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Poe Dameron X Stubborn!Reader

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Poe Dameron X Stubborn!Reader

Request : even though I don’t need to fuel my obsession of Poe Dameron, do you either have/or will write a little something about Poe x Stubborn!reader and he gets kinda frustrated because the reader is one of the most stubborn workers on the base (imrambling)

I don’t know what it is about Poe but I find he’s more romantic in my headcanons! Enjoy my friend!

  • You were in charge of X-Wing maintenance on the Resistance base, and was quite well known amongst the pilots. All of them knew your name.  
  • The engineers you ordered around were used to your work behavior, the pilots were not.
  • You were very “set in your ways” as your friends put it.
  • That’s code for extremely stubborn.
  • You never followed orders, from anyone. Luckily, you have them out most of the time.
  • But one day, you and one of your engineers were stumped on what the problem was with the X-Wing used by Black Leader.
  • There was some malfunction, but in order to find the problem you would have to risk further damage.
  • Black Leader had apparently told your engineer that his ships could not go under more damage. And if he didn’t have a ship he’d be grounded instead of going on important mission.
  • He didn’t so much as spook your engineer, but charm her into not wanting to cause more trouble.
  • No such charm would work on you.
  • You laid your back on the scooter and moved under the ship to dig for the cause of the problem.
  • “Hey, what’s happening here?!”

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Sims4-Sims2 City Living - Festival Stalls and Tables

The stalls are just for deco…they come in 2 parts (the stalls and the veggies/souvenirs). Unfortunately the stalls won’t show in hood view but the veggies/souvenirs will!! The stalls were cloned from H&M clothing table because I didn’t see anything else in the catalog with 2 subsets :( The veggies/souvenirs are cloned from a rug so you don’t need to use cheats to put them in the stall. There are only 2 stall meshes (plus 2 veggie/souvenir meshes) - 1 for veggies and 1 for souvenirs…the souvenir stall has 3 recolors.

The Craft Sales Tables are actual tables…cloned from Uni 3 tile Cafeteria Table.

Hopefully one day I’ll find a way to make the stalls visible in hood view!




— You don’t suppose it was hit by a rock, do you?

I will get to the last prompt, I swear! In the meantime, Leia and Han venture to Iego…

Leia picked her way over the fallen droids and stormtroopers, hands wrapped carefully around her favorite blaster pistol.

“I don’t think you’re gonna find much left of him, sweetheart,” Han said. He was investigating the other side of the cavern. Their contact on Iego had sent the Rebellion a desperate message, plea and offer both. He needed their help. He’d created a weapon. There was a squelching sound as Han stepped forward. Leia looked over at him sharply to see him raise his eyes heavenward in disgust and annoyance. “Or maybe you will. All over.”

“The Empire got here first,” Leia murmured grimly.

But that didn’t necessarily mean they’d gotten the weapon. Their contact hadn’t been at all clear on what it was.

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tygermama  asked:

See I love all the Star Wars/LoTR(Hobbit) stuff that you've inspired but I can't deci- so how would you feel about some clone!Boromir and Padawan!Faramir reuniting nonsense? cause I've got that or Belladonna Took finding a bb!Han Solo and taking him under her Tookish wing

Man, I fucking love it, too.


Considering the alternative for Han Solo is that he became a child slave to pirates, I would much rather Belladonna find and raise him. I bet she’d be a fun Mom. (THAT WAS BELLADONNA’S SECRET JOURNEY. SHE WAS IN THE STAR WARS GALAXY, AHA!)

@alistu replied to your photoset “Disclaimer: This is not for the average user, this is for creators. By…”

I just realised we don’t have to create any clone packages to get the rigs and slots we need. You can use the new s4studio cheat “object-preview” and extract them from there instead.

I did not know about that cheat, I will have to remember it for the future. I really need to go to the forum and find a thread or something that lists all the cheats s4s supports, I am bound to be missing some important ones. 

I generally have a reference folder I keep Maxis meshes in with its parts, package and blend file so i can use them as a guide for making my own cc. So the clone is just a more natural step for me. But having a quicker way is always nice. It is a shame that it is still a rather monotonous process if you have a lot of seating to fix.

And here I bore you with more photos.

This is the tentative purge box. Some of them definitely are going to go and some others I’m not 100% sure, yet. I might try repainting the Gene again, and might even try repainting one of the BFC girls.

These are dolls that need their fate decided.

Broken MH and EAH, and Baby.

This little guy’s foot is broken. He’s a mini Dollfie in BW, so a complete pain in the ass to find an affordable exact replacement. And Clone-Blythe’s scalp which I don’t need but might as well keep as long as I keep the doll. Whomever ends up with her after me might want the scalp.

Bodies. Mostly headless. Mostly damaged. I’m keeping Xena’s body for the same reason I’m keeping Clone-Blythe’s.

Dollfie, Pullip, and my only remaining Fashionistas articulated body. Some of the Dollfie bodies are fine, some have yellow hands and feet, some have floppy joints, and some are really messed up from my early attempts at sanding.

Misc other things. The Moxie Girlz went in the purge box. Some of these bodies are missing parts, and some of them just aren’t worth anything like the $1.00 My Scene/Abbey Bominable clone body.

And that’s the entirety of my doll bits that aren’t on display, other than the things I got in the mail today.

I guess it’s not that bad of an overflow.

So since I’ve only got 3 people who would take part in that giveaway, I won’t hold it. BUT!!!

I plan to try to fill my pokedex, and being that I have AWFUL luck finding certain pokemon, I’m going to ask that you guys help me! In exchange for pokemon I need in my dex, you can get a shiny clone of a pokemon from my team, a nonshiny Lunala/Solgaleo, or a shiny Alola pokemon of your choice.

If I give you a random shiny alola pokemon though, you won’t be able to nickname them yourself. I’ll have some shiny alola pokes named after characters from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play (since that’s what we are doing in English 10 and holy cheese am I stressed af!) So I’m sorry, I likely won’t nickname them what you want.

Oh and I’ll be home in maybe an hour?

anonymous asked:

If Vader found his sons severed hand, do you think he could use it somehow? For medical purposes. I don't know how Star Wars science works but a little DNA could go a long way.

Well, part of the premise of the Thrawn trilogy is that Luke is cloned from that hand.

But if you run with the idea that Vader needs donor tissue from someone who isn’t corrupted as he is, then it seems like that would absolutely be the way to go. The problem is always that Vader himself seems to have little interest in these things in and of themselves. But if a Moff or ISB agent who wanted leverage over Vader were to find it, there were certainly be temptation – right up until Vader realized they wanted to rebuild him out of his son’s flesh and he killed them for trying to tempt him with an abomination. He’s got standards.


So, Homestuck updated. You might want to watch it before reading further, if you care about such things. Warning: Analysis. Before I was a webcomic reviewer, I was Homestuck trash. 

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Since no one else is posting about this, I’ll go ahead.

Cosmic kudos to @i-want-a-callisto for letting me know about this, and to Spamlobster for finding it out and posting the screenshots on imgur.

The boxes in the Versalife vault have a dismembered Adam in them. It’s super easy to miss, but there you go, make of that what you will.

I have. Questions.

I strongly feel that the Adam cloning thing is a project DeBeers has secretly been keeping up since White Helix in 1993. DeBeers probably has a warehouse full of adult Adams somewhere because he’s had time to grow them to maturity. Orlov and Thorne, who were involved in Adam’s cloning if he’s in a new body in MD, were working for DeBeers, not Page.

Bob does not have access to the White Helix research, or else he wouldn’t need Megan. He’s only had Adam Juice for 2 years as of MD, which she gave him. At best he’d have Adam toddlers by this point, which he probably does anyway but that’s not my point.

How did Bob Page get his hands on this fully-grown Adam?


Part I | Part II

Sims 4 Studio doesn’t clone the dirt map texture for items with a dirty state, so if you are creating new meshes, this is designed for you to get access to the texture for editing for your custom mesh. This tutorial is part 1 of 2 which covers finding and extracting dirty textures for a dining table. This method also works for anything with a dirty state such as sinks, counters, toilets, showers etc. As mentioned, if your mesh has multiple mesh groups, it will have more then one dirt texture. If so make sure you find both if you want to extract and edit them. 

This tutorial assumes you already are well equipped with making custom content and are comfortable around s4s and delving deep within the resources. If you are a beginner and are confused, its best you build up your knowledge because i will not be covering the basics that need need to learn first. 

If you want to use TSRW, you can clone the same table with that program and just extract the dirt map that way. it can be a little easier to find if you are having trouble. Note; if you have cloned a table from an SP/EP/GP, it will not be in the directory listed, but will be in the package found at “The Sims 4/(Pack designation (e.g. SP01))/clientfullbuild0.package”

I’m pretty firmly STAR WARS trash by this point, including finally diving into The Clone Wars and the comics and that means I’m gonna need a whole lot of a) TFA background fic because family feelings both hurt and heal me, b) TFA redemption fic because I have needs okay, and c) as many fix-it/time travel fics as I can possibly cram onto my reader. You’ve been warned.

we are a woven thread, find the strand by averita, leia & everyone, 1.4k
   Five futures Leia Organa could have had.
A cup full of questions by victoria_p (musesfool), rey & luke, 1k
   “Lesson number one: This weapon is your life. Try not to lose it.”
heroes and fools (heroes are fools) by cywscross, han/leia & kylo ren & ocs & everyone, 4.1k
   Han Solo doesn’t die. Instead, he wakes up in medical with his wife beside him and his long-lost daughter’s voice still echoing in his head.
strike me down by Merricat_Blackwood, kylo ren & han & obi-wan & others, 6.2k wip
   wounded by his loss and haunted by an old foe, Kylo Ren deals with the fact that his father is dead, but not gone.
Try Another Day by nymja, rey & kylo ren + luke + snoke, 3.8k
   A meeting between two disciples of the Force.
where the current and the heavens collide by plinys, kylo ren & force ghosts, 2k
   Five ghosts that visit Ben Solo, and one that cannot.
in the arms of a hurricane by Spineless, finn/rey & luke, 1.3k
   She misses Finn like a phantom limb. Training to be a Jedi is not easy; she experiences so many new things so quickly, she wishes she could share them with him.
left me blind by ZeGabz, kylo ren & rey & luke & poe & finn, 14.5k
   A scavenger turned Jedi and the Sith acolyte desperate to surpass her in power. Theirs is a tale of tragedy, darkness, and family. Their stories are the same. The endings have yet to be written.
Keep Trying by nymja, luke & kylo ren, ~1k
   The first training session between Master and student.
legacy by apricots, kylo ren & han/leia & luke, 14.4k
   Two questions followed him his entire life: What is wrong with him? Why is he like this?
i couldn’t see; i was blind ‘til my eyes were opened by r1ker, leia & kylo ren, 3k
   mother and son, together at last.
Generational mistakes by owlet, leia & kylo ren & rey & luke & cast, 17k
   With all the loss Leia Organa had known, she did not expect to feel to completely gutted by the sight of her son in chains.
but for the cause by newsbypostcard, han/leia & kylo ren & luke, 6k
   The dark side takes its damned share, but it can never take from her the cause. (Or: five things Leia Organa has lost; something she keeps; and something she gains back.)

full details + recs under the cut! 

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Can you imagine if Tumblr didn’t exist and we all knew each other in real life? Like for example if we were all mums and did our chatting at the school gates as we dropped our kids off?

“Oh hey Barbara, hows things?

“Not too bad Debbie, i’ve just finished that porn that Emily did”

“Any good?”

“Oh yes, there’s a great bit where there’s some anal double penetration where Loki creates a clone”

“Ah brilliant, i was looking for something like that last night. Hey you know where i can find some porn with Chris Evans and there was a thing in a elevator and it was kind of raining?”

“Oh you need to speak to Sandra, that’s one of hers” *waves at Sandra* “HEY SANDRA, Come here”

“Hiya darlings, oh hey, what a lovely looking dress”

“I know, it has pockets!”

“Thats amazing! Anyway, what can i do for you?”

“Babs here was looking for your Evans Elevator smut”

*Sandra opens large shopping bag to reveal a small indexed filing system and proceeds to rifle through it*

“Ok, hang on, its here somewhere… ah-ha! Here you go”

*hands piece of paper to you*


“No worries, i also know a few of the ladies on the PTA are branching out and trying some supernatural smut, you want some?”

“Oh go on then, i’ve always had a thing for that Dean Winchester”

*Sandra hands over another sheet of paper*

And then you go home and add it to your extensive filing system with folders labelled ‘Smut’ ‘Hardcore Porn’ ‘Feels’ ‘For when i’m hormonal’


why you want to be my friend:

  • stormpilot lms if u agree 
  • i love the prequels 
  • anidala hurts my heart more than anything 
  • general leia organa is my mom 
  • kylo comes in second when hurting my heart 
  • i don’t fuck with reylo but I DONT HATE REYLO SHIPPERS, I JUST WANT TO BE UR FRIEND 
  • i make sw fanmixes on 8tracks here
  • i love the clone wars tv series 
  • i make edits (mostly aesthetics)
  • i also think im funny

Me: “Ahhh yes, time to watch some random old GMMs.” *clicks random episode* *gets to wheel ending*

Rhett: “Look what we have here. It is a L-L-L-Link.” *feels bicep* “We need to find something for you - a cage of something. Take my hand.” *grabs hands* “Come with me. We’re gonna go to the center that I’ve built for you.” *smirks* “I’ve built a center for you to protect you and keep you” *stares at chest* “and to clone you… Come with me, little Link.” *tugs hands* “Come to the center with me.” *pulls off-camera*

Me: ……… Welp. (x)

I remember now

This is from the year 2008 too. Do you know what does that mean? Yes. Hood decals. RECOLORED.
But I can’t find in which  sims3d .package this concrete decal texture is. It says ep2, so it must be from Nightlife. Need to look this up ASAP. Because I’m pretty sure, that if we just clone the decal object, and then assign a new texture to it, then we will have lots of different decals! Finally.

Oh, look, I’ve even had this in game!

Now I need to get some sleep.

How to extract items from the game, the KL way

@hopeedope​ I figured it out! :D

Programs you’re gonna need: s3pe and tsrw s3oc is optional since we’re only going to be using it to see what the items look like. You’ll get what I mean in just a sec.

Step One: Finding your object (you can skip this step if you already know what you’re looking for and what expansion it’s from)

Go ahead and open up s3oc, click on cloning>normal objects. Then after it’s done loading, it should look something like this:

it’s a lot easier to sort through the list if it’s organized by name and tag. To do that all you have to do is click on the ‘name’ and ‘tag’ buttons at the top. 

Go ahead and look through the list until you find something that strikes your fancy. 

I have decided on the bag of poo because I am child and it makes me giggle. As you can see, you get a little preview picture of the item you selected, which is really the only reason I use s3oc at all. If s3pe did this, then I wouldn’t use s3oc.

Once you have chosen your item, make sure you note what the name is and what expansion pack it’s from. Mine is called ‘accessoryBagofPoo’ and it’s from Generations. 

Step Two: s3pe

Now go ahead and open up s3pe. Go to file>open and then navigate to your game directory. Since most of my expansion packs are through origin, my game directory is in Program Files (x86)>Origin Games>Sims 3 Generations. If yours aren’t through origin, then yours will be through the Electronic Arts folder. 

After you’ve navigated to the folder for your ep, you need to get to the fullbuild files. Go to Game Data>Shared>Packages. For generations, there’s only one fullbuild package, so that makes it easy for me. But if you were extracting an item from the base game, there would be multiple fullbuild files that you’d have to sort through. Go ahead and open the fullbuild file.

It’ll take a bit to load, but after it’s all loaded up, make sure you organize it by tag and by name just like you did in s3oc. And then just scroll down the list until you get to the OBJD tag, and look for your item

After you’ve found your item, make sure it’s selected and then click it with the right mouse button. Export>to package. Name your package whatever you want. 

Step Three: TSRW

Load up TSRW and open up your package file.

After you’ve got it loaded up, go to the mesh tab, select High level of detail, and then export it as an .obj file, and then wahlah! You’re done!

If your item doesn’t have any textures, don’t worry about it. EA does the UV map all weird and it overlaps in places so you’re going to have to fix the UV map which means your going to have to redo the texture anyway. But if you still want the original texture, go back to s3oc and find your object, then export it to a package file. Open the package file up in s3pe and extract the texture files.

I’m really bad at explaining things, so if something wasn’t clear, please feel free to send me an ask for more clarification!

Also, just a quick disclaimer: I know you’re supposed to be able to do this all with only s3oc, but no matter how many tutorials I tried, I just couldn’t get the package files I extracted from s3oc to open up in blender. All my programs and plugins are up to date, but for some reason this is the only way this works for me.

I’d also only recommend using this method for items you can’t get from tsrw. Like the items that are only used in animations. IE, the white board eraser or the diploma.