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Pair : Jared x Reader friendship
A/N : I know I was suppose to post the daydream nation, but with all of the Tweets about Jared, I just needed to show some love.

This is for you. And for Jared. To always remember to keep fighting.


There was tension in the air, and you could feel something wasn’t right.

Sure everyone was happy and smiley, but when it came to Jared, you knew something was off. And as his best friend, you knew you had to do whatever it took to help him through whatever it was he going through.

“Hey moose!” You muttered, gently bumping your hip against his.

His eyes shot up to yours, and forced a soft smile.

“H-hey.” He exhaled.

You took a seat next to him and slipped your hand into his.

“I love you Jared. You know that right?” You whispered, slightly squeezing his hand.

He let out a long breath and you could tell he was battling his tears.
“I know. I love you too Y/N.” He smiled.

It hurt you to watch him this way. To see so much pain in his eyes. If you could, you would take his pain away and put it on you.

He wasn’t in it as usual. His mind was else where, and you were going to do whatever it took to help him.

“Come on.” You whispered, pulling him up.

“W-where are we going?” He hesitated.

You flashed an innocent smile and shrugged your shoulders.
“You’ll see.”


Knowing Jared, you knew he struggled with depression, which you knew he couldn’t just snap out of.

So you decided to take it to the fandom. Ask everyone to show support and let him know just how much he was loved.

“Ready?” You asked.

Jared sat in front of a laptop, looking confused as ever.

“I-I’m not sure what’s going on here.” He muttered.

Without another word, you opened the laptop, which showed all the tweets you have received in just an hour.

His eyes locked with the screen, almost completely filled with tears.

You knew you couldn’t help him alone, you needed the help of everyone he’s ever touched. So he could see just how important he is to this world.

“I-I don’t understand, what is this?” His voice trembled. A silent tear, shedding from his eye.

You sat in front of him, taking his hands into yours.

“Don’t you get it? You’re so important to us, to all of us. All these people here, your fans, they need you. And I just wanted you to remember that.” You stammered.

Those words stitched into his head, making him lose himself. As tears fell harder and faster. He couldn’t breathe, as his knot grew tighter in his throat.

You mirrored his actions, and sobbed along with him. Pulling him in as close as you can, he rested his head on your shoulder.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

Though you knew it wasn’t going to fix him right away, it was a start. And in some way, you knew Jared would fight through and come out stronger, not because of the love and support from his friends and family, but also from all of the people in the fandom.

It’s because of you and everyone else, he will always keep fighting.

Imagine : Let Her Go - Part Two

It’s been another week since your break up with Stiles and even if he was rarely at school during the week, you were still thinking about him. The worst is that you’re all alone in your house and it’s friday night. You parents aren’t here and you don’t know what to do, being drunk every weekend is not your goal and you’re not in the mood to party anyway. But you still wanted to go outside so you took your jacket and your phone and you left.

Walking to the nearest coffee which was still a little bit far from your house, you felt like someone was behind you but everytime you would turn around, there was nobody. You sighed, you always were a little paranoid so you tried to relax but you weren’t feeling safe no matter how hard you tried to think of something else. You started to walk faster, you hated this feeling.

You could see the coffee and you felt less nervous but before you could come in, someone put his hand on your mouth and pushed you towards the alley. You wanted to scream but you could not and you tried your hardest to hurt the stranger but nothing was working. You could tell it was a man because this person was really strong and before you had the chance to think of something else, he slapped you and the last thing you saw was two red eyes.

“Lydia ? Lydia c’mon are you even listening ?” Stiles asked, completely annoyed.

She didn’t reply, completely in another world. She was writing your name on a paper without even noticing it but Stiles did notice.

“Lydia ? Why are you writing her name ?” He said suddenly sad. Working on supernatural case helped him to forget about you, that’s what he did the whole week but now, it was impossible to concentrate.

“What ?” She said confuse, she woke up from her trance. She was not normal, nothing was normal for her since you left the pack but right now, she felt something bad was about to happen or it was already done.

“I- I don’t know..” She added weak. You, her and Allison were close and it was hard for her.

“What do you mean you don’t know ?” Stiles was now annoying Lydia.

“Stiles ! You’re not the only who lose someone okay ? (Y/N) was my best friend, it’s not only hard for you, it is for us too !” She said standing up, angry and nervous at the same time and she didn’t know why. Stiles saw that Lydia wasn’t normal and even if he tried to ignored the feeling, he knew that Lydia was about to scream, because he knew something happened to you. Everytime she would act like that, Stiles knew it was because of something dangerous.

“Do you want to scream ?” He whispered but it was loud enough for Lydia and the second after she screamed.

Seconds later, Scott came down. “Why did you scream ?” He asked distraught.

“It’s (Y/N) ..” Stiles said, anxious.

“Stiles, we are going to find her. It’s okay.”

“You know it’s not when Lydia scream.” He had tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to find your body, all he has done would mean nothing if he find you dead. He couldn’t lose you like that. The break up would be nothing compared to your death.

“We are going to find her alive.” Said Scott determined.

While Scott and Stiles were looking for some help, you were tied to a chair and the place was dark, you couldn’t see a thing.

“Well someone just woke up.” You heard someone but you couldn’t see him. Now you could tell he was a man but this was not that important. Will you survive ? Will he kill you ? What about your family ? Your friends..

“Why am I here ?” You asked anxious.

“That’s a good question actually.” He said. “I guess you will see by yourself.” He took away the cloth on yours eyes, you were finally able to see. You never see the man before, actually he was maybe about your age or probably a little bit older but that’s all which surprised you.

“You will kill me ?” You asked even if you didn’t know how you could still speak because you were scared as fuck.

“I hope I don’t have too, you’re really pretty..” He said touching your cheek, causing you to move your head away. “But it all depends on Scott.” He smirked.

“Scott ? What are you talking about ?”

He didn’t answer, leaving you all alone as he walked away.

“ANSWER ME !” You screamed, tears in your eyes. “HELP ME !”

You woke up because of a voice. At first, you thought you were dreaming but when you saw clearly where you were, you started to cry. You cried so much earlier that you must have fallen asleep.

“Finally.” He said when he saw you were awake. “I need you to be awake.”

“Wh-Why ?”

He slapped you in the face, making you gasp. “Because I need you to be a little bit injured so Scott would join my pack, we all know Scott would do anything to save his friends.” He smirked, and you were lost.

“A pack ?” You asked.

“Aw sweetheart, they didn’t tell you ?”

Your heartbeats are getting faster, you wanted to run but you couldn’t, you wanted this to be a nightmare so you will wake up soon but you knew it was not a dream.

“Why are you scared ? Nothing happened yet sweetheart.” He laughed and you were angry.

“Stop calling me sweetheart you asshole !” You shouted. “You fucking need help !”

“Shut the fuck up !” He yelled with a deep and dangerous voice, it sounded like it was another person speaking and you were really afraid. He slapped you even harder, making you scream.

He was about to hurt you again but the door opened at the right time.

“Don’t touch her !” Someone yelled and you knew who it was. You raised your head but your view was blurry because of the tears.

“St-Stiles ?” You whispered more for yourself, it was impossible for anyone to hear it but Scott answered which surprised you.

“We are here (Y/N), it’s going to be okay.”

“You wish.” Your kidnapper said. “I’ll let her go only if you join my pack Scott.”

“What are you talking about ?!” You yelled.

“I said shut the fuck up !” He yelled back, punching you one more time.

“I’ll kill you” Stiles mumbled already walking with his baseball bat toward the werewolf.

“No.” Scott stopped him. “Stiles, you need to stay calm. I can’t save her if I have to look after you. We do this together.”

“You’re funny Scott.” The other werewolf said. “You think a human can do something against me ? You think you can save her and protect him at the same time ?” He asked already knowing the answer.

“I can fight you.” Scott said, showing his red eyes and claws. He was ready to jump on him but the werewolf stopped him.

“Think Scott. If you do one move, I kill her.”

“Why would you think I’d join you if you kill her ?” Scott asked while Stiles was dying inside.

“If you join me, she’s alive. It’s simple.”

“Scott..” Stiles said, “don’t.”

“So you want her dead ?” He was now behind you, his hand around your throat. You could see Stiles having tears in his eyes and it was killing you, you really thought you were going to die.

“C-can I.. ask you a favor ?” You whispered to your kidnapper.

“What do you want sweetheart ?” He asked loud enough to make Stiles angry. He could hear his heartbeats and it was funny to him.

“If I.. have to die..” You whispered, tears running down your cheeks. “I want to die in his arms. I want to speak to Stiles before.. before I-” You cried, unable to finish your sentence.

“How cute is this ? She wants to die in your arms buddy.” He said to Stiles, laughing.

It killed Stiles, he couldn’t stay here doing nothing. He took his baseball bat firmly and threw it in the air but your kidnapper caught it in such a easy way, it seemed impossible to you.

He laughed, “rea-” 

He was cut off by Scott who jumped on him while Stiles ran to you.

“It’s okay (Y/N), we are here. I’m here.” He said. “Did he touch you ? Hurt you ?” He asked in such a hurry that it was hard to follow him but you were used to it.

“No..” You lied, watching the guy you love removing the strings around you.

“It’s not true..” He sighed. “You have hematoma..” He added angrily.

“The things he said..” You looked at Scott fighting but Stiles took your head in his hands, turning your head toward him. “Focus on me (Y/N)”

“I don’t understand..” You said, a tear running down your cheek.

“I.. I will explain later okay ? Everything.” Stiles said, “but right now, what is important is you, we need to leave.”

He helped you to stand up and you started to run. Stiles knew that Scott was strong enough to fight alone.

You both came into Stiles jeep, waiting for Scott. You didn’t really realize what happened but what surprised you the most was Stiles, it was like he was used to it.

“What was this ?” You asked angry. “You think you’re a hero or something ? Why didn’t you call the police ? This i-”

“I didn’t wanted to tell you because I was afraid you would get hurt.. But I guess.. It always happen.”

“What ? For god sake, can you tell me something true for once !”

“What if you don’t believe me ?”

“Stiles !” You cried. “I got kidnapped so can you please..”

“Okay.. But first, seriously I did this to protect you.”

“Stiles..” you sighed.

“Scott and I were in the woods one night and to make it short.. He got bitten.”

“Bitten ?”

“By a wolf, well a werewolf actually, an alpha..” You gave him a death glare and he sighed. “I swear.. I know it sound crazy but it’s true ! (Y/N) think about it, you never thought that Beacon Hills was a supernatural place ? You never saw strange things ? It’s not even the right time to tell you that, you just got.. kidnapped and.. I thought I was about to lost you and it killed me.. I just..”

“Stiles..” You murmured. “I don-”

He kissed you, with so much passion.  You realized you needed him right now, more than anything. You missed his lips, his touch, his smell. You cried during the kiss but he never stopped kissing you. He wanted to show you how much he loved you.

One day, I’ve spent some time in silence, just staring at the ocean. I look at the waves as they break onto the beach and I notice how they drift away and pull against the stream, overlapping with each other.

I can’t help but think how they are kind of like the push and pull of a relationship. How people come together from different places to meet. One person may be up and the other’s down, but somehow they always meet somewhere in the middle, only to change again and restart the process. You rise and fall, meeting at different places and time, until you eventually crash. But it’s only temporary because once you hit the bottom; you shift to rise back up again. I know for certain that is how my relationship with Paul has been since we met.

It’s funny to think how much things have changed since we’re kids. I say kids even though it was only a year ago cos I certainly don’t feel like that person anymore. I’ve grown up; probably a lot faster than I would’ve liked to, but I think I’m a real matured person now. I have responsibilities, like graduating college, and I have already my future to plan out. It should feel scary as hell, but having Paul with me, it doesn’t.

Sometimes I worry that he still needs those years of youth where you just mess around and fuck up all the time, having no clue of what you’re doing or where you’re going. I feel like he hasn’t necessarily experienced all that yet, but hopefully we’ll get more of it when we’re together again because I honestly wanted to make some more memories with him. At least, that’s the way I am picturing it.

Lazy, lazy morning sex. - Michael Clifford (submitted by Eleanor)

Your eyes slowly open up to the eyes you fell in love with. He looks at you with confusion and you try to turn around but he stops you.
“We’re you dreaming of us?” He quietly asks you and you slightly nod your head.
“Scoot over baby.” He says and your heart skips a beat. You’ve missed his cute baby names he gives you. You listen to him and roll over on the other side and he lays by you on his side starring into your eyes. He places his hand on your cheek and sighs.
“I’ve missed being able to touch you.” He says in a whisper and you close your eyes and lay into his hand and hum. The feeling of his warmth brought butterflies to your stomach. You turn your face and kiss the inside of his hand.
“I miss this Michael,” you look up at him and he gives you a small smile “I miss just feeling the slightest touch from you. I miss the feeling of your lips on mine and how my stomach erupts with butterflies whenever you hold me.” You say and you get closer to him. He stares at you lips as he leans into you.
“I’ve missed this too.” He says before he gently applies his soft lips onto yours. You smile in the kiss as you begin to climb on top of him. You pull away and adjust your self and begin to rub your hands over his chest and bite your lip.
“Fuck your so beautiful.” Michael says as he pulls you down and connects your lips with his. You grab his hands and place them on your butt and he squeezes and makes you grind onto him. You could feel his member begin rubbing against you. You both moan as the kiss begins to get sloppy. Michael grabs you by the waist and rolls you around so he could be on top and begins to start kissing down your face to your neck. As he sucks your sweet spot you moan and begin to pull on his hair knowing how much he loved it. He bites every time you pull and you loved the feeling of his teeth sinking into your skin and knowing that there will be a mark tomorrow morning.
“I need you now.” You moan in Mikey’s ear and he disconnects his lips from your neck and rips your shirt off.
“Sorry.” He says his voice being corse. You roll your eyes and giggle and he smirks and starts at your neck and slowly goes down your body. Kissing every spot on your body making you arch your back. You feel his hand get closer to your wetness in your panties. You moan loudly as you feel a finger rub over your panties and he begins to lock down your stomach as he rubs faster.
Your hands clinch the sheets as his tongue gets lower and lower. You feel him slowly pull down your panties and the warmness of his breath fan over your throbbing clit begging for him.
“Fuck.” You whisper as your back arches. Michaels tongue runs over your clit slowly and his lips attach onto it and he pulls and makes a popping noise. He sucks and shakes his head making you clit move all over. This makes you go crazy. You wanted no needed more. You wanted to fuck you so hard that you scream so loud that the neighbors freak out.
You feel something enter inside you and mikey begins pumping two fingers in and out of you making you moan. You feel your walls begin to close but he stops before you got to far. He licks up your body all the way to your lips and kisses you sweetly. He stops and takes off his underwear and you watch as his long fat member pops out. Before he got back on top of you you sit up.
“Lay down.” You demand and he arches his eyebrow but does as he’s told. He lays down and places his arms behind his neck and watches you closely as you get on top of him. You kiss his chest and slide down his body and wrap your hand around his member. He takes in a sharp breath. The feeling of your hand on his member excited him and left him wanting more. You lock your eyes on his as you slowly pump and go down. You kitten lick his head and he moans as his hand finds its way in your hair. He pushes you down making you take him in. You go with it and go up and down choking every once in a while.
“Fuck I’m gonna cum.” You hear mikey say and you stop. You get up and kiss him as you line up with him. He grabs you by the hips and guides you down. As you feel him enter inside you you moan. You feel your pussy stretch as you go all the way down. You begin hoping up and down. The pain of his huge member slamming into you felt amazing and you grind against him. He moans loudly as he pushes you against him even more.
“Fuck.” He whispers as you place your hands on his chest and pick up your speed. You both begin to get sloppy and you feel warmth enter inside of you as you both scream.
You hop off him and lay down. He looks over at you and smiles hugely. You laugh and lightly hit his chest.
“God I’ve missed the sex the most.” He says as he pulls you into his arms and you laugh even more.
“Fuck you.” You say.
“Okay well do round two in an hour let me rest baby. I love you.” He whispers making butterflies that you’ve missed. You begin to fall asleep with a smile on your face. Being in his arms again made you happy and feeling his touch made you go crazy but you loved it.