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❝ You are really perfect ❞

Plot:  You and Jimin fights, he calls you clingy and annoying and says he hates when you steal his clothes. So you begin to act “cold”, because you don’t want to be clingy and annoying, first he didn’t realise you stopped doing that but then he does and feels guilty and sad and you can keep going from that, so he makes it up to you.

Pairing: JiminxReader

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: Slighty angst/Fluff in the end 

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Everyone at the Big Hit building knew you, so when you came with snacks for everyone they could not do anything but love you even more.  

Immediately one of BTS’ manager told you that they were in the rehearsal room, so smiling you did a deep bow as a thanksgiving and you headed to the rehearsal room.  

It was the first time you visited the new building, but fortunately, a gentle lady pointed you in the direction you had to follow. They were all so polite and kind that you almost felt a rude person in comparison, even though your boyfriend kept saying you were the best person he had ever known.  

Trying not to drop anything, you didn’t want to waste the morning you spent cooking leaving the food on the ground, you’d better squeeze the heat bag in your hand and knocked gently on the blown glass door that divided the rest of the world from the Bangtan.  

A “c'mon” practically screamed at lungs gave you permission to enter and making, even more, attention you opened the door and entered, recognizing immediately Jungkook’s and Taehyung screams that greeted you enthusiastically.  

“Noooooona!” Jungkook ran to help you, perhaps more interested in the food than your presence but you could understand it. Surely they were practicing for hours and they had to be all hungry.  

“Hi Kookie, yes you can bring away the food….” You giggled as you approached the rest of the group, already trying to check what was in the bag. Check and scream of joy, because it was all homemade food and already just opening the zipper the scent was flared out.  

You’d fix better Jimin’s T-shirt you wore, you slipped it into skinny jeans because you were smaller and even lower than him, noticing only at that moment the slightly detached look of your boyfriend. Jimin wasn’t looking at you and it was almost a surprise because his smile was always the first thing to welcome you when you went to spend some time with them.  

“Aigoooo, Y/N, you cook better than Jin Hyung!” The voice of the leader rang in the room, making you laugh as you sat next to the pink-haired boy. You caressed his forearm, but the smile he made was visibly pulled so that you could be worried that something had happened before you arrived.  

He hadn’t touched food yet and didn’t seem intent on doing it, which pushed you to ask him what was going on.  

“Hey.. Something wrong, Chiminnie? ”  


You flinched slightly feeling his blunt response, while with the corner of the eye you would notice Namjoon’s gaze on you. He seemed worried and this did nothing but confirm your concerns.  

“Are you sure..?”  

“Y/N; Stop. I said there’s nothing wrong, can you just worry about your business for once?  

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“I get the feeling she doesn’t like you, dude.”

genre: angst (debatable), fluff (also debatable)

word count: 2.2k

summary: Jungkook aka the most well known fuckboi amongst K-Celebs shared a kiss with you and wouldn’t stop appearing in your life since then. 

Jungkook had quite the reputation aka he was the number one fuckboi. Most idols had heard the rumours and seen the various attempts at covering up the hickies on his neck, that were created by someone new everyday. His next target was me. Why did I always seem to get involved in shit like this? First dating rumours with JB? Now Jungkook, aka biggest fuckboi I know, wants to sleep with me? Hell no, I want a stable and calm career, no drama, please?

“Where are we going today?” I asked my manager as I got into the car. “Music video set for BTS.” she smiled as she started to drive towards the set. “How many days is this gonna take?” “2-3. Here’s the ‘script’ kinda thing. Since it’s a music video it doesn’t really have lines but that’s the structure.” she said as stopped at the red light. “Kiss scene?” I said, almost screaming. “I’ve been involved in so many things already and now a kiss scene? With who?” “I don’t know yet.”

“Hello, I’m ___ ___. I will be the actress in the MV today.” I smiled as I introduced myself to the well known faces. “It’s nice of you to be working with us, we heard you were very busy, preparing for your music debut.” Namjoon said as he gave me his infamous simple smile. “No, it’s my pleasure to be here. I’m quite the fan.” I told him before manager called for it. “___? Are you hungry?” “Yeah, I haven’t eaten.” I told her as I walked towards her, hovering over a shoulder. “I’ll order something for you to eat. Go get ready for the shoot.” “Thanks.” I told her as walked towards the makeup artists. “You haven’t eaten?” a voice asked me as I took a seat. “No, but that’s normal for me.” I said, turning towards the owner of the voice. “That can’t be good,” he laughed. “Jungkook by the way.” he said as he held out his hand, clearly expecting me to shake it. “___, but you already knew that.” I smiled as I reached for his hand. -

“I’m hungry!” I half  “That’s your problem!” “You said you would buy me food!” “When we get to the bowling alley!”“So, did you actually date JB or was that another stupid rumour?” he chuckled as he was forced to shut his eyes for his eyeshadow. “I don’t even know the guy, Yugyeom sure, he’s my close friend, but JB? I don’t even know how the rumour came about.” I sighed as my hair was being styled.

“I’m surprised I haven’t been in a rumour with someone, not that I want to be. But I thought I would’ve with the amount of shit I do.” he chuckled as he turned back to look at me. “Trust me, even though you’re not involved in a mass rumour, there are some that exist about you amongst us celebs.” I smiled mischievously, “Like what?” “That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”

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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Nine)

Bucky and Steve FINALLY figure their shit out in this chapter. Finally.

I hope you guys are enjoying this :) Trying to add everyone to the tag list, let me know if I miss you :)


It was going on three weeks now of Tony being stuck in a partial shift and he was tired of it.

The longer he was in a half-cat state the more he struggled to talk normally, to have regular sleep cycles, and even to control his emotions. He had Steve and Bucky at the ready at all times to drop what they were doing and hold him, but it was really starting to wear on him, and they both felt bad about it.

Bucky wasn’t expecting to find Rhodes in the lab when he went looking for Tony to see if they could spend some naked time together, but there the colonel was, passed out on the couch with Tony dead asleep next to him, their arms wrapped right around each other, Tony’s head buried in Rhodeys chest.

“Hey did you find–oh.” Steve pulled up short next to him. “Those two are just friends, right?”

“Right.” Bucky nodded slowly, and motioned Steve back several feet so they wouldn’t disturb the nap. “Pretty sure.”

“And they sleep together? Like that?”

“You know Tony needs the extra sleep right now. Besides, Rhodes says they used to share a bed in MIT all the time.”

“But… platonic, right?”

“I guess so.” Bucky cleared his throat a little uncomfortably. “I understand wanting someone in your bed for physical comfort. Like we used to.”

“Yeah.” Steve looked down at the floor, then out the window- anywhere to avoid Bucky’s eyes. Then, “I miss you.” he blurted. “I miss… you. You moved out of our room, and now we can hardly be around each other without Tony there, and I hate that. It’s like we’re barely even friends anymore and I hate that.”

“I miss you too.” Bucky admitted. “You’re my best friend, Steve, this isn't… easy on me.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Steve said quietly. “But weren’t we… weren’t we trying for more than that?”

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Looking over my recent posts on Keith’s dad and the shack, I want to just like. throw out more things I find fishy about this whole thing:

The Lions are able to create, out of nowhere, those stylized carvings that are found around them. We see this with Yellow- some of the marks he puts down for Hunk aren’t there. So the carvings Keith was looking at were all Blue, but…

This image was clearly made by someone who knows exactly what Blue looks like (that profile of the head is spot-on) and it’s clearly no carving. it does not remotely have the same art style as the others and it doesn’t look that old. Even if we take the lighter stripes on it as a loss of paint it’s very bright and the lines are crisp. I’d put it as closer to ten years old than hundreds and certainly nowhere near thousands. 

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A/N: This was just a… a spark of an idea; not a challenge entry for once! Thanks once again and always to @imnoaingeal​ for reading through it!! ♥️

I love Dad!Dean, and I’ve written now two things of him being a dad… so! Give me feedback if you want another one! 

Warnings: Fluff, cussing, mentions of stitches. Obviously! 😆

(Couldn’t find a gif of Dean with a black eye other than the demon eyes, so I gave the fuck up… 😂)

Up, down… left, right.

Up, down… left, right.

Up down… left right…

Slowing down…
Wake up.

Up, down; left, right.

You felt your eyes droop again, but you tried your best to keep them open as you ran your (now) numb fingertips over your little girl’s back.

She had fallen asleep hours ago, and half of your torso was numb and tingly from lack of movement, and don’t get me started on your left arm - but you didn’t have the heart to wake her up before her daddy got back.

You had collected her thick hair (a trait from the Grecian God Dean himself) into a little ponytail, and it was soft enough to bring your consciousness back.

You ran your fingers lightly over her hair and tucked your nose gently against her neck; inhaling.

She never let you do that when she was awake anymore; only her dad.
She said it tickled more when you did it, even though Dean had about 150% more scruff than you did, you were certain…

Shaking your head, you closed your eyes, smiling into her neck.
She was crazy.

You hesitantly maneuvered your legs out from under you and grunted lightly as your knees popped.
Mary Ellen was a heavy sleeper… she didn’t react as you readjusted her position against your chest.

In the distance of the bunker, you heard a sound.
Your eyes drew from your lap and you looked in the direction of the garage.

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On Memorial Day 2017, I would like to celebrate by looking back at our very first fallen veterans. In the 1860s, Revolutionary War veterans were beginning to disappear for good. Wanting to capture their photographs one last time for history to remember, one photographer set out to photograph the very last survivors he could find alive. This tiny set of 7-8 pictures is all that we have left of this remarkable generation. Some of these men were there at the battles of Lexington and Concord, one was a drummer boy for General Washington himself, and others fought and suffered injuries for their service; all of this nearly 240 years ago! Please reblog to share these little seen photographs because I honestly think Americans need and deserve to see their history with their own eyes in order to even begin to comprehend how real it was.

I couldn’t help myself. So here, have a fic about the great story, Tell It to the Marines by @tsume-yuki cause I ship it now.

Sabo will be the first one to admit he was a little, only a little, obsessed with getting Ace and Riskua together. It just bothered him so much that they never noticed how perfect they were for each other.

It was just so right.

Ever since childhood, the blond thought they were meant to be, like those romantic stories Ris used to tell them before bed, and yet no one else tried to make the happy ever after come true.

So the duty fell on his shoulder’s.

He tried to push them in that direction, making small comments here or there, actively asking about their types, roping in others on his quest but the two idiots just wouldn’t see.

Love is blind, as the saying goes.

Sabo wouldn’t give up of course. He made plans, daydreamed scenarios and hell even wrote some short stories about how it would all go down.

Every little progress they made, Sabo took as a personal victory and he gushed to anyone that would listen about it for hours on end.

He didn’t think it was weird to want those two in a working relationship this much until Koala pointed it out. “It sounds to me like you have a crush.”

The blond revolutionary gave her an unimpressed look. “I don’t do crushes.”

The girl laughed shaking her brown hair back and forth with a teasing grin. “No you don’t do commitment. Crushes though? Sabo, I know you had a crush on Riskua long before I even met her. Hearing you talk about Ace? It’s all I need to know you do crushes and hard ones.  Imagine them wanting to kiss you.”

The blond raised a delicate eyebrow, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart in his chest. Why was it doing that? “I already kissed Ris. It wasn’t a big deal”

“What about Ace?” Koala pressed “Have you ever tried kissing Ace?”

No. He hasn’t. But once when he was first debating his sexuality back on Dawn Island he noticed how soft looking Ace’s lips were. “Don’t be weird Koala. Like I would ever kiss him. He’s my brother.”

That’s what he said but laying next to them on Moby Dick had Sabo reconsidering.

It must be about three in the morning and he can’t sleep. His mind is too busy thinking about Ace and Riskua, and what he may feel for them.

He blames Koala for it. He wouldn’t have every even thought about this if it wasn’t for her stupid conversation about crushes.

The fact that almost all the Whitebeards referred to him as “Ace’s blond lover” didn’t help either, even if they only did it to mess with Ace. Hell Sabo encourages it since he finds it just as hilarious as the others do.

It’s not like it’s true. It’s just a running gag.


Riskua shifts a little in her sleep and Sabo watches as Ace curls around her a little more. The pair’s eyes shift in their sleep, dreaming of who knows what, and the blond can’t tear his eyes away from them.

That is until they sleepily mumble at the same time “Sabo…”

His breath hitches.

But would it be so bad if it was true?

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I work in the lost and found, and I want it on record that Carey Fangbattle is our most prolific lost item finder. It is most often wallets. She turns one in almost every day. Nothing is ever missing from them, but she is far too good at "finding" wallets and other small personal belongings. Someone please talk to her about this. I know she needs to practice her rogue stuff, but there are better ways.


Inactive / Otomedaddies

It’s 12am ish and I’m here thinking about this blog. My life was a bumpy one ever since February but thankfully, things are looking up :) I have been contemplating on deleting this blog but at the same time, I don’t want to. I love you guys and from the bottom of my heart, I truly do apologize for taking months to update. From school to drama at work, to finding a new job…. my life has been a mess 😂😂 now since I just need to focus on Work and one summer course, I know I can find time to write. The thing is for mystic messenger in general, I lost some motivation to write for the fandom. The reason is because the lack of content to work with and being into other OTOME games. I don’t mind writing for mystic messenger, it’s that the fire is not there anymore. So I was wondering, if it’s okay with y'all ( I know it my blog but I would love your opinions on this ) if I change this from a MysticMessenger centric blog to an OTOME Writing Blog. It will have content from all the OTOME games that I have played. From mystic messenger to 1) Several Shades of Sadism 2) Samurai Love Ballad Party 3) Kissed by the Baddest Bidder 4) Star Crossed Myth. I’m pretty nervous to venture out from my comfort zone of mystic messenger but I would really love to expand my horizons :) I would probably write heavily for Sadism and Bidder since for Samurai Love Ballad Party, I feel like I would be a nervous wreck writing for it 😂😂 *Star Crossed myth, I need to finish the game 😂* so what do you guys think? Also if people seem to like the idea, would it be good to change mysticdaddies to otomedaddies? Like I feel so wrong changing mysticdaddies to otomedaddies 😂

zeroredeye  asked:

Just wanted to say your arts amazing, Also, what got you into art in the first place?

Thank you!
I was born into it, kind of? My parents and both of my grandfathers have background in arts/are professional artists, and I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I’ve always been doing it mostly for fun, it’s kinda like a natural need for me, but recently I finally realized that it’s what I want to do as a profession. Before that I thought I might be fine keeping it just as a hobby and explore other careers but then I figured why not at least try embracing the one passion I know is going to be with me forever. So right now I’m making do as a freelance artist and trying to find some way to further my art education (since I never got any formal education in Arts) to expand my skillset and explore more career opportunities as an artist. 


Bodoque and Tulio’s dynamic is one of the main things of the show and I wanted to look at it a bit in depth.

If you look at it from the outside you’ll find that Bodoque is the voice of reason and rescues Tulio when he’s in trouble, while Tulio is the one that gets Bodoque out of addictions, depressions, and money trouble (these are big parts of Bodoque’s character and the things he needs most help with, same with Tulio). They harm each other as well though, for example Tulio with stealing Bodoque’s job he so wanted, or almost killing him with his stupidity, and Bodoque hitting Tulio whenever he loses his temper.

Bodoque learns how to be “the voice of reason” through the green reports and Tulio learns how he can help Bodoque through Patana (a dynamic very clear in the episode “depressed bodoque”)

When one is missing, they react differently. Bodoque instantly thinks his problems are gone and he now has the job he so wants, and proceeds to steal it away from Tulio. He then fails because of the very issues Tulio was there to help him with. (because of his horse-race addiction or that other time he couldn’t do the moderator job because he was too depressed) Bodoque can’t really express worry or gratitude towards him. (or at least he does so very rarely)

Tulio on the other hand just talks all the time about how much he misses Bodoque and mentions how much he needs him whenever he’s in trouble. (example: almost half of the film)

In Tulio’s dream we find out that he fears some things tied with Bodoque: for Bodoque to expose his secrets, Bodoque being able to live perfectly fine without him, or Bodoque to leave and never forgive him. This drives him to be friends with him no matter how much money Bodoque asks of him.

98 % of men are so boring like shut the fuck up no one cares about what u have to say holy shit,like go fuck off somewhere and die please. your personality is fucking terrible you have no interests other than the needs of your dick, which i will fucking cut off. worthless fool

i feel bad for girls though because most of them are so insecure and tragic and  just attach themselves to these crusty ass losers for validation. i swear there are good guys out there but they’re very rare and you need to find yourself and who you are first in order to find someone who is right for u as a partner. most just see you as meat. Don’t let them destroy you, DESTROY THEM

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Hey there! Could you lovely ladies please recommend me some southern gothic books please? All I know so far are Beautiful Creatures and (sort of?) American Gods, but I crave this genre more than the dehydrated crave water in the desert and need some help finding others :)

Hi! I think I can find a few to recommend! (I’m not american, so don’t take me at my word!)

Ones I’ve not read: 

Anyone have any southern gothic recs?

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How do I break out of an abusive friendship with a guy that has multiple mental problems and threatens suicide. I don't have any other friends. He doesn't allow me to spend time with my family, make new friends or date. He has addiction problems, gambling issues and lives pretty deep in poverty. If he didn't have me he probably wouldn't have money to meet his basic needs. His family doesn't take care of him, he has no other friends and finding professional help is next to impossible.

You can start by realizing you are not responsible for him. It may seem callous, but you aren’t responsible for his mental health or his standard of living. You don’t owe him money or emotional caretaking. There are two ways you can do this: all at once or slowly. I recommend all at once if you don’t want to see him again and slowly if you do. For all at once you leave however is easiest for you and block all communication. Slowly involves disengaging by setting boundaries. He won’t let you see your family? Make plans in the future to see your family. Tell him you have plans x day. When x day comes, no matter what he does, you leave and go enjoy your plans. He doesn’t get to put your life on hold just because he can’t take care of himself. It won’t be easy and he will likely fight you over every new boundary you set, but you owe it to yourself to have the life you deserve ❤

TalesFromRetail: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

So I work in a grocery store as a courtesy (the guy who bags groceries and stocks in the back). It was in the middle of the day, the store wasn’t that busy so I was able to get some stocking done, so I went to the back, grabbed a cart full of granola bars and went to that aisle to start stocking them.

I get to the aisle and there is a middle-aged woman and a girl I believe is her daughter. They are in the middle of a conversation so I park my cart on the other side of the aisle where they are and start stocking the granola bars.

I am in the middle of the second box when I hear the older woman’s voice getting louder, like it was directed at me. I turn around and she is right behind me staring, and counting. So I say >Do you need help finding anything?

She ignores that question and responds

It’s been ____ seconds since you got here and you still haven’t greeted me, I’m going to report this to your manager.

(The blank is whatever number she got to, under 10). So she went to my manager and I presume she reported me for not interrupting her conversation.

I also was there for a lot longer than whatever she counted to, it’s not like I just got there.

By: eattwo

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Today I just thought about the most common genders in society which are cis female and male and I just entered in a crisis of what means to be either of those things bc it's just social construction so now I looked up agender and I saw that it can apply to a person who wants to identify as a person rather than a gender. And i've never really cared about gender before now so I'm still in that fore mentioned crisis. But I guess agender fits best. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on that?

I think you’re definitely allowed to claim agender for yourself, if you want to !! I identify as agender for more or less the same reasons as you described here.

At the same time though, you don’t need to identify with any labels if you don’t need to, or on the other hand, if you do want to, we can help you find something else if you don’t feel agender fits quite right (cassgender and greygender come to mind).

I hope your crisis eases and that you find language that makes you feel more comfortable, friend !! Sending lots of love to you !!

Mod Wesley

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First I just want too say sorry for my bad English. It's not my first language. Do u know some good taekook fics with angst and a happy ending? Something with like Taehyung likes jungkook but jungkook is "straight" and Taehyung get hurt easily when he sees jungkook with other girls. Have a good day <33

You don’t need to apologize for your english! 1. there’s nothing incorrect about it so don’t worry and 2. even if there were anything incorrect who cares? You can communicate in a language that isn’t your first and that’s not something a lot of people can do, okay! Yeah, good. Now to the actual ask, I might have some but I’m not too sure!

A tale of selcas by Sharleena [rated T, 36k] (This is side TaeKook, but still very nice!)

Pink Sweaters by NastaeTae [rated E, 19k]

I can’t find any other straight!kook even though I know I’ve read more than this. Ahhhh, not a lot of people tag that kind of stuff…

-Admin Nana

Submitted my final assessment for this semester. Now, is that tedious couple of weeks, waiting to find out my grade. But I’m chuffed that it’s done. Had such a nice day, where we had a class picnic and read out excerpts from our final short stories. We only gave positive feedback to each other today, and folks were really kind and warm. It was quite special, really. A nice way to end that subject. 

Anyway! I have promised some people some GIFS. I am here to say that they’ll be coming very soon. Tonight, I need to just rest, because I’m so damn tired (and, oh shit, my RS Writing Club story still needs a good edit). 

Also: somehow there was a bee in my bedroom when I got home, just, buzzin’. This was very odd. It’s winter, so no windows were open. 

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my friend group makes me feel like absolute crap but i can't do anything about it because without them i have no other friends, they make me hate going to school but if i didn't have them, i'd still hate it a whole lot

i know exactly how you feel :(( and it sucks. But I’m not gonna tell you to stop being friends with them bc that’s gonna feel shitty and you’re gonna be lonely asf. You should try to find a good friend or another group of friends then once you’ve done that distance yourself from the people you’re friends with now. You don’t need them trust me but I know how it feels to be somewhere with no friends and it’s not fun.