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lowkey starter call !!   like this for a short little something when i have free time this evening. specify historical or modern if you have a preference. 

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Capernoited/ clexa

Capernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy. (set in the clexa coffee shop au)

Lexa curls up in bed and is about to grab her glass of wine but she sees her phone light up. She leans over and rolls her eyes when she reads the caller id, opting to continue forth with the wine and take a large gulp when she brings it to her lips. 

She tries to focus on the book in her lap but she can see the screen continue to flash. She pauses to let out a long stream of air from her nose before hastily grabbing the phone and pressing it to her ear, “What?”

Helloooo, beautiful.

Lexa clenches her jaw, “Clarke.” She blows out a breath, “You appear to be drunk.”

Ding, ding, ding. I knew you were smart.”

“I could not say the same about you at the moment.” Her reluctant feelings eat away at her, revealing that nagging concern, “Why are you calling me?”

Why not?”

“I don’t know, Clarke. I can think of more entertaining things to do while inebriated.”

There’s a long pause and the cool feeling in her chest is starting to sink.

You should come over.”

“I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

I’m alone and you’re alone. Come be alone with me.”

“By the very definition of alone, that’s imposs-”

Lexa.” There’s an urgency to her tone that reaches through the phone and wraps tightly around her chest. “Please.”

She pulls the phone away from her ear and presses it against her stomach, leaning her head back against the headboard and blowing out a breath. She licks her lips and takes a few calming breaths, bringing the phone back up, “Are you still there?”

As there as I can be.”

She clenches her fist twice, “I’ll be there soon.”

See you soon, Captain Serious.”

Clarke is gone with a click and Lexa sighs for what feels like the hundredth time in the past five minutes. She finishes the last of her wine and dials for a cab. 

(She braces herself to start rebuilding the walls inside; if she’s going to see Clarke tonight she needs to be on her best behaivour.)