i need to figure out digital art

@muskka is one of my very favourite bloggers. I have a big girly crush on their artwork! Their line work is so smooth and detailed, even watching them stream I just cannot figure out how they get it all just-so. I love you, Muskka. :)

(Muskka’s blog is 16+ so please be aware of that if you decide to check it out)

P.s. I know this is two days in a row I have done fan art for bloggers. There’s just so many great ones out there! I need to share the love!!!


Hello, young atlas. What is your new year resolution?

* was thinking.. I’ve been using this Tumblr as my professional portfolio but figured out I may need more space for my casual, personal art. so I will make this one a bit more personal than now and set up a separate homepage for strictly only for professional presentations of my works. We’ll see soon.  

Thought I’d have some fun and give this a coloring. The Jackson bunch.

Advice needed

Ugh. I need to figure out how I can draw digitally from bed so I can do some commissions/Patreon arts/arts for previous donors. My tablet still won’t work with a laptop. ; u ;

Health has tipped back down to GodDamnAwful again so i’m back to not moving or eating again, but I kinda need to draw for the $. (and because it keeps me sane and happy)

So, Any advice on how to do this is most welcome!!

Music commissions

I want to try something new: opening musical commissions in order to collect money for friends in need. Since I live on a rather meagre salary at the moment, there isn’t enough disposable income for helping out folks who need support for whatever reasons.

What I do have available though is my home recording equipment and my instruments, and a steady stream of musical ideas (I do share the occasional snippet on here, check the #singoutthesilence or #my music tags on my blog if you want to have a listen) and I figured if people commission digital art on here, maybe this idea might work as well.

So here is how I thought this could work: I offer to create short pieces of music based on your ideas – this could be a mood (“make something calming and softly vibrating”), a scenario (“score a moment of dramatic revelation”), a genre (“I want my own EDM anthem”), or whatever really. I will then use acoustic, electric, and software instruments and record a piece between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (a short theme or song) specifically for you.

Who would need a personalised tune? Well, who wouldn’t?! Jokes aside, you might like this if

  • You’re a musician and you want a new backdrop for practice/songwriting/jamming
  • You are looking for inspiration for another art form (writing, painting, dance,…)
  • Your blog is chock-full of commissioned digital art but you’re still looking for ways to express your individuality
  • You need contributions to the score for a video project
  • You think it’s good to support folks in need and to even get an individual reward for it (besides the gratefulness of those you support)

Prices: I would suggest a minimum starting price of 2€/$ (the Dollar is almost​ 1:1 with the Euro these days iirc) and a pay-what-you-want “price limit” if you want to show more support or if you value the idea of having your own theme tune higher. Paypal would be preferable, I think.

So if you are interested, message me and we can talk about it. If you think this idea is worthwhile, but can’t/won’t contribute, please consider reblogging this post. Thanks for reading!

The problem with drawing fan art of new characters, is that I need to practice drawing them a few times to figure out how to fit them in to my drawing style. I still can’t decide if I want to make Holly’s face softer or edgier or what kind of nose I should draw for her. But I’ve mostly settled with how the coloured one looks like. I hope you like it! I’m drawing a full body picture of her soon, either traditionally or digitally, I have’t decided yet.

Bytesized Doodles 293 - A Friendly Picnic - well, if I’m going to do a few blast from the pasts, I figure I find out how these characters are doing these days!

Support my health needs and check out the links below, every little bit helps out! But more importantly enjoy!

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I was so busy trying to get work done for Sodak Con that I completely neglected to share it. That was a mistake and I really need to learn not to do that.

I had two Silent Hill pieces for Sodak Con. I don’t feel I’m particularly good at fanart, since I usually like to go for more obscure/bizarre stuff, but I think these turned out alright.

I’m really fond of that Nurse piece. Not only is it a side profile(something I love but rarely do), has script(which I also love), and has cleavage(sorely absent in my work), but I actually figured out how to get the printed color to match the digital color on the first try.


I outlined some sketches for my pony ocs!

I’m having trouble figuring out a color scheme for Flapjack though :(

Any ideas?

Kepler’s cutiemark is a Saturn-like planet! And Flapjack’s is a red crayon 🖍