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Sometimes I fall into what I like to call “internet rabbit holes.” This is when you want to research something and you think the answer will be obvious. You figure it will be the top result of a simple google search. Easy peezy! But then you find yourself 10 hours later watching your 400th youtube video with 40 other tabs all containing conflicting information. You are no closer to the answer you’ve been seeking and everyone is yelling at everyone else saying their answer is the best.

This happened to me when I simply wanted to know what the best “martial art” was. What discipline is most likely to help you win a fight?

A common answer kept popping up and I thought maybe my quest for knowledge was complete. Many people believed that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the best. I almost stopped there. But then I noticed a youtube comment that ruined everything. What if you are facing multiple attackers? BJJ is wonderful if you are fighting one person, but if that person has a friend and you are laying on the ground trying to armbar someone… they are going to kick your head in super quick.

So I looked elsewhere for the most complete self defense package. Many people touted Krav Maga. A fighting style developed by Israeli special forces. It is a mashup of many disciplines with a brutal philosophy. Basically you fight to maim or kill as quickly as possible. Kick'em in the nuts. Rip their throat out. Gouge the eyes. Hit them on the head with a bottle. Nothing is off limits. Sounds good to me. Question resolved.

Wellll… not really. It turns out that Krav Maga is advertised as “too dangerous to spar.” Which in the martial arts world usually means it is a “giant scam.” If you can’t practice the moves and gain experience fighting, there is a good chance you will be useless in a real fight. Since there aren’t a lot of volunteers willing to get their throat punched or genitals bashed in, you are stuck “pretending” a lot of these moves. And it just isn’t the same as actually doing them. It turns out that even in the actual Israeli special forces, 999 times out of 1000, they are going to use a gun or knife in battle. It’s unclear if even their military hand to hand training works in real life. Most people agree that if you train hard in Krav Maga you can probably beat the crap out of inexperienced fighters. But it gets super iffy when you face an opponent with fighting experience.

So I moved on. Shaolin Kung Fu looked super cool. But most places that teach it don’t train you the way the actual monks learn. They do crazy endurance trials. They will punch a hard surface for weeks in order to harden their fists. Your local dojo will probably not require these kinds of physical tests. And the real monks that do the absolutely brutal training are pacifists. They are usually not willing to fight in any kind of competition. It is hard to say how they would prevail in an actual fight. If a true-blue Shaolin monk tried to fight you, he could theoretically kick your ass, but he might end up inviting you for a calming cup of tea instead. Like Uncle Iroh.  

Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do. He studied all of his favorite fighting styles and created a new discipline. It looks very badass. And if he was personally facing you, you’d probably get your ass kicked. He was very special. A top tier athlete with incredible reflexes and speed. They say the cameras were not fast enough to capture some of his movements. But Jeet Kune Do hasn’t really been tested in real life. Bruce never got in any actual fights and it’s hard to say if his style would be effective for anyone but him. It’s probably best to keep it in the movies. It has more entertainment value than anything else.

I think I did finally find an answer, but like many things in life, it wasn’t as definitive as I had hoped. I ended up watching a video by a former Navy Seal where he answered the question “What is the best form of self defense?” While there are definitely certain martial arts that work better than others, the thing that matters most is how hard you train and how much experience you accumulate. Meaning whatever discipline you go with, it needs to have a sparring component. You have to be able to practice in real fights. And you have to train super hard for it to be effective. He also suggested that you learn at least two martial arts. One that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. Whether it be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or even classic wrestling. And one that focuses on fighting standing up. Muay Thai seemed popular, but he said even being well trained in standard boxing would be sufficient. He also said your best strategy is to fight standing up as long as possible, especially when facing multiple attackers.

I guess I was hoping the answer to be something like Super Ninja Karate. Ultra Kung Fu! Maximum Boxing! Death Jitsu! I was underwhelmed with “practice super hard with any reputable fighting discipline that isn’t "too dangerous to spar.”“

Or just use a gun like Indiana Jones.  

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Would you be able to share some tips for Moira? I really love her and want to get better as her, but my success has been hit or miss so far.

I can only tell you how I play her, and I’ve only played her for a few days! Despite, that I find her extremely effective in many situations, especially maps where there are lots of corridors and little rooms (think: Kings Row, Temple of Anubis). 

First of all, the #1 thing you need to remember about Moira is that she has limited healing charge, which means you can’t spam heals the way you would on other healers. Think of her as having a limited mana pool. There are three ways to restore it:

  • 1) Wait. A very fucking long time. This is usually not useful. 
  • 2) Die. You’ll get it all back. 

  • 3) Damage the red team with your right click (this is the best way). 

So, essentially, in order to be an effective healer, you must also be doing pretty effective DPS, as well. 

The safest way to do this is to stand behind the tank and be body-blocked while you siphon health from red tanks. Keep in mind that shields block Moira’s right click, so this is not always a useful strategy now the dive meta is out of fashion. 

I’ve found it’s vastly more useful to be on flanker duty. You are a very, very effective flanker killer, especially if you can get them in a small room with you. If you’ve played a lot of Overwatch you’ll know the routes that the flankers take: go and meet them. Lure them into a little tiny room, throw a purple ball and right click (do the symmetra trick of running around them in circles, right up against them, so they find it hard to target your head), they will be dead in 3 seconds.  Because you don’t need to aim with your fire, you can crouch/jump/run, and be extremely annoying and difficult to hit.

If you get into trouble (or your purple ball bounces out of the room), fade and escape. Your fade is up very often - it should always be available when you need it.

If you’re too scared to live on the edge with your purple ball, throw a healing ball and do the same thing. You should be able to out-live any of the flankers - the trick is to get them into a small space. Even if you can’t lure them in there - you’ve blocked off a flanking route and probably siphoned a little bit of power out of them. You will also be very useful in protecting the main healer if they’re squishy, like a Mercy or an Ana by doing this. 

I’ve also played the ‘Sombra-stype’ Moira - just run right fucking into the front line (off to the side, just after the tanks have engaged and gotten everyone’s attention), siphon until you’re less than half health and then fade and flee. Rinse, repeat. Heal the team and yourself in between. If you get too low you can always use a healing ball. 

Always throw purple balls at the enemy team if you don’t think you’re going to need a healing ball anytime soon: especially if the enemy team is in a little room, and especially if your team is already engaging. There’s no way for the balls to be destroyed, which means the team either needs to avoid them (and leave the room), or heal through them (meaning more opportunity for your team to kill them in the meantime). 

Whenever you engage someone, if you get caught out, NEVER fight without a ball. If you need to flee, throw a ball in the direction you’re running away in. It will heal you as you run away. If fleeing isn’t an option, throw a purple ball at your opponent and then have at them and pray you’re the one who lives. Fade and appear behind them if you can. Remember: they have to aim and you don’t. Make yourself hard to hit. 

Some other suggestions: 

  • Fade out of ults. People can’t see the direction you’re running in when you’ve faded, and you can go around corners. Be unpredictable. 
  • Depending on how well you know your own team, you can also follow YOUR flanker around the back of the other team. This is dangerous, but if you plan to dive, extremely effective. 
  • When in doubt, fade. you’ll get it back again in 6 seconds. 
  • Moira’s ult is well-paired with a Genji ult, a Roadhog ult, or anything else that requires the player to be in the face with the other team. Shoot your beam at your teammate and collect assists.
  • Moira’s ult is really useful in small spaces. If you get people in a narrow corridor (Kings Row and Temple of Anubis are good maps for this), you can kill a bunch of people in a very short period of time. 
  • Any time your team is in a scrum fighting and the other support hasn’t used their ult, use yours. You’ll give your team the edge. Remember: aim at your own teammates. Your ult has MUCH more healing than damage! 
  • Ignore these tips any time ignoring them would give your team the edge!

If you’re against a Moira: never get caught alone in a little room with her. Never. She can out-damage a soldier’s heal. She’s like Junkrat in that regard, you are at a huge disadvantage if you’re alone in a small space with her. 

Hope that helps! 

Mirror of the Soul: Part 11 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Buckle down everyone, we’re about to fall down the rabbit hole and it’s only going to get worse over the next few chapters :D As always please let me know what you think or if you want to be added to the tag list. I think I’ve got everyone on there that wants to be tagged but I might have missed a few - just drop me a message if I’ve missed you off!

Also, 400 followers! You are all amazing! As a thank you to you all, here is the next chapter early and the next part will be posted on Wednesday as usual!

Words: 1902

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist 

               "You look dreadful,“ Tony pointed out as you walked into the lab. Eyeing the cup of fresh coffee in your hands, he suddenly seemed to change his mind. "I’m kidding. You look great. Better than ever. Please say that’s for me.”

Without a word, you shoved the mug in his chest before flopping onto the sofa. Your face buried in the cushions, you mumbled, “I feel like crap.”

               "My scans show no signs of illness,“ JARVIS piped in, much to your annoyance. The last thing you needed was to be told that this was a figment of your imagination. "Physically, you are in peak condition, miss.”

               "Awesome.“ You rolled over onto your back and let your arms hang off the edge of the sofa, slowly drawing circles on the lab floor with your fingertips. Your head felt like it was being crushed  and, not from lack of trying, you couldn’t shake the pins and needles in your right leg.

Turning your head towards Tony, watching intently as he tampered with the wires inside his latest suit, you said, "Tell me you’re planning on blowing stuff up today? I need a laugh and this is bound to go wrong.”

               "That wasn’t the plan for this morning, actually.“

You could practically hear the machines around the lab sigh in relief. Testing days never seemed to end too well for them - especially for Dum-E who, whilst always prepared for a fire, was rarely ready for any other disaster.

Crumpling your face up as the pins and needles worsened in your leg, you mumbled, "Well, what are you doing this morning? If it’s nothing interesting, I’ll just go find someone else to annoy.”

Tony looked up from the half deconstructed metal arm and rolled his eyes. “How dare you suggest that I’d waste my time on something boring. Get over here and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on; just don’t tell the others or they’ll claim favouritism.”

Curious and honoured that he’d chosen to share a new prototype with you, you crossed the lab - or more accurately limped across, as the blood rushed back into your prickly leg -  and sat on the edge of his work table. “Everyone already knows I’m your favourite.”

               "That’s true,“ he mused, pulling a box from under the desk. It appeared be full of scrap parts but, hidden away at the bottom, were two thin metal bands. Trust your uncle to hide his brand new, experimental equipment in a pile of crap. Actually, you had to concede it was a very good hiding place since no one would go looking there.

               "Have you had any more luck sleeping?” Tony asked, despite the answer being obvious. No one had bags as dark as your if they were getting a reasonable amount of rest. “What about that feeling of something not being right? How’s that?”

               "Getting worse,“ you groaned, forcing a light tone. Whilst you knew it was healthy to share your problems with someone else, there was no way that you’d let Tony see the true extent of your negative intuition.

What you weren’t telling him was that every time you went anywhere near people your adrenaline spiked, pushing you to flee before things got dangerous. It was hard to even be around the Avengers, and these were friends you knew would protect you against anything.

Yesterday, you’d been so on edge that you’d almost accidently killed one of Tony’s assistants. All she’d done was come into the kitchen to deliver a package to you but something in the air had felt off and, without thinking, you threw a chopping knife at her. You’d never been so grateful to miss a target.

Whatever was filling the Tower with this dark energy seemed to be getting stronger. Every day, the darkness seemed to draw nearer. It called out to you like the most powerful of souls, whispering your name. You weren’t sure how much longer you could manage without breaking. If Loki and Tony weren’t around, keeping you rooted in the light…

               "Arm out,” Tony ordered, pulling you out from your internal struggle. Rolling the sleeve of your jumper up, he clipped the thin metal bands around your wrists. Mumbling something about how tiny your arms were, he threw his hands in the air and proudly proclaimed, “Tada!”

               "Um, thank you…?“

Tony gave you a dazzling grin, the kind he usually reserved for the reporters when he forgot what he was supposed to be saying. He suddenly became a lot more serious, though. "Kiddo, I can’t bear to see you suffer. There might not be anything I can do to help but I hope that this makes you feel a little bit safer.”

His smirk returned at your complete and utterly stunned expression. “Don’t you want to know what it does?”

               "Yes!“ you squealed, overcome by excitement. "Show me!”

Jumping to his feet, Tony pulled you to the centre of the testing area. He straightened your body, kicked your legs apart for extra balance, and then practically ran for cover. From the corner of the lab, hiding behind his computer screens, he shouted, “Are you ready? Keep your arms out and don’t move!”

Your heart was thumping so hard that you could feel it in your throat. For the first time in months, though, it didn’t scare you. Adrenaline was flooding your system but instead of preparing to flee you found yourself ready to fight.

The sound of rattling metal filled the lab as two gloves flew your way. They wrapped themselves perfectly around your hands, clicking on to the bracelets on the first go, but the impact sent you flying backwards. A pair of strong arms stopped you from hitting the ground and helped you back onto your feet.

               "Thank you,“ you whispered, glancing up at Loki. As much as you hated the fact the glasses were seemingly draining you of your powers, you would be forever grateful that they let you look into the god’s beautiful eyes. He looked on you in awe, as if he’d never seen anything so stunning in his life.

               "You’re supposed to be protecting her, Stark, not attacking her with your tin cans,” Loki chastised. You could feel the challenge in the god’s voice, but there was a clearly playful tone behind his words.

               "Shut up, reindeer games,“ your uncle retaliated, falling back on old insults.

Before the exchange got any weirder, you turned to Tony to shut him up. "How do I make them work? Do I just…”

You pulled your arm back, imitating an action that you’d seen your uncle perform multiple times, but before you could destroy half the building, Tony ran over to you and held you still. “Not… Not like that, Y/N.”

Two hours later and many, many apologies to Loki for missing the target and hitting him instead, it seemed you’d finally got the hang of the gloves. Your arms ached unbearably but the joy you felt almost completely blocked out that pain. Even so, tiredness was beginning to take its toll.

               "I need to rest,“ you groaned, letting your legs buckle beneath you. Loki caught you - of course, you knew he would - and carried you over to the sofa. Placing a kiss on his lips as a thank you, you turned to Tony and asked, "How do you even move in a full suit? They must weigh a tonne and you can barely make it up a flight of stairs without moaning.”

               "You were never this rude before you started dating Loki,“ Tony scowled. He knelt down on the ground and pushed a few buttons to unclip the gloves from the metal bracelets. "They’ll only work in the building for now but give me a few days to finish tweaking and you’ll be able to call them from anywhere.”

You wanted to tell him that he was the best person in the world, but knew it would only inflate his ego to an immeasurable size if you did. Not that it wasn’t already that size. Instead, you simply settled on a hug. “Thank you so much.”

               "I’ll always be here for you, Y/N,“ he told you for the nth time. "Now go and relax. Have a bath. It’ll help with the aching.” His eyes flickered over to Loki and he added, “Alone.”

Rolling your eyes, you let Loki escort you back up to your room. As you were walking through the hallway, your head began to spin. Resting against the wall, you took a deep breath and prayed that the dark spots clouding your vision would fade away.

               "Y/N?“ Loki’s panicked voice echoed in your ears but you could hardly hear over the pounding inside your skull. "Y/N, it’s alright. You’re going to be fine.”

You were vaguely aware of the hand on your shoulder but it did little to ground you. The darkness was closing in from every angle and the air felt like molten lava sliding into your lungs until it became impossible to breathe.

               "Go and get Mr Stark,“ a man ordered. You vaguely recognised it but you couldn’t focus enough to place it. His words rolled over you like a thick sludge, coating you in a slimy darkness. It felt like you would suffocate under the weight of them.

Unable to think straight, you stumbled along the corridor until your balance failed you completely. You hit the floor, landing awkwardly on your wrists, and your glasses went flying. Flailing your arms around in front of you, you muttered, "God, where are they?”

Bright red streaks filled your vision, tearing at the darkness around you like tiny knives. Slowly, through the cracks, sunlight began to stream in and the world almost snapped back into place. Ignoring the fact that something didn’t seem right, you opened your eyes to the bright afternoon sun and there, a few feet in front of you, you could see your glasses.

As you reached out to grab them, the silhouette of a man appeared. He was the one who had sent Loki away. “You won’t be needing these, anymore.”

               "Move out the way,“ you hissed, dragging yourself along the floor with your nails towards them. You were so close, just another inch or two and everything would return to normal. You’d be safe.

               "I don’t think so.”

A silent scream escaped your lips when the lenses cracked beneath his shoe. The fear that had been threatening to eat you from the inside for months returned. This was it, you realised. The darkness was finally going to take you.

In a last attempt at defiance, you raised your arm up ever so slightly, calling on the gloves from the lab. However, they were too slow. He’d already crouched down beside you, injecting you in the arm with a serum that made your body go completely limp within seconds.

On the very edge of consciousness, you suddenly registered the bright green ribbons of light that you loved so dearly. They danced in the distance with that oh-so-familiar yellow mist. You wanted to reach out to touch them but were too far away.

They’d promised never to leave you. To always be there to face the darkness with you; to drag you kicking and screaming back to the light, where you belonged. With your family. But they couldn’t save you from this.

You were on your own.

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I think I liked you better wen you didn’t have a knife in your hand... Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….


Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see…

[Blake is at the Sanctuary and bumps into a person she certainly wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.]

Today felt like a good day- a rare thing in this world that was for sure!

After having what had felt like the longest lay-in Blake had had in years, feeling oh-so snuggly and sleepy under Negan’s sheets, that smelt of his deliciously heady, musky scent, Blake had dragged herself dozily into his shower.

The water had been hot and much needed and had felt so good, burning its way across her smooth skin.

She knew that, right now, life for her was good.

She was lucky to have found herself in such a good position in her life. Here, with a man she loved, and who loved her back.

She had gone for years being on the bottom rung…with David…living out there on the road…sleeping in horrible places surrounded by walking corpses and fearing for your life every time you ventured out to use the bathroom. So despite having everything she would ever want, right here with Negan, Blake knew she couldn’t take any of it for granted. Wanting to give the rest of the people here, exactly what she had. Making a better life for all of them.

That was why, after languishing in the shower for a while before heading down to her room to get a fresh change of clothes, Blake had headed out to garden, toiling here for a couple of hours….happy and content with spending time here and pulling her weight as and when she could.

But it was obvious that her love for the people here, was indeed, very much reciprocated. They cared for her, as much as she cared for them, none of them fearing her like they feared Negan, and treating her as one of their own.

And this made her happier than ever.

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Invincible | Part 2

Summary: What happens after you enter a portal that appeared on your backyard?

Pairings: Avengers x reader

Warnings: None (I think)

Characters: Reader, Avengers (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Wanda, Nat, Clint, Tony, Sam, Rhodey, Vision), mutant!OFC, mutant!OMC

A/N: I’m really trying. It all sounds and looks better in my head. xD

Bold are reader’s thoughts, italics is part of the story where the reader is not present.

Part 1 | Series Masterlist

Tony brings you back to his lab, even though he has a broken window in here. He needs to find out what you are before something bad happens, so he puts you down on an empty iron table and examines you with his hands crossed over his chest.

“Friday, is it impolite to take blood samples from an unconscious person?” Tony asks his A.I. although he doesn’t really care about it’s answer.

“Sir, I think you already know the answer,” Friday replies not wanting to respond truthfully, because she knows him and she knows he will do it anyway.

“Well thank God I’m not Rogers,” Tony remarks and takes the injection he prepared to himself while Friday was answering him.

He turns your arm towards himself and prepares it for the injection, but when he tries to inject the arm for the blood samples, the needle breaks. He makes a confused noise and tries to inject your arm. It breaks again.

“What the hell?” he mutters looking at you. You are peacefully sleeping, ignoring everything around you, your breaths steady, Tony returns your arm back to its place.

“I’m already running scans, Mr Stark. It seems that miss y/n is completely fine. No injuries, no scratches, but my system says she doesn’t exist,” Friday interjects Tony’s thoughts, and he flinches, because the A.I. startled him.

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Wait until she wakes up, sir?”

“Fine,” he sighs, rolling his eyes.


You wake up, feeling cold on your back you shiver, not opening your eyes yet.

You groan at the unpleasant feeling, and Tony snaps his head in your direction, wearily observing you, because he’s been sitting here watching over you for a few hours now.

“What are you?” Tony demands and you immediately open your eyes, sitting up on the table you were laying on.

Looking straight into his eyes you answer. “Human. I think.”

Then it hits you like a train. You were falling down the tower. Did Tony catch you? Is it why you’re here? But why would he ask you ‘what are you’ if he caught you?

“I was falling down, was I?” you mumble quietly. Tony almost doesn’t catch it, but nods afterwards.

“What’s your name, at least?” he asks again, now less demandingly, because of your confused look you gave him after he nodded.

“Y/n y/l/n,” you reply shyly. You are talking to Tony Stark and you haven’t fainted yet, how is that possible?

“No record of y/n y/l/n, sir,” the british voice rings through the room and you try to find the source of the sound. You’ve always wondered if there are any real speakers that Friday speaks through.

“Where are you from?” this is probably gonna be something like an interrogation.

“Earth, it should be Earth. But I suppose it’s not this Earth. It’s a different Earth. Like a different dimension. It’s like in the comics. You guys have a lot of different universes, it’s the same, isn’t it?” you ramble, but then you realize that Tony doesn’t know what you are talking about. It’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course they don’t have Marvel comics here!

“Ummm?” he hums, his brow arches up, the confusion in his eyes visible.

“It’s complicated,” you state. “I just came through a weird portal and here I am.”

“Okay, so, you said you’re human, right?” he asks and you nod, humming in agreement. “Then how did you survive the fall?”

You freeze. He didn’t catch you. You fell down. You didn’t die. You are somehow alive after you fell down. How’s that possible?

“I don’t know,” you admit, shrugging.

“Is there even a way to find out?” he asks, it’s more of a question for himself, but it still makes you think. How am I alive?

“I suggest we should wait for the Avengers to come back, sir. Inform them about an invincible individual, and then find out what may her other superpowers be,” Friday speaks again, but it sounds logically. You nod, accepting her idea.

“Fine. We can wait. But ’till then, I want to know everything about you and the Earth you live in. Or you were living in?” Tony sighs and stands up. You nod while he walks up to you.

“Wait,” you suddenly stop him and he quirks his eyebrow up at you. “The Avengers. Which Avengers? I mean… as members,” you ask and Tony nods understandingly, looking at your tee.

“Cap, Nat, birdboys, Rhodey, Vision, Bucky, Wanda, and her annoying twin,” he answers your question and you look up at him, standing up from the iron table you are sitting on.

“Pietro is alive?”

“Why wouldn’t he be?”

Pietro haven’d died in here. It’s not entirely MCU. It means that maybe the Civil War happened differently. It would make sense, since Steve and Bucky are Avengers and everyone except for Thor and Bruce are here. Thor and Bruce are most likely occupied with Ragnarok and Hela.


“Hey! No, no, no! I told you, I wanna know everything. That means even why you thought that Pietro is dead,” Tony declares confidently, pointing his index finger at you. “Everything.”

You sigh and get into explaining. How are you a fan of the MCU movies and all of the Avengers, and not really Avengers. How you know everything and anything about them. How a mysterious portal appeared on your backyard and you entered it, though you had some doubts.

Tony only nods at everything you say, thinking about it.

“Mhhm,” he hums. “And who is your favourite Avenger. Or maybe just your favourite person from here?” he questions, staring at you. You don’t wanna answer this. You like Tony, a lot, but when it comes to choosing favourites, your all time favourite are probably Steve, Bucky, Wanda and Nat. However, then there are characters like Pietro, Loki, him, Thor, lil’ Pete Parker, Doctor Strange and a lot of other characters. So simply, you couldn’t choose.


Reblogs and feedback are welcomed! :) Tags are open, but I’m gonna accept only requests for tagging through asks. But thank you guys for even reading this! I love you! ♥

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Tully: I want to quit my job, I wont ofcourse because we need to eat… but I just hate it.

Phoenix: Tulls, we can live a while on just my salary. It’s better that you quit and find your dream job now then in 10 years when we have kids to think about.

Tully: You really think so? I might just do that then…

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry.. I would normally never. It's just... I'm leaving an extremely abusive relationship. He's trying eveything in his power to keep me locked down in his control, and I'm struggling so much. I need... something. Please?

Oh honey, I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. You did absolutely nothing to deserve this, alright? Nothing. He’s an awful excuse for a human being and I wish you the greatest luck in finding a way to escape him.

If anyone has some good domestic abuse links/masterposts could you reply with the link on this? I found this and it’s okay, but it’s not the one I was looking for and I didn’t have what I wanted in my likes. It doesn’t have bad info, but eh, I know I’ve seen better. But it’s a good place to start. Also here’s a hotlines post.

I also have this: Paladins saving S/O from and abusive relationship

But let me do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ with Shiro, m’kay?

oh wait, also here’s a pic of soft puppies I got to puppysit the other day. For fluffie feelings. These puppies don’t know you, but they already love you. ignore my carpet i haven’t vacuumed in 3 days

  • Now listen, Shiro’s not usually a fighter. yeah I know he’s a buff bro and could kill a man in a hundred different ways with just a left boot BUT that’s not his first go to option
  • If anything, he’s like a guard dog
    • he’s at your side to look big and intimidating and also to give you a confidence boost
    • think human Rottweiler. Buff but soft. so soft.
  • he’s gonna help you get into a safe position first before leaving that P.O.S.
    • he’ll help you keep money aside, maybe even adding to it on his own
    • he’s ready to take you in at a moment’s notice
    • he’s probably even got you practicing what you’re gonna say when the day finally comes
    • he’s gonna make sure the rest of team voltron is around too, so you have tons of support
  • but he always, always makes sure to tell you how much he adores you and how strong you are to have survived as long as you have
    • “Only a little longer. Just a little longer and we’ll have you free. You can do this. I believe in you.”
  • Also nice, cozy, tight hugs while he whispers reassurances in your ear????!!!
    • “You don’t deserve this. You deserve better than all this.”
    • “I’ll protect you, if you want me to…”
    • “You’re safe with me…you’re always safe with me…”
  • whether he’s interested in you romantically or not, his goal remains the same: making sure you’re safe and in a sound mental state. your happiness means the world to him.

if you scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE END of the recommended blogs in the genreaper tag YOU CAN FIND MINE and that’s really all that matters to me.

the painful thing about enjoying uncommon/rare ships is that there’s not really any content of it so if you want any you better make it yourself. the good thing? any scraps that canon gives you that you can use to link those characters together is a godsend. even if it’s just ‘yeah genji was in blackwatch’ THANK YOU blizzard that’s all i needed. that’s all we really need to create fifty new fics. god bless. have a good night folks

anonymous asked:

The hilarious thing about PEW is that he apparently learned about the coup against Mugabe on tumblr, proceeds to criticise the media for not telling him, and closes of with "Africa matters for me". No, it obviously doesn't if you can't be bothered to inform yourself about it. No wonder he likes Scott so much: both are convinced in their own righteousness, even if the facts don't support them, and the don't do anything for it.

That’s the most hilarious virtue signalling I’ve ever seen. 

AFRICA MATTERS FOR ME… but not enough to set up a google alert. 

AFRICA MATTERS FOR ME… but not enough to check out African news sites. 

AFRICA MATTERS FOR ME… that’s the place where the penguins are from, right? 

If Mugabe hasn’t been front and centre of Prince’s news cycle for the past few days, then he needs to find better sources of information. I promise him, it’s been one of the top international stories since it started. 

Pew, demonstrating his short sightedness again. 

fwoosh-arts  asked:

Ok, I was gonna be anonymous but I can’t so I have to do this with you knowing who I am. Life can get hard sometimes and people can make you mad so find someone you can vent to. Find something to let out your emotions through. I felt depressed for a while so I wrote a lot of poetry, which helped. A lot of things can help you feel better. It may take time, but you’ll notice. I’m sorry for this but I feel the need to help people if I can...

That’s okay, I don’t really mind getting advice and everything from others, I just don’t want people stressing themselves to make me feel better

luckyshaz  asked:

Hey! Love your tumblr esp since your both shameless n teenwolf!! Okay so, I keep reading all these fics where Stiles is a spark, and I'm like, I don remember that part. Was it canon? Did I miss it?

Someone better than me can find the exact quote, but in the ep where Stiles closes the mountain ash ring around The Jungle, Deaton tells him in order to work it needs his belief, like a spark.  Fandom took that and manifested it into Spark Stiles and we were happy until they undid it and suddently everyone can mess around with mountain ash *smh*


hi guys ! i’m so sorry, i love you all and i promise i’m not abandoning my boy but i AM going on a hiatus / semi hiatus for the holidays! there’s a lot of personal things that are getting to be a bit too connected to josh for me to properly be… healthy, i guess? and be on here a lot. so i’m going to bop out for a small bit until i can get better and get on track! i’ll be continuing threads, they’ll just take a while! i love you guys so much!

if anyone needs me, you’ll for sure be able to find me over at @jonesdad

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

Tips for animal crossing pocket camp

Hey this game is coming out this month so as someone who was impatient and got it early here’s a few tips for when you start playing!

First and foremost, SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. They are incredibly precious and I made the huge mistake of spending all of mine early on. The only thing I would recommend buying with them right away is an extra crafting slot.

-Don’t waste them on crafting things that only take 3 minutes. I’m at a point where some of the crafting takes several days, trust me, you can wait a few minutes.

-don’t use them to buy honey or fish nets. They are just absolutely not worth the amount of tickets they cost. If you’re looking for a rare bug or fish you will most likely find it if you just look around for a while. I generally leave an area and come back until I find what I’m looking for.

-don’t use them on the quarry. just don’t. not worth it and you can use the quarry by requesting that friends help you.

-you are probably fine using them on calling cards or request tickets though because these things will help you complete more villager requests which help you level up and gain back tickets anyway.

-save your tickets for things like special furniture (some furniture gives you characters like KK and Tom nook) or special paint for your RV. These things cost a shitton of tickets and you will never save up enough if you spend them on other things.

Next, bells aren’t as important so you can be a lot more lax with them but you should still try to be smart with them.

-remember that you can craft stuff any time you want, but things like specific clothes and furniture from nooklings are only going to be available at certain times. You don’t want to go shopping and find a shirt you love only to find that you’re out of bells. I usually try to have at least 3000 bells on me at all times just in case.

-don’t try to repay your ok motors loans all at once, the expansions don’t really even give you that much more room so it’s better to just hang on to your bells until you have a whole lot to spend.

-if you need to, sell your extra request items as cheaply as possible in your market box. They’ll most likely sell quickly and you’ll still get more money than just instant selling them. don’t try to sell them for more than the cheapest amount or no one will buy them.

-don’t list extremely rare fish or bugs in your market box, they will not sell (way too expensive for something you don’t need often) and you can’t get them back. hold on to them or instant sell them for fast cash.

And here are some misc things…

-do not sell your crafting materials. It is not worth it to sell them and you will be mad and frustrated when you go to make an amenity and don’t have enough materials. Only sell your materials if you don’t have space for them.

-Try to keep your request items stocked up. It makes it much easier to complete requests quickly. I try to keep at least 5 of each fish, bug, etc. on me just in case.

-make as many friends as possible! add people who are hanging out at campsites or look around on tumblr for people who have posted their friend ids! unfortunately you can’t actually play with them but they can help you with the quarry and timed goals and buy stuff in your market box.

-make sure to talk to the animals at your campsite often, they “refresh” (become able to level up friendship and give you items) more often than other campers

and last but not least, very important:

-don’t try to play it like a regular video game. pocket camp is an app and is meant to be checked a few times a day. if you play it expecting to be able to play it constantly like a real video game you will probably give in and end up spending a bunch of real life money just to keep playing.


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky