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the signs as lyrics from The Internet Is Here

Aries: i guess i’d bee fit, i’d stop posting shit (rubish !) but tumblr’s a part of me

Taurus: Life is so much better when you spend it all online

Gemini: i might go outside and feel more alive, but without Twitter, where would i be ?

Cancer: …where any question in your head is answered in an instant

Leo: When you’ve got lots of followers, who need a real mate ?

Virgo: So many websites and so little time (mhmm !)

Libra: Who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence ?

Scorpio: Even if your chances of getting tanned are slim…

Sagittarius: DANCE BREAK

Capricorn: It might be antisocial, but these days that is fine !

Aquarius: Find friends that share your hobbies, even if they’re freaky

Pisces: But wouldn’t it be good if i could sing it with a friend ?

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I find your blog offensive and triggering, stop this or I'll run a fake reporting campaign

yall need a hobby tbh or at least learn to send better anon hate



This was a prompt I did not know I needed but am glad to have gotten!! Most of the ones I have so far are vague and probably pretty standard, but I’m hoping as I get through Act 6 and they meet up again I’ll find more ideas!!

John/Rose platonic headcanons:

-Rose knits things for John all the time. I imagine she knits stuff for her friends frequently as gifts, but focuses especially on John since he’s the one who inspired her to knit in the first place (though initially the thought may have crossed her mind to do it as a playful jab to his ‘you need a hobby’ commentary by drowning him in knit items). John has no idea why she’s doing this, he’s just glad to see firsthand she really likes her hobby.

-Rose is a better video gaming companion than Jade as far as John is concerned, and since they’re the first ones who played Sburb together they probably associate each other with being good for game nights together. That said, their taste in games just barely overlaps, and their sessions are often lopsided depending on who picked the game for the night.

-Obviously, almost any headcanon of Rose interaction with another is going to involve snark and sassery. John and Rose’s version of this is giving each other a hard time for dumb or silly shit they’ve done in the past, moreso than Rose would do with the others. Examples of this include the infamous bathtub/toilet/car/etc mishaps at the beginning of Sburb (probably brought up by John during game nights) and John’s sloppy awkward “marriage proposal” (just frequently referenced by Rose when discussing how things turned out,  but especially dropped more often when in earshot of Karkat who started the whole mess. They then both will give Karkat a hard time about the shipping chart he made, with Dave joining in if he’s around)

-Rose uses John as a knitting practice dummy, John uses Rose as a jokes/pranks practice dummy. He’ll frequently set her up with harmless pranks to get her to crack a grin. Rose will often play it off by acting like it wasn’t that funny, but usually it’s obvious she thinks otherwise. John considers the joke/prank reached its ultimate potential if he can bypass the playing it off reaction for just real, unaffected laughter or smiling. Rose is a hard customer when it comes to such things, after all, which is probably why she’s such a good target. She’s also a very good sport about such things, compared to how the others will sometimes react.

-They’ll both sometimes get caught up in word games with each other. This is usually a game where they try to outdo each other by finding the most absurd way to phrase a sentiment. A good example of this is their ‘asinine tomfoolery > unmitigated poppycock > extravagant hogwash” exchange in Act One (I think. That or early Act Two)

-Rose and John trade movie and book recommendations to each other. They do this on a principle of “if I watch one of your movies, you must read one of my books” and vice versa. If one can’t finish the recommended media, the other gets a free pass to drop a recommendation. Doing this when knowing they’re both disinterested in each other’s tastes is a bit of passive-aggressive play, but it actually helps them bond better since they better understand the other. And also provides ammo for giving each other a hard time.

-Sometimes they’ll remember the day they found their respective guardians dead, and will talk to each other about it. About how it felt, what they carry with them, what seeing each other dead was like… These are things that weigh on Rose’s mind a lot, and while she’s probably open to discussing it, John doesn’t open up to anyone else about it most of the time, so these moments are always  very important for the both of them. This is also something that’s easier for them to discuss since they were both there for it, and while Jade and Dave and the others of course experienced guardian deaths, it’s not the same as talking to someone who was there in that dark time.

-On a more vague note, I headcanon Rose being fairly indoorsy and John a little more active and stircrazy, so they probably influence each other in finding activities and hobbies that are opposite their natural tendencies. This could be as simple as Rose reading or knitting outside more ( most likely a result of them hanging out outdoors so John can do cartwheels, handstands, and just overall goofing around while Rose talks to him), or could be more influential like John discovering he likes reading on certain subjects that weren’t before in his scope of interests.

-I also feel like John’s one of the earlier influences in Rose’s life that helped her learn to trust other’s intentions, while Rose helped John learn to grow a good thick skin for fooling around and playful jabs at each other, and things like that.

-I think of John and Rose as winter buddies, given their initial climates growing up seemed capable of having actual winters. While Jade enjoys playing in the snow, her and Dave probably never quite know what to do with it, while John and Rose can occasionally let loose and romp in it without getting too cold. It usually starts with John trying to build something out of the snow, usually a crappy Slimer Ghost, and ends with Rose and John collaborating to build some eldritch horror or giant lusus that takes up half the lawn or something.

I’m sure these don’t sound very platonic-specific, but I just see all of the Beta Kids as super close friends in their own ways, so a lot of what they do when interacting with each other involves close activities too, I guess. I don’t ship Rose and John at all though, which might be why I easily think of these as platonic. I hope you enjoyed some of these!! If I think of any more I’ll be sure to add them!

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hey i just want you to know that,, the thing that anon said is rlly fucked up and not okay at all, i'd all miss you sm if you were gone because i care abt you a lot! i lov you and im so glad we're mutuals. i hope that anon finds like,, a hobby or smthn bc they need to find a better use of their time than being mean 2 ppl for no reason. that's so petty. they can come fight me. this is a personal invitation @ that anon to come in my askbox and fight me. i may be short but i pack a mighty punch.

im sorry im not really in a good head space but thank u


Photography/Model/Modern AU! (taken from my ‘Lawd Jeebus Help Me’ post)


Rey was just an equipment technician working for the Photography Department of Resistance Fashion Magazine. Photography was just a hobby she picked up in college, something meant to pass the time with. But when her friend and Art Director Poe Dameron passed on a portfolio with her pictures to the Editor-in-Chief, Rey finds herself ‘promoted’ and working alongside legendary fashion photographer Han Solo. 

(In progress)

By observing my friends and colleagues, I believe I have identified the stages that tabletop RPG players pass through on their way to becoming RPG writers. Take heed, readers, and watch for these symptoms in your friends and family. Perhaps you may still save them before it is too late.

Stage 0: The Innocent Gamer. They enjoy playing tabletop RPGs as a hobby. They may not always like the way that a system works, but they’re content to work around any flaws, or find a new system that better suits their needs. 

Stage 1: The House Ruler. The subject has decided that a few minor tweaks here and there can fix some of the problems in their favorite systems. Gameplay often improves, as the system us altered to better fit the players’ tastes. For a time, the entire group is happy, blissfully unaware of the horror to come. 

Stage 2: The Homebrewer. Having experienced success with their house rules, the subject turns their eye towards inventing new content for their favorite systems. By this point, they’ve achieved a familiarity with the mechanics that causes them to see opportunities for new powers, equipment, or even whole character classes wherever they look. Subjects who reach this stage are often stricken with the compulsion to spread their work over the internet, potentially passing on the infection to new hosts.

Sometimes, if the subject is lucky, the condition ceases to progress beyond this point. They find settle down with their favorite systems, and spend years updating and refining the mechanics, forever in search of the game’s true, perfected form. For those others that are not so fortunate, however, the symptoms of the infection will soon grow out of control. 

Stage 3: The Game Converter. This stage begins when the subject develops a desire for an RPG experience that is either not provided by any existing systems they’re aware of, or only provided by a system they don’t care for. In a moment of dangerous revelation, they see the potential to alter one of their favorite systems to better fit the desired experience. Such a conversion will likely take significant time and effort, but by now the subject is too far gone to realize the cost of their reckless ambition. 

Stage 4: The Hopeless. Realizing that existing systems will never fully fit their vision, the subject takes the final step on the path to corruption, and begins designing their own system from scratch. At this stage, they are too far gone to ever be helped, seeing the potential for new systems everywhere. Subjects can be recognized through their distinctive call of “Hey, I could make a game out of this.” They may seek to pass on the infection deliberately, by recruiting playtesters or seeking advice on seemingly trivial aspects of the game, which soon explodes into an in-depth discussion on mechanical minutia that can devour hours at a time. 

I’ve heard rumors of a dreaded fifth stage, where the subject becomes obsessed with the terrible power of the Kickstarter. I can only assume that these poor, unfortunate souls are inevitably destroyed by the unstoppable crowdfunding forces they seek to control. 

Heed my warning, innocent players, for this information has come at a great cost. I have succumbed to the very condition I sought to study, and even now I can feel it gripping my mind. My only hope is to isolate myself before I can begin spreading the infection. 

But first, I have this really keen idea for a new post-apocalyptic wasteland survival game, using a diceless conflict-resolution system and collaborative character generation…

Whoever keeps leaving harassing panphobic anon messages in my inbox please refrain from it I’m not answering them, and have better things to do. Stop taking away from people who actually need my help and go find some other hobby. Thank you.