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Why Her? (Part 6)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama

Word count: 1227

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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The following morning, you woke up a little stiff, the ground definitely not as comfortable as your memory foam mattress back home. When you got up, Chris was the only other one awake and he was brewing coffee over the new fire.

“Good morning,” he greeted with a grin that could win ten Oscars alone.

“Morning,” you muttered taking the cup he offered you, trying to calm your raging emotions.

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I love your bunnyribbit content, pls I am thirsty for more so I'm gonna ask what your headcanons for them are

Thank you so much!! <3
And omg, idk if I wanna write my headcanons since I tend to interpret them a bit differently from how most of the fanbase interprets Lucio and Hana as characters. I usually project angsty shit onto them. Praying I don’t get flamed for this, but I’ll list a few of my headcanons for them!

Some fluffy ones:

-Lucio always goes to Hana’s tournaments and gets front row seats to watch, and whenever her and her team wins, either he gets overloaded with excitement and runs onto the stage to lift her into the air and kiss her, or she goes wild and jumps off the stage right onto him, knowing he’ll catch her.

-I’d like to think that they pick out each other’s outfits when they shop, including for what they wear when they go incognito.

-They like to go out to a lot of vast fields and meadows with D.Va’s mech and ride around, and then they take a break under the shade of her mech having a picnic, making out, anything that comes after ;)) (this is something I’ve actually been planning on drawing)

(angst headcanons below)

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hello!! your art is so wonderful, i was wondering how you practiced to improve? i’ve been drawing for years but i feel like i haven’t made any improvement at all :/

Heyya! Well, the first thing I’ll say is don’t worry too much about how long it takes - I’ve been drawing near constantly since about 8th grade, so around a decade and a half now, and I only felt like I started really making progress in the last 5 years or so. Plenty of other artists I’ve watched develop way faster than me, and some much slower. Artists vary.

There is one major thing I can point to for those last five years for myself: Actually studying (more or less~). Like, for most of that time I was just drawing without really thinking much about it, so I was improving super slow. Just drawing a lot isn’t enough to gain a better understanding of what I’m drawing, and I actively had the mentality of “studying stuff like anatomy is for serious people, I just want to have fun and draw”. Which, honestly, is fine. I wish I hadn’t thought like that now, but whatever, I was having fun~

But if you want to improve you NEED to study. Because in order to draw something well you need to actually understand what it is you’re drawing. And that means studying realism, as super unfun as that was for me at the time. That’s studying realism, not just drawing realism, because good lord there’s nothing quite as depressing as attempting to draw realistically when you have a poor understanding of what you’re doing lol.

The basic idea I have is this: Your brain thinks in symbols. When you think “car” you get a shape in your head. Same when you think “face” or “cat” or “chair”. But these are usually very simplified and way more vague than they seem (This is also why drawings can look better in your head than what you draw - they’re not actually as defined as they seem a lot of the time). What I focus on is not just looking at something and copying what I see into a drawing, but on looking at something and breaking it down into shapes and colors and actively adding that information to the symbols in my head.

And you probably already do this to a certain extent even if you don’t think about it. Like most small children draw birds as a simple V shape. That is their mental symbol for what a bird looks like. Later, they may draw the bird with a head, body, wings, feet, and tail, but they don’t fit together quite naturally. Their symbol for bird now has more information - basic bird body parts - but is still doesn’t look right. It’s still missing information. But if you don’t actually stop to study bird anatomy - how their heads connect to their bodies, how their legs are shaped, etc - you may never be able to draw a bird more accurately no matter how many birds you’ve seen. Your symbol has enough information to identify birds, which is all your brain needs normally. Adding further information to it seems to take active effort.

So when you see a face, don’t just see a face. Break it down. What shapes make up that nose, how do the cheek bones and jawline define the shape of the face, how deep set are their eyes, how prominent is their brow, and how do all of these things come together to make that face? And how many different ways can this vary from person to person? Some people’s nose and mouth protrude quite a bit from their brow. Some people their brow is far further than anything else and their mouth and chin recede back. Some people have very tall faces, with features very spread out. Some people have all their features smushed in very close to each other.

The better you understand these shapes and how they interact with each other to form a face, the better you can draw a face. And this goes for literally everything in EVERY style. Realism is a given, of course, but cartoons are simplified, exaggerated versions of reality so the better your understanding of what you’re simplifying the better you’ll be at drawing it. Even super abstract stuff like Picasso needs this - you can’t properly break the rules of how something should look until you have a good understand what those rules are.

That said, I still don’t “study” very well. I try to pay attention to stuff I see but I never crack open books on anatomy or go to live modeling classes and actually really study.

And this doesn’t cover everything about art. For example, I learned how to use color effectively by learning pixel art - you have to learn which colors work together and how they blend or separate from each other when you’re working with a tiny amount of them. But I think the symbols bit is the most all-encompassing piece of advice I can give.

This is how it makes sense to me anyway. And maybe this won’t make any sense to you or other folks, and that’s fine too. If that’s the case don’t get discouraged - you never know when you’ll have your own epiphany on art and things start to click into place for you. Hopefully it doesn’t take you as long as it did me, but even if it takes way longer the only thing that’s certain is you’ll never get better if you stop, so keep goin’!

Another Chiara concept, I think this is as close as I will get to the character I envision in my head. She won’t be this detailed in the comic cause that’d take forever to draw but this is a more detailed version of her. I still need to check with @callmelopi to get his final say on this design. Ears might change to  be more faun-like.

We’ve been making some serious progress on the Nenverse in the past month. We have finally nailed down the visual concepts of all three races on Nen, we have been meticulously designing the history of solar system and races, @callmelopi has been researching all of the physics and tech stuff like space elevators.The technology in our story will be limited but to get a feel of the present day tech we need to find out what they used thousands of years in the past. It’s taking a long time but we think it’ll be worth it. We aren’t just writing a story and designing characters, we are creating entirely different races, histories, wars, species, technology, languages, religions, etc. and it takes a hella long time! I’m glad so many of you are still interested and are asking about the Nenverse it keeps us working hard.

Hey, peeps.  Its summer! If you want to spend some money on some sappy stuff, romantic shit, terribly lovey-dovey doodls of your OTP (or simply want your OC drawn in a silly hat, idk), im your woman here.

Easy prices, though if the subject needs  time on research, it may cost a little bit more.

I do PayPal.

Please, let me draw smth fun for you  <3


Did someone say Legend of Korra Medieval AU, where Korra’s a knight who eventually falls for Asami, the blacksmith’s daughter (but let’s be serious, also a blacksmith)?  Here are a few things I was looking at for reference because, honestly, I have no idea what’s going on with armor.

So prepare for the coup of the century.
Be prepared for the murkiest scam.
Meticulous planning.
Tenacity spanning .
Decades of denial .
Is simply why I’ll .
Be king undisputed.
Respected, saluted.
And seen for the wonder I am.
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
B͉͉̺̯̭e͈̙̝̗͓̥ p̪̟̻͇̖̘̫re͓̤͖p̯̳̼ͅa̗͉̜͍r͇ed!͇ ͙̯̤̘

It was not in my plans drawing anything serious about this au ever but somebody said “anti singing be prepared”  and i just needed to draw it. well he is not really singing in this but whatever i’m still really happy with the final result! minus the background i hate that shit

Who is he talking to though? i dont know maybe his army of kitchen knifes

Shhh, I know the cover features a relatively small aspect of the show, but dang it, I needed to have fun drawing this cover. Trust me, every other alternative was super boring. :’D


Rainbow Dash is devastated by the news of A.K. Yearling’s sudden retirement. Worried that this could mean her hero is in serious danger, she and Pinkie Pie rush over to the author’s residence for answers. To Rainbow’s even greater shock, Yearling reveals that this is a decision she’s made due to the backlash received from some citizens. Convinced that there must be some sort of misunderstanding, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are determined to prove that Daring Do’s done more good than harm.

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Congrats on 16MIL!

YAAAY it has happened! You made it! WE made it! SO proud WOO

So, I haven’t got a chance to make an artwork for this milestone..sadly, so I thought I’d at least get some word out, even though I’m terrible at that…cuz enlgish and all that shit….oh well, gotta try. (warning: it’s late and I’m tired, might not make sense)

here we go:

I’ve been in this community from I think 2 mil, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen and I’m proud and happy to say, that 99% of it was the good kind of stuff. I’ve seen people starting to be more open, people interacting nicely and with respect in the comments and social media, people supporting each other when the world is being an absolute ass to them, seen a buch of people, basically strangers to each other, work on great projects for Jack, heck, I even got to be a part of at least 3 of those (which is an absolute blast to do) and just doing so many nice things and staying possitive. I’ve seen the reason why this is one of the nicest communities on the internet, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I find myself happier when I watch Jack’s videos or scrolling through tumblr, or even drawing a fanart, everytime there’s something that makes me smile or even burst out laughing. And that’s important, beacause there are A LOT of people, who realy need or even rely on those things. Even smallest things can make a big change, a simple “I believe in you” is what matters

That’s also why I appreciate when Jack talk’s about serious things; depression, diseases, sexuality issues, all those things. Even when I personally don’t have problems with this stuff myself, I always appreaciate when it’s spoken of. There’s always something more to learn about it and hearing opinions is always good. I like listening to Jak talk from his heart, showing his support to people who need it from the other side of the screen, it’s just so heartwarming to see.

Idk where I’m going with this- I just want to say, that Jack, You are an amazing person and you deserve all you have for the hard work you’re doing, please, stay humble, caring and sweet, it’s what keeps us here to be the great community that we are <3

Love you forever~


CookieBunsTM presents you, the Chinese Buns saga.

We, cookiekrio, lilia and junky are showcasing a series of hot, steaming Chinese buns.

By one of our most talented chefs @liliachuu (ur a friggin’ star)

We have the Cheek Buns

The Bun-buns


and lastly

There is a limited edition for your eyes to feast on only by yours truly @junkpilestuff​ (not-so-angry peanut by @borurou​) 

Bone appétit :^)

and this is mine:


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Hey yo guess who's in rarepair hell? (It's me. It's Diana/Lotte. I think they'd go well together because they're both serious about magic, with a clear goal in mind. Imagine them talking to each other in Fairy so they can study each other's accent and dialect. Imagine Diana teaching Lotte how to be confident in herself. Imagine Lotte singing Diana to sleep. I'm in deep, buddy. Help.)

I ENJOY THIS SHIP TOOOOO there is like ONE artist who draws for it and it’s always so damn cute. They would be a very serious, very quiet, very calm and happy pair~ They could communicate it faery languages together in secrecy and stuff skajhfskdfk

I fully believe Lotte would sing whoever she is with to sleep but you KNOW Diana probably needs it more than anyone because she can’t ever freaking RELAX but with Lotte she has the best sleep of her life every night.

I’m sorry I can’t and won’t help you I enjoy this smol hell too LOL

Hey so here’s a sort of… October balance or something, idk this is stuff that happened recently and a few updates about artwork and life in general etc

  1. I’m not using crutches from now on (goodbye Victor and Hugo and thank you for your help), but I still need a cane. And turns out that the injury was a bit more serious than expected so I’ll need it for a long time. Until next year at least. (I shall name the cane Jacques. I guess some of you will understand why.)
  2. Unfortunately I didn’t finish Inktober. That makes me kinda sad. But I still managed to draw for 13 days even with 3 hours spent on physiotherapy every day, my leg constantly bothering me, a messed up working space (see point 4), and a stomach virus. So… that makes me kinda happy when I think about it that way?
  3. My street is being completely “remodeled”, I think it’s going to look quite pretty when it’s done but now there’s SO MUCH DUST and things out of place and it’s a mess
  4. Coincidentally, pat of my house is being remodeled, I think it’s going to look quite pretty when it’s done but now there’s SO MUCH DUST and things out of place and it’s a mess (dejà-vu?)

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Okay, I just want to thank you because with the way you draw Shura with an itty bitty adorable nose, I now have the headcanon that Aphrodite used to boop and kiss it a lot when they were children because "omg you're so cute", and even still does it sometimes when they're adults because Shura is just very serious and Dite just want his friend to smile even a little and aaaAAAH... so yeah, thank you ^w^

you’re welcome anon i just love drawing his bitty nose and i feel he would have to face the whole ‘doesn’t look scary at all but can slay your ass’

also that’s way too cute i just need to put more cuteness in it

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Some Tips on Making Original Characters

Not sure if this is the best place to talk about this since i dont really have much notoriety here, but a lot of people on DA found this helpful, so I’ll copypaste it here too! I got rid of the part where I used my characters as examples though because the images werent showing up here |D

(Disclaimer: Most of this stuff are things I’ve experienced and observed over the years and I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinions. I’m in no way a professional at character/story creation)

Also keep in mind that this is mostly advice for visual artists and not really writers. I’m not a writer so these things I’m gonna say may not apply :’D

Whenever I tell people that my original stuff is what gets the most feedback on here they always seems shocked because well, lets face it, original ideas dont get as much love on the internet than say fanart or whatever’s trending on the web. |D Because of this a lot of people often give up on thier own ideas and kinda just stick with what works for them or what gets them most feedback. But those people who I can see are passionate about their stories and characters and dont give up on them are the ones that I see having successful comics and even careers producing their own work! even though the road to notoriety is a hard one, especially if you’re working on your own thing.

Now my original stuff isnt THAT popular, but it definitely gets a significant amount of more commenters and interest than my other things, even if those things are much better drawn. It doesnt get as many favorites of course, but I think its because most people favorite for visual appeal. Plus, people seem to like my characters enough to draw giftart, request rping (even though 95% of the rp requests i get nowadays are ppl tryin to get into Sky’s pants |D) and make plz accounts from their facial expressions, so I think that counts for something! I personally dont think my characters and comics are very good, but people are enjoying them, so thats good enough for me!

Now it didnt used to be this way! Before NO ONE gave a shit about my characters or whatever it was that i was creating. |D Maybe I’d get a comment or two if I was lucky. But i didnt give up on them because well I couldnt! I’ve had these characters since childhood and I’ve grown up with them, so in many ways they’re like my children. Before DA I drew HUNDREDS of pages of comics, but I didnt care if no one read them because Ienjoyed them (and maybe a few others irl close to me). Its only when I started posting comics here (and therefore I could communicate my character’s personality and actions better than just a standalone drawing or written description) that I noticed a sudden influx of interest in my characters. While I’m flattered by the attention and it keeps me motivated to keep posting comics here, what really drives me is the love I have for these characters.  I guess what I’m getting at here is don’t make characters for people’s approval, make them because you love making stories.

I’m mainly gonna touch on how to make your characters more interesting to newcomers and not so much on character design itself. Thats for another journal lol

Make your characters DO things:
Im just gonna lay it down here right now: people wont care about your OCs UNLESS you make them DO things. (‘Do’ is a word I’m gonna use a lot here) People cant get excited about your character if all you have is a standalone drawing of them. If you do get a lot of feedback on the first pass its probably because 1) you drew them irresistibly attractive or 2) you already have a lot of followers and they’ll praise anything you’ll do. But if you dont have that skill or luck, you need to GET people excited about them. Put them in a comic! Make them solve a problem! Draw cinematic scenes with them in it! Drawing them in a blank space with no expression (or boring expressions) with no context (no matter how many times you draw them) isnt gonna get people excited about your character.

Even though I’m a character creator myself, its actually very hard for me to get invested in people’s characters. (at least online) The only times I can find myself getting interested in peoples characters is if:

1) the character is in a comic, animation, film, illustration, some visual medium and I can see their actions and judge their character. SOMETIMES I can get into characters from books and writing, but im not much of a reader and words dont get me as excited as visuals (sorry writers |D)

2) we roleplay and i see that the character is well developed through their words and actions, and the relationship between our own characters is well done and believable. This doesnt happen often but i have had good roleplaying partners in the past!

I guess its because the stuff im studying includes character development, so I’ve learned to judge whether or not a character is well or poorly done, and therefore its harder to win me over with OCs unless they’re done well. :’D This is probably the reason why adoptables arent appealing to me. Sure sometimes the design looks nice and usually the creator will put some kind of lore for the design to entice people to buy it, but it isnt enough for me to spend money on it. To me a character isnt a character unless you give them life, otherwise its really just a design in a blank space. I know obviously not everyone thinks this way and its probably because I’m not in the adoptables fad that I’m not seeing something, but thats just how I view them.

Not only that but make them interesting:
Alright this one is a no brainer. |D But a lot of people do have a hard time getting people sucked in to their character’s world. So lets say you made a comic, drew a bunch of stuff with your characters doing stuff and people still arent showing any interest in your work. (granted that you’ve been showing people your stuff and that you’re not totally unknown) Then theres probably one or two things wrong: 1. Your characters and story arent well developed or 2. Your art skill isnt conveying the right mood, expressions and atmosphere to get people sucked into the world. Even writing a novella on the character’s backstory and giving them 1000 personality traits doesnt do anything for me because I havent seen your character do anything yet. I dont care if your character’s whole clan was killed off. I dont care if your character was enslaved for 100,000 years. I dont care if your character is a half demon half werewolf half neko pangenderfluid polysexual transsquirrelkin penguin princess. If they dont DO anything interesting to get me to like them, all of those labels and traits are meaningless. Not saying that backstory isnt important, they do help give your character depth, but they wont be that important in the long run as your character grows and develops. Many reasons why I dont roleplay anymore is because of too many mary-sues and poorly written characters (among other things) and it can be frustrating |’D You may notice that I often dont like writing essays like this in my character descriptions because I just dont think theres a point until AFTER people get interested in the character first. Maybe I’ll write a paragraph about their personality, basic info and background just to hook people in, but I want to let my character’s actions show people who they are first.

My characters do need a lot of work in terms of development and design, thats why I’m making these comics so you guys can see that! Eventually I do wanna make a serious comic with actual thought and effort put into it, so right now these stupid silly comics are like testing the waters of comic making x’D

As for improving your art skill, people might not think this is a very important factor, but if you’re not good at conveying emotion with words (like me) you need to rely on your drawing and coloring skills to convey the mood you’re trying to get across effectively. (especially important if you want to be a comic artist) Amateur artwork can be distracting from getting the emotion across because we just see too many mistakes rather than focusing on what you’re trying to communicate to the audience.  I cant get invested in a character if the artwork just isnt at the level where the expressions, mood and environment arent communicating to me clearly. My favorite style of artwork is those 'cinematic’, illustrative types of artworks that kinda implies a story. Kinda like scenes you’d see in a movie. This is the type of artwork that gets me sucked in and want to know more about the character, because the emotion and expressions on the character are displayed clearly and the atmosphere of the environment is done so well to get me immersed in the world. If I wanna get invested in a non-serious story, funny comics and silly stuff can win me over, but I tend to be more picky with those. Not with the art skill so much but the actions and expressions of the characters, as well as the dialogue. I love comedy but it needs to be done well, otherwise I’ll just think its plain dumb |D

Even when I draw commissions for people I try to add these elements in to get me more engaged with the character and the drawing. Most of the time I have no idea who this character is or what they’re like, so I oftentimes have to get inside the commissioners head to see what they’re trying to get across with this scene or I have to invent a personality trait for the character to get myself more invested in this drawing. When I do this, the artwork tends to turn out better than if I had not.

How to start:
As artists, we always want people to get interested in our own ideas, but it can be hard because the things that we know about our characters and stories are completely new and foreign to others and you need to realize that people usually wont be interested at first glance. Dont force your ideas and characters on people to try to get them interested, that will just turn them off more. Instead just put your stuff out there and let them come to you naturally. Its kinda like becoming friends or falling in love, just let it happen naturally and the bond will become stronger.

If you’re new to this character making stuff, try these things out:

1. Watch shows/movies or read books/comics with your favorite characters. See why you like these characters so much and try to find out how you can make your characters just as likable. This is where most people find inspiration to make characters, including me!

2. Get inspired by people and the environment around you. Most of the time you’ll know someone that isnt like anyone you’ve seen before in tv or media. Use them as a model for a completely new character! Dont always rely on the internet for inspiration, since so many things have already been copied from something else.

3. Make a LOT of characters and weed out the bad ones. I made a LOT of characters in the past and many of them I didnt like AT ALL. I didnt completely scrap all of them, but I did try to improve them. Try to make every character unique and different, you’ll get more invested in them if they’re not cut-outs or stereotypes.

4. Try roleplaying with people. I know that sometimes people dont like doing this because they have to deal with a lot of frustrating rp partners, but if youre a newbie at making characters, this can help! It can help you with your writing and character development skills (granted that you have a good rp partner of course xD). I personally never did this when I was developing my characters, but I have seen people make great characters that started from rping.

After you’ve developed your characters to the max and your art style is on point and you think your stuff is pretty gold, but your stuff STILL isnt getting the feedback you want, just be persistent and dont give up. If you’re really passionate about what you do and you work your ass off trying to improve no matter what, eventually you’ll get a small (of maybe even really large!) following of people who will see that in your work and will adore the stuff you do. And sometimes thats all you really need to keep going! Will your audience keep being interested with what you’re doing? Maybe. Thats really up to you and where you want to take your stuff. I eventually want to take my stuff to a more serious route and I’m not sure how that will end up (not to say that I wont add some humor of course haha) but we’ll see!

Feel free to share thoughts, ask questions or correct me if I said something wrong, especially if you’re an actual professional at this stuff. :’D

You know that feeling. When you know exactly that you should be working on something important. But instead you’re end up doing… well… stuff like this.

May I introduce?

One of my guilty pleasures…

Yes. It’s Ivan’s coat.

Yes. I should have been working on that thing I have a deadline for. But I couldn’t help it TT_TT” I just needed this right now…  It’s just a sketch but maybe I’ll give it proper outlines and some color when I have the time for it.

And some day I will learn how to draw proper feet.
But this day is not today.

When my gf saw this sketch, she said, Gilbert looked kinda grumpy in here. I thought he looked more… concentrated and serious? Like he’s posing as a model of some sort.
Then my gf meant, it’s like he wanted to get out of bed but his clothes were out of reach so he grabbed Ivan’s coat instead. When Ivan saw this, he was mesmerized by that view and asked him to hold completely still for a moment and he grabbed his camera to take a picture. I think I like this idea ♥

Good night, everyone!


My tablet is the biggest shit ever and I def need a new one before doing more serious art - like the OTP challenge I´ll do later

I mean we all knew I would end up doing it, just wanted to wait until I didn´t suck at drawing

Still do - but less.

I don´t really celebrate Halloween, add Inktober in and you get why I´ve drawn less Halloween related stuff. Whoopsie

Let´s hope Black Friday has sales on what I need

rusapen  asked:

I absolutely love your style and 100% art goals. I was wondering what kind of paper/sketchbook you use? Especially since you do ink washes

Hey! Thank you so much. The papers I often use are actually… Not great, I draw a lot and most often I just carry around some cheap sketchbook and make do… My current one is fairly thin, only about 100gsm? Definitely not something you should use for serious inkwork but I live on the edge. I’ve learned that you don’t always need the best more expensive stuff to work, although you might sacrifice some things, for example cheap papers might yellow in time. I don’t have much exaples for you, sorry, my current sketchbooks are off-brand things I find in local bookstores…

For paid illustratios and big projects I use a variety of watercolor papers, Canson is the brand I have used a lot. My recent preview for the Forged zine I made on Canson Montval 300gsm watercolor paper which is my most quality one right now! Maybe not the most ideal for as much ink detail as I ended up doing but my process is such that I never quite know what I end up doing until the piece is finished… It’s very good paper though. I rarely draw on it bc it feels too fancy for me to use, almost…

What I look for in paper is a relatively even and hard surface, rough ones are hard to work on with ink pens. The pens needs to kinda glide on the paper. Trial and error is how I’ve found my materials. One of my favorites is toned papers, I use brown paper sketchbooks a lot! Those really helped me figuring out some color stuff, really makes you think about color differently.

I hope this answered your question! Thanks again, drop me a line if you wanted to know more about something ✌️💕