i need to get it retouched


Inspired by Regal Angel Fish| Kuoni 

Inspired by the underwater world of the Maldives for my latest work with Kuoni Travel. I get asked a lot where I find inspiration for my make-up looks? I find inspiration simply from every where, looking at the beautiful fish it didn’t take long for my creative side to come out! You have to trust your instincts, you have to believe in your vision and the process. You just need to go for it, do something, go a little crazy!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially on your travels. You have to be open to new ideas, new places and cultures. You can often get bogged down, stuck in your own little bubble and take for granted beautiful things you see every day. Travelling magnifies this for me, I am fortunate that make up has taken me all over the world, I like to think a little piece of everywhere I have visited inspires me subconsciously.


Art Direction & Make-up: Karla Powell
Photography & Retouching: The Beauty Retoucher
Model: Natasha Elisestdale 

Make-up Assistant: Ez Dyer


HEY GUYS. This is me digitally panhandling!

I’m still looking for work! Want/Need pictures of your upcoming show/video/web series/comedy or music related thing?
Need a photo retoucher?
General design work?
Just have excess money you need to get rid of? 

Hit me up, I will make you look pretty.
gmail me at HEYITSLIEZL


#BlackOut headshot edition… I’m super super excited to post these today because the world needs to know that I am HERE! I’m in this and I am going places! I fully believe in my talent and so should you!

*PS for all my wonderful peeps who gave me feedback on my theatrical pics… (These are a few I chose to retouch… If you cared at all haha)

Actor/Dancer/Model (on a good day)


My puddles project - titled “Scintilla”, is finished (for now), and today I took all of my images into university to show. Between my tutors, peers and myself we chose these four images as my finals. Now I need to retouch the set so the colour treatmenr matches closer, and get them printed ready for my graduate exhibition.. I’m thinking huge matte prints, maybe 5ft tall. Can’t wait to see the finished display on the opening night.