i need to dye it soon

i don’t have my face tag publicly listed anywhere on my blog which probably means that a good portion of my followers don’t know what i look like and therefore i’m willing to believe that some people just picture me as lego joker

Just a little reminder to everyone following this blog. 

I miss you. You where like a family to me, I loved to spoil you, to make you cry and laugh and sigh, and I’m sorry I can’t do it now. But i didn’t forget about you. This roleplay page gave to me the love of my life, friends, self steam, made me a better person, and I will never forget about that. 

As soon as I get money I will come back. As soon as I’m able to dye myself and get me some time I will come back. But for once I have plans, plans that need 100% of me, not all the time, but enough for me needing to focus on that and anything else. 

I love you tumblr, I love you followers, and I didn’t forget about you. I promise.

With all my love, Eliseo Ariel <3 


Should I buy this and use it as my Pokémon trainer outfit when Pokémon Go comes out?

Michael as a dad
  • michael immediately buying your child a dead pool once as soon as he find out you’re pregnant
  • putting up greenday and blink posters in the childs room bc “the baby needs to start being punk rock from a young age”
  • him almost never wanting to change diapers but still doing it anyways
  • rubbing his scruff onto the baby’s cheek so he can hear their little giggle
  • him buying loads of baby converse and band shirts
  • “can i dye their hair” “but babe its punk rock”
  • his lock screen being the baby
  • letting the baby play with his guitar bc “they wouldn’t stop crying”
  • always taking naps with the baby on his chest 
  • “its so TINY”
  • doing anything and everything to make the baby laugh
  • hearing michael sing to the baby through the baby monitor at 3 in the morning 
  • him trying not to swear around the baby but failing miserably 
  • “y/n i want six more” “yes six more kids, lets make it happen”

So… I have yet another cosplan… Human Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine! Because apparently I have a secret weakness for swing dance related things? Not even I know for sure; not entirely. Expect a draw up of my cosplans for Bendy to come sometime real soon on my IG!

But, on another note! Definitely need some help and suggestions…. I might be going to LVL Up Expo this year and if I do, I’d really like some suggestions on who to bring as a cosplay!

   I wanted to bring Chell, but my hair dye… So I’m thinking maybe a casual Chell? Casual slash modern, that is! Keep getting this idea of an Aperture Science beanie… Hmm.
   Also want to do something similar in regards to Shepard or Ryder, considering the VAs for femShep and Liara T’Soni are gonna be here, but still don’t know what to do??

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated!!!


I went and spent a buttload today - finally getting out on my own again, go me! - to finally get my hair done. I didn’t get my usual stylist, but figured that was okay and that her coworkers would be as good.

I got this guy who kept pulling painfully on my hair (apparently this is necessary for him to brush the dye on, to yank strands damn near off my head?) and yanking my head this way and that, even though I told him he needed to be gentle with me because I have a displaced disc in my neck. 

He accidentally knocked over the dye at one point and got it all over my jeans, so they’re a bust now. 

I was gonna let all that go, but as soon as we got home from having dinner with friends, DH pointed out that my roots were still almost undone and he could see a bunch of grays.

This asshole had to have seen his shitty job that cost me time and pain and let me go anyway without fixing it!

His ass is gonna be in trouble tomorrow.

streetcarnameddesire  asked:

What's your favorite color B)

This is such a cute ask aw thank you kaelyn

I have multiple lmao I like yellow but not like too bright or too dark more like this

and then i also like red but like a darkish red (I’m probably going to dye my hair this color very soon to get rid of the disgusting faded purple and blue that I currently have)

and last but not least I like the color blue and almost all shades will do but one like these two are the ones I like the most 

Sorry for the long and convoluted answer that you probably weren’t expecting there’s just so many nice colors (except for orange the color orange can go die in a hole) 

Hair Dying! New Tutorial/Info Post!

So while I’ve done dying tutorials in the past, I’ve learned SO MUCH MORE about long-term upkeep and loving on your poor hair since the last time I went red, so I decided I might as well type up a new one!

All You Need To Know About The Care & Keeping of Your Manic Panic Mop:

(mileage may vary by hair type, though do know that textured hair tends to hold onto color even better)

Picking Your Color:

Knowing “your colors” is important, no matter how femme/concerned with fashion you are or aren’t! Everyone in the world, no matter their race, either has a blue-based, or yellow-based skin tone. It’s a fact, and no matter your style or whether or not you wear makeup, when you wear colors close to your face that aren’t in your skin tone, you can tend to look sallow, ill. Now, y’might not care that much, but hey, looking not-sick is kind of awesome, yeah?

The old question beauty magazines always ask is “do you wear more gold, or silver?” Which is helpful, but, say you don’t wear much of either? Or anything? So I’ve thought of a better question: 

How do you look in orange?

Not how you feel about it, love or hate, just hold something orange up around to frame your face. I’ll wait.

Does it give you a nice healthy flush? Or do you look half-dead and the dark circles under your eyes pop out? If the former, huzzah you have a yellow-based complexion! If the latter, huzzah your complexion is blue-based!

I have a blue-based complexion, and so I try to keep yellow-based colors/tones away from my face. Thus, when going red, my chosen poison is an equal mix of Manic Panic’s Vampire Red and Wildfire. The Wildfire gives me the cherry red POP! I crave, while the Vampire Red tones out any yellow-y shades there might be between the Wildfire and left over from bleaching, and it adds some depth. I also from time to time add the TINIEST dash of blue, esp. right after lightening, to help tone out any yellows. Mix in a tablespoon or so of conditioner for good measure, and that’s what’s on my head!


While some Manic Panic shades (Midnight Blue, Vampire Red, and Ultra Violet come to mind) give a nice tint to medium-dark hair, for most “unusual” colors to show on your head, sorry, but you’ll need to lighten, unless you’re already a lemony/mousy blonde or lighter. Now, if all you’re going for is a good light base for a bold color? Stuff you can get at the drug store is fine. If you have darker hair and want more white/pastel locks, go talk to the folks at Sally’s Beauty Supply (or similar providers) about stronger formulas.

 Now in the past I’ve had good luck with Manic Panic lightening kits, but that was when my hair was much shorter. Anything brushing my shoulders, I find that their kits aren’t nearly enough formula for my whole mane. Now I use Nice’n Easy’s Born Blonde kit when I have to do my whole head, which you can get at CVS for some few dollars! I have natural dark brown hair, it brings my natural growth to lemon yellow in one go.

Long Termers: If you’ll be doing your roots regularly, invest in a big ol’ bottle of wella developer at Sally’s for six bucks, and whenever you need to touch up your roots grab a wee little box of bleach to mix some of it with. Sally’s is your friend, ask the sales people there stuff! 


Now, wait before you dye, after lightening.

It’s not that Manic Panic will hurt your now-weakened hair, quite the contrary! Manic Panic is vegan and conditioning, it is GREAT for your hair. Naw, you wanna wait a bit because bleaching at home makes your hair a slippy, slidey, often-gritty base. This is why I give myself at least a whole day between processes, with a couple of plain water rinses, if I have to do the whole process at once (I didn’t this time, as I went light-natural-redhead a few weeks ago). A day and some sleep, your oils come back out and it’s more of something to grip on.

 The jar may say to apply to freshly cleaned hair, but I’ve never found that to be true for me, I get the best color on “day old” hair.

 Before I dye, I tie up my dry hair and then line my hairline, ears and the whole back of my neck with petroleum jelly. This will make it MUCH easier to wipe away smudges, as even though it has no harsh chemicals and is a semi-perm dye, MP will stain your skin like a motherfucker.

 After applying gloves and mixing the two jars + drops of blue together in a saran-wrapped bowl, I carefully hit up my hairline with a brush, getting all wispies and carefully applying around my ears.

 And then for the rest I just fuckin’ dig in with my hands and glob on, until you’re fully saturated :D

 The jars say 30 minutes? I never leave mine on for less than an hour (my former boss about 10 years ago, she would leave hers in overnight!). MP is, again, vegan and contains no harsh chemicals, it’s like leaving your conditioner in for as long as you want. I wrap my head in saran-wrap and then tie a kerchief over that, and go about my nightly business…like writing up a tutorial!

Long Termers: I recently tried this trick and it worked amazingly. Upkeep can be pricy, after all, and with me using two different colors every time, well, you can imagine. A good trick is to take a tablespoon of each/all jars before dying, and mix them up with about half a cup of your favorite gentle conditioner. Save it in a bottle or empty dye jar, along with whatever’s left over once your hair is saturated. It will be perfectly fine for amping up your color in two weeks, processing it the same way you would with the regular color jars, so viola! A whole month of color for the price of half a month!


Lather and rinse as instructed, and voila! You now have amazing hair!

Now as I said before, for all it’s wonderful qualities, Manic Panic stains shit like a motherfucker, though no shade quite so much as the reds. Whether you are long-term coloring or just enjoying it for the two weeks it is vibrant, be prepared. Have a special towel just for your hair, dry off the lengths while still in the tub to minimize tile-stains, be ready with a spritzer of bleach and water for your shower after every rinse. Refrain from shampooing too much (I never do more than once a week anyway, twice if I’m working out a lot), but condition often, with a color-safe formula.

If you swim a lot, invest in a swimming cap (so many vintage-y options out there!), unless you want your suit stained which, I can’t deny, rising from the depths looking like Carrie after the Prom can have its appeal >.>

And above all, swagger.


GDY: goodDYEyoung is here! Be checking your mail boxes or front porches all this week! These are some of the stickers you will get with your order (I think 1 per dye). And this is the little instruction comic that is in every dye box! I’m not sure if there is a different one for every dye but this one may just be for Riot! Also I may buy some GDY blue ruin soon, I just need to convince my parents if I can actually dye my tips. 💙|||💙 👌🏻


IE HK Fancam 160131


SG: A lot of things happened since August last year, which was about 6 months ago. Firstly, Sungyeol dyed his hair red… Dongwoo always provides a lot of energy to the team… Woohyun dyed his hair blonde… But he needs to dye his hair soon… 

WH starts singing in a falsetto tone.

SG: Our Hoya, was injured at the start of the world tour… Until today he’s able to recover fully we’re all very happy for him. 

WH consoles Hoya #Wooya moment

WH: Please give him your applause. 

SG: Our maknae, Sungjong, grew a year older since last year and became more mature… Our L… Because our schedules are always so packed, L hasn’t been feeling too well but to see him performing so well tonight I have to thank him too.

SG: But he’s really very handsome. 

Hoya starts stretching on stage. 

At the end, Sunggyu thanked his members and told them he loved them. 

Imagine #1: Dying Michael's Hair

A/N: first imagine, im new at this whole imagine/preference thing and i don’t quite know anything really, like how to make master list and crap like that but im going to learn soon, hopefully you’ll enjoy this. If you do, follow me and request please. (sorry it’s so short)

“What do I do? I’ve never done this before!” You giggle, holding up the boxes of blue hair dye, looking for some kind of directions.

Michael comes into the bathroom shirtless and he chuckles at the sight of you struggling.

“Need help?” He takes the hair dye out of your hands, and taking out the gloves of the container.

“You take these out, put them on your hands, put dye on it and put it in my hair,” he says, putting the gloves on your hands himself.

“I think I know how to put on gloves,” you playfully roll your eyes, crossing your hands.

“Well, apparently you don’t even know how to read directions, how will I ever trust with putting gloves on by yourself?” He jokes and you gasp but without forgetting to pout in the process.

He chuckles and meets his lips with yours and soon the pout turns into a full length smile.

“C'mon, we have a time limit,” he says as he gets the dye ready but you stop him in the process of it all.

“I don’t want to mess up your hair though,” you frown, “If I do, I won’t be able to live with myself,”

You thought it would be fun at first but that was before your anxiety started to kick it and now that it has, it’s in full speed.

“You won’t mess it up,” he chuckles and before you could interrupt him, he speaks over you, “And if you do, I can just simply go over it, okay?” He questions.

You silently nod your head making Michael break into a bright smile.

“Good,” he says kissing the top of your nose and then continue on with setting up, making sure nothing was left behind.

“Oh shit,” you gasp, cringing at the sight of Michael’s hair.

His eyes widens and he looks terrified. He tries to push past you to see what you’ve done to his hair but you blocked him off.

“What did you do to my hair?” He questions, not even sure why he’s asking if he knew he wouldn’t like the answer.

“It’s not that bad, like you said, you can always go over it right?” His eyes widens once again and now he’s persistent to get pass you.

Once he does and faces the mirror, you burst into laughter. You had to hold your sides from how funny it was.

Michael faced a perfectly dyed head, angry ocean blue, to be exact. Nothing wrong with it, just a small joke you wanted to play on Michael.

He turns to you, smirking a bit.

“You’re going to pay,” he grins and before you could even think to put your feet in motion he picks you up in one swift movement, jolting you up on his shoulders.

You let out a scream as he slammed you onto the bed.

“Now it’s time to dye your hair,”