i need to find the others

I do believe my role as girlfriend is to be a source of comfort and support. I’m here to encourage and love and remind him just how amazing he is. It’s not my job to tell him what to do or who to be. I see him as he is and want him to be the best version of himself, for himself. I wish I could say I always felt this way. I grew up thinking being in a relationship was just finding someone you liked and who liked you back. But the way his love for me is set up, he is and has always been my biggest cheerleader. It caused me to change how I see relationships. I see it as two people, going through life together, and that when life is hard, the love they have for each other makes that hard life easy. I’ve learned that from the way he loves me. A love that I didn’t know I needed until God gave it to me. So to be a source of comfort and peace for him is the least I can do for the man that has showed me the love God wants for me.

DJ v Band

“Alex finding Maggie at the precinct (because she had no urgent need to actually really go there)…maybe apologizing for participating in a fight in the middle of the DEO and those two nerds kissing each other’s faces” prompt from @ahhveee

It’s not about a DJ. It’s not about a band.

Hell, it’s not even about the wedding.

Not really.

It’s about you didn’t tell me why you didn’t want to do the tasting did you not trust me enough do I not show you how much I love you enough do I not take care of you well enough and it’s about I feel weak and selfish because your entire family has disowned you and I’m whining that my father can’t come and it’s about how did we get engaged without talking about any of this and it’s about are we ready and it’s about if I ask you to compromise about this maybe you won’t want to marry me anymore and it’s about I love you too much to mess this up but of course I’ll mess this up because that’s what I do to everything I touch.

But they’re both terrified.

So neither of them say the things they need to say.

They say, instead, the things that hurt. 

They say, instead, the things that make them shout in the middle of the damn DEO, because fighting is easier than I’m scared but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to marry you and I was happy for like five minutes and the universe is just smacking me down from being happy, because it’s whatever is easier than I miss my family every minute of every day and my father used to be my best friend but I don’t want to tell you because you have enough problems with your own parents.

Winn flinches away from the shouting, and Vasquez shoots a text to Lucy so she can shoot a text to Alex to tell her to kiss and make up with her girl, already.

J’onn tries science and he tries levity, but the grief coming from both women is not about music or dancing, and he knows it.

Everyone in the room knows it. 

Except, maybe, the two women shouting in the center of it.

It takes Alex all morning to seethe. To think. To realize.

It takes Maggie shorter than that, because her tendency to beat herself up is, sometimes, even stronger than Alex’s.

But Maggie doesn’t reach out.

Because Maggie figures it’s better to explode than fizzle, anyway.

Like everything else in her life.

Like everyone else she’s ever loved.

“She loves you,” Kara tells Alex as Alex works in her lab and Kara leans in the doorway with her arms folded across her chest. “She loves you so much, Alex. Don’t throw that away.”

“I’m not throwing it away,” Alex tosses her hands up and almost crashes her hand into the monitor displaying all the brain wave data they’ve collected.

“Alex,” Kara half-sighs, half-scoffs, and it’s Alex’s turn to cross her arms.

“You have more important things to worry about right now,” Alex tries to dismiss, but even at her worst, Kara knows Alex better than that.

“Is this really about a DJ versus live music? Because I can sing for you both even if there’s a DJ, Alex, I’m sure it’ll be – “

“No, it’s about her not listening to me, to what I want!”

Kara furrows her brow and Alex tosses up her hands again.

“She always listens to me and to what I want,” she admits dully, tonelessly, and Kara nods.

“Right. So what is it really about?”

Images of Maggie crying about her father; of Alex breaking over her own; of Maggie coming completely unraveled, naked underneath her; of Maggie’s arms, Maggie’s lips on her face, when her lungs were learning how to breathe again, when her body was still soaked with the water that had been about to kill her.

Life is too short.

Alex sighs and nods and doesn’t speak, but Kara smiles, because she doesn’t have to. 

And, sure enough, at first opportunity, Alex steals away to the precinct. 

“Sawyer,” she leans on her desk, trying to look cool, to sound casual.

Maggie barely looks up from the case files she’s trying to find patterns in.

“Don’t you have a citywide crisis on your hands, Danvers?” she asks with no emotion in her voice. 

No emotion, that is, other than raw pain, of the distant variety. Of the bracing-for-disaster variety.

“Maggie,” Alex tries again, her voice less affected this time, her voice softer this time.

Because one of them has to be vulnerable first, and it might as well be her.

Maggie looks up, and her eyes are guarded. But they’re also hopeful.

“Can we talk?” Alex asks, and Maggie sighs.

“Interrogation room,” she leads the way, and Alex bites back a sex joke. Not the time.

“So the first thing is that I love you, and I want to be your wife,” Alex starts the moment Maggie closes the door behind them, and Maggie folds her arms across her chest protectively.

“If the shoe fits?” she repeats Alex’s earlier words, and Alex flinches.

“I’m sorry,” she tells her, and she takes a step forward.

Maggie takes a step back.

“Maggie, please.”

“What, Alex? Please have a band? Sure, it’s whatever, Alex – “

“Stop saying that – “

“But that’s not what this is about, is it? It’s about you didn’t think before you asked me to marry you, Alex. You… you’re just like your sister, Danvers, and… hey, no, wait, hear me out – and I love that about you. I love that you are so damn smart but listen to your heart first. I love it, Alex. I love everything about you, I just… I’m…” She unfolds her arms and she lets Alex step forward, and she leans into her embrace.

“What if we’re doing this too fast? My family, they said… they said I could never be happy like… like this.”

“Like… lesbian?”

Maggie laughs weakly and Alex kisses her nose tentatively. Maggie smiles, so Alex does it again.

“Yes, nerd, like lesbian. And since we got engaged – “ They both pause, and they smile more, because neither of them have been able to reference their engagement without smiling from ear to ear, and neither of them particularly want to – “we just… we’re fighting all the time, because we didn’t… we didn’t think. We’d just barely survived a war, Alex, and we – “

“Maggie, exactly. We survived a war. Together. I think we can get through wedding planning, don’t you?”

Maggie chuckles and sighs at the same time, leaning up to kiss Alex’s cheeks, her chin, her lips.

They linger in their kiss, soft and not moving, lips just gently pressed together until they both smile into each other’s mouth.

“We’re gonna need to figure out a better way to have arguments. And a better place. I’m sorry, Alex. That’s your job, your whole life, I never should have – “

“I never should have, either, Maggie.”

A silence. A kiss to Maggie’s forehead. A kiss to Alex’s neck.

A hug, long and close and full-bodied.

Another kiss, parted lips, wet eyes.

“Can we just stop for a minute and… and do this whole thing the right way? We’re engaged, Danvers. And I never want to be engaged again. Only once. To you. And I want it to be good. I want it to be great. I want us to be great. So can we just…”

“Yes,” Alex agrees, because god, god, god, this woman.

“I love you, okay?”

Alex grins broadly, and Maggie rolls her eyes affectionately before the words even come out of Alex’s mouth, because it’s all she’s been saying, lately.

“You too,” she beams. “Forever.”

old wounds

I’m not sure how some people find calm in meditation…any time I close my eyes and try to find peace I end up opening old wounds. I’m not hopeless though. Eventually I’ll find tranquility out there, & I imagine it’ll be…good.

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Preview to “Holding Out For a Paladin”

This is only the first chapter for story on Archive enjoy which luckily I can post on my phone!


“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?”


Sirens are blaring through the ship as the Paladins of Voltron run through the halls. Sentries following them as Lotor’s Generals lead them like a pack of wolves.

“This way!”

“Come on we need to hurry!”

“Coran, is the escape pod ready?!”

“Waiting for you in the Hanger!”

With hurried steps the Paladins find the Hanger as Lance looks to see the sentries and the generals following closely behind. He looks to see the others getting the members to quickly enter the escape pod. Lance looks back to see the sentries and generals are still coming quickly.

Lance growls annoyed as he demands, “Everyone in! I’ll try to see if I can hold them back!”

“Wait Lance! No! Everyone is almost in,” argues Allura as she shows another alien into the pod. When she looks up she sees Lance already leaving the group. “Pidge, Hunk please help him.”

“On it Allura!” agrees Pidge as Hunk nods.

They exit out the door as they try to hold back the sentries though it’s not enough. Lance looks as there’s still more aliens as he says, “Go! I’ll finish this off!”

“But-,” starts Hunk before suddenly both him and Pidge are pushed into the escape pod as Lance sees some aliens go in, but the sentries and generals are closer.

Lance looks back at his team as he takes a deep breath as he forms his rifle shots the escape pod’s door keypad as the doors begin to close quickly.

Hunk wondering what’s taking Lance so long looks up to see take the shot as he yells, “Lance! What are you doing?!”

His shout brings the attention of the others as they take a sharp intake of breath wondering what could possibly going through his mind right now.

“Lance! You idiot! Hurry up!”

“Get in here!”

“You can still make it!”

The shouts and pleas for him to go through that door went quiet in his ears as he looks at the the door. He couldn’t possibly fit through but something can. He looks down at the Red Bayard… Keith’s Bayard.

He looks at the Team as they try to rush to keep the door open as he says, “I’m sorry.”

He looks away can’t baring to look at of any of their faces as he throws the Bayard in the pod. He hears the pod flying away with the muffled yells and cries of his teammates as he looks to see the generals look at him with amused looks as Acxa grabs his wrists and forces him in a kneeling position as he hears footsteps.

Blue meets Yellow as Lotor greets with devilish smile, “Greetings, Blue Paladin… I believe we haven’t been properly introduced.”

reigen, rolling up a joint: yeah mob you gotta be uh, an individual! no matter who you are there’s something great about you mob. everyone is different from all other people in great ways, you just need to find that for yourself.

ritsu, struggling to keep his gelled hair afloat because they’ve done this take at least fifteen times and he can’t quite get his yelling as hammy as the directors want: STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!! [throws a chair at reigen]

mob, holding a gun: i’ve found my true calling.

The Yang character short doesn’t only show us a beautiful interaction between Yang and Ruby, it’s also heartbreaking in the context of Volume 5. 

Yang telling Ruby she will always have her back and then the screen cuts to her on her motorbike, as we later learn on her way to find Raven. 

Yang needs to find herself because so much of her life has always revolved around others, especially her sister. Going after Raven now was probably way easier because not trying to find Ruby is easier than leaving Ruby to find Raven. Sometimes not doing something is easier than doing something, no matter if the outcome would be the same. 

But I am sure that Yang still feels conflicted about not going after Ruby. I’m sure that this will be one of her major conflicts this volume. 

I am a thinker, i might not look like it,
but i find it quite hard to just stop my brain from analysing every thing, every word and move ,
but with him next to me i finally felt different,
it was peacefully ,
my mind became blank and for the first time in a long time,
i felt home..

we needed no words to say,
we saw the happiness and passion in each other’s eyes,
and that time i looked closely-
they didn’t lie when they said that the eyes are the window of the souls,
and his soul is made of stardust -
when we held hand it felt like two universes merging into one,
like everything is vanishing so slowly,
and i bet he liked it when i told him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me ,
cause i always typed it behind a screen,
and words are usually worthless if they are not said out loud, face to face cause that’s when you can feel em the most.

and this day seems like a dream to me,
cause we always talked about it but i never thought that it would be realised,
and it was better than the millions of virtual dates we talked about,
cause for the first time , it was real,
only me and him,
only two souls who became so vulnerable as soon as they hugged,
and i loved how it felt,
i loved how it was full of laughters and always an eye contact and a smile before kissing each other,
i loved how he would hug me and that’s it,
how pure it was ,
how the whole world disappeared for a while-
and it felt like there is only the two of us in it,
like time never existed..



-unsent letter #1

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The person who's looking for an mpreg where phil notices dan gaining weight and they were arguing is a fic called Always its in the 4th masterlist of mpreg

wow my own fic and I didn’t even know it lol

AlwaysAfter a big fight, Dan and Phil don’t speak to each other… and Dan hates it because he needs Phil now more than ever after he finds out that he’s pregnant but he tries to hide it anyways because he’s scared.

- Tori

cyberbeastswordwolfe  asked:

So, how do I write two enemies falling in love? For context, the girl is trapped in an abusive relationship with one of the main villain's dragons while the other is the main protagonist. Both of them are on opposite sides and want to make the relationship natural, but they first dislike each other. How do I bring them together?

My advice here would be to make it so that both parties aren’t getting what they need – emotionally and otherwise – from the people who are supposedly on their side.  

Maybe their families (and your MC’s abusive partner, obviously) aren’t sympathetic, supportive, or understanding, and they ultimately find that in one another.  Since you mention they dislike one another at first, this will likely be a slow and reluctant process, as they learn to reconcile that their “enemies” have more in common with them than their supposed loved ones.  Maybe they share similar experiences or trauma that helps them bond. 

For added measure, here’s my post on writing relationships/romance. 

I hope this helps, and feel free to hit me up with any follow-ups!  

Best of luck, and happy writing.  <3

skrimiche  asked:

Hey I just wanted to say that I really like your blog so thank you for that. I don't wanna sound rude or anything but why do you ship Allurance? Like what do you like about the ship? I like both Allura and Lance but I can't really see the reasons for Allurance so I want like an eye-opener if that makes sense.

Coincidentally enough, you sent in this ask shortly after I decided that I needed to write up something about Allurance. After reading this, I decided to reframe it so that it could be an eye-opener as well as an analysis.

For those of you who have reservations about Allurance but are curious as to what others see in it, I hope that this explanation helps you. 

This is incredibly thorough, going over almost all of their scenes together, and totals over 2500 words with over 75 screencaps as support. 

For the sake of mobile users, I’ve made the meta a private post, which you can find HERE. Please come back and reblog this post if you enjoy the meta!

I have been busy w my leg and life and apparently I missed something here.

I hope no one is saying bad things about me. I’ve always been a gentleman and always respected everyone. So I have nothing to defend, but you will find me at your side if you need defending because others matter.



Get to know me better

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Name: Sayu and that’s all you need to know. Besides irl only people I have full trust in know my real name over here

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Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 4′9 moreless / 1.48 m

Sexuality: Ace

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favourite Animals: Hawks, bats, crows, whales, wolves

Average Sleep: Whether it’s very little or I totally hibernate

Current time: 23:46

Dog or Cat person: Both

Blankets I sleep in: 1 on summer and full cocoon on winter good luck finding me

Dream Trip: At this point I just want to travel sayonara everyone I shall return… Eventually!

When I made this blog: Ehhhh 2012 I think? It was on October though that I remember!

Dream Job: Literature teacher and/or writer

Why I made this blog: Meh just because I never thought I would stick for very long tbh. How was I wrong…

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i went to my regular doctor with my mum the other day and my mum made a comment about my upcoming overseas trip saying she's just nervous that I'll find a guy over there and not come home, my doctor; a 50+ year old guy - is all 'or a girl! she can find anyone she wants!' i mean I'm pretty sure I'm straight but it just made me smile.

need me a doctor like that

No no Italy is the scariest place in the world you have no idea I need to find a queer not binary friendly reality the only person that got me is my Muslim immigrant neighbor who thinks Italy is great but told me he knows it’s possible to not feel home for me here and others things that sounded too much sweet that I can’t tell and and I can’t believe because this country just makes me hate myself.

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Today I went to the doctor's and he said that he doesn't think I should go on T since it makes you infertile... now my parents won't let me get it until I'm "sure I'm trans"... Sorry man just really bummed out 'bout it. But other than that I've been having a pretty ok day and my parents might even get me a binder! Sorry I just needed to vent a bit.

Wow I’m so sorry that’s really awful, your doctor shouldn’t do that. Sure, they should explain the side effects and what’ll change as part of HRT - but they shouldn’t stop you starting hormones because of that.

I really hope you find a better doctor/can convince your parents.
Feel better man 💙 -Matt

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Scenario: A and B end up homeless (don’t ask) get in a fight and B angrily walks away and wants nothing to do with A. Later B, realizes he needs to be with A so they can survive and stuff. (Also note this is before A and B are together or before they even have feelings for each other). I have trouble of thinking of specific reasons why B would come back to A and how he would even find A (because it’s a large city (Seoul, Korea) and they don’t have phone).

To be honest, I really can’t think up a way to make that work. I asked a few other writer friends, and they don’t seem to have ideas either. Perhaps if B knows places that A frequents or lives he could wait there for A? As for why he would go back to A, that would all depend on personality and the plot itself, so I’m afraid I can’t really help with that either.

aratcpg  asked:

I've been vegan for around a year and a half now and I've been doing an ok job at keeping it up. But there's a small problem I'm facing. I'm transgender and I want to get on hormones but the easiest and safest way to orally get estrogen is through a pill that has estrogen extracted from horses. I know that if I were taking those which would be for literal years) I wouldn't technically be vegan and the alternative pill is harder to find and less safe. So I was wondering, would doing this be wrong

Nope! This isn’t wrong at all. 

Being transgender is not a choice. You’re not just walking to the drugstore and choosing between cough drops with or without honey. What’s at stake here is a very important medication that is necessary to safely transition. Just as with other medical products that include animal products or have been tested on animals, there’s only a certain extent to which veganism applies. You need this medication, and it is both dangerous and impractical to avoid it. 

Don’t worry about the necessity of using animal products when it comes to your immediate health and well-being. There are still things that we just don’t have plant-based and cruelty-free alternatives for, estrogen being one of them. As long as you do your very best to avoid animal products in your everyday life (and take care of your personal well-being), you’re still vegan. 

-Admin Samantha

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Hi! I'm moving at the end of the year to a new city and I need to find a job to be able to keep paying for my apartment once I'm there (savings will only go so far you know) do you have any tips for getting a new job in a new city in a very short amount of time?

I always recommend that you have at least 3 months worth of your expenses paid before moving out on your own. Expenses include: rent, utilities, internet, food, travel, etc. Three months gives you a just-in-case cushion, which you may very well need.

In terms of finding a job quickly, I’d say that putting yourself out there and networking is key. Use your connections. Make connections now while you’re still living elsewhere. Polish you resume and talk yourself up. Work on your interview skills. Become accomplished at asking other people questions about their lives/jobs/whatever. People love being asked questions about their lives, no matter how mundane. Create lasting good impressions! Follow up on your conversations.

Remember that it’s okay to settle for a sub-par job at first, something that doesn’t pay you enough to have any savings. While at that job, start looking for a better job. Keep looking, and something will eventually open up. 

Good luck! XX

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hi hi, my dash has become very harry heavy recently and i need some niall blogs to follow before flicker comes out so my dash has got the right mood on friday, do you have any blogs you can recommend?

oh, for sure! off the top of my head, some mostly niall blogs are @flick-niall-er @niallhgifs @niallporn @spellniall @rosegoldniall @farfromthstars @niallchins @smittennarry !! and also maybe any other niall blogs can like or rb this for u to check out?? 

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Halloween prompt- the kids organize a costume party and invite sportarobbie, but sportacus doesnt want to go and robbie tries to find out why; only to find out that sport doesn't own any other clothes so he can't wear a costume. Soooooo robbie makes him one! :) :)

I love the hc that Sportacus doesn’t own any clothes other than his uniform. 

Where is that one post about Sportacus needing to go to a fancy dinner and Robbie is -horrified- that he has no nice clothes? It’s really funny and one of my favorite LT posts but I can’t find it D:

Also thank you @rottensocksandfluff for the costume idea~

The invitation was written on orange construction paper. Black crayon bats peppered the edges and five names were scrawled at the bottom. Someone had written “You’re Invited” in big letters across the top. Robbie held it in his fist as he crossed his arms and glared at Sportacus, purple glitter falling off the card as he did so.

“Let me get this straight,” Robbie said coldly. Across the airship, Sportacus awkwardly avoided his eyes. “You go to every little gathering, every ridiculously loud party these kids throw— up to and including a concert you were expressly not invited to— but a costume party is where you draw the line?”

“Robbie, you do not understand-”

“The one party that actually want to go to?!”

“I can’t go, Robbie!” Sportacus confessed over him, “I… I can’t make a costume!”

Robbie snorted, his anger not gone in the slightest. “That’s what’s stopping you?”

With a sigh, Sportacus tapped a panel on the wall beside him. A door nearby opened and Sportacus stepped inside. Robbie moved forward cautiously. He knew that panel opened up Sportacus’ closet, though Robbie had never been allowed in.

The closet was small. Very small. Two hero outfits hung on separate hangers. A third hanger was occupied by what Robbie recognized Sportacus’ pajamas.

“So you see,” Sportacus gestured to the hangers, “I do not have much to work with. Nothing in here would be good for costume making.”

Robbie sucked in a long steadying breath and rubbed his temples as he let it out. “Okay,” He began, unable to take his eyes off the hangers, “Okay, two things. One: the day after this party we are going clothes shopping. Don’t argue, this is happening,” he said when Sportacus opened his mouth to comment. 

“Two: I am the master of disguise. You really thought we were going to go to our first Halloween Party as a couple and not go in matching costumes?!”

The poor idiot hero looked taken aback, “Matching costumes?”

“Yes. Like couple’s costumes,” Robbie felt his face heat up, “I’ve always wanted to do that with someone. I had a good idea for what we could do until you announced you didn’t want to go to this.” He waved the orange invitation. More purple glitter fell to the floor.

“I had no idea,” Sportacus slipped his hand into Robbie’s free one, “I’m sorry, Robbie. I should not have let this stop me from going. I was not thinking.”

“Well that’s obvious,” Robbie squeezed his hand, “You’re lucky you’re cute. Let’s land this flying death trap and get to work at my place. And we are still going shopping later, this is disgraceful.”

And so it was that the following night, both Robbie and Sportacus arrived at the costume party together. Sportacus was dressed as a basketball player. Robbie was a basketball net.

“That way it makes sense for him to run around like a lunatic and I get an excuse to stand still.” Was Robbie’s explanation. Pixel stood on his tip toes to flick the hoop jutting out of the hat on Robbie’s head.

The very next day, Robbie bought Sportacus dozens of packs of clothes hangers and laughed at the look of horror on his boyfriend’s face.