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B.A.P. Reacting to you teasing them in front of the boys

Yongguk: He wouldn’t handle much teasing, feeling the need to put you in place in front of the members. He’d reach over and wrap a firm hand around your throat. What was that prince/princess? “N-nothing daddy.” That’s what I thought. Behave.

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Himchan: He would last through the teasing longer than Yongguk but he’d eventually snap as well. Unless you want me to bend you over my knee right now, you better cut it out. Now.

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Daehyun: He would find it amusing. He’d even turn it into a game and start teasing you back. Be quiet, baby. You don’t want the boys to know what we’re doing, do you?

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Jongup: He would be completely oblivious during the whole thing, or so you thought. But as soon as you two were alone, you’d be in for it. So do you wanna explain what exactly you were trying to do earlier, little brat?

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Youngjae: He would get all blushy, trying to remain calm and hoping that the other members don’t notice. He’d keep giving you warning glances but you just giggled at him. He’d finally take you aside. Aish, cut it out! I’m serious! If you give me a boner in front of my members I’ll ruin you.

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Zelo: Shameless maknae would start dragging you away the second you started teasing him. Uhhhh yep we’ll finish this later. Got stuff to do. Bye guys~ Get lost!

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Holy shit its a meta post on the worst mp100 villians.

Honestly every character in Mob Psycho is so relatable. Even the worst villains in the series are super relatable!!!! But the way they’re handled makes them so much more important than everybody gives them credit for!! 


Touchiro: “I have a Very Special Thing so I am Better Than Everybody.”

This is VERY relatable, especially if you’ve grown up as a single child or as some sort of ‘gifted’ program or had a very special talent or skill and were constantly praised on that!!!

The thing is, the way he ends up being defeated shows that He Is Not A God. It is not a good thing to find yourself relating to Touchiro, its a cautionary tale that shows that you still need to grow because Touchiro is a story of Hubris. Even the strongest people in the world have their weaknesses and in the end if you’re alone in your pretension and self-righteousness it won’t matter jack shit about how good you are at anything, because you’ll still lose in the end.


Mogami: “Everything in my life is shit so i’m gon be a shit person and drag the world down with me.” 

This is a very relatable feeling, especially when you’re under constant pressure or abuse or anything of the sort. Its Very Very easy to fall to your anger and bitterness and hatred and take out your feelings on other people!! Mogami to me is so incredibly relateable, but again his relatabilitly is not shown as a good thing!!! This is also shown in other characters such as Lapis from Steven Universe, but I feel like Mogami personally is the best character to show just how Bad this mindset can be, because its the absolute and most extreme version of it!!

When Mob goes through those six months of hell, the same bitterness ends up building in him and he does end up acting on it, and he almost does do something really bad because of it! But he was able to break out of that mindset thanks to Dimple and that shows us that It Is Possible to overcome your own hatred!! 

That is a really really important message to me!!! This entire ARC is incredibly important to me!!! ITS SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!

Even Minori ends up realizing how shit she had been!!!

Its!! A!! Good!! Arc!!

If you only act on your hatred and bitterness, it will end up consuming you entirely and you won’t be able to recover from it, but if you actually do make an Active Effort to not let yourself be consumed by that, you will grow and change and become a better person!!!


Psycho Helmet/Broccoli: “This is all i’ve ever known so it must be right.”

Yeah I know i’m listing a sentient vegetable in a relatable villains list, but if you try and tell me he’s not a worst villain i’ll actually fight you. Rip Dimple ;w; but Psycho Helmet was made with the powers of a god, and then manipulated into a desire to take over the world as one. Then, when Dimple stopped and wanted it to end, Broccoli continued because he literally knew nothing else!!!!!


Don’t only get your information about things from one place!!!! While you hopefully won’t be dumped into the ocean to rot, you’ll still find yourself being made a laughingstock if the information you were given was wrong!!!


I just love ONE-Sensei’s writing so much. Is so important and I might actually cry over this. Perhaps I’ll do another one of these weird meta things, but i’ll leave it here for now. :D

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Just The Way You Are (Orson Krennic x Reader)

Summary: You’re suffering from social anxiety and Orson comforts you when he finds you curled up on the bed after having a panic attack.

-Female Reader-

A/N: This story was originally written by me over a year ago with another character, but I felt it suited Orson better. So I change the story a bit so it would fit into the world of Rogue One.

~Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But please, never hesitate to seek help if you feel you need it. Your wellbeing is the most important thing of all~

Warnings: Heavy Angst, Panic Attack, Social Anxiety, Smut, Comfort Sex, Fluff.

You were having the epitome of a shit day. Hands shaking, stomach queasy and eyes tearing up you entered the chamber you shared with your boyfriend Orson.

You had a bit of social anxiety. Just something you picked up in elementary school that grew with age. It started with fear of presentations and escalated, by late high school you had problems even making friends. That’s why you liked your job as Grand Moff Tarkin’s assistant. You could blend in amongst the other, more powerful people of the Empire.

That was until you met Director Orson Krennic.

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What I've learnt from life (From my 12-13 years of living)

Being a good person=doesn’t make your life better
Being an asshole=Makes your life worse
Being a depressing being=U need a friend to comfort you..and to make your life better and if u find a true friend your life have 90% chance that it will be better
Being a student who is smart…only at school=You are smart but might not get a job
Being a nerd who really want high grades=Don’t suicide if you get low grades cuz you are smarter than many of us
Being yourself=Not everyone will like you
Being invincible=Many of us are like that so don’t think you are the only one

I forgot why I’m writing this

I caught Nimbus doing some research. He’s been really active at improving himself [Part 1] [Part 2]

He’s doing way better at climbing sleek surfaces.

But once he found out about rappel / abseiling… 

He insisted on trying the no safety harness mode though, because it’s not like he can easily find/make one for his size. Especially if he needs to do an emergency descent.

(Ok, serious talk now. This is the last of my trio of posts about climbing poses, so if anyone needs extra references please send me an ask. I’m no climber, so my knowledge only goes so far)

[Part 1] [Part 2] Part 3

I don’t hate Jesse


I know a lot of you hate him right now but you need to look at it like this:

-Telling someone to “find peace” is not a command to kill themselves
-Fiore, if you saw his face, found peace
-Fiore’s character had run it’s course.  There was literally no where to go from there.  Which is what I like about this show, no one is safe and anyone can die at any time (which is what I used to like about the walking dead.)
-We don’t know that he’s not with DeBlanc in another plane of existence

I loved Fiore too.  But it’s better that his character end on an up note than become a bland character with no purpose other than existing so our feelings don’t get hurt.  

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women deal better with being unattractive, not getting dates, not getting sex, not having lovers, then men, and some quite enjoy their singledom, I would consider myself one of those women, who if I were a man, would fit into the "incel" label, + we as a society should stop pitying women for being alone later in life, most of the time its quite inappropriate, we all aren't in need of finding love, and maybe busy with other business, women deal betta with unlucky in loveness

Male entitlement is so real. It gets people, especially women (both cis and trans), killed.


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I need advice/help im a male who wants to take estrogen to develop breasts and look feminine but i want to keep my penis size and my sex drive how can i prevent this

I can’t find any good answers on Google and when I asked around, nobody knew. If you have a medical professional you can talk to about this, please do as they may have better information. 


Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

Shout out to the black girl in the early stages of her natural hair journey..

Spending all your money on different products. 

Spending hours on the internet reading and learning about natural hair. 

Researching different supplements. 

Trying to master different oils. 

Admiring beautiful heads of natural hair while you’re in class. 

Creating folders on your computer with titles like “Natural Hair Inspo” and “Hair Goals” filled with all your natural hair inspiration pictures. 

Measuring your hair like every 3 days to see how much it grew. 

Wondering maybe if it just isn’t in your genetics (it is, you can do this! Don’t doubt yourself). 

Randomly getting pissed off sometimes because you want to protective style your hair, but you still want your hair style to be considered “cute” so you’re struggling to find that golden protective hairstyle that’s going to allow your hair to retain length, but still make you feel confident when you’re out and about. 

Sitting in your room multiplying the length of 6 inches by however many years it’s going to take for you to reach your goal..

Wondering why your curls don’t clump like the girls on YouTube. (Don’t worry sweetheart, they clump like yours. And that’s beautiful too.)

Frustrated because some girl went natural AFTER you and now her hair is longer than yours. (Chill. She’s not better than you, don’t even let that thought enter your mind. She just found what methods work for her, all you need to do is find what works for you.)

Got ridiculed when you wore weave, now you get ridiculed for your natural texture. You’ll learn not to care either way, it all comes with time.

I’ve been there.. Trust me when I say consistency is key. Stay consistent and stay patient. You’ve got this.

I will not tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about… that would make me a hypocrite. I will not belittle what you’re going through by repeating tired old platitudes like ‘it gets better’, ‘you’ll find someone better’ or ‘you deserve better’…
I will not tell you that you’re holding onto ashes when the fire has long since burned out or that the rest of your life is waiting for you the moment you are ready to accept that the past is behind you… These are all things you’re probably not ready to hear and you need to realize them for yourself.
But the one thing I will tell you this; I know how it feels to miss somebody. It feels like you’re dying inside. Like you can actually feel your heart ripping and tearing because it so desperately wants to be where happiness is, but you were foolish enough to find happiness in a person – which everyone says not to do – and now they’re gone and they’ve taken your happiness away with them. I know that feeling of helplessness… that confusion of staring at empty hands that used to have everything but suddenly seem to have nothing… I know that pain. I know it all too well… and I feel it. I feel it until I can’t feel any more and then I start to heal a little and I feel it all over again.
So no, I won’t tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about like it’s something easy you should have mastered yourself by now because it’s not… it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But what I will tell you is you’re not doing this alone and if you promise to keep trying… so will I…

Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈

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So I have a hoarders nest of a room, is it better to clean the surfaces first or the floor? Because I really need some direction.

Work by category instead of location when you’re dealing with a big mess like this. Start with the stuff that has the potential to smell bad or attract critters. So, food/dishes, trash, dirty laundry, etc. You’ll likely find that stuff both on the floor and on your flat surfaces. From there, work by category, starting with the biggest: for example, deal with all of your clothes, if that’s what’s taking up the most space. Then move on to books or papers or hobby stuff, whatever is the next-biggest bulk. This will allow you to decrease the overall level of messiness and make the largest impact on the mess.

If you focus on one area or surface at a time, I guarantee you will end up with one really clean dresser-top oasis in an otherwise chaotic room, and you will be frustrated and tired after one or two areas not making things feel overall any better, and you’re likely to give up.

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a hook-nosed man was shouting at a cowering woman, while a small dark-haired boy cried in a corner…