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Request: hii if you’re still doing the the drabble game; Hoseok+24+34+35 ^^ 

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Genre: Drabble « touchy-idk-what-this-is

Word Count: 1.007

Quotes Used: 

24. “Well, I usually want to be bought dinner first, but I can make an exception.”                                                                                                       34. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”                       35. “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” 

A/N: I’m so happy to finally have something up again even though it’s only a drabble. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed this and I hope you enjoy this short little piece of something

Sighing, you lifted your cup of coffee up to your lips, taking one big gulp, trying to mentally prepare yourself for what was about to come. The dark, hot and bitter drink made its way down your throat, sending a feeling of pure happiness through your bones, making a small smile appear on your lips.

“You can do this (Y/N)”, you whispered to yourself. “All you have to do is to write the conclusion and your essay is done. No more worrying.”

It had been weeks since you last slept through a night without waking up every few hours, worrying about your final paper not being good enough. Your teacher was one of the stricter ones, always badgering you over the smallest mistakes and no matter how hard you tried, he always made eighty percent of his students fail his classes. Sometimes you wondered if he might be some sadistic jerk, enjoying the mental pain he was causing all of his students. 

Today had been a quiet Sunday afternoon, so you had spent all morning wrapping up the main part of your essay. Looking over all of your notes scattered over the coffee shop table, you were now trying to find your final words to finally conclude it all.

Being deep into your own thoughts, you didn’t notice that someone made his way over to your table, making himself comfortable on the opposite side of you. His eyes were glued onto your furrowed eyebrows and tiny wrinkles on your forehead, while yours moved frantically in between the sheets of paper your fingers were holding.

“Where did I put..”, you murmured to yourself, finishing the sentence in your head, before you heard a soft chuckle coming from across from you. Quickly, you looked up, eyes wide in surprise.

“Hobi”, your tired voice exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were coming!”

Another chuckle followed the first one as he held up his phone. “I tried calling you but you didn’t pick up, so I guessed you’d be here.”

You pouted, remembering that you left your phone at home on purpose so you could focus more on the essay. Always getting distracted by your phone needed to stop, so some harsh consequences had to follow.

“I left it at home, so I could focus on my essay. You know how easily I always get distracted”, you whined, already turning back to the papers you were still holding in your hands.

“But jagi, you’ve been working on this essay for weeks, can’t we do something together today? I miss you”, Hoseok stretched the last part one purpose, letting out his cute side and trying to get you to comply.

You ignored his comment, trying not to give into his scam even though the small smile on your lips already gave you away. Hoseok recognized that move and switched seats, slumping down onto the free seat right next to you, moving closer inch by inch. His breath tickled your neck as he gently placed his hand on top of your upper thigh, caressing it softly.

“Jung Hoseok. Stop. I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me”, you groaned and flicked his hand away, scooting over to the opposite side.

He let out a heartfelt laugh and leaned back onto his chair. “Okay okay, no more distracting. I’m just going to sit here and wait until you’re done.”

Turning your face to him, you shot him a thankful smile. “I promise, if I get into it, I’ll be done in no time!”

Minutes later, Hoseok’s eyes were still glued on your face, examining every single movement as you concentrated on your work. Letting out exasperated sighs here and there, taking sips from your coffee to try and stay concentrated, you little by little got further done with the essay. 

Not even noticing how close Hoseok had gotten again, you jumped as he whispered into your ear: “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?

You slapped his chest, eyes wide as he bit his lip. “Damnit why’d you scare me like that? I was so into this text!”

“You should be into me, not into some philosophical text”, he grinned, leaning closer and stopping millimeters away from your face, making you feel his hot breath on your cheeks.

“Hobi”, you breathed out, feeling his hand creep up your thigh again, coming dangerously close to your private parts. “Not now, I told you I’ll have time for you as soon as I finish this.”

A shaky breath left your lips, as his fingers gently rubbed against your clothed core, making you turn your head if anybody had noticed what your boyfriend was doing. Luckily, none of the few customers that were there, cared enough to look up from their laptops.

“When was the last time that we made each other feel good, huh (Y/N)?”, Hoseok whispered, as he turned your head with his free hand to look back at him. “This could be a very good stress reliever, you know”, he smirked, cocking one eyebrow up at you.

“Who says I’m stressed?”, you asked in return, trying to stay strong and finish your essay instead of complying to your boyfriend’s - and your - needs.

“Oh please”, he laughed. “Even a blind man could sense how stressed you are (Y/N). This is not good for you, you shouldn’t be stressing like this over a simple piece of paper.”

His index finger, slipped into your leggings, making you gasp in shock and anticipation. This boy had some skills you had completely forgotten.

Quickly, you saved your last document, slamming the laptop shut and packing everything into your bag. “Let’s just go before I change my mind and regret this later on”, you rushed and waited for Hoseok to follow your example by standing up.

Instead, he raised his eyebrows at you, a smug smile on his face before getting up in slow-motion, grabbing your bag. “Well, I usually want to be bought dinner first, but I can make an exception.” 

How to write a college paper

I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t have a ton of time for homework. I work and go to school full-time and I try to balance all that work out with a social life, but homework has to be done. Recently I had to write a final paper, and I did a bad thing and procrastinated. But I got it done on time, it fully answered the prompt, and it sounded like I had been working on it for weeks!

First step is getting the prompt down. I copy and paste it right off my professor’s online syllabus so I don’t miss a thing. Then, I break down the prompt into sections.

Then I go to my research. Because this particular prompt was on my own experience in excavating, I didn’t have any sources. But normally after each point I would put the source so I know exactly where to go when I start fleshing out my ideas.

After I get down my main points in each section, I start really delving into my paragraphs. In some cases, each section can represent its own paragraph. Other sections I might combine if there isn’t enough information for it to stand on its own. This is also the step where I format the paper correctly and delete the prompt from the top of the page. I put in my introduction and conclusion, and pretty much get it to where I feel good about the paper. It is not ready though!

Once I’ve gotten to this point, I take a break. Sometimes I’ll send my essay to my parents or a friend to look over and see where I need to explain things better. I did send this one to both my parents, since it’s a final paper and the majority of my grade in the class.

Once my parents have looked over it, they send it back to me with comments highlighted. I look over what they had to say, where they were confused or wordage they just didn’t like, and edit my paper. I don’t always take every suggestion they make, but they do tend to draw my attention to places that really did need help.

The final product! It’s an essay I feel good about, it sounds professional, and it was written in 2 days! (I do not recommend waiting until the last minute though. These are the steps I take with every paper I write, but usually I try to start 2 weeks before it’s due. Especially if I need to do a bunch of research beforehand).

This paper did get me a good grade in the class, I got a B.

Who Are You?

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Pairing: Sirius X reader

Rated: K+

Genre: Humor/ Romance( little romance, flirting)

Summary: Sirius Black has decided to hit on the reader and she’s not taking any of his shit. 

A/N: The gif above makes me giggle so hard. It’s perfect for the story though there is no physical violence kiddies!

by: bigeyes-redmouth

“Your eyes are blue like the ocean and baby, I’m lost at sea,” Sirius said, leaning over your work table with a charming smile on his face. You stared up at him, ignoring your friend, Macy’s attempt to stifle her giggles. 

“My eyes are brown.” You said dead panned, turning your attention back to the book you had been reading.   

You could hear him spluttering and Macy choking on her laughter.   

You froze as a hand pressed down against your book, effectively blocking your words. You slowly stared at a confused, but determined dead Marauder. 

“But your eyes are blue! I clearly can see it,"   

"And it’ll be the last thing you’ll see if you don’t get your hands off my book,” You said calmly.   

He immediately took a step back, his hands palm up on either side of his head. You bit back the urge to call him a good boy. He wasn’t an animal, despite having the manners of one. 

“Can I help you?” You asked politely, trying to smoothen out a wrinkle he caused in one of the pages. If Madame Pince found out, you would probably be banned from the library for life.   

“I noticed you were in my Herbology class,” Sirius began, his bravado seeping back into his voice. 

You rolled your eyes. “Guilty as charge." 

He looked confused for a moment – Purebloods – but pushed on. "And I was wondering why I’m just getting to meet you now in our fifth year." 

You snorted. Wizards and muggle boys were all alike. "Probably because my boobs grew bigger."   

Macy fell off her chair laughing, her face steadily turning red as she clutched her sides. Madame Pince was definitely coming now. 

You swished your wand and silenced her.   

Turning back to face the annoying Marauder, you were surprised to find he fell silent, his grey eyes staring widely at you. 

So it is possible to shut him up. You were very pleased with yourself.

"Now if you don’t mind, I really need to back to my transfiguration essay.” You said firmly, pulling your half-finished essay closer to you.   

Sirius watched you with an odd expression for a moment before finally walking away. You could practically hear the heavenly choirs singing.

You heard a tap on the table and turned to see Macy trying to get your attention, pointing at her mouth. You reversed the spell. 

“Ohh, [Y/N], you’re never going to get rid of him now,” Macy said solemnly, though her eyes were twinkling at you.   

Your hand froze on top of the ink pot.   

“What do you mean?” You asked slowly.   

“No one has ever turned down Sirius before,” Macy explained, grabbing her own essay. “You’re the first and he doesn’t seem the type to let things go." 

You groaned. Just what you needed.

Hush Hush- Chapter 12

Previous chapters 

Finally, class was over. I was eager to get out of there because the essay to make up for my failing grade was due today, so I needed to lock myself in my room and finish it before the deadline. I should have just skipped class really, but we get graded for attendance too. I shoved my books into my bag and quickly left along with everyone else. I still hadn’t managed to make any friends in class. Then again, I wasn’t really trying.

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In which Scorpius is just trying to do his astronomy homework, and a certain redhead with a death wish gets in the way.

Scorpius Malfoy really, really hated heights. Even when sitting at a perfectly safe distance in the astronomy tower, one look down was enough to make him feel ill. Which was why tonight he was keeping his eyes fixed on the sky, though that could also have been due to the fact he had an astronomy essay due the next day and his star charts were woefully poor and in need of an update.

“Urgghh,” he groaned to himself, adding another sentence to his paragraph and desperately trying to work out where the stars were when the essay had been set, which was almost a month ago. This wasn’t like Scorpius. He always had his homework in on time, never drew the attention of the teacher, and was overall an exemplar student. He wouldn’t want to tarnish his record.

Just as he rounded off his paragraph on the movement of Mars, he swore he heard a noise. It sounded uncannily like footprints. He froze, and listened. Yep, there were definitely footprints coming up the stairs to the tower, and a kind of swishing noise, like a cape-the invisibility cape! Albus had probably decided to check up on him, he decided. That was until he turned around to see the cape being taken off and a mass of red hair being exposed.

“Rose?” he said.

“Scorpius! Hey!” Rose Weasley replied, straightening out her robes. “What you doing here so late at night?”

“Umm..astronomy homework,” he replied, “How did you get the cloak off Albus?”

“He’s pretty smashed, so I knicked it off him. Anyway, it’s for a really awesome dare so I’m sure he won’t mind,”

“What dare?” Scorpius asked. He really hoped it wouldn’t be anything dangerous, but this was Rose Weasley and her dare-devil cronies, so who was he kidding?

“Umm…to climb up the astronomy tower,”

Scorpius’ stomach and jaw dropped. “What. You’re kidding me,”

“It was truth or dare in the Gryffindor common room, it can get pretty serious,” she replied as a way of explanation.

“Why didn’t you just pick the truth!” Scorpius exclaimed, running a hand through his hair in agitation. He’d barely had more than three conversations with the girl, but he really didn’t want her to get killed.

“Anyone who goes for truth in truth or dare is a sissy,” she replied, “Plus, there are some secrets I’d rather keep,”

And with that she dropped the cloak on the seat next to Scorpius and headed to the balcony.

“Are you-“

“I’m fine, I have a plan,”


“Fine, I’m formulating a plan.”

There was a moment of silence where Rose leaned out of the balcony and looked up, Scorpius’ eyes fixed on her to check she wasn’t dying. Not because her skirt was riding up or anything.

“Do you have to do the dare? It’s not like there’s anyone watching,” he said, as Rose looked down and swore to herself.

“They’re all camped out in Gryffindor tower with magical binoculars actually,” she said, giving a wave in that general direction.

Scorpius gave her an incredulous look.

“Hey! It’s Gryffindor Dares, we get really into it,” she retorted, then continued, “All I need to do is get to the top of the tower and cast lumos, and then I’ll be exempt from all other dares and be crowned Queen of the Common Room.”

“That is literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Scorpius said, turning back to his essay, which sadly wasn’t going to write itself, though he had seen some quills going round which did just that…

“Oi, Scorpius, quit staring at my arse and help me,”

Scorpius stopped daydreaming and realised he had indeed been staring at Rose’s arse. Oh dear. Blushing scarlet, he ran to help Rose, who was now standing on the balcony rail. That girl was going to kill herself.

“Are you insane?” he squawked. “We’re like, 20000 feet up here,”

“Relax, I’ve got it sorted,” she said, “Sort of. Fuck.”

“Okay, okay,” Scorpius said, trying to formulate a plan without looking either up Rose’s skirt or down to the deadly drop below. “If you fall, I’ll cast arresto momento,”

“You better be fucking good at Charms, Malfoy,” Rose muttered, and pulled herself up from the balcony to the tower.

“Wait! I’m not sure this is the best ide-“

“Shut up and get your wand out,” Rose replied through gritted teeth, and began to climb.

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Castle of Facade - Part 2

Part 1 
: “Bad boy” Calum Hood isn’t everything people make him out to be. Based on this.
Word count: 1414

Calum isn’t sure what your deal is and that bothers him. What bothers him even more is the fact that he’s bothered by this. Why should he care? So what, you made him feel a little more worthy than he did before? It had been years since he’d sought out the approval of others, especially others he didn’t really know. He shouldn’t care what you think.

But he does.

And he finds himself wondering just how honest you are. What if you were just being nice, and lying to him? You seemed like a truly nice person from what he’d gathered. Yeah, Calum noticed you, too. He noticed the way you seemed to genuinely care about the well-being of others. He noticed that you didn’t flinch whenever he was near. You never whispered to others when he walked by. You didn’t seem scared of him. But, what if you really had been scared of him, scared like everyone else? What if you were just better at hiding it? What if his essay sucked and his writing sucked and he’s a failure at that, too?

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14/100 days of productivity - it’s not actually day 14, I’ve actually been MIA for about a week, I just needed a break from all social media because life was stressing me out, but l’m back and ready to be productive again!! During the time I was away though I did get 2 essays done and handed in a day early ☺️☺️, today I started making some revision notebooks, and now I’m doing my reading for Monday with a cup of tea - I hope everyone’s been well!! 💕