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Prompt: Mathew Grey Gubler smut. You are a guest star on criminal minds and you play a role that involves you kissing a another man, Matthew gets jealous and asks you to come to his trailer and well smut happens if you do this thank you

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Word Count: 1918 words

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: liked this prompt so much, just had to write it tonight. It’s 3 am and I just finished, so I’m terribly sorry for any spelling mistakes but I’ll have to check them later. Basically the reader is a guest show on criminal minds, playing the love interest of Shemar, when she goes off script and things get more heated as Matthew is watching, and then meets her in the trailer for some revenge. Hope you enjoy! My inbox/ requests are always open xxx


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anonymous asked:

I have a question 😐 Okay .. my friend wanted me to take her wedding pictures & i've never charged her in the past so i only told her sure for $40 .. sooo she gets mad & her & her other friend throw shade on twitter & snapchat about me saying I flaked and whatever . I had to work the day of her wedding and told her that buuut I havent talked to her since & I found out recently she removed me from snapchat . Am I wrong for feeling the way I do? a "friend" should not act that way 🤔

Okay love.
Come sit here with Scottie 😌

First things first, do not undervalue yourself as an artist.

Secondly, charging $40 for a wedding is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE 🙅🏽‍♂️ Wedding budgets are too high for you to only get paid $40 fucking dollars. That’s mad disrespectful.

When you are trying to size up the amount you want to charge people for your photography services, you need to take into account for a couple of things:

1️⃣ Your Time:

YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! You are taking time out of your day to photograph your client, plus additional time editing the photos in post (if you retouch your photos as well) Not to mention the investment & time you are taking to learn WHO your client is.

(That’s if you’re not photographing a family member or a friend. But we’ll get to that in a moment 😊)

2️⃣ Potential Fees:

Do I have to book a studio space?
NO (cool 👍🏽) YES (I’m charging you more 💰)

Do I have to travel to where you are located?
NO (cool 👍🏽) YES (I’m charging you more 💰)


Take in account to ANY expenses you may have to spend in order to give your client the spectacular photo shoot and photos that they want!!

Once you have assessed everything that you’ll need in order to have a great photo shoot, you’ll be able to give a more proper quote for your services 👌🏽

NOW!!! I haven’t even spoken on the matter of your “friend” 🙄😒 I hope you and your friend work it out. BUT, to keep it 💯, they did not support you as a photographer and took advantage of you. NIP THAT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP IN THE BUD!!!!!!

It will always blow my mind how some “friends” will support celebrities and other people who have NO IDEA THAT THEY EXIST first, before they would me. And then have the audacity to try and guilt me when I won’t give them the “Oh We Friends Discount” …….. FUCK OUTTA HERE 😂 if it’s gonna be like that, I’d rather not work you at all….. Period.

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Request: “reader likes the suit? or something like that?”

Bruce catches you admiring the suit (short)

*very very slight smut. More suggestive actually…

It was never something you’d taken much notice of before. In fact, it was much like the blue and grey sky that clouded Gotham, it was just a norm. His suit had been a part of him for a very longtime, longer than you were with him. Much like himself, the suit grew, evolved and shaped with him. It was a mask that hid his identity and struck fear into the deranged minds of criminals in Gotham. So what made you notice it now?

Was it the wear that it had held, the scratches and marks it put on show? Maybe it was the fact that Bruce was now an aged man, you wouldn’t tell him that of course, he’d deny it straight away. Maybe his greying hair complimented the black, or maybe his muscles which were in its final peak, had begun to really fill out each crevice in the suit.


You look up, Bruce watching you intently. He’d been standing a few metres away from you; you: watching and waiting for him to arrive home. You were sitting on a counter, your hand tapping your chin, when Bruce had come back from patrol.

You’d come to test your theory:

That the suit, in fact, captivated you (and possibly was a turn on).

“What are you doing?”

Now, of course you wouldn’t dare tell him your own mission. That would be ridiculous, and quite frankly, a death sentence. So, you look up and shrug, smiling lightly,

“Just wanted to wait for you tonight.”

Bruce nodded, his cowl still on. You bit your lip, waiting for him to take it off, to see if his hair, indeed complimented the suit.

His hand reached for the cowl, and with every inch it got closer, the more your body was inching off the counter, and moving forward closer to him.

He pulled it off, running his hand through his hair to tame it.

You almost let out a loud sigh, but you resisted

Yes, his hair in fact, did compliment his suit.

Your eyes lit up. You then realised, that it was a combination of everything. His hair, his face, his muscles-oh dear.

“You sure?” He asks. You look up from his body, nodding slightly faster than usual.

“Y-yeah” You say, smiling.

Bruce walks up to you, every step he takes closer making his body appear more tall and bulky. You push yourself back, realising you’re not going anywhere with the counter behind you.

Bruce places both hands to your side, caging you with his arms.

His face was inches from yours, his eyes peering deep into yours. You swallowed hard, watching his eyes trace yours in the suit that made him extremely intimidating but attractive.

“Are you really sure?” He asks. His voice is low and god it makes you collapse at your feet. You find yourself unable to nod, or shake your head. Why?

Maybe it was Bruce’s authority, or maybe, it was the fact that he was in the Batsuit. And oh did Bruce know. He knew from the moment he saw you eyeballing his body in the suit, and the way your body inched further off the table towards him when he took of his cowl, that you had become attracted to the suit.

“Do you like the suit, (y/n)?” He asks innocently with a smirk. You look down, his body was dangerously close to yours.

“uhm-“ You begin, looking back up. You swear his face is closer. “yes.” You say hesitantly, almost a whisper.

Bruce is truly surprised at how quiet you are.  Bruce grabs your waist, lifting you effortlessly up onto the counter behind you. You were now eye level. You stared intensely into his, his hands slowly running down the side of your waist and down your inner thigh. His mouth inches further to your neck, his hot breath touching your sensitive skin.

“Good.” He lets go, turning and walking away, “I was thinking it was getting a little old and maybe needed some retouching. But it must still hold it’s charm. Thanks.”

And there he left you, all hot and flustered. You jumped off, shaking your head with a grin on your face, watch as he walks away, smirking as he gives a quick look back to you.

“You bastard.”

–well there you go, a very small amount of smut.

–can that even be counted as smut? i’m not even sure.

–Hope you have a good day! :D

Ugh, what do you do when you are doing a portrait and someone asks you to alter their appearance because they are insecure about a certain feature? I feel like they are asking me to perform plastic surgery or retouch a photo which obviously I have no experience with. Like ok I get you don’t like your double chin, but I also feel like simply erasing it might look weird, like there will be an uneven distribution of fat across the face and how do I even do that without it looking obvious? I’m trained to draw and paint what I see, and it just feels….dishonest?

BTS When You Are a Makeup Stylist

Jin: Jin would love to have you as a new makeup stylist, he could see the passion you put into doing his makeup. Especially the way you applied a peach pink lip tint to his pouty mouth. He would have an easy talk with you before sneaking away to the craft table. Unfortunately, he would be caught by you scolding him for ruining his makeup. After redoing the look, Jin had a great idea. He was going to make your life a living hell as he walked back for a second plate. 

Suga: Suga would not be happy with you at first. You had reluctantly woken him up from his cat nap when you realized you had finish all the members’ makeup, except for Suga. He would probably glare at you a little while slumping into the makeup chair. Trying to make the situation lighter, you would casually admit his songwriting skills were inspiring and wanting to ask him a few questions on his writing process. You happen to like write songs on the side sometimes and after hearing that, Suga would open up to you and talk endlessly about his new song ideas. 

J-Hope: Hobi would turn into an aegyo machine the minute he saw you were going to be their makeup stylist for the day. Hobi loves to meet new people and you would definitely be on his favorites list. He would constantly ask you questions to make your time together last longer so he could get to know you better. Once the photoshoot was done and no more makeup retouches were needed, he probably come over and give you a big ol’ hug. Honestly that would be the best day of your life.   

Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would be the calmest out of the members once he saw you. They got new makeup stylists all the time, but that didn’t mean Namjoon wasn’t try to remain cool in from of you. The conversation between the two of you would be so easy it almost seemed like you two had been old friends catching up. I think he would be the perfect mix of intellectual discussion, compliments, and teasing you to call him oppa.  

Jimin: Honestly I think Jimin would be the most shy out of all the boys to talk to you while you were inches from his face. You would make small talk with him, which he would politely respond, but I think they would be short answers. Nothing that could lead to a deeper conversation. Once the photoshoot had begun, I think Jimin would feel stupid for not talking to you more and would make it up by staring at you the entire time during the photoshoot. He would use all his body language to make you notice him. Smirks, deep stares, and a casual wink here and there to keep your heart racing.

V: Tae would have a small crush on you the moment he saw you. For the entire day he would make sure to turn on his charm when you were around. He would do little things to impress you, like break out a few dance moves or tease Kookie to make you smile. But nothing too extreme Tae didn’t want you to think he was a player, he wanted you to see him as boyfriend material. Which you totally were doing in your head right now. 

Jungkook: Literally the second that Kookie saw you, he was determined to get your number by the end of the day. You were gorgeous and Kookie could not keep his eyes off of you. Which you totally noticed him staring at you, but he didn’t care one bit. It just gave him more reason to talk to you. Which he did, every moment he got. While you were applying the gel liner onto his eyes, or when you were doing the other’s members makeup. Hell, even when they got a few minutes rest from their dancing, Kookie would come over to ask you opinion on your dance moves. Oh yeah, he was definitely going to get your number.   

Yay, I made my first BTS reaction!! I hope you guys like and can I just say I’m low-key dying over RapMon’s gif.  (ι´Д`)ノ             

- Admin Jade

it started back in march.

we all notice when someone beautiful walks into the salon, regardless of gender, and he was no exception. i’d made his appointment over the phone, his first time in, and gave my standard spiel when he arrived despite the blush creeping up my neck.

once he was in the chair, though, it was out of sight, out of mind. 

it was evening, the sun had gone down, and i finished up my work responsibilities before settling down to get my own hair retouched. but he finished with his haircut, and on his way out stopped to chat with us for what seemed forever though i can’t recall a word of it but, “i like your leggings.”

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Prompt: Request for Chris (obviously lol) where you’re interviewing him but it all gets turned around because he’s so intrigued by you so he asks you a lot of questions instead. The interview going viral on tumblr etc. and fans are already shipping the two of you before they have the chance to even go on one date. They decide to give it a chance and end up falling hard for each other.


“Sorry, this is so unprofessional, I’m so, so, so sorry” I say after taking a sit. This is my very first big shot and I’m already blowing it away. I had to interview the whole crew of Captain America, I got the news two minutes before our schedule of interviews began. I was supposed to be the ready for my big shot, but this is so… lame. I didn’t even have the right outfit. I’m wearing a summer dress with flats. Well, at least I was allowed to run from one room to another. I look at my notes and realize who I’m sharing oxygen with. Holy shit. This is my last interview, not from the day, but my life. And… fuck. Obviously, the movie was Captain America, at some moment I was supposed to have the little talk with the main character. I should’ve known. But come one! I’m sitting in front of Chris Evans, I’m sweat, my hair’s a mess and so am I. It’s alright, I got it.

“Do you want a glass of water?” Chris calmly asked. I lifted my eyes just to find the deepest, bluest, most amazing eyes.

“Oh, I’m already late, I don’t think we should waste any more time… but thanks” I add looking in my post its. Someone offered me a glass of water and I looked up to find the man smiling amused.

“Well, it’s been a long day. You look…” and for that moment I held my breath. I know how I look. I’m a mess. I’m wearing probably a milligram compared to other interviewers in their designed clothes. I’m not fresh, I look tired, I… “different”.

“Do you need retouch?” his makeover asks to him, he denies with his head.

“So, who do I have the pleasure to be interviewed by?” he asks. I can’t speak. I clear my throat the moment I realize I sat all over my skirt, I’m showing the side of my tight, I seat again and try to keep it cool.

“Y/n, Radio Tune. I forgot to introduce myself, sorry. Hum, I guess that you get this mistakes a lot of times from people that interviews you” he denies with his head again.

“Well, mostly from my amazing fans or people that doesn’t know what they’re doing , which is obviously not your case, right?” I imitate his gesture and denied eith my head. I look in my post its and can’t find his questions. “So, shall we begin?”

“Of course, but… I mean, let’s do something, I’m guessing that you’ve answered the same questions the whole day, so why don’t you lead this? Tell me what the fans need to know about this particular movie of yours, which full name’s…” I look around the walls. I don’t remember the fucking name.

“Civil war” he adds “Do you want me to lead this interview? Because I’m in the mood to. I’ve been answering a lot, maybe it’s my moment to ask”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s great, let’s go that way. I’ll begin, alright?” I make a sign to my crew. “So, here we are with the one and only, Chris Evans, hello, Chris, thank you for conceding us this time. We are here to discuss your new…” in that moment he interrupts me.

“Hi, people, today I’m the interviwer, hi mom. Of course I’ll talk to you about Civil War, but I need to… improve my skills, so do you mind if I start asking you?” I make a pokerface. This can’t be happening.

“Alright, we have the novelty of Chris’s new face. The one that takes my job away” He laughs and I do too. People stopped what they were doing, now they paying attention to us.

“To begin, it’s a pleasure to meet such an adorable lady like you, y/n.” I feel how my skin gets hot and red. Most red than hot.

“Thank you?”

“I’d like to know and so to our audience if this beautiful damsel is in a relationship?” I laugh. I mean, come on!

“No, no… I’m single. Chris, hum”

“That’s all I needed to know, thanks for the interruption, we can go back to be the original interviewer and interviewed.”

After ten minutes I finish the questions I made up in the way. It’s over. I just wanna go home and cry for the rest of the day.

“Thank you very much, ladies and gentleman, Chris Evans. Thank you for listening and watching Radio Tune, reports y/n, have a wonderful day!” I keep my smile because we are rolling but I just… I don’t know.

“And… cut” I hear. Chris stands up and gives me his hand.

“You did it great, hum… I don’t want to be cliché but you look tired and I’m tired, so… would you like to go for dinner?” I’m shocked. I clear my throat. I smile, but I don’t know what to say. He’s expecting. I mean, come one! This shit doesn’t happen. I’m the silly and clumsy girl that just talked to him.

“You’re not being cliché. But I have to decline, I have to go to the studio to edit and… well, thank you, it was really nice to meet you.” And this is me. Reports y/n, the stupidest girl on the planet.


I open my Instagram account. I have a mention. Another mention. Since the interview aired, Chris and I have a couple name and a lot of petitions of being a real couple. I never thought I’d be a meme, I mean, maybe I did, but not for a shipping thing.

“I say: let’s give it a shot”. It’s Chris’s official account. He tagged me on a photo of the both of us with ‘relationship goals’ written on the picture. No fucking way. This is a cruel joke.

“Y/n, you have a call” my boss comes to my office just to tell me that, he hands me his phone and I arch my eyebrow, he shrugs.


“Hey, my favorite reporter” I feel how everything inside me starts working. Holy fuck. It’s Chris. My boss leaves me laughing.

“Hey… what’s up?” I try to stay cool.

“Well, I haven’t heard from you, and you didn’t replay my petition”

“I thought you were being a cliché, as you said” I try to defend myself. I hear his deep and lyrical laugh across the line.

“Yeah, I’ve been a little cliché, but… I meant it. Like… I’d like to see you again. Of course, when you’re free”

“I’d like that” I murmur.

“Great, open the door” I open my eyes wide. I open the door, he’s in front of me. Tall, beautiful… I lean my head. The phone’s still in my ear. I clear my throat. I smile.

“You couldn’t get away from the cliché of showing up, don’t you?” he shows a big smile before he leans on me and… you know what happens, this is so cliché, anyway ;)


Inspired by Regal Angel Fish| Kuoni 

Inspired by the underwater world of the Maldives for my latest work with Kuoni Travel. I get asked a lot where I find inspiration for my make-up looks? I find inspiration simply from every where, looking at the beautiful fish it didn’t take long for my creative side to come out! You have to trust your instincts, you have to believe in your vision and the process. You just need to go for it, do something, go a little crazy!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially on your travels. You have to be open to new ideas, new places and cultures. You can often get bogged down, stuck in your own little bubble and take for granted beautiful things you see every day. Travelling magnifies this for me, I am fortunate that make up has taken me all over the world, I like to think a little piece of everywhere I have visited inspires me subconsciously.


Art Direction & Make-up: Karla Powell
Photography & Retouching: The Beauty Retoucher
Model: Natasha Elisestdale 

Make-up Assistant: Ez Dyer

[Trans] Fun raking with BTS! @140921 K.Will’s Young Street Radio

140921 BTS@K.Will’s Young Street Radio

Q. (to Jungkook) Your nickname is Golden Maknae?

Jungkook : Rap monster hyung named me like that before our debut. Because he thought I am quite good in many ways.

Q. (to V) What’s ‘Bangtan! Bangtan! Bang Bang Tan!’?

V : I gain my strength just hearing it. It’s something we say before going up on stage. Like a fighting phrase we use to cheering up. Rap monster will say ‘Bangtan Bangtan’ and all of us will say ‘Bang Bang Tan!’ together.

Q. (to Jimin) Who make the dorm messy the most?

Jimin : It’s Kim Leader. Because he always destroys things and his snore when he’s sleeping is no kidding.

Q. (to Rap Monster) You destroy everything you touch?

Rap Monster : I do. For example, I broke the ladder when I went up to double bed and even if I am allowed to drive at my age, our members warn me not to do that because it can be very dangerous. If I drive, it will turn into a racing game.

Q. (to Suga) Are you a photographer of the group?

Suga : Yes, I am. I love taking a photo of our member and uploading it. I even do a retouching but not so long ago, I lost my memory card of what I took until now so I feel like I lost my confidence and it need to be boosted.

Whose photos need to be retouched the most?

Suga : Jungkook? I think because he’s growing up so his skin is growing too. But it’s getting a lot better now.

So who is the least?

Suga : It’s Rap monster. He has a really good skin.

(Rap Monster) Are you taking a good care of your skin?

Rap Monster : Never!

Jungkook : I do it the most!

Rap Monster : Jungkook has plenty of products and always recommend to us.

Jimin : I receive it a lots. I used to worry about my skin then Jungkook brought something to me and said ‘Hyung, why don’t you try this?’ My skin is really getting better now.

Jin : If Jungkook buys some products and it’s not match with his skin, he will give it out to us.

Are there any member that some specific parts on their face need to be retouched or fixed?

Suga : Besides skin retouching, I don’t think none of us need that because the basis of their faces are already good. (LOL xD)

Q. (to Jungkook) Ranking 3 singers you were fan of before your debut.

Jungkook : G- Dragon sunbaenim, IU sunbaenim and Sweden laundry (스웨덴 세탁소) sunbaenim.

Q. (to Jin) If Bang Shi Yuk president were your company’s trainee, ranking 3 things you would want to tell him the most.

Rap Monster : He(Bang PD) watches all of our show.

Jungkook : I have a lots to say!

Jin : First, Please try to rap a bit better.

and please improve your visual. Because it’s something that trainee should do.

(Jungkook comes to help Jin eventually) Wear a better clothe! (He speaks in informal form though xD)

Q. (to Rap Monster) Ranking 3 members with 4D Personalities.

Rap Monster : For third place, It’s J-hope. Because he has a lots of energy.

Next is Jungkook. This friend is not sleep and he lives in his own world. But I think this two is not that strange.

Number one is V. As you can see when he was introducing himself, “I’m V, who has the most confidence about introducing myself” I really didn’t know what was that means.

Suga : Sometime we have no idea what is he taking about. I’m not even sure if it’s Korean. We called it ‘V language’

Q. (to Suga.) Ranking 3 BTS’s favorite foods?

Suga : For me, It’s fried rice with chicken breast, chicken breast sandwich and 생치(something you eat with chicken breast)

K.Will : If you like this kind of food, your body must be very huge.

Suga : Nobody gonna believe this but I used to be very huge. Since my shoulder hurt, I was not allowed to exercise so I became very thin. But my shoulder is fine right now so I feel like I need to work out.

Jimin : He keep saying that for a few months and doing nothing

Q. (to J-Hope) Ranking 3 most good-looking members of BTS.

 J-Hope : Number 3 is Rap monster!

Rap monster : I really didn’t expect that.

Jimin : We either!!

J-hope : It’s personal taste. Number 2 is Suga!

and number 1 is J- Hope!

Suga : I and J-hope always talk to each other like this, in the fan sign event, ‘If I stand next to you, my photo will come out really well’ and J-Hope will be like ‘If I stand next to hyung, I will be captured very handsome too’

Q. (to Jimin) Ranking 3 members who look best in school uniform.

Jimin : It’s me, Jungkook and V.

So, who’s the one that doesn’t match the uniform the most?

Suga : Rap monster.

Jin : (to Jimin) You have to answer that right. Don’t look at me.

Rap monster : For me, It’s Suga hyung.

Jungkook : Me too!

Jimin : My heart hurt a bit when I looked at them (wearing school uniform) at that age.

Jin : At that age?!!!!!!!!!

Q. (to V) Ranking 3 things you surprised the most when promoting aboard.

V : The culture is very different from Korea.

All : Is that so?? We never know that before!

V : I can make friend very easy. We can exchange phone number if we do a broadcast together like this or we can say hi to people on street and become friend.

And the last thing is I can find a stuff that we don’t have in Korea.

K.Will : Now, I know why he is 4D!!

(**I translated from what I listened. It may not be 100% accurate cuz you know how much our boys talk but I try my best to summarize so you guys can read while waiting someone to sub it.

And! My English is not good so please bear with it or if any of you wants to correct me, do not hesitate! I want to improve myself too!)

another ask meme!

I was tagged by @raeldazafour months ago.

But I saved the post, so here it is, finally. The beginning was very similar to the ask meme I did just a few days ago, so I made up some new questions…

Languages: English is my native language. I can comprehend a decent amount of written and spoken French, though my speaking skills are rusty. I understand basic conversational Spanish. I’m teaching myself the Cyrillic alphabet, definitely because of the political situation in my country and NOT because I wanted to understand Yuri on Ice fic, that would be ridiculous…

My hair: Was blonde when I was younger, then turned brown around age 12 or so. I really want to dye it purple, but I need a better job where I’m actually allowed to do that and can afford to get it professionally retouched constantly.

Last song I listened to: The Way I Tend To Be, by Frank Turner. A very ExR song.

Favorite TV show: Firefly will always be my Real Favorite, as will Avatar: The Last Airbender. Out of shows that are currently airing, though, my favorite is probably Last Week Tonight, to be honest…

First online fandom participation (other than Harry Potter): I dabbled briefly in the House MD fandom right around the time I got seriously into ATLA, but I never posted any original content for it, so I’d have to say ATLA. Ah, 2008!

Hobbies: Doodling during sermons, developing plotbunnies for stories I’ll never write, tracking down the origins of memes, arguing with stupid people on Facebook and then regretting it, renting random CDs from the library based solely on how much I like the cover design, asking questions in city council meetings

I’m supposed to tag nine people now! @sarah-yyy @iwanttobelieveintheimpala @pucks-and-pies @katebish @pyladesdrinkingtea @jammydodgers-and-tea @return-to-sonder @osaudade @et-in-arkadia heeeeey yaaaaa’ll


I get a lot of messages asking what I look like without photo retouching. I do post unedited photos, especially for shoot previews or convention snapshots. But this time I figured a series of GIFs from video clips might give a better idea over more still images!

Characters cosplayed: Hiro Hamada super suit (Big Hero 6) → Hiro Hamada casual (Big Hero 6) → Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin live action) → Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan) → Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale) → Haruka Nanase (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) Videos mostly by: Reskiy, other clip from Fuji TV

Looking at these all together, even I feel surprised by how facial expressions, styling (wig, makeup, etc.), camera angles, and lighting can make me look significantly different for each character!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog. It is so amazing and interactive and your writing is AWESOME. I was wondering if you could do a scenario where Jungkook celebrates his birthday with his girlfriend? Smutty is optional

Birthday Surprise

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Sorry I’ve been feeling kind of unmotivated and sad so I haven’t written anything. But I felt better today and finished this. Does anyone have any videos or songs that they can share with me? I suggest you check out CPH Girls by Christopher ft. Brandon Beal. I listened to this while writing.

“Is everything else ready for tonight?” you ask your friends as you walk to the store to get the last minute snacks and cake. 

You’ve been planning your boyfriend Jungkook’s Birthday Party with your friends for a month and today was finally the big day. You all wanted to give him a Party he wouldn’t easily forget, and you wanted to personally give him a night to remember. You decorated your whole flat in streamers and balloons, Jungkook didn’t have any idea. You told him a little white lie that you were going to go to a nice dinner so he didn’t suspect anything. The boys were with him at the studio keeping him distracted with filming and games. 

“Don’t worry Y/N. We just need the cake and a couple more sodas and then were good,” your friend Hailey responds.

“Y/N you get the cake and Hailey and I will get the sodas okay?” Sarah asks as you walk into the store. 

“Yeah no problem I’ll meet you too at the cashier,” you say as you head to the cake sections to pick up the cake you ordered. 

You had ordered a red velvet cake since its favorite color and it to read “Happy Birthday Kookie” on the top. When the artist drew the design it looked really good but you were skeptical on how it would turn out in reality. 

“Hi I’m here to pick up my cake, the name is Y/N.” you say to the man behind the counter. 

Scrolling through his list he quickly finds your name and disappears to the back telling you that he’ll bring it out quickly. A Minute later he rolls out your cake on a cart. It’s just like you imagined and big enough to feed all of the people you invited to celebrate. Thanking the man you push the cart to the cashier, your friends are already waiting for you there. After paying you transport everything safely in the car making sure that nothing can fall over.

“We have 30 min left before the boys come over and we still need to finish blowing up the balloons,” you say as you get in the car.

 “Well have plenty of time still, it won’t take us that much time 10 mins top plus driving back so well have 15 min to spare,” Hailey starts the engine and drives back to your flat. 

“I still need to get dressed though,” you exclaim as you look down your shirt to see what bra you have on. 

“Ohh girl you’re doing something special for him tonight aren’t you?!” they both exclaim as they watch your face turn red.

“No way Y/N! Go get it! Wear the red bra and panty set if you don’t already have it on. It looks really hot on you, plus it’s his favorite color. Do you need any condoms? Are you on the pill? Remember practice safe sex honey I don’t need a mini you or Jungkook running around,” Sarah teases you as you cover your face with your hands. 

“I am on the pill Sarah. Plus I have condoms thank you very much. Are you sure he’ll like it? I’ll change as soon as I get in if you two can start blowing up the rest of the balloons,” your face is burning as you tell them.

“Take all the time you need Y/N. We’ll finish the rest.” Hailey pulls up and Sarah pushes you out of the door to your flat. “Go get ready.”

You thank them as you run to open the door and get changed. Pulling off your shirt and jeans you quickly change your bra and panties to the red ones. Retouching your makeup you throw on a Black top with some skinny jeans just in time.

“The guests are here and Jimin just texted that they’re going to be here in 5 min. Damn you look good in that Y/N,” Hailey and Sarah come into your room to inform you. You already see a couple of your and Jungkook’s friends from the doorway. 

“Thanks babe but I’m Jungkook’s. Let’s go hide everyone and dim the lights. Hurry!” you rush them out of your room and rush to hide the 20 guests in your apartment. Finally everything is quiet and everyone is ready to surprise Jungkook.  

(Sorry but I actually wrote two ending to this, one is happy the other is sad)


Not a second to soon you hear a car pull up outside. The distinct voices of BTS arriving has you feeling giddy as you anticipate his surprise. Everyone is still as you hear the knock on your door.

“Jagiya I’m here. Open up. The boys are with me they wouldn’t leave me alone and said they wanted to see you too,” you hear Jungkook through the door.

Opening the door you beckon them in. Jungkook gives you a quick kiss and as he pulls away the lights turn on and everyone screams “Surprise” shocking him. 

“Happy Birthday Kookie!!” you say lovingly as you laugh at his shocked expression. You quickly wrap your arms around him in a big hug as everyone comes and engulfs him in a big group hug. You feel his body shake as he’s overcome with emotion and you indiscreetly wipe away a few stray tears. 

“Thank you so much,” he whispers in your ear as everyone pulls back and someone comes out with the cake.

“Later you’ll get another surprise”, you whisper seductively in his ear as you let him go. 

After blowing out the candles the party finally gets started and the music starts to fill in the packed room. Games and conversations keeps everyone occupied as hours pass by and the numbers dwindle down. Finally the only ones left are your two best friends and the BTS Boys. 

“You know what I think it’s time for us to leave too,” Hailey says as she sees you and Jungkook stare at each other not paying close attention to what the others are saying.

“Oh okay bye guys thanks for everything,” you tell them hugging them as they make their way to the door. 

“Do you need lube? There is never such a thing as too much lube!” Sarah whispers in your ear and you push her out of the door and answer, “Bye Guys.”

Turning to face your boyfriend you walk up to him and whisper seductively in his ear, “Are you ready for your final present? Me?”

You take his hand and lead him to the bedroom closing the door and turning to face him. You mouths lock onto each other and his hot hands leaves flames along your skin as he grips your waist pulling you closer. 

“Let’s take off the wrapping now Jagiya,” Jungkook says as he slips you out of your clothes leaving you in the sexy red bra and panty set.

“Happy Birthday Oppa,” you say.

“It most definitely is my Birthday,” he says as his fingers rub you over your wet panties. 

(Don’t read this if you don’t like sad WARNING)


The minutes tick by and you’re waiting for more than the 5 min Jimin promised you. You look at the clock wondering what could be taking so long. Quiet murmurs begin as you continue to wait for your doorbell to ring. 

“What’s taking them so long my goodness they were only 5 min away,” you whisper to Hailey who is hiding next to you.

All you hear are cars passing and the faint sound of a siren in the background. More time passes and you begin to worry why they are taking this long.

“I’m going to call Jimin and ask them where they are,” you tell everyone as you turn on the lights and begin to scroll through your contacts.

Just as you find Jimin’s name your phone rings and Jimin’s name is on the screen. You let out a laugh as you answer it.

“Jimin I was just about to call you! What is taking you guys so long? Did you guys get lost or something?” You ask.

“I’m sorry Y/N we’re at the hospital. We got hit by a car. Jungkook got hit bad,” Jimin sobs into the phone as you feel your heart stop at his words and your hold on the phone loosen. The phone falls to the ground as you do the same.

You feel nothing as an arm is put around you and hoisting you up. Everything is a blur and in seconds you’re in front of Jungkook. This body is broken and you feel broken too.


Sorry It’s past 12:30 am and I’m really tired. There might be spelling mistakes please understand. If you have any requests send them in. (If you want me to specifically do a request please write my name in it.) Goodnight everyone.

~Admin Kirsten

CEO!Luke Part 18

Y/N’s POV:

Today’s a new day. It’s time to get back to work. I missed it quite frankly. It’s about 6:15 AM right now and I’m in need of coffee to start my day off. I gradually get out of bed and my way to the kitchen. I grab a Dunkin Donut’s K-Cup and pop it into my Keurig hitting brew. My clothes for the day are already laid out on my couch and I have my purse ready to go so I don’t waste too much time. I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night because I kept on having tiny hot flashes which annoyed the crap out of me but I eventually fell asleep. Today I’m wearing black work pants with this cute violet top I bought at H&M. I slip off my PJ’s and toss them into my dirty laundry bin and put on a fresh pair of panties. I let out a sigh of relief unclipping my bra which is honestly the best feeling in the world. Honestly, I don’t want to wear a bra to work today but my top is kind of see through so that is not an option. I quickly put on a new bra and slip my top on and pants as well. Running over to my Keurig, I grab my thermal cup and pour my hot coffee into that so it doesn’t get cold. I twist the cap tight shut and place it near my door so I don’t forget it. 6:30 AM is shown on the clock as I have about 25 minutes to be on time for work. I speed walk into my bathroom doing my hair, makeup, and a pee break since I didn’t get to do that yet. As always, I add some waves into my hair creating some volume to it. I run my fingers through my hair a few times then apply my mascara. Finishing up, I look at myself in the mirror satisfied with how I look. I shut the light off in my bathroom and check my phone. No messages or missed calls. Just the picture of Luke and I in Vegas shining on my screen.

I throw my phone into my purse and put my heels on. After that, I grab my coffee and head out the door for work. Being back in the city makes me happy because every day is busy and exciting. Even though the sounds of car horns wake me up every morning, each day is different which I find so interesting. The traffic isn’t so bad this morning and it takes me about 5 minutes to get to work. I’m excited to see Clara and how she is holding up about being back at work. I laugh to myself knowing the minute she sees me, she’s going to complain right away. I pull into the building parking lot and park on the second floor. I usually get a spot on the first level but Eric the mail guy always steals my damn spot. I don’t mind though because there’s an elevator that takes me quickly to the lobby. I reach behind me to grab my work bag that has all my paperwork and stuff like that in it. I throw my keys in my purse and pull out some chapstick applying that to my lips. I get out and lock my car while walking to the elevator. About 3 minutes later, the doors open and I see my red headed best friend sitting looking lonely at her desk. She notices my presence and waves me over to her. “Good morning” I laugh. “I’m dead. I need to go home” she groans leaning back on her chair. “What’s wrong?” I ask her. “I woke up this morning around 3 because I had to pee and then I couldn’t get back to sleep and then Michael leaves for work around 5 which woke me up again so I’m exhausted!” she says rubbing her eyes. “And now I just smudged my mascara” she adds on. “Aw babe” I laugh at her. I pull out my extra mascara tube for touch ups and toss it onto her lap. “I love you. You know that right?” she asks me. “Yes! Now go fix those and get yourself some coffee” I tell her. “I will. How are you and little bean doing?” Clara asks referring to my belly.

“Well that is what I need to find out. I need to talk to Luke about scheduling an appointment because you know someone else got pregnant as well” I grit my teeth. “She sent me a text last night saying how Luke knocked us both up so let’s see which one he chooses” I laugh. “Ugh. Her and her little games” Clara scoffs retouching up her mascara. “I’m telling you Y/N. Something about this whole thing seems fishy to me. My Charlie Angel senses tell me that” she says. “Honestly I bet you’re right” I say looking around. “Well I gotta go upstairs. Wanna meet for lunch?” I ask her. “Of course! Does 12 work?” Clara asks. “Perfect. See you later!” I respond walking over to the elevators. I press the top floor where Luke’s office is. Butterflies start to tingle in my stomach. Anxious and excited to see him even though I was with him about 12 hours ago. The silver doors open and I walk down the small hallway to my desk. Luke’s door was closed and he wasn’t in any meetings until 9:30. I walk over to my desk and put my things on my chair. A pink sticky note sticks on the middle of my computer. “Morning Beautiful, I’d love it if you would come into my office when you are here :)”. I giggle at Luke’s little message as I rip off the note and walk over to his office. I knock 3 times waiting for an answer. “Come in!” I hear Luke say. I turn the knob and pop my head inside. I smile as I see him twiddling with a pen at his desk. “Thanks for the note” I laugh holding up the pink sticky note. “Hello Gorgeous!” he smiles getting up from his desk. The way he walks over to me makes me blush a little because he just looks so good today. Even on a Monday morning. I just stand where I am waiting for him to approach me. His hands come up to my face as he leans down placing his lips on mine kissing me hard but not too hard. I relax in his touch as he kisses me for a good solid 3 seconds then I pull away giggling. “Well good morning to you too” I smile looking at him. “I missed you Princess. I was lonely last night” he pouts then takes my hand leading me to a chair.

He walks around over to sit back at his desk as I sit down. “Aw I’m sorry. I hope it wasn’t too bad” I say to him. “I was going to call you but I didn’t because I knew you wanted some you time. But it was hard Love it was” he says. “Well I’m here now Lukey” I say. “Baby I touched myself literally seven times last night” Luke plainly says. “Luke!” I burst out. “What!? I couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t stop thinking about you and the way you-” he says. “Okay okay not now” I laugh standing up. “Is there anything I can get you Mr. Hemming’s?” I ask him. Luke stands up and fixes his suit walking over to me. “Yes there is Ms. Y/L/N. I need you to go out to dinner with me tonight” he says now standing right in front of me smirking. “On a Monday night Sir?” I ask. “We haven’t had a nice dinner just the two of us so yes tonight” Luke grins wrapping his arms around my waist. “Will we be able to discuss doctor appointments?” I ask grabbing onto his tie. “Of course. We do need to check out our little bean don’t we?” he smiles placing his hand on my stomach. The realization of it all still shocks me. I look back up at him and kiss him softly. “I love you Luke” I shyly say. “And I love you Sweetheart. There’s no need to be scared. I’m here okay?” Luke says. I nod and lean my head on his shoulder as Luke holds me in his arms. “Everything will be alright” he reassures me again. After a few seconds, I smile and lift my head off his shoulder. I grab his grey tie with my hands pulling him down. I kiss him once again for a few moments. Luke moans into the kiss as I bite his lower lip dragging it out. “Fuck baby” he whispers. I just giggle as I let his lip go. “What was that for?” he smirks. “For looking so good today” I laugh. “Oh well thanks Love. Have you looked at yourself today though baby? God you look so beautiful as always” he says spinning me around.

“Aha stop it!” I giggle. “Alright alright” he says. “On a serious note, will you please do me a tiny favor?” Luke asks me.“Yes I will. What is it that you need?” I ask. “To make a thirty copies of this file” he says walking over to his desk to grab a piece of paper. He hands me it as I look down at it. “Sure can do” I smile. “Great” Luke grins leaning down to kiss me. I put my finger to his lips stopping him. “No kissing on the job Mr. Hemming’s” I laugh. “Oh really? I think you just broke that rule about six seconds ago Ms. Y/L/N” he says. “Well Mr. Hemming’s, some rules are meant to be broken” I whisper right in his face. I turn on my heel and walk right out his door laughing to myself heading towards the copy room. Walking into the room, I roll my eyes seeing that Eric was photo copying a book. “Hey Y/N!” he says pushing up his glasses. “Eric” I say lifting up the of the copier. “How is your morning going?” he asks me. “Fine” I casually say. “You seem stressed. Drinking enough water?” he asks. Let me give you some information on Eric. First off his full name is Eric Sleeverman. He works as the causal mail guy pushing the cart around the halls delivering mail to everyone. He loves to wear button up flannels and skinny jeans everyday. Eric has a very fine interest in chemistry and math. So why is he working as a mail man? I have no idea. One thing I know is that he loves to take my parking spot in the morning. Every morning. Let’s resume now. “Yes Eric my bodily fluids are running perfectly today thank you for asking” I say clicking on a few buttons. “Uh well that’s good” he shyly says. “Yes” I respond. “God does this thing ever work?” I ask frustrated. “You need to add more paper Y/N” Eric says. “Oh” I say noticing the tiny red flashing light signalling it needs more paper. “Thanks” I add on. “No problem. Anyway did you hear about how Mr. Lincoln and his hot niece are coming for the whole week?” he asks me.

“Okay first of all, April isn’t hot and second yes I did know” I say while loading the printer with paper. “You know she’s faking her pregnancy?” Eric says. I whip my head up and look at him. “What!?” I say a little too loudly. “You haven’t noticed it?” he asks. “N-no! She is pregnant. I saw her with a growing bump. Luke even told me she showed him the ultrasound picture” I say. “Fake belly, fake picture” Eric says plainly. “What? How do you know all this!?” I ask. “I’m everywhere Y/N” he smiles closing the door. “Okay that sounds creepy” I say backing away. “Not like that Y/N. I meant I’m smart” Eric says. “Then how do you know she’s faking it?” I inquire him. “Here sit down” he says. I sit down at the table and so does Eric. “You probably don’t know this but I attend all of Luke’s meetings. My real name isn’t Eric, it’s Jeffrey” he says. “Whoa whoa whoa what!?” I say. “Are you apart of the FBI or something?” I ask. “No haha. Jeffrey is my real name and I just prefer Eric. I like the sound of it better” he tells me. “So Jeffrey as in the one who gave Luke his keys at the Gala?” I ask him. “Yes and the waiter whose bucket you threw up into” he laughs. “Luke told me you weren’t there though” I say. “He didn’t lie to you though Y/N. I was there because I was visiting my parents in LA and volunteered as a waiter to earn some money. I know it sounds weird and too good to be true but it’s the truth” he says. “Okay so how do you know she’s faking it? I say quickly. “With my own eyes I saw her put on a fake belly bump in her car as I was outback getting more ice. Like how dumb is she!?” he laughs. “And the picture is definitely fake” he adds on. “How?” I ask. “It’s her sister’s. She’s the one that’s pregnant and the ultrasound is hers as well” he says. “Oh my god!” I scoff.

“We have to tell Luke!” I say standing up. “Not yet!” Jeffrey says. “What? Why not?” I ask. “He has a meeting in like 3 minutes with Mr. Lincoln” he tells me. “Alright then I’ll tell him after” I say. “He has meetings all day Y/N so do it tonight” he responds. “Okay” I say. “Now I have to go attend that meeting which I’m dreading” he sighs. “Jeffrey you are a hero” I say hugging him. “Aha thanks!” he laughs. “Alright I’ll let you know what goes on later” Jeffrey tells me. “Awesome thank you!” I say walking out. I speed walk over to Luke’s office and place the copied files in his mailbox outside his door so he can have them for his meeting. I grab my phone and race downstairs to tell Clara the news. I see her typing away at her computer and my grin only gets bigger. “You were right” I tell her. “Right about what?” she turns to me. “April is faking her pregnancy” I tell her. “What!?” Clara shouts. “Sh!” I laugh looking around. “How do you know?” she asks me. “Eri-I mean Jeffrey told me. “The mail guy?” she asks. “Yup” I respond. “He told me that she uses a fake belly bump and shows everyone her sister’s ultrasound picture” I add on. “I knew something was fishy about this!” Clara says. “Are you going to tell Luke?” she asks. “I will later on after he finishes all his meetings” I tell her. “Ugh I just want to tell him now you know? That I’m the one pregnant with his child. That I’m the one you know? Not her” I sigh. “You are the one Y/N. I have always told you that. April’s little games will never work. No matter how hard she tries she will always fail” Clara says. “You’re right. Want to grab some lunch now?” I ask. “Yeah let’s go. I’m starving” she groans getting up. We both walk over to the food court and grab salads. I grab a Snapple to go along with my salad as we sit down at our usual table. “Have you and Luke discussed doctor’s appointments yet?” Clara asks me. “We are tonight” I tell her opening the container to my salad. “I wonder if your gonna have a boy or girl” she smiles pouring her dressing. “Aha we’ll just have to wait and see in a few weeks” I say sipping my drink.

“Psst” I hear. I turn around and see Jeffrey behind me with his laptop open. “Hi Jeffrey! Come sit with us” I offer him. He pulls up a chair next to Clara and I. “Hi Clara” he smiles. “Hey Jeffrey” she says back. “How did the meeting go?” I ask him. “It was good. We talked about construction dates for the Lincoln hotel and April wouldn’t stop asking questions” he sighs. “What kind of questions?” Clara asks. “Questions that had nothing to do with the meeting. She asked about where her and Luke are going to live and all that crap when the whole time you can see the fake maternity strap showing on the side of her dress” he laughs. “Oh wow” Clara scoffs. “I would have said something to her but Mr. Lincoln was giving me the death glare” Jeffrey says. “One thing I do know is that she is trying get Luke’s money. That’s was her only goal from the beginning and she is only making it worse for herself by now faking a pregnancy” he adds on. “That’s fraud!” I say. “Exactly she can either get sued or arrested by doing this” he tells us. “And so can Mr. Lincoln for hiding this since he is a family member and a very big CEO of his own company. So in the end, they both go down” Jeffrey says pushing up his glasses. “Jeffrey are you working for the FBI?” Clara asks. “No! I’m just the mail guy who has very great detective skills” he laughs. “That’s what I thought at first” I giggle. “So what do we do now?” Clara asks. “Well Luke still has a couple more hours of meetings. So I say that you Y/N tell him everything I told you earlier later on to him and then maybe tomorrow we can set a plan” Jeffrey says. “Okay sounds good!” I smile eating the last piece of salad. “I better get up for that meeting” Jeffrey says standing up. “Thank you again!” I smile and he nods walking over to the elevators. “Oh shit” Clara says. “I know” I sigh leaning back. “I honestly can’t wait to tell him!” I smile. Clara returns a smile as we both walk over to the trash and throw away our containers. “I’ll see you later” I tell her walking upstairs. 

6:45 PM

I have been working on a few files that Clara asked me to type up for her. I haven’t seen Luke since this morning and my nerves are only getting bigger and bigger. I click print and wait until three sheets of paper come out of the printer. I grab them and race down to give them to her since Luke is almost out of his meeting. Half of the building usually leaves by now while the other half stays late due to their different job positions. “Hey I have these for you” I tell Clara handing her over the papers. “Great thank you so much! Are you going to go tell Luke now?” she asks me. “Yup!” I smile. “Well good luck! Call me later okay?” she asks. “Yes I will! Bye babe!” I say racing up to go tell Luke the great news. I almost trip on my heels in the hallway since I’m walking so fast. I say a friendly hello to a few businessmen as they pass by me. They must of been leaving the last meeting of the day. My smile grows bigger and bigger as I get closer and closer to Luke’s office. I decide to collect my things before Luke and I head back to his place for the night. I wrap my purse around my shoulder grabbing my keys off my desk. I take a deep breath before turning the knob of Luke’s door. The biggest smile plasters on my face as I open the door. “Luke! Guess wha-. Oh my god!” I step back as my eyes couldn’t deal with the sight in front of me. April straddling Luke’s waist right in front of me kissing his lips. “Luke!?” I ask with disgust. Luke whips his head off and looks over at me with wide eyes. “Y/N! No it’s not what yo-” he tries to say. “Oh it’s exactly what it looks like!” I say with tears forming in my eyes. Luke pushes April off of him as I run out the door the best I can. “Y/N wait!” Luke calls after. “I’m not waiting for you Luke!” I cry out not holding in my tears anymore. He catches up to me and grabs my arm pulling me towards him. “Baby it wasn’t what it looked like” he says to me with pleading eyes. “You were kissing her back Luke!” I say. “She came onto me the second you came in! I’m not lying Y/N” Luke says. “I just want to go home Luke!” I cry trying to stop my tears. “Y/N please believe me! I wouldn’t do that to you” Luke responds. I shake my head and just turn away from him. “Goodnight Luke” I mumble leaving him there alone.

That was Part 18 for ya! Yes I know more drama sowwy! :( but anyway I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think and let me know if you want a part 19 even though I will be making one! I love you all and thank you so much for your support! Xx

Btw if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all cause there’s no point! :) 

In Wildest Dreams

Summary: Katniss Everdeen returns to the big screen after a nine-year hiatus. Everything is fine until she finds herself falling for her irresistibly charming co-star, Peeta Mellark. Only problem is he isn’t hers to want. Based on Taylor Swift’s music video “Wildest Dreams”

Prompt: Thorns

Rated E for sex and infidelity

Shoutout to dandelion-sunset and papofglencoe for betaing. This story would be nothing without your advice and suggestions. You ladies are amazing!

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So let me tell you a little something about this new aerie/american eagle campaign. Today I went to ae to get some desperately needed jeans. I loathe trying on clothes because they normally don’t fit how I want and pants that fit right are hard to find. But today, I got into that dressing room and saw this. The mirror says “The girl in this mirror has not been retouched. The real you is sexy." Seeing this before I tried on my clothes made me start crying. I have gone through some real shit with bullying and hating my image and everything about me. I used to have a lot of trouble with self-confidence and had low self-esteem. But this company has made a difference because they’re not afraid to be real and show real women. They carry all sizes and even have the best fucking bras on earth. So as it turns out, I got in there, tried on pants, and they all fit! I was so glad to see this new campaign through the store. It was so uplifting, so I had to take a picture of that moment for whenever I’m feeling down. I can look at this picture and remember the feeling I had when I walked into that dressing room. I thought "wow this place is where I fit in, this is where I can get clothes that make me feel cute AND comfortable with my body.” It reminded me to love myself. Thank you aerie and american eagle. You are the ones girls should be looking up to.