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I love these kind of paintings in my game and I want to share it, because… why not? Maybe someone like it, too!


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People seem to be getting their copy of the zine so here’s my full piece for @krazehkai‘s FE Cafe Zine!! Thanks again for all your hard work and for inviting me to participate in the zine, Kai! And thanks to everyone who bought a copy!!

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I don't want to seem stupid but I kinda feel a little out of the loop here...? I've been off for a bit, what's all the deal with the USA hockey? What's going on with them and the women's team?

Don’t worry anon, a lot has happened in the last few days and sometimes the hockey world is a bit of an echo chamber. So basically: 

USA Hockey and the US Women’s National Team have been in talks about equitable pay and more investment in girls development programs. USA Hockey has only been paying them $1000 a month while they are training in the Olympic camp. They can’t work and they aren’t getting paid enough, and these women don’t get paid a living wage to play hockey, so they depend on USA Hockey to help them out when they can’t work because they are at training camp for the Olympics.

The negotiations weren’t going anywhere so the national team is boycotting the women’s world championship which the US is hosting. Instead of trying to work it out with their national team, USA Hockey is trying to find a replacement team.

What they didn’t realize was that the captain of the team, Meghan Duggan, made over 100 phone calls to the entire pool of women’s hockey players in the national program.

“It’s not just about the girls you’ve seen in the media. It’s about everyone,“ Duggan said. “I felt in my gut that I had to call everyone individually and directly.” They weren’t calls to drum up support. That, they already have. It was just an effort to stay united, to say thanks for the support. It’s support that has been unanimous among the best women hockey players in this country.“There’s been no resistance. Zero resistance,” Duggan said. “Everyone knows this is the right thing to do.”

USAH sent out a form-letter email asking for them to play. They even asked a few high school seniors (who are on the U18, or under 18 team, but still, ouch). Keep in mind there’s like 400 players in the lineup before these girls, so they were turned down by hundreds of people before it got to that point.

Now they’ve actually moved on to beer league players.  

Two sources confirmed Saturday that the federation has even reached out to post-collegiate players who are playing now only in rec-league competition. One such player, who last played in college three years ago, said Saturday in a phone interview, “It’s crazy. Just crazy.”

“They said USA Hockey is having a final meeting Monday, and if the national team is still boycotting, we need you to report Wednesday,” the player added. “What I kept going back to is, ‘How do I say no, but how do I say yes?’ I mean, I just play in a beer league. I just play for fun now. I don’t train like I did in college. It’s insane.”

One of the worst things tho is we don’t know if they’ll have insurance. Hockey is a fast paced dangerous sport, and if they really are putting a team together that has high school kids and rec league players, they could get hurt really easily. 

All in all, USA Hockey would rather risk teenagers and rec players getting injured and having no insurance instead of just paying their own national team what they need to play hockey. It’s just shameful, and really reveals what they think about their own women’s team. 

If you want anymore info, I have a ‘uswnt boycott’ tag on my blog.


Part 10 of Yuri on Ice but computer generated and with shitty writing

Part 9: Paprika // Part 10: Bang Bang Toaster Oven // Part 11 lmao coming soon

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RC - Louisa Living Set

Kleines Wohnzimmer-Recolor von mir als Dankeschön für über 1000 Follower auf Tumblr  ♥♥♥ Danke an euch alle!!!

Danke an @louisaworldsims für die Meshes und auch die Erlaubnis diese mitpacken zu dürfen! Ihr braucht diese also nicht extra zu laden! Danke ♥♥♥

(Hinweis: ich habe die Meshes für mein Recolor-Set gefixt!)

Set enthält:

Sofa, Sessel und Kaffeetisch

Jedes Objekt hat 10 Swatches. Beim Sessel und dem Sofa habe ich Pattern verwendet, der Kaffeetisch ist immer zweifarbig, basierend auf den Farben der verwendeten Pattern. Die Objekte haben Color Swatches, bzw. Pattern Swatches (Sessel & Sofa) sowie ein Custom Thumbnail und sind Grundspieltauglich.

RC - Louisa Living Set

Small living room-recolor of mine. This is my Thank you for over 1000 Follower on Tumblr  ♥♥♥ Thank you all!!!

Thanks to @louisaworldsims for the meshes and also the permission to include this! So you do not need to load them! Thanks ♥♥♥

(Please Note: i’ve fixed the Meshes for my Recolorset!)

Set includes:

Sofa, armchair and coffee table

Each object has 10 swatches. For the chair and the sofa I used patterns, the coffee table is always two-colored, based on the colors of the patterns used. The objects have color swatches, or pattern swatches (armchair & sofa) as well as a custom thumbnail and are Basegame.

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hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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Alright, I saw that signal boost about you. What exactly can I comission from you, and is there an example of what you create?

If you’ve got any sort of project you need to build a social media campaign for (personal and business) or need me to fix up your social media presence in general, you can commission my services. I do 10-15 dollars an hour per project. That will include a consultation with me on your current status and a written proposal on what you’re doing well and can improve on. IF you’re a business/company and want me in a community management role for your social media, it becomes 20 dollars an hour part time.


You can commission my writing. Great examples of my work (story snippets, poetry, and small essays) can be found here: marsincharge.tumblr.com/tagged/Marissa-writes

Writing prices will vary according to what you need so these are more negotiable :)

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