i need to draw a better version for this

The Look in Your Eyes

Aries: Got me wanting to come nearer, but standing at a distance in fear

Taurus: Has my eyes melting, my heart beating faster, and only wanting to be in your arms

Gemini: Makes me wanna spill all my secrets, tell you everything and everything about the world and me

Cancer: Screaming in excitement, ready to go anywhere with you, adventuring with the love of my life

Leo: Makes me wanna stomp on my mortal enemy’s face and yell in victory 

Virgo: Makes me stronger. I always wanna be better, smarter, the best version of myself I can possibly be

Libra: Keeps me at peace, living in harmony, and smiling in serenity

Scorpio: Makes my heart hurt in longing. The need for you is insanity

Sagittarius: Draws me in, ready to hold your hand and take on the world with you

Capricorn: Fills me with dread and jealously. I want to feel calm just like your soul

Aquarius: Screams hopes, dreams, and beauty. Your eyes inspire me to reach further than I ever have before

Pisces: Make my heart feel warm and beautiful. You don’t need to say anything to know you think I’m unique and gorgeous

Testing out a new brush and this picture that everyone really liked became the victim lol. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Attempted painting a Hidari-style Alfonse


Heathilton/the Schuylers (feat. Martha Laurens as Veronica)

I was originally going to make Theodosia (II) Veronica, but then I did a little research on Martha (John Laurens’ sister) and she just fit the role so much better. This girl seriously needs way more love. Plus, she’s the same generation as the Schuyler Sisters, which makes the rest of the casting a lot less complicated. I tried to make her look similar to John without basically turning her into a genderbent version of him, hopefully it was successful.

I put effort into strange things…

But, anyway, I was thinking of doing a version where the Mew Mews dress like the Sanzo party…! Eventually. This took longer than I thought it would, geh.

I was originally planning on finishing this for Pride Month but I guess I missed that by a country mile whoops anyway if there’s one thing Lock believes in other than justice it’s having pride in yourself. They believe in you no matter what!!

This was my first ever attempt at soft-shading an entire drawing and…it wasn’t a total disaster? It’s not quite the mood I was aiming for and I think I need to find some better brushes but it’s still significantly better than I anticipated. Onwards and upwards! If people would be interested in a print of this let me know so I can add it to my RedBubble store (or make a run myself) - I’m also planning on doing a traditional version of this and making a  video :)

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“Percy turned in a full circle. Nothing. Then he glanced up. Hovering above him was a giant goldfish. Frank had turned - clothes, backpack, and all - into a koi the size of a teen-aged boy.

Dude. Percy sent his thoughts through the water, the way he spoke with other sea creatures. A goldfish?

Frank’s voice came back to him: I freaked. We were talking about goldfish, so it was on my mind. Sue me.

Had a bit of a crappy day so I needed to draw something that made me laugh. I liked the sketch version of Percy better but I do like how Frank turned out.

Hi Yes you’re friendly neighborhood cryptid here to tell the entire Good Omens fandom to give the actors a chance. If it turns out bad then flame it all you want, but seriously give them a chance. If that doesn’t make you feel better just know that Neil is literally probably most likely going to set a Bentley on actual fire. 

P.S: This doesn’t stop people from drawing their versions of Crowley and Aziraphale. Only because they hired white actors, DOES NOT mean I can’t still draw Aziraphale as a POC. Yall need to look on the bright side for once. It’s like TAZ all over again. 


💖 The Thank YOU Project 💖

Woot this took awhile but i’m finally done c:! I know i said, “thank you” before but i felt i need to do a little bit more especially for those who took their time to reach out to me. I tried my best to draw a character you liked or at least post about a lot ;v;!! (Hahah i had to be noseyyyy!) But boy did i have fun :D!

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So I went through miles of mad max stuff just to re find your art on Tumblr because I really loved the way you drew nux and I wanted to follow you

mannn i admire your dedication. and that thing i drew wasnt even very good probably, so heres some more (hopefully better) Nux for you friend! I need more mad max in my life anyways ;D

{larger version}

in other news, how the fuck does one draw a car

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Can you make a pixel art tutorial? I really love your DBD sprites!

okay this is kind of hard to explain but ive tried. the sprite ill do for this tutorial is Feng Min’s from DbD!

what you’ll need: 
-colourful references of the character/thing u wanna draw
-aseprite, & kinda knowing how it works

1.First of all u should open aseprite. ah! ah! ah!. ok,and making a new sprite. its good to work in tiny sizes, big sizes dont work too well for pixelart. also, be sure u pick indexed, we’ll need it later. and transparent bg. then ok

2.The new file u make its gonna look just like the transparent bg and u wont have a grid or anything unless u have it as a preference. i, however, prefer using the pixel grid: its comfy and disappears if u move with the wheel.

3.Now its time to sketch out an idea.i use a mouse to do my sprites bc it gives me way more control on my movements, however,people usually do their sketches with a tablet on Photoshop or sai and then bring them to aseprite for the lineart and stuff. whatever u choose to do, is ur choice

¡¡¡VERY IMPORTANT!!! Dont sketch out on the first layer. leave that one empty just in case u wanna do a bg. u cant delete the Layer 1 in aseprite (or at least the version i use) and its kinda hellish to move layers, so be careful with ur layer choice

my layers look like this rn bc for these sprites i need to know the size of other sprites ive made before, and the min height (that blue straight line underneath the sketch). Also, u can change the layer opacity and properties by right click on the layer - properties - moving that opacity label

4.Lineart time! start drawing on a new layer with the black pen. just remember the rules for lineart. however, these can be step on if the sprite looks better. remember, in art, its better that it looks good than following the rules,but u must know the rules to know ure stepping on them

i like drawing a dirty lineart and later using eraser to fix everything that i may not like or looks bad

5.This isnt very good but wv. when ure happy with ur result, its time to start colouring. grab ur references, and lets set a colour palette

pixel art was used by game artists long ago when they needed to represent graphics without using more than certain colours (8, 16…) in systems like spectrum. we start with 32 colours in aseprite that… we’re really not gonna use except for ur sketch colour: delete the rest. expand the palette as much as u need by clicking on that weird pause symbol

aseprite has a very cool thing that you can create a colour, click it and ctrl+c, then choose an empty spot and ctrl+v and ull have it there too!! choose ur colours, and copy/paste them in the same line, with min a spot between them


also what im doing there is editing the colour we pasted before (leave the original colour in the middle, make the one in the left the colour u want for ur shading, the one in the right, for ur lighting). 

now, choose the dark, the middle colour, and the empty spots in between u left (ctrl+ click on them). then go to sort & gradients, next to edit colour, and choose gradient and…

tadda! a gradient without u doing any extra work. ok now do the same with the light and u have ur palette for the skin. easy!! and u can do this with literally any colour

now get to colour and make the palettes u need for each part of the body. COLOUR IN LAYERS just like u would do in any other program, but dont spend too much time sepparating shadows and lights in other layers, isnt really worth it, just work the same tones and parts in a layer 

6.Now its coloured. Nice.

these are my colour palettes for this sprite

my layers look more or less like this, as i said before, i sepparated by things, but not by shading or lighting like i would in sai for each layer. now i like adding, to the lineart, a colour thats not black and thats related to the palette used in each part. if u wanna do that, just add an extra colour next to ur palettes thats darker than the darkest one u have in that line, and paint over the black in the lineart layer

SO why did i tell u about indexed? if u wanna change any colour thats in the palette, u just have to edit it and it will edit in real time in the drawing and thats very cool. i didnt index mine bc im dumb and i had to change by hand every little colour change i did for the new lineart

looks like this in the end!

7. save it as gif bc if u save as png it wont save special effects u did (like using multiply or luminosity layers) and this is how mine looks

hope it was useful!