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My sister, a good and pure Clear lover: Why do you like ViTri anyway? They’re bad.

Me, an intellectual, total trash:

Vorkosigan Saga Characters As Onion Headlines, Part Two


  • Man’s Relationship Advice Same As His Hunting Tips
  • Report: More Americans Relying On Grandparents to Help Fuck Up Their Kids


  • Somebody’s Got To Save This Country From Certain Doom, And Let’s Face It, That Person Is Me
  • Take-Charge, Can-Do Guy Makes Terrible Decisions
  • Area Man Pretty Sure It’s Not Broken
  • I Shouldn’t Be Alive
  • 27-Year-Old Lies About Every Single Aspect Of His Life To Keep Parents From Worrying


  • Area Teen Has Better Things To Do Than Kick Your Ass


  • 26-Year-Old Feeling Self-Conscious After Seeing All His Friends Fail Slightly Less Than Him


  • Party Guest Hoping Birthday Card With Shirtless Hunk Taken In Playful Spirit With Which It Was Intended


  • Man On Cusp Of Having Fun Remembers Every Single One Of His Responsibilities
  • If You Ever Need Somebody To Stand Around And Not Contribute, You Know Where To Find Me
  • Area Man Up For Anything Except Being The One Who Makes The Decision
  • I Fucked My Way Into This Mess, And I’ll Fuck My Way Out
  • Cousins Meaner This Year
  • Man Pushing Self To Point Of Effort


  • Depression Symptom Checklist Speaking To Area Man As No Poem Ever Could
  • Last Male Heir To Bloodline Watches Movie Alone On Laptop

Why the hell are they having Emma jumping right to “I have to move on”?! As if this story isn’t fucked up enough, we need this nonsense. She better find out Gideon did something to the Nautilus before the end of next week’s ep if Killian isn’t back by the end. After everything they’ve been through she HAS to know he would never abandon her!

WTF, writers?!

Can we appreciate how when Killian gets scared, he makes bad decisions?? I’m not saying it makes it right because him trying to destroy his memories, and then thinking he needed to leave to try and find the man she fell in love with again, were definitely wrong decisions. But it’s such an identifiable reaction. He’s so terrified and hates himself so much right now that he keeps making things worse for a while instead of making things better.

And of course now he has to pay for his bad choices - just as he finally gets back in track, he gets sent off by Gideon. And he has to shoulder the blame for a lot of it because HE messed up and now somebody else took advantage of him and he’s gonna find what he needs (meaning personally) to be the best man possible - not just for Emma, but himself as well.

I don’t think Killian is gonna be ‘not quite there’ anymore by the end of this (aka how he sees himself as a hero), and it took him being a bit of an idiot to get there.

I am following my girlfriend to any server she is playing League and Hearthstone on and secretly watching how she plays and who she plays with. I know it’s stalking, but I just can’t help myself. I met her on League, and I think that she might find someone else on League too, but better than me–maybe not in playing, but as a person, and fall in love with him instead.

Art by imsmol

New Stories & Posts Coming Soon!

So many of you have written to ask when I’m coming out with new gainer fiction on Amazon. Rest assured, I am still writing (albeit slowly), and there should be some new and re-mastered fiction available soon along with my other gainer erotica

I’ve also been contemplating a lot of different posts that people might find useful. I think I need to find a different Tumblr template that would allow me to better organize content. (I’m looking into how to do this. Suggestions welcome.)

In particular, I’m thinking about what would make a difference in the gainer/encourager world in helping people find relationships. When I meet gainers or encouragers, one of the most common questions I get is how to find a compatible partner. Often the obstacle is not found in looking outward but in looking inward. But people often prefer looking outward because the light is better out there. I will say that a good place to start if you’re interested in anything to do with fat/admirer relationships is the book, The Round World: Life at the Intersection of Love, Sex, and Fat. It’s now available in ebook form

For those of you curious about why I’ve neglected this blog for so long, well…life has been very busy. I’m teaching a lot at university, I do a fair amount of traveling, we’re doing renovations on the house, and my beautiful obese husband commands a fair amount of my love and attention as he nears a quarter of a ton. 

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One Shot Oneshot Prompt! How abouts a v sick and feverish Lance just feeling AWFUL, but doesn't tell anyone because WHOOPS THATS JUST HOW HE IS but Hunk finds him (on the floor?? Hanging over a trash can?? IDK) and he's like "duuddeee we need to get the others you look terrible" but Lance just freaks out and he's like "nope no can't do that can't let them find out"

:O I love this but you just sent another prompt which is EVEN BETTER so I’m gonna write that one because holy shit I love it so much :OOOOOOO

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I headcanon that modern Sansa totally steals clothes from all of her male relatives and then boyfriends but with Jon she not only steals his clothes but replaces them with nicer ones and slowly upgrades slightly oblivious Jon's wardrobe.

YES. “Jon, you really need better clothes,” she says, but then she keeps wearing his ratty shirts and he finds all of his old wardrobe squirrelled away in her room and doesn’t know what to make of it

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I followed your insta but you should post better stuff it's pretty bad lol

well then don’t follow lol. I like what I post, I don’t force you to follow. I asked for the person who wanted and wanted to help, no one forced you. Your comment is not even on the style of the photo, which I know I need to work on and I am, trying to find my style. If it’s such a pain, don’t follow lol

On that I’m gonna take photos of books, tea or bullet journaling and continue posting them!

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Ibuprofen and Zyrtec
An assortment of tic-tacs


Lamp. I love lamp.


Travel more
Take more chances
Let my hair grow really long
Learn to macrame
Just be a better person in general


Star Wars
Really good fanfics


Various phone calls that I don’t want to make
Some random projects around the house that need finishing
Get the planter ready for veggies for when it’s warmer
Finish yard work
I’m so lame


I’ve lived in 6 different states
I can always tell when someone in lying to me
I make the best baked potatoes you’ve ever eaten
My husband’s boss told him my gumbo was one of the most delicious things he’s ever eaten
I hate cooking

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Sneak Peek- Recovered Melody

Corvo’s heart sank and all hope that this was some random midnight raid disappeared. This operation had taken time and planning. These men had everything in place as soon as they broke down his door. The Duke’s resources and Delilah orders were behind this. But how did they find him?

Corvo snarled and threw his bag on the ground. He needed stun mines and sleep darts. Even though he’d seen first-hand that most members of the Grand Guard were little better than criminal scum nowadays, he wanted to avoid spilling their blood if possible. He didn’t want to be the assassin they claimed he was. But before he could even unzip his supplies, a voice called out to him.

“Psst, Corvo!”

A woman peeked her head out of the shadows of one of the recessed doorways that the lined the alley. Her clothes were wet and tendrils of her hair stuck to the sides of her face. She must have been outside when it rained earlier.

“Corvo,” she whispered again, panicked. She waved him over and Corvo, too shocked to reply, hurried over. “Stay behind me. And stay still.”

“What in the—” His eyes widened as he took in her face. Her damp red hair fell around her shoulders and her face was thinner than it had the last time they’d seen each other at Samuel’s funeral. “Cecelia?”

“This is going to be hard, because they’re actively looking for you. So, let me concentrate.” She shoved him against the brick and plastered her body against his, her back to his front. She spread her hands on either side of her body and Cecelia’s face went stoney and still.  

Corvo heard the sound of boots thundering down the alley and he tensed up as they grew closer.

“Spread out!” the captain bellowed. “He can’t have gone far!”

He needed to ready his weapons. He should be throwing down mines and putting distance between himself and the guards. He shouldn’t be cowering in a filthy alley in his underpants. But when Corvo tried to step forward, Cecelia shoved her weight back against him.

“Stay still, or they’ll see us!” she hissed.

“We’re hiding in a doorway,” he whispered back. “They’ll see us as soon as they turn the corner.”

She turned her head and met his eyes. “Corvo, do you trust me?”

Corvo surprised himself with the immediacy of his answer. “Yes.”

“Then stand perfectly still and don’t make a sound.” She turned back around. “No matter what.”

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I'm in a really bad place in my relationship, my boyfriend of 4 years makes me feel like I'm worthless, doesn't pay attention to me and if i speak up about how he treats me, he makes me feel like im crazy. I'm 4 hours away from my family (I'm at uni), and I think I'm a danger to myself. I dont know what to do anymore, Selena. I want to be better

Hi love, i am so sorry to hear this, but also so proud that you are realizing this is an issue and that something needs to change. I think first off you should find someone you feel comfortable talking about this with (friend, family, therapist, counselor etc). I really think that this is a relationship that you shouldn’t be in, you are obviously unhappy and hurting and i know it is hard but i think you should end things. You deserve so much better and how are you ever expected to grow and learn things with someone making you feel shitty all the time. Sending lots of love and light your way, you are strong and can get through this!

Strip me of shame

Shiro sent Keith away to protect him. But you can’t just send the Red paladin away, then come back to him and acting as if nothing ever happened. Keith’s anger launches a disaster. His need to find the answers is rising to the point, where Shiro is losing his control over the Red Paladin and their lives. A whole new universe is opening for Keith. Will he find his real home?

AU warnings: omega verse
Fifth chapter: Shame on those who don’t know better

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Hi. I saw your post about your aunt and I totally understand. My mum is so like that. God I hate her sometimes. I just hope that you don't let her get you down because people will always find things wrong with you but you need to know you're perfect the way you are.

Tbh she kind of threw me out of balance with all this stuff, but your message made me feel a lot better 😃 I appreciate you

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would you ever think about write a super smutty prompt/fic of Aaron finding out about robecca and then him wanting to make Robert forget her and show him how much better he is

……can I have Aaron calling her a cheap whore? And have him pin Roberts arms up as he asks him if she did a whole host of things to him? And have him make Robert tell him who he belongs to? Maybe leave a few hand prints on his ass and thighs because he needs to be punished?

I mean…um…I’m an innocent soul. I wouldn’t know how to write smut.

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

signs as people I know (check moon and sun signs)

aries: passionate about finding new ways to show love and create love with others, willing to put themselves down so others feel better, warm hugs, prefers music without words because they understand the message better without words telling them, will drive you to IHOP at midnight because you forgot to eat dinner, they care about literally fucking everyone, easily accept that change is unavoidable, their exuberant energy can seem very intimidating.

taurus: art is abundant in their ‘safe’ place, trying their best tbh, will put aside time that they need in order to help someone else, dislikes close minded people, sleeping prolly, has music too loud but they will tell you it’s not loud enough, thinks a shit ton about wether or not people like them but will never tell you that, actually very confident people, don’t really care about what people think of them but also cares a shit ton about what people think of them, so fucking loyal and expect nothing in return, can complain a lot actually.

gemini: can make anyone easily laugh, knows what’s in and what’s out, veryyyy generous people, pretty smiles, has good music taste because they listen to all types of music, relatable, seems very unattached to reality at times, doesn’t give up something/someone if they really love them, will cook for you willingly, they are ‘too cool’ for drama but typically start drama, will spend their whole night talking to you about future goals they have and the most random shit.

cancer: hold a very warm and gentle soul, can push people away because they tend to be very possessive but that is how they show love, they need a two year break, tries really hard to be relatable, let’s people walk over them without realizing, they love to pamper themselves to show love to themselves, you feel safe in their home, trusts people really easily, can get very broken and in a bad place if you betray them so please don’t honestly, when they’re angry it can show physically (red face, angry tears, etc).

leo: can be independent when they are comfortable in the situation, typically want the best for everyone, will defend you when you’re not there, will block you if you annoy them, just want someone to chill with, secretly want a partner but won’t say that out loud, ‘fake fan’, they have beautiful souls, these are the type of people you should go to last minute plans with (concerts, road trips, etc), just wanna have fun and look amazing while doing it, need/deserve love and attention from loved ones, gives you food if you forgot your lunch at home, you can see their emotions in their eyes if you look hard enough.

virgo: will try to avoid being honest with you because they don’t want to hurt you, is taken advantage of too often, will bring you a cookie if you’re having a bad day, courteous, organized, the person that always smiles at strangers just because, not really sure what they want out of life, can be very whiny, always want to be doing something to pretend like they have it together, if they are your friend please take advantage of how supportive they are to you, will very randomly give you compliments that can literally save your life because they’re always very thoughtful.

libra: passionate about making others’ lives better, cuddle bugs, energetic, gives their time to anyone who actually listens to them, thinking outside of the box, probably really pretty, kind souls but a tough exterior, wears sweats to the store because who honestly cares, makes jokes with people on line at checkout, they probably have a tradition to cook breakfast on saturdays, knows how to look good and feel good, once they find they’re self-worth not a fucking bull-dozer can take it down, please try to fight them on facebook because you will lose.

scorpio: very honest but also very petty without shame, fun and funny, blasts old jams in their car while trying their very best to avoid accidents, hates high school and loves college, just want to find a group that they fit in with, will try their best to make your birthday amazing I swear, open minded to literally everything honestly, critical friend, will tease you about something that happened five years ago, a total nerd about things they really like, very smart and efficient if they are motivated by their passion, unique style in all ways, beautiful minds.

sagittarius: flirty and prolly is dating someone right now, wants everyone to be happy but forgets about making themselves happy, cooks pancakes for you at midnight on a Wednesday night, will almost cry but then remembers a funny video they saw and starts to laugh, hates themselves but shows themselves a lot of love, makes jokes out of their pain, lovable, look intimidating but are actually very welcoming, hides emotions like a pro, very optimistic about literally everything.

capricorn: doesn’t study for tests but still gets amazing grades, can be very fake but honest with people they are close to, traditional without trying, will be there for you, they are very observant and will remember if you did something that meant a lot to them, honestly needs a hug and affection a lot more than they say, takes long hot showers to make up for the lack in physical affection, lovely people, good people to sit with in the back of the movie theater so that you can talk the whole time, will accidentally spill tea and start drama, trying their best, work well with people who have a good drive for things they are passionate about,

aquarius: so fucking funny, constantly trying to be a better person in order to make up for the shitty world, watches documentaries about the sex industry, sticks to their morals, thinks a lot about life and the meaning of all of this, thinks (knows) the government is hiding something, will kill you if you hurt an animal, super chill and loves music, passionate, indecisive to the extreme, smokes weed to see if food tastes differently, interesting individuals

pisces: very confused about life and that makes them very sad, protect them because they are amazing friends, cries about failing a lot, not judge mental, hates it when people accuse them of something they didn’t do, beautiful people with caring hearts that let’s in people who shouldn’t be let in, offer you a hug if they see you upset in any way, wants people to like them, trying to find who they are, tend to let people laugh at their pain, shuts down their feelings when they feel attacked.

  • Lance: Hey Keith, my boyfriend's better than yours!!!
  • Keith holding Lance's face, foreheads touching, looking into his eyes: You are the light of my life, the most beautiful boy I have every laid eyes on and everyday I wonder what in the universe I did to deserve someone as perfect as you. I love you, with all my heart and soul and would cross over galaxies to find you if you were ever in trouble, which is why if I have to hear you say anything deprecating about yourself again I will need you to write down the first and last names of anyone that has ever said anything bad about you and destroy them.