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Do you have any tips for writing a description for a story?

I spent half an hour forming answer for this, only to realize i read it wrong. So yeah. 

Anyway, writing descriptions is kind of hard. You want to draw the reader in, you want them to finish that description, and need to know what happens, make them want the whole story. 

So first off all, don’t tell your whole story in one go. 

“A is a born and raised city girl who has never known a hard days work in her life, but now that’s she’s 27, newly single, and newly unemployed, she moves to the little town in the middle of no where that her mother grew up in. She knows no one there, but everyone seems to know her. She meets some rude neighbors, a mysteriously familiar face, family she never knew she had, and a devilishly charming police officer. Everything seems great at first, she’s finding peace and comfort and happiness in her new home. But when people start dyeing, it’s up to her to find the killer, whose getting far too close to her, and get things back to normal” 

Quick, half-as*ed description. Gave away a little too much. Told you everything you needed to know, and probably more. It’s an okay description. But personally, if I read the description, I wouldn’t really be all that interested. I would feel like I know too much already to find any real enjoyment in discovering the story. 

“A has hit a pretty bad spot in her life, and she finds the best way to start over, is to start back at the beginning, and return to her parents home town. In her new home A feels peaceful, happy and content for the first time in years. Sadly, that doesn’t last very long” 

Again, a quick, half as*ed description. Same concept, but I reveal a bit less, I give less information, but still valuable information. i give you the same core of the story. Girl moves back to her home town to get away from her current life, but it doesnt go well. This is the description I am more likely to pick up, because it leaves room for curiosity. I read that description and now I think, well, ‘What went wrong with her life that she needed to move?’ , ‘What made her so happy in her new town?’ , “what went wrong there?’ I want to know more. 

Give your description the core of your story. GIve just the backbone, and leave the reader wanting to know more. Leave space for curiosity to roam. 

If youre really unsure, write a couple of different descriptions, and then show them to someone you trust. A friend, a family member, a teacher/mentor, etc. Let them read the descriptions you wrote, and then ask them, based off those descriptions, which one would they want to read the whole story for? 

After all, that is the purpose of that little description. To get someone to read the whole story. 

I hope that helps! 

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Hi! I saw through your ao3 account that you're currently reading the all for the game series, and I was curious whether you like it or not, and what's your opinion on the characters? Thank you and have a great day!

I should not have finished reading the second book on my lunch break. A) I’m now wired and all I can think about is what’s going to happen next and I need to work damn it B) I promised myself I wouldn’t buy the second book for my kindle until March. How am I supposed to wait until March!?

On a more coherent note, the villains are terrifying and I think Neil’s and Andrew’s character development is great. Some other characters could benefit from more page time.

This book knows how to do tension and reveals even if there are bits I don’t like.

But oh my god.

I need to find a fic

I remember reading it on AO3 but it could very well be on tumblr

So Richie is a photographer and Stan is eddies agent

Eddie models for richie and they end up going to this party and bill and mike ask stan if he’s a bottom

It wasn’t finished but it one chapter left

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Hii so I’ve read the wips in that list you reblogged and now I’m screaming, I need more (the cliffhanger at the end of the royal au killed me). Please do you know some more good wips that you believe they will be finished?

Here’s the WIP I subscribed and that are updated on a regular basis !

Christmas-ing With You :  Two writers from Loving Heart Television, the premiere network for holiday romance films, find that, sometimes, love is not only in their works of fiction.  (40k so far)

Harry Styles Cooks… : In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker. Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them. (11k so far)

Have Faith In Me  : As the son of Anne Styles, millionaire owner of one of the world’s most luxurious fashion labels, Harry has spent his last seventeen years living in carefree extravagance. And now he’s grown tired of it, along with the pressure from his mum to follow in her footsteps and the constant care given to him by her past assistants. When his mum’s newest assistant, Louis, moves into the guesthouse, Harry determines to be treated differently. To be treated like an adult. Except Louis is not at all what Harry was expecting…This is a story about growing up, growing in love and having the faith to make it last. (166k so far)

I See Forever In Your Eyes  : After a shocking heart break, Harry Styles and his daughter have moved to Holmes Chapel looking to start over. Starting over probably shouldn’t include developing a crush on his daughter’s teacher and football coach, but fate seems to have other ideas.Louis Tomlinson has been searching for his soulmate his entire life, but at the ripe old age of 30, he has officially given up. Of course, there’s no real rule saying his favorite student’s father is off limits. Especially when that father just happens to be Harry Styles. (37k so far)

Lightning Strikes Twice: Two tales, one story. One: a tale of a rock star taking a shine to a fan who is different from all the others, and two: a tale of an older, washed up rock star, who - on the brink of resigning himself to a life of loneliness - finds fate intervening.  (45k so far)

Like Water Over Fire (Like Water On Fire)Or Prince Harry has 46 men and 13 weeks to find the husband of his dreams, Louis has a limited amount to time to live out a royal fantasy. They might just be exactly what the other needs. (50k so far)

Only Fools Rush In : AU in which Louis Tomlinson is definitely not a fashion photographer, but he’s hired to work on a special issue of Another Man Magazine anyway. Harry Styles, on the other hand, is a model-turned-actor, who is the cover boy for said issue, and when they’re introduced on the first day of the shoot, it’s not exactly the first time they’ve met. Despite this, a convenient, casual, friends with benefits agreement ensues, which is all fine… until it isn’t. (34k so far)

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Hi! I just finished A Knight To Remember and realized that I am The Most Gay for lady knights. Can you recommend any other books with queer sword-wielding ladies/femmes/GNC folks? Thanks so much!

I reallllllly need to read her books! (I’m sure you know it’s a series, but I just need to confirm you know that’s a series!) As for you, check out The Warrior’s Path by Catherine M. Wilson (and the entire When Women Were Warriors series), The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine (it helps to read The Impostor Queen first, which also has a bi MC but is m/f, but is not strictly necessary, although the two MCs come together in the final book of the trilogy), Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller (genderfluid assassin MC, lady lover interest), and Huntress by Malinda Lo! (Not literally all swords, but.)

ETA: Also, the Noble books by Sara Gaines!

Hovering just outside the doorway, Clarice listens as John reads to Jamie with their little boy chiming in every so often.

“The stars shine bright in the-“


“Way, way up-“


“That’s right little man. You know it so well you could read to me.”

“No,” Jamie said solemnly “you read the best daddy.”

Stepping forward so she can see her two favorite people, Clarice watches as John sits on the bed beside Jamie, looking down at their son. He has that smile on his face, the one which makes her whole world seem brighter.

“Thanks buddy” he said, ruffling his hair.

If a few tears get caught in her eyes, she blames it on hormones. Or maternal instincts. Or her overwhelming love for the two people in the room. Hell, she doesn’t need a reason, not with those two.

Letting loose a small hiccup, Johns attention turns to her. They share a smile, no words needed to relay the love behind the look. It’s one they share daily.

Their son reaches up, patting Johns cheek to gain his attention. When John returns his gaze to Jamie, he speaks softly yet clearly “Love you Daddy” before closing his eyes. Exhaustion overcoming him after a long day of following John around, so determined to be just like his father.

From his dark, slightly wavy hair which he refused to cut and despite his multi hued eyes, he looks remarkably like John. So determined to be a tracker like John, he follows his father around. Sometimes he tries to hunt John, trying to follow him without being caught.

A few tears escape as Clarice watches Johns face, sees how much he loves their little boy.

“Love you too buddy.” He bent dropping a kiss to his sons forehead. “Night, night. Sleep tight don’t let the-“

“BEDBUGS BITE” Jamie chortled, giggling as John tickles him whilst tucking him in.

Turning the light off as John made his way toward her, she whispered into the darkness “goodnight baby, sweet dreams.”

The warmth of Johns arms curl around her as he stands behind her, his chin dropping to her shoulder. She lets herself lean back into him, as they watch for just a moment.

“I’m not a baby!” Jamie said sleepily, a audible yawn following his announcement.

“No, your really not.” Clarice whispers into the silence, her baby is well and truly not a baby anymore. But as she hears the soft rumbling of him falling asleep, she can’t find it in herself to be sad. She has an amazing son and there’s no one she would rather share that with than John.

“Love you” She murmured quietly, tightening her hold on John. The words meant for both of them.

He pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek, as they both stood in the doorway. Every moment together, as a family is one they cherish.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to be positive – even though my stress levels are through the roof and I have a throbbing tension headache – because honestly, things aren’t 100% terrible and I need to acknowledge that. 

I’m blessed that Magician went out of his way to help me with something personal that I originally thought would only take an hour or two, but ended up costing us both just about the entire day. I’m glad I got to see Mi Wifey and make plans with her for my lunch break tomorrow, because I desperately need some girl time and the freedom to cut up a bit. I finished my 5th book of 2018 out of my goal of 30, though I am contemplating raising it to 36 for a 3-per-month goal, which shouldn’t be too hard since I mostly read manga and YA anyway. 

It is important for me to remember that not everything sucks, even when I’m overwhelmed. 

Baby-Daddy - chapter 1

As it is @thenutofroyalty‘s birthday on Friday - I am finally making good on a request she made almost a year ago - a Jonsa The Switch au! Be warned - I STILL have not actually seen the film - I’ve watched YouTube clips and read the synopsis - so this will be VERY LOOSELY following the bare bones of that story (so you don’t need to know the plot to follow this fic - yay). 

I’m gonna keep to short chapters like this as that seems to keep the momentum going - Hopefully it won’t get too long and will be finished by the end of the weekend! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT RINAAAAAAAA!!!

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not gonna lie ya’ll I’m massively discouraged to work on My Artnemisis

I just read the last few paragraphs and it’s not good

I would even go as far as to say it’s terrible

the drabbles I’ve been putting out are of better quality than the full lenght fic I poured heart and soul into

it’s very frustrating, but I’m finishing this thing even if it’s the last thing I do

i got everything lined out now I just have. to. write. it. 

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I'm high on cold pills and I tried to read your newest fic, but I really got lost and so confused with how you kinda skipped times and after finishing it I'm ??????? I reqlly need a nap but I don't want to sleep because of snot and cold and help

I’m not entirely sure what you expect me to do about it, friend.

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Hi Bae, I just finished reading Salt Rings and I had to let you know how much I love that Andre has Autism. It's the first story I've read that included a character with special needs and I've worked with Autistic children before so I can sympathize with Michonne and I can't wait to read more about Andre. Thank you for this story!

Hey! I’m so glad you liked that fic! Enjoy it while you can before the horror show begins lol - To be honest with you I actually felt like crap for not including any characters with special needs before I wrote that, because I get so much joy from the few autistic people that I do know so I felt compelled to change that. But again, thank you! 🖤🖤🖤

Based on a true story AGAIN!

(I need to stop reading Creek… It’s ruining my life XD)

(this morning)

Me: *sits in the train cuz school is like, 1-2 hours away*

Me: *takes out phone and read Creek (the kiss) on wattpad* ~🎵

Me: *looks outside after finishing last chapter* hmm I’m not even close to my destination… Time to read more! *picks out Creek (tied together)* five chapters? Pff I can read that…

*10 mins later*

Me: *looks up after finishing first chapter* wait… *Sees how she distanced from her destination* OH MY GOD!!!

Me: *gets out on the next station and calls classmate to inform the teacher and to help me out*

Me: *enters train at 8:08 and keeps reading the same story*

(I came to school at 8:27 but didn’t got detention because our teacher is chilled… XD)

(these books are real! Tied together is by imborderline and the kiss is by Tweeker-Bell)

Family Matters

A/N I don’t know what to call this but hey, it fits! So here’s Lana and Kellan’s family and I was going to write modern!au bios to go with but i’ve been working on them for like two hour and they’re only halfway done. So imma finish those tomorrow since I have no classes then. 

Ask me stuff about everyone/any of them/ with Lana/Kellan/etc.. cause I’m bored and need something to distract me from the twenty pages of textbook reading I gotta do

Anyway, enjoy! 

Hades: God of the Underworld



Zeus: God of the sky, King of Olympus

Hera: Goddess of marriage and birth, Queen of the Gods

Poseidon: God of the sea

Demeter: Goddess of the harvest

Ares: God of war

Athena: Goddess of wisdom, handcraft, and war

Apollo: God of the sun, music, prophecy, and healing 

Artemis: Goddess of the hunt

Hephaestus: God of fire and crafts

Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty

Hermes: God of messengers, travelers, and thieves

Dionysus: God of wine

Hestia: Goddess of the hearth

Persephone: Goddess of spring

Ok so here are some muses I might consider adding–not in the near future because I need to read and watch some stuff more thoroughly:

- One of the Stand By Me Boys (Leaning towards Teddy but I’m gonna read the novella)
- Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks (I’ve wanted to write her for forever but I never quite finished the show because I’m a David Lynch snob. The reboot and Kyle MacLachlan’s beautiful face makes me want to)
- Michael Mell from Be More Chill (I love this kid A+; gotta read the novel; I blame @burncut)

EXO AU on Twitter

Hey guys, so I usually don’t do this kind of things (spread I mean) but I recently decided to make an EXO AU using fake twitter accounts. I’ve been thinking about for quite a long time now and then suddenly we had that Outcast blow from Armys and it kind of motivated me to carry on my plans too.

It’s a Mystery/Ghost!AU and it’ll be narrated from this twitter account - @EXOUAS - it’ll be fully develop around 4 other accounts that are still unavailable for people to see, but Will be available once I’m finished with the endings (by tomorrow I guess).

It’s an interactive story so I kind of need people reading it so the story can keep moving foward. It’ll pools that will be important to the story development ‘cause the story has multiple endings. There won’t be any ships in it 'cause it’s more focused on the plot and on the characters development. I’m really excited for this.

But well, since I’m a nobody here and on Twitter I know that even if I’m finished with the endings by tomorrow I’ll probably won’t have enough readers (most likely none). So I’m asking you guys to give a chance to it and go check it out or at least wait for the first part to be out. I only need 5 readers, that would already make me extremely happy!

Thank you if you read till here! ❤️

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10 Questions Tag

These are fun!

I was tagged by the lovely @trii-f0rce !

1: Are you in school? Yes? For what?

  • I am! I’m here for Fashion Design!

2: What is your aesthetic?

  • I’m very minimalistic. My color scheme is pastel pink, gold, white, and black.

3: Favourite animal(s)?

  • I. LOVE. BIRDS! If anyone sees any cute bird videos, please send them my way!

4: What is your favourite video game?

  • Super Mario Brothers Wii. I played it with my sister and have funny memories from it. We have yet to beat it, though (Abby, if you’re reading this, we need to finish that game!)

5: When you have a day off what is your favourite thing to do?

  • Read and clean up my apartment/workspace

6: Coke or Pepsi?

  • Pepsi all the way!

7: Are you a nap person or do you stay awake until you gotta sleep?

  • I stay awake. I’m an art major, I kinda have to!

8: Do/can you play any instruments?

  • Does the recorder from 3rd grade count?

9: If you could do one crazy stupid thing, what would it be?

  • Follow through with plans to backpack Europe.

10: Coffee or tea?

  • Iced coffeeeee

Here are my 10 questions! (They’re very random, I’m sorry! 😂)

1. Have you ever broken a bone? How?

2. How many pillows do you sleep with?

3. If you could have one pet, real or mythical, what would it be?

4. What is one song you have been jamin’ out to recently?

5. In your opinion, memes are…

6. Do you still talk to the first friend you made on the internet? (You don’t have to name them if it makes you uncomfortable 💕)

7. If you could have any crazy hair color, which would you choose?

8. How do you like your eggs?

9. What is your favorite time of day?

10. Do you have any pets? Yes? Tell me about your favorite memory of them.

I’m gonna tag:

@greenieloveszelink , @yabanned, @colacatinthehat , @lotus-of-hyrule, @rachaeltad-writes , @pajamabending , @conversationswithamillennial , and @sugarelixir

we were all forced to read “classics” in school so reblog and put the one you actually ended up liking a lot and the one you can’t fucking stand in the tags

my fave is Lord of the Flies and I ironically enough want to burn every copy of Fahrenheit 451. trash