i need to get back to the hannibal meme

i need new blogs to follow

so if ya post some of the following, like and/or reblog this and i’ll check your blog out. you don’t gotta follow me back if you don’t want to, no stress

  • supernatural (destiel, no cockles)
  • hannibal (hannigram)
  • true detective
  • fargo fx (wrenchers)
  • american gods
  • gmm/rhett and link (rhink)
  • dan and phil (phan)
  • the walking dead
  • *x:~¤ aesthetic ¤~:x*
  • dank memes dank memes

i hope your blog is mainly positive & lgbtq+ friendly, i get that we all have bad days and some things get under our skin, but i don’t want too much wank on my dash, thank uuu~!