i need to get photoshop soon though

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Hello there. I have a little question... How do you color? I mean your style of coloring it's so amazing and it makes manga look alive.. Could you do a little tutorial sometime soon?

Thank you very much, honey :’D

I still have a lot to learn though, but since you weren’t the only one asking I might as well do a quick tutorial. I hope this will answer some of your and other people’s questions. If this gets a positive response I might do another one or a video (need to learn how to edit a video anyway). So let’s start this.

First of all, this tutorial assumes you have basic photoshop knowledge (including cleaning and creating layers). Furthermore, please keep in mind that this is my own style of colouring so it might not be the perfect way to do it. For my convenience, I chose sth I already coloured haha. Also, you might want to get yourself a cup of your favorite drink and some cookies :) Beware: Long post ahead!

Step 1: Line Base

As soon as you finished cleaning and cropping your picture, you start by adding colour to the lines. Here you want to choose a solid colour as your base (hard brush).(*cough* in some I use a filter for the lines: light red that mingles with the background. But keep in mind that large black areas get tinted as well *cough*)

Step 2: Line Shades

After that you determine where the highlights are gonna be as indicated by the red circles. In those areas you’re gonna use your second colour (soft brush, transparency 30-40 %). In order to make things smooth you can use more than two colours.

Step 3: Base Colour

When you’re done, fill the picture with its base colours. You can use whatever you want, since they don’t really matter that much.

Step 4: Shading

For the shading you are looking for a colour which is a lot darker than the base but in the same spectrum (Lucy: instead of yellow go to brown/orange/yellow). Start by taking a small brush (depending on the size of the picture 3-4Px, transparency 20-30% ) and use the outline as guide for your shades. Here: red arrows. Usually, I use a pencil brush for shading. Add transfer and smoothness to the brush.

Step 5: Fading

Looks pretty messy, right? Now it’s time for fading. Switch to a normal soft brush (size: 30-40Px, transparency 20% or lower) and start fading areas that are supposed to be darker. Here: blue box.

Step 6: Highlighting

Go back to the same brush used in Step 4 and choose a colour that is lighter than the base. After the fading there are gonna be areas where the base is still visible and that’s where you wanna start highlighting. Draw lines along the sides and the middle of those areas and fade them when you reach a dark area. Here: red arrows. With the light yellow I used for Lucy, you can connect light areas with each other, but never forget to work along the curve of the outlines.

Step 6: Shine

Here you have to be a bit careful because this can mess a lot up. Select pure white and draw lines over the ones you previously created. Be mindful though, to only do that in highlighted areas. In the darker ones, the yellow is enough to make the hair pop out. (this part caused me a lot of frustration in the past hahahaha)

Step 7: Done

Congrats, you’ve finished your colouring :) Take your time to fix mistakes or parts you don’t feel satified with. Add your personal touch with backgrounds and filters. Also, never forget to put a watermark on your stuff since there are a lot of reposters these days. (it’s really painful if you worked your ass off on this and sb steals it -.-)

So … this turned into a hair tutorial rather than an overall one, but the rest is not much different. This is as good as I can explain in a post … I’m still learning though and this is by far not a solid technique. In the end it all comes down to practise and experimenting with brushes … at least that’s how I learned it :)

Hope you guys had fun with this and my ask is open for everyone with questions. The more detailed your questions are, the better I can help ;)

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Would you ever consider making the 'God n' Gabe' design into a wall tapestry for Society6? or for that matter your 'Get Along Cage' into one as well? cause I know I would love one =D


I WANNA SEE ONE OF THESE IN PERSON??? imagine lugging this to a con. or. you could probably use this as a blanket. construct a tent

ANYWAY, i’ll toss up a get-along cage one too soon! i totally forgot this feature was available. photoshop has a tough time handling so many big files at once for me, though!

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i’m SO excited you’re selling charms again. i got a Mockumentary Jared a while back and i definitely need a little Dean or Jensen to go with him. all your stuff is just too cute and i love it

i’m excited about it too, seeing the race yesterday was insane! i did not expect that! i hope you were able to get one! i don’t have any of the mockumentary designs on me anymore, but i do have plenty of deans. if you weren’t able to grab one yesterday, there’ll be more up of the same designs on friday!


{{good news and bad

good, college is great! I’ve met a few other people who watch su, and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends!

also, I’ve gotten to install photoshop and my tablet driver onto my new computer!

bad news, my new computer has a 4k screen, which isn’t compatible with my version of Photoshop, so it’s difficult to see the icons and options (not impossible, I am well versed and know where they are, plus I can zoom in on the screen)

also, for some reason my tablet driver is very finicky on the new computer. I may need to reinstall it, but that will have to wait until the next time I return home

the tablet has always been moody, I’m sure this is the same problem I’ve had on all computers I’ve installed it on, hopefully I can get it to work soon.

unfortunately though, for the time being, I am putting the blog on hiatus. I must focus on studies right now, and there just isn’t time to work on these technical issues or make updates. I will try to put in work anytime I can, but there is no time in the foreseeable future :(

thank you everyone for being patient! I will be posting any traditional media SU artwork I do, please bear with me until I can get back to work!!

also, TINY PERIDOT!! 💚💚 }}