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‘Reflecting’ on an infinite universe.

I can imagine Pigde’s adventure starting to get to her. The more space she explores, the more her universe expands, and the more places where her family isn’t. A game with chances of a thousand-to-one becomes billions-to-one, and she keep losing. The amount of  space between her an her family just keeps getting bigger.

Also the transparent looks good.


Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis

Aaand here’s what I’ve been working on! Sorry it’s a day late, I’m a bit slow at drawing. It’s not really that good. That background is waaaay too plain. Well, it was fun either way. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! c:

headcanon dump

LeFou has a hard time falling asleep unless he hears the sound of Gaston snoring. For some reason it sends him off to sleep. It comforts him.

He doesn’t mind his sleeping arrangements at all. The closet he resides in is rather spacious compared to his diminutive size. Growing up as poor as he did, anything is a blessing.

Upon moving into the castle, he’s taken aback at how spacious even the servant’s quarters are. He’s set up in one of the towers– with a large window and view of the stars. Eventually a telescope shows up in his quarters, though he’s not figured out who it’s from.

The first few nights in the castle he grabbed his sheets and blankets off the bed and slept in the adjacent closet. Yet he couldn’t get to sleep.

After Gaston’s fall he spent many restless nights wandering the halls. He mourned in his own way, the way men should mourn. By internalizing. Belle and Mrs Potts are the only people he’ll let himself cry around.

Despite being encouraged otherwise, he went looking for Gaston’s body. The portly man was determined to give his oldest friend a proper burial, despite his selfish actions. Yet he never found the body. Part of him hopes Gaston is still alive out there. That he finds happiness.

He cannot swim. As much as he’d like to learn, the idea of being in water frightens him. A bath once in a while is all he manages.

Much like Gaston, he’s a bit prideful of his appearance. There were a few habits he picked up from his former friend, ones he continues long after his demise. He brushes his hair with one hundred strokes every night before bed and polishes his shoes every other morning.

After moving into the castle, he cuts back on drinking considerably. His complexion brightens and the bags under his eyes slowly fade. Jacques eats healthier, too.

Once brought into the staff, he requests his first name be used– and it is, without question. It makes him feel quite at home.

He struggles with his illiteracy but with hard work quickly takes to reading. Whenever he can’t sleep he goes to the library and finds a children’s book to read. With help from Belle, he picked up on it even better. In less than a month, he was reading entire books on his own.

Writing… was a challenge. He’d learned how to sign his name– but that was always just a flurry of scribbles. His mother wasn’t wealthy enough to send him to school. 

Yet he tries his hardest, and while his writing looks like a chicken danced across the page, he manages to learn quite well. 

His intellect only grows after being exposed to books– he studies the stars he’d admired so often, learns their names and how to read them. Becomes obsessed with the movements of the heavenly bodies.

His love of the stars had always been a part of him– whenever he felt down he’d look to the skies and imagine himself among those dots of light. 

He is entirely unaware of the fact that he is extremely bright. Perhaps if his desire for knowledge had been fostered at a younger age, he could have grown to be a true genius.

This is art for @dezinformatsia’s lovely fanfic Wrong Number (seriously, go read it). I had so much fun working on this, and might have added more symbolism in the composition and colour choices than strictly necessary. I just couldn’t help myself.

I hope you like it! Enjoy! <3



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To all my trans followers

I love you all, and I know dysphoria is shit and all that.
To all my chubby or feminine transmen: you are all the manliest bunch ever. I love you all. Most men don’t have sixpacks or log like bodies. You’re all handsome af
To all my stocky built transwomen: you all are beautiful and amazing. A lot of gorgeous woman have stocky or rock like builds and they’re all amazing!
To all my nonbinary followers and everything else: you’re amazing and stunning.
I love you all so much. The dysphoria will pass!!

i’ll make a more official post when people might be awake, but!! that novella i’ve been working on, that i started like….a year ago and then didn’t touch forever?

It has just finished going through it’s almost final stage of editing. I’m hoping to get it through beta-reading if I can, but I am extremely happy with it and so so so excited!

can we have klance but instead of lance joking about keiths music taste he respects it

In case you needed a hug today, here’s one from Dipper and Mabel :)

Stay strong guys! And never forget about love and how it always wins over hate.


Tried really hard to get a drawing video done, but I think I just bit off more than I could chew today. I haven’t been drawing much this week and throwing myself into making a video worked more against me than I wanted. But I gave it a damn good effort and I’m proud of that. Will try to get something done in the next few days or so.