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What do YOU want to see yugioh in the US do? 

I may be able to forward your responses to someone who can listen and take YOUR opinion into account and we could see changes faster as a result, but I need YOUR input! This person has said that 4K has tried to listen to fans over the last few years and now they are in a position to help expand the brand/ a.k.a WE CAN GET NEW STUFF 

If you haven’t noticed 4K has made quite a few positive steps to address fandom needs such as:

1. having the whole/most yugioh series on netflix, crunchyroll, etc 
2. More advertising (outside of TCG)
3. fully voicing Duel Links
4. Bringing the voice actors to premiere YGO TCG events
5. Bringing Takahashi to SDCC 2015/WCS 2016
6. Merch (i.e. ygo monopoly) etc
7. Bringing ygo series to DVD

So please reply/reblog with your response!!

- more interaction with the fan community (encourage cosplay?)
- new art assets for merch
- simulcast ARCV/Next yugioh series with Japan via streaming service (i.e. crunchyroll) and/or broadcast dub consistently on television
- “IRL (in real life) duel disks with actual VR when”
- Working with anime conventions to perhaps bring staff/crew/cast (JP or EN) more non-TCG presence (the ads at AnimeExpo were nice and booth at San Diego Comic Con)

Reblog/share with other fans/friends you know! There is no deadline but the faster i get responses the faster I can compile them to send them off! 

Sherlock soundtrack delayed

Bugger, bugger, bugger …

This is not the email I wanted to get from the Sherlock Online Store.

But in better news, I just had an email from Amazon that the DVD has been dispatched! (ignores the prediction that it will arrive on Monday and hopes that it might pitch up by courier on Saturday or Sunday)

Oh, wait, what if there are Extras on it that need transcribing?

Bugger, bugger, bugger …

i don’t think people realize how much this netflix adaptation of a series of unfortunate events means to me, like i’ve been waiting years to get something like this 

i remember the movie coming out and seeing it in theaters with so much excitement, then buying the DVD and proceeding to replay it over and over again while rereading the series over and over again - i honestly adored the movie, even though it wasn’t perfect in terms of staying faithful to the books, so i was upset when i found out it didn’t get the response it needed to make a sequel 

years later and i find out netflix picked it up and they’ll be creating a show out of it - i didn’t even know all the details and it was very vague and there was no set date for when it’d be released or even filmed but all i knew was that it was being thought about it and there was a second chance of having my childhood put out there on screen… i was so anxious, so excited, so joyful that it was finally getting the recognition it deserved 

watching this first season brought me nostalgia and happiness, i couldn’t help but say over and over again “i can’t believe it’s FINALLY visualized, i can’t believe we get to see all these scenes acted out, i can’t believe it’s HERE” because it felt so unreal to me 

these books played such a huge role in my childhood, they left an impact on me unlike any other series - because here were these three kids, down on their luck, always running into misfortune, feeling like the world was turned against them… it was honestly relatable in my circumstances (and it still is), but despite all that, these kids stuck together and didn’t lose hope. they remained compassionate, intelligent, and strong. so unbelievably strong. 

these books taught me so much as a kid, so i really don’t care what other people think of it. i don’t care how humorous, ridiculous, or unfitting it may seem to some people… it seems perfect to me. it’s all my younger self could have ever asked for and that’s what counts in the end.  


That Isn’t the final episode… or I’m basically driving myself insane.

It can’t end like like that, all wrapped up in a few scenes of life going on as normal.

- the release date for the dvd being damn near two weeks after the final episode

- Moriarty’s message at the end credits

Originally posted by damnmuse

- the apple tree in Rosie’s room 

- the weirdly vague advertising for “apple tree yard”  

- i’m not saying “apple tree yard” isn’t a real show (obviously it’s a real book) , but maybe it’s not premiering when it’s scheduled to

- Sunday’s date being 22/1 … as in 221B 

Originally posted by dansbuddy

- then the following weekend being 29/1 (the day that sherlock and john met) 

- mark saying ”there might be too many endings”

- where exactly was “television history” made in TFP ? Because I sure didn’t see it.

- “people always give up after three”

-   marks tweet “ back 4 (more) #Sherlock

Along with the photo of him holding up four fingers (found it) 

- “It’s kind of groundbreaking, they’ve done something that’s never been done before”

- the tag line for the movie ‘Clue’ being used all through out this season “it’s not just a game anymore”

- ‘Clue’ a movie that when it was released (1985) had multiple endings to throw people off, and then upon it’s VHS release showed the real ending

- mark saying “ it’s good to play games on people”

- who’s got a thing for apples… fucking Moriarty!

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Another thing that’s bugging me, how about the promo photo’s of Sherlock’s violin with the broken 4th string 

- possible 4th Holmes child ?

- Sherrinford perhaps ?

- again everyone stops looking after 3 

- it’s never twins

- Eurus and Moriarty seemed strangely in sync in that whole scene with them pressed against the glass 

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I really hope i’m not setting myself up for heartbreak.

I believe in Sherlock Holmes. 

Me:  I’m a normal person

Also me:

  • Does Jonathan drink coffee?
  • What’s Nancy’s favorite book?
  • When are Joyce and Hopper gonna bang?
  • What were Barb’s aspirations?
  • Does Steve enjoy rom coms?
  • How weird is it for Jonathan to see his girlfriend date his boyfriend?
  • What would a Steve and Barb friendship be like?
Christmas (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

A Christmas Gift - phancuddleswithstyles

Summary: Phil comes in to Dan’s store and wants a certain DVD box. Dan can’t help but buy it for him in secret after he’s had too many glasses of wine. He’s torn what to do with it.

All I Want For Christmas (ao3) - damnisheonfire

Summary: 2009 and 2015 Phan on Christmas.

An Extra Early Christmas Present - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Unbeknownst to Dan, Phil had a special Christmas present planned as well.

Christmas And Coffee Shops - phanficanddil

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve. Dan is late for work. Phil needs to get gifts. It’s the rush hour. Dan and Phil run into each other, and Phil saves Dan’s job at Macy’s from the grumpy old manager. They go over to Starbucks and talk about their ambitions, but Phil feels like something is missing… He forgot to get his mom a gift! Will they find the gift in time?

Christmas And Venn Diagrams - likeasweetsweet

Summary: Dan and Phil hate the fact that they have to spend Christmas apart.

Christmas In The Cabins - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Established!Phan going on a trip to the cabins and spending their first night together dancing to Christmas tunes and making pizza.

Christmas Plays And Piano Players - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Kirstin thinks that Mr. Howell would be the perfect date for her dad, so of course she gets them to meet at one of her school plays.

Clumsy Bear - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil convinces Dan to go outside even though it’s snowing and cold, and Dan complains the whole time but they still have a good time, until Dan falls and hurts himself.

Eskimo Kisses And Christmas Wishes - philsdrill

Summary: Dan gets a nasty surprise when he at last comes out to his family just before Christmas. Alone and out in the cold, he makes the trip up to Manchester where he spends Christmas with Phil and his family. It’s a struggle for Dan, being in such a loving family environment when he has just been evicted from his own, but Phil does his best to look after Dan and cheer him up as best he can.

Jokes, Costumes And Taxi Fares - placingglaciers

Summary: In which all his coworkers just adore Phil and Dan can’t see why they do. Until, of course, he figures it out.

Home Is Where The Wifi Connects Automatically (ao3) - oqua

Summary: The wifi at Dan’s parents’ house is utter crap, which is definitely why he’s always so miserable when he visits his family for Christmas. Because of the wifi.

I’m Glad I Found You (ao3) - YourEyesHoldTheGalaxy

Summary: It’s their first Christmas alone together after seven and some years of dating. So, naturally, it’s going to be memorable. And maybe, something adds to that factor.

Like The Rain To The Sea - specterdad

Summary: circa 2012; dan and phil try to put aside everything to have christmas at phil’s house, but that doesn’t necessarily go to plan.

Make My Wish Come True (ao3) - RandiSchultz

Summary: Dan is trying to decide what to get Phil for Christmas, it turns out Phil already knows what he wants. It just takes Dan a little while to figure it out.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lester - placentaandllamas

Summary: Christmas throughout the years of Dan and Phil.

Merry Christmas Sweetheart - what-a-phantastic-blog

Summary: Christmas fluff.

Morning Christmas Cuddles - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil’s away for Christmas with his family in Florida, and Dan didn’t make any plans to go to his family, which leaves him alone. But of course, Phil wasn’t going to let his boyfriend spend Christmas alone… so he surprises him.

Pastel Princess - analphancones

Summary: Phil is at a loss for what to give Dan for Christmas. He doesn’t have the money he wishes he did to give Dan the best Christmas gift ever. Dan is a poetry geek, a pastel boy with a passion for being a teen poet. Phil is a punk with no clue how to write, but for Christmas Phil gives it a shot and writes Dan a love poem. In return Dan does the same and in way of a gift, they recite their love poems to each other while having sweet, slow, and romantic sex on Christmas eve.

So Tell Me When You’re Going To Let Me In - definitelythor

Summary: After Dan’s kicked out of his family home at Christmas, he picks up a hitchhiker on the way to York, and at first he wonders if he’s made a huge mistake. But Phil’s actually kind of perfect, and maybe fate does exist after all.

To Rock The Night Away - phansomedevil

Summary: Phil makes it his mission to have the most festive sex of all time (AKA - the one where Dan rides Phil in a sexy elf costume)

Yellow Love - phansdick

Summary:  The deal is to make bamf!Dan Howell want to date Nerd!Phil. But how can he go through with it when Dan’s eyes are the colour of chocolate and he has a dimple that makes Phil’s knees weak? He decides he can’t go through with it because he’s too afraid of falling in love before Dan ever will. With a Christmassy twist at the end!

You Can Coax The Cold Right Out Of Me (ao3) - ashisnotmyname

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve, and Dan and Phil are at a Christmas party. How will a game of spin the bottle change their relationship?

You’re Pregnant?! - phansdick

Summary: In which Phil gives Dan a Christmas card that makes him think Phil is pregnant, but really they just got a new dog.

I know that many in the Yuri on Ice fandom (myself included) would like to see OVAs made for the anime, especially since they would probably show us some lovely character moments which perhaps aren’t relevant to the main story but we, as people who love those characters and their relationships, would certainly adore but…

I think the chances of YOI getting OVAs are extremely low.

As far as I’m aware in Japan, OVAs are sort of “bonus” items attached to either a) manga volumes or b) DVDs/BluRays. And YOI, well… doesn’t have a manga and none of the DVD/BD releases suggest OVAs (and those things are usually announced beforehand). If you recall Free Eternal Summer DVDs/BDs, it was released on seven volumes, the last one containing episode 13 and an OVA - precisely because they needed some filler, something to make people want to buy that last disc (and a single episode of anime wasn’t particularly compelling).

Yuri on Ice will be released in six volumes though, each volume neatly containing two episodes, as Japanese releases usually do. There is no space for OVAs.

But hey I don’t think the lack of OVAs is a bad thing because it means that the studio can focus on creating the next season.

As much as I would want to see OVAs, I would prefer not to detract from their main work on the next season and hopefully we can all understand how that is the preferable option (especially that the anime production process takes over 25 weeks, like I explained in this recent post).

So yeah, I don’t mean to kill your desires for OVAs but just be aware that they most likely won’t happen and for pretty good reasons too. (OVAs post-season 2, though? Why not!)

I’m falling in love with Megamind all over again, seeing so many posts of it on my dash, and was once again hit with how truly good-looking Megamind is? Like, seriously, what a babe. 

And that led to me contemplating this little head canon…

What if some more aliens come to Metrocity - refugees or tourists, what have you - and Megamind goes out to get a feel for them, see if they’re benign or nefarious or if they just need to stock up on snacks. And they turn around and see him…

…and just start flat out swooning. Like, blushing and dreamy sighs and the whole nine yards. 

Because, surprise, the alien race Megamind is? They were/are held as the most beautiful species in all the galaxies. Like, organisms far and wide just about fell to their knees over their good looks. Epic poems were composed about them. Ballads were sung. There were fan clubs. 

And Megamind? Megamind has got to be one of the most jaw-droppingly handsome specimens they’ve ever seen. 

So now Megamind is dealing with all this starry-eyed aliens and having his world rocked by the idea that he actually is incredibly handsome, and Roxanne is torn between laughing her head off at her boyfriend’s slightly panicked attempts at fending off these creatures advances and being slightly possessive? 

Also, Metro Man? The aliens take one look at him and have to hide their shudders. Poor fellow, he must have been from that other fleshy, pink-skinned planet…

Kitamura Ryo: For the last time, may I say something? Knights is the best!!!

Only two members of Knights are here but I need to say that they’re so gold! Well, yes, I am a KnightsP. These two are my main reason that I finally deciding myself to get ansute DVD. Nothing to regret. I’m completely happy!! The stageplay is a really good work that I’m so amused to keep watching it. I wish that someday they gonna made a special stage with Knights stories like, “Rebellion! The King’s Horseback Ride” and “Robin Hood” as well!!
Trending Twenty-Seventh Reminder - December

December’s topic: What three pieces of Wander Over Yonder merchandise would you wish for?

This month’s focus is on WOY merchandise to tie in with Christmas and the holiday wish list project.

Like last month we will stick to the three post format to get WOY trending for longer.

Please schedule your posts as shown below! (Use a timezone converter if needed).

December 27th, 8pm EST - Your #1 most wanted gift (example: a Wander plushy)

December 28th, 6am EST - Your second most wanted gift (example: a DVD of the show)

December 28th, 4pm EST - Your third most wanted gift (example: a Lord Hater hoodie)

Remember to tag @disneyxd somewhere in your posts and include both ‘Wander Over Yonder’ and ‘SaveWOY’ in the tags!

I’m still in Disneyland Paris so this is a scheduled post. Please share it around to promote it as I am currently unable to do so. Thank you. - Peepsqueak


This last episode made me fall in love with Mycroft, how he started to throw shit at Watson just so it would be easier for Sherlock to shot him, I was crying like crazy on that scene, such a good older brother.
Also, idg all of the hate mary is getting for her DVD’s, she loves Watson and Sherlock, it makes sense she will find a way to make sure they will be ok even if she is gone, she knows both r dickheads that need some guidance or will get each other killed

Viewing party tomorrow

So, about twelve years ago my parents bought a combination VCR and DVR and gave me the very satisfying job of converting all our videocassette recordings (which included recordings my grandparents had made in the early 80s) to DVDs. I converted mostly the ones I thought were worth keeping, which turned out to be a smallish binder’s worth of DVDs. 

The stuff that we really love we’ve since found in digital format, so a lot of what was on the DVDs isn’t relevant anymore. Mum handed the binder off to me the last time I was home and said “Take anything you want, we can get rid of the rest.”

Some of the burned DVDs are already starting to degrade, so I’ve been spending the day ripping the stuff I want to save. The project’s not NEARLY done yet, but I’ve ripped quite a few movies, cartoons, compilations of hilarious old 80s commercials, and specials, and I need to go through them all, make sure the files are good, and rename them before I move them into my digital archive. 

So I think tomorrow I’m going to have an all-day viewing party. Some things I might show in full, like the compilation of Disney-themed music videos, and some things I might skip through once I know the rip wasn’t buggy. It’ll be on livestream, and people should feel free to come hang out and help me sift through this treasure trove of nostalgia. :D I’ll be starting probably around 10am central time. I’ll post a link in the morning so people know where to go!

Another giveaway to celebrate the debut of e-girls’ hip hop unit, sudannayuzuyully (that’s hella long, girls)! Super happy for these girls especially Yuzuna ;___; They will release the debut single on March 1st 2017 and their title track is “OH BOY”.

This time I will be only choosing 2 winners~

Both winners will get the CD+DVD version.

Those who would like to participate just need to follow the rules below:

  • Reblog this post. Once. I will not count anyone who reblog this post more than once and I can tell if you reblog this from your other tumblr account. So, only one tumblr account will be counted. Again, sideblog won’t be counted.
  • There was someone who reblogged my giveaway post twice before even though I had clearly said don’t do that :( and unfortunately I didn’t count them in so pls remember that you only can reblog this post once.
  • No likes. Well, you can still like this post but I just won’t count you^^;;
  • What if you reblog and like this post? It’s okay, as long as you just reblog this post once.
  • You don’t have to follow me. Following me won’t give you any advantage^^;;;
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  • Please write your e-girls/dream/happiness/flower/whatever name for them on the tag when you reblog this post so I can easily check them :)
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  • What if I don’t find them? Unfortunately, you won’t be counted even though you have e-girls posts on your blog :(
  • BUT, if I recognise your blog because you’ve reblogged my e-girls/happiness/flower posts before, you will be counted^^
  • If you’re under 18 years old, please ask your parent’s permission if it is okay to join and to give your address to me if you are picked as the winner.

I will be closing this giveaway on December 31st (23:59 JST) and will announce the winners on January 10th 2017 Further information regarding the shipment etc will be announced in the winner post. But, for a heads up, everything is on me including the custom fee. I will be choosing the winner using random.org.

All the best and keep loving e-girls, dream, happiness, and flower~! ❤