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Do you have any series recs. Im in the mood for long fics tbh

i’m thinking off the top of my head of series fics i’ve read/or am reading rn 

mr min by @ellieljade

hidden stars by @jungblue

imperfect pair by @itsrainingmin

good boy by @btssmutgalore

destruction of a muse by @baeseoul

transference by @jeonjagiya

playing with fire by @thotmi

don’t leave by @deathbyyoongi

unexpected by @noona-la-la-la

lust & errors by @imaginethisbts

some of these aren’t finished, but they are really good! some of these are my all time faves :’))

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Do you have any tips for writing short stories?

After three years and a degree in creative writing where 95% of the time we wrote short stories, I’m sorry to report that they are still the bane of my existence. I can never seen to focus in on one idea for so short of time; once I have a plot, I want to expand it, to see it grow, to find all its intricacies and stretch it out for a 60k+ word novel. But in truth, short stories are not so very different from novels except that they generally should stick with one plot rather than have one over arching plot and several sub plots woven in. They still need a strong character, still need rising action, resolution, still need to grasp a reader’s attention from the first sentence. 

Here are some resources I hope will help:

In my experience, I find it easiest to write short stories if I am focused on a single scene. For example “this is the story of what happened during one traffic jam.” Many interesting things can happen here, but perhaps not enough to fill a novel. If I am stuck with one location and one short burst of time, I am forced to really hone in on that one story, and this helps to fight off my instinct to tell 10 stories at once.

You may also want to check out these links:


i’d like to talk about stuff.
‘cause, you know, it’s been a while!

first, box monsters …still, delayed, so much DX
lots of requests left and i got things to do, so it’ll take some time
i WILL draw all the request i got in my ask box though, that i can promise :D

second, i thought of new Frilly comic!
but with the same reason as boxes, it’ll take a while to finish

i’ll post them eventually though!

i also thought about posting things about my Monster Hunter-ing life too,
but always have second thought about it, maybe it’s too boring to read
(psst… i got to HR300 in MHGen the other day though,
played a lot when i need a break from drawing XD)

Okay, so I’ve written myself into an issue with The One with the Fanfic Competition- don’t worry, nothing actually plot wise, more chapter wise.

A LOT of stuff basically happens in this part and I don’t want to split it into more than one chapter, BUT I’m already at 7k words for the chapter, which is (not in the fic world) a long chapter already- in context, read aloud, it would be about 40-45 mins long.

But the scenes in it aren’t finished. And i can’t decide if I need to end the chapter and finish in the next one, or just make this one long chapter. Fanfic writer in me says go for it, but the writer knows that’s actually not allowed in original works? There’s a general accepted length for chapters, and stopping points and flow of the fic are part of that. While cutting it off would build tension, which is great, it also feels as though I would be cutting it awkwardly short in order to achieve this. Chapters, like books, needs a beginning, middle, and the end, but because there is a lot going on, the end is taking longer to get to and my brain is conflicting with itself, and, frankly, giving me a headache.

I mean, I think I know what I need/want/am going to do, but that doesn’t stop my brain from arguing with itself.

I end up staying awake late by myself more often than not, because I need some time and peace and quiet to talk to my friends or read a book or watch a show and not have to think about what any other people want or need. But staying up until 1am and getting up at 6am for the day when you don’t finish work until 7pm and get home closer to 9pm is a bad move, future self. Every one of my molecules are screaming for sleep.

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I just spent the past 24 hours reading A Proposal by Any Other Name from start to finish (who needs sleep anyway?) Instead of doing my University work, a decision I will probably regret in a week but right now I don't regret it. It's amazing! I was constantly on edge waiting to find out what happens next (and I love the pov switches for each chapter). I am curious do you update by a weekly schedule? Or just whenever you feel like it? :) I can't wait to read the final chapters!

Hi love, haha! this was the best message to open up tumblr to today, thank you so very much. I hope you don’t regret putting off the uni work, though ;o; try to catch up! I’m glad it was able to keep you on your toes. Writing POV switches per chapter has been seriously rewarding for me, and I’ll probably do it more often in other stories! it’s a unique and fun way to go at a plot, that’s for sure. 

I update semi-consistently on a weekly basis? sort of? At least with Proposal. I do make it a point to inform people if I’m going on a break for the chapters, and hope that the next one can be up by the end of this week, but we’ll see! Thank you so, so much. 

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You're reading Thrawn? I finished it the other night and it was awesome all the way through, best novel of the new canon so far. Be interested to hear your thoughts about it when you finish

I haven’t picked it up yet but it’s on the list! Got two other books I gotta get through first. I’m so glad to hear that you liked it, considering how much you like Thrawn. Sounds like it was well executed! I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’m done. I still need to read Lost Stars as well, which is apparently incredible.

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It's me again, i finished my friends essay but now i need to do mine and i just- i keep procrastinating on your and so many blogs idek what to do anymore

AHHHH Oh hon, dont work do your friends essay before your own!! You are more important!! How about this? Every time you finish a paragraph, you can reward yourself by reading one or two posts? Also, drink lots of water and have a healthy snack while you’re working :)


turn off the lights // panic! at the disco

Sarah’s BTS Fic Recs

Ya’ll knew it was comin

Alot of these have smut to some degree so just beware literally all of them have smut bye

Destruction Of a Muse - Yoongi x Reader @baeseoul

Can I just say. That this is my favorite fic. I think I’m gonna read it over again because it’s so damn good. It is honestly an insanely original plot, and the way the writer depicts Yoongi and his attitude in this fic really impressed me.

Manspreading - Taehyung x Reader @wildernessuntothemselves

THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD. It has lots of smut so beware, but you all need to read it. Oh my gosh. I was so sad to let this one go, because it messed me up so bad and I was like nooooooooooo please don’t endddddddd

Imperfect Pair - Jungkook x Reader @itsrainingmin

This one FUCKED. ME. UP. No joke. I love love love this one and honestly was so attached to it, I felt so empty when I finished it. @vivacioustae (now @itsrainingmin) is an incredibly good author.

Protégé - Jungkook x Reader @baeseoul

Here’s some more @baeseoul for you because WOW they are an amazing writer, and I am a sucker for good au’s. I can’t wait to read the next part!!

Kalopsia - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

Oneshot that ripped my heart out of my chest, that’s all I’m gonna say

Hiraeth - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

I finished this all in one day while I was supposed to be doing schoolwork, but hahahah no this fic is amazing tbh and its ongoing soooo what’s not to love

About a Girl - Namjoon x Reader @rudeboywonho

This one is soooooooooo cute, its a dad/ceo! Namjoon au and I was dying reading it, oml. I feel like the writer depicts Namjoon’s character in this really well. You think the fic is all fluff and then BAM smut

All Too Well - Yoongi x Reader @workofteaguk

I love this one!! So much angst and it’s very well written! It’s different than other makeup artist!reader au’s because it gives a lot of backstory and I think that really enhances the story.

Business - Taekook x Reader @btssmutgalore

This is a two part series (not sure if it’s continuing or not), VERY smutty but SO well written and Taekook is my favorite so read it

Transference - Hoseok x Reader @jeonjagiya

WELL SHIT THIS ONE HAS ME MESSED UP. I usually tend to avoid Hoseok fanfics because some of them are just………………..bad or are poorly written and truthfully there aren’t a lot of them BUT HERE WE ARE THIS ONE IS AMAZING I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT @jeonjagiya you’ve done Hoseok justice

Aquiver - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Jordan is the first person I ever followed!! I was enamored by her writing and have read pretty much everything, but Aquiver is just so incredibly creative and unique??? Like how did you come up with this *claps*

Buzz - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Once again, another amazing lil series by Jordan!! I just don’t understand. HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE (and she’s also a great smut writer be aware that smut is all this series is and I love it)

The Boyfriend Shirt™ - Jungkook x Reader @triptaech

This just killed me, like I’m not even kidding

Home for the Holidays - Taehyung x Reader @triptaech

If I could ask this author anything, it’d be to beg if this could please be made into a series because I’d read the fuck out of it bye

Shower Time Sadness - Namjoon x Reader @triptaech

HOLLLY as a Namjoon stan, this really did it in for me fluff wise and honestly, this writer is insanely talented. I can’t write oneshots well because I’m too wordy, but @triptaech does it so amazingly I can’t even fathom w o w

I will be adding more as they come along!!