i need to figure out how to color things

headcanon that after making peace with the bergens the celebration goes on all through the night and poppy and branch spend most of it running around, singing and dancing with each other and old friends and making new friends.

but when things slow down near dawn after hours of partying, they let everyone sleep on the ground or lower branches and climb all the way to the top together. then they just sit up there, hugging and leaning on one another or laying down and watching the sky change colors, and talk about everything .

how much poppys heart hurts because of creek, how sorry she is for never noticing branch needed someone to figure out why he was always grey and alone, how branch forgives her because she never let him really be alone.

about the bundle of notepads beneath his bed filled with poetry meant for her, and the stash of all the invitations shes ever made for him that he kept and fixed, and all the times her stomach has felt fluttery when she made little felt figures of him in her scrapbooks and didnt know why.

about what being queen will mean for them, how she wants to start to make plans to protect her people and their new allies and how she wants him to help and be right there with her, and he hugs her and wont let go because he feels in that moment like he never wants to leave her side ever again.

and by then its almost noon, and people are looking for them, and they shout down that theyre fine but tired so everyone leaves them be. poppy falls asleep with her head on his chest, giggling and sighing as he recites some of his best poems from memory. and as hes falling asleep he tries not to feel like a doofus because she keeps nuzzling him and her hair is in his face and he keeps sniffing it and he hates hair products but whatever she puts in it smells almost as amazing as she is.

You are my lucky one [Monster AU]

I always looked forward to the doctor’s next visit. It’ was that I enjoyed them, they were really painful and he was a cold man. He treated me for what I was, a monster. But all the pain, the cold treatment, everything was worth it, because I could see her, her.

When you are out of hope, when your colorful dreams, go black and white and then they just disappear, when your whole world crumbles, you just need one sparkle of light to survive. And she was my sparkle, my hope, my dreams, my life. I didn’t remember who I was anymore, didn’t have any memories left from my past life, I just knew I was there because I was a monster, and I had seen it, how things moved when I wanted, how some sort of wind just blew things away. They said it was my doing, but I couldn’t figure out how I did them. I was dangerous, dangerous to have her close, but she was still there, treating me like a human, treating me like I was worthy of some respect.

Sometimes I heard them calling me numbers, I was an experiment and that’s how they saved my archive, with some numbers, but she would call me Sehun whenever she could. “It’s your name, don’t forget it” 
But no matter how much I loved her, I couldn’t stay there forever, I had to run. Run away from that place, that place that kept me and many others captive. I didn’t know how many, but I knew there were others, others just like me, being called monster and treated worse than trash. But leaving also meant leaving her behind, she couldn’t come with us, I couldn’t do that t her.

“They will haunt you, they will treat you like they treat us, and you are far from being a monster. You are light, divine light” I told her the night of our escape. I had looked for her in my way out, to say goodbye. To see her for the last time.
“Sehun… don’t think this is a goodbye. You know why they let me stay as an assistance? Why they didn’t replace me when they found out we have a connection?” Why was she talking about that? I thought it was weird, but I didn’t have time for that. I had to runaway and kiss her before I did.
“W-wait” She stopped me again. Is she avoiding it? Denying her feelings? “You need to know. I’m their experiment too. They call us the lucky ones. I’m a mere human but we share something, a bond. No, something stronger. We are one in a million, we are what the myths talk about, we are abominations, we are divine. However you want to call it, but we are better known as soulmates” Then she kissed me; it all made sense. It was like the wind inside me was blowing in all directions trying to escape, but the more I kissed her, the more I could control it. “I can’t leave you here then”
“Yes you can and you will”
“Why?” I was sinking again, sinking in that darkness. I knew I couldn’t make it without her.
“Because we’ll meet again, we are souls that are meant to be together. Sehun, it doesn’t matter how, the universe will do it. If we don’t meet in this world, we’ll meet in the next one”
“And you’ll remind me? That my name is Sehun and that I’m not just a monster?”
“I’ll tell you everyday, that I’m your lucky one. I live because you exist”

A/N: Here’s the scenario for the anon that requested a lucky one au. I hope you like it! I kind of did xD Admin A~

The Signs as Things My Math Teacher Said

Aries: “Maybe tomorrow we can find out how many brain cells Carson has left.”

Taurus: “No Carson, you can’t do a cartwheel in class.”

Gemini: “As you may know, my son is becoming Iron Man.”

Cancer: “9+10 can equal 21? Let’s try to figure this out.”

Leo: “My dog ate your homework.”

Virgo: “Not all people in this school are big and round. Take Elizabeth for example!”

Libra: “Okay, today we will do some coloring. You may be wondering why… I need a new shirt.”

Scorpio: “Sometimes, you just gotta walk away, and this time, we should all run.”

Sagittarius: “Screw the art teacher! I’m the God of Sass!”

Capricorn: “Turn to page 394. Wow, I feel like Professor Snape.”

Aquarius: duct tapes a very annoying kids mouth shut “Good.”

Pisces: “No Carson, you can’t tape scissors to your shirt.”


You are the ocean’s gray waves~<3

My Azura commissioned cosplay came in a few days ago and I finally was able to try it on!

I still need to alter the face veil (which is uncomfortable right now), make her headband thingy, figure out how to color eyebrows, figure out her middle hair band thing, buy her necklace, and make her naginata weapon staff thing! But I’m so excited to cosplay one of my favorites! I love Azura’s character. She’s reserved, but strong and has a very important role in the story. I really admire her strength as well as being an amazing female lead.

So excited to be Azura! I need to learn the dance.
I’ve been practicing singing Lost in Thoughts All Alone in my car everyday lol.

I’ll be wearing this to summer cons as well as Youmacon later this year!


I am addicted to pain and quiet numbness and driving too fast. I’ve drowned myself in all of it but I’m still here and I know there’s a reason for that. It’s just crazy to me how life can feel so long when I look back at all the things I’ve done and it’s still only just begun. One thing I have figured out is that everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning and we all have chosen a different thing to live for. Most of the time it feels like art keeps me alive because I get sad and it helps me cope. But I have to remember that I also have chosen to live for art, to create it and contribute to the rest of the world in that way. When waves come crashing down and fuck everything up, I remember all of that and I keep going. And I really hope everyone finds that if they haven’t already.


Okay, I’ve been needing to ask this for a while but I hadn’t really figured out how. And I’m still not quite sure how to word it, so bear with me. But this is my big hangup with witchcraft, and the reason I mostly haven’t tried to do it even though I’d like to:

I don’t understand where correspondences come from. I see people say things like “You need to use x color to do y thing,” but where does that come from? Are there particular traditions of correspondences? Is it based in cultural or religious symbolism of each thing? Or personal symbolism?

And, if correspondences are subjective to your tradition or culture or person, then how can you make a spell that other people can use? I see people sharing spells for anyone to use, but they don’t tend to come with explanations of why each piece of the spell works, they’re just instructions. What if a red candle means danger in your tradition but joy in someone else’s? Wouldn’t that mess up the spell when someone else tries to use it?

Dahlia + colored pencils + grey paper + incredibly poor lighting = ???

Dear self: How about you learn for once and, you know, pull up reference photos for orange rooster hackle feathers, hmmm? 

(Otherwise how else will I further understand light and shadow? Gotta work smarter instead of just smashing my head into a wall…)

Busy Workin’

Sorry for being MIA with asksamstuff after just coming off hiatus! I’m actually using my time I’d do drawing to make the Ask Sam Stuff volume 1 for people to buy if they’d like! I love having things in paper format. I really like how the set-up for the music video for Christmas looks like as a comic, too. It’ll be available in color and hopefully grayscale, if I can figure out how this website works, haha. Thanks for the patience!! 

— Ashlee