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Told my manager I needed Tue/Thurs off for school so she decides to change my schedule too ALL closing shifts when it's supposed to be 2 closing, 2 mid, 1 open. I worked my ass off to get to area supervisor. I will not go back to working 5 closing shifts a week.

Work phoned again.

I get Fridays off when I go back. I was secretly hoping for either Wednesdays or Friday off, if the timetable was the same as Term 1. Apparently it is, so the only class I’ll be dropping is home group, which is like child safe curriculum. The boys absolutely hate it, but they need it so badly. But it’s always a hard slog trying to get them to engage in it so I guess I won’t have that pressure. I’d like to teach it though because it’s important but yeah, hard as hell to teach. I think it’s because a lot of it is very close to home for them as they are all victims of some sort of trauma. Their first line of defence is to put a wall up and say “this is shit.” .

So I’ll keep my English and SOSE classes and also Work Studies. Work Studies was soooo easy to teach and the boys like it because it’s practical so that’s good. I also get to spend an hour down in the units instead of a school lesson on a Wednesday arvo. School finishes after lunch so we can go down there. Just playing games and hanging out with the boys. Talking. Trying to have a bit of fun. They seem to open up a lot more to you when you go to “their space.” Sometimes we take them to the hall and have a game of basketball or sometimes we take a game such a Family Feud.

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A few notes: First, I’m sorry for not getting back to your questions yet. I’ve been pretty busy with holidays, birthdays, job stuff, and kittens. I have a week or two of (mostly really short) stories translated so hopefully sometime before that runs out I can finally answer your questions.

Regarding this story! Nobody used an ID so I’m changing OP’s heading to OP to make things less confusing. Also, my word processor butchered my formatting. I tried to fix it here, but it’s still not wanting to look right.

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OK! They’re not at 100% readiness for paper treatment, yet, but I wanted to post them anyway. Stan needs a little more work than Ford, but he was being difficult yesterday, so it’s his own fault. 

Ideally, I’d like to be able to frame them back to back, because I’m going for a “both sides of the portal” thing, but I don’t know if it’ll be possible. I’ve got to talk to some custom framing folks today/tomorrow, and I’m waiting to see if the gallery would/could display something like that. 

I intend to do a live stream once I get started on the paper cutting. It’ll probably be sometime this Thurs-Saturday, and then maybe another day next week depending on how the first one goes. So do keep an eye out for that if you’d be interested!