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Sirius x Reader: Potter Plans

Warnings: no ?

Requested: Yes

A/N: I’M BAAAACK!! It’s the 2 month anniversary of this account and we’re a squad of 523… a number I never thought I’d reach let alone reach in 2 months so thank you my lovelies xx I thought I’d greet this 2 month hiatus return with a hella long imagine x so enjoy reading and send me imagine requests (i’m only answering ships every thurs) xx

“Sirius wins.” You announced, standing up from your leaning position on the wall.

“No way!” James protested, panting.

“I have an unfair advantage. You see these cheekbones? Aerodynamically suited for speed.” Sirius said, somehow he said it seriously. ‘Well those cheekbones are sharp’, you found yourself thinking.

You rolled your eyes and started walking around the sofa, spotting Lily as you did so. “Hey Lils.” You smiled.

“Hey, oh sit, I want to ask you something.”

You winked at James who was practically drooling over Lily and sat down. Eventually, you’d satisfactorily answered her question and you were free to go.

“How do you do it?” James asked immediately as you sat down.

“Well, you see, I bend my knees and let gravity pull me to my seat. It’s-”

“Shut up, you know what I mean.”

Remus had started sniggering at his friend’s stupidity. James shot Remus a threatening glare, stopping him immediately and went back to his book.

You giggled slightly and continued chatting, “Just talk to her like she’s a normal person.”

“I’ve been trying!” He groaned. In all the years you had known James, you’d never seen him act like this about a girl- ‘if only Sirius felt like this about me’ you thought.

Sirius came back from his shower shortly after, shooing Remus further over the sofa so he could sit in his favourite spot that, coincidentally, was next to you.

At around 11, you finally felt your eyes grow heavy and flutter shut, falling asleep next to Sirius.

Sirius admired you as you slept, unaware of his surroundings, he loved everything about you and you just seemed more beautiful lit by the fire: your eyelashes cast soft shadows over your cheekbones, your lips were slightly parted and your brows slightly furrowed.

And James watched as his best friend admired another, both so painfully obviously in love yet so blind to it.

You stirred slightly, breaking both boys reverie, Sirius shot up and announced he was going to bed. You waved him good night sleepily and was about to go to bed yourself when James pounced a question on you.

“Does Lily like me?”

“You know she does you twat. She just doesn’t want to give in, she has no reason to, you’re always available to her.”

James looked as though he was going to defend himself but thought better of it.

A familiar look spread across his tanned face and you straightened up, “Potter, I know that look, stop, no.”

“You like Sirius.” you spluttered from shock but James merely continued, “I like Lily. They like us back. We need to make them jealous.”

“Fuck off.” You whinged, not in the mood for a ‘Potter Plan’ as you and Eudaimonia called them.

“Nah, hear me out. We pretend to date, they get jealous and boom, love is in the air.” James looked at you triumphantly, the look not faltering when you glared back.

“Ew, gross, no. You’re like my brother.”

“Calm down, it’s not like I’d ever date you.”

“Doing great, dear.”

“You know what I mean.”

You paused, pondering the idea, and took a deep breath, “Until Friday.”

“Won’t take longer than 2 days.”

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Langst prompt: Lance has been underselling his battle wounds.. his arm's been broken for four weeks but we can still function so " it's just been really sore lately, no biggie." ( Me right now... I said that to my dad this morning) once he does get out of the pod everyone wants to know why he never said anything he tells them that Voltron was more important than a few broken bones and a gaping wound or two, what if you guys needed me while I was in the pod?


Also I hope you’re feeling better!

Mentions of Injuries 

Lance groaned in pain as he sat back in his chair in Blue. “Blue, can you get me out of here? I need to check myself over.” Blue purred in response and took off from where she was stationed. Lance reached up and pulled his helmet off his head and wiped the sweat that was formed. He just ran back from a Galra base, he was snipping them down but ended up getting surrounded and had to fight his way out. Yet before he could escape one of the Galra managed to grab his arm.

Lance ran his left hand down his body and bit back a scream when he touched his right shoulder. It felt hot and Lance could tell it was swollen. Lance closed his eyes and pulled up a video chat with Hunk. “Hey Hunk.” 

“Lance! Thank goodness you’re okay! We were all worried about you. Are you okay? You look pale and sweaty?” 

Lance nodded, “Yeah the Galra scared me….I got closer than I wanted to.” 

Hunk nodded, “well everyone else headed back to the castle when they saw Blue starting to fly. I’m almost back to the castle, how far are you?” 

Lance looked at his map and focused on the distance left, “maybe 10 to 30 ticks.” 

“Alright, I’ll be in the kitchen making something special for your success!” Hunk closed the video chat and Lance slumped back into his chair. His arm throbbed in pain and he could feel Blue’s concern. “I’m okay girl, just a little sore that’s all.” A few ticks later Blue landed in the castle and Lance slowly made his way to his room, smiling at his teammates and fighting back tears when Shiro patted his shoulder in congratulations. 

As soon as Lance reached his room and snapped off his armor and peeled back his body suit. His arm from his elbow up to his shoulder was swollen and was slowly turning a deep purple. It felt warm to the touch and Lance nearly cried when his fingers brushed a little too rough against his skin. 

Lance slowly moved his shoulder in a small circle, moving through the pain that shot through his body. Well, I can still move it, that’s good at least. I should be fine, this is nothing to worry about. I just need to keep this a secret, don’t want to worry the team after all.

“Lance, dinner time!” Coran’s voice was muffled through his bedroom door and Lance managed to pull his everyday shirt on without blacking out because of the pain. 

“Coming Coran!” Lance grabbed his jacket and plastered a smile on his face. Smiles hide everything, just keep one on. Nobody will question anything.  


It had been a week since Lance’s injury and Lance thought he was hiding it well. Every time Lance was around Blue she would growl at him and tell him to go to medical but Lance would always brush her off. “Like I said I’m fine Blue, I can’t burden the team anymore, after all I’m the teams sharpshooter! They need me to be ready to go on missions with them.” Lance poured more water on Blue’s paw and started to scrub her down more. He was taking longer than usual but his shoulder still hurt whenever he move any object over 3lbs. 

“Lance? What are you talking about?” Keith approached Lance and the Blue Lion and Lance broke out into a cold sweat. 

“Well would you look at that! It’s the famous Red paladin! What are you doing buddy” Lance gave Keith a toothy smile. Smile’s hide everything, just keep it up.

Keith stopped a few feet in front of Lance and crossed his arms. “What can’t you tell the team?” 

“Tell the team what? I don’t need to tell you guys anything! Everything is A-O-kay.” Lance chuckled, prayin that it would throw Keith off yet it only made him pry farther. 

“Lance tell me what is going on?” Keith took a few steps forward and placed his hands on Lance’s shoulders. Lance inhaled through his teeth and stepped backwards. Keith pulled his hands away like he just touched something hot. “Lance!? Are you okay?” 

“Ye-yeah, I’m peachy. Sorry you scared me a little bit.” Another chuckle. 

Keith narrowed his eyes and reached forward again, “Lance are you hurt?” 

“No, I would tell you if I was hurt, but I’m not so can you just leave me alone?” Lance took a step back and turned towards Blue who responded with a growl. 

“You’re keeping something from us, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” Keith point his index finger at the taller boy and stomped out of the hanger. 

Lance sighed and mocked Keith, “I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Sure you are Keith. What’s one person going to find out.” 

“Lance, what’s this about you being hurt?” Shiro and Coran entered the hanger and Lance released a groan. 

“I’m not hurt, I’m fine. I don’t know what Keith said to you but I can assure you that I’m uninjured and completely fine.” Another smile and a chuckle for good measure.

Coran approached Lance, flashing a smile at Blue and turned toward the boy. “Well can you accompany me to the med bay? I would just like to check you over, just to be sure.”

“You don’t trust me? I’m telling you the truth.” Lance crossed his arm, keeping his face straight through the pain. 

“I trust you, I just want to ease my concern.” Coran touched Lance’s back lightly and Lance looked at his leader. 

Shiro released a breath, “Lance, can you humor us?” 

“Fine, let’s get this over with.” Lance let Coran lead him out of the hanger, feeling Blue send him encouragement as far as she could. 

“Alright my boy, let’s take a look at you.” Coran had told Lance to sit on the exam table and he started to examine Lance. Lance attempted to remain calm but he knew that there was no way out of it, and everyone was going to find out what he was trying to hide. 

Coran continued his business and and Lance remained silent, until Coran rotated his shoulder. “Ouch.” 

“Are you alright?” Coran pulled his hands away, just like Keith did and Shiro stepped closer to the table. 

“Did you hurt your shoulder?” 

Lance shook his head no and attempted to pull away from Coran but he managed to hold him still. “Let’s have a look at this shall we?” Coran pulled the tan boys shirt back and narrowed his eyes at what he saw. “Lance….what happened?” His voice sounded dark and Lance attempted to keep his voice even. 

“A few weeks ago I bumped my shoulder, it’s nothing major. It doesn’t even hurt.” Lance tried to jump off the table but Coran held him down. 

“This is dislocated Lance and your elbow is sprained. You need to get in a pod.” Before Lance could protest he was being shoved into a med suit and the pod door were shutting on him, blocking him from his concerned team. 


Almost a week later Lance stumbled out of the pod right into Hunks arms. “Lance! I’ve missed you so much.” 

Lance reached up and hugged his friend, “hey Hunk. How long was I in there?”

“Almost a week, are you feeling better?” Shiro stepped forward and Lance pulled away from his friend. 

“Yeah.” Coran told Lance to move his shoulder and arm and Lance complied, feeling nothing but normality when he moved.  He flashed a smile of thanks at Coran and he faced his team. Nobody said anything but Keith eventually stepped forward. 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you tell me? I thought be bonded.” 

“I didn’t want to be a burden, well more of a burden than I already am. I’m the team sharpshooter after all, what if you needed me for a mission? What if you needed me while I was healing? I can’t help you if I’m stuck in that tub.” Lance stared at the floor, he didn’t want to see everyone reaction. He never wanted them to see how weak he actually was. 

Nobody said anything but Lance was nearly knocked over by Keith hugging him. “You idiot, you can’t be our sharpshooter if your arm is broken. It’s okay to get healed, it’s okay to ask for help.” Lance hugged his mullet friend back and soon everyone joined in. 

Lance was okay, he was with his family and everything was going to be okay.

What is a good ending? Do I know her??????

I hope you like it!

Thank you! <33

Just Me, Coffee, & My Big Mouth

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Characters- Sam x Reader, Mary
Summary- You can’t leave it alone, so you have to say your piece. All you can do is hope she’ll listen, and that Sam won’t be too upset.
Word Count- 1,620
Warnings- mild cursing? Also kind of calling Mary out a little on her bs about “needing space”.
A/N- This is for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k ‘Sammy Says’ Writing Challenge! My prompt was “I mean, what if there’s something…not natural?” I’m sorry it’s a little late, ladies but I hope you enjoy!

You know you shouldn’t be here, and yet you are. If Sam knew, you were sure he’d tell you to leave it be. He’d tell you that it ‘doesn’t matter’. Like hell it matters, you think. You knew it mattered to him. To Dean, too. They were your broken little family and if you could do anything to fix it, you would.

That’s why you were in Oregon. Tracking the phone hadn’t been that hard- the tricky part was setting up the meeting in the old diner to look like coincidence. You angled yourself just right, right at the bar where you knew she’d sit and waited. It wasn’t long until she showed, blonde hair curled nicely and clothes not too unlike what you were wearing. You watched her out of the corner of your eye, her eyes tripping over your own figure before she beelined toward you. You act nonchalant, pushing yourself to act natural.

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.14

A/N: So you guys, this time this whole chapter was written with Harry Styles’ album on repeat because girl…that’s my shit. I could’ve ended it better, but I honestly didn’t know how to. Anyway, you all know the drill of 100 notes and feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy, lovebugs💕

 **WARNINGS**: Nothing besides profanity. A nice vanilla chapter

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Mmm, good morning, princess.” Calum whispered as he pressed loving kisses to your jaw.

You sat there stiffly cuddled into his chest, your voice holding no emotion as you told him,“Get your shit and leave.”

Calum’s eyebrows met together and he pulled his arms from around you, sitting up so that he could see your face. You wouldn’t even look at him.

“I thought we-”

“Yeah, I did too.” You cut him off before telling him what you came to realize when you woke up nearly an hour ago.“You fucking used me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t remember what you texted Michael?”

Calum’s eyebrows never parted during this whole conversation, his face showing nothing but confusion. When you unlocked and handed him his phone, it was already opened on the messages between him and one of his best mates.

“You went through my phone?”

“Michael text you something about work and I told him I’d tell you when you woke up, because I knew you wouldn’t want to talk to him at seven in the morning. I just so happened so see my name and got curious.”

“Yeah, but you-”

“Cal, it was never a problem going through your phone for three months straight. Why is it a problem because you’re in trouble?”

Calum shook his head and went to read the conversation, mentally choking himself from what was said. Of course he didn’t mean it like that, but now that you’ve seen it there’s no way your going to believe him.

Calum: I just miss her mate.
~I miss everything about her from how loud her laugh is to the way she scrunches up her nose when she sees something disgusting
~And the way she always smelled when we cuddled
~And the sex…the sex was fucking phenomenal…I miss that the most

Michael:Then go get her Calum
~I couldn’t if I wanted to
~Go apologize and fuck her, you said that works every times she’s mad
~This is different…
~I’m just telling you what you told me you do when she’s upset with you
~ You go buy her some shit, apologize, and have sex with her. Isn’t that how the ordeal works or something
~Well…I guess you’re right
~I’m always right
~I’ll try

“Y/N, I swear to you that really wasn’t my intention.” He held his hands in the air as if surrendering.“I drunk a few beers and came over to talk and it just led to something else.”

“Wasn’t that the point, though?” You spoke, your voice laced with attitude as you crossed your arms.

“No! No, I promise!” Calum seemed panicked, but you payed it no mind.

All Calum was thinking was he somewhat got you back last night only to lose you again over some stupid text that seemed worse than it actually was. He felt as if he should have the word “IDIOT” written in big bold letters across his forehead.

“I honestly missed you and it wasn’t just about the sex. I just wanted a way to feel close to you that’s why I went through with it. I thought- I thought that meant we were going to be okay.”

You heard the sadness in his voice and saw how his face softened as if he was actually hurt, but no. He shouldn’t be the one hurt, he’s the one who keeps hurting you.

“You’re just…” you laughed lightly, shaking your head in disbelief.“you’re unbelievable. Feeding me dreams just to get what you want. Do you even actually like me?”

“Yes! Of course I do! Everything is just too complicated right now, but-”

“Just go.” You interrupted, standing to show your bare body. When you saw him eyeing you and watched as he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, you had to remember to be mad at him. “Don’t come back, Calum. Seriously.”


“Go to your fucking model girlfriend and tell her how you cheated on her with a bitch like me. See how she feels.”

You slowly began to find some lounge clothes consisting of a pair of black tights and a polka dotted shirt and ignored the fact that Calum was still sitting there on your bed. Sadly, he was still fully naked, so the multitude of thoughts that were running through your head contradicted what you initially were thinking about him. God, the things that boy did to you. He waited until you began to re-moisturize your curly mane in the mirror before he spoke again.

“Princess, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

“Yeah, me either.”

You heard the Māori sigh behind you and him shuffling around to unravel himself from the sheets. You watched through the mirror as he got dressed with the most defeated expression and fought the urge to let him back in. It was heartbreaking to say, but you really had to let Calum go. You refused to keep him in your life if that only meant you’d be angry and jealous twenty four seven over some white girl you didn’t even know. Some girl who snatched him from you within days and ruined what the two of you had going. You weren’t going to be bitter over a man who was never really yours. Calum wrapped his toned arms around you from behind and you stiffened, looking at him through the mirror. He had his face hidden in your hair and began to sway you from side to side, letting out another sigh, but this time in contentment and not disappointment.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting one last hug before I see you in God knows when.”

“Get off of me.”

He placed a kiss to your shoulder and mumbled out,“Bye, princess.”, and finally exiting your room.

You huffed and bent over to lean over your dresser to rest your face in your hands. Who knew catching feelings would be this complicated?

You groaned loudly as you continued to bang on your friend’s door, praying that he’d come open it. You knew he was in there due to hearing the sound of what seemed to be Adele playing somewhere in the apartment. Typical Connor.

“Dammit, Connor, open the door!” You shouted and waited a few minutes to see if he’d come to the door. When that didn’t work, you began to threatened him.“Don’t make me go to headquarters and tell them that I don’t know if you’re alive or not.”

It wouldn’t be the first time you had to check on both him and Felix for locking themselves in their apartment for days at a time. Soon enough you heard the sound of a lock turning and there stood your best friend in all of his…glory.

“What the hell?” Your eyes widened at his appearance.

You’d known this man for two years and you’ve never, not even once, caught him slipping like this. His hair was definitely in need for a cut and it seemed as if he hadn’t washed it in a weeks. His usually glowing tanned skin was now a bit pale, he had dark bags underneath his eyes, and the sparkle in his bright, sky blue eyes dimmed to a dull blue. You were pretty confident that if he could grow facial hair, he’d be sporting a full beard.

“Connor, oh my God. You just…wow.”

“I know, I look like a homeless man, shut up.”

“Okay, you’re definitely getting out of this apartment." 

“Y/N, no.”

“Connor, yes.” You used the same tone back on him as you pushed passed him to enter.

Surprisingly the nicely designed apartment was nearly spotless besides the empty pizza box and half a two liter coke sitting on the coffee table. However, the house had lost its usual smell and its comes to help you realize that it was Felix’s cologne that surrounded these walls. Connor always wore something light with a fruity scent whereas Felix wore some heavy polo cologne.

"I’m not going anywhere.”

“You haven’t left this apartment in a month.” You deadpanned.“The only time you do leave is for groceries.”

Connor didn’t say anything as he plopped into his couch. You took a seat beside him and watched as he picked at a string on shirt that you realized belong to Felix, the difference between their height causing it to be a little longer on him. You two sat in a comforting silence until he finally broke it.

“Have you seen Felix?” He asked his eyes darting away from you the second you made eye contact.

“You don’t know where he is?”

“We haven’t uh…He won’t return my calls or texts.” He shrugged.“Im actually kind of worried because if he’s with some other guys getting comforted he might not ever come back,because that’s how I met him and-”

“Connor, Felix’s been sleeping on my couch for the past month.”

“And you didn’t fucking say anything?!”

“I thought you knew!”

“Oh my fucking God, Y/N! All this time I could’ve been banging on your door trying to win him back instead of thinking he was on the other side of town or some shit!”

“All you had to do was ask.” You said as you crossed your arms.“I thought you were ignoring him on purpose.”

“Of course I’m not ignoring him. I saw Felix as my future husband, I’m not letting him go.”

You noticed the tears in his eyes and sighed, opening up your arms and gesturing for him to hug you. You knew the blonde most likely hadn’t spoke a word about the breakup to anyone and had been alone in his apartment letting it all out. He sobbed loudly on your shoulder as you rubbed comforting circles on his back.

“I miss him so fucking much.”

“He misses you too, C.”

“I wouldn’t fucking know. He’s being so bitchy about the whole thing and-and-”

“Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.” You reassured.“I’m gonna get you two back together, I don’t care how long it takes.”


“I promise.” You held out your pinky finger and Connor laughed through his tears, wrapping his pinky around yours.“So, I’m gonna talk to him and we’re definitely having a girls day tomorrow, okay? Give you time to get back to your fabulous self.”

“It’s a date.” He agreed, ruffling the curls on top of your head.

“Felix, we still need to talk!” You shouted as you made your way into your apartment, placing your purse down on the coffee table. “Felix?!”

You saw that he was missing from his usual spot on the couch and went to check the other rooms in the apartment to see if he was there or not. You told him while you were out earlier running errands that when you arrived back home, you’d have along talk about his relationship situation. You weren’t really too surprised to find out he went ghost on you tonight.

“Of course he leaves when we have to talk about Connor.” You said out loud, rolling your eyes in annoyance. As you went to enter your kitchen you stopped in your tracks after spotting several gifts on along the countertop. “The hell?”

There sat three dozen roses, a large bag, and two other boxes placed neatly on the marble isle. Your eyebrows were furrowed as you searched for a note or something regarding as to where this all came from. Your initial thought was that Felix went shopping and just so happened to buy roses since those were his favorite flowers, but you knew deep down exactly where this came from. As you finally found a small card tucked neatly in one of the roses, you couldn’t fight the smile that made its way to your face at the sight of his handwriting.

I’m sorry about what happened this morning and well I guess last night too. I don’t regret it, but I do apologize. Hope you can forgive me, princess. - Cal

You reread the note over and over again, soon allowing giggles to escape your lips. It was like you were in ninth grade with your first crush all over again. You smelled the roses and felt the softness of the petals along your fingertips. Then you suddenly felt extremely excited as you pulled the paper from the bag to reveal a new Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and you squealed at the sight of it. How Calum remembered that you wanted this purse before everything went down, you had no idea. You even forgot that you wanted the purse. You gently placed it back into the bag before opening the larger box first which happened to be a large assortment of chocolate covered strawberries. There was another note tucked inside, but this one was computer generated letting you know it came shipped with them.

I remember you told me chocolate covered strawberries were “to die for” on our second date. Please don’t die, though :) - Cal xxx

“Idiot.” You mumbled out as you picked one up, moaning as the sweetness of the chocolate and strawberries juice filled your mouth.

You gasped as you saw that the third and last box contained a beautiful heart shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds around it. In the middle were the simple letters “C.H.” engraved in a beautiful cursive font.

“He didn’t.” You whined to yourself as you examined the necklace in disbelief.

You had always joked about getting his name on a necklace so that everyone could know you were his, but it was always all jokes to you. The necklace was cute, yet subtle. You really had to see the necklace up close to see the small letters and that’s exactly what you liked. Only you and a few people would actually know the true meaning of the necklace.

Before you could come to your senses and get over the elated feeling, you had your phone in you hand waiting for Calum to pick up his phone. Once the sound of his voice came through you grinned wider than you were before.

“It’s kinda hard to be mad at you and push you out of my life when you’re buying me gifts.”

“That’s good news, then.”

“Thank you, Cal.”

“It’s nothing, really. ” he blushed on the other side of the phone.“You deserve it after all I’ve put you through. I know it can’t make up for it, but it’s a start.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

There was an awkward silence until Calum broke it , attempting to make conversation.“ So…whatcha doin?”

“I just got home, I guess I was gonna shower.”

“Do you think we could uh…we could talk on the phone like we used to?” He questioned nervously.

“Where’s Nicole?”

“She’s not here. Are you seriously going to always bring her up?”

“I am.” You confirmed.

“When you told me you were petty, I didn’t take you serious.”

“Oh, I bet you wish you would’ve prepared yourself then.” You flopped onto your bed and leaned back against the multiple pillows that were placed at the head of it.

“Nah.”He chuckled.”I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”

“Your heart has proven to be more of a maze than construction season in the heritage hill one ways from someone who is not from Grand Rapids on their very first days. But me, I paid attention on my late night skates and when I was driving around in my van, and now my best friend who has lived here his whole life said I know the city better than him. He said, Ty, its like the back of your hand, I said Alek I’d trade it in a heartbeat for the backbone of a man. I had to change my way home from work because I couldn’t even stand to drive by her and see her on her front lawn, bikini on, getting a tan. Here’s the thing, I don’t need Fountain or Union street for anything except martha’s vineyard or the bakery. I’ll take the back of the Michigan hill down, Eastern around, and follow Lyon all the way there because this is what I have found: Life may or may not be about finding true love, but it is certainly not about begging for it for someone. I’ll keep doing the things that I do, late nights, fat blunts, pizza pies with my crew, driving home from whatever bar is half-off after two while blasting my favorite tunes, and seeing my favorite local bands at whatever venue. While you keep doing the things that you do, like shifting blame, twisting truth, and making absolutely positively certain that everyone in the room knows the victim just had to be you.”

Run away - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 18)

Requested by anon: Can you do a pt diaries episode where pt is staying late to finish some paperwork or something? Anything else or who it’s with is up to you

A/N: AAAAAAAAAND THIS HAPPENED. Do not hate me too much. 

Word count: 1777

Warnings: Cussing. It gets slightly steamy, but not too much, it’s like PG13.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8 Episode 9  Episode 10  Episode 11  Episode 12  Episode 13  Episode 14  Episode 15  Episode 16  Episode 17

Master list

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I look at the pile of files that I still have to go through and sigh, leaning my head back against my office chair and rubbing my eyes, which hurt after spending hours and hours reading small lettered files and typing things down on my computer. The Sun is going down, and I entertain myself looking at how the sky turns from blue to red, orange, pink and yellow, to navy.

“C’mon, (y/n).” I cheer myself, turning back to my desk and grabbing the next file on the pile. Geno’s file.

To say that things have been weird between us is an understatement; well, maybe I’ve been acting up and he doesn’t know what has happened. I’ve been trying to keep my distance. I’ve been trying to fight my feelings. Actually, ‘fight’ isn’t the right word, ‘avoid’ is. If you don’t acknowledge them then they don’t exist, right?

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Sun-Bathing | stiles stilinski smut

author : wantstobeastilinski
pairing : stiles stilinski x reader
warnings : sunburn (it makes me cringe), smut, cursing, oral (female on male), fingering, dirty talk, pet names, and all in all stiles fucking stilinski

a/n : this was requested by @barry-stilinski like a month ago, and it took me forever to get it finished, so yeah, I’m horrible and put things off for a long time. enjoy fam


“(Y/n), will you actually pay attention to me for once and not the guys on the beach?”

My head snaps to my best friend and I sigh, glancing back at the pack of shirtless boys. “I can’t, you know this. It’s the time of year where all the hotties from Beacon Hills come.”

Every year near summer break, kids from Beacon Hills drive an hour and a half to get to the closest beach possibly, which is right near my small ass town. It’s great, because somehow, all the dudes are hot as shit.

I’m currently watching a group of them, and there’s a few girls I saw them come with, but they are all tanning or something. There’s one with an uneven jaw, a small one with bright blue eyes, and one with warm, whiskey colored eyes and a happy trail that makes me need to pray.

My friend scoffs and looks back at her magazine. “Which one are you most likely paying attention to?”

I smile goofily and prop my chin in my hand. “The hot one with the happy trail that probably leads to the best co-”

“Don’t need to know the rest!” She screeches loudly. My eyes widen and I turn to her, feeling eyes on us.

“Jesus Christ, calm your tits! They’re looking now, meaning I can’t enjoy that fine piece of ass!” I hissed, and she turned red.


“No! I don’t want to hear it! You know I love this time of year, and he is the first guy that has caught my eye! How can you not understand? Do you SEE his arms? And looks at his fingers!”


“I would let those fingers fuck me any day of the week!”


The voice is one I haven’t heard before, and I stiffen. I close my eyes and sigh.

“It’s him, isn’t it?”


I turn in my spot and smile up at him. “Hello there.”

The hottie smirks down at me and tilts his head. “Hey, princess. I was checking to see if you and your friend were alright, but I do like how that conversation was heading.”

My face flushed and I stumble for words. My friend stands up and gathers her things. “I’m gonna…yeah, see you later, (Y/N)!”

I stare as she runs away, the only thought going through my mind was how she was such an ass for leaving me to die by myself. Friendship is supposed to be forever.

I gulp and look back up at him, taking in his appearance now that he was closer. He had long eyelashes, and miles and freckles sprinkled across his entire body. He had abs, even if they weren’t as prominent as his friends. And, just as I said before, his fingers were fucking great.

“My name is Stiles. Stiles Stilinski.” He introduces himself, putting his hand out. I let my eyes move away from his hands and lock my own (E/C) eyes with his whiskey ones.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I reply, giving him a bright smile.

He moves to sit beside me, a cocky grin on his face. “So, (Y/N) please do continue with your thoughts.”


Almost ten minutes later, I’m shoved against the wall of an old life guard post, Stiles lips on mine. I thread my fingers through his hair and pull lightly, the groan passing his lips making me smirk.

His hands wander to my ass and he squeezed, and I jump, wrapping my legs around his waist. He trails his kisses from my lips to my jaw, sucking and nibbling at random. Whimpers escaping my lips, closing my eyes.

“Well, Princess, I don’t know how much time we have, so we better make this quick.” He mumbles huskily, moving one of his hands to the front of my bottoms.

I open my eyes and it my lips, leaning forward and trying to connect our lips. He smirks and pulls away just as my lips brush his. I let out a whine and he shakes his head.

His fingers slip under the band of my bottoms and swipes a finger through my folds, making me let out a squeak. I grip onto his shoulders tightly as he pushes a finger inside my heat.

“So wet, princess. All for me?” He whispers in my ear, nibbling at it as he slowly moves his finger in a ‘cone here’ motion. I nod and bury my head into the crook of his neck.

“All for you, Stiles.” I mumbled against his skin, pressing kisses against his neck. He adds another finger and I buck my hip, wanting to let out a howl of pleasure.

“I know, princess, it’s hard to stay quiet. But you gotta, okay? Don’t want anyone seeing you like this, coming undone around my fingers, withering against me.”

His words go straight to my core and I bit my lip as he speeds up. I scratch down his back, letting soft moans pass my lips.

“P-please, Stiles. Make me cum.” I whisper, looking at him with innocent eyes. His own turn darker at my words and he removes his fingers, making me whine at the loss of contact.

He moves my bottoms to the side and I quickly get what he’s trying to do. I lower his trunks enough for his member to spring free, and my mouth waters at the sight.

I was right, that happy trail led to something great, and all I wanted to do was wrap my lips around him have him groaning in pleasure.

He pumped his member and let it slide trough my folds. “Gonna fuck you, princess. Gonna fuck you nice and hard.”

He slams into me and I throw my head back in pleasure, pushing my chest towards him. He moves his lips to my chest and starts sucking on the skin in front of him.

He doesn’t even try and ease me into the feeling of him inside me, and he just starts thrusting, hard and fast. White, hot pleasure shoots through my and I lower my gaze, looking at him through hooded eyes.

“That feel good, princess? You like my cock inside your tight pussy?” He growls, and I nod, letting a few moans escape my lips.

“Feels so good, baby.” I mumble, and he smirks proudly, snapping his hips into mine at an ungodly speed.

I let out a cry and he moves one hand to cover my mouth, his eyes flashing as he face turns hard. “Quiet, princess. I mean it.”

His dominant tone makes me shiver and clench around him. A growl passes his lips. “Do that again.”

I do as he told me and he bit his lip. I feel a coil wind up inside my belly and I whined, moving on if my hands under my bottom and to my clit.

“You close, princess? Gonna cum around my cock like a good girl?”

I nod, and he removes his hand from my mouth. “Want you to say my name when you cum, baby.”

And that’s exactly what I did. After one particularly rough thrust that had him touching my g-spot, I came around him, crying out his name.

His thrusts got sloppy and he pressed lazy kisses against my collarbone. I move my hand to his member and slip it out of me. He furrows his rows, but I just drop to my news, opening my mouth.

His eyes twinkle in delight as his gets what I’m hinting at, and guides his cock past my lips. I can taste my own juices on him, and it makes me moan. He throws his head back as I start sucking and bobbing up and down on his length.

One hand rests on his thigh as another takes what I can’t fit in my mouth. He looks down at me and grabs my head, thrusting into me. Soon enough, he is coming, her eyes squeezed shut and his mouth in an 'o’. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I swallow all he has to give.

After a few more thrusts, he pulls out of my mouth, helping me up. I pull his trunks up and kiss his lips. This kiss isn’t hurried like the others we shared, instead it is soft and short.

I pull away and he pushes a piece of hair out of my face. “Princess, I-”

“Stiles, dude, where are you!” A voice cries out. He groans and rests his forehead on mine. He pulls back and smiles lightly.

“I’ll be here for another two days. I’ll see you around, right?”

I nod quickly, a goofy smile on my lips. “Of course, Sti. I’ll see you.” He gives another smile and then turns, rushing off.

I rub my arms and turn, making my way home.


I groan as I enter my house, my best friend sitting on my couch. She grimaces as she sees my skin red.

“Jesus, you are burnt.”

I roll my eyes and make my way to the closet, searching for Aloe to take the burn away. “Yeah, never noticed.”

She turns back to the tv, sighing. “You were gone for like an hour, so I hope it was worth it.”

My mind drifts to my past events and giggle, a large smile pulling at my lips. “Yeah, it totally was.”

BonesXReader Rumours

It was one of those rare moments on the Enterprise where you were alone in the quarters you shared with your fiancé, the CMO, Dr Leonard McCoy. Scotty had given you a few hours since you’d finished all your assigned tasks and you decided to catch up on some cleaning, pushing the button on the far wall was OK every now and then, but the place never truly felt clean.

Removing your engagement ring from around your neck for safe keeping you put it back in the box in the draw by your side of the bed and set about cleaning, starting in the bathroom.

No more than twenty minutes later did your communicator bleep from its charging station. “Hey Scotty what’s the matter?” You asked rinsing your hands in the kitchenette. You sighed, a panel an ensign was working on had blown up in his face and Scotty needed you to fix it. “I’ll be right down,” you told him, stuffing your communicator in your pocket you snatched up your key card and headed back down to engineering.

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Back from vacation

so uh, I was inactive for a while as I was at my family lake house. I told myself that I needed to get a tan as I was white as fuck. So I did, I got a nice tan, but I also got burnt so my shoulders/upper arms are on fucken fire and so are my knees XD.

So enjoy mute suffering with a full on sunburn.

Do You Trust Me?

Originally posted by hotel-queen

Reader takes Bellamy back home only to end up needing help. Part Three of Halfway

Reader X Bellamy Blake

Warnings:Blood I think that’s it.

I wake up to feeling something brush my face softly. My eyes snapping open I quickly sit up just to see Bellamy sitting a foot in front of me clearly startled.

“Sorry you had-. Nevermind.” He says scratching the back of his neck looking away from me.

I smile seeing is tan skin brighten with a blush. Moving to all fours I press my lips to his cheek loving the surprised reaction  I get from him.

“What was that for.”

“Seemed like a good idea.” I say shrugging earning myself a slight glare it quickly fading though.

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Critical Discussion: “MAMAMOO’s Use of Blackface: Understanding How Racism is Not a Binary”

“MAMAMOO’s Use of Blackface: Understanding How Racism is Not a Binary”

Posted on March 5, 2017

That said, for where this post will be going, I wish to unfold the current controversy so that everyone truly understands why the situation is a critical one, and more importantly, I wish to address the idea that racism is a “binary.”

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Joe Sugg imagine || Adult beverages ||

Anonymous said:

could you do an imagine with joe where youse both go to the gleam party but you’re not drinking because you’re lowkey preggo w joe an everyone’s asking why you’re not drinking ??

- - - -

A/N: I just changed this up a little to like, a Christmas-ish party of sorts, hope that’s alright!

- - -

“Wow.” You said in amazement as you walked into the large open space of Gleam that had been changed around into an indoor winter wonderland.

There was tables set up with white table cloths and a silver sheer over them, which glittered from the light up snowflakes and, alternating green and red large Christmas bulbs hanging from the ceiling.  

Two large Christmas trees were on each end of what appeared to be the main table, both with classic white lights, silver and gold ornaments and stars gleaming at the top, there were snowflakes on the walls, and a large fake electric fireplace which housed many stockings all embroidered with each Gleam members name.

The room smelt of a perfectly even mixture between Christmas-tree Spruce and a smell you couldn’t entirely identify but it smelled like Christmas, vanilla like, but spicy…

“Hi! Oh you look so stunning my little butterfly!” Louise said, coming up to you, hugging you lightly and kissing your cheek. “Champagne?” She asked gesturing to a table of glass flutes.

“Thanks.” You said in a soft voice, brushing your hand down your outfit, which was a little out of your comfort zone, but a last minute shopping trip to conceal your ever growing baby bump had you picking items you’d never pick. “No, no thanks.” You added casually.

Louise’s eyebrows knitted together at your denial of adult beverages, “no, thanks?” She re-asked not sure she entirely understood what you said. A small nervous laughed escaped you, “I mean, not right now…” You said smoothly.

The truth was, you hadn’t told anybody you were expecting, you were a little over 14 weeks pregnant and nobody knew except Joe and yourself, you were nervous to share your happy news with everyone. A little over a year and a half ago, you had gotten pregnant … Joe and you were so excited you shared the news almost immediately after you found out at 5 weeks with all your friends, family and your online family.

It was so easy and exciting telling everyone you’d be expecting a baby Sugg in January. But so painful… And sombre telling the same people, that no… There would be no baby Sugg and that your 8 week appointment didn’t go as planned.

This time you were both careful, you told nobody, scared that the slightest celebratory gesture would jinx you.

“Oh, I see – you wanna come across as a respectable adult, before you get completely wasted, gotcha.” Louise winked, doing finger guns at you, while laughing. It was easy to tell she had been pre-gaming before this party and tipsily wondered off, yelling at the back of Marcus’ head in excitement, it made you laugh and shake your head, amused.

“Hey.” An arm slipped around your waist as Joe came to stand beside you, he kissed your cheek, “feeling okay?” His voice was low in your ear after the kiss. “Mm-hmm.” Escaped your lips as you half nodded.

“Good, I’m glad.” He flashed you a smile, that melted your heart just like every other time he smiled your way. “I know you didn’t really wanna come, but, it is good to get out of the house.” He said.

“Yeah.” You agreed, “so far baby is cooperating.” You didn’t get just get morning sickness, you got an all day at random times sickness. “Good, you behave for mommy little one.” Joe nodded, his finger tips brushed against your stomach lightly.

You felt your cheeks blush, “don’t draw attention to my massive stomach.” You sighed. “You aren’t massive, babe.” Joe rolled his eyes, but took his fingers away and cleared his throat, he wanted nothing more then to scream from the rooftops that you were pregnant and the pair of you were going to be parents. But he knew you weren’t quite as ready as he was.

“You look so stunning sister-in-law!” You heard Zoe before you felt her arms wrap around you from the side, squeezing you tightly and you tensed up. “Oh, thank you.” You said with a smile, moving a little and returning her hug quickly. “(Y/N) you look beautiful.” You commented seeing her in a deep red dress and black tights with heeled boots.

“Thank you.” Zoe gushed, giving you a huge smile. “And I must say, Joseph you clean up so well!” She looked at her brother in black jeans and a white button down shirt. “Thanks.” Joe grinned at her, “I woke up this way.” He said vainly, making both Zoe and you laugh.

“I feel like, I haven’t seen you in forever! You really need to visit more often!” Zoe said in a playfully scolding tone at you. “We have so much to catch up on, lets get a drink – and you must tell me where you bought your foundation, you’re simply glowing!” She remarked, grabbing your hand and started to drag you away.

Following her you glanced back at Joe helplessly, but Alfie soon made Joe impossible to see and you turned your attention back to following Zoe, still with a hold on your hand.

“Doesn’t everything look wonderful?” Zoe commented, as she stopped by the table of glasses and you nodded, “it looks amazing, yeah.” You seen her picking up two glasses and holding one out to you. “I’m not really thirsty…” You tried to protest but Zoe was staring at you in such a way, you sighed, taking the glass you just held onto it.

“You not thirsty, uh huh.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she sipped her own drink. “By the way! I LOVED your haul video from Primark, you always pick the cutest things. We have to go shopping together soon.”

“That would be nice.” You agreed, your fingers tapping the glass you held nervously. “Why hello ladies, looking very gorgeous this evening.” Jim joined the two of you, smiling as always.

“Thank you Jim.” Zoe said, giving him a quick hug, you took the opportunity to set your drink down, before you hugged him, “Thanks Jim, you look very dapper.” You added.

“Thank you, I think I took more time getting ready then Tan.” He admitted, “by the way, did you just put down a full drink? Are you feeling okay?” Jim touched your forehead with his hand. “I feel fantastic, thank you.” Your tone was dry, pushing his hand away lightly. “I’m not an alcoholic, everyones on my back… I don’t need adult beverages to be social!” You couldn’t help your tone getting a little serious.

“Whoa, calm down.” Jim whispered, putting his hands up in defense, “I was just tormenting you… No need to get upset.” He pointed out, but gave you a look of confusion.

“I’m not getting upset.” You muttered, feeling suddenly stupid as your small outburst toward him. “Sorry.” You added, feeling both Zoe and Jim giving you a weird look.

“Maybe you’re hungry, have you eaten today? I seen lovely mini sausage rolls, and little pastries over there.” She gestured to a large table, thinking about sausage rolls and the smell, your stomach rolled, your hand went over your mouth. “No, I’m good.” You whispered.

“Are you sick?” Jim asked worried. “You look like you’re a little warm.” He admitted. “I’m fine, just getting over a stomach bug.” You let out a slow deep breath, wishing your stomach would stop rolling. “I think I just need some air.” You pointed toward the door not giving either of them the change to say anything as you swiftly walked away toward the doors.

You almost ran down the small hallway as you got outside to the fresh cool air, taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “Come on, baby.” You whispered, rubbing your stomach slowly.

Walking to a bench outside the office building, sitting down, you keep running your open palm around your stomach slowly, “please cooperate for mommy.” You pleaded with your child.  

“Oh, I understand now.” Jim was standing behind you, watching you. You turned quickly seeing him.” “Please don’t tell anyone.” You stammered a little and Jim shook his head. “Not my business to tell.” He said, coming to sit down next to you on the bench.

“How far?” He asked curiously, his attention on your stomach, “fourteen weeks.” You felt a little better with someone other them Joe finally knowing.

“Oh wow, I never would’ve guessed.” He admitted, before he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into him tightly. “I can’t imagine how difficult it’s been keeping it a secret…” He rubbed your arm slowly. “Congratulations (Y/N).” He kissed the side of your head.

“I’m so scared, Jim.” You whispered, terrified actually. “I know, I know.” His voice was comforting. “It’ll be okay.” He assured, when you lost your first baby, you didn’t want to talk about it, you hated people asking how you were doing, and telling you, ‘it happens for a reason’, or just giving you sympathetic looks but Jim had a way of making you open up and talk about it, without it feeling like someone was trying to give you a therapy session.

“He was cooperating all day… Now? No.” You said shaking your head as Jim let you go. “He?” Jim raised his eyebrow. “Just a feeling.” You pointed out and he nodded.

“Well, maybe he is telling you… It’s okay mom… Tell people, celebrate… Be happy, not scared.” He said insightfully. “Don’t live by fear of the past (Y/N), or you’ll keep hidden all the joyous things that come with pregnancy…” He smiled. “Plus Tan will be absolutely ticked off with you if you don’t give her ample time to shop for the little guy.” He tried to lighten the mood, by laughing.

“That’s true.” You did laugh, agreeing with him. “Good point, thank you Jim.” You smiled at him. “Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” He stood up, holding his hands out to you.

“I can get up… I’m not a total whale yet.” You rolled your eyes, but took his hands anyways and he pulled you to stand up. “No one said anything about you being a whale.” He pointed out, as you both started walking back inside…

“And She Was” (Simon x OC)

Title: “And She Was” (The cheesy art is mine, y’all, so please no swiping)

Character: Simon (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn

Chapter: 1/?

NOTES: This is part of my submission for @simons-thirst-squad‘s ABC’s of Simon! Q for quirky. I thought I’d write a fanfic and draw fanart to accompany it - there will be multiple chapters because dorky Simon is my kink. Enjoy! 

When I was a child, my mother owned a pale blue, beaten-up hatchback and we used to spend our summers driving in it to the beach. In hindsight, what we had considered a beach was little more than a wide ribbon of river water funnelling into the ocean. The colour of slate, glacial at any time other than mid July, with jagged rocks in the cove that cut open my left leg when I was six. Yet we still went back every summer, without fail. In the weird way that humans do. Making rituals out of nothing.

One afternoon last year on the car ride back, with my feet pruning from ocean and drying on the dashboard, she played a song by a band called Talking Heads. I didn’t know who they were, and I scarcely know now. But she laughed during the middle of the first verse and said she could have sworn the song was written for me.

“It’s obviously just about a girl getting high.” I said to her.

“Yeah, but if you forget that and actually listen,” She exhibited her point with a pause, in which I listened. “It’s just like you. Quirky.”

“Well, thanks. I’m quirky? As in odd?”

“Not in a bad way.”

I propped my chin on my knees and ignored her, instead poking the little grey crab swilling around in a few centimetres of dirty water in the bottom of my bucket.

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Airport Texts

A fic compiled of mostly texts between Dan and Phil during Dan’s trip to the Bahamas. Inspired by this post from @danielbear 

Dan arrived at the airport, waiting for his flight to the Bahamas to board. 

Dan: i cant believe im doing this

Dan: why am i doing this

Phil: bc u love me

Dan: ur okay

Phil: :/

Dan: :P

Phil: im so happy u will be here for my fam holiday :)

Dan: me too :)

Dan: my flight is about to board

Phil: have a safe flight

Dan: its an hour

Phil: still be safe ♥

Dan: jfc did u rly just send me the heart emoji how cliche

Phil: ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dan: OMG okay phone is going on airplane mode now bye

Phil:  ♥

Dan: so theres people playing drums at the bahamas airport??

Phil: thats so cool!

Dan: its way less scarier here than american airports

Phil: good now come back

Dan: needy

Phil: :O

Dan: :P

Phil: stop with that tongue howell

Dan: oh should i spam you like you did with the heart emoji

Phil: ♥

Dan: border agent is so chill omg

Dan: he also insulted my pale skin

Phil: he should see me

Dan: i have time before my flight apparently

Phil: what r u gonna do?

Dan: go to the beach i guess

Phil: did the border agent pressure u into getting a tan?

Dan: apparently lol

Phil: have fun

Dan: i’ll try

Dan: my taxi driver just got out of the car and got in a fight with someone

Phil: what?? where r u?

Dan: i was in the taxi but got out and went back in the airport

Phil: and here i thought i ran into weirdos

Dan: u must have rubbed off on me

Phil: can i rub off on u tonight

Dan: :O

Phil: ;)

Dan: omg can u not srsly last thing i need rn

Phil: then come back already

Dan: i want to u have no idea

Dan: :(

Phil: whats wrong?

Dan: everything

Dan: i just wanna see u

Dan: :(

Phil: i know bear. when does ur flight board?

Dan: it doesnt it got canceled 

Phil: what???

Dan: one of the engines lost power apparently

Dan: :’(

Dan’s phone started ringing not two seconds after sending that emoji.

“Hi.” he answered the phone.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked immediately.

“Not really.” Dan told him. “This is just annoying and stupid and I just want to be back in Florida now.”

“What are you going to do? Is there another flight?” Phil asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might have to stay the night here.” Dan said and he could sense Phil’s frown through the phone.

Suddenly, Dan heard an announcement throughout the airport that said the engine was up and running and the flight to Orlando was back on and boarding in 5 minutes.

“Wait, they just said the flight to Orlando is back on.” Dan said into the phone.

“How can it be back on if the engine stopped working?” Phil asked.

“They said it’s up and running. Should I get on it?” Dan asked.

“Do you really want to get on a plane that has engine issues?” Phil questioned.

“I don’t know, I just want all this over with now.” Dan spoke quietly.

“Okay, I mean, I guess they wouldn’t let the flight happen if it wasn’t safe. So, get on it that way you don’t have to spend the night there.” Phil told him.

“Well, they said it’s boarding in 5 minutes and that was at least 2 minutes ago.” Dan spoke frantically.

“Okay, hurry and text me when you get on the plane.” Phil said. “Be safe, bear.”

“Okay.” Dan said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Phil said. 

Dan hung up the phone and actually ran through the airport to catch the flight.

Dan: i just ran through the airport like a newborn giraffe that doesnt know how to use its limbs

Phil: thats quite the image

Dan: lol

Phil: good ur laughing :)

Dan: just bc i wrote lol doesnt mean im laughing

Phil: just try to relax and have a safe flight bear

Dan: ive got my death playlist ready :)

Phil: -_-

Dan: i’ll be fine dw

An hour later, the flight landed and Dan headed into the Orlando airport.

He walked in and spotted Phil there waiting for him.

For the first time all day, he smiled.

Dear Journal,

Sirius and I painted the living room today. We were kinda bored of the beige colour. We chose a light blue because we definetly needed some change!

“Babe is this shirt worth keeping?” Sirius asked me, looking for an old shirt ready to be ruined.

“No I love that shirt on you! Why don’t you paint shirtless?” I chuckled.

“Oh are you trying to get me naked honey?” He asked, smirking.

“Maybe..” I laughed.

We were singing out loud to some muggle bands. It was really fun! While he was painting around the big windows, I dipped my finger into the blue paint and drew a smiley face on his bare tanned back. He turned around quickly, wondering what was going on and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Did you just draw on my back with the paint?” Sirius asked, sassily.

“No..” I laughed.

“You’re in deep trouble my love..” He said, tickling me.

I was laying on the covered floor, laughing really hard. Sirius kept tickling me no matter how many times I begged him to stop.


“Okay Okay… Now we need a shower to get that paint off.” He said, smiling down at me.

He was holding himself over me and kissed my lips.

“You have blue paint on your nose.” He giggled.

“Oh do I?” I laughed.

“Yes.. It makes your freckles pop!” Sirius said, smiling.

He carried me to the bathroom and sat me on the counter near the sink.

“I hope that this blue paint will come off because we need to pick up Teddy at the Train station tommorow..” I said.

“Well let’s find out..” Sirius smirked.

He lifted up my shirt and I removed my trousers. The bathroom was steamy and the shower’s glass was all fogged up. The burning hot water felt amazing on my skin. I looked at Sirius who was standing under the water, brushing his fingers through his hair. When he catched me looking, he drew a smiley face on the glass which made me laugh. He was always there to make me laugh. We got out of the shower and dried ourselves up. We were standing in the humid bathroom in our boxers. I was brushing my teeth and Sirius was sitting on the counter, looking at me. When I was done, he instantly layed his hands on my cheeks and kissed my lips softly.

“Babe you need to shave, your cheeks are scrashing me!” I said, giggling.

“Oh.. But I don’t feel like shaving.. I’m too tired to do it.” He pouted.

I waited a good five second and gave up. He looked way to cute with this puppy pout.

“Okay fine! I’ll do it..” I said.

“Yay! I love you!” He said, smiling.

“I love you too.. Now stay still and stop moving, I don’t want to cut you.” I said, standing in between his two hanging legs.

I was working slowly so I wouldn’t hurt him and he was staring at me. His eyes never left my concentrated face.

“Here, all fresh and clean. Now you can kiss me!” I said, brushing my cheeks against his soft ones.

“Aren’t you the best husband ever!” He said.

I smiled and kissed him again.

June 4th 2014

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you have noticed, but they have some serious clothing issues in season 12. Seasons 1-11 we just had Sam and Dean. But now that there's Mary, they can't all wear plaid. Because there would be too much flannel with three Winchesters. I'm being serious. I've rewatched season 12, and there's no episode where all three Winchesters wear plaid. One of them always has to sacrifice the hunter look.

Yeah, they don’t all wear it all the time anyway - Dean’s always had a bunch of stock shirts which are so boring he can wear them all the times he’s going to get killed or whatever gets him covered in blood to the point that he can’t use it any more :P Sam has slightly more variety, I think, because he doesn’t wear as many block colours in general, wears his shirts buttoned up so Dean can get away with wearing a block colour shirt and t-shirt, and Sam’s on the wrong side of the self-imposed class divide so doesn’t wear henleys either, all adding up to him needing at least subtle stripes on his shirts a lot of the time… Sam wearing boring grey in 11x22 should have been a warning something pretty horrific was going to happen to him because that’s Dean’s choice of colour for “I’m about to have a bad day and I don’t know it yet” which he at least also mixes into his regular wardrobe to add the element of surprise :P

Buuut yeah I bet there was at least 1 time they had a moment where they did all wear plaid and looked at each other and had to work out who had to go change immediately.

Anyway since we have a whole season now, let’s look at Mary because I like looking at Mary :D

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A/N: Hannah’s Criminal Minds Quote Challenge! @hanny-bananny @coveofmemories My quote for this challenge, that I had to work in, in some way, was Come near my team, and I will end you.” It won’t be worked in during this piece, it’ll be worked in later on.

P.S. If I have enough interest in this, I will likely continue it. If you want to be tagged in future pieces, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know ;)


I’m not that person anymore. I’ve worked so hard to leave that life behind. Starting at the BAU, after scratching my way up the ladder…this should be one of the greatest days of my life…

Two days after earning your long-awaited spot on the team, he approached you. “Sierra Cheverie,” he said, holding his hand out to introduce himself. That wasn’t you - not anymore. “I know all about you.” He wanted revenge. And he knew every sordid detail of your past. All of the things you did because you felt you needed to, all of the people you associated with because you had nowhere else to go…He knew it all.

Threats were made. Not on your life. “Of course not,” he said softly, taking either side of his suit jacket in his hands and pulling them closer together. Adjusting himself. After all, he had people he needed to look good for. “Someone else. Many someones.” 

What does he want with me? Who does he want to hurt? No one can know what I used to be.

His bodyguards had come up behind you, all black suits and sunglasses, like a bad movie, ushering you into his home. “You’ll have to excuse the size,” he said, taking you off guard. It was an enormous house, but apparently he was used to even loftier and luxurious accommodations. “Since I was released from prison, I’ve had to downsize a bit. I have to crawl my way back up…just like you.” His tanned skin and thin lips spread to reveal an abnormally white set of teeth. Unsettling. Despite the smile, something sinister lay underneath. “But I’ll get there eventually. And with your help, I can have my revenge on the people that ruined me. Took my wife and kids away. My money. My reputation.” 

The man stared off into the distance, presumably thinking about the people that ‘ruined’ him. His handlers placed a hand on either of your shoulders, pushing you down to sit on the couch. “They need to pay for what they’ve done to me.” Reaching over, he grabbed a folder from his right-hand man and proceeded to pull out pictures. 

“Derek Morgan.”


“Emily Prentiss. Jennifer Jareau.”


“Penelope Garcia. Aaron Hotchner.”

This can’t be happening.

“David Rossi. You’re dating the other one, so that would be too obvious. He’ll be left out, but the rest…”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and clutched at your chest, before looking up into his ice cold eyes. “Who are you?” you asked, realizing you didn’t even know his name. “What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?” All of the strength you’d built up since leaving that life behind, vanished like a wisp of smoke in the air. Again, you had been reduced to a cowering child. Instead of quaking and shirking away from the wide, calloused hand of your ex-boyfriend (Assaulter? Pimp? John? You didn’t know what to call him anymore), you were quivering in front of a man with more money, power and pull than anyone you’d ever known. 

“My name is Bentley Ashton and I’m a patient man,” he said, crouching down to meet your astounded gaze. “Over the next few years, I will give you instructions on how to destroy or kill a member of your new team. If you do it, at the end, I will allow you to destroy every piece of information I have on you. If you don’t, I will release everything I know about you out into the world, and if you tell them of my plans, I’ll kill him.”

The tang of copper filled your mouth as you realized you’d been biting your tongue hard enough to taste blood. Not him. Anyone but him. Kill me instead. “Stay away from Spencer,” you gritted through clenched teeth. It took every ounce of courage to threaten this man with no backup and no gun on you. “He’s done nothing to you. None of them have. They were just doing their jobs.”

“Their jobs cost me my life,” he said coolly. “I’ve waited a very long time for this, and I’ll have my revenge with or without your help. But remember, if you’re not of use to me, I’ll dispose of you.” Make yourself useful, bitch. That’s what he used to say to you. “Don’t worry. As I said, I’m a patient man. I’ll give you a week to decide what you’re going to do.”

His men came back from the marble-tiled kitchen with files in hand - a bright red folder, filled with information Mr. Ashton had dug up about your past. “This is what I have on you. I think it’s more than enough to get you thrown off of the team you worked so hard to join and into prison. Remember all of this when you make your decision.”

Without another word, he waved his hands to his men. Pressure was put on your back, and with a few clicks of your heels, you were out the door and on the steps - alone again. Ten years of freedom…and now this. 

Now, it was two days into your supposed deadline and you were starting at the BAU. I should be happy. But you couldn’t get yourself to smile. “Woah,” Penelope said as you walked in. “What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours? You look miserable.” Oh great. Maybe I should just quit this before I even start. If I can’t convince Penelope, who although a genius in her own right is no profiler, that I’m okay when I’m not, then how am I supposed to convince an unsub I agree with him when I don’t? Fucking hell.

“First day jitters, I guess,” you said with a strained smile. 

Light footsteps snuck up behind you and the man attached to them snuck a kiss in the crook of your neck. “Good morning, babe,” Spencer said. You couldn’t help but smile. He was everything you’d ever wanted in a man. The complete opposite of the man that held you captive while still giving you the ability to walk around and ‘do what you wanted.’ “Are you nervous? You’re going to be amazing.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” you said smoothly. Outwardly, you’d actually managed to sound convincing, but the voice in your head was screaming, I’m a fuck up, I’m a fuck up, I’m a fuck up. “I just need to get going and find my footing.” 

“Oh sweetheart,” Penelope said, looping her arm in yours without realizing that the gesture was ripping out your insides. “Anyone Boy Genius over here recommends is good by us. You’ll be fine. Let’s head in there, shall we?”

Spencer followed behind but reached in front of you to hand you your normal morning coffee order - large, milk, sugar, espresso shot. What the hell were you supposed to do? Should you run and change identities again? Should you risk telling the team of your past, and in turn risk their lives anyway? Should you take a completely different route and end your own life so your past didn’t have to be revealed? A cough brought up bile, stinging your throat and leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

If there was anything you knew about yourself, it was that you were a coward. There was no way you’d be able to end your own life. But you were too ashamed to tell the team of your past? Maybe if you “tried” to do what Ashton wanted and “failed” he would find another way to go about his evil plan and you could work on the side that you were meant to fight on. Feeling in your pocket, you crumpled the card in your hand, running your fingers over the raised text of the burner phone number he’d given you.

For a weakling like you, there was no other way out.


Before he’d had a beautiful wife, two boys he’d been raising in his image, a loving family, and a reputation as an esteemed businessman and governmental figure. Now…this. He barely had enough money to support his lifestyle. Even had to sell a few of his prized cars in order to buy his way out of prison. He had no misconceptions about what this new life plan would bring him. His wife wouldn’t come crawling back to him. His boys would still look at him with disdain. His family wouldn’t ever acknowledge his existence again. He’d never have a career in politics. But he could build up his fortune again, and he could have his revenge on the scum that ripped all of his hard work away and ruined his life. If he got his revenge, that would be enough.

As he looked in the mirror, he pulled his lip down to examine his teeth, make sure he didn’t have anything in teeth before adjusting his suit again. “She’ll call today,” he said to his reflection – amazed that he still looked so handsome after all that time in prison. “Luck’s about to turn around.”


[prompt: au phil is a gay sex phone operator and curious teen dan becomes one of his regulars (2009)]

i may or may not have named this after shiloh’s song…………….. what a classic!!!

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[Contains: phone sex (ooooh this is new), tons of dirty talk, name calling, vibrator usage (what), 2009!phan, literally just dirty talk tbh, a lil bit of fluff at the end maybe]


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A friend just said my tan lines are like the Shroud of Turin. Seriously, the way I managed to get a perfect image of the string knot on my back is amazing. I feel the need to monetize this. Is there a show for stupid human tricks? Guinness Book? What do I do?