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Shoutout to all the background couples in romcoms who had their weddings ruined by someone else’s romantic epiphany

Patater domestic headcanons !!!! Ft Jack

My dumbass is crying over Kent being hated on and the realization of his backstory like I thought I was supposed to hate him. Anyways here are a load of headcanons to cure myself

•Snowy finds out by walking in on them both asleep at Tater’s apartment on the couch. Snowy is like I’m not even surprised tbh and walks back out of the door but Kent and Tater are still asleep on the couch like late at night.
•KIT PURRSON. Tater automatically good with animals. Like Tater is almost like a parent to this cat “KENT WHY NO FEED KIT”
“Oh my go-”
•Kent loves Tater’s chain because I mean why do I need to explain
•during bye week they just pretty much chill with each other in a small rural area near a lake. It was fun until Kent touched poison ivy
•they take fugly close ups of each other a lot.
•one time Tater posted one to his story on sc and Jack saw it before he deleted. They don’t know Jack saw it but when Jack saw it he was actually happy for them. He knew Kent needed this
•Kent and Tater learning each other’s respective languages
•they Skype with each other after games. When one of them are injured they’ll fly down.
•sometimes Kent hates the circumstances surrounding them.
•sometimes Tater will send flowers up to Kent’s apartment and only the manager knows about this. They keep it a secret and they think it’s sweet.
•75% of their relationship is just them laughing at stupid stuff
•"why are you looking at me like that?“
•Kent always being lowkey attention maintenance
“Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey turn around hey hey hey. Hey Alexei. Hey tater. Hey tater tot. Hey love hey guess what hey Al-”
“I want this for my birthday”
“It pass Kenny…”
•Sometimes Tater will just give Kent a piggy back ride when he can see the exhaustion in his eyes that he’s trying to hide
•Tater hates thunderstorms. He always has to have Snowy drive him when they come off of the plane. He hates them because when he was little, him and his mom both got into a car accident while it was storming. They were okay just fairly hurt by it.
•Kent moves his room into another room that doesn’t have a window wall for Tater’s sake.
•random 2am “I can’t go to sleep” talks
“Hey I have something to tell you”
“What is it?”
“I adopted Kit because one time I was attacked by a dog and HEY STOP LAUGHING”
•Tater takes one of Kent’s blankets with him while Kent takes some of his shirts
•jack may have found out their relationship when him and Tater share their hotel room and he sees Tater sleeping with it peacefully
•jack’s heart kinda swells because it’s like “hey Kent is happy !!!” But it kinda hurts at the same time since he knows that Kent still kept the blanket that the Zimmermann’s gave him when him and Jack were freezing from practicing outside.
•random and weird convo like this “I can play guitar”
“Of course you would say that…”
•late night grocery shopping where all they do is just make puns out of things. One time Kent had to sit in the car because he couldn’t stop laughing.
•Kent takes a lot of offguards of Tater. He’s proud of them because they actually look good
•Tater’s wallpaper is Kit sleeping on Kent’s naked back
•Tater knowing what went down with Jack and Kent but he doesn’t mind all that much. He feels like it isn’t going to make him love Kent less and it was in the past
•Kent has nightmares about finding Jack on the floor or how they used to party when they were younger. He feels like he could have prevented that.
•When he wakes up Tater wakes up too so then they both try to go back to sleep together without wordlessly talking about it because Tater knows Kent doesn’t want to yet. So Kent just lays his head on Tater’s chest and plays with his fingers while Tater has his chin on top of his head and occasionally kissing his head. Tater doesn’t go to sleep until Kent does
•Tater doesn’t really try to hide Kent all that much and Kent doesn’t mind the news articles or fans
•they secretly own an nother apartment together like a year and a half after they started dating
•Tater can actually drag race
and won’t tell Kent how he learned it but it impresses Kent
•Kent sings romantic cheesy songs into Tater’s face while holding his face in between his hands
•Tater knows how to play the piano and violin and Kent is still very much confused about this
•they once went on a vacation to Brazil and they just pretty much stayed on the beach watching the sunset. Splashing water at each other. Making small sand castles
•sometimes Tater has bad days because he just feels sorta less to everyone in the world. Not the team tho they make him feel welcomed and Kent just reminds Tater that he can speak three different languages and he is still making it
•Tater cries when he’s mad and it breaks Kent’s heart because the first time they had a heated argument was when one of the falconers accidentally shot a puck to one of the Aces’ face after one of their games.
•Kent feels so bad and worried that he’s becoming his old self so he would leave small sticky notes apologizing in every room. There’s like 5 in each room and they’re all attached to where Tater can see them.
•Tater randomly hugging Kent and saying I love you when he feels like it
Kent cries the first time and Tater just silently rubs the back of his head because he knows what happened
•Kent has so many pictures of Tater on his phone like its wild. There are photos of him sleeping to him holding a turtle he proudly held and put back like 10 seconds later
•their trips are like half of the time Kent telling Tater no or not to do something while Tater does it anyways

Bonus: jack is the type of person to get hurt/hit and then stare off into the distance because he’s trying to comprehend what just happened and then he starts to cry

Open to add on !!!

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Wait did carver ship destiel???

Carver created it.

Let me explain. (Disclaimer: I don’t have a telepathic connection to anyone involved in the making of Supernatural, so I may be wrong.)

Fandoms are quick at shipping things. Especially if attractive white men are concerned. Sometimes they don’t even need two characters to have ever shared a scene to ship them. Imagine what happens when two attractive white men have a conversation and stare into each other’s eyes while doing it. The first Dean/Castiel fics started being published online hours after Lazarus Rising aired. But the fandom didn’t expect the show to actually give the angel Castiel a storyline about a romantic relationship with Dean, of course! It was one of the ships you’ll find fics on the internet because the internet writes fics about any combination of characters possible. They even write fics about characters who were in different seasons and never knew about each other’s existence. (Hell, even characters from different shows altogether.)

Season 4 goes on and hey, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins have a stunning chemistry together. The showrunners are really happy about it, and decide to keep Castiel’s character around, because the audience has responded very favorably to him and the actor’s interpretation of him and everything is beautiful.

Now, the show, ever since day 1, has built a subtextual narrative around Dean’s character, relatively to his sexuality. Season 4 makes no exception - like they’ve always done, they build a parallel between Sam’s connection to a female demon to Dean’s connection to a male angel. The show does not mean to make Dean/Castiel “canon” - it’s one of the ingredients of the bisexuality subtextual narrative that runs through the show. Season 4 is written by people like Cathryn Humphris, the duo Dabb-Loflin, Jeremy Carver himself, Ben Edlund - all people very keen in developing this narrative. That Carver is very fascinated by the dynamic between Dean and Castiel, starts appearing fairly evident in his episode The Rapture, but we can say everything is still under the subtextual bisexuality narrative umbrella. (Jensen does not have a strong grasp of the word subtlety.)

Season 5 starts and writers start writing episodes. Ben Edlund works on episode 4, for instance, and you can see that subtextual bisexuality narrative in all its splendor, with details such as future Dean implying he has a sexual relationship with future Castiel (all in the realm of the totally plausible deniability, of course, because subtext).

But Jeremy Carver works on episode 3 and boi. Free To Be You And Me, in my humble opinion, is the act of foundation of Destiel as A Thing.

Not that the show has intentions of ever developing a textual romantic/sexual relationship between the two characters at this point of its history, of course. But boi - a lot of people start really enjoying the idea of playing with it with more intensity than your average Dean-is-bi subtextual dynamic thing. In my humble opinion, if Carver is N°1 Destiel creator, Mr Jensen Ross Ackles is N°2 Destiel creator. “But Jensen said–” of course he did, because in his mind it was part of the subtextual bisexuality narrative, just a big part of it. That’s why he was surprised at the name-dropping of “Destiel” in Fan Fiction, for instance - it took him a while to fully understand the shifting from subtext to text, and it threw him a little off balance.

Now let’s go back to season 5. People jump on the Destiel subtext wagon, they make Dean and Cas grow closer and closer and rub their hands at how great Jensen and Misha are when working together. Season 6 comes and they decide to give Castiel a large role in the narrative of the season, because he’s a fan favorite and Misha is just great at the thing. Now, they have to decide how to make the season nice and totally excruciatingly painful - Gamble, Singer & friends wonder, how do we totally shatter the characters? Someone comes up with the idea of literally breaking Sam’s mind and whatever, and someone comes up with the idea of breaking up Dean and Cas breaking Dean and Cas’ relationship. Carver isn’t working on this season, but hey, he was a big - the biggest, arguably - contributor in building the amazing dynamic between Dean and Cas. Gamble and Singer (whatever you think of them) realize that the most efficient way to break Dean is to take Cas away from him.

Season 7 happens and Gamble and Singer continue the whole ‘losing Castiel is the think that shatters Dean’ thing. Ben Edlund really enjoys the thing and Repo Man demonstrates it, because Ben Edlund destroyed subtlety before Robbie Thompson made it cool (that’s not true, it was cool with Edlund too). Now, I have no idea how they were going to fix the situation if Gamble had stayed showrunner. Thing is, the show’s ratings are bad, something isn’t working, the network isn’t happy, or whatever, and they have to change the cards.

And guess what happens - there you go! Our Jeremy Carver pops up and says, I know how to fix this. I become showrunner for the next seasons, you end this season as a set-up for my new plans. Alright, what should we do? they ask. Bring Castiel back! he says. But he’s, like, super dead, they reply. So Carver pulls Castiel out of his ass, pretty much, because ‘lol he’s alive after all although there’s no reason why he should be’ isn’t a great narrative choice, but our Carver doesn’t give a crap and tells Gamble, bring the buy back. Gamble does it, the season ends up in a way that sets up Carver’s plans, and there you have Carver as the Big Boss.

The Carver era makes Destiel an actual, genuine plotline. Say whatever you want about queerbaiting or whatever - it doesn’t take away the fact that the nature of the relationship between Dean and Castiel, and the way it differs from the kind of relationships Dean has with family members, and establishing it as love is one of the big plotlines of Carver’s seasons.

Now Carver has left the show to explore new shores, but the show has been inherited by Mr Andrew “how can I make people interested in a random heterosexual couple that has absolutely nothing interesting about them, oh right I’ll give them that one Destiel dialogue from that one time, ahaha everything hurts” Dabb, so…

ALRIGHT HERE ARE MY SEASON 3 VOLTRON PREDICTIONS. (Kinda…more a “how I think Lance and Keith’s relationship will develop” prediction) 

  • Keith has not slept 
  • Like at all
  • He’s following every lead that could even possibly bring Shiro back 
  • The entire team is getting really concerned 
  • He’s isolating, lashing out at other team members more and more 
  • Until one morning he’s just GONE 
  • A pod is missing, his com is off 
  • Gone 
  • The team panics, they can’t afford to lose ANOTHER paladin  
  • Finally Lance is like “That’s it, I’m going after him” 
  • So he goes up to the Red Lion and says “Our buddy needs help, I know you can find him.” 
  • Meanwhile: Back in space 
  • Keith’s alone in a pod in deep space tracking another wild goose chase of a lead 
  • When the Red Lion shows up
  • And Keith is like “????? I didn’t ask for your help!” 
  • Imagine his face when LANCE’S voice says “Hey buddy” 
  • Lance tries to get through to him, he keeps saying things like, “Remember our bonding moment? Come on you have to remember the bonding!” 
  • “Go away, Lance!” 
  • This goes on for awhile until finally Keith says, “I’m not ready to lead.” 
  • “What?” 
  • “Shiro…told me he wants me to lead Voltron. I can’t, Lance, not without him.” 
  • Long silence. 
  • Until finally, “Shiro wouldn’t want you to go off alone, that’s not what leaders do, right Keith?” 
  • Silence 
  • “Keith?” 
  • “Yeah.” 
  • And Keith flies his pod into the Red Lion.
  • Lance goes down to meet him. 
  • “How you feeling?” 
  • Keith doesn’t respond but
  • They hug 
  • Keith and Lance become a lot closer and more supportive of each other after that, but still keep their playful rivalry. 

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Have you ever considered taking care of a sea beast/creature?

I have a few already- grindylows and the like.  My aquarium needs a bit of work, however.  They have a tendency to float off in their own bubbles and cause quite a bit of trouble with the other creatures.

Mission Baby Surprise Part 3 [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]


@frootdollhouse “Can you please do a part 3 to the pregnancy surprise!!”

@blueco16 “Ahhhhh I dont just want the next part . I NEED the next part”

@blueoceansandyellowstars “LOvE!! I *need* the next part !!!!! So good!!!!”

Summary: Today’s the day Lin will find out about your secret. Will this all go as planned?

A/N: I’m not sure if this would be the last part. I absolutely love that you enjoy this series! Just <3 thank you thank you and I pretty much freaked out when @gunsandfics, @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou, and @gratitudejoyandsorrow noticed my work! They’re some of my favorite writers and I love you <3 (I sound like a crazed fangirl I’M SORRY!) I love you all, including you. Not the other person reading this, but just you! <3 <3 I need to chill with the hearts but I LOVE THEM awe

A/N 2: Okay okay I know I was supposed to post this tomorrow bUT I JUST COULDN’T WAIT! It’s not my best work but this could count as a 50 follow present? Idk. This means that I won’t post until Wednesday so

Warning: Cursing

Word Count: 927

Part One Part Two Masterlist

“Y/N, darling?” Your heart raced as footsteps followed. “What’s this…” Time for the moment that will change your life. “Hey, Lin!” Pippa emerged from the one of the wings followed by Daveed, Oak, Javi, and Tommy. “Hey, Pip. Is Y/N here? She said she was going to hang out with you today. What is all of this stuff?”

“Oh! The cast is throwing a party for you!” Lin cocked his head to the side.

“Party? It’s not my birthday…” Little did he know, Andrew was filming from the top barricade waiting. “I thought it’d be more obvious but I guess not. Y/N!” Tommy called for you and you popped out of the orchestra pit. “Hi Lin.” You gave him a shy wave and climbed out. He walked towards you and you felt nervous. “Y/N, what is this? You’re throwing a party for me but why,” you saw a flash of panic appear on his face thinking that he caught on, “Oh no, did I forget an important day? Is it your parents’ anniversary?” He started mumbling random important events. You awkwardly laughed and kept your stare on the ground. “No, you didn’t forget anything but my parents aren’t going to be the only parents you know of..” That sounded better in your head. You confused him even further! “Y/N, I know lots of parents. I know the parents of my parents’ parents.” It was your turn to be confused. Everyone circled around you both. “Why is everyone here?”

“Y/N tell the poor guy!” Anthony shouted. Everyone mumbled in agreement obviously getting impatient.

“Well Lin…I-I’m pregnant.” You fiddled with your necklace and waited for a response. After hearing silence for a couple of seconds, you determined that he wasn’t happy. You ran away to Jasmine’s dressing room.


“Lin! What the fuck? Y/N spent thousands of days trying to make this perfect and you just stand there?!” Jasmine yelled. Andrew put away his phone and watched. “I’m going to be a Father..”

“What else does it mean if she’s pregnant?!” Anthony held Jasmine’s hand, trying to keep her calm. “Hey, Prince Charming,” Chris spoke up and Lin looked, “Get your wife.”

You locked yourself in a dressing room too embarrassed to let anyone see you. You were right, this was terrible timing.

Andrew was going down the stairwell when Lin yelled, “Where is she?!” Andrew shrugged, “I don’t know! The last time I saw her was when you denied her..” Andrew then proceeded to walk away before he would get into major trouble. Lin knocked on every single door and when he knocked on the Schuylers’ dressing room he heard sniffling. “Y/N! I can explain!” You didn’t even bother to dry your tears. You unlocked the door and looked at him. “What do y-” You were cut off by a rather passionate kiss and he hugged you. “Y/N I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for that to be a terrible thing! I’ve wanted to start a family but when you told me, I thought this was a dream. I froze up because I was speechless!” He started rambling on and on and he wiped your tears. “You really mean that?”

“Y/N, if you think that I don’t want to grow old and start a family with you for even a split second, you’re wrong. Now are you ready to tell the others?” You nod and smiled.

The rest of the cast noticed you the second you got there “Sorry guys, Lin was speechless so that’s why he didn’t do anything.” The sentence was followed with laughter and Daveed broke the silence when he said, “Okay guys this is fun and all, but when are we going to eat the cake over there?”

The cast swarmed you and Lin with many questions. Some from “So got any names?” or “How was the sex?” You were pulled into many photos and videos. You didn’t know that someone took a photo of you and Lin staring at each other lovingly with the rest of the cast looking at you in mock disgust. You thought this was a perfect photo to post on your social medias.


Guess who’s going to be parents? @Lin_Manuel

Right after that, Lin’s parents rushed over along with yours.

Months Later

“Ouch! That feels like hell!” You gripped onto Lin’s hand as hard as you could and spat,

“Lin shut the fuck up! At least you aren’t being ripped apart!” Yeah, you were in labor. A few months before, you had discovered you were having a boy. You may have gone overboard with the furniture and food cravings. After countless moments of pain, you heard wailing. “It’s a boy!” You finally relaxed for moment when you saw him. The nurse handed your son to you and he stopped crying once he was in your arms. You and Lin were speechless. “Sebastian. Sebastian Christopher Miranda.” You smiled at the fact that not only was your son partially named after Lin’s best friend, but that he was also named after a crab. You had to stay another day just for safety precautions. The cast poured in all day long. Everyone said that he had Lin’s eyes and your hair color. Lin took a photo of you holding Sebastian and posted it on Twitter.


@Y/N Dear Sebastian, what to say to you? You have my eyes you have some crab’s name.

You were surrounded by people you loved. You were right where you wanted to be.

It has been complete. It took me a while to decide what should happen in this chapter. The series is finished!


*this may be incredibly long but I’ve never talked about this to anyone so I’m kind of venting*

we met when we were 11. we were the best of friends and she understood me like no one else ever did. we were inseparable until we were 14 and we entered high school. she started chasing boys and having sleepovers with girls she once called “fake bitches”, and I stayed home on friday nights making gif sets and setting up my tumblr queue. i didn’t mind that she was changing at all, but I felt her slipping from me. we’d go weeks without talking and I had only, maybe, 2 other friends at this time so I needed her.
I’ve always had respiratory problems, I was born with a muscular syndrome, and one day I was told some very bad news that I won’t share here. I cried all day and I text her to find comfort. she told me that all my health issues were because I had a bad diet. she told me I was self centered and shouldn’t be wallowing in self pity and that I was pathetic. she said my life is better than most other because I’m extremely skinny and other girls would kill for my body. she ranted on and on about how ungrateful I am and how she’s sick of my constant complaining. she said she didn’t like me anymore and didn’t want to be friends.
after a year of hurting I finally moved on but she came back to my life. on my birthday she apologized and I immediately gave in, I was so happy my best friend was back. we were nearly back the way we were when she cut me off, again. she said I hadn’t changed and she hated being around me. I didn’t cry this time, I decided I was completely done with her.
school was awkward as hell. we were in a clique together and we couldn’t look each other in the eye. after 9 months of not talking I decided to befriend her again to rid our friend group of any toxicity. I sent her a few paragraphs explaining how I was sorry for whatever I had done to make her hate me and that I truly wanted to be friends again.
she said it was the saddest thing she ever read and I deserve any bad things that come my way. she said I was playing the sad little victim and I was constantly fishing for sympathy. we argued over text for hours and hours. eventually I said “obviously starting this conversation was a bad idea. sorry.” and she said “obviously” we haven’t spoken since. this was 6 months ago

last week she sent me a snapchat saying “I’m sorry. sorry for being a bitch all the time.” I didn’t reply and I blocked her. I’m never turning back again because my life is so much happier without her dragging me down.

hunk wasnt being “cute and nerdy” when he was going on and on about keith being galra

he was being casually racist

i know this to be true because i have lived this experience many many times because i am a “white passing” mixed race person

and everyone is out here saying all these other jokes hunk could say and how sweet he was being and i literally need all of it to stop for the sake of my sanity. Some of the things hunk said to keith in the episode are, almost word for word, people have said to me after finding out i’m part black and its not funny or cute its annoying and does absolutely nothing except point me out as an “Other”. It points Keith out as an “Other”

literally rewatch the episode

Watch keith. hes really, visually unimpressed with hunks quips. by the end of the episode hes so done he literally yells at hunk to fucking stop it

As a keith fan and a biracial person it makes me sad and angry and alienated seeing all these folks not just defending the behavior hunk displayed but even perpetuating it and making more bad jokes

and as a hunk fan i’m beyond angry and deeply saddened that the writers at dreamworks would make him do that kind of thing it felt so ooc and to see my favourite do that kind of thing brought real tears to my eyes

tldr: stop putting all of hunks galra keith jokes in a positive light they were terrible and pretty racist lmao

i need opinions: how many people would be interested in me writing a fancanon that centers around cybertronians being ganked out of their bodies after being on earth too long, being born again as humans, and having to find each other and shit, superpowers?

ideas from fancanon: Witwicky child is actually literally Bumblebee, Optimus Prime is a black trans woman, Optimus is the biggest Autobot, paintball fights between autobots and decepticons, this is the aftermath of a cybertronian war that happened on earth in the 70s and 80s and everyone studies it in like middle school but forgets about it by college, something something Optimus convinces a large group of cybertronians-turned-humans that she’s telling the truth by kicking her own robot body, which then transforms into the truck she’s usually driving around. Bee Witwicky almost shits himself in excitement

please tell me what you think because this will affect whether i try writing this self-indulgent mess?

It annoys me that people repost a really popular acnl art post and then other people actually reblog it when it’s clearly not that persons art and if they need to they could easily find the original post to reblog instead bc it has thousands of notes and I’m sure most of the community has seen it atleast 5 times already to recognise it’s been reposteddd

Teen!Alec ‘meeting’ Magnus

So, I really liked the idea of Alec and Jace as teenagers, but then I thought, that Magnus must have been to the Institute before because of something. I mean, there are now so many people at the Institute, i’m sure at least one of them needed his help with something, or he was called to give input on something, whatever …

Point is, I’m imagining Alec seeing him in a discussion with somebody else and while he has something else to do, somewhere to go, Alec stops and stares. And it’s not that kind stunned staring, but more a moment of intrigue, of looking at another man - not Jace - and find him attractive. And maybe Alec also didn’t have any interest in other shadowhunters because maybe the Lightwood siblings were kind of isolated because their parents leading the Institute. But Jace broke through that, becoming a part of the duo Isabelle and Alec had been before (Not sure how big the age difference is with Max and I guess he was kept in Idris most of the time, too.) And with the bond between Alec and Jace growing stronger, Alec didn’t really bother with other relationships, but it also lead to the idea, that there would never be anybody else to crush on, to fall in love with, which made the idea of the parabatai-bond so much more difficult for Alec. 

But then he sees Magnus, maybe hears part of the exchange with Magnus sassing another shadowhunter, making Alec laugh/smile. And he thinks, that maybe he’s in love with/crushing on Jace right now, but that doesn’t mean, there would never be anybody else. He just hadn’t met him yet. 

Just that realization, that feelings could change, that this pain he had weighing on his chest could be lifted at some point. 

Just that short glimmer of hope, while watching Magnus, before being called by Jace, asking what the hell Alec was daydreaming about.  

I mean, you don’t instantly have an understanding of how feelings work and that your first love doesn’t have to be your last, right?

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Can you share you study skills/tips please?

Sure thing anon! Here are my top 10 tips: 

Tip #1: Pay attention in class and actively take notes. 

In order to learn, you have to be an active reader and an active listener. When I take my notes down during class, I always do them in pencil (more on that later,), I write down the main points on each lecture slide, and I write down any important things my professor may have said that wasn’t on the slide. 

Tip #2: Read the dang textbook and other reading materials your professor may have recommended. 

Even though I can get bored very quickly while reading a chapter on “equine nutritional needs with respect to phosphorus and nitrogen”, I try to at least find the points that my professor had covered in class and read them in the book; sometimes, the text may be simpler and clearer than the lecture. 

Tip #3: Don’t listen to music or have the TV on while studying. 

Up until about two months ago, I used to be an avid listener to music while I studied–usually instrumental. However, (FOR ME), I found that I was listening to the music instead of to the words that I was writing down or reading. I have found that when I’m rewriting my notes or reading my textbook without music, my brain becomes more interested in what I’m writing down or reading and I start actually thinking about the topic. I actually became more productive.

Tip #4: Take notes, and then take notes again, and then take notes again. 

My process of notetaking is arduous but well-worth it. First, I write down my notes in pencil during class. Then, every weekend (before class begins on Monday), I go back over that previous week’s notes in pen, and I highlight the main important points with a yellow highlighter. This helps for memory retention for me, so I can break up the material week-by-week. Sometimes I will even type my notes on my computer as well. Then, about a week before the *Big Test*, I take some blank printer paper and re-write my notes in a more…open and free way. For instance, instead of only bullet points (like I use in my notebooks), I use brackets and I draw pictures and diagrams, and I use multiple colors, and I use arrows, etc. and I try to make it as pretty and as educational as possible for myself. 

Tip #5: Watch videos online. 

You’d be surprised at how much stuff there is on the internet. Last quarter I was taking an equine biomechanics class and I needed to know all about the different stay mechanisms and how the joints were put together. I was having trouble envisioning it in my mind, so, on a whim, I went onto Youtube and typed in “horse hock anatomy”, and, voila, there was a very clear and concise video that helped me remember the information on my exam. If you can’t find good videos, there are usually pretty good websites or articles with helpful information as well. 

Tip #6: Form study groups!

Even if you prefer to study alone (which I do), having just at least one other person who is suffering through the same information as you is incredibly helpful, as you can support each other and help each other learn through the class as you wade through the water hose of information that is being sprayed at you. Even just someone to review with; having someone is very helpful. 

Tip #7: Study using the Pomodoro method!

Oh man, this method BOOSTED my productivity. Basically, you study for 25 mins, then take a 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 10 min break, and then repeat. It helps you see an end goal– “Oh, I only have to put my phone away for 25 mins, then I’ll check my messages!” etc. There are plenty of apps (I know Google chrome has an extension!) that you can use! 

Tip #8: Don’t pull an all-nighter right before the test.

Tbh, by that point, you kind of know-what-you-know. That’s my philosophy. You’re not going to learn anything new within 6 hours before the test. You have to set yourself up for success early on when it comes to studying! 

Tip #9: Keep an academic agenda!

I have a simple academic agenda that I use every single day, where I write down everything that I need to do for each class– I’ll even write in there, “study ch 14″ or “re-write notes!” or “print out the lab!” etc. Being able to check things off of a nice and organized list feels really good and feels very productive. 

Tip #10: Take good care of yourself!

My momma always told me, “your health should always come first, even above school!” And that’s coming from a woman who pushed me very hard academically when I was younger. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s easy to get burnt out. Take care of yourself! Eat good food, get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water, go exercise, take a break! You definitely deserve to feel good and healthy, no matter what! 

Will probably delete later. But I just want to say how frustrating i find the point buy system to be. like you want to be good your class? well your class better only need like two abilities, otherwise you’re screwed! wanna have any interests outside of your class? Ha! Well you’ve dumped all your other stats so you can be good at stealth and trap finding. Like i know rolling can end up screwing you over but at least it doesn’t end up forcing you to min max or whatever.

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I'm not sure what to do, I feel like shit. Both fandoms I am a part of are falling apart. I can't deal with hate anymore and it sucks that I have to find coping mechanisms for my coping mechanisms. Sorry for bothering you but I need to let this out.

I totally understand you, nonny. Just remember that they can’t take these characters away from us no matter what gross things they put into the show. The Final Problem is still incredibly fake. Tjlc and johnlock are real. Sherlock and John have been in love for over 130 years. I’ll still be blogging and i know other people will too. This fandom is greater than what they could ever imagine ❤ 

Also if you need to talk, my messages are always open :)

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How do you think Sans got so strong? With only 1 health, something had to have happened to him. Considering Pap has decent health, its only natural to assume Sans would too, but he doesnt. Did he trade his health for strength? Against his will maybe?

I mean, Sans has 1 health in the game files. He also only needs to get damaged once. One HP might just be an abstraction that exists in the game because he doesn’t actually need anything more. Strictly speaking, I find the contrast between sans and corrupted Chara to be interesting in general. Chara calls sans ‘the weakest enemy.’ And, on the surface, you’d look at that and go: ‘excuse me? He’s the FINAL BOSS, he’s hard as hell! He kills me more than all other monsters combined! And that’s true.

But consider what Corrupted Chara considers worth consideration and value. They admire the feeling of numbers going up. LOVE. EXP. HP. ATK. DEF. SPEED. GOLD. 

These are the characteristics that a corrupted Chara admires. And Sans, in spite of being the hardest enemy in the game so far, has none of them. I picture this fight as a clash of ideals, between the one type of strength and another. Sans is clever and tricky and cheats. He does one damage at a time but skips iframes and has a poison effect. His damage is poor but his attack patterns are HARD. He is finesse over solid, raw power.

But that doesn’t answer ‘why,’ does it? I feel like the answer to this, ultimately, is shrouded in darkness. Sans feels bad about not being able to ‘go back’ … somewhere. he and PAPYRUS appeared out of thin air and asserted themselves out of nowhere. The broken machine under his house.

There’s a part of the story that Toby’s been careful to give us nothing but almost-meaningless hints to. Which I think was wise. I believe we’ll have the answer to what Sans was up to one day, where he and PAPYRUS used to be. And, more than likely, Gaster.

Toby’s been very careful NOT to give us hints that’d let us figure this out. Which is wise, considering I am just one of many theory blogs out there, trying to ferret out secrets. But in the way, I’m fine with that. Some aspects of Undertale are meant to be Shrouded In Darkness.

… For now.

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Hey tea, I've been feeling like the unnecessary friend lately, I'm never included in anything my friends are doing, any advice on how to deal with this?

The only way to solve a problem like this is to bring it up with them. That’s pretty much it.

If they’re emotionally mature enough, and they actually care about you, they’ll want to know why you feel that way and what they can do to help alleviate that feeling of non-inclusion. If they’re not the kind of person you should be friends with, they’ll probably take it as a personal insult, and list off a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t feel that way.

I know it’s rather blunt, but you can’t wait around and hope that other people will pick up on your innermost thoughts. If you’re afraid to share because a mental illness is making it hard, then you need to try and push through it, maybe starting with someone who you trust, who can help you find the right words to say. The first step is always up to you.

But if you’re afraid to share because you’re afraid they’ll get mad at you and won’t want to be friends? Again, sorry to be blunt, but you need to find better friends. You deserve better friends. Life is too short to waste time on people who’ll reject you for not being happy.

I hope this helps.

- Tea!Mun

I want a bilingual!Saphael family so damn bad. (For these headcanons, they adopted three vampire kids (one 14-year-old girl: Eleanor, one 10-year-old boy: Oliver and a 7-year-old girl: Lauren), and Raph taught them Spanish.) I need:

- Raphael and the kids gossiping about the kids’ school friends in Spanish b/c Simon disapproves.
- The kids all talk to each other in mixed Spanish and English, and Lauren actually speaks French too, so the others learn it too, cos they love her so much.
- When Lauren sees boys picking on her brother for having two dads, she attacks them and when Raphael finds out, Simon has to mediate with the boys on one side and his family on the other. The boys run off screaming ten minutes later.
- Clary is the best god-mama ever, and her kids are basically siblings to the clan.
- Uncle Magnus is a terrible influence - his kids are almost closer, thanks to he and Raph’s mutual hatred of Camille. Luckily, Alec is a better one, and he and Simon share little friendly ‘what can you do’ shrugs whenever their husbands are making fools of themselves and their kids.
- Family dinners are loud and very confusing, and whenever they have guests, the kids are made to be calm, but those meals are always the worst
- When Eleanor gets dumped by her girlfriend, Simon insults her loudly in Spanish, and awkwardly admits that he’s been learning. Raph smiles and kisses him, and all the kids groan angrily, until they join in for a family hug.

There’s just so much multicultural love to be had in this fam, I want it so much there are no words

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Hey there! I don't know if you've done one like this, but what about the rfa finding out that TransMale!MC uses ace-bandages instead of a safe binder?

I really hope you or someone you know is using ace bandages. There super dangerous and uncomfortable!

Jumin Han
~Very angry.
~He’d buy a professional binder fom MC and help them with it if it’s needed.
~He’d be so mad and go through all of the concequence.
~“Mc, I respect your decisions but only if you are safe with them. Doing this to yourself can cause you serious harm, such as broken ribs, restricted breathing, uneven pressure on your chest…..”
~He wouldn’t stay mad after though.
~As long as he knows Mc is safe, he’s fine.

Jaehee Kang
~But mum mode is now active.
~She would immediately looks online for the most comfortable binder she can find for Mc.
~But only after scolding them.
~She would be so worried about them though. I can’t help but have the image of Jaehee holding Mc in her arms, telling them how dangerous using bandages is and how angry she is at Mc for using them. She’d list all the horrible things that could if happened to them and that they wouldn’t have to suffer if they just asked. I really love this woman

Yoosung Kim
~He wouldn’t really understand at first
~But after a few Google searches, he’d be really disappointed in Mc.
~“Mc! Why do you do this to yourself!? There are safer things like binders and that! Look! I could buy one for you if you asked! You could really hurt yourself with those, I don’t want you to get hurt or die!”
~He’d say this all whilst reading about it on Google. He’d probably find one of those Amazon adds that have the binders displayed and the prices when saying ‘Look’.
~He would buy Mc one from that add after reading the reviews.

ZEN/Ryu Hyun
~Immediate scolding
~He’d be very angry
~I feel like he would have extensive knowledge of these things for some reason.
~He’d really exaggerate the effects to try and scare Mc so they never do it again.
~He’d feel really bad for yelling at Mc after and it would most likely end in cuddles.
~He’d buy Mc the best binder he could get.

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi
~He wouldn’t be angry, but very disappointed.
~It would end a lot like Jaehee’s. Only Seven would make small jokes in between.
~“Mc you’re whole body could have snapped in half!”
~He would be very worried though. That’s why it would end like Jaehee’s.
~Also would end in cuddles as he scrolls through Amazon finding the best one he can get.

i need to find other girls like me.

other girls who aren’t confident in their bodies, but are trying to find a way to love themselves. other girls who have trouble accepting their skin, and their features and their ethnicities.
other girls who don’t have tiny, cute noses and have bumps on the ridge.
other girls who have round eyes and straight eyelashes, who hate the colour of their boring brown eyes.
other girls who need to wear tons of makeup to walk outside confidently, and not shy away from people. other girls who have small boobs which just won’t grow anymore, and are jealous of people who do have bigger chests.
other girls with flyaways and split ends and hair they never brush.
other girls with scars on their skin, on their back, face and everywhere in between.
other girls with small lips, and big teeth, that they don’t have money to fix.
other girls with eyebrows that grow wild, and have to be fixed every month.
other girls who have dark hair in every place on their body, that you can’t get rid of, and when it grows back it looks darker and worse than before.
other girls who don’t have small waists and their hips aren’t “sexy” and defined.
girls with squishy butts that aren’t perky, and perfectly formed.
girls that have squishy thighs, with stretch marks and cellulite and rolls when they bend and stretch a certain way.
girls who have larger labias and aren’t soft and pink on the inside, instead they have dark skin on the inside of their butts and vagina.
other girls who aren’t photogenic, who hate every picture taken of them, and are nervous about posting their selfies online. other girls who cry themselves to sleep every night because their features aren’t accepted.

other girls who have trouble accepting who they are, who hate their bodies, but want to and find acceptance and just want to be validated and loved and not judged.