i need to draw moriarty next

Heartbroken pt.7

Summary: Imagine Sherlock breaking up with because he doesn’t want you to get hurt due to him, but something goes wrong and he is forced to track you down again

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Requested by: Many, many, many anons! 
Made by: PJ
A/N: This is directly following part 6 so please read that before you read this to jog your memory. Also there is no Sherlock in this part. :D hope you guys enjoy! 
Warnings: Descriptive gore, swearing? Hints of murder
Words: 1100-ish Wow! I wrote a lot

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Whenever Moriarty kills someone he makes a total mess. I mean he doesn’t do it often so might as well make the best of it.

But Sebastian isn’t very fond of that idea.

Inspired by this gifset made by the oh so freaking lovely apinchofsanity (check her out! I love her work ffs)

//edit: forgot the fucking facial hair