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The Big Ole RUMBELLE Rec List, Part 2

In an effort to not overwhelm, I’m splitting up my recs into multiple lists (probably 1 or 2 more after this one). I realize that there are a few rec lists out there, but as someone 100% new to the fandom, I ravaged AO3. I’m beginning my trek into ff.net this week!

Special shoutout to Fyre who is probably my new favorite author and I just want to roll around in her fics because her writing?? OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Part 1 (57 fics) is here.

There are 32 fics in this list.


On the Shores of Loch Katrine: Mr. Gold needs to get married, quickly, quietly, and with the understanding the marriage will end in six months. A heart-broken Belle French needs a way out. (i saved this fic to my phone and iPad so i always have it with me. that is how much i love this fic)

Burning Series:  (3 fics in the series) When the Ogre Wars threaten to sweep all kingdoms away, Rumpelstiltskin feels the pull of blood on the Dark One’s dagger. (PLEASE READ THESE. THERE IS A MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH IN THE LAST STORY BUT IT IS WORTH THE READ. PLEASE. It’s just one of the most beautifully written, clever, smart, awesome fics I’ve read. The writing is stunning and intricate. The smut is tasteful. Belle is the world’s biggest badass.)

Forget Me Not: “You cared for me,” she says, slowly. The words sound strange on her tongue, because he didn’t care for her and nobody cares for her because nobody knows her (because she doesn’t know herself). The woman with no memories and no name attempts to repair the shattered fragments of her life, and Gold stays in Storybrooke. (this fic is MASTERFUL. absolutely stunning and i love love love it.)

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Elizabeth was very happy to get her dolls’ house back. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you for I am your best friend and my sword is sharp and my heart is true.

“I don’t need saving, for I have money and there’s nothing you can’t do with money.

“Don’t be silly, you can’t buy ogres with money.

“Yes you can, I’ll show you.

“No, don’t princess they’ll kill you.

“I’m strong and rich, I need nothing else.

“Foolish child.” 

I need more modern fantasy in my life
Not the “they were always among us but in secret”.
I need an elf with a small business that grows staves using druidic powers
Industrial parts of towns filled with dwarves, goblins, and ogres doing blue collar work
Large orc business men getting coffee and discussing economics
Mages becoming great doctors and furthering their healing powers through modern medicine
Nocturnal elves being night shift nurses at children’s hospitals
Gnomes stacking on top of each other to order from a food truck
Big rock golems as bouncers at night clubs
Orc, human, elf, selkie and harpy girls taking selfies at the beach
That modern fantasy.


My party was going through a magically generated dungeon that worked with video game loot logic.

*Barbarian slices half ogre in two causing it to explode into money and a single piece of loot*

Wizard: “what loot did it drop?”

Monk: “a whip”

every single character at once “Kinky Ogre”

Wizard: “i really need that”

*the Wizard and the monk proceed to argue for a good few minutes over who gets it*

I just woke up from a dream which started with Shrek getting voted into parliament and he was like one of the senior ministers in the cabinet. Everything was great at first and there billboards and pamphlets everywhere plastered with his face saying stuff like “Shrek will protect your swamp AND your civil rights.” And then they were all in the House of Representatives and one of the opposition ministers gets up Shrek because he donated blood, and the minister was all like “You’re the only ogre in the country! No one can even USE that!”. And Shrek got kicked out of parliament because of the incident. Then, someone a bunch of people accidentally got ogre blood transfusions and turned into half ogre people. For ease of writing, I will refer to them as ‘Pogres’. So this becomes a national scandal and there are just pogres wandering the city and claiming random pieces of land as their swamps and decorating them with Shrek Shrines. So the same minister from earlier announces a nation wide Pogres extermination on the same level as the holocaust, and suddenly there’s just anarchy throughout the entire country because everyone’s going nuts for Pogre hunting, and Shrek is now the martyr of the Pogre Independence Movement, and then… I fuVKING WOKE UP