because he cheated, and that made my blood boil.

To my surprise, Peter Pan’s knife left my neck and he stepped away. “Actually, I’m not,” he said as I turned around to face him, smoldering. “You interest me. I’ve got a game in mind I’d love to play with you, so I can’t have you dead just yet.”

A game? I stared at him, puzzled and dreadful. What in the devil’s name did he mean, a game? I forced myself to repeat, “Yet?”

“Yet,” he confirmed, staring at me with those goddamn intimidating, piercing green eyes.

“So you still plan on killing me, huh? After playing a game with you? Like what, tag?” I scoffed. “After you just attacked me like that? I’m not doing anything with you! You’re crazy, and no help at all.” I pointed my dagger at him to show him I was ready in case he tried anything.

“I can be plenty of help,” Peter Pan assured.

“I just met you and you attack me out of nowhere,” I spat, cupping my hand over the cut on my arm. “I don’t want your help anymore.”

Peter Pan let out a breathy chuckle. “Oh boy, you have a lot to learn about this island.” He arched an eyebrow. “And me.”

“Oh, I’ve learned enough,” I said, throwing it like an insult. “Your name is Peter Pan, you’re ‘king’ of Neverland, you’ve got magic, and you like to attack people with no warning or reason.”

“Are we listing the obvious?” The corner of his mouth quirked up. “Okay, my turn, then. Your name is Raven, you’ve lost your memories, you can fight well, and you’re attractive.”

I opened my mouth for a fiery retort but stopped dead at that last past. Did he really just—

“Oh, and you’re wet,” he added. “Soaked through-and-through. Come to think of it, Raven, I know I’m hot, but that’s a little too much; I mean we just met. Though I’m flattered.”

My mouth fell open and my eyes widened at his wildly inappropriate comment. “I cannot believe—”

“Sh, don’t say that,” he interrupted. “This whole island runs on belief. You’ve got to believe everything, laddie.”

“Wow, you really are crazy,” I hiss.

“That’s one way to put it.” He twirled his knife in his hands and I took a step back, eyeing it warily as he slipped it back into its sheathe. “Call me Pan.”

“I’ll call you narcissistic.”

“And I’ll call you captivating, love.”

Something ringed in my head from what he just said, something I couldn’t put a finger on. I frowned, my mind frothing with frustration. Why did I suddenly feel something, like a little crack to my lost memories?

“What is it, love?” Pan asked, saying ‘love’ with a bit of charm because he thought it annoyed me.

There it was again, that spark of memory, but I couldn’t quite grasp what, and it scuttled away before my mental fingers were even around it. “Nothing,” I said flatly.

Pan was gazing at my dagger, and all the teasing in his face died. “What’s that?” He pointed to the handle.

I moved my hand down it slightly, revealing a skull and crossbones etched into it. “It’s a marking,” I answered in a duh voice.

Something sparked in Pan’s eyes, and he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and a taut jaw. He seemed to be studying my face now, before his eyes moved down to my clothes, then back to my dagger.

“Is something wrong?” I demanded, uneasy.

His face spread in a smile. It made the hairs on the back of my neck raise. This grin was nothing short of twisted.

“No, nothing at all,” he assured, both eyebrows raised. He turned and scanned the sea, then looked back to me. “Raven, are you thirsty?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I can quench your thirst. If you want.”

I stared at him, knowing there was a hidden innuendo meaning to it. “With water,” I said. “Then go for it.”

Pan faced the trees, pointing with an outstretched arm. “Head northwest into the jungle, just keep going straight, and you’ll find a river within a couple miles.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth? I can’t trust you.” I said.

“I guess you’ve got no choice.” Pan flashed a grin at me.

I uneasily walk toward the trees, to desperate for freshwater to give myself time to poke around and try to find out more. “If this is a trap, Pan, I swear on the devil I’ll—” I turned back around and stopped myself, realizing he was gone. Nowhere in sight, without even leaving a trail. Where did he go? Why did he just disappear? And why was he helping me?

More questions added to the list of things I had no answer too. I looked up at the sun. I had a couple hours until dark. I best start my trek so I’d make it to the river before nightfall.

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

With my dagger in hand, I entered the jungle. The trees swallowed me up more and more until I could barely see the ocean between the trunks. My eyes were met with every shade of green imaginable. Broad, glossy leaves hovered over and around me, dotted with brightly-colored, large flowers. But just as unmistakable as the beauty here is the feeling of danger so thick it stirs the air. 

I stood still for a while, listening to the muffled sounds in this vast jungle. I was on edge.

Then I started my trek. I found myself cutting my way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy, moist and still. Trees so tall I couldn’t see where they ended surrounded me, and a strange green light shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves. This jungle seemed to have an intelligence of it’s own. It was an assault on all senses. The virescent hues were the foreground, the background, and as high up as I could see. The heat and humidity pressed in on my skin, making sweat pointless. The sounds of the insects, the birds, and the larger animals, created a symphony of nature calling me deeper. The leaves brushed up against me, some soft, some rough. The air tasted both sweet and fresh, like flowers blooming on my tongue.

I became lost to my thoughts. Was I stupid to trust a boy who attacked me? Who had a dark energy about him that set me on edge? Yes, I am stupid. Very stupid. But I also felt like I had no choice. Maybe after getting some water I would think more clearly.

But for now I knew one thing for sure: I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something about Pan wasn’t right. Wasn’t normal. Wasn’t….safe.