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Random Wild Theory Time

It’s way too soon for so much work and theorizing but I was watching this interview…

When asked about their favorite episodes most agree its either 6 or 13 but Joshua hops in and says “I gotta go with number 4 nobody else actually like generally mentions four when we get asked that question but I loved shooting episode 4.  Can’t talk about what it is but it’s awesome.” 

According to IMDb (which granted isn’t always reliable)  it states that Andi has a party at her house.  So yeah I could see why that would be fun for them to film but there’s something else.

This actor named Garren Stitt is also going to be in this episode and he’s a recurring character. He’s credited with 4 episodes in the first season.  So this is all just a theory but maybe he will be a boy that Cyrus likes?  Garren signed that post on IG as “Marty from the party.”  That is something I can totally see Cyrus calling him.  He doesn’t know him well at first he’s just “Marty from the party.” This is all just a guess of course but I need Cyrus to find a boy to be cute with. 

I’m probably wrong but I thought I’d share this anyways.

I’m very suspicious of the positive reviews on imdb for Ir0n F*st.

I cannot trust a source that couldn’t even get the summary of the first episode right.

(“Danny Rand and his family climb up a snowy mountain looking for the ancient city of Kun Lun.” *snorts*)

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I wonder how easy it is to join imdb? We need more honest reviews.

mod m

Reasons you should drop everything you’re doing and watch Elementary:

  • Main characters are people of color, Joan is Asian and Detective Bell is African-American
  • Speaking of Joan
  • Joan Watson? More like Joan badass independent woman not here for your shit I do what I want bitch I’m fabulous but also here for you Watson
  • (played by the amazing Lucy Liu who, to summarize her IMDB bio, does martial arts, is an amazing artist, plays the accordion, and don’t need no man to complete her)
  • Also there’s Jonny Lee Miller aka Mr. Holmes himself
  • Also Sherlock is an incredibly nuanced character as well it’s really fab to watch
  • Here are some other things the show has to offer, if that wasn’t enough
  • A stunning variety of minor characters (victims, witnesses, criminals, etc), you’ve got:
  • LGBTQIA characters
  • POC
  • People with disabilities, both mental and physical
  • People from p much every walk of life
  • Like my goodness have you ever seen such a diverse cast the answer is no no you have not
  • AND AND AND AND they’re all portrayed SUPER WELL none of that Hollywood bullshit
  • AND AND AND AND they don’t have just like one episode w/ each kind of character to make sure they’ve covered their bases or w/e – they regularly include these diverse characters on the show
  • (and she’s played by Natalie Dormer but like no one on tumblr likes her so idk why that’s important jk IT’S NATALIE DORMER)
  • Like Kitty, who you don’t meet until season 3 (?I think?) but they handle her character arc SO WELL
  • Also they’re not afraid to go into really serious topics like addiction, mental health, traumatic events like sexual assault, etc etc etc
  • Even though the two main characters are a man and a woman THERE HAS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A LOVE INTEREST BETWEEN THEM the writers have said so I’m not making this up I swear
  • I could keep going but I’m going to stop myself
  • Mostly so I can go watch an episode
  • Honestly though like tumblr what are you doing you should be all over this shit

anonymous asked:

Hi! So still no clue about a sesaon 5... Do you know which ep they are filming ? Can we already sit on the idea of an epilogue with a married Fitzsimmons with kids in Perthshire... I want a true ending! Please, no cliff... :(

Hi Anon!

I’m not 100% sure what episode they are on but I am seeing IMDB still updating for 19 so I think we’re there maybe about to move into 20 soon.   So getting really close to the finale.   

Also still no word about Renewal, Mark Kolpack has said a few times on twitter recently that they don’t know yet either.   We just need to keep doing what we are doing.   If you are doing a positive post for the show on twitter, use our #renewagentsofshield tag but also TAG (@) people/places like

  • Colo
  • The cast so they can retweet
  • ABC

Tuesday for the @aosrewatch we’ve got 4x11 on deck.   This episode is available on ABC on Demand so those who can watch there as ABC will definitely see we are watching it.  

I wish I knew who at ABC we could sent actual letters too but I don’t.   So for now we can just keep pushing on social media.

I have my fingers crossed we don’t have an insane cliff hanger in the works.  The writers need to be ready on both fronts.  They have to be prepared for the worst and its possible they will be done filming even before they know of renewal.  So the trick is we need a satisfying ending but at the same time they need to have something to set up Season 5.  

So unless they are 100% sure we aren’t getting a Season 5 I don’t think we’ll get that kind of Harry Potter 19 years later epilogue where we see where everyone lands.  I do think we have been set up for at the very least a Fitzsimmons engagement, Love Nest, and stepping back from Shield in the finale.  (my dream is we have a POTC move and Fizsimmons insist someone marry them on the spot).  That allows for a satisfying ending for fans but also leaves the door open for Season 5 as this is Shield and they can be pulled back in.  

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WTF has JM been doing? He doesn't have any new credits on imdb or anything. Nina we at least knew was busy with press commitments for xXx, but she was able to have about a week free to go film TVD. What on earth was Joseph busy with?

I don’t wanna be like ‘absolutely nothing’ cause I deadass don’t know, what he does with his life is his business. But like, it just seems like they didn’t really try to get him, imo. Granted we didn’t need him to be there, but given how much of a force he was in TVD, it would’ve been nice for them to not have their series finale without him. 

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where do you get videos for making gifs?

if they’re an actor, i always go to imdb first to check out their filmography and i’ll try to always download from piratesbay. i used to use kickass.to but they got shut down and the new version has too many obstacles for me to be fucking with. i also have …. uh getthemall?? i think that’s what it is called, but it basically just rips videos so i go on twitter, instagram, sometime vimeo if needed. i’ll also go on youtube because i have ytd. uhm literally anywhere…. i try to use all the resources i can think of.

The funniest thing to me about all these piss babies complaining about Ghostbusters hating men bc the two main men are stupid/socially inept and evil is that there are still way more men in the movie than women??

Out of the 55 credited actors on IMDb, 17 of them are women. That means 38 of them are men. There are more than twice as many men as women in the movie. Like yes, the main four characters are women who are shown to be intelligent and funny and kickass (which is so awesome, don’t get me wrong), but the side and background characters are still overwhelmingly men. There are plenty more men than just Kevin and Rowan for them to identify with or whatever they’re complaining they can’t do in this movie (including half the main characters from the original movies, which they also complained this movie was disrespecting or whatever). They may be side characters, but that’s still better than women usually get to identify with.

Imo there’s probably a lot to be said re: those numbers, like how we see even a minority number of women as too many and how even progressive films like this have a lot to work on re: Hollywood’s gender disparity problem and how these piss baby dudes will find anything to cry about


Go up vote the new Ghostbusters movie right now it has a ridiculously low rating of 4.3/10 on IMDB, if you find other places to vote let me know. The movie is great and funny and I loved the entire film personally but more importantly it has a female led cast and quite a bit of ladies working behind the scenes. It is important that we go watch these movies on opening weekend, so you still have today through Sunday, and up vote wherever you can because we all know that representation matters! Also you get to see some sub-textual gayness by Kate McKinnon and it’s absolutely awesome, maybe we will get more if they make another one. I apologize for the tags that are unrelated but I need everyone to go see it and I can’t think of better fandoms that care about rep.

#30: When Harry Met Sally...(1989)

IMDB plot summary: Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.

Is this an accurate plot summary? I really respect how it gets to the heart of things.

After last week’s romcom-by-the-numbers disaster, I needed something tried and true. I needed something that would restore my faith in the genre.

In other words, I needed Nora Ephron. 

Written by Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner, When Harry Met Sally is exactly what you’d expect of a film with this pedigree. It’s warm, it’s charming, it shows a fairy-tale perfect New York City, and it’s genuinely funny while packing a few emotional moments that come out of nowhere and punch you in the gut. Just like Tom Hanks sharing his feelings with the radio DJ in Sleepless in Seattle or the unexpectedly heartwrenching ending of Heartburn (which I read a couple of weeks ago), WHMS sprinkles some true sadness in with all the sexual tension and witty banter. 

And that witty banter! It’s everywhere! From the second Harry and Sally meet, on a drive from Chicago to NYC as barely-acquaintances, their personalities clash hard. Harry is a ladies’ man (this was 1989, and in the year of Taylor Swift, Billy Crystal was still a viable love interest) whose put on, recent-college-grad nihilism leads him to read the last page of books first and say that men and women can’t be friends because sex always gets in the way. Sally is the kind of lovably uptight weirdo who comes up with a driving schedule and orders her diner apple pie to exact specifications (”But I’d like the pie heated, and I don’t want the ice cream on top. I want it on the side, and I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not, then no ice cream, just whipped cream, but only if it’s real. If it’s out of the can, then nothing.”). Even thought they can’t stand each other, there’s clearly a spark between them, because this is the good old “people who hate each other turn into lovers” plot. It’s Shakespeare! It’s Austen! It’s perfect!

But Harry and Sally’s relationship doesn’t end with that car ride (obviously, or this would be a very short movie). They meet again several years later, and then again several years after that. Harry and Sally can’t stop running into each other, almost as if they were destined to be friends…or more than friends. Because this isn’t a “people who hate each other turn into lovers” plot at all, it’s actually a “best friends fall in love” plot. And the main reason why it works so well is that Harry and Sally actually seem like friends. Their long conversations, their walks through New York, their phone conversations while watching Casablanca; all of it seems like the way real best friends would act, even if those friends didn’t have a palpable sexual tension that created sparks whenever they touched. 

But Harry and Sally do have chemistry, and no one–not Carrie Fisher and not Bruno Kirby–understands why they’re not together. And we, the viewers, don’t really understand either. They’re so clearly right for reach other, so why can’t they see it? Part of it (maybe most of it) has to do with Harry’s general reluctance to enter into any sort of grown-up relationship after the end of his marriage, and then there’s Sally’s refusal to get involved with anyone at all. It could all feel contrived, but it doesn’t. I mean, if Sally’s so particular about how she eats her pie, of course she’s going to be hesitant about embarking on a relationship. And even if it does just edge slightly into “how can these people not see it?” territory, it hardly matters, because watching Harry and Sally fall in love stupidly and obliviously is a joy. 

It’s a joy to watch Harry stare at Sally across a room while she kisses her boyfriend, and it’s a joy to watch Sally trash talk Harry’s new girlfriend. It’s a joy to watch them not figure it out as their story is interrupted by those adorable old couple interviews. It’s just a joy all around, because Nora Ephron understood something about love that a good portion of romantic comedy writers don’t. She got that it isn’t enough to just have people meet and fall in love–there has to be something at stake. 

She knew that love is never just love–there’s always some sort of loss behind it, beside it, wrapped up in it. She knew better than anyone that loving someone often results in betrayal and heartbreak (seriously, please read Heartburn, but actually listen to the audiobook read by Meryl Streep). Love is loss, necessarily, whether you lose someone through death or cheating or a simple fight. Love is Tom Hanks talking about his dead wife in Sleepless in Seattle. Love is Kathleen Kelly losing the store that was her connection to her mother in You’ve Got Mail. Love is Harry Burns realizing his wife never loved him and love is Sally Albright figuring out that she wants a family and her boyfriend doesn’t. 

It’s all those things, all tangled up, and that’s why falling in love isn’t so easy for Harry and Sally. The falling is unconscious, but actually deciding to be in a relationship is a choice. These are people who, like all Ephron characters, are completely aware of the risk that love brings. They’re not stupid, they’re not naive, they’re not like many romantic comedy characters who are bumbling cluelessly through life, treating love like it’s a game. They get it, and the fact that they still decide to be together at the end is nothing short of a miracle. It’s inevitable, but it’s still a gamble. It’s Nora Ephron casting her vote for hope, even in the face of heartbreak, pain, and loneliness. 

Have I made this movie sound unbearably serious? Because it’s not! It’s very funny, and it features Billy Crystal at the height of his wackiness. But what’s so great about Nora Ephron is that she was always able to be funny while never losing sight of the emotional stakes. 

Stray thoughts:

-Is there any better couple than Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby? No one better illustrates the reality of being married…arguing over coffee tables and being glad you don’t have to date anymore. 

-Just as Sleepless in Seattle has An Affair to Remember, WHMS has Casablanca

-Baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation. 

Romantic comedy cliches: Best friends who fall in love, NYC, a climactic wedding, a toast, men talking about emotions during sports, New Year’s Eve, running through the city to make a declaration of love, a big speech to declare love, Casablanca, a journalist heroine

Is this a good movie: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. 

Did I like this movie? I love this movie like Sally loves ordering sauces on the side. 

Did this movie make me believe in love? This movie made me believe in the power of hope. It’s life-affirming. 

Would I watch this movie again? I might start this movie again in the next five minutes. 

If you have any suggestions for my year of romcoms, find me on Twitter @KerryAnn or send me an email at welcometoladyville@gmail.com. 

I was watching VS # 101, and Geoff mentions that “next week Jack gets challenged by ‘Iron Ryan’, as he prefers to be called”.

And Ryan says “according to IMDB”.

So of course I had to look into this.

And then there’s this:

Well, if that doesn’t give you all the vital information you ever needed to know about Ryan Haywood, I don’t know what will.

But here’s the best part:

Holy beans…

the downvoters are already hitting up IMDb. This episode did not deserve a 1. We need to counteract these guys and show how much we love the show! Signing up for IMDb is free and easy (i did it last week to try and help fight the downvoting) so please if you can, do it!

Go here to IMDb to rate the episode however you like to try to counteract the downvotes! We can help get the show (and all of our favourite characters and stories) the ratings it deserves!

okay everyone i need someone to talk about the height difference between waverly and nicole with. like how big is that height difference exactly? how tall is haught? waverly is 5′4″ (according to dominique’s imdb page thats her height) does haught tease waverly over their height difference? does waverly ever make haught carry her? does she avoid asking haught to get things from higher shelves so haught wont be able to tease her? someone talk to me

The people on the imdb message board hating on STEM (“this plot is annoying” “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal? Wouldn’t you want Farkle doing the science?” “Why are they forcing Maya to care about science? Just let her enjoy her art”) just further proves how much this episode was needed tbh

also ok given how the imdb page for cap 3 lists extras like “MIT graduate student” “MIT professor” “MIT student” “MIT parent” and we’re allegedly gonna get a CGI’d young tony i wanna indulge in useless speculation that will probably turn out to be wrong but i need excuses not to focus on my essay so anyway:

MIT december graduation (assuming they have those?? i mean my university does so like fucking bear with me for the purposes of gratuitous pain). young tony in his graduation robes!!! low key bitterly looking in on other students talking to their parents! RHODEY COMES IN FROM BEHIND, INTERRUPTING HIS SAD MOMENT BY SNAKING A MILDLY INEBRIATED RECENT GRAD ARM AROUND TONY’S WAIST and they walk off together talking about Friend stuff, etc. rhodey asks HOW COME ARE YOU NOT LINED UP YET, TONY, THE CEREMONY STARTS IN 3 MINUTES (”i don’T SEE YOU IN YOUR SEAT EITHER, JAMES RHODES”) and he also asks “where are your parents” and tony’s all cheeky like *shrug* “predictably late”

but rhodey reads Right Through That and sees that tony is upset (also ok none of this is “predictable” this time, because howard does love accolades and shit so tony was actually honest to god fucking EXPECTING him to show up and care lmao how painfully fucking naive of me, he thinks, but whatever). rhodey’s all like “listen after it’s over we can go to my folks” and all of that but tony’s like “no no no they Will show up trust me”

(tony’s fucking graduating with highest honors here all right, this is the peak of his academic achievement and after this comes stark fucking industries, aka the key to fixing his relationship with his family as far as he’s concerned so like Good Fucking God his parents Need to be here because fucking This is how he’s going to fix everything and prove himself worthy and –)

uncle obie shows up! pulls tony aside

you need to sit down tony, etc, sorry, your parents are dead

tony just laughs like. lol. no they are not. they’re showing up believe me. they wouldn’t miss this opportunity to see honor being bestowed upon the stark name or whatever

no tony they’re not showing up

yes they absolutely are

yes they are, uncle obie

they are

yes they are going to show up, trust me, they’re going to show up, 

they’re going to show up, they are going to show up they are going to show up they are going to show up 

but then they don’t

Hey everyone you should all go and put in a good word on the Randy Cunningham IMDb page because right now the only user review is some salty little nerd child who gave it 1 star and spent their review complaining about it and begging for it to be taken off the air.

Also get the rating better than a 6.6/10! IMDb is close to the top on most web browser searches for Randy Cunningham, and I know more than ~200 people have watched this show.

So I know there’s a sizable Strange Magic fandom here on Tumblr

And I’m sure you all already know that the film is being released on DVD soon. Now, this film bombed at the box office; we’re talking the worst grossing animated film to be released in 3000 theaters. It made 12 million before they pulled it.

What I’m asking is this: buy this film on DVD. If you like this film, buy it and show it support. Vote it up on IMDB too, it has been sitting at a 5.5 for months. This movie failed in theaters but it can be a success on video if enough people buy it up. This movie can have its sad reputation redeemed if enough people care.

Maybe it will become a cult classic. Maybe Disney will embrace it instead of ignoring its existence. Maybe it will get a sequel. But we need to show them that we care about this movie first, and we need to spend our money on it. We need to work some strange magic of our own and give this film a good reputation, the reputation it truly deserves.