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Lauren Interview- Questions(20 March 2016)

I: Never get tired of:
L: Reading
I: What is best done slowly ?
L: Eating.
I: What’s something you need to stop doing ?
L: Stopping on my phone so much..
I: What are you afraid of ?
L: I’m afraid of ignorance. 😔
I: What’s your favorite smell ?
L: Gardenia.🌹😍
I: Which body part do you get caught there are not often ?
L: Butts, all the time. 😏
I: Who was the last person you said ‘I love you too’ ?
L: My mom 😊
I: What music video do you wish you were in ?
L: Hollaback girl.
(Part I)

Okay I haven’t stopped screaming since Lauren came out but I really hate all these posts saying that 5H has 5 woc and 1 bisexual and all that because if you actually read the letter you’d see she addressed the fact that she is WHITE she is a White Latina and she acknowledged her privilege which is something we never see anyone do in this industry. Her coming out wasn’t the only important thing in that letter we need to also congratulate her for knowing that she has privilege, that needs to be normalized