i need to get photoshop soon though


{{good news and bad

good, college is great! I’ve met a few other people who watch su, and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends!

also, I’ve gotten to install photoshop and my tablet driver onto my new computer!

bad news, my new computer has a 4k screen, which isn’t compatible with my version of Photoshop, so it’s difficult to see the icons and options (not impossible, I am well versed and know where they are, plus I can zoom in on the screen)

also, for some reason my tablet driver is very finicky on the new computer. I may need to reinstall it, but that will have to wait until the next time I return home

the tablet has always been moody, I’m sure this is the same problem I’ve had on all computers I’ve installed it on, hopefully I can get it to work soon.

unfortunately though, for the time being, I am putting the blog on hiatus. I must focus on studies right now, and there just isn’t time to work on these technical issues or make updates. I will try to put in work anytime I can, but there is no time in the foreseeable future :(

thank you everyone for being patient! I will be posting any traditional media SU artwork I do, please bear with me until I can get back to work!!

also, TINY PERIDOT!! 💚💚 }}