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A,B,C or all of Above

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

In my continued pursuit of updated and re-drawing some of my original babus, it has come to my attention that Grey is quite popular. So, before I do Yusebi I decided to update Grey… except I have got so into working on Grey’s design that the drawings took off…

So meet Grey’s three Gaster Blasters: Keah, Hienu and Niox. Grey painted those patterns on his blasters, it’s traditional in his AU for things to be highly patterned like henna. You can see that in Grey’s clothes, I’ve began to expand that concept backwards and took a glimpse of Grey’s childhood.

Here is Grey at about five years old and his older brother Char who is around eleven. Baby Grey sorta broke me several times from how cute he is @u@; holy… but wait there is more…

Grey got his blasters early in his life and at this point he hadn’t put the drawings on them. His blasters love him so much… mind you they are much more obedient now then they were when they were pups xDD

But yes I had SO much fun doing these drawings and making the patterns, I hope this fulfills your Grey needs~ and have some fun things under the cut xDD cause I was dicking around while i drew~

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@breaddiscourseblog​ Hello I LOVE your Dolph redesign (I added freckles tho bc freckles are amazing)

+Space kid to make it painted stars for @gogetsomesnacks

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Any advice for new med students? I need all of them, please!!


- take a deep breath

- it’s a marathon not a sprint

- figure out the best way for you to learn: be it taking hand notes, listening to lectures/watching videos, reading, flashcards, drawing things, mnemonics, mental diagrams or typing notes or whatever else. Your system may change.

- don’t get too into the caffeine, you’ll need room to increase your dose in residency

- try to eat some plants every day

- exercise

- it’s ok to ask for help

- it’s ok to cry

- find that pure little nugget of hope and joy in your heart PROTECT IT AT ALL COSTS

- believe it or not you have loads of free time right now go live your life and do fun stuff I BEG U

- get ready for the ride of a lifetime

Any other suggestions welcome.


“I might not need an arm, but I do need my head,” it said, voice thick with bitterness. “I really hope that’s not how you greet your teammates from now on, ice queen.”

So I’ve been reading The Final Warning (you should totally check it out), and I absolutely love it, so I decided to draw one of the scenes in the fic. Hope u like it Moonsandstar_s :)
By the way, before reading TFW, you should read the first part of the series: Things You Wrote on the Walls

Friendly reminder that it’s a good day to respect local artists and not demand that they change their technique to fit your personal standards

Friendly reminder that it’s absolutely okay for artists to want to improve by their own standards and nobody else’s

Friendly reminder that not every artist is trying to be perfect like half this community for some reason believes and that drawing for fun rather than to be “good” is a thing that exists

Friendly reminder that it’s okay for artists to be proud of their own work

Friendly reminder that artists are people

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I'm trying to imagine you sitting on your computer or in front of a piece of paper like "Okay. My schedule is clear. Everything is clean. Everything I need is right here. NOW LETS DRAW SOME PORN OT TRY TO MAKE MY VIEWERS CRY FOR HOURS ON END! This is my what I do... It's amazing ;u;"

You guessed it partly right, I only draw once I finished my routine :) but my brain will whisper weird things so I have to listen to music to keep my brain in a trance, that way it will focus entirely on the story that I’m working on.

For example: Mr Han valentine was created with combination from “Rude boy” “S&M” by Rihanna; Kinky Zen was created with “Work” by Rihanna ft Drake; Sucker for Pain yeah thats the name of the song. And guess what, “no hope no fear” was created by hours of listening to Baroque music lol

Slowly getting back into drawing regularly again (some what????). I’m back at university now and I can’t slack of this semester either hahahahha;;; But alas, I’ll put my 110% into everything so I can do everything I want and need - YOSHAAA !!!

Latest HQ chapter made me grin ear to ear when Atsumu came out with his twin!!!! I HAVE A THING FOR TWINSSSSS *U* I didn’t really pay much attention to him during the training arc because I was more focused on my sons growth and development during the arc BUT HELLO THAR HAVE YOU GOT MY ATTENTION NOW MIYA ATSUMU AND MIYA OSAMU !!! Can’t wait for next chapter :D 

Please do not copy, trace, modify, steal. Please do not repost, shares are most appreciated!☆

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Will you be gone 'till next year? ;) Just kidding, how was your trip? :)

man i don’t think that’d be physically possible for me to do

a year

i can’t even imagine

BUT ANYWAY it was great!! i feel way more refreshed AND i got a chance to add a new little piece to my arm!


(i realized after it was too late that the guitar was missing f-holes tho so i gotta find a place around here that’ll add those lol)

Anonymous said:

hey hey hey take all the time u need. hey ur awesome. stay awesome, cause ur awesome. and thats awesome.

thank you so much! this is awesome of you to say! thankfully, i think i’m back on top of things. and i got pizza. after not having pizza for a very long time

and ice cream

it was also awesome

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Not gonna lie, I think you're better drawing Tracer and Widow than blizzard's artists 😂😂, When I read the comics it just doesn't feel right, I see your art and everything is just perfect! Keep it up 💜

ahaha wow the nano-boost effect of this comment! covering my face rn cause its making me blush!! (>//////<) i have a lot of things to improve on, but thank you so much~!

My absolutely crazy big dream is to work for Blizzard someday…especially on a project for Tracer and/or Widow…But I don’t have the skillz right now to be someone they need yet…The artists they hire to make those comics are industry professionals who can draw and color everything and everyone. Sometimes I worry that I’m shooting my own foot because I have such strong feels towards Tracer and Widow specifically… ;u; Maybe they want someone who is not as strongly attached? I believe I could detach myself enough to be critical and professional…but right now, while I’m by myself, the feels are all I have to drive me forward every day! /sigh/ But who really knows what Blizz is looking for?…who knows what will happen in the future..? I want to look forward to the future and I’ll only live once so I might as well live chasing a crazy dream…cause that’s what makes me feel Alive y’know? ;u;

Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my art…My goal is to become a better artist technically but still keep that feeling that felt right to you. ;u; I don’t have the most polished skills….but if I can make people feel something about these characters - then I think I did my job. ^^

Thing I am drawing now, where by now I mean “I will be drawing in the full week, because I am weak and have other art debts”. Sketch by now. Yeah, my sketches look like that usually. When they are not crazy mess of useless lines, hah.

Yes, I am on point evading the moment when I will need to explain what happens on a pic. 

Basically one day we were talking with @general-grey about Casp and it was about the fact, that he was never knighted properly. And later I was like WAIT MY DUDE MY BRO MY FRIEND U KNOW WHAT? HE WILL BE at least on my scribbles, because heck yeah I can draw things

So good little sunbro Casp is here knighted properly by big wrathful lightning-wielding sunbro that also happens to be a king from the old royalty, because Gwyn made a decision, but it was a very stupid decision, so we just ignore it. 

ok bye
*fat rolls away*

So the Lapidot Anniversary week finally began 8D !! I’m so glaaaad.

I’m sorry in advance  this post will be really long

Probably no one knows this, but I’ve been in this fandom for about 2 years, despite the fact I started watching last december -or last october if I count the firsts episodes before stopping-.

Before watching, I was just looking at fanart in my FB feed, and saw a lot of Lapidot fnarts. I was like “Oh damn they’re cute !!” and was randomly saving pictures. I was sometimes reading comments, looking at memes…To a point where I was like “But, wait. They’re together right ?”. I seriously thought they were a couple before watching.

When I was  finally watching, after Peridot’s arc I wanted her to live with everyone and was sad she decided to stay in the barn because it meant we would see her less often.

But then there was this beautiful episode called Barn Mates .

I was like “Oh wait so Lapis is gonna live here too ?! YES OMG YEEES”

Even if we wouldn’t be able to see them often, well they’d still be living together so that’s cool ?!

But then I saw how Lapis was in this episode and…kinda fet sad for Peri ? I could understant Lapis but well

I spent the episode internally yelling “PLEASE LAPIS LOOK HOW SHE’S TRYING DON’T YOU SEE SHE LIKES YOU” and kinda almost cried and melted when Peridot left because she wanted so bad to make her happy she gave up her own home (that, remember, she found first)

Then Lapis saved her and my heart almost exploded.

You see, even if it started kinda bad, well, look at how it is now. This is one of the most precious ships I’ve even been interested too.

And tbh this is not the only one that started like this, actually some ships I like/used to like sometimes started even worse and still became canon…

I could make you a list of ships I love and are a little like Lapidot and they’re all canon come on make the list complete lmao

…Now. Let me explain” what the actual fuck is going on with this drawing ?”

For the first day, I didn’t really want to do some ship material, I have the whole week for this, I just wanted to…start slow y’know ? I also didn’t want to do something like a screencap redraw. So I basically made a “what happened when they finally started to live together” or something like an alternate end
This may look a little off topic BUT there’s a stupid rommate story story behind this - beside the pun on the title-

For some reason one day, I don’t remember why, I thought “I’m sure Peri would play as Megaman in Smash Bros. Lapis could be Zelda and-” something then came into my mind.

One of my best friends -and ex-roommate- is a huge fan of Smash Bros (actually he’s just a Nintendo fanboy, say hi dude :3), and we spent a lot of time playing this game. A while ago my main was Zelda and one of his most used characters was Megaman.And there was 2 things that this little bastard loves to do as Megaman : either discreetly putting a bomb on me and then saying “Hey, hey, guess what ?! BOOM 8D” while I’m on fire or constantly throwing lemons because why not.

Aaaand when this memory came back just after this I felt the need to draw this

Also what makes this even funnier, is that ou respectives colors are the same :v I love blue to a point where most of my stuff is blue and, well, same for him but green.

-And yes now Peri and Lapis own a wii U fite me-

(oh yes and i forgot - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week )