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Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins
Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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these moments | john shelby

@ateliefloresdaprimavera wanted, and I quote: “happy,married to the love of his life John and [reader] who’s like a daughter to Polly”

hope you like it, hun!

You marched down the street, half angry, half exhausted. Groups of kids were running up and down and you cast an eye out to check whether any of yours were there. Men tipped their caps to you as you passed and you barged your shoulder into Polly’s front door, slamming it behind you.

“I got fucking fired, didn’t I?”

“Lovely to see you too, sweetheart. Sit yourself down. Kettle’s just boiled, you can explain yourself”

You huffed, yanking your scarf off and chucking it over the back of a chair.

“Thanks Pol. Where’s the kids?”

“John’s got them”

“John’s got them?”

Polly cast a look up to you as she brewed the pot and smirked when she saw your confused look.

“He was showing Katie her numbers and the rest wouldn’t let them be, you know what they’re like”

“Sorry, no, go back – John’s got the kids? By himself?”

She chuckled to herself and slid a cup over to you.

“Sit yourself down. And explain”

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BTS when their son wants to be a Disney Princess


Are you serious? This man child is going to be the PERFECT Prince Charming to his son’s Cinderella. He went through store after store searching for the outfits and while he found his that only requird some embroidery here and there, he had to compromise and find a dress that was larger than his son’s size and alter it home. Seokjin was disappointed greatly in the children’s costume industry. They did not have a proper Cinderella dress selection to choose from. This is why he had to get a larger dress. Becuase they simply did not fit his son right. And he would be damned if his son looked anything but pefect for Halloween. Halloween was a huge deal for his son and therefor a huge deal for Seokjin. Seokjin worked late into the night making adjustment’s to the dress so that it fit his son just right. When Halloween dawned they went hand in hand down the line of houses and made a killing with candy. Luckily no one notices the bandages on a majority of fingers because it turns out hand altering a dress his not as easy as he thought

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Even though you are a princess it does not mean you get to eat more than 3 pieces of candy!”


Yoongi didn’t show much of a reaction when his 6 year old son suddenly ran up to him with heart eyes holding up the Snow White outfit he found to wear to his classroom Halloween party. He looked it up and down and calmly asked his son if he was sure that was what he wanted because he wasn’t going to buy him a different one if he changes his mind. His son determinedly said he was sure and marched to the checkout person. However when the kid running the cash register asked his son if he realized that he picked up a dress. His son looked at the cashier in confusion a look that was suspiciously similar to Yoongi’s. Of course he knew he got a dress! The cashier rolled his eyes and made a snide remark. But you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses! You should go back and pick out something else! Yoongi quickly got PISSED and was ready to murder this asshole but an idea occurred to him and he just smirked at the kid. You know what? You are right. Come on squirt. Let’s go find something else. His son’s eyes welled up with tears but Yoongi quickly picked him up and whispered in his ear. 15 minutes later they are back in line still holding the dress but this time with a proper crown complete with plastic jewels, a wicker basket that looks just like the one in the cartoon, adorable little heeled shoes, and red play lipstick. Yoongi looked at the cashier as if to dare him to say anything. He didn’t. But that didn’t stop Yoongi from calling in and making a warning complaint to the manager.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

“Hello? Yes, you see I just came from your store and spoke with a certain smart mouthed little shit and you should know that the next time I see him…”


You never would of known that Hoseok had a minor freak out when his son excited told him that he wanted to be Ariel for Halloween. Don’t get him wrong it’s not that he had a problem with his son wanting to be a princess but what if the other kids tease him? His son is only 7! His feelings could be hurt and it could affect him for the rest of his life! But none the less he took his son to the costume store and helped him pick out a “tutu” version of Ariel because the traditional one didn’t fit him right. He had to admit his son was adorable dancing around in a purple seashells and bright green tutu and green leggings. He even found the long wig in the proper bright red to go with it! And if anyone asked he of course did NOT follow behind his son at a safe distance to make sure no one said anything. He didn’t have anything to worry about. The kids all loved his son’s costume, the parent’s however… Well the police weren’t called but it was a close thing after Hoseok was done with them.

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“Okay I hear what you are saying but hear me out… If you say that again about my son you will be shitting out my shoe for the next month.”


Namjoon could not of been happier to see his son express himself. So when he came up to Namjoon exclaiming Merida was the bestest pwincess ever! I want to be her for Hawoween! In his adorable little lisp Namjoon found himself spending a bit more than he planned for his Halloween outfit. But come on! His son clearly needed a custom made bow! Merida HAS to have her bow in the cartoon therefor his son must have bow! And okay so he didn’t have to buy the expensive velvet green dress and then pay to have it altered. But the look on his son’s face when he saw himself in the mirror with it on was worth every penny. His son even sat and listened intently on the importance of making choices in your life and how to think carefully before acting. As depicted in the cartoon making a rash and selfish decision could hurt someone else. It did seem to escape his notice that his son was only 5 and fell asleep while Namjoon was starting to explain the mythology of Wil-o-wisps.

Originally posted by gotjimin

“You see son, they are fascinating creatures that were actually known to lure travelers into the forest to get them lost inste- Oh. Well I suppose it is your nap time…” 


When his son quietly came up to him and sat his lap, Jimin knew that he wanted something. His son took after him completely. He had his sunny personality, his award winning smile, and his love of singing and dancing. He also inherited his small body structure, so when his son shyly asked if he could be Belle for Halloween, Jimin’s heart sank. He didn’t consider himself old fashioned. He was all for the world changing and becoming more accepting but boys wearing dresses… That was not something that was widely accepted and he just couldn’t bring himself to let his little innocent sweet boy deal with bullies. When he calmly explained that No you can not be Belle for Halloween but you can be the Prince! Or even the Beast! Or maybe Chip? And Jimin’s heart broke when he saw his son’s face fall. His son did not argue but instead nodded sadly and walked over to the corner of the room and faced the wall. Why his son just put himself in time out was baffling to Jimin and he did NOT want to think about how it looked like he was punishing himself for something. Maybe Jimin was spending to much time with Namjoon because surely this thing was not that deep and his 7 year old did not have a complex… Jimin agonized over what to do but in the end he decided that his son’s happiness was more important to him than society standards. So when he presented the golden ballgown and pretty plastic heels with a matching adorable little tasseled purse (not necessary but it was just too cute to pass up), his son’s face lit up like the sun and Jimin knew he made the right choice. His son may face bullying in the future but Jimin would be behind him and his choices 100% of the way. 

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“I don’t care what you think. If my son wants to be a princess he will be a princess. You can go find something place dank and horrible to stuff yourself in.”


Taehyung teased Yoongi that his son and Yoongi’s son must of been switched at birth. Who knows?  They were born on the same day…  Because Taehyung’s son slept more than any other kid on earth! Taehyung had heard the horror stories of nap times and bedtimes and was fully prepared with books, songs, and night lights by the time his son was born. But he never had a single problem. In fact he had caught Yoongi napping with Taehyung’s son during play dates. So the irony was not lost on Taehyung when his son runs in screaming about a dress that changes colors and getting a kiss from the prince to break the curse all the while going in circles around the couch. (His son always did wake up with excess energy when he woke up from his naps.) His son came to a skidding halt in front of Taehyung and begged to be Princess Aurora for Halloween. Taehyung dropped his face in his hand for a moment before jumping up and chasing his overactive 9 year old who screeched in terror of the tickle monster. It was at times like these there was no doubt in his mind THIS was his son. After the spontaneous game of tag that was initiated when his son turned and started chasing Taehyung instead of being chased, they sat down in front of the computer. They scrolled through website after website to find the PERFECT dress for his son. Once they decided on a dress that was that shimmery fabric that changed colors as your turn they turned to then find the perfect crown even if son would most likely have the thing broken within a day of wearing it. He took after his Uncle Namjoon in that aspect, it was still the perfect look for Princess Aurora. 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“I know you are excited to be Princess Aurora but you can’t wear the crown or dress until Halloween because your Uncle Namjoon has rubbed off on you to much and I don’t want the dress spontaneously bursting into flames or anything…”


Jungkook fully blames Seokjin for why his son was wearing a green sheet wrapped around his chest so it flows almost skirt like. I’m Pwincess Tiana! He exclaimed and danced around happily. Not that Jungkook cared about what his son was wearing as long as he was warm in the winter and didn’t get too hot in the summer. But really a bed sheet is not an appropriate dress. So Jungkook let his son pick out a reasonably priced costume dress from a resale website and his son wore it threadbare from all of the times he wore it. It was almost an everyday event where he put on his dress and watched Princess and the Frog which Jungkook knew by heart now.  He admitted that it was adorable when his son sang along. When preschool came around Jungkook tried to convince his son to leave the dress at home because knowing from experience multiple kids in one place normally means something gets broken. But he could not persuade him so in the backpack the dress went. Evidently no one had a problem with son wearing it until late October came around and Jungkook received a phone call from the new Principle. I am sure you were not aware but your son has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a dress. Jungkook was confused. Yes? I know because I pack his bag everyday. Jungkook hears a sigh through the other line. I am sure you think there is no harm in your son wearing a dress but I assure you this will… The woman goes on but Jungkook doesn’t hear her finish her statement because anger fills his ears. How dare she imply his son is wrong to wear what he wants. He catches the last of her montage. Halloween is in three days and I expect to see him in appropriate costume. I know you don’t want your son to grow up to be a deviant to society. He is only 4 so there is time to fix him. Jungkook hung up on her. Rage filled him but he pushed it aside and determination filled him instead. He went online searched for hours until he found exactly what he wanted. He put a rush order on it and when Halloween arrived his son is ecstatic in a brand new Princess Tiana dress… and his father in a green bridesmaids gown. It was the only thing in his size that looked close enough to Princess Tiana. They went to school hand in hand and had the best Halloween party ever. And if Jungkook accidentally spilled the punch on the Principle… well that was of course not on purpose and he defiantly did not smirk at her as she frantically tried to wipe it off her Gucci sweater.

Originally posted by nnochu

“No one tells me my son is going to be a deviant just because he wears dresses. My son will grow up to be who the hell he wants and YOU will not affect him at all or else you will not have a happily ever after… Understand?”

Omg I had so much fun writing this react. Like always I can’t escape the plot but I was able to keep them rather short… Well short for me at least. Requests are open so please feel free to send them! 


(Prussia inserting herself into not her reaction: Kids terrify me!)

Otome Sitch: Fatherhood

Continuing with the last otome sitch, where you have a pregnancy scare, this time Precious Anon requested the suitors as fathers! 

Three of these suitors are fathers canonically in at least one of their routes: two from MidCin and one from SLBP. 

I used a random generator, and kept randomizing until I got these three daddios in the proper category, boy or girl, for the baby that they have in their routes. 

Here we go! 

Shigezane and Kyo are the laid-back, cool dads. They know all of the latest slang, but thankfully don’t embarrass their sons by using it in front of their friends. For the most part. There have been some cringe-worthy slip-ups. 

They enjoy a close relationship with their boys, but that time they spotted their son in town and jogged over to say “hi,” only to realize that their son was walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend, gave them a pang of longing for the days when he was only knee-high.

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Love is...Unconditional

Banner by the brilliant, amazing and perfectly talented @akai-echo

Parts 1 and 2 are available on AO3/ffnet

Epilogue will post on Valentine’s Day. 

A million thanks to my lovely friend, @eala-musings for betaing this, the incomparable @akai-echo for the prereading, making the gorgeous set of banners and for talking me through some plot points. And finally, to the wonderful @thegirlfromoverthepond , my other partner in crime with @loveinpanem for inspiring this fic. Thank you all!

Part 3 - Release

“I’m fine, I promise,” I said, holding the cellphone in the crook between my neck and shoulder as I spoke to Prim and packed at the same time.

“I know, I know, but I just worry. I’ve never gone a month without seeing you. When are you coming home?”

“Soon, Little Duck,” I said, using my most soothing voice. Peeta quietly took my bag from my hands and checked the room one last time before we shut the door behind us.

“Okay. I just need to know you’re okay and I’ll quit worrying.” Her voice was plaintive, sounding like it did when we were children.

I sighed and watched Peeta pull on his shoes and tie them, knots double-laced, as always. “This trip has been one of the most important ones I’ve ever taken.” He looked up at me, one eyebrow raised as if in skepticism. I held his gaze defiantly as I continued. “I wish it would never end.”

His face softened, becoming thoughtful, then sad, before he let his eyes drop down to his shoes where his fingers still rested on the laces. I wished my sister goodnight and retreated to the restroom to brush my hair and keep myself from falling all over Peeta once again.

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‘Iron Fist’ deserves to flunk out of the TV dojo: EW review

Marvel’s Iron Fist isn’t just the wimpiest punch ever thrown by the world’s mightiest superhero factory. The new Netflix binge swings and misses so bad that it spins itself around and slaps itself silly with a weirdly flaccid hand. But even that might be generous. “Swing and a miss” implies effort. Iron Fist — devoid of vision, lacking in executional chops — barely even tries. It assumes its own marvelousness and proceeds tediously from there, offering few satisfactions for any possible audience. The media was only given six of the season’s 13 episodes for review, but I was snoozing after two and ready to check out after three. This is yellow belt drama that deserves to flunk out of the TV dojo.

The biggest problem with Iron Fist might be the property itself. With all due respect to character’s creators, comic book legends Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Iron Fist, at least in my humble opinion, just isn’t all that interesting, and the show’s creator and exec producer, Scott Buck (Dexter), and his team fail to unlock any hidden potential or enhance the material to convince me otherwise. The storytelling formula they’ve been given doesn’t do them any favors, either. Iron Fist introduces its protagonist with the kind of season-long origin story common to Netflix-Marvel shows, in which an adult with extraordinary abilities and painful backstory works out issues and slowly develops a costumed vigilante identity. Daredevil forged the mold. Jessica Jones perfected it. Luke Cage did it well. Iron Fist just does it, lazily going through the motions like a bored tai chi artist.

Iron Fist has been described over the years as Iron Man with martial arts, but the series is a wannabe Batman Begins and a few other things, too, stretched way too thin. Danny Rand (Finn Jones from Game of Thrones) is an orphan who lost his billionaire parents when they all crashed in a suspicious plane accident in the Far East. Found and raised by monks who reside in a wintry Brigadoon known as K’un-Lun, Danny spent his formative years learning a mystic type of martial arts. Along the way, he acquired and honed a magical stroke of channeled chi called the Iron Fist, which causes his balled hand to Flame On! and obliterate anything with Hulk Smash! force.

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All of this hoo-ha is doled out in bits and drabs of flashback. Like all Marvel-Netflix shows, Iron Fist wants to be an adult-skewing neo-pulp urban crime serial, so it downplays the supernatural aspects as if terrified of them. Danny’s blazing balled fist? It’s used sparingly. (As usual, the connections to the broader Marvel Universe, with its thunder gods, sci-fi monsters and radioactive spider-men, are conspicuously minimized.) More so than any other Marvel series, the concept is beholden to the mandate of “the produceable premise,” and the producers have limited imagination for fulfilling it. Anyone wanting Fists of Fury in the City should table the expectation, and modern comics fanboys should abandon all hope of anything resembling the celebrated, stylish run of the comics treatment by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja that leaned hard into the fantastical.

Iron Fist — which, like Daredevil, aspires to be one half workplace drama, one half action-adventure show — spends the first half of the season slooooooowly developing the first half of this hybrid personality. The series proper begins with Danny — presumed dead by the rest of the world — returning to New York to reclaim his life, fortune and place within the massive corporation started by his father and pursue his do-gooder destiny. In a refreshing change of pace, Danny is no dark knight, though his reverse negative formulation isn’t all that compelling. He’s an elevated man-child, light of spirit and movement, lit with a simpleton’s purity, a hippie-dippy Chauncey Gardener. He re-enters Manhattan on bare feet, gawking at skyscrapers; he shows up at Rand Industries naively expecting to be recognized and greeted like the prodigal son. This could be interesting and it should be funny, but the writing and directing don’t know how to make it so. Jones nails the earnestness, but that’s all he plays.

Danny, an overtly spiritual character, adheres to some form of generic, modulated Buddhism marked by a disinterest in worldly attachments (like, you know, shoes) and a remove from anger that doesn’t detach him from a want for justice. Some have criticized Iron First sight unseen for cultural appropriation, and they’re not wrong. The show validates the complaint by being both slavish and shy about Danny’s purely fantastical K’un-Lun origin story. The character has always been white in the comics, but who cares? Ultimately, I don’t see why Marvel couldn’t have cast Danny with an Asian actor.

The enlightened individual Danny has become contrasted with two childhood friends who initially present as antagonists, but really represent the people he needs to save: brother and sister Joy and Ward Meachum (The Following’s Jessica Stroup and Banshee’s Tom Pelphrey). They’re now soulless suits who manage Rand Industries on behalf of their puppet master pops, Harold Meachum (David Wenham), a ruthless, reclusive mystery man. He has a love interest — and, presumably, future partner in ass-kicking — in the form of Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick, also from Game of Thrones), a tough and lonely martial arts instructor. (Let me note here that all of these actors are very good, but their characters are skimpy and boring.)

Pacing issues hamper so many Netflix serials. In the Marvel shows, the lag hits around mid-season. Iron Fist is sluggish from the get-go. At first, Joy and Ward take Danny to be a crazy man and treat him as such: Episode 2 traps him in a psych ward, an idyll that immediately sidetracks the narrative when it should be settling into a premise. Eventually, the Meachums come to accept that Danny is Danny and begin to wrestle with the implications, which prods them to confront their own waywardness and set them on track to go from foes to allies. By episode 6, Iron Fist gets Danny into a suit and has him helping people — but it’s a three-piece business suit. His heroism consists of saving the soul of Rand Industries, from trying to make things right with a family devastated by Rand’s toxic pollution, to investigating a plot by Japanese ninja gangsters known as The Hand (introduced in Daredevil), to use the company as a mechanism to sell drugs in Manhattan.

I think Iron Fist wants to be some subversive scold of capitalism or secularism. Rand Industries is monolithic big business as super-villain — the Evil Corp. of Mr. Robot (but without any of the personality or true menace imbued by Michael Cristofer’s Phillip Pryce or Martin Wallstrom’s Tyrell Wellick) — with Danny functioning as a redemptive agent, facilitating change from within, not with subversive hacking but with his love-thy-neighbor conscience and atoning activism. I’m not going to dump on those values; I just wish they were played bolder and with more imagination.

The alt-New York that the Marvel-Netflix shows is interesting, at least in concept. You got Luke Cage up in Harlem participating in the redemption and reconstruction of a struggling community. You got Daredevil and Jessica Jones down in Hell’s Kitchen, looking out for the poor and for women and everyone who would exploit and prey upon them. Now, somewhat above them all but also among them, we have Danny, a billionaire suit with a heart of gold, exercising a liberal social conscience in the board room and on the streets. My theory about Marvel’s The Defenders — the forthcoming team-up show — is that it’ll be a superhero remake of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Whatever they do in The Defenders, whoever the heroes battle, I hope the fights are better than ones we get in Iron Fist. For starters, there aren’t many of them in the first six episodes. But the ones we get are shockingly lame, from the choreography to the performances to the way they are shot. They’re yoga fu.

I think the idea is that Danny is so disciplined in his technique, so mature about his use of violence, he can dispatch opponents with a minimum of moves and with the precise amount of force necessary for the situation. But the show’s ambition to produce an illusion of effortlessness results in fight scenes that look like no effort was put into them at all — as if they shot the dress rehearsal and moved on. All of this said, great fight scenes take time to produce, and in Hollywood, time costs money. I’ve often suspected that Marvel-Netflix shows are made on a tight budget, and it could be that Iron Fist is saving all its pennies for the second half of the season, which promises to have more action as conflicts start to boil, bad guys make their moves, and Danny moves into masked crime-fighter mode.

Yet I can’t say the first half of the season does anything to make me care enough to stick around and find out if I’m right. Iron Fist is pure kung-phooey. Make him number 100 on your list of TV super-guys. D

Iron Fist will be available for streaming Friday, March 17 on Netflix.

The Art Of Letting You Go.

REQUEST: Hi! I really like your Vernon scenario! :) can i request a Seungcheol angst thats based from Tori Kelly’s Art of letting you go? Thanks! :) hope you’re having an amazing day!

A/N: I’m really hoping this is what you wanted. Thanks for the request!   (I was going to write this as soon as I received the request, but I was very tired so I took a nap first, sorry)

{Based on The Art Of Letting You Go by Tori Kelly}

Daddy Coups Choi Seungcheol

Word Count: 1.2K

WARNINGS: Mention of death, mention of divorce, sad ending, one-sided love, douchey S.Coups

~Category: Angst

Originally posted by imbangnzelo

You were sat on the couch fidgeting with the TV remote and contemplating what to do. You wanted to call your friend, Seungcheol and see if he wanted to go for ice cream, but you were afraid you’d be rejected. Of course he had a beautiful girlfriend so it wouldn’t be a date or anything. You’d be lying to yourself if you said that you didn’t have a serious crush on him, but he was out of your league and he only saw you as a friend. You always thought about Seungcheol and you always wished you were his girlfriend instead of Eunha. She’s beautiful, lively, generous and kind. She was everything you wished to be.

You got a girlfriend and stuff, feelings are bottled up.

Seungcheol was always busy with her. He never saw you anymore. Hell, you hardly talked anymore. You missed the old days when you were ambiguous kids and when you’d play house. You’d be the wife and he’d play your husband. You’d talk about how you wanted to get a dog named sparky and live in a mansion. You craved that to be a reality, but you knew it was just your 8 year old mind running wild at the time.

Seungcheol was always there for you. When your parents went through their divorce, when your grandmother passed away and when you just needed a shoulder to cry on. He was always there to talk and he would always answer your calls at 2am. Now? Now you’re lucky if he answers.

You finally decided to call Seungcheol after reminiscing to the past and a very long debate with yourself.

I try not to dwell on it, but sometimes I can’t help it.

After 3 long rings, you heard his voice.

“Hello, (Y/N)! How are you?”

“Hey seungcheol! I’m fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to do something with me today. We could get ice cream or go for a walk, or both.” You trailed on.

“I, uh, yeah sure.” He said hesitantly. Your heart instantly lit up as he accepted your request. You didn’t expect him to say yes.

“Okay, I’ll walk to your house when I’m ready. Bye!” You hung up the phone and squealed softly to yourself. You were ecstatic to see how this day would go from here. You got ready as quickly as you could. You did your makeup cutely and wore a lovely, pink sundress.

You didn’t want to admit it, but you wanted to impress Seungcheol. You wanted him to regret being so distant as a friend. You fixed your hair so that there was not a single hair out of place. You slipped on your shoes, grabbed your purse and started to walk to Seungcheol’s house. It wasn’t a long walk from your house. You walked up to his front door and knocked gently. After a minute, the door was opened by him and you couldn’t help but break into a smile as you saw his handsome face.

“Hi, are you ready to go?” He asked. You nodded and you started walking to the closest ice cream place. The walk was sort of awkward since it’s been at least a month since you had a proper conversation with him. His hands were stuffed in his pockets and you played with your fingers as the silence was getting awkward. Within 6 minutes, you reached your destination. He opened the door for you and you thanked him. You sat at the blue tables when seungcheol decided that he would go to the counter and order ice cream for the both of you.

“What flavour would you like?” He asked you.

“Surprise me.” You smiled. He nodded and waited in the short line.

You were so happy to be here with Seungcheol. You deserved this after he became so distant to you. Seungcheol came back holding 2 cups of ice cream. He sat a light pink ice cream down in front of you and smiled lightly.

“What flavour is this?” you asked.

“It’s raspberry ripple.” He replied.

“Oh..” your face fell.

“What’s wrong?” He gave you a worried look.

“I’m allergic to raspberries..” You mumbled.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Here, have mine.” He said while sliding his ice cream towards you.

“Is this mango ice cream?” You asked.


You hated mangos. You couldn’t tell him though, he already paid for it. You forced it down without looking too pained. After a small conversation and a lot of ice cream, you both made the decision to go for a walk to help digestion. The weather was at that perfect temperature of not being too hot or too cold. The birds chirped, the grass was green, the flowers left a terrific aroma and the dogs ran around with their owners. The park was beautiful this time of year. This day was ideal in your eyes and you were hoping that Seungcheol thought the same.

It’s always you that my heart runs to.

Right when you were about to spark up a conversation on how much fun you were having, Seungcheol’s phone rang. He looked a the caller ID and then started to give himself some privacy by walking away from you.

“One minute.” he mumbled.

After his phone call ended and he walked back to you, he rubbed the nape of his neck and said,

“Yeah, I gotta cut this short. Eunha wants to go out for dinner. I’m sorry. Can you walk back home yourself?” He asked. He looked guilty, but you knew he didn’t really care for what your answer was going to be.

“Y-yeah, You can go. Goodbye Seungcheol.” You lied. You didn’t want him to leave you for his girlfriend. You didn’t want to constantly feel unwanted by him. You just wanted to be in his life. You just wanted his love.

I’m wishing I could be happy with you.

You sluggishly walked back home with a pout on your face. You wanted to cry, but you knew you didn’t want to seem weak. You told yourself that you could handle being ditched. That you didn’t care. That it didn’t affect you. But who were you fooling? Of course it stung. You knew that he’d never love you the same way that you loved him and that he’d never chose you over Eunha. Once you got home, you took off your makeup and put on your Pajamas. You sat on your bed thinking about everything that happened. You loved Seungcheol. You wanted him to be the one you wake up next to. The one to love all of you. You wanted to let him go. You really did. It was far too difficult for you. You weren’t strong enough. You had a soft spot for him. For his Cute eyes, adorable dimples and beautiful personality.

I can’t seem to master the art of letting you go.

You finally let a tear escape your eyes as you had his contact open on your phone. You knew you had to do it to get over him. You had to delete his number. You didn’t want to, but you had to. You finger hovered over the button that read, “Delete contact”. You took a deep breath and clicked down on it. You pushed your eyes shut but opened them to see if you really did it. You did. He was gone from your life. He wasn’t there for you to call up and get re-attached every call you had with him anymore. Tears spilled out of your eyes and you turned off your phone, got under your covers and fell asleep.

I’m scared of losing you.


If you want to read part two, here it is 

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I meant to have this up yesterday, but then Circumstances coughcarriedawaycough got the better of me. :)

This fill is entirely based off @capricornkeith’s headcanons regarding Hogwarts houses for the Paladins, which Boss and I both vehemently agree with. In fact we got so carried away talking about them that, uh, this was the entire reason for my opening up AU prompts in the first place. :) This is the longest fill I’ve done yet. Happy birthday!!

(in celebration of 100+ followers I’m answering AU fills! This one also doubles as Boss’s birthday gift, because she is amazing and I’m so glad we’re friends. As such it’s probably way too long for tumblr, so I’ll cross-post to A03 in a couple days. <3 ENJOY)

00. These are the things that Shiro has.

His cherry wand, a perfect 10 3/4”. The dragon heartstring core is entirely responsible for Shiro’s three-year-obsession with dragons, which waned somewhat after starting lessons in Care of Magical Creatures in his Third Year. Though he no longer wants to be a Dragon Trainer, he still holds a strong admiration for the majestic creatures. Hopefully one day he’ll even see one outside of the pages of his textbook.

Shiro has two Broomsticks: the unaltered Comet 290 that he plays in school Quidditch matches, and the Cleansweep Seven he definitely hasn’t charmed to go faster, not at all. Shiro has his eyes on one of the new Nimbus models, but he can’t quite afford it. Maybe someday.

A full set of Hufflepuff ties, the yellow and black stripes bold and honest. Shiro’s proud of his House. He belongs there. He’s never felt otherwise. He isn’t a Gryffindor like Allura; Shiro’s brave, absolutely, but his level of bravery’s nothing compared to Allura’s take-no-prisoners, ask-permission-later method of dealing with adventures. Shiro certainly isn’t a Ravenclaw either, though that House suits Matt to a tee; Shiro’s intelligent and hard-working, yes, but his hard work can’t hold a candle to Matt’s voracious thirst for knowledge. The Sorting Hat said Hufflepuff; Shiro’s never found a reason to argue. He’ll do what needs to be done and he’ll fit in where he is, and gladly. He always has. The Hufflepuffs are his people.

He has his Prefect’s badge, now retired in favor of the Head Boy badge, delivered to him in a school envelope addressed in the orange ink everyone associates with Deputy Headmaster Coran. Shiro’s mom cried with pride when Shiro explained what it meant.

Two fantastic parents, supportive despite that their son isn’t going to an engineering school, isn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer but something completely different. The Shirogane family’s adapted well to the surprise of magic in their household. Shiro’s well aware he’s lucky.

Shiro’s lucky also that the Shirogane family’s become such good friends with the pureblooded Holts. Samuel Holt gave Shiro his coming-of-age watch, a beautiful creation with self-winding hands and the moons and the planets and everything. (“You’ve got your own parents, of course,” Sam said, when he presented it to Shiro at the party, “but a wizard man needs a proper watch of his own, in our world. It’s tradition.”)

A fantastic and fabulous group of friends, scattered across multiple years and Houses. Allura and Matt are key, of course. Shiro’d met them both on the train that infamous September First, six years ago. Their friendship has stuck and carried true, despite that none of them are in the same House. Shiro doesn’t mind. His friends are perfect where they are.

Shiro has one consistently visible scar, stretched thin but stark across the bridge of his nose. It’s from a time before he and his parents really knew about magic. They know now. They’d been lucky.

Shiro has two flesh-and-blood, perfect, natural hands. He’s ambidextrous, which caused a bit of a challenge in Ollivander’s shop six years ago. He prefers to use his right hand, but he’ll switch it up on occasion. The Hogwarts Dueling Club will never forget that surprise. He’s not entirely sure Allura’s forgiven him yet.

Yes, Shiro is a child of two worlds, a Muggleborn pulled into something wonderful and truly magical.

The long and short of it is, too: the Shiro we know in this universe has the scar across his nose, but he hasn’t lost his right arm.


01. Summer

Keith goes home with Shiro for the summer holidays.

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Two Men and a Baby

Title: Two Men and a Baby

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, and little Ava

Word Count: 1,897

Warnings: lots of feels, but the super cute adorable fluffy kind

Summary: After a hunt and an addition to the family the boys are preparing for little Ava’s third birthday.

A/N: You can never have too much fluff right?! Please send feedback and let me know if you want to be added to my tags list! Pictures are not mine. Stay awesome everyone <3

“Dean! Behind you!” Sam bellowed as he turned to slice another vampires head off. He heard a thud and whirled around to see Dean, chest heaving, standing over the now headless vamp. The brothers looked at each other, half smiles playing at the corners of their mouths as they looked around them at the carnage. They both froze and looked to each other when they heard a faint screaming. It almost sound like a woman’s, but that wasn’t right. No, it was a baby.

“I’ll check up, you check down Sammy.” Dean said as he headed to the stairs. The floorboards creaked under his weight as he slowly climbed. He could hear Sam opening doors, clearing the first floor. The crying went away for a moment, and then it was back with a vengeance. Dean carefully moved down the upstairs hallway to the second bedroom on the right, machete at the ready in case.

Sam finished clearing the basement when he heard a loud, “Sammy, I got it!” He sprinted up the stairs and to the base of the upstairs stair case finding Dean standing at the top of them. A soft green wriggling blanket in his arms.

“It’s a baby Sammy. How do I make it stop? It seem’s angrier than the vamps were.”

“Dean how the hell should I know? You’ve been the one that’s good with the kids, not me.”

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The Craving (prt 5 to Immoral)

Originally posted by gothamfox

Part 5 of Immoral (Part 4 HERE)

Promot:  reader and Ed are roommates and the reader catches Ed after he killed Ms. Kringle. Ed gets all panicked, but the reader helps him dispose of her body and sex in the wood ensues

Warnings: Smut

TAG LIST:  @you-may-call-me-penguin-love  @mrapollo-vs-mrdionysos , @misfitgirl3390 , @amandajuly81  , @the-brilliant-questioner @dappercobblepot @gotham-after-dark @bgstarwarsgeek , @savisosweet 

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Ok ok ok! I know this took me like 38489465986396 years to write but I did it! I hope you like it and it was worth the ridiculous wait <3 <3

Your Little Crush

I stood at the party with the Panic! boys, talking to Dallon and Brendon talking about their last tour, I couldn’t help blushing whenever Brendon spoke, he was so totally gorgeous, I’d had a crush on him since I was like 19 and I was still starstuck when I was around him. Ever since we had started dating I hadn’t lost my crush on Brendon, obviously it was different, I loved Josh and even though I had this crush on Brendon I would never let that come between us, it was only a crush after all. Josh did however, tease me relentlessly about it, any parties we went to, anytime we went to dinner he would always bring it up to embarrass me. Josh came over, swinging his arm around me, giving me that same familiar look, that smirk when he looked in my eyes, chuckling slightly as we listened to Brendon speak.

“We’re off with Weezer next, can’t wait to tour with you again bro.” Brendon smiled, slapping the top of Josh’s arm, taking another swig of his beer followed by a hand running through his hair.

“Yeah we definitely need to again, that was awesome.” Josh smiled at him, sharing a look of mutual gratitude between them, I felt a slight squeeze on my waist, pulling me close to him, it felt nice, I loved when he was like this, proud to be with me, he was never shy to show me off at parties. We stayed with Brendon and Dallon for the rest of the night, I felt a little more included when Breezy and Sarah arrived, all of us standing together and chatting, whenever we were all in LA we tried to go to events together, tonight Dallon and Breezy were hosting
a BBQ hence why we were together. I was dressed nicely but not overly dressed, just a simple summer dress flowing around my knees, my hair wavy and makeup simple, Josh was wearing his usual tshirt and jeans, hair a curly mess atop his head Tyler was around somewhere too, it was early evening and we had already decided we weren’t staying too late, I had barely seen Josh recently, he’d only just got home from your but we wanted to go today to see everyone. By the time it had got dark we both gave each other that look, knowing we both wanted to go home now, he came over, taking my hand as i wished goodbye to the girls, hugging them all, he lead me over to Brendon and Dallon, hugging them both and saying his goodbyes.

“See you later Y/N.” Dallon smiled, hugging me quickly.

“See you darlin’.” Brendon hugged me too, I felt the small blush in my cheeks as I said goodbye, Josh smirked at me as we walked to our car, hopping in it and buckling my seatbelt up. Josh climbed in the other side, starting the car and pulling away from the house.

“You’re such a little school girl around Brendon.” He scoffed playfully, turning the radio on, my cheeks must’ve been so red by this point, it was so embarrassing to be like that in front of my boyfriend.

“Shut up!” I slumped back in my seat a little actually acting like a teenage girl now, he giggled playfully, pulling my hand to his lips for a quick kiss, keeping his eyes on the road as he did, when we pulled up home I hopped out, trying not to let Josh’s teasing get to me, I knew he was only playing, there was no need to be defensive about it right? Getting home felt good, we had barely spent a night here together in months and tonight was special, it was only about 7:30, neither Josh nor me had any plans tomorrow so we could just crash out and relax together properly, I kicked my shoes off as soon as we got in, running my hands through my hair as I turned to Josh. “Want a drink baby?” I asked, beaming brightly at him, he nodded as he kicked off his own shoes, putting his keys away and walking towards me.

“That would be great baby. Could you get me a beer?” His smile made me feel all fuzzy as he pulled me into a warm kiss, his arms resting on my waist.

“Of course I can!” I nodded back, heading to the kitchen, fetching a beer for him from the refrigerator, when I came in he was scrolling through movies on Netflix on the couch, I smiled at him, plopping down on the couch next to him and handing him his beer. We sat snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie, me laying on him, his warm arms around me, pulling me close to him, as we watched the movie he held me close, pressing the odd kiss to my hair as we watched, halfway through the movie his phone buzzed from next to me.

“Babe could you check that for me.” He said softly, sipping a beer, too focused on the screen to care. I picked up his phone, swiping my thumb on the button and checking the message, it was from Brendon, I couldn’t help but smile a little reading the text.

Great to see you and Y/N today, need to go for a proper catch up soon. B

“It’s from Brendon.” I read the message to him, waiting for him to tell me what to say.

“Ooooh don’t blush too much babe.” He teased again, taking the phone off of me to type
out a reply, I huffed, slumping back a little.

“Oh shh you always tease me whenever he’s involved.” I grumbled slightly.

“Only because you totally have a crush on him.” He said, I noticed something in his voice then, not anger or any hint of him being mean, something else, I looked up at him, chewing on his bottom lip slightly, eyes fixed on the TV in a straight stare. Then it clicked. Was he jealous of Brendon? I looked up again, gently touching his face, stroking the features I loved so much.

“Josh… you’re not jealous are you?” I asked softly, sitting in my place to face him properly, he didn’t answer me at first, merely staring at the screen, I nudged him slightly, cocking my head to the side as I urged him to respond. “Babe? Just tell me.”

“Ok fine, maybe I am a little, it’s kinda hard when your girlfriend has a crush on a celebrity but it just so happens that you know them and are around them all the time.” He seemed to blurt out, not making any eye contact with me, still knowing furiously at his lips.

“What do you mean? You know it’s literally been a silly school girl crush since I was like 19.” I tried to reason with him, touching his arm gently, I didn’t want him to feel like this.

“Yeah that may be, but you haven’t liked me since you were 19 have you?” He pulled away
from me a little, looking slightly upset.

“Wait you think this is about me liking him more than you?” I questioned him, keeping my tone of voice calm and relaxed, I didn’t want this to escalate into an argument. “Josh… I had… or have a silly little crush on him. That doesn’t mean he places anywhere near you in my life.”

“But like you say… since you were 19.” He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I love you, you know that right? And yes I had a silly little crush on Brendon, but then somehow, by some freak, completely random chance, I met you one day.” I shuffled a little close, gently nuzzling into his ear before I pulled his face to look at me. “Remember, when I worked in that shitty coffee shop in New York and you guys came in when you were on tour? How you made such an effort to try and talk to me, then left me a huge tip, signed a bunch of stuff for me and then took a picture with me. I thought that was just a one-time thing meeting
you. It made my year, and then two days later, right before you’re meant to leave New York you turn up again, all sweet and friendly, insisting I give you my number and skype so you could still speak to me. That was what? Three years ago now, then you kept calling me on skype, inviting me to come and see you, you payed for me to fly to LA to see you, and this whole, crazy, completely unexpected part of my life started. But that part of my life was the most incredible thing that ever happened to me, I met the love of my life in that coffee shop. And for some reason, this crazy, amazing, kind person so badly wanted to keep me in their life.” I stared at the broad smile crossing his cheeks, his eyes staring into mine intently, listening to every word I said. “So yes, I had a crush on Brendon, but I didn’t fall in love with him.” I was pulled into his embrace, arms wrapped tightly around me, his head resting against my own.

“What did I do to deserve you huh? I was just being silly, I know you don’t have feelings for him, I guess I just worry about not being what you want sometimes.” He sighed slightly as he cradled me on our couch, stroking my hair.

“But you are what I want.” I pulled back, pressing one soft kiss to his lips, feelings hands resting on my waist, I couldn’t resist leaning in for another kiss, feeling the warmth of his lips pressing against me, he pulled me a little closer, almost on top of him, hands gliding over my hips now. I allowed myself to be pulled on top of him, our kiss deepening, his tongue brushing my lips, begging me for entry, I heard a small moan escape me, he seemed to chuckle against my lips when he heard it, hands gripping me, pulling me closer to him.

“Let me show you how good I can be.” He groaned slightly, eyes half closed as they met mine, lips pressing another fevered kiss to my own.

“You don’t have anything to prove.” I whimpered slightly as his kisses moved down to my neck, pressing lightly down my jawline.

“I don’t care if I have to. I want to.”  He groaned slightly, gripping me tighter, before I knew it I was hoisted up into his arms as he carried me to our bedroom, plopping me down on the bed, stripping off his shirt, I eyed his smooth muscled torso, biting my lip as his muscles flexed under his skin. I couldn’t stop my eyes grazing over his body as he continued to strip off, taking off his jeans and boxers next, leaving him completely exposed in front of me, with a bite of his lip he gripped my ankles, yanking me down the bed towards him.

“Ah! Josh! What’re you doing!” I squealed, giggling at him, his eyes were dark as he gripped me, pulling me upright to face him, hands trailing down my back to unzip my dress.

“You’re too dressed!” He growled, yanking it over my head, hands moving round my back to unclip my bra, practically ripped it off me and throwing it on the floor, shoving me back and gripping the hem of my panties. Once they were off he might as well have jumped on me, nudging himself in between my legs, lips latched onto my neck, biting and kissing all over me, I heard a long moan escape my lips, my back arching as his strong hands graced down my body, ending where I wanted him most, his fingers began rubbing slowly on my clit, teasing me.

“Mmmm Josh…” I moaned out in pleasure, my hips bucking to gain more pressure in between my legs, it felt so good, I needed more and he knew it.

“That’s it… you moan MY name!” His low growl sent a shiver down my spine, lips attacking my skin as his fingers moved, I felt his hand move away, letting me whimper for contact, he gripped himself in one hand, the other propping him up above me, his hips snapping, pushing in in one swift movement.

“Fuck…” I breathed out, gasping as I gained the feeling I’d been longing for, his head lulling into the crook of my neck, breath spreading over my skin, making me shudder in pleasure, he wanted to show me I was his, and god I loved it. He began to rock against me, not too fast at first, letting me adjust to him, no matter how many times we did it, I still had to adjust to him pretty much every time. He groaned again, biting his lips at me, head lulling back, I allowed my hands to find his back, gripping onto the toned muscles there, both of us gasping in pleasure.

“Ugh so wet for me, you feel so good.” He groaned against the crook of my neck, breathing heavily as his hair flopped against my shoulder, hips rocking slightly faster, the bed starting to rock with us, one of his strong hands gripping onto my hip, the other moving to hold himself up above me. His eyes dark as they met mine, the dim light of the bedroom causing a shadow on his face, he looked so sexy like this, dark and dominant, enjoying having control over me and showing me who’s in charge, speed building as he growled and moaned above me. His fingers were still gripping tightly to me as he moved, moving that hand to my neck, brushing his fingers down my jawline slowly, teasing me, his fingers continued down my neck to my chest as his hips moved, they moved between my breasts slowly, he began to lightly graze his nails over my skin, sending shivers through me, my back arching up against his touch, as he smirked in my direction, his eyes dark with lust.

“Does that feel good baby girl?” He asked, his tone low and teasing, biting his lip as he watched his own hand lightly scratching down my stomach now.

“Yes.” I whimpered desperately, arching my body up to try and gain more contact, he smirked again, chuckling darkly, I felt my stomach beginning to knot up, my body writhing as I felt my release growing ever closer, he gave a rough push, shoving me down flat on the bed again, his hips slamming against me harder now, he grunted in pleasure, throwing his head back, I watched as his muscled tensed and writhed under the skin, he looked so sexy.

“Josh…” I whimpered in pleasure, gripping his back tightly my nails digging into his flesh slightly, they scratched upwards slightly, I could tell they had left light scratches in their wake, he hissed slightly, meeting my eyes with a newfound intensity, tilting his head to the side as he stopped to look at me.

“Bad girl…” He growled deeply, gripping onto my hips and pulling out, with one swift movement he flipped me onto all fours, gripping me and pushing in roughly, I moaned out in pleasure, throwing my head back, he was groaning behind me, hips slapping against my thighs.

“Fuck I’m close!” I yelped out in pleasure, my fingers gripping onto the sheets, pulling at them as I whimpered.

“That’s right… you cum for ME!” His tone sent me over the edge, my mind spiralling out of control, shaking and shuddering on the bed as the knot in my stomach snapped.

“Oh god… Josh!” I yelled out, throwing my head back again, he moaned out, snapping his hips faster through my orgasm, I could feel him throbbing inside me, his moans growing louder.

“Fuck Y/N!” He groaned low above me, I felt him twitch and throb more as he came too, the feeling only intensifying everything I was feeling, my body shuddering under my boyfriend as his sloppy thrusts slowed, he kept moving for a while after, slowly moving his hips in a rocking motion, I slumped forward on the bed, completely drained after that. He pulled out slowly, flopping next to me on the bed, his breathing erratic and raspy, hand stroking my hair now.

“Mmm.” Was all I could muster from my muddled up head, he chuckled lightly, pulling me into his arms on our bed.

“Ha that good was it?” He teased me, nuzzling his nose against my hair, holding my waist in his strong fingers.

“Yep.” I said simply, we were silent for a while after that, cuddling silently, I cleared my throat to speak. “Babe?”

“Yeah Y/N?” He said softly, moving slightly so he could meet my eyes, his smile sweet and sleepy.

“Promise me you won’t let the whole Brendon thing bother you. It’s just a stupid crush, always has been and always will be, I’m in love with you and I know he could never live up to that.” I gave him one sweet kiss, stroking his cheek slowly.

“I know, it’s stupid of me to get jealous of it… and after that… I think I know who you think about.” He teased, I giggled at him as we snuggled up again.

I’m sorry I feel like it was super short but I hope it was ok! <3 <3

Rebound pt. 7 (M)

This is the end of the rebound series. Thank you so much to everyone that followed it. I love you all, thank you so much~ I cry. 

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Enjoy! ~ 

Originally posted by bwipsul

“I’m pregnant.” 

“REALLY? OH MY GOD, BABY!” Jimin is screaming, he has the biggest smile on his face. He picks you up and spins you around. You giggle. He puts you down and kneels in front of your tummy. 

“Hey baby, I love you and you’ve got one hot moma.” Jimin smirks up at you, and you hit his shoulder. “Well you are!” You just scoff. 

Jimin was amazing throughout your pregnancy. He helped you through your morning sickness, mode swings and weird cravings. He was always by your side. You were nine months pregnant and huge, you hadn’t seen your toes in a while. You were laying on the bed watching your husband get undressed. You missed having proper sex with him, since you got pregnant Jimin was scared to do anything. Which meant kinky Jimin wasn’t there and with being pregnant, and having a really hot husband you were horny all the time. 

“Sweetheart your staring.” 

“And? Can I not stare at my hot as fuck husband… I think I can.” Jimin giggles, walking over to you he gets into bed with you. “Kiss me.” Jimin gives you the look. The your pregnant look. Yeah you knew.. How could you not like you were huge. “Come on I asked you to kiss me, not fuck me into next week. Although, when this baby is out that’s happening.” Jimin chuckles. 

“Your so needy!” 

“I think the correct term is horny.” He hovers over your baby bump and leans down to kiss you. You make out for a bit till your pulling back. “This is ridiculous, I’m to fat to even kiss my husband!” You pout. 

“Sweetheart your nine moths pregnant. And your beautiful.” Jimin kisses your belly, rubbing soothing circles into your sides. A pain strikes your lower stomach. 

“Ouch.” You sit up. 

“What’s wrong?” Jimin puts his hands on your back. You lift up the covers and see a wet puddle. 

“My water just broke.” You calmly say, getting up to change your pants and go have a baby. 

“Let’s do this!” 

You and Jimin had a healthy baby girl. She was beautiful. It was love at first sight. You and Jimin were over the moon. So content with your little family. 

5 years later~     

Your daughter was now five and amazing. You and Jimin both tired your best to raise her right. She was so kind to others and respectful. She stood up to bullies, she was great. But she always wanted to sleep in your bed, which made it hard to y’know get fucked by your hot as hell husband. 

But tonight you bribed your daughter with a new Disney dress and matching shoes, if she stayed in her own bed tonight. Was it wrong, maybe… But you needed your husband, its been awhile since you had sex. So tonight you got dressed up in Jimin’s favourite lingerie. 

“Okay honey, now remember mommy is going to buy you new shoes and a dress tomorrow, if you sleep in your own bed tonight okay?” You say to her for the hundred time today. 

“Yes, mommy. I’ll sleep in my own bed.” You smile. 

“You’re such a good girl.” You hug her and the front door opens. 

“Daddy!” Your daughter runs to the door. Okay mission fuck your husband starts… Now! You made his favourite dinner and you got all dolled up. This is happening. Jimin walks into the kitchen, you can hear his footsteps behind you. He wraps his arms around you, resting his chin on your shoulder he inhales your sweet scent. 

“What’s the occasion?” Jimin asks, kissing the nape of your neck. You whimper at the feeling. 

“I need you.” Jimin turns you around, smirking down at you. 

“So you made my favourite dinner and got dressed up?” 

“I also bribed our daughter to get her to stay in her own room tonight.” You tell me and he throws his head back laughing. 

“God, I fucking love you. Do you know how amazing you are?” You giggle. 

You eat and make sure your daughter eats all her dinner. You wash up while Jimin puts her to bed. You finish up and make your way up stairs. Just as you enter your bedroom, you get smacked on the ass. You yelp in surprise  and turn around to see Jimin locking the door. 

“She’s asleep.” Jimin walks over to you and captures your lips with his. His hands a running up and down your body. He finds the zip to your dress and unzips it. He pushes the fabric off your body till its on the floor. He steps back and looks at you. 

“Did you wear that for me?” He asks, but he knows the answer. You bite your lip and nod your head. He captures your lips with his again. His tongue licking your bottom lip. You part your lips and let his tongue dance with yours. His hands grab your ass lifting you up and placing you on the bed. 

He takes his shirt off leaving his torso bare, just how you like it. He hovers over kissing you again. Then hes kissing down your jaw and neck, your collarbones. He pauses to such and nip at the skin, making you arch your back moaning. He leans purple and blue marks. Screaming to anyone that saw, that you are not single. Taken the advantage that you arched your back, Jimin removes your bra and flings it on the floor. 

“You’re so fucking perfect!” He says to himself. He starts to leave hickeys on your breasts, while playing with your nipples. You love the feeling hes giving you. Sew with Jimin was always amazing though… 

“Jimin please!” You beg. You needed him a little lower. 

“What do you want baby. Tell me!” He looks up at you. 

“I want you to fuck me with your mouth.” Jimin chuckles. 

“Of course darling. Anything for you.” He coos. He opens your legs and leans down kissing your clit through your panties. You moan his name. He hooks his thumbs under your panties, sliding them off you and throwing them away. He kisses up your thigh. 

“You are so wet for me, sweetheart. Do you want me to fuck you so you can’t walk tomorrow?” His words are making you wetter by the second. You think you might just have an orgasm listening to him. 

“Jimin please~” You whine. 

“Okay sweetheart!” He starts to lick up and down your wet folds. Kitten licking at your clit, making you moan loudly. He starts to fuck you with his tongue, his hands grabbing your ass to bring you closer to his mouth, then travelling to grope your breasts, fingers playing with your nipples. He licks up your folds finding your clit and sucking on it hard. He brings one hand down and places two fingers inside you. Pumping fast and sucking hard. You cum all over his fingers, he licks up all your juices. He hums. 

“How did I get such a beautiful wife, huh?” He moves up till hes hovering over you again, he gives you a passionate kiss. As you bring your hands slowly down his torso to his pants. You unbuckle them and unbutton his pants, you push them down. His cock springs free, you pump him a few times, pre cum leaking from the slit. 

“Fuck, baby girl. I’m going to fuck you so good!” 

“Please do Mr Park.” You smirk. Jimin kicks his trousers off completely and positions himself at your folds. He slips his dick up your wet folds a few times to get it wet. He slides in inch by mind fucking inch. He stretches you out beautifully. You love it. But like who wouldn’t its Park Fucking Jimin. 

“You’re so fucking tight, baby. You feel amazing!” Jimin starts to fuck you at a fast speed, your moaning his name like a mantra. It isn’t long before he finds your sweet spot, you gasp at the contact. You can feel Jimins dick twitch inside your walls meaning hes close. He slows down his pace, resting his forehead on your. Looking into your eyes, he fucks you slow and deep. You always loved when he did this. It felt so intimate, so loving. You can feel your high coming on. 

“Oh. My. God. JIMIN!” You’re screaming as he fills you up with his cum, making the sensation much more arousing. He rides out both your highs. He pulls out, walking into the bathroom and getting a damp towel. He cleans you up and unlocks the door. He gets back into bed with you. 

“I love it, when you scream for me like that.” He smirks pulling you into him. Your chest to chest, nose to nose. You love the feeling of his chest against yours and his arms wrapped around you holding you close. 

“I love you baby.” He kisses your nose. You snuggles into his chest. 

“I love you more.” He chuckles, you hear a faint ‘that’s not even possible before you drift into sleep. 

“Mommy?” You open your eyes to see your daughter in her pjamas, holding her teddy bear. You make sure your covered. 

“What’s wrong, darling.” Jimin says locking up from behind your shoulder. 

“Can I watch t.v.?” She innocently asks. 

“Yes, we’ll be down in a wee while.” Jimins says, you smile at her. 

“Mommy, what are those.” She points out the marks Jimin made last might. You giggle and look back at Jimin. He smirks. 

“There nothing, go down stairs. She runs down the stairs. You can her the t.v start to play the kids stations. You turn till your facing Jimin. 

“Good morning.” You kiss him. 

“Good morning, baby. How are you felling?” Jimin asks, sweetly kissing your shoulder. 

“Like I could go for round 2 in the shower!” 

A/N- Rebound is finished. This is the end, I will not be writing anymore for it. I would love to hear what you all thought of the series, so please message me. I love feed back. Thank you all so much for reading. Lol this was only meant to be a three part series and I was going to Kill off Jimin, well that completely changed. I like the out come though. Like who wouldn’t want to be having babies with Park Jimin? Anyway, thank you all for the support! 

I didn’t edit this, sorry! 

-Admin Abe x 

Sweet Scent

Word count: 3154

Author’s note: A little something that came to my mind. Also the very first imagine I’ve ever written with Derek. Enjoy! (p.s. the POV is alternating)

Your name: submit What is this?

I was in the forest, hiking, when I first caught that scent. I immediately decided to take a turn and figure out who that belonged to, because… I had never got such a feeling after getting such a tiny whiff of something. I easily found my way through the woods, leaping over fallen crusts of trees, moving my body so that it won’t collide into anything massive, just into some thin twigs. At the same time, I made sure that I made the least amount of noises so that I won’t scare away whoever that was.

The closer I got, the stronger the scent got, which had an insanely intense impact on my senses, and on me in general too. I even had to stop for a second to compose myself from this disorganized state I got into by a mere scent. I could feel my eyes bleeding red, and my fangs elongating, but I willed them to retreat. However, I could do nothing about my ruby-pierced eyes.

I continued my swift run towards the source of the sweet smell, and soon I arrived to a steep hill. I slipped, and it was a near call I would end up stumbling down on the side of the hill, but I managed to catch a tree and hold onto it. If I scratched it with my claws in the process, I didn’t notice it, because the moving source I had been looking for came into my line of sight.

It was moving in an erratic velocity, intermittently changing its pace from walking to running – it was covered in black and silver, but I could glimpse a hint of blue and white too. Realization dawned on me when my mind caught up and informed me about the obvious; that it was a girl, who was possibly on her usual run through the woods.

But then why hadn’t I noticed her, ever?

I shook my head and swept this thought into the farthest corner of my brain to dwell on it later. Right now I had a more important task to do, which was to keep an eye on this girl and figure out why her scent was so special to me. I took a deep breath through my nose, I could feel my nostrils flare and lungs expanding as they were filled with the chilly, fresh air of the forest.

My senses divided the usual, natural smell of the woods and the sweat covering her body from the girl’s individual scent that made my wolf vicious for some reason. It was a mixture of ember, rain-soaked earth with freshly mowed grass, lime and something else that made me feel like I arrived home. That last component was warm like the beams of the sun, loving like a lover and nurturing like a mother. I couldn’t exactly decipher it, but I did know I wanted it, I wanted, and only for myself. Just thinking about it being taken away by someone else made my wolf roar with endless anger and bloodlust.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her even if I wanted to – I realized with a shock that I was almost running merely on instincts, the only rational spark in my brain thankfully preventing me from launching at her right this second and taking her like the animal in me so desired. I bore with the wolf scratching at the surface, trying to break free to fulfil its wants, ignoring how its sharp claws were digging into the wall in my mind, set up only for the sake of holding it back at times like this. At times when my human side had to be in charge.

I dug my claws deeper into the crust of the tree and just kept my red-tinted eyes trained on her face, trying to solve it as though her whole presence was an enigma, waiting for me to solve it. Only me, and no one else.

. o O o .

When I got home, the first thing I did was rewarding myself with a glass of cold water after my exercise. My heart was nearly beating right out of my chest, my lungs were heaving, and I knew I was full of thistles. Apparently I was home alone, but it didn’t surprise me – Dad had always had lots of work to do, and he’d always spent most of his days at his workplace, which is why I had to take care of my little brother so many times in the past, when we were little.

My brother, who was spending his time somewhere else again, like always. I didn’t bother with thinking about it too much, rather went to the bathroom and took a refreshing shower to wash away the sluggish heat from my body, then lounged myself on the couch with a book, wrapped up in a quilt after throwing on some grey sweatpants and a white tee which was awfully big for me, it having been stretched out several years ago during a play fight between my brother and I.

It took him hours to get home, but when he did, he brought along his best friend too.

“I told you not to do that, Scott!” he said accusingly. I laid the book in my lap and turned, laying my arm over the back of the sofa to hold myself there more easily. I waited patiently for my brother’s figure to appear in the doorway of the living-room.

“I know, but you know how much I love her,” he said, wrecked. I couldn’t help the smile that blossomed on my face.

“Girl problems?” I asked. The talk at the front door was cut off in a second, and then Stiles came dashing into the room. He stopped at the entrance, staring at me wide-eyed, jaw dropped and mouth hanging open, before he moved again, practically tackling me to my spot on the couch. He hugged me so tightly I had a hardship breathing.

“Oh my god, you’re back!” he exclaimed. “Dad said you’d be back today, but I didn’t know when, and I just…” he trailed off, then smacked a kiss on my cheek. I laughed.

“I missed you too, bro,” I assured him, which had the desired effect on him; his smile widened more, leaving me with a few seconds to adore his happy face before Scott joined us on the furniture.

“Hey (Y/N), long time no see,” he greeted, and I reached out a hand, indicating to attempt giving each other a half-hug instead of a proper one, since Stiles didn’t give any sign of willingness to get off me any time soon. When we released each other with Scott, he asked me, “How’s college? It’s hard, isn’t it? I know it’s hard, I don’t even want to attend one yet.”

“Yeah, I have to study my ass off, but hey, the curriculum’s interesting and I get to do a lot of lab work, so it’s fine,” I chuckled, patting Stiles’ back, telling him wordlessly to let go of me. Reluctantly, he obliged. As soon as he was sat next to me, he noticed the book in my hand and took it from me.

“What are you reading?” he asked, but I knew him well enough not to bother with replying – he was already reading the cover, so he knew it was Hawking’s winning dissertation he wrote about black holes for Cambridge University.

“Want anything?” I asked, looking between them as I stood, ready to take their requests and inching towards the kitchen. Scott nodded.

“We’re hungry as hell,” he said, and I only nodded with a barely-there smile on my face, skimming through ideas in my head as to what to make for these two starving explorer puppies.

. o O o .

It took them a quite long time to convince me to leave the house. I didn’t plan on it, but when Stiles mentioned dropping me off at the police station, I agreed. I wanted to surprise Dad after all.

We sat in his Jeep. Stiles motioned for Scott to take the back seat this time so that I could sit next to my brother. According to the reaction Scott gave to that, I immediately figured out he was hardly-ever sentenced to sit at the back. Neither Stiles nor me was a touchy-feely person, so he didn’t expect me to start rubbing his arms or hands, or any kind of expanse of him I could get my hands on; he just wanted the knowledge that I was right there, next to him, back here in Beacon Hills, and not several thousand miles away in college.

He parked close to the building – it was a pretty chilly day despite it was summer. Back at home, I had only changed my too-big tee for a black tank top and the matching sweatshirt for the pants I wore. I also left my grey sports bra on myself, not bothering to change that too. I had put back on my white running shoes, and then I had declared myself ready. Everyone knew me at the police department after all, most of them since Stiles and I had been children.

Just as we left the Jeep, Scott whined, “What is he doing here?” Stiles quickly whipped his head around, then noticed a sleek, ebony Camaro.

“I don’t know, probably needed to talk to Dad,” Stiles shrugged and took off towards the station. We followed him with Scott. I fell in steps with him after having jogged to catch up to him and walk next to him. The rain started pouring softly, just a few drops dripping on us here and there.

“You don’t like the guy?”

“It’s not like we don’t like the guy. It’s more like… Scott has some personal issues with him. Dad likes him, I like him, the rest of our friends like him… so yeah, pretty much everyone likes him except for Scott,” Stiles explained, then pushed the door open. He let us all inside, but then turned back to me to tell me to stay behind him to surprise Dad.

. o O o .

That scent back from the woods just from a few hours ago was back. I cursed in my mind, already knowing I will have issues with self-control. My mind started running at full speed, desperate to try and find a way to get away as fast as possible. I swatted the nasty voice in my head, mocking me how I’m scared of a simple scent, then looked around, helpless as to what to do next and more importantly, how to escape.

What was that girl doing here anyway? I had followed her during her entire run after then, so it was practically impossible for her to have found a corpse in the forest that she now wanted to report. What else brought people to the police?

“Now stay here,” said an all too familiar voice not too afar, and I realized it was Stiles. I turned my head towards the source, my back still facing him, as he neared me. He grinned when he saw me, and greeted me with a wave of his hand. “Hey, Derek,” he said, then made a beeline for the sheriff’s door on which he knocked once, then twice, before being rewarded with an answer.

“Yes,” came the man’s muffled voice through the wall and closed door. When his son opened it and he saw who came to pay him a visit, I could hear him taking a long, deep breath – possibly to settle himself and his thoughts before speaking to his only child again. “Stiles, I’m busy right now. I don’t have time for…”

“I know,” Stiles interrupted impatiently. “And you know I left my habit of bothering you with menial things. Now it is something you definitely want to see.”

The scent of the sheriff changed; it went from pure anger to anger mixed with a tint of curiosity. The sound of his chair being pushed on the ground followed, then he himself showed up from behind his door with his son hot on his heels. Stiles took a hold of the man’s shirt and hauled him not quite gently to where I had first heard him speak. When they walked pass me, I instantly averted my eyes and looked down to hide my pupils from the sheriff should it be illuminated by a vivid red.

I had no idea what Stiles wanted to show his Dad, so I followed them with my sight. I craned my neck and turned my body halfway to grant myself better view on what was going on.

“(Y-Y/N)?” came the sheriff’s surprised voice not soon after. On its own accord, one of my eyebrows arched at the name and I full bodily turned towards them. I caught Scott’s eyes, which were filled with rejection and protectiveness as soon as they met mine, but I ignored it and devoted my attention to the scene before me. Two forearms appeared at the back of the sheriff’s neck as the girl – apparently named (Y/N) – hugged him.

“I’m home, Dad,” she said in her ever sweet tone. As her scent switched to a sugary tone, my knees almost gave out. It was like I was starved and I was forced to stand next to a bakery in the early morning when the first cookies were baked, their smell enveloping and engulfing me, coaxing me inside while it was still closed. I couldn’t go inside. I couldn’t have it, and it frustrated me.

“How’s college?” the sheriff asked when they released each other and took a step back to give each other some space to give a once-over to the other. This was the first time I got to see (Y/N)’s face from up-close, and all I knew was that I wanted her to be even closer.

Then my mind clicked.


This girl is older than Stiles, already in college, and she’s Stiles’ sister. This is why her scent was so familiar, and this is why I’d never smelled her in the woods before.

“Nice,” she replied, her voice a velvety smooth stroke to my ears. “I have to study a lot, though, but the curriculum’s insanely interesting.” The sheriff laughed modestly as he shook his head.

“I still have to get used to your British accent.”

(Y/N) just lifted one of her shoulders and ducked her head a little. Her shyness moved something in me, and urged me to do something I couldn’t pinpoint.

“I have to go now, but later when I get home, I expect you to tell me everything,” said the sheriff before he turned around and headed towards me, apparently to fulfill my request. He put his hand on my shoulder, giving me a look filled with warmth that hadn’t been there before. His scent had also changed; it was more tender now. “I’ll give it to you in a minute, son,” he promised, then disappeared behind his door again.

When I turned around I saw Stiles dragging his sister near me, and the next thing I knew was that my heart had jumped into my throat at some point and was beating there furiously. I was glad Stiles wasn’t a werewolf at that moment, because my traitorous heart didn’t give away anything about my insecure state nor giving him an opportunity to tease me with something new.

After a moment of consideration, Scott joined them too.

Stiles approached me with his sister, grinning at me again. Internally, I sighed and braced myself for whatever was about to come.

“So how’s life been?” he asked. I shrugged.

“Nothing interesting,” I said, my eyes involuntarily moving to rest on (Y/N). Stiles immediately picked up on the not-hint I hadn’t given him, and introduced us to each other with the girl.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it,” he babbled, motioning between (Y/N) and I. “This is my elder sister, (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Derek Hale, resident dark and brooding, sourly lone wolf.” In my mind, I squashed Stiles down and dumped him in the trash as I presented (Y/N) with a smile I assumed was charming, according to the arched brow Scott was eyeing me with.

(Y/N) stuck out a hand for me to shake, my wolf going nuts in a fraction of a second at the mere thought of the contact. I schooled myself, my whole being not to look like I’m starving for it, then softly grabbed her hand with mine, enveloping her smaller hand with my bigger one. I faintly registered Stiles following the sheriff into his office then, but my mind decided it wasn’t important at all and so, the entirety of my attention was trained on the girl before me.

“I’m glad to have met you,” I said honestly. She nodded curtly.

“The pleasure’s mine,” (Y/N) answered, then slid her hand out from my hold in a swift movement. I immediately wanted it back, but refrained from showing that externally in any way. Instead, I trained my senses on the sheriff – practically on anything that wasn’t (Y/N) or her scent. However, she had other thoughts about that. “And what are you doing here? You work here?” I shook my head.

“No. I just needed a document.” She frowned at that, and I braced myself for the next, obvious question that was bound to come, however, never arrived. Apparently she was considerate, unlike her younger brother. “Stiles never told me he had a sibling,” I said, trying to find a topic and failing, so I ended up settling with this one. Before (Y/N) could react, Scott spoke up.

“Probably he didn’t consider it important to mention you to her,” he said. I would lie if I said it didn’t sting at all, especially because I had saved this kid’s ass numerous times by now. I suppressed the wolf’s reaction to his statement, instead opted to just acknowledge it with a small nod. (Y/N) had other thoughts about this too, though.

“Scott!” she said, her voice taming and slightly angry. Her feelings were pouring off her in waves. I could smell pure embarrassment, anger and disappointment, all of these directed at Scott, not me. “Jesus, what has happened to you? You weren’t like this when I left.” I couldn’t help but wonder where she’d been, which college she attended, and what was her major there. Then my mind caught up again, and I realized that I couldn’t be in a better position than now to ask those things.

But when I opened my mouth, the other two Stilinskis came back and as soon as I was given the papers, I guessed it was high time I left. I said goodbye to all of them, then made a beeline for my Camaro and drove off, my mind and nose full of (Y/N).

I’m In Love With Your Best Friend // Caspar Lee

​Can you write a caspar imagine where y/n and caspar and secretly dating because she’s joe’s sister. And joe finds out? Your imagines are so cute by the way<3 xoxo

“I want to take you out on a date”, Caspar said suddenly. I lifted up my head from his shoulders and paused Stranger Things.

“Caspar, what are you — “, he cut me off.

“We’ll be careful, I promise. I really feel like taking you out, we haven’t been able to do that yet”, he sighed.

“You know why, we can easily be spotted by a fan, or run into someone we know. I know it’s tough but you know how Joe’s like. I need to tell him first”.

“We’ve been secretly dating for three months now. Come on Y/N, having dinner at my place isn’t a proper date. I want to take you out, let me plan something please”, he pulled a cute puppy dog face. How can I resist that? I kissed his lips and sighed.

“Okay my love”, I got back into a comfortable position, laying my head on his shoulders and resuming the Netflix show.


Caspar wouldn’t tell me at all what he’s decided on doing. He wanted to surprise me. Even though I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s happening, I rolled with it since I can tell it made Caspar so happy and excited. After I left his apartment that night, he texted me telling me to get ready by tomorrow at 6pm. That morning, all I felt was butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time Caspar and I would officially go on a date. Well, in public. We’ve had heaps of ‘dates’ in his apartment, having a candle lit dinners. This was brand new to me, doing my makeup and getting all dressed up, ready to go out on a date. Sure I’ve been on dates before, but never with a boy I truly loved. And the problem is, he’s my brother’s best friend. The reason why we’ve kept it a secret for so long, is Joe. We just aren’t ready to come out and tell him, ‘hey your younger sister is with your best mate’. Every time I come close to telling him, I feel really nauseous and quickly back out. It won’t make things any easier knowing I’ve delayed telling him for so long. But being in love with Caspar makes it all worth it.

By 6pm, my makeup was done and I was dressed in a long sleeved tight black dress that sat above my knees with skin coloured stockings underneath. I wore heels that weren’t too high, and threw on my favourite Burberry coat my sister Zoe got me as a present, knowing it would be freezing tonight. I sat on the couch in my living room waiting for Caspar.

“Don’t be so nervous, you look absolutely beautiful. Everything will be fine”, my best friend who I also shared my apartment with said. She and Josh Pieters are only people who know about my relationship with Caspar.

“I just hope nothing goes wrong”, I sighed. The doorbell then rang.

“Oh, he’s here!”, she whispered.

“Thanks so much for doing my makeup tonight”, I said hugging her before she went to her room.

“No need to thank me again. Good luck babe, hope you have an amazing night!” she said before leaving to her room and closing the door behind her.

I breathed in, then out before I opened the door. There, Caspar was holding a bouquet of roses and his hair slicked to the side. He looked very handsome in his black skinny jeans, white shirt and a black blazer. “Hello there handsome.”

“You look so breathtaking”, he said grinning.  

“You too.” He handed me the flowers and I kissed him. I put the roses on the kitchen table, grabbed my handbag and keys then left.

We went to a quiet restaurant and had dinner. We laughed nearly the entire time, having an amazing time. Once we were done, Caspar and I walked around hand in hand just admiring the beauty of the night.

“It’s so cold”, I said, breathing out seeing my cool dragon breath. Caspar then started shrugging off his jacket.  

“Caspar… I’m literally wearing a coat”, I said.  

“But in the movies, the guy always gives the girl his jacket when she’s cold”, he said.

“That’s because she’s never wearing a jacket”, I laughed. “But thank you my love”.

We went into the main streets of London and waited for our uber to come. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 that I totally didn’t notice the group of girls taking photos of us. 


The following day, I was hanging out at Joe’s place. He said he’d wanted to cook lunch and catch up with me. We ate in silence, which is strange since he’s very talkative.

“Why so quiet?” I said, my eyes focused on the TV playing Suits.

“Are you dating Caspar?”, he asked.

I coughed out my food, his words taking me by surprise. “Wha— “

“Don’t play stupid, Y/N. There’s photos floating around of you and Caspar together. Are you dating him or not, please tell me the truth”.

I looked into his eyes, looks like our secret is coming to an end. “Yes”, I whispered. “For three months now.”

“What the fuck! Why didn’t you not tell me? Did it not occur to you, or to even that bloody stupid boy that you’re dating my best friend?! How could you guys just stab me in the back like this?” Oh boy…

“Joe, please it’s not like that. I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been so terrified. Please calm down” I begged.

“Y/N, how can you tell me to calm down, do you not understand my one of my best mates that I lived with has been seeing my sister behind my back!?” He yelled.

I felt my eyes beginning to water up. “It just happened Joe, I can’t control who I fall in love with.”

“You two are in love?” he stopped pacing up and down. “You know Y/N, if you were just honest from the start then I probably would’ve been more accepting. Still angry, but more accepting. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.” He said sadly. He put on his shoes. “I need to clear my head” he then left and closed the door behind him.

I called up Caspar and told him everything, it’s a wonder how he understood me whilst I was sobbing. He immediately came to Joe’s place.

“I feel so guilty, but I deserve it. Why wasn’t I just honest from the start?” I sighed. Caspar played with my hair and kept whispering comforting things.

I then heard the front door open. I stood up from the couch and walked to Joe. “Joe, please listen. I know you don’t trust me, and I know I don’t deserve your trust, but please know how truly sorry I am, for keeping this away from you.” His eyes then darted behind me. He glared at Caspar then looked at me. “But I’m not sorry I’m in love with him. I’m not going to be sorry for who I love”.

“I don’t like the idea of you two dating, but I can’t stop either of you. I’m not going to stand in the way of your relationship. Just keep in mind, it might take me a while to adjust to this”. He waved his hands around. “I’m sorry you felt terrified to tell me, Y/N.” 

“I’m so sorry Joe”. I said.

“Just, whatever happens in the future, just please be honest from the start. I don’t want to ever find out news like this from photos online and lose my shit,” he forced a smile.

I squeezed Joe into a tight hug. “I love you”, I told him and he replied back with an ‘I love you too’.

“I know where you live, I’ll break the shit out of you if you hurt her. And I mean it”, Joe said to Caspar and Caspar nodded. I smiled to Caspar, feeling relieved this is finally out into the open. I just hope this doesn’t greatly impact their friendship. 

hope you guys enjoyed it! its like 2am now and im so tired. but i really wanted to put this one up, i really liked the idea. thank you to the person who requested this! i couldnt resist the date idea. i just love caspar. i’ve got more than a few requests in my ask rn so ill try and finish them as soon as i can. for now… goodnight! 

anonymous asked:

Can I request a BTS reaction where it's raining outside and your white shirt gets soaked and your bra is showing but you don't notice cause your innocent. Thanks!

Hi! Sorry, I know this is really late, I tried, but my laptop needs to be checked
I’ve always wanted to do one like this xD I’ve been waiting

BTS Reaction When It’s Raining Outside and your shirt gets wet

You and Jin were on a dinner date. It was beautiful when you entered the restaurant, but time flied by and you didn’t even notice the rain. Sadly, the two of you didn’t expect the weather to change so drastically, so none of you had an umbrella. The both of you also walked to the restaurant.
“Let’s just run it jin”
“What- Are you crazy?!” You grabbed his hand and ran back to your apartment. Luckily, it wasn’t far away. As soon as you entered, the both of you took a breather. He glanced over to you and noticed that your clothes were soaked, “See? You’re soaking wet princess. I’ll go start a bath for you”
“Ah, thank you Jin” You stood up and stretched, “That was good exercise, huh?” He didn’t answer back so you looked at him and found him staring at your chest. He swallowed thickly before looking back at your eyes, “S-Sorry, I was distracted, what?”

The both of you return home soaked. “Well that was unexpected” he said, breaking the silence, “No kidding” You took off your sweater which was completely drenched and threw it into the laundry. You didn’t notice that your soaked sweater also got your white shirt wet. The shirt itself was almost see through, but there’s no doubt it definitely isn’t now. You walked back to Namjoon, he was changing his clothes. You walked in on him changing. He stared at you (Or more specifically your chest) “Uhh… B-Baby, would you like to.. borrow a shirt?”
“That would be great, thank you” He sighed at the fact that you were so innocent. He told himself to stay calm as he threw a shirt over to you before walking out the door, “uhh, I’ll leave you alone to get dressed” He would say before closing it and maybe accidentally knocking something over in his attempts to stay calm

You were on your way to see Jimin for the first time since he came back from tour. You were happily walking to his house when rain drops slowly hit your face. “oh shi-” Before you could even finish, it started down pouring. You dashed towards the house that was still a few blocks away. You slipped a few times, but not enough to make you fall over. You quickly rang the doorbell and you were greeted by a smiling Jimin, “Hi Jagi! I missed you- oh..” You quickly entered the house, soaking wet. Jimin couldn’t help but stare. You took off your shoes and tried to fix your hair. You were about to head to the bathroom to fix yourself up but Jimin stopped you when he pulled at your waist, bring you into a back hug, “it’s the first time you see me, and you’re not even going to give me a proper hug?”
“I’m sorry Jimin, I just need to fix myself up-” He kissed you passionately and you couldn’t escape his grasp. He started playing at the hem of your shirt, pulling it up. He nibbled on your ear before his hot breath spoke, “You know I love lace, right?”

You always did things like this. You always did the smallest and most innocent things that would make Yoongi’s heart flutter and his stomach flip. You were so fragile and innocent and he secretly loved it about you. The way you would absent mindedly eat a popsicle or lick a lollipop would make his thoughts go wild. And now, you’re standing before him, dripping wet god cleanse your minds people, your bra showing through your white tee. You had no idea what you were doing to him, yet you still played so innocently. He couldn’t handle himself any longer and attacked you with kisses, “Yoongi-ah! stop it! You’ll get wet!”
“Maybe I already am"asdfghjkl


Playing in the rain was a thing. And you did it with your boyfriend. It was a ton of fun, splashing around, acting out raining movie kisses. But it was when You started sneezing when Taehyung said the both of you should so inside. The both of you had so much fun outside that you didn’t even notice how drenched you were. You took off a sad excuse for a rain coat and went into the bedroom to get some new clothes. You realized Taehyung was in there and he was half naked. It made you blush at the sight, but he didn’t seem to notice. Not wanting to bother him, you asked him to throw you a shirt, “just come inside, I don’t mind” He smiled. You walked inside the room and he looked at you. Scanning your body up and down, his blank face showed before it turned into a smirk. He licked his lips and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We had a lot of fun outside, but how about we do something to warm us up, jagi?”

It was a great day for the two of you. Just having a casual walk in the neighbourhood. Your hands intertwined. Nothing could make this day bad, or so you thought. The rain drops hit. Light at first, but soon taken over by heavy pounding. Once returning home after getting drenched you looked at each other. There was a moment of silence before the both of you burst into laughter. “Well, that was a great way to end our walk” he said, grabbing a towel for the both of you, “yeah, That’s too bad though… I was looking forward to it, but we didn’t even make it to our destination” “That’s okay, because I get to see you like this” he walked closer to you. You noticed that a dark glare took over the happy one, “I think the rain was trying to tell us something” he said, moving in for a kiss

The shower head broke. You yelled for Jungkook and he came rushing in, “Everything okay??” “The shower head is broken, could you fix it?” “Yeah, you might have to help me though” The two of you struggled trying to get it back into place. You accidentally turned the shower on while trying to help him, which eventually got the both of you soaking wet. “JAGI!!” “IM SORRY!!” You panicked and moved back, letting him finish the job as you watched. Once he was done, he walked out. You noticed you could see through his shirt and you blushed a little. He wasn’t any different. He saw your bra showing. He told himself not to stare, but it wasn’t something he could help. He walked over to you and kissed you out of no where, “what was that for?” You asked, clueless, “it’s just so I can temporarily stop my hunger. But I’ll be coming back for more in a bit. Just you wait jagi” he smirked before leaving the room.

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.An Angel Indeed.

SiriusxReader imagine based off the song “I’ll Cover You” from the musical Rent. Part 1 of 2.

A/N: The writing for the reader, I believe is gender neutral. The reader is also James’ sibling, one year younger.

Warning: This imagine is rather long, 2,260 words I think. And be on the look out for sad, needy Sirius. He roams around a little. Happy Reading!

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((Song lyrics are bold and in italics.))

“Live in my house.

I’ll be your shelter.”

You shook your hand, putting out the match that was being pinched between your thumb and index finger. While tossing the burnt stick into the small trash can in the corner, you glanced around the now illuminated living room. The dim light that floated around the room made you sigh with satisfaction. A boisterous storm rumbled outside the walls of the Potter house. Rain pelted the windows, creating a tapping sound against the glass. It was soft and muffled, due to the charm your mother had casted on the house for this sort of weather. You loved summer nights like these, the stormy ones. The occasional crack of thunder or flash of lightning excited you, ever since you were a little girl. Even when the storm would knock out the power, it gave you the chance to fill the house with all different sorts of candles, light the fire and sit on the couch to catch up on some reading. Tonight, that was exactly your plan.

James was out visiting Remus for the time being, probably would have to spend another night because of the storm. Parents were gone on a little vacation for the both of them, leaving you alone in the family home. You were able to run around the house pantless and hang out in any part of the home without having to hear the ruckus coming from your rambunctious older brother.

You fell into the couch, a large fuzzy blanket being pulled over your body as you tried to find the best position to read. When finding it, you snatched your book from the arm of the couch and slipped into your own little world. Unfortunately, your slice of heaven was to be interrupted by the heavy rapping on the front door. Your eyes glanced away from the pages of your book to look up at the source of the sound, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. There was no way James would have made the journey home in this weather and your parents weren’t due home until next week. As you carefully made your way to the door, you made sure to pick your wand up off of the coffee table as you passed.

You jumped as the stranger knocked again, just as heavy as the first time. After taking in a deep breath for courage, you hesitantly turned the lock and pulled the door open, eyes turning to saucers when seeing who stood before you.

“Sirius.. Come in,” you mutter, quickly moving out of the way so the older boy could step inside of the house and out of the storm. You pushed the door closed and turned the lock back into place, starting to tug at the hem of your baggy sweater in attempt to hide the fact that you were only wearing underwear underneath.  

“Is James here?” He asked, nose sniffling as his eyes shifted around the room. You didn’t answer him at first, taking your time to look him over. He wore a large black coat that was drenched, his dark hair falling flat against his face. His shoes were caked with mud, as were the backs of his dark coloured jeans. He must have been running.

“N-No.. He went over to Remus’ a couple days ago..’ Your voice seemed to trail off as you become even more distracted by his appearance. As Sirius turned his head, his eyes met yours. You were now able to see the watery glaze that laid over his eyes and the redness that surrounded them. His cheeks and the tip of his nose were scarlet due to the freezing, rainy weather. His lip was being chewed, all red and peeled..

“Do you know when he will be back?” Sirius’ voice broke you out of your stare. You shook your head in response, almost ignoring him. “Are you alright?” Your voice was only a whisper as you were trying to be gentle. You had never been in such a situation, especially with someone like Sirius. The man hardly showed such vulnerability.

“Open your door,

I’ll be your tenant.

Don’t got much baggage to lay at your feet.”

Before you could comment on his lack of reply, you were pulled against his body, arms wrapping around your waist. “Y/N..” He huffed as his head found a place against your neck, deep, shaky breaths against your skin. You could careless that the wetness from his clothing seeped into your sweater, or how his damp hair pressed against your face. It was evident that something was wrong, and right now, you were the only one that could do something about it. So, your arms slipped around his torso, pulling him close to your body as you rubbed your hand against his back.

The two of you stood in silence as you just let him hold you and try his best to hide the tears that he tried to desperately to push back into his skull. You knew you had to be gentle and patient. Show him that you were there to care for him.

“Hey.. Why don’t we get you changed..? I’m sure we can find something of James’. Then if you need, we can go sit on the couch and relax. Okay?” Your voice was soft as you spoke quietly into Sirius’ ear, taking your hand to lead his head away from your neck so you could meet his eyes. He avoided it, staring down at your now damp sweater as he nodded his head.

Once his shoes were places by the door, socks bunched up inside of them, you helped him pull off his coat and hang it with the others. You then took his hand, fingers tangling with his before leading him up the dark stairway. The moon shone through the window at the end of the hall, casting light onto the wooden floor. The droplets on the glass made it look as though rain danced in the light.

Eventually, you pulled Sirius into your brothers room. You released your hand from his tight grip, starting to search through a couple of drawers. You could feel Sirius’ eyes on you as you moved around the room. When finding what was needed, you lay a small pile of clothes on the bed next to where the boy was standing. “You change in here and meet me back downstairs. I’ll be down once I change,” you tell him before walking out of the room, slipping into the bedroom that was placed across the hall. Before closing the door, you meet eyes with the boy across the hall. “Thank you, Y/N,” you flash him a small smile in return before disappearing into the room.

Soon enough, you were making your way down the stairs, hand tightly gripping onto the railing in case you happened to trip over your own feet. You now wore a long sleeve, Gryffindor shirt and a pair of black pajama shorts, knowing now that when having guests over, it was proper to wear pants.

As you turned the corner, your eyes fell upon Sirius who stood by the fireplace, your book being turned over in his hands. He then opened it, reading over the first page as he waited patiently. You took one step and the floorboard groaned, causing him to turn and look to you. The book closed in his hand and he quickly placed it back onto the table. “Sorry, I was just looking,” he mumbled as you walked over to him.

“No need to apologize,” you hummed, taking a seat down on the couch, Sirius placing himself closer to the opposite arm. He wore grey sweats that were a little short, exposing his ankles, on his torso he wore a navy blue tee shirt. Thankfully, it fit him just fine.

“Just slip me on, I’ll be your blanket.

Wherever, whatever, I’ll be your coat.”

You happened to notice the way he opened his arms, laying one along the back of the couch as the other gestured for you to move closer. You gave a small nod, crawling across the couch to be able to slump into his side. Sirius slid his arm around you, making sure you were held close to him as his hand was taken in both of yours. Your head laid against his chest as you carefully played with his fingers.

The two of you were friends. Not really the sort who would sit around and cuddle each other or express their deepest secrets. But the kind that would occasionally sneak off to the kitchens, or share a few inside jokes. You remembered the feelings that you had developed for him a couple of years back. You remembered that when you told your brother, he told you to smarten up and lose what you felt, probably not wanting to deal with his baby sister/brother being that close to his best friend. You believed that you lost these feelings, seeing Sirius as a good friend. But, as you laid there in his arms, it started picking at your heart.

“If you’re cold and you’re lonely.’

A few moments of silence pass before Sirius speaks up. “I ran away.”

You didn’t say anything. You did not quite know how to respond, so you tilted your head back slightly to look up at him, waiting to see if he would continue the story. Your y/e/c eyes looked into his silver ones, but he stared forward into the quiet fire. “From home.. I couldn’t stay there. All the fighting and just.. I couldn’t take the constant reminder of how much of a failure.. No, a disappointment to my family I was,’ he paused for a moment, sucking in a breath as he blinked his eyes.

‘ It’s like they act as if what they say will change who I am.. That suddenly Dumbledore will force me into Slytherin, because apparently that means so damn much.. Maybe I will do everything that they want me to do or be. But that isn’t me.. I feel like absolute nothing,” his voice faded into a whisper, frustration and distress filling his words. You only hoped that you could take away his pain, to show him how much he meant to those around him. You were aware of his family situation, but not at all to the extent that it was.

‘You’ve got one nickle only.”

Sirius continued to ramble on about his family, unable to stop his words or the few tears the rolled down his cheeks. As he spoke, you took it upon yourself to wipe his tears, hand resting against his cheek. Not once did he dare look into your eyes, it was as if he was scared. Scared of what he would see, if he could see that maybe you didn’t give one care in the world about what he was saying. But, of course you did. Your heart ached for him.

When his final words slipped from his mouth, silence fell over the room. Sirius leaned his head into your hand, eyes closing. He had to have been completely drained from all he went through that day. Exhaustion was basically radiating off of him.

“When you’re worn out and tired,’

You finally found the courage to do something about everything that was going on in your head. So, you carefully tilt his head to the side, his eyes opening to find yours staring back at him. This time he held eye contact. “There is not a lot I can say, okay? But I want you to know that I am here for you and I care for you. You will never be a disappointment to me, to James, to Remus, Peter, anyone who actually matters. And no, whatever your family does or says does not matter at the end of the day because you have us. And you will forever have a home here. Do you understand?”  There was no question if Sirius would be able to take home in the Potter house hold. Your parents were absolutely in love with the boy and James would be absolutely ecstatic.

‘And your heart has expired.”

It wasn’t a lot, but it was everything Sirius needed to hear. He could not hold himself back as his hands pulled away from your body, only to press against your cheeks, his lips finding your quickly. The kiss was slow and soft. He was so lost in your lips and your heart felt as though it could explode at any moment. Your cheeks flushed a deep red, the colour spreading all the way up to the tips of your ears.

Sirius moved his one hand down to your side, arm slipping around you to pull you into his lap before both of his hands took their place on your waist. You straddled him, lips not breaking from each other for one second. Your hands ran up his chest and over his shoulders before laying at the back of his neck where your gently tugged at his long locks.

You were the one to finally break the kiss, forehead being pressed against his as the sounds of your breath filled the space.

“You are like an angel..” Sirius’ words made a wide grin pull on your lips, and a soft giggle escape as you finally opened your eyes to look at him. “Maybe I am,” you whisper, the smile that grew on his face made your heart flutter. This was all that you wanted, for him to forget about all the bad, and to let in the good that would eventually wash away everything that was going on in his mind.

“And how can I repay you?” He kept his voice low as his head shifted to the side, nose rubbing against your temple, fingertips dragging up and down the line of your back. You smirk as you think of what to say in return.

“One thousand kisses.”

“Be my lover, and I will cover you.”

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for @eggplantlilly, who just might be the nicest person on the planet

He stares at his phone for a while. His hands are clammy, and he gets caught up in rubbing them up and down the thighs of his jeans. He can hear a faucet dripping – the one in the kitchen, or maybe the guest bathroom off the living room. Maybe it’s leaky. That’s probably a problem. He should call a plumber.

He should call Jack. That’s what he sat down here to do, after all. New year, new him. Better him.

Logically, he knows his phone doesn’t weigh 10 pounds, but it feels like it does when he picks it up. His finger hovers over Jack’s contact for a long minute. He sucks in a breath as he finally clicks it, brings the phone up to his ear slowly, gingerly.

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Beisbol Luke

for @0kbutmichaelclifford and @smartsetclifford‘s sports!5sos blurb night!!! :)

You’d never really considered yourself to be much of a sports fan. Whenever members of your family would rope you into watching any athletic event you’d end up bored to tears. You found your books to be a much better use of your time. That is, until you met Luke Hemmings.

He was the starting pitcher for your university’s division one baseball team. Whatever that meant. He also, needed a history tutor. Which was where you came in. For you, history was a fascinating subject; from the ancient mythologies of Egypt and Greece to the formation of elite military groups (like the Navy SEALs) during World War II, you loved it all. But Luke, on the other hand…

“God, this is all so boring,” he moaned before dropping his head on to the table the two of you had claimed in the library for this session. “Who cares about feudalism in Japan anyway? I just wanna play baseball.” Luke had been getting antsy. Because of his history grade, he was only allowed to practice with his team; he wasn’t allowed to participate in scrimmages, which he said where practice games. “Scrimmages are way more fun than running suicides for pitching outside the strike zone,” he’d complained. “I learn more from them too.”

“Okay well, first of all,” you said. “I care about feudalism in Japan. Because the samurai are Japanese Luke, and the way they lived is fascinating stuff.” He rolled his eye but you knew he was listening. “You what else came from Japan Luke? Escorts like the geisha and warriors like the ninja. Second, isn’t there like, training involved before games?”

Luke narrowed his eyes. He knew that you knew the answer to that. “Yeah…” he humored you.

“Then try thinking of this studying like training. And your midterm is the next big game. All the practice tests I’ll be giving you will be like your drills out on the field.” Luke opened his mouth interrupt but you plowed on. “Look Luke, I know you can do this,” you said, sincerity coating your tone as you looked directly into his deep blue eyes. “You literally aced like all of our last tests in all your other classes.”

“Yeah but-”

“C’mon Luke,” you grabbed his hand and leaned closer to him, still staring directly into his eyes. “Let me coach you through this.”

Luke visibly gulped before licking his lips and giving you a shaky nod. “Yeah, o-okay fine.”

Luke turned out to be a brilliant pupil; something you’d suspected all along after talking to his professors. He was attentive, patient with himself when necessary and endearingly self deprecating when things got too tense.

So you weren’t surprised when he passed his midterm and then his final with flying colors. He’d rushed straight over to your dorm after each test with a radiant grin and breathless “Thanks Coach.”

And even though you were proud of him, you couldn’t help the sadness that overcame you too. You’d really grown to like Luke during your three a week study sessions, almost too much and you’d liked being needed by someone like him. And with the baseball preseason fully underway, you weren’t going to see much of him anymore if at all. Or so you thought.

Weeks went by. Your own finals along with the end of fall semester flew came and went, with it’s passing arrived spring semester. It seemed to chug along little pretty sluggishly but before you knew it the baseball team’s season opener had arrived. Luke had asked you to go, back when he needed you to pass, but you didn’t really see the point. You figured you’d stay in and study instead.

Your studying that night ended up being interrupted by furious pounding on the closed door of dorm. The door seemed to vibrate from the assault of whoever was on the other side. Rising slowly from your desk chair, you cautiously approached it, before turning the knob and poking your head out.

You were met by three pairs of eyes. One hazel, one brown and the last pair a hazy green. Stepping back, you pulled the door open wider.

“Can I uh, help you?” The three boys before you were all panting heavily and, wearing baseball uniforms.

“Yeah,” said the sandy haired, hazel eyed one. “You can come with us.”

“Excuse me?” You stuttered as they all, in unison stepped forward into your dorm.

“No time to explain,” said the green eyed boy -his hair a shockingly bright shade of orange- as he reached for your wrist.

“Yup, let’s go,” added the brown skinned, brown eyed boy while getting behind you and pushing you forward out of your room.

“Wait, what-”

“Who’s got her?” interrupted the blonde as he pocketed your dorm key before locking up. The other two nodded to him before nudging you towards him. He nodded back before leaning forward a bit, wrapping an arm around the back of your knees and finally hoisting you up over his shoulder. The breath was knocked out of you in a soundless gasp as the boys began jogging out down your dorm hallway.

“Okay,” you grunted from your upside down position once you got your breath back. “What the hell is going on here?!”

“We’re taking you to the game,” said the brown boy. The back of his jersey read ‘Hood’.

“But why-”

“Luke needs you.” Supplied the artificial ginger with ‘Clifford’ running across his shoulders. That shut you up for a minute.

“Well I can walk y’know.”

“Not without shoes, you can’t.” Rumbled the voice of the guy carrying you.

“You guys could’ve let me get shoes and proper clothes for chrissake- ”

“Doesn’t matter anyway,” interrupted the blonde again. “We’re here.” He set you down in front of a doorway before disappearing beyond it.

“We’ll send Luke out,” called the other two before following their teammate out of sight.

Crossing your arms, you huffed out a frustrated breath. The boys had taken you from your door in your freaking pjs; all you had on was a spaghetti strapped tank top and sleep shorts. And it was March. March could be pretty fucking cold.

“Y/n?” came a familiar male voice from behind you. You turned to face him. “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know Luke,” you bit your lip, a little unsure. Had he forgotten that he’d asked you to be there all those months ago? “Your crazyass teammates literally dragged me here, without my clothes or shoes,” you said instead. “So why don’t you tell me?”

Flushing adorably, Luke pulled off his hoodie and held it out to you before kicking off his slider sandals and giving you those too. You took them both before raising an expectant brow, prompting him to answer your question.

“I don’t think I can do this,” he babbled suddenly, his blue eyes going unfocused with panicky desperation.

“Luke,” you said, your voice deadpan. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t go out there.” He gestured toward the hallway that led to the field. “I’m too rusty, I haven’t practiced nearly as much as the rest of the team and-”

You tuned him out then because you honestly couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He couldn’t be serious. You’d spent half the year of your own time tutoring the punk pretty much everyday so he’d pass his history class and even be allowed to play! And you’d be damned if you were gonna watch him ruin all your hard work by puking before even setting foot on the mound.

So, arching up on tiptoe, you reached up, grabbed him by the cheeks and planted one on him. He’d still been babbling and you need him to shut up. Kissing him did that.

“Y’know Hemmings,” you murmured after pulling back a bit. “I never took you as the type to choke.”

He responded by pulling you close and kissing you again. If you had been cold from the trip over Luke’s kiss chased away any lingering early spring chill. Little electrified tingles zipped from your head all the way down to your toes as he nipped at your bottom lip.

“I’m not,” was all he said before letting you go and trotting into the locker room.

A few minutes later, you jumped away from the locker room doorway as the whole baseball team came jogging out. Your three kidnappers all gave you little nods or pats on the shoulder in acknowledgement as they passed you. Luke, being the last one out, shot you a wink. Shaking your head, you waited a second before slowly following the team out to watch the game from the bleachers.

You watched Irwin, the blonde one strut out to the batter’s box before crouching behind home plate. Luke and the rest of the team walked out after him. And as soon as he faced his catcher, a change overcame him. He looked nothing like the Luke you knew when he was standing out on that mound. The Luke you knew was such a dork; all overlong loose limbs and corny jokes. That Luke needed a kiss to even get the courage to step out on the field.

Then the game began.

You’d never really considered yourself to be much of a sports fan. But then you saw Luke Hemming completely dominate that pitchers mound. Not just with his presence, but with his skill too. No hit that came his way got past him. He was so quick and so agile, and he never dropped the ball. Even when he wasn’t the one standing on it, there was no questioning who that mound belonged to.

And as the game went on, you fell more in awe with this guy who’d need your help. He wasn’t your Luke. He wasn’t this graceful, confident stranger with sweat darkening the little tuffs hair poking out from beneath his uniform hat. Your Luke slouched around in loose fitting basketball shorts, not tight baseball pants that clung snugly to his apparently muscular thighs and butt.  

Then they won. A no hitter was what they called it; and once all the necessary sportsman-like hands were shook, the beautiful blue eyed stranger turned back into the giggly boy you knew and barreled straight for you.

“Did you see that Y/n?! I’ve never played like that before and it’s all thanks to you!”

“Luke,” you laughed. “What are you talking about? That was all you-”

“You have to come to all my the games now, you know that right?”

“Whoa, what?” You sputtered. “Why?”

“I need you to kiss me before every game babe, ” He grinned. “You’re my good luck charm.”

You’d read about baseball players being superstitious but this was ridiculous. “Luke I can’t-”

“Then I won’t play.”

“What?” Your three kidnappers reappeared then, all shooting you urgent and mildly threatening glares. Okay maybe receiving spine-tingling kisses from Luke Hemmings multiple times a week wouldn’t be so bad. And now that you thought about it, you probably wouldn’t need Luke’s teammates dragging you out to games anymore after all.

It was safe to say that since that first game, Luke’s playing had been better than ever.