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Can’t Take The Sky (1/3)

She knows how to find people. He’s got a fast ship. They need each other - and neither of them is happy about it.

… in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones team up to apprehend an armed and dangerous military deserter, who just so happens to be Killian’s brother. Shenanigans ensure - in space. Sci-fi AU inspired by all the things I love, for day 4 of @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week.

Huge thank you to the ladies at the CS Writers’ Hub for the cheerleading and the feedback and everything! You’re all wonderful.

Blaster fire lit up the alleyway around Emma, flashing as it hit the grimy walls, the high-pitched whirr of the guns drowning out noise of the speeders from the street beyond. She flung herself into the meagre cover of a waste disposal unit, breathing hard. Her back was still hitting the wall when her companion joined her, whirling around to fire at their attackers as he backed into her.

And kept backing up.

“Hook,” she pressed out as his shoulders obscured her view, the scent of leather and soap almost overpowering the smell of the alley. “You’re crushing me.”

“My apologies, but I’ve no desire to get shot,” he gritted out. “Where did all these fellows come from?”

“You’re the one who poked the gundark den,” she reminded him sharply. “Why’d you break cover? You were supposed to wait for my signal.”

She’d known going in that this mission was a huge risk. It had gone well at first; they’d landed on Dathmun without any of the trouble that Killian had predicted, and he’d even managed to talk the dock officials out of the usual trumped-up customs charges. Up until give minutes ago, Emma would have said that the place was perfect—easy in, just busy enough to provide cover and distractions, and no weapons bans.

She might still be saying it now, if her words weren’t going to be drowned out by the blaster fire.

“Did you see how he was looking at you?” Killian demanded, edging carefully forward to snap off two quick shots at their attackers.

“How—“ Emma felt her eyes widen, something fast and hot and angry rising inside her. “You got jealous?”

“No,” he shot back, a little too quickly. “You were about to be made.”

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landquail  asked:

Could you talk a little bit about eating disorders in the trans/nb community? Something I struggle with in understanding my gender identity as someone who also struggles with purging anorexia is if my obsession with thinness comes from a desire to appear more masculine and escape the curves of my body, or if my desire to be perceived as more masculine comes from an association of the "male body" with a thin and trim figure. I know they are connected but don't know which effects the other

Hi there. I just recently looked at the all of the responses to the survey I conducted about eating disorders in the trans/nb community. We did find that many trans people do experience eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. This was equally true for people on the trans masculine and trans feminine spectrums. People described different ways in which their gender experiences related to their eating disorders. The most common way described was having an eating disorders as a result of an intense desire/need to make their bodies appear more masculine or feminine to be more in line with their gender identities. The second most common way people described their eating disorder being related to gender was that they turned to the eating disorder as a way of coping with the negative things and resulting emotions they had faced in life because of being a gender minority.

This of course, only tells you what we found in this study, and not how to differentiate what is going on for you. And of course, just because it is fairly common for transgender people to experience eating disorders as a result of their need/desire for a body more in line with their concepts of self, that doesn’t mean that is how these things are related for you. So how do you figure it out?

I think the best way to evaluate the possibilities is to continue to explore your own thoughts and reactions to different experiences, and see what they can tell you about your own experience. For instance, you might try journaling about your thoughts on this question: If you had access to another means of adjusting your body to have the gender expression that feels right for you, would it become easier for you to get to healthy weight? Or similarly, do you feel that if you were able to have a body in line with your gender through some means other than the eating disorder, would you give up the eating disorder? If putting your thoughts on paper about these things doesn’t seem to help you gain any clarity, another way of exploring is to actually make some adjustments to your gender expression by means other than eating disorder symptoms and seeing whether that helps you eat in healthier ways. For example, for trans people in our study, both hormones and surgeries were related to lower levels of eating disorder symptoms. As you are exploring, it would of course be better to experiment with things that aren’t stark permanent changes. This might include everything from binding and changing your hair to even possibly starting a low dose of hormones. I want to be clear, I’m not recommending transition as a treatment for eating disorders. But I do think that in figuring out how gender and eating intertwine for you, exploring whether adjusting your gender expression in other ways helps you reduce your eating disorder symptoms or severity could be a helpful endeavor.

Finally, I want to say that if you could find a therapist you trust to help you sort through your reactions to these experiences, that could be very valuable. You might try searching this site. Unfortunately, I don’t know about a ton of resources specifically for trans/nb folks with eating disorders.  But this group looks like they do.

In the end, it seems many transgender people do have to take on the difficult process of finding some way of balancing their physical health and their comfort in their bodies. From personal experience, while these things can sometimes seem at odds, they don’t have to be. Each person has to find their own path to recovery. Here is something written by someone who has found his path: Part 1, Part 2.


I figured I should formally announce it.

Between the self-depreciation and lack of confidence I have decided to take a small step back on this blog.


But I think for the sake of my mental health I need to slow down. I need to stop comparing myself to others. I need to learn how to not tear myself apart.

There are so many stories I want and will tell, it’s just going to take me a bit to write them.

I hope you understand and will be patient with me while I find the right the balance.

I love you all, I hope you know that. And the support you have given me is something I never ever fucking imagined.

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So could I maybe have some ironpanther with a side dash of natasha&tony friendship? If that is too vague I'll come up with a scenario but I just crave me some ironpanther and you write Nat so beautifully aggressively caring, I just need that too.

I started a different story and decided it would be a different post entirely because it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. So I guess keep an eye out for that other story too? Anyway, I hope you like it! Look out for under the cut! (Can anyone tell that I have difficulty figuring out how to write T’Challa and Shuri’s speech patterns lol?)

Natasha Romanova was a menace.

“You are pouting,” Shuri said, not even bothering to hide her grin.

T’Challa crossed his arms over his chest. “I just find it hard to believe that every time I have a moment to spend with Tony, the Black Widow needs him for something she cannot possibly handle herself.”

Shuri glanced over at where Natasha and Tony were currently bent over a five-thousand piece puzzle she’d said had a secret message encoded on it. “She is certainly devious. I cannot think of one thing she has asked for help with that he could say no to.”

“…He could have done a puzzle with me.” His sister began to laugh quietly. He couldn’t blame her. His cheeks were burning having said it. What a petty thing to say.

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brachial-saur  asked:

Joy, how much control does an author have over whether their books are printed on recycled paper? Would they have to take a pay cut? Are certain publishing houses investing more in recycled material? Thanks.

As far as I am aware no big name publisher uses 100% recycled paper to print their books, although if memory recalls Random House and a few others use up to 25% recycled paper to print. I forget why it’s not higher but I think it has something to do with how the ink responds to certain types of paper.

I wouldn’t think the author would need to take a pay cut, that’s not generally how that works, but I also think you will be hard pushed to find a publishing house that uses 100% recycled paper.

I suppose your best option would be to look into which houses do this as common practice and who have signed the Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing.

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To the anon talking about how hard it is to move out as an aroace: I definitely agree with you, in the current climate it's almost impossible to move out without moving in with a significant other, and even if you are willing to live with a roommate, platonic roommates are hard to find. Even my mom agreed that it's economically it's harder on aroaces that way. You're definitely no alone, and I hope things work out for you!

If anyone needs tips on moving out for the first time, here’s a few pointers from someone who’s lived alone for the past five years, with seven different roommates and four different apartments;

1) Finding strangers for new roommates isn’t the hard part. Finding an apartment/house is. You’ll have to look at multiple buildings and lots that fit everyone’s needs. Location, nearby transportation, rent price, pet allowed, on-site laundry, how many windows give in natural light, whether the shower gives off a good water pressure - there are many things that can be a dealbreaker.

2) You have less time than you think. There will be lulls in realtors and available lots depending in the season and the city, and when the business finally kicks off, things will be snatched up quick. If you find a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood, you might be third in line.

3) In many cases, it’s easier to find households who are looking for new roommates, rather than you start from scratch and do everything yourself.

4) You rarely become close friends with your roommates unless a) you’re friends in the first place, or b) you know they’re people you’d be friends with. Most of the time, everyone does their own thing, and you’re no more than amicable acquaintances. 

- Fae

anonymous asked:

I sometimes feeling like I'm genderfluid too, I'm so confused about my sexuality. Like some days I feel right about being male, some days I really think I'd be better as female, somedays I get the urge to try female clothes, other days I feel fine how I dress, and sometimes I have no idea what gender I should be....Is that a feeling you know too? What is it to be genderfluid?

For me it started out not really knowing if i wanted to be a girl or boy and finding myself yearning when expressing myself very far in either direction. I’ve found that striving to be ambiguous most of the time and then more so in either direction as i feel the need. To be honest though this is just how i deal with it and express it through fashion and things like makeup/shaving/doing my hair.

It’s not necessarily “i want to look like a girl/boy” but rather “i want to BE a girl/boy/somewhere in between and this is the best way i know how to show it”

But who know, i could have it all wrong. I’m still figuring things out.

One thing I don’t get about Outlander fandom. Some keep asking for pics to prove they are dating other people for some to believe, pics come out but some still find an excuse, “not couply enough” Do they need to be kissing?.. and I’m sure if we ever get pics of them kissing some will say ‘but that’s not the way to kiss a SO, not enough tongue’.. not trying to bash anyone.. just think some people could prevent so much heartache..

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OK, so I am traveling by myself and I forgot my favorite stuffie. How can I forget something like that you say? Because I can be a bit scattered brained and I forgot to check that I had him silly! It happens. Anyway once I figured that I left him I started to freak out and messaged Mister on a desperate attempt for help and he helped me calm down and to find something to use until I got home. You guys he didnt even need to but he did this for me. Do you know how awesome that is? Thank you Mister

we sometimes tend to forget the value of simple words of calm and care… and that we are never alone. 

Many who follow me know exactly why I am here… some just think I’m the perfect daddy with a great voice..some with ulterior motives.. . and others, well I dont really know. Some even see me as untouchable or being in some great ivory tower like I’ll snap from being messaged without permission…..

….thats not the case.

 I get a variety of messages every day. Some interesting, some heart breaking… some just fun. 

But I always do my best to help everyone that I can. to improve their lives. to make them understand the value that is within themselves. Back in the days when I only had about a hundred followers it was easy. I could check out everyones tumblr… I could talk at will to anyone who messaged… I miss those days in a way. 

But no matter how big this thing gets, how many followers come and go… or whatever kind of notoriety I incur… I am going to always do my best to be there for each and every single one of you. 

rachgoucher  asked:

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read on ao3 ages ago but forgot to bookmark *face palm* Bucky can only enjoy sex when he's in Winter Soldier mode, and he and Steve have a safe word system with a bell that steve can drop if he wants it to stop... and the other Avengers find them and think Bucky's gone bad and that they need to take him down, but Steve's all like "don't judge our sex life, get out!" It was so good and I cannot remember what it was called or who wrote it :(

is this one maybe  Lamb and Martyr by Dira Sudis (dsudis) (please read the tags and rape/non warnings)?

&& being single isn’t too bad. I have my moments when I crave affection and someone to be with. But I don’t wanna settle for less than what I deserve. I’m crushed at 22 thinking I need to find the love of my life. I see posts about bae and hear my friends talking about boys. I fall into the trap of thinking I need someone. I’m human I’m gonna be attracted to others but it hasn’t worked out with any and there’s a reason for that.

I Promised You

Title: I Promised You

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,324

Warnings: Angst

Author’s Note: First Imagine, Yay! I’m super excited to be doing this but because I’m starting out please give me any criticism, it is much appreciated. I’m really enjoying this also so please send in any request I will be more than happy to write a one shot about your favorite character for you! Now, without further hold up, my very first imagine!!!

Originally posted by ultimate-whovian


                                                Y/N P.O.V

       It couldn’t be any later than 11. You were sure of that much, to say the least, but when you woke to the cries of your boyfriend nothing else was assured other than the fact that he needed you. Turning over you came to find him laying as last placed, on his side of the bed.

       "Sam! Sammy wake up!“ You exclaimed.

       You needed him to wake up, to stop the nightmare that was haunting his dreams.

        “Sam!” You shook him once again.

        In that moment he jumped up, but not before grabbing his gun, which was placed beneath his pillow, and aiming it at you.

         "It’s just me, Sam.“ You quickly defended in order to stop him from shooting.

         "Must’ve been a nightmare.” He said to himself.

         "Well are you alright, Sam?“ You asked placing your hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

         "Yeah, Yeah I’m fine.” He looked at you, “But there’s something I need to do.” He said finally standing up and emptying his side of the bed.

         "Well, Where are you going? It’s barely eleven o'clock, Sam. Do it in the morning. I’ll go with you.“ You spoke to him trying your hardest to encourage him to stay with you in bed.

          “I’ll be back by the time you wake up I promise.” He said to you, throwing on pants and a shirt, and leaving the room.

          You sighed watching him walk out with a shut of the door, not even a goodbye kiss to ease your mind into a sleep. So, as you sunk into your covers you couldn’t help but wonder what shook him up so bad as to leave in such a hurry.
                                               Sam’s P.O.V
         I got out of the Impala and walked into the middle of the crossroads, the box at hand. I kneeled down digging into the earth with my bare fingers as the dream raced across my mind over and over on a continuous loop that just would not stop. Once deep enough, I placed the small box into the hole and covered it once more with the dirt and stood.

         "Well, my, my, my, if it Isn’t my lucky day? Sam Winchester, how can I help you?“ The Demon spoke with a smirk.

         "You know why I’m here,” I said back hating everything about how much he was enjoying this. “I’m here for Y/N.” I stated.

         "Oh, did you see her time bomb?“ He asked as if he had no clue. "Thinking about it isn’t that thing about to explode.” He chuckled. “Tell me Sam,” He walked up to me. “How can I be of service?”

         "I want to trade places.“ I demanded.

          "Trade places? I may be a crossroad’s demon but I don’t touch fate. She has to die!” He said with gritted teeth. “I can add on to the lives of others all day long, make life great, but trade places! Since the dawn of time, she has been destined to die! She doesn’t die we’re all going to die!” He exclaimed but a smirk still stood firmly upon his face. “But there is something I will do.” He smiled.

         "What?“ I asked unsure whether to trust the words that were to fall out of his mouth.

        "I’ll stop her time bomb. I’ll make sure she has the happiest life, and most normal death, old age, heart attack, you name your poison.” He said.

         "The catch?“ I asked knowing there just had to be one, and as he smiled I knew I was correct.

         "The catch,” He smiled. “She lives without you.” He said. “But don’t worry I’m in a good mood today so I’ll take all her memories of you two and replace them with something else. She is not to have any memories of you two, and so help me, Sam Winchester, you try to step back into her life she will die, and I’ll be the one killing her.” He promised me.

         "How long do I get?“ I asked.

         "10 years.” He said. “Deal?”

         I loved Y/N. There was nothing that I wouldn’t do for her. Since the day I met her and I felt the spark ignite between the two of us I had known that if it took everything that existed of me to protect her I would give every bone inside my body.

         "Under a couple of conditions.“ I added.

         "Sam you can’t-.” He started but I stopped.

         "My conditions or no deal.“ He looked at me.

         "What, Sam?” He asked.

         "When she finds another man,“ I started and I looked down at my hands, the ones that used to hold her tight swearing I’d never let go. "And he falls in love with the look she sends over her shoulder, the crescent moonlight framing her laughing smile,” I said smiling myself. “And those hours pass by during their first timeless conversation I want him to be perfect for her. I want him to only approach with love for her. She doesn’t have to know me, but I have been seeding our relationship and her life with nothing but love to weed out indifference and that, that she cannot forget. All I’m asking is that he continues the lesson. Love her, friend her, protect her when I can’t be there and when my body gives up to the grave I want the grin that eternity carves into my face to be a reflection of the peace his love brings her.” I spoke and looked up to him.

         "Consider it done.“ He said holding out his hand.

         "Then deal.” I answered taking his hand and shaking it and he was gone.
                                                 10 years later
                                                    Y/N P.O.V
         I walked up to the ice cream booth, Daniel, staying on the bench keeping it for us both.

         "What can I get you, ma'am?“ The kind man with a strong Italian accent asked.

          "One vanilla chocolate covered and a-.” I started ordering before being interrupted a tall man with long hair standing next to me.

         "Strawberry and shortcake mixed together in a waffle cone.“ He said looking at me. "Was I correct?”

         "Exactly, I’m Y/N.“ I said holding out my hand. "How’d you know my order?” I asked.

         "Lucky guess? It’s nice to meet you Y/N.“ He said back shaking my hand. "And you are?” I asked

         "A kind stranger.“ He said smiling at me as he paid the man and he handed me my ice cream.

        "Well, kind stranger I appreciate the gesture today. It was really sweet.” I smiled to him.

         "Wasn’t a problem.“ He replied back.

         "Hey, you okay? You’re looking like you’re about to cry.” I said handing him a napkin that he shook away.

         "Yeah I’m fine I just, uh,“ He looked at me. "Look I may never see you again so, um, if not I just want to tell you that you are loved. Someone love for you is as wide as the ocean and as high as the sky.” He sniffled. “And I um I love you.” He shook his head. “You are just so beautiful and I love everything about you Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. I promised I’d love you until the day I die so here I stand before you to say plainly and simply.” He sighed and looked into my eyes. “I love you.” He said turning and walking away.

         "Wait don’t go.“ I called out to him before losing him amongst the crowd feeling tears well up in my eyes. "I love you too.” I whispered quietly underneath the sound of the laughing children.

Hey guys I wanna start making merch!

But I need your help! 

I wanna make mouse pads for you guys but I need help in finding a good manufacturer. I wanna make sure you all get a great product. If you know anything or anyone that can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it; if you could spread word for me too it’d help a ton! 

I noticed the FFXV fandom doesn’t make weird merch like other fandoms (like Overwatch.) Like, they have mouse pads and body pillows, but we don’t and I wanna change that!

Thanks, -Swan

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but I couldn't find it. What do Dora, Oliver and the others do in the city? We know about Theo working in the theater, what about the others? Do they go to school or are they working? I just love all your characters, I want to know more about them! <3

you’re so sweet ;–; well dora and oliver work at the music shop to earn food money and are just trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. they are all 19 so they don’t have everything figured out yet, but oliver is rly into photography and film-making and dora likes to make strange paintings. as for frederick, i imagine him a year or two older so he’s already started law school and sometimes helps his father with work at the theatre. you’ll need to ask stefi about paisley though, and roksy about eirwen.

anonymous asked:

Uh, im unsure how to feel about the dragons disguising their children as autistic people,i kinda find that prompt a bit... mean? I don't really think thats your place to call autistic people "off", as it is a spectrum of different variants. Some need less help than others, some need a lot of help. And you might ask me why i care? Well, i HAVE autism. I'm high functioning, but i was diagnosed with it. You may not have known you'd offend someone with that, but just be more careful.

First of all, I’m autistic.  It would have been nice if you had asked me about that instead of making assumptions and trying to scold me.

There’s a not uncommon narrative on tumblr where people associate autism with the concept of changelings.  In the past, when people had children that seemed strange to them, they blamed it on the fair folk replacing their child with a changeling.  This has a lot of parallels with the way some parents talk about their autistic children (I’ll try to find the post about it if anyone’s curious.  I’m in too much pain right now to try to write it all out right here).

And a lot of autistic kids have the experience of feeling “off” too.  As a child, I felt like I wasn’t human, and fantasized about actually being a dragon or other creatures as a way to explain why I was different from other people.  I’ve met a lot of autistic people who have shared this experience.

I try to create prompts for writers who are neurodiverse, disabled, mentally ill, queer, trans, fat, and otherwise marginalized.  Because most people assume a cis, straight, white, etc character when they read story prompts.  Because I do’t want people to make assumptions, and I don’t want people writing characters that they are likely to fuck up, I will tag things with “for autistic writers” or “for disabled writers” and similar.  

That particular prompt came from my experiences as an autistic person, and is meant for autistic or other neurodiverse writers.  Because if other people write it, I expect they will be shitty and offensive.

And I see from the notes that there are autistic folks who have seen this post and found it encouraging.  I am sorry you found it upsetting.  You’re feelings on that are valid.  Not every autistic person embraces ideas of “otherness” and that’s fine.  But autistic people have many different lived experiences, and while I don’t expect you to like this prompt, I do expect you to respect other autistic people’s ways of telling stories about our autism.

PS: high and low functioning labels are pretty harmful.  When you are able, read up on why they are a shitty way to talk about ourselves as autistic people.

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As a Leo, when someone gets hyped about ANYTHING, my natural response is to get hyped with them because yay, someone is happy about something they care about. Though, I quickly find that I start feeling inadequate if the enthusiasm isn't returned, feelings going from yay to do my interests not matter to anyone like they matter to me? It is a troublesome time when you're a Leo and water dom

I know the feeling .. Like we feel so much for others and situations surrounding And we just expect others to feel the same. I think we Leo’s need to work on not needing or caring to much about things needing to be important to anyone but ourselves. Its like we always look outward for confirmation .. on Anything


Alira: “He doesn’t belong here. We don’t need him or the other cowards on the ship. They should all be sent back.”

Tegon: “He would be here whether we needed him or not.  Because Sevella is here. But besides that, yes we do need him. What is this about?”

Alira: “Don’t you find it strange that he is with her at all?”

Tegon: “Do you mean strange, or suspicious?”

Alira: “Alright, fine. I find it suspicious that he is in a relationship with her, and that he follows her everywhere she goes.”

Tegon: “Out of the two of them, it is far more surprising that she should love him, but she does. And she follows him, as well. I do not find either strange or suspicious.”

Alira: “She follows him because she is naive, he does it for another reason. And I’m sure it has little, if anything, to do with love or affection.”

anonymous asked:

Would you still ship KikuWan if Himaruya stuck with the old man design that looks way physically older than Japan or China (or even Rome) for Taiwan's design?

Anon, the fact is the reason why I ship Kikuwan has nothing to do with Hetalia. I’ve basically shipped it before I even knew Hetalia was a thing. IRL Japan and Taiwan have great relations present day and the peoples have genuine warmth for each other. That’s what makes me ship them. I have a lot of evidence that points to show Japan is Taiwan’s favorite country. And as a Taiwanese, I have actually witnessed the strength of their relations among people myself. My interpretation of the ship has a lot more depth than fanon- in the Western fandom. 

The matter of canon design is trivial to me because the idea of personifying nations is a matter of interpretation. And increasingly, I find myself straying from canon because I need more depth to the characters with reference to their actual histories (in their entirety) and culture. If Himaruya stuck with the old man design of Japan, I would have respected that in canon but have my own interpretation of Japan outside of that. Then, I wouldn’t ship Japan and Taiwan in context of canon hetalia. But I’d still ship it within my own interpretation.

I feel like I’ve seen a recent post against kikuwan, so I’m assuming that’s why you came to me about this, and I’d have to say I disagree with it, especially concerning the interpretation of Taiwan herself. (I won’t go into detail on breaking down all the reasons why unless you ask because that’s…walking too close to drama.) 

The one thing I do concede on is the issue of fanon portrayal. I detest it. I have never seen an interpretation in the Western fandom that I’ve actually liked. I hate that Taiwan has been reduced to a ‘moe-kawaii’ blob of pink. I hate that Western fanon Kikuwan lacks a hell lot of depth and meaning and nuance that comes with deep understanding of both countries. It overlooks much of their issues, but I think that’s a widespread problem with all ships because of immature shipping. 

Of course, it goes without saying that their colonial history should not be romanticized. However, that’s not how or why I ship them, and the way the post interprets it is different from my own. I would say that fan portrayal of this colonial history is definitely lacking a lot of consideration and research though. It takes a lot of nuance and understanding from both point of views- especially in consideration of the colonized. In Taiwan now, portrayal of Japanese colonization is incredibly nuanced and considers both positive and negative sides of things- Most of all, Taiwanese separate imperial Japan from modern Japan: we don’t see the need to antagonize Japanese people for the wrongs their ancestors and former government did. ( And again, Taiwan’s experience of Japanese colonization is vastly different from others and that’s probably why we have more capacity to just move on. )

All in all, I do not ship Kikuwan the way it is shipped within the Western Hetalia fandom (and even the Taiwanese/Japanese fandom sometimes yield pretty cringey material.) But Japan and Taiwan as a ship based on real-life modern relations is (and always will be?)  my OTP.