i need to finish my marathon

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Please please please could you upload also the tray files for your windeburg campus? I'm in love with it and i'm in love with your buildings!

me, since i started the windenburg campus project : 

of course i’ll upload a tray files of my windenburg campus when done. but it’s still a wip… building is something really… well, hard ? hard isn’t the right word but it’s more like running for a marathon. we need patience and dedication :)

i’ve been doing a lot of progress lately but i didn’t share any pics (the more i shared them, the more people get hyped lmao). since last week i’ve completed the terrace, changed all the mistakes, finish the science district, furnish the gym and lockers rooms… the main things left are the lab, a regular classroom, the students association and maybe a drama class… but it’s maybe too much. i may skip the drama class.

anyway, this is something i’ll share for sure but it’s not ready yet. be patient ! ^^

I need an actor au with Voltron where the cast celebrates finishing up season 1 by marathoning the show in their pjs making dumb commentary throughout the entire thing
It’s all over their snapchat stories

Like I’m imagining them watching the part where Lance gets hurt from the explosion and Shiro yells “LANCE MCCLAIN HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD IN MIAMI” followed by Keith yelling “OH MY GOD IS HE OKAY????” And in unison, everyone except Lance, “NO HES FUCKING DEAD”

It’s a fun time everyone is happy

Further thoughts on how my executive dysfunction gets me, in many more words than my brain actually uses:

-”I need to get it done by this day.”
-”But wait, it’s too big a commitment for me to just bust through it in one day the way I would with a smaller project.”
-”I literally can’t wrap my head around how I need to pace myself to make this happen in time.  Work on it a little every day?  I don’t have it in me to cut this into tiny, exact increments”
-”But I’m afraid if I don’t use exact increments I won’t finish on time.”
-”So I’m gonna put it off until it makes sense to me.”
-”Ah.  Now that I have three days to do this it makes sense.  I can marathon it in three stages!”

I think for now I’m gonna try that “doing a little bit every day” with the understanding that if I have to marathon it to get finished before the deadline, at least I’ve taken a little of the load off of future me’s shoulders.

A picture after the half marathon this morning. I really wanted to break two hours but failed. Oh well. I need to learn to eat while running because I didn’t have any energy after mile 8 and then I got a wicked arch cramp at mile 9 that wouldn’t subside until I walked a bit. I ended up finishing in 2:04 which isn’t my best by any stretch but good enough I guess.


When I started running two and a half years ago I never thought I’d do a marathon- I couldn’t even run for a bus!!

I was never over or under weight so I have no progress pictures but I was unfit physically and mentally- running changed that!

I went through a tough time and I resented the world for it but then running came along and although at first I wasn’t any good at it, I slowly saw progress and with progress came pride. With each extra kilometer I could run, the pride grew and the massive chip on my shoulder started to fall off!


This marathon was tough, with so many frustrating injuries during training, I got to the point where the time I completed it in no longer mattered- it was all about crossing that finish line! And that moment and that feeling will stay with me for a long time 💕💕

While running isn’t for everyone, you need to get out there and find something that makes you proud because pride in oneself is something no one can take away from you and it’s the foundation of a positive and happy life! 💪🏼☺️

Jude/Zero Fic Idea

So. I just finished marathoning the first 1 ½ seasons of Shadowhunters. Which made me start thinking about a warrior-mage bond and who would be the best fandom/pairing for it, and so of course I settle on the fandom that might be considered the ~least likely. *g* Here’s a teaser, though I should warn you that this fic has not been written, and I need to finish my CapReverseBB fic before I can *coff* start another one.

Jude was the first born son of King Oscar Kinkade, heir to the throne of the Empire of Los Angeles. His eighteenth birthday and the Ceremony of Bonding was fast approaching, and Jude was filled with dread. Oscar had invited all of the unattached mages to the Tests, where they had participated in games devised to determine the strength of not only their magic, but of their body and mind. The numbers had dwindled over the week-long event until the final three would stand upon the dias that evening for the Choosing Ceremony.

Oscar had ordered Jude to the throne room so he could tell Jude of his choice beforehand. Jude was not surprised that Oscar had chosen Zero, a mage with no connections to any of the important families, as Jude’s bonded. But he was surprised that Lionel had agreed with him.

“Oscar is correct,” Lionel said. Even she knew that Oscar hated to be reminded that he was Jude’s father. “Zero is the mage that you deserve.” Lionel leaned in so that Jude could kiss both of her cheeks, and when her face was turned away from Oscar, she whispered, “And he’s the mage you *need*.”

So, yeah, more to come?


8 miles, straight into the wind for the first four, and a metric fuckton of hills, but all negative splits (except weirdly for mile 5) and finished on a 9:32 mile. Pretty sure that was in part because I finished at Starbucks so I could walk the half mile home with coffee… 🙃 I also revamped my running playlist and it was kickass and I ended with Warrior. Perfection! Lots of uptempo pop and early 2000s punk to really round it out, too.


pairing:  peter parker / reader
word count:  488
A/N: small 3am fics

It felt like your brain would burst any moment now.  You’ve been studying for hours, and your hand hurts from the amount of homework you’ve had to write out.  You feel awful.

But that’s when you remember him.  

Not that Peter reminds you of everything dreadful happening to you at the moment, but the fact that he was the one who had the secrets to your stress release.

from you:

Are you busy??

from peter ♥ :

not for you, why?

from you:

good because i need help asap! my teachers are evil and the only thing that can save me is you and your heroic cuddles!!

from peter ♥ :

calm down, drama queen. i’ll be right over.

He takes a few minutes to get to your house, so in that time you prepare for an intense movie marathon for the remainder of the night.  Just as you finish setting up the Netflix, there’s a knock on the door and you rush towards your “savior”.

“Hey.”  You smile as you let him in.

He walks in before setting his bag down beside the couch, “What movie are we watching?”

“Anything but Empire Strikes Back.  I can practically recite the damn movie, forwards and backwards.”

“So… Star Wars it is then.”  He laughs, seating himself on the couch.

You sigh, plopping yourself beside him, “You’re impossible.”

It’s been a few hours, and in that time, you’ve managed to watch two movies and fit a makeout session in the third. 

But, you know that’s not enough to get you out of your vile, school-induced rut.  What you need is excitement, to get out of your head, something exhilarating and a little bit daunting.  That’s all somebody ever really needs, at least, once in their life.

But, you’re not crazy.  However, you do know something that can get you there, just a little bit.

Sitting up from your lying position against his chest, you turn around to look at Peter.  

“Did you bring your web-shooters?”

Peter hesitates, “Yeah, why?”

“I want you to take me swinging through the city.”  He looks at you questioningly, the two of you have never done this before.  He wonders what sparked this sudden desire.  But when he looks in your eyes, and at the smile on your face, he can’t say no.

With a lot of struggle as to how the two of you position yourselves, you find yourself on Peter’s back, getting ready to jump.  And when you do, you feel all your past anxiety leave you.  The two of you swing through New York, and finally everything is bliss.

There’s a moment you truly won’t forget.   The moment that gives you a high so good, that you want to chase after every chance you get. 

 The moment where you swing upwards and let go.  It’s as if everything is in slow motion, just the two of you up there, floating.

Great sign from the Jack Daniels distillery. We went on a tour there this weekend as part of my father in laws 80th birthday. It was a fun get away with a family that is flung from coast to coast most of the time. We all had a marvelous time talking, drinking, and eating copious amounts of food.

To combat the excess, I headed out to hike each morning. On Sunday we woke to a couple inches of powdery snow, perfect for a walk in the woods. As I crunched down the path, I saw a young, effortless runner. I must admit, it filled me with a longing that I have not felt in months.

The last time I truly ran was November 30th, when I finally decided I was in too much pain to continue. In January, I helped a friend finish the last 7-8 miles of her first marathon. I pushed through discomfort that day because it wasn’t about me. She needed my support, so I ran.

Now here is the great admission, I haven’t missed running. I have not minded this break at all. In fact, I have considered that I might not run again. But then I saw that young runner with long strides gliding across the snow. It lit a little fire within me.

So, today I ran. After months of mellowing, I ran. Of course, I’ve been cycling, teaching yoga and pilates, trying to keep my fitness at a decent level but running is different. It was hard and I was slow as a turtle but I ran. It’s going to be a long road. I’m not sure if I’ll ever completely recover my speed or distance. Who cares, today I ran.

OK! So my Dog and I are nearly finished marathoning Steven Universe, and so far I have basically fallen in love with the gems, and Opal is my fave fusion. Connie and Steven are cute…. but



*flips table over*


I can’t believe it’s getting to 2 ½ years of inactivity on this blog. Around 2013 I dived into Free! and at the same time I needed a break from IE. 

During this time, I wanted to wait for GO Galaxy to finish airing and subbing (because it was just before the finished the “FFI” on earth part) and decided to wait and marathon it when it had finished.

In the end I never got round to it, so before I head back into uni, I’ll be rewatching the entire Inazuma Eleven + GO series. Along with that I’ll be posting new moments as well as moments that are still sitting in my inbox xD 

I know it’s been 2 years since IE has had any new stuff, but hey moments still last forever c: 

Detective Conan drinking game: movie edition

So before starting my reread of the manga, in about Easter, I marathoned movies 1-18 because I had a LOT of redrafting to do on that dissertation and I like to have something to watch as background noise and to look at whenever I need to get my brain moving again. And I noticed certain patterns which might be entertainingly accompanied by alcohol (as soon as I can find movie 19…)

  • Drink whenever a body is found
  • Drink every time there’s a quiz. Take a guess and finish your drink if you’re wrong.
  • Drink every time Ran has a vision/memory of Shinichi that gives her help or advice
  • Every time Sonoko acts or says something lovey-dovey towards Ran and follow sit up with “that’s what you’re thinking about Shinichi-kun, right?” or similar, yell “NO HOMO” and drink
  • Drink every time you feel the urge to yell “NO HOMO” when Heiji is interacting with Shinichi
  • Take a sip every time something explodes. Finish your drink if things have started exploding at the point in the movie where it looked like everything was wrapped up and going to be okay now
  • Drink every time Conan says “Edogawa Conan, tantei-san”
  • Drink every time Conan uses the voice changer. Two fingers if he DOESN’T do Kogoro’s voice. Three if he does Kudo Shinichi’s voice.
  • Drink every time Kogoro drinks
  • Drink every time Ran wonders if Conan is Shinichi
  • Drink every time Kaito Kid disguises as Shinichi
  • Take a sip every time there’s a name card
  • Drink every time there’s a flashback. If you’re feeling brave or bored, chug through the introduction.
  • Drink every time Conan super-kicks something. Down your drink if the music swells epically to a crescendo while he does.
  • Do a shot every time Heiji gets shot

Have fun! And always remember to drink responsibly, alternate alcohol and water, eat well before drinking, know your limits and don’t act like Kogoro :D

I really need a story where a ghost/demon is haunting a completely apathetic person

*blood seeping out of walls*  “Well I guess I finally have to clean that wall”

*weird sounds at night*  “I could investigate that or I could finish my Flash marathon.

*sees apparition out of the corner of their eye* “I could acknowledge that but then I’d have to do something about it”

*things start disappearing* “Yeah, I think it just rolled behind the dresser but it’s kind of heavy and I don’t want to move it”

At a high level, there’s what 5 weeks of trying to clean up my diet netted. 155 is a good marathoning weight for me, and one I can usually reach each time. In some sense, I’m disappointed I’m not down more. As if I would have hit this number regardless of what I ate.

I know health is much more than this number though. I’ve felt the difference in my runs. I know if I continue with high carbs the next few days, I’ll have an advantage I’ve never had before at my previous races. Sustaining energy that will carry me all the way to the finish.

My macro calories and carbs have been excellent. I don’t really have a problem with the numbers dictated by MyFitnessPal when exercise is included. My fat, sodium, and sugar numbers definitely need some work. I’ll have to change the quality of the things I eat for that to improve. Something to focus on for fall marathons.

I’ll probably keep this up for a little while after Boston. Maybe I’ll schedule some time with a sports nutritionist in the next couple months to make sure I’m really on the right track. It would be nice though to stop tracking for a little while and eat some greasy pizza with a Mountain Dew…



I think just one more marathon sewing session will finish it. I measured out how many more layers I’ll need and the end is in sight. The upper layers are much quicker to do than the train since they’re about half the size and don’t curve much. 

The pictures still aren’t quite doing justice to how freaking huge this damn thing is. It really doesn’t fit in my apartment. I can’t wait to take it outside and properly sweeping around in it. My neighbors already think I’m insane because I’m carrying around lightsabers and huge spears all the time, so they’ll just have to deal with me twirling in the parking lot in a giant cloak because I know I need to take it for a proper test run once it’s done. 

Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.
Capable of both inflicting injury,
and remedying it.
—  Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Apparently I THRIVE in -41 weather! Today was the day. Last year, this was my first race and it changed me forever. I love half Marathons so much. You need so much mental strength in order to get you through and it feels amazing when you finish. Today I did this race again, I had too. I love winter runner so this is perfect for me. When I saw -41 I was worried, but I layered up perfectly and it ended up being the best race I could ever imagine right now. Coming back from an injury and not being able to train properly because I was away for a funeral. I did not expect to even come close to beating last years time (2:33). WELL WELL WELL I did it! Lol my time for this beautiful race was 2:25:41. That’s right. Under 2:30. This is HUGE for me. I couldn’t be happier. It was cold but I didn’t feel it much because I was well dressed. There was a part in the race where it was like a winter wonderland. It was so beautiful. I could talk about this for hours. Expect a video later today! Thanks for all the support! #bless #sobrave #winterrunning #crazy #runhappy #hypohalf #hypohalf2016 #montreal #ftm #ftmrunner #ftmrunners #vegan #veganrunners #poweredbyplants

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I wuz tryna get my baby girl down for the night, but she was all, “Dad, I need to finish watching this episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills and stuff.” And I was all, That kinda teevee show rots your brains, yo. And my baby girl was all, “So sez the guy who spent the afternoon watching a marathon of Botched.” And I was all, Touché, but it’s time for babies to go to sleep. And so my baby girl went to sleep.