i need to draw his whole body

❝  Is it true what you said? ❞

Plot: You and Taehyung are best friend but both have feelings for each other. You try to move on and he sees you on a date, becoming jealous and making a scene in front of everyone. 

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Words count: 2,9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff in the end

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Your bed never seemed so soft. After days of grueling work, you were finally free to rest. To enjoy the tranquillity of your room, the silence caused by the absence of another human in the house, the lukewarm air that entered the window slightly open in that windy June’s night.  


Your best friend voice didn’t surprise you, but you simply slipped on the bed making him space and making a small but amused smile when you felt the mattress sinking next to you.  

The only person you could endure despite the fatigue was just Taehyung. So much so that he had his own keys to your house and could enter at any time. His presence relieved any pain, physical and emotional, from the day you were met.  

And when you realized that you started having feelings for him, you started to be even more tied to him. Despite the pain of not being more than his best friend, staying close to him was the only thing you wanted.  

“Heavy day?” He inquired, lifting your head and letting his arm pass under it, “I see it from your dark circles”  

“Being a nursing intern is quite stressful, Tae. Why are you here? No rehearsals or music awards to attend to..? ”  

“No, nothing. So I thought we could spend some time together.. What do you say? ” He asked and you were too tired to notice his hopeful tone.  

Or the way he looked at you; or the way he only smiled at you. The truth was that Taehyung loved you for more than a year, in the shadows and in total silence. And it had been the night of that violent storm, in which completely drenched you were presented in front of the door of his dorm, who had understood how much he really loved you and not just as a best friend.  

He began to caress your hair, letting the long tapered fingers slip through them and enjoying the murmur of appreciation that began to slip your lips; those lips which many times he had desired to capture with their own, from time to time.  

“I’d say it’s perfect Tae, I miss you.”  

In your words, there was something hidden, that “I miss you” was worth much more than what others could seem but every so often you felt the need to let you go, admit aloud that you really missed him, even though he had never been “yours.” Opening your eyes, you turned your face and watched him, his features still incredibly delicate and eyes softened by feelings that you couldn’t decipher.  

“Why are you blushing?” You wondered, noticing his slightly colored pink cheeks.  

“I’m hot,” he lied shamelessly, biting slowly his plumpy bottom lip without moving away from his gaze; “You are not hot..?”  

“If you’re hot why are you stuck to me..? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, Tae. ”  

“Because it’s comfortable, believe me.”  

Smiling, despite being a tired smile, you turned completely towards him, laying on your side. You put your hand onto his side, just squeezing your fingers so that you had a better grip, slipping towards him and letting him turn on his side too.  

There was no need for a lot of words between you two and it was one of the things you loved most about your relationship. He understood you, but at least in one thing, he had many gaps. Understand how much you were totally and completely in love with him.  

He surrounded your side with his arm, then starting to slide his hand lightly up and down your back while you rested your forehead against his chest and indulged in the luxury of savoring his scent.  

“I wonder when Gucci will call you.. I think you’re financing the whole brand. ”  

He giggled, drawing you even more against his body and your legs collided, so he slipped one among yours letting them intertwine almost to perfection.  

“More or less.. Do you mind? In short, you are a Dolce and Gabbana trash. ”  

“Always Italian brands, dummy.”  

And without noticing, you both fell asleep. The one in the arms of the other.  

~ ~

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The twins realizing it’s “that time of the month” would include


Originally posted by dolan-twinns

•Him, being really confused at why you’re so “Cranky”

•Soon realizing you’re literally dying on the inside and apologizing for calling you Cranky

•Ethan, getting stressed because you’re in pain.

•Not knowing what to do, so he just attempts to cuddle you while you’re in pain

•”Um, oh shit babe, um what do you need, oh wait you’re crying fuck. Hold up let me call my mom she’ll know what to do!”

•”Ethan, i’m cramping not having a child, just cuddle me ass hat!”

•Him, using your cravings as an excuse to binge eat a bunch of chocolate with you.

•Him, getting super horny

•”Ethan no! Maybe later when my uterus isn’t trying to escape my body!”

•Taking naps together

•“Oh, uh do you need a heating pad?”

•Him, drawing you a bath so you would feel better.

•Being super clueless, and sweet about the whole thing.


Originally posted by thedolangifs

Him, instantly knowing “what time it is”

• Bringing you anything you wanted/needed

•Cuddles, a lot of them

• Feeling, bad that you’re in pain

• “Oh man! I’m sorry babygirl, come here, i got you”

•Bringing you a heating pad

•Laying in his lap as he played with your hair

•Watching old movies with you

•Taking the entire day off to take care of you

•Holding you during bad cramps

•Bring you any medicine you needed.

•Cooking for you until you felt better

•Him, being extremely cuddly and emotional with you

•Being “nurse Gray” until you felt better

Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to send more in💙
Better For Me (Part Six)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn. 
TRIGGER WARNINGS (CHAPTER 6): Attempted sexual assault, talks of past sexual assault/rape, violence, swearing, almost smut, angst
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 3K+
Chapter Summary: You and Bucky spend the holidays with your family and he discovers something horrific about you and the only thing on his mind is getting out of there.
A/N: Chapter 7A coming soon! If I missed any trigger warnings, please let me know! If you want to be in the taglist, links are below!


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Emergency Contact

I am so excited to share this with you all! It is a story co-authored by myself and the amazing @readerislandwrites ! It took a very long time to write (mostly because I am the worst) but here it is. It was so much fun to write because it was as if we were inside each other’s brain. Hopefully there will be more amazing joint stories to come!

Make sure to check out @readerisland / @readerislandwrites

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what it would be like to date shownu/ Son hyunwoo;

Originally posted by trainingpanda

  • His smile
  • his awkwardness when he doesn’t know what to do 
  • he has the cutest face when he first wakes up on a morning 
  • his bed head, you often sneak pictures of it. You have secret photo album full of them. 
  • he’s such a dad and he doesn’t even realise 
  • he subconsciously plays with your hair, hands or absent mindlessly draw patterns on your skin. 
  • the time the members managed to get him to try on your clothes, which were obviously too small for him, and you came home to all of them trying to get him out of it. 
  • He flexes his muscles at you to make you laugh, strongman shownu
  • he laughs with his whole body, the time he basically just threw himself to the floor.  
  • he’s the type of guy who will make sure you’re warm. 
  • he’ll prioritise your needs over his
  • if it rains, he’ll probably be the nagging parent who says “I told you that you should have brought a coat” all the while taking of his to give to you so you don’t get wet. 
  • he quietly sits through anything. You could be in one of those moods where you just annoy anything and everything and he’ll sit there and smile at you like you were the best thing to of ever happened to him. 
  • his voice… he sings to you. 
  • he’s sweet, so undeniably sweet that he makes your heart ache just by looking at him. 
  • when he smiles, you get that urge to smush his face together because he’s just too cute. 
  • he wears his tank tops because he knows that you love it, even though you don’t say it. 
  • but he’s serious at the same time
  • he compliments you a lot, and then gush with you. 
  • he literally does anything anyone asks him to
  • you often talk about his expressionless face whenever the members bite or plays with his arms and he just shrugs like its a way of life. 
  • you can see that he loves being the dad of monsta x from the way he just smiles a everything he does like a proud mama hen. 
  • he is the groups biggest fangirl, he often tells you everything and anything to do with them
  • you often send him gifs of himself 
  • no matter what, he cannot hide his cringes 
  • his laugh is infectious 
  • he always holds your hand, without fail. 
  • he’s the type to always kiss your forehead before he sleeps 
  • he is not easily scared, so after a while, you gave up trying to get him. 
  • he’s all manly, like so manly that you forget that he’s a big fluff ball
  • his concentration level is admirable 
  • he looks like the type of person who will happily walk to the shops for you when you have midnight cravings of something completely random. 
  • you wear his clothes 
  • he loves that you were his clothes because they just hang off of you 
  • he throws paddies like a child because he’s awkward af 
  • if you wear make-up, then he tries to do it for you because he’s an ‘expert’ now.
  • You have to watch him in the kitchen because he doesn’t have much luck with pans and oil. 
  • he’s stubborn af 
  • he often falls alseep on you 

NSFW: disclaimer 

  • sex with shownu would be mind blowing
  • like he’s delicate, treats you like you’re fragile because he’s so large in comparison (body wise) 
  • he basically worships you, selfless even in bed 
  • zero cuteness, nada, none 
  • he’s all hot and sexy, manly af 
  • i think he would like the person to be on top 
  • coughkinkcough it’s always the silent ones

  • he loves dogs, he stops in the middle of the street just to pet them 
  • he dances in the middle of the street and gets you to do it as well 
  • he does press ups with you on his back 
  • he tries to get you to exercise with him but he gives up when you have to take more than one try to get off the couch 
  • He has a cute little snort when he really gets laughing 
  • shownu drinking water is art, and it makes you regret not being an artist so you could draw him like one of your french girls 
  • he sexy dances at you, cheeky lap dance only to be caught by the members 
  • he never lives anything down. ever. 
GSNK - Please Select a Present

Read on AO3 | Series on AO3

Alternate Route (Part 2) | Title: Please Select a Present
Fandom: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun | Pairing: MayuMiko (Platonic/Greyromantic [QPR])
Rating: G | Warnings: None | Genres: Fluff

Mayu is rather suddenly made aware that Mikoshiba’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and sets out to find a gift for him.

Author’s Notes:
I’m sorry this is a day late! I wanted to finally follow up on my first fic and post something for Mikoshiba’s birthday, and this is what I came up with.


“Oh, Mikoshiba…” Nozaki started, swiveling his chair to face the table Mayu was huddled at between Mikoshiba and Sakura. “Your birthday is coming up, is there something you want to do?” Mayu’s head popped up in a rare moment of reflex, startling Mikoshiba, who just barely managed to stutter out an answer.

“I-I didn’t really think of anything… I thought you would be busy planning for your notes and research…”

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Ride or Die.9

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Description: Some people have self control. But those people don’t have their wife wearing their shirt and no underwear in the kitchen, do they?

Prev: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8

Warning: Smut (unsafe sex, wear a condom children, please)

Taeyong woke up, stretching his stiff body with a grunt as he tossed his hand out to blindly search for, what should have been, his jagi’s bare, warm body. But he found nothing, forcing his eyes open as he frowned, being met with the sight of crumpled, empty sheets where his little wife should have been fast asleep.
Sighing in annoyance, knowing he wouldn’t be able to just roll over and go back to sleep without you in his arms, he pulled himself out of the comfortable motel bed and began his search for the boxers that had been discarded god knows where the night before, after your little wedding at the tattoo parlor.
Smirking at the memory, he glanced at his hand after he managed to locate and tug on his underwear, noting the shining silver band on his finger.
I did it. I married her.
Scratching at his messy hair, he left the small bedroom you’d both been in all night long, and went to the only other room in the dingy motel; the kitchen.
Hearing you, although you tried to be quiet, clanging in the kitchen, he rounded the corner and went to speak, only to choke down his words when he saw you.
Well now I know why I couldn’t find my shirt… Taeyong thought, as he stared at his jagi in his over sized shirt that had been discarded the night before. Looks better on her…as usual…
Leaning against the door frame, Taeyong watched silently as his wife bounced around the small kitchen, preparing what food there was left in the fridge for breakfast, and singing along quietly to the softly playing radio.

You know just what to say
Shit, that scares me, I should just walk away
But I can’t move my feet 

The familiar tune of the song you sang reached Taeyong’s ears, and he smirked at the memory of you blasting the song in the car every time it played, singing loudly and dramatically to him each time. Over time the song did begin to annoy him, but the sight of his barely clothed lover dancing around the room in his clothes and singing happily pushed all negative thoughts about the song out of his head.
Taking his chance as you were buttering toast, he snuck into kitchen, quietly sneaking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, tugging you into a back hug that made you shriek in surprise.
“Taeyong!” You whined, leaning back against him. “That’s not funny!”
“Seemed pretty funny to me.” Taeyong snickered, resting his chin on your shoulder and looking at your work. “Whatcha making?”
“Well I was making breakfast in bed for you,” You answered. “But then you had to jump scare me.”
“Aw, one day as my wife and you’re already doing the cute bed breakfasts?” Taeyong teased, “I should have put a ring on it sooner.”
“Oh hush, or I’ll eat it all on my own.”
“Don’t you dare. If you eat my breakfast, I’ll be forced to eat something else.” Taeyong’s hand trailed down your front, the insinuation making you blush and bit your lip.
“Jagi?” Taeyong asked, warm breath against your neck.
“Are you not wearing any panties?”
“Nope,” You replied. “I couldn’t find them this morning. I suppose I have you to blame for that, huh?”
“It’s my payback for you stealing my shirt, my little wife.” He snickered.
“That all the payback you got?”
Smirking at your teasing, he let his fingers brush your bare thighs, “If you think you deserve more, I certainly have no objection.”

The more that I know you, the more I want to
Something inside me’s changed
I was so much younger yesterday, oh

Grinning, you arched back against Taeyong, brushing against him and making him groan lowly from the contact.
Taeyong ducked his head and began pressing wet kisses all along your neck and shoulders as he let his hands trail down your body, dipping beneath his shirt your were wearing. One hand held your hip firmly, letting him have leverage to keep  you pressed against him as he bucked his hips against your behind, the other hand tracing up your thigh before slipping between your legs.
His rough fingers cupped your heat,, waiting for your approval, which you gave with a push of your hips back into his crotch and a light whine, “Taeyong, just touch me.”
His light laugh against your ear made a shiver run down your spine as he complied, running his middle finger up the length of your folds, feeling the beginning of your arousal, and spreading it with each flick of his digit. After a moment of just running one finger over you, letting his touch linger on your sense, he carefully spread your folds and rubbed at your clit with two fingers, gently brushing his blunt nails over the nerves once or twice, enjoying how he could feel your legs tense at the new sensation. He repeated his actions, just softly rubbing your clit, holding you to him and he applied more presser, then lessened his touch, over again before trailing his fingers up your folds again, feeling you become more and more wet with each touch he provided you, listening to the small groans and moans and whimpers you gave against his arm, your sounds sending waves of arousal through him as he ground himself against your backside to relieve the feeling.
“Hmm, does it feel nice?” He hummed against your neck, nearly making your knees buckle when he rubbed your clit harshly all of a sudden. “Tell me, how good does his touch feel?”
“Oh Taeyong please,” You moaned against his shoulder, mouth open and eyes tightly shut, “Please Tae, it feels so good, I need more!”
Smirking against your skin, he looked down to watch his own fingers, covered in your arousal, as he sunk two long fingers into your heat, feeling your warm walls around his digits as your hips bucked against his hand, back arching more, and a loud moan leave your lips. Taeyong groaned lowly against your neck, bucking his own hips against yours, letting you feel his hard arousal as your moans send electricity straight to his groin.
Clutching your waist hard, he moved his fingers inside you, gently massaging your walls clenching around his touch, the sound of his touch just barely able to be heard over your consistent groans and moaning every time he sunk his fingers into you, scissoring them, and removing them completely to rub your clit before they disappeared inside you again and repeating the process over.
He smirked in boyish pride when he felt your legs begin to shake as the coil tightened in your lower stomach, becoming more intense with each move of Taeyong’s fingers within you until the coil snapped, you squirmed in his hold and moaned loudly as the pleasure of your peak ran through you.
Drawing his fingers from your walls, the hand keeping your drained body upright rubbed gentle circles on your hip, giving you a moment of rest while he brought his slick covered fingers to his mouth.

I didn’t know that that I was starving till I tasted you
Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
By the way, by the way, you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you
By the way, by the way, you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you 

After your heavy breathing had calmed some, and you twisted around slightly to look at Taeyong, you reached back to yank him down to kiss him messily while you blindly tried to work his boxers off his hips, letting them fall and pool around his feet on the floor, you moaned into the kiss at the warmth of his cock against your bare skin again and rocked back against it, pulling a groan from your husband.
Taeyong reached around your body, hand swiping everything you were working on when he came in right off the counter, plates and silverware and food crashing to the floor before he placed on hand on your shoulder and bending you over the counter top. You couldn’t resist the gasp as the feeling of the cold counter top your bare body was laid out on.
He grasped his member and teased you with the tip, enjoying watching you squirm as he ran himself through your soaked folds, catching on your sensitive clit and making you tense with whimpers.
Unable to take it anymore, he positioned his length at your soaked entrance and thrust as far in as he could, hips flushed against your behind, the new position you both hadn’t done yet allowing him to reach new depths inside you, both of you letting out groans of pleasure, finally being connected again.  
Taeyong paused, trying to control his breathing as he leaned over your waiting body, leaning on his elbows on either side of your body, stomach pressed against your back and placed a wet kiss at the base of your neck before he pulled his hips back and slammed back into you, you only being able to squeak at the movement.
The only coherent thought running through your pleasure fogged mind was you really hoped the walls were thick, gods forbid the elderly couple in the next motel room heard your moans and the sound of Taeyong’s hips hitting your bare behind. His hands clutched your hips tightly, trying to protect you from banging into the counter with each thrust, the room full of your sharp moans and his gruff groaning each time he was surrounded by your clenching walls and feeling your thighs twitch against his with each move he made into your sensitive heat.
Before you could rap your head around the feeling, the coil within you snapped as Taeyong hit the perfect spot inside you. He groaned deeply at your walls squeezing him through your second high, pushing him towards his own, his warmth releasing deep inside you as he bowed over, pressing his chest to your back and thrusting softly through both of your climaxes.
Gently pulling out, breathing heavy, warmth fanning across you neck, Taeyong pressed a lazy kiss against the red skin, “How’s that for a ‘good morning’, huh wife?”

“So…let me get this straight.” He said, scrunching his face up in thought. “You and dad just…dipped out when you were teenagers, lived in a car and went across the country, lived in motels, you got married in a tattoo shop, oh yeah! You got tattoos!? But I can’t go on a date?”
“Seoeon, don’t even start.” Taeyong scowled at his son, placing the plate of food in front of his oldest before he took his seat beside you. “If anything, from your mom and I’s experience, we know what you could do. You can date when you get out of my house.”
“God you’re so unfair.” Seoeon pouted, picking at his breakfast.
“Think about it though,” Seojun spoke through a mouthful of egg, “Would you really want mom and dad around with your date? They’d do the whole ‘look at the naked baby pictures of our son’ thing.”
“That’s true, we would.” You snickered at your son, who pouted further.
“Fine.” Seoeon scowled, and began to silently shovel food in his mouth.
“Sounds like a wild ride, was it worth it?” Seojun asked.
Smiling at Taeyong, you held his hand on the table, thumb brushing over his tattoo that had dulled over the years.
“Yes, I think so.” You nodded, thinking about all the moments with your husband. ”It was worth every bump in the road.”


Hi everyone… I’m in need of pennies so I’m going to start accepting commissions. I’ve wanted to for a while but it actually terrifies me. I have researched prices a bit and have decided on -

£4 for head and shoulders.

£6 for waist up.

£12 for full body.

No charge for simple background but £3 for a more detailed one and £5 for extra character.

I am used to working closely with people to come up with a drawing they are happy with and I keep in contact throughout the whole process with progress screenshots etc…

Message me for more details.

Reblogs would be really appreciated 😊

Retrograde - Part 11

dang i can’t believe how long this thing is getting. thanks for all your comments and messages! [read it on ao3 here.]

“Rhys! Rhys, c’mon babe, wake up!”

Rhys groaned from where he was slumped overtop Jack on the floor, but still remained unconscious. Jack continued to shake Rhys’ shoulder, although the man showed no signs of rousing; he was bleeding from both his empty arm socket and neural port, and he looked even paler than usual.

“What do you want?” Jack growled, locking eyes with Vasquez, who now stood at the control panel with a disgustingly smug look on his face.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Vasquez asked, looking way too drunk on power.

“With a nickname like Wallethead?” Jack said, something fiery awakening inside of him. “Very.”

Vasquez glared, fiddling with a few switches on the control panel as Jack continued his futile attempt to wake Rhys.

“Honestly, Jack? I used to think of you as a genius, a hero,” Vasquez said, leering. “But now I see you’re just as pathetic as the rest of them.”

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something3464  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to "properly" draw bodies?

Hi! Real talk, the only way to draw bodies “properly” is to study human anatomy and draw from real life. Whole another topic is the proper interpretation of real life aka the cartoonish style, and drawing in it in a convincing way. 

I don’t think there’s a need for a new tutorial so imma throw in some tips that helped me when I was starting off. Let’s begin:

  • you have to think of everything (this is a general art rule btw) in terms of 3D objects, meaning that you gotta learn and respect perspective (and light) in your pics;  here’s one of my personal faves about foreshortening (so you can draw 3D in 2D)
  • as I said before studying anatomy is something you just gotta do at one point; I’m not saying you should study every muscle and bone (tho it’s totes profitable), but you gotta know how things are built, especially bones; have you ever heard that tutorial “in order to draw nice clothes you gotta first draw the body and then dress it”? Well, same goes for the body, you’re dressing up the skeleton with skin and muscles 
  • if you don’t know how to draw something use >>> REFERENCES <<<
  • if you’re looking at a reference and still don’t know what to do or it’s not looking right, analyse it from top to bottom, seriously; open it in your drawing software, trace it, learn the curves and angles, maybe there’s something you haven’t noticed yet; 
  • you can use yourself as a reference!! stand in the pose you want to draw and take a photo!!
  • follow the line of the flow
  • p r a c t i c e; stuff won’t look good the first time you draw it, the second or third or even the 100th; MAYBE the 101th will be ok, but until then DRAW, art takes time
  • quick proportion tips that you should know by heart

That’s all that comes to my mind right now! Hope it helped. Every day I realise that art is not as simple as I thought it was when I started drawing.

Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 5)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1689

Warnings: None (this is literally just fluff, guys)

A/N: It’s hard to believe that there’s only one more part! You guys have been awesome, and I am so very appreciative of the reception this story has had! It’s not to late to be added to the tag list for the final part if you want, just let me know. As always, feedback is appreciated. Gif is not mine.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Your name: submit What is this?

This time when I woke, the room was a bright white that burned into my eyeballs, even though my eyes were still closed. All the same, it was much more comforting than the last time I’d fallen from consciousness. Especially seeing as I hadn’t expected to wake up at all. Gradually, I became more aware of my surroundings, but this also brought with it the pain from my numerous injuries, though I was definitely on heavy pain medication.

With a small groan, I forced my eyes to open and noticed Steve sitting by the side of the bed, wearing a  blue t-shirt and sweats. His hands held my right one and his face was pressed against the bed as he slept. The noise I made must’ve woken him up, for his blue eyes opened groggily. When he realized I was looking back at him, he shot bolt upright, creases from the sheets crisscrossing the side of his face.

“What were you thinking?” Of all the possible greetings, that was one that I was not expecting.

“Well hello to you too,” I replied tiredly and a bit snappishly, my voice rough from disuse.

“I expressly told you to stay here!” Well, now I knew where I was. “I knew you weren’t ready for a mission, but did you listen to me? No. You didn’t. And as a result, you were tortured for three weeks,” That answered how long I’d been missing, “and now you’re laying in that bed, and have been for the past two days. None of us were sure when or even IF you were going to wake up.” Throughout his little scolding, I stared at him indifferently, definitely high on whatever medication they had me on,  raising an eyebrow at his excessive reaction

“You are a sad, strange little man,” was all I could think of, pain medication muddling my brain.

“That’s all YOU CAN SAY?” Apparently, I had said the wrong thing, as his loud, angry tone clearly conveyed. “You almost DIED, and all you can do is INSULT me? The person who saved your LIFE?” He probably said more, but I passed out again at that point, half amused that he hadn’t recognized Toy Story.

When I woke up, for good this time, the super soldier was still the one sitting beside me. He was asleep again, and I could tell from the window that it was the middle of the night. Since he wasn’t holding onto my hand this time, I took the opportunity to run my fingers through his hair - something I had dreamed of doing since my crush on him formed. It was just as soft as I had imagined, so I kept carding through it, smoothing the rumpled look that told me how tired he was.

Several minutes later, I was almost falling into asleep when Steve stirred. I gave him a small smile as my hand fell away from his hair. Sitting up more, he leaned forward and settled his face in his hands for a moment before looking back up at me.

“Hey. It’s good to see your eyes again.”

“There, see? That’s the greeting I was expecting when I first woke up.” I allowed my grin to spread wider across my face. An answering one slowly formed on Steve’s, and I was immensely grateful at being spared another lecture.

“Yeah… I guess I just… You really had me scared, doll.” He rubbed the back of his neck either nervously or sheepishly. Possibly a combination of both.

“I would’ve thought you’d be thinking more along the lines of ‘good riddance,’” I raised an eyebrow at him. “After all, you seem to believe that I’m particularly useless.” If I didn’t know better, I would have said that his shoulders slumped a little.

“You really think I would think that?” The question just slipped out of his mouth, sounding the tiniest bit sad.

“I mean, you’re always saying that I’m not ready…” I shrugged helplessly, not really knowing what else I could say. I mean, there had been the little moment right before I got myself caught, but I didn’t remember enough detail to recall if it changed anything. What little I could only served to strengthen the idea that he thought I needed looking out for and couldn’t handle it myself.

“You’re anything but useless, and I’m sorry I’ve ever made you feel like that… I just didn’t want you getting hurt. Now look how that turned out.” I tried to ignore my sinking heart - it sounded more like care for a sibling than anything else. I would just have to push my crush away like the impossible dream it was, but there was one question I had to ask first.

“You were going to say something then, before we split up in the warehouse… Mind me asking what it was?” I had to take a breath and steel myself for the answer, not entirely sure I would like it.

“You mean when you were tricking me into leaving you behind?” He sounded more amused than reproachful.

“That’s the one.”

“I was just… going to tell you that… that I… just that I’ve been… in love with you for a while now… and that I needed you to make it out of there.” His eyes were fixated on the floor, even as I melted at his answer, letting out a relieved sigh.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little old timing grandpa,” I paused before continuing under my breath, “with the body of a twenty-year-old.” That was apparently all I needed to draw his gaze up to mine, though there was a sadness there. I realized he thought that I was rejecting him. “Steve, I needed you to make it out of there. I knew what they do to people, and that you would be fascinating to them as a result of the whole super-soldier thing. I wasn’t about to let anyone else go through that, especially not the man I’m in love with. I figured that since I’d already survived and escaped once that I could manage it again. Or at least that it wouldn’t matter if I died.”
“Wait, did you…?” His face scrunched up adorably in confusion and I had to resist the urge to lift my hand to touch his cheek. Mostly because it would hurt. “Did you really say what I think you said?”

“Depends on you think I said.” I thought back through what I had said, freezing for a millisecond when I realized what he must’ve been referring to.

“That you love me.” There was hope in his eyes, and I could see it - the same hope that I was sure had filled my eyes when he had confessed.

“Yeah. And I meant it.”

“I was worried I had imagined it for a second there.” He stood, and I tensed, fearful that he was deciding to leave, but relaxed as he moved to stand closer to my head. “It means I can finally do this.” Steve bent down to press a gentle kiss to my forehead, my cheek, my nose, before finally touching his lips to mine softly. All too soon he was pulling away and I heard a small whine of disappointment escape me. Chuckling lightly, he took his seat again, picking up my hand and rubbing his thumb over the knuckles.

“You fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, amped up, steroid pumped little man. You can’t just leave it like that. Get back up here.” My, oh my, I sounded like a needy five year old. To be fair, I had been pining for the super soldier for a while, not to mention the whole “almost dying” thing, so I felt completely justified in demanding a little more attention. This brought a real laugh from him, brightening the room a little more.

“There will be plenty of time. For now, it’s the middle of the night. You need to rest.”

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little prehistoric relic that belo–” I was cut off by his lips pressing against mine again. Smiling into the kiss, I moved my mostly uninjured wing to hold him closer to me. Eventually, of course, we had to pull back for air, so I took the opportunity to finish my phrase. “That belongs in a museum.” Smugly, I grinned up at him, wincing only slightly as it pulled at the injured skin.

“And here I was thinking that you loved me,” Steve replied, dramatically moving a hand to his heart as though I had wounded him. “Yet here we are, and you continue to insult me while barely pausing to take a breath between barbs.”

“Hey, I can’t help it if you leave yourself open to them. I simply have to take advantage of the opportunities as they come.” We laughed together at that.

“I suppose that’s true… Fair enough. You really should rest, though, alright?” He could see that I was about to argue, and continued so I couldn’t interrupt. “I’ll be right here when you wake up, and you can insult me some more then. How does that sound?”

“Spangles, I’ve been asleep for long enough. Besides, I… I don’t want t-to.” Sheepishly, I acknowledged my fear of the nightmares I knew were coming without saying it out loud, hoping that Steve would read between the lines and know what I meant. Fortunately, he picked up on my meaning, his eyes softening in sympathy.

“No one is going to hurt you here. I’ll chase all the nightmares away, doll.” He gently lifted my hand in his, placing it on his chest, over his heart. We sat there like that for a long moment, his steady heartbeat soothing my fraying nerves. “Feel that? As long as it’s still beating, I promise you I will keep you safe.” I nodded hesitantly, sinking back into the bed as Steve took his seat beside me again. With my cold hand in between his warm ones, I found my eyelids growing heavy again, and soon I was fast asleep.

Part Six

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.03) blue begin(nings)- jjk(m)

Originally posted by emmareader

just 2 kids below 2000 stars.

(m)- mature | 2.7k words | .01)- pjm / .02)- myg / .03)- jjk | (x) (x)

“We’re going to die out here,” you whisper, shivering against the cold of night.

“No,” he says, rigid, determined, “we won’t.”

“We are sitting ducks out here Jungkook,” you move from the warmth of his arms and sit with your back to him, “your three walled house in the woods won’t protect us from what’s out there. Or from the cold.”

“This ‘three walled house’ is all I have,” he snaps, kicking the blanket from his legs and standing up. You swallow, turning your head so you can see him out of your peripheral, the strong lines of his back filling out his long sleeve shirt, fists curling and uncurling with agitation or desperation.

“Fuck,” he kicks a bucket close to him in rage, the cylinder flying out through the missing wall and clunking in the forest, its rolling echoing for a moment before stopping at the base of the nearest tree, moonlight glinting off of its chipped surface, “this is tragic. Earth is tragic, this house is tragic, humanity is tragic,” his voice cracks, “but it’s all I have. All I have.”

Licking your chapped lips, you sigh and stand up, fighting against the cold with the mere will of your thoughts. Touching his shoulder gingerly, you press your lips against his shoulder blade, “I know,” you concede, “I know, I’m sorry.” He turns to you at the feeling of your fingers on his chin, eyelashes downcast in the night.

“But hey,” you crack a small smile, eyes alight with compassion, “you have me too.”

Jungkook looks at you, nodding minutely, a muscle feathering along his jaw.

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castigliones  asked:

"ache" for the five line fics?

send me a one word/phrase prompt + a ship + five line fic

They’ve started and stopped so many times she’s lost count, Frank always pulling away at the last possible second, his fingers lingering a beat too long on her skin.

The thought of him is like a gentle ache at the back of her throat, an ache that grows and spreads through her limbs until her whole body pulses with the need to draw him close.

It’s worse when he disappears for weeks, showing back up on her doorstep with bruises painting his skin, a slight hitch in his movements.

Before she can think, her hands are on him, probing for the source of his pain, finding only heat and smooth skin.

He catches her wrist, fingering the fine bones of her wrist until he finds her frantically fluttering pulse, eyes locking with hers, a matching ache in their depths.

Five Line Fics

So that new Rumbelle AU has gotten out of control and I have a lot of drawings for it that should be appearing soon-and this turned into a whole comicesque page when it shouldn’t have been.

Basically this is the gist of the scene after a summoned Toon/Goop Rumplestiltskin kills Zelena for her trying to control him and then manages to hijack Gold’s body-recognizing his voice as his own and thus he is the exact host he’ll need to be ‘physical’. Meanwhile Belle has arrived to the animation studio because she received a text message from Gold who managed to get one out to her right before getting snagged by Rumple to warn her and to get help… Well… Now with Belle inside the studio calling for Gold a fully formed Rumplestiltskin hears her voice-a voice he recognizes and causes him to be drawn to her. Because… Could it be-his princess?


On a recent trip to visit my folks, I went through some boxes and found, sans cover, this copy of 1999’s BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES #17. Gotham Adventures was my full-stop favorite comic when it was coming out, a combination of me being smack dab in the middle of its target demographic and it being really, really well made. Tight story, dynamic artwork, clean, crisp colors and letters. As I transition from Vacation Dan back to The Schkade That Works, I thought it would be a useful exercise to go through this issue, page by page, to see how it ticks.

I’ll be focusing mainly on the pencils and colors by Tim Levins and Lee Loughridge, respectively, plus Scott Peterson’s script — Terry Beatty is one of my favorite inkers ever and letter Tim Harkins acquits himself expertly, so I won’t have much to say about them beyond “continues to be amazing, surprising no one.”

And please, feel free to check me on any mistakes I might have made, add your own commentary, or share similar examples of good comics done well.

Batman: Gotham Adventures and all characters contained therin are of course property of DC Comics, reproduced here solely for educational purposes.


We open strong with a full-page splash. Three distinct players whose suits, hats, and bad ties immediately code them in the Timm-verse aesthetic as ‘Hoodlums’ give us immediate sense of threat. Their momentum is heading left, into the fold, against the western flow of reading; this is because they’re bad guys — their actions go against the proper order of things, up to and including the reading flow. But also for another reason, which the right-most hood’s reaction sets us up for, compelling us to turn the page.


An even stronger followup with a double-page splash. Batman smashes in through the window in a powerful left to right movement, in direct opposition to the gangsters’ movement on the previous splash. The background establishes the family Batman is there to protect, as well as the shabbiness of their apartment and clothes. The fact that Batman’s cape can still be partially outside the window while he’s hitting the hoods who just came through the opposite doorway immediately sells how small the space is. What could these poor people possibly have that’s worth three armed gunmen kicking down their door?


This page is all about one thing: establishing Batman as an overwhelming force. Strong left-to-right movement, always dominating the panel, no signs that this is especially difficult for him. His first line of dialogue: a piece of short, relaxed, confident detective talk.

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Morning Hunger

Genre: Smut

Pairing: JacksonxYou

Summary: You are making breakfast for Jackson Wang, your boyfriend. He wakes up and feels very hungry. However, food is not what he is craving at that moment…

You are in the kitchen making breakfast for yourself and your boyfriend, Jackson. Once again, last night he had rehearsal until late so you let him sleep in on one of his few days off like today. You are making eggs and bacon for him and toasting some slices of bread on the side. The kettle starts whistling, telling you that the water is boiling hot and ready for the tea. You hope the noise didn’t wake him up since he could use a little extra sleep. You grab a cup and your favorite teabag and put in the cup before pouring the hot water in it as well. All the nice smells are spreading into the apartment, and you love how it makes the kitchen more cozy and warm. You take a sip of your tea and suddenly you feel a pair of arms wrapping around your waist from behind you.

“Good morning, babe” You hear him saying, that mix of deep and sleepy tone still in his voice that you always find so sexy. You didn’t hear him approaching, but when you look down you notice that he is barefoot, so that is why.

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