i need to do something for ally and dinah


We all have such different voices and we all add something that the other person can’t. Like [Camila] can’t do Normani and Ally’s whistle notes, Dinah has such an amazing vibrato, Lauren’s really good at putting in like a kind of soulful tone. Everybody knows that they have something so important to contribute

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How do you imagine Camila and Lauren broke it to the other girls that they actually were together 😂

* in their tour bus*
Lauren: Guys. I need to tell you something.
Dinah: …but
Camila: It’s more important than eating food
Dinah: Damn are you sure? [looks at her food]
Ally: DINAH [punches her]
Lauren: …Camz.
Normani: Y’all really doing this right now
Camila: GUYS
Camila: [whispers] …we-
Camila: we’re together
Dinah: [chewing loudly] Bish we know
Lauren: What?
Ally: Yeah it’s true.
Lauren: Who told you?
Normani: We have eyes and ears you know

I m just gonna leave this here to remind everybody to not believe anything that s gonna be said and to not pick sides, because at the end of the day we know the TRUTH. Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally are always saying women must stick together and not against each other and now if something is really gonna happen and they do the opposite it s not really them. The FACT that many people predicted and were warning us that somenthing was going to happen just proves that their management is not doing a very good joob ( i mean when did they ever did they re predictable AF) so don t believe SHIT

Now everybody needs to stay together and hold tight because if shit is really going down it s gonna be one hell of a roller coaster and we just need to show them how strong this fandom and this just proves how FUCKED UP this industry and people really are.

Again don t belive anything and show support to these 5 amazing girls and if you re not a fan of all of them don t show hate and preach what they preach LOVE.

Ohh and really they re going to make Camila and Lauren fight come on dude they want so bad to kill camren that they don t realize they re making it more real its really funny if you think about it and like Camila once said people need to learn to chill the fuck out.

Okeyy buy Down, CITC and IHQ on ITunes and stream it on Spotify.

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My thoughts on 5h Angel mv

Before anything else, I need to get these issues out of the way first.


So, yeah, I said before I wanted concept. I wanted plot. I wanted a story. I wanted to see an old school mv with plot and swag. I got swag, i didn’t get the plot. And it’s disappointing. BUT, I’ll just assume that the label didn’t give them enough budget for a full on mv with lots of crew and shit. That’s what I’ll just assume so I would sleep better at night.

Then again, I’ve seen indie videos have mind blowing plot with basically just one lousy camera. And apparently, 5h and the director were aiming for “artsy” so I don’t see any reason for them not to have given us more. But, maybe Angel is just another teaser single. And promo singles don’t need expensive production and shit. I’m thinking that we’ll get more meaty videos AFTER the album is released.

• “5h being hoes”

I keep seeing this on Twitter or YouTube, and a friend also mentioned the male gaze and objectification to me. Tbh, I didn’t see a hint of the male gaze in this mv. Yes they were sexy and were posing provocatively sometimes, but I don’t think it’s on a male gaze level. Male gaze for me is pandering to the male’s visual appetite, particularly zooming in on the boobs and the butt for no reason at all other than to specifically sexualize the women on camera to satisfy the men’s craving for, well, boobs and butts (just check out most hiphop videos.) But what if the girls actually just wanted to pose sexy and wear sexy clothes? I didn’t see boobs or butts close up.

(This is also where people can get confused with Camila. Complaining about how she was complaining about being overly sexualized in 5h and yet she’s being sexy in her dancing and whatever. I’m like bitch no.)

A woman can be sexual and embrace her femininity and sexuality as long as she’s ready and she does it for herself. If she says she feels sexualized, then you can’t take that away from her. If she chooses to be sexual now, then you can’t slut-shame her for embracing her femininity — which is a natural part of being a woman, just like men are privileged to be as overt with their manhood as they want to be. We should stop suppressing women’s celebration of their sexuality, while we celebrate men for basically the same thing.

And this is where my point about the Angel mv video comes in. What I actually saw in the vid are 4 empowered girls who are confident and aware of their sexuality and power and femininity. I didn’t see them being objectified (I guess that’s just a matter of perspective). I think, even before their 7/27 tour, they keep saying that they will wear clothes they like and they will be as sexy as they like. And that to me is what I saw in Angel.

I saw maturity. I saw them growing into women who are (no Angels lol) expressing themselves. And if they wanted to wear sexy clothes, who are we to say they’re hoes? If they are in control of their sexuality and image, then that’s fine. Like, have you seen Lauren and the way she dresses? That’s a person who wears whatever the fuck she wants, and I think that Lauren and the girls are outspoken enough to speak up if they’re uncomfortable with what they’re wearing and how their videos are conceptualized (in this era, at least)… (We saw that in 7/27 Camila. She insisted on wearing extra layers of cloth or pants in her costumes. The girls didn’t. They wore what they chose to wear).


• it’s def better than Down. Down can choke on a hairy dick.

• if this is a promo video, then I guess it’s fine. But this video is all-fluff and no-meat.

• sure, the aesthetics are lit. I love the old-school vibe. It reminds me of 80’s grunge (the film style), and the girls are 100% fine!! Like omg Ally is a fucking stand out! Lauren is Lauren so no surprise. Normani looks like a boss. Like a mafia wife killin’ it. And Dinah is ugh omg she’s soooooo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

But yeah. The video is nothing. It’s cool yeah, and it’s promising.. but it turned out to be a flat line. Like start to finish there’s nothing happening. But I don’t think it’s bad (they really look cohesive), I just wanted more.

And what’s up with that guy? Is he daydreaming or dreaming? Coz if he’s dreaming then that’s a weird sleeping position 😂😂

Also, what’s up with the random shots of the sky, an ocean, a fence, a lamp post or whatever? Is that a dream-like state? Just random clips interspersed with beauty shots of the girls?

Lauren said the video is artistic. Yeah maybe in a visual sense, it is, but it’s empty.

I needed more.

I can’t even make a proper review of it because it’s severely lacking other than the aesthetics and the girls being immensely beautiful. But we know that already, so can they please give us something more next time? (I think they will. So I need to chill my butt)

In conclusion, if their purpose is to tell us that the girls are no Angels, that they’re hot and sexy and have swag, then yeah the vid is successful.

But to be fair, this video is at least something different from their usually polished bubblegum pop stuff. It’s something gritty in terms of visuals, and I like that 5h3 era is showing us new sides of the girls. They’re exploring and they’re giving us something new. Even if we don’t embrace it the first time, or despite their label’s lack of support, they’re still giving us a part of themselves, and I guess that’s what’s important. I need to chill and be a good fan and just wait for them to do their thing.

The video is a 7/10 for me. 6/10 if I’m in a bad mood. The imagery is cool, but it would have been better if they incorporated something else to balance the meaningless beauty shots.

10/10 just for that one-second clip of Lauren banging the doorframe in sync with the beat. That’s sexy AF and it’s my fave part 😂

And Allysin yeah you’re doing amazing sweetie!!

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Unspoken (Tauren)

Lauren smiled as Tori captured her lips in a soft kiss. The older woman’s plump lips felt so good against her own, and it made her smile widen.

“Someone’s smiley today.” Tori whispered from her spot where she was leaning over a seated Lauren. She was currently getting ready for her set at the music festival she and Fifth Harmony were at, but Lauren was so intoxicating she was getting distracted.

“I’m with you.” Lauren shrugged. “You make me smiley.”

“You make me want to write a song about you.” Tori husked, leaning forward to press another kiss to Lauren’s lip.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Tori got out between kisses. “About your eyes…and your hair…and your smile…and everything that makes you, you.” she ended the sentence with a firm kiss before pulling away with a sigh. “But I have to leave before I’m late for the set and I have to explain to the crowd that I was making out with Lauren Jauregui.”

“I think they’d be pretty jealous and mop outside my dressing room door.” Lauren chuckled.

“Are you joking? The Harmonizers would have my head on a stick. No one touches Lauren. You own their asses.” The slightly taller woman joked as she crossed the room to grab her Gibson Hummingbird.

“Harmonizers are insane in a crazy good way, and that’s why they must never find out about us.”

“Well, I think we should approach that topic after we tell someone besides your parents and my dog.” Tori chuckled.

“We’ll tell everyone…soon.” Lauren nodded. “I just want more time with you to myself before I tell them. It’s not something I’m looking forward to everyone knowing just yet. They’re literally never going to shut up about it until they make everything awkward between us.”

Tori shrugged. “I don’t mind keeping us between just us until you’re ready.”

“That’s why you’re amazing.” Lauren smirked as she pushed herself to her feet and followed Tori to the door.

“I know.” Tori shrugged again and stopped with her hand on the door knob. “Now, can I have one more kiss before we join the real world again?”

“That depends.”


“Will you sing Paper Hearts for me?” Lauren smiled.

“I’ll sing every song you want.” Tori leaned forward and pressed one more kiss to Lauren’s lips. “But I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay.” Lauren blushed.

As she watched Tori walk down the hall towards the stage, she couldn’t help but feel all the butterflies in her stomach multiply.

“Hey!” Ally cheered as she spotted Lauren from down the hall and ran up to her. “I just got back from the Waffle House.”

“Of course you did, shorty.” Lauren smiled. Ally nodded her head cheerily and poked her head into Tori’s dressing room.

“Where’s Tori?”

“She’s on stage.” Lauren pointed towards the way that Tori exited.

“Well, let’s go watch her set! Maybe you’ll figure out that you’re like in love with her.” Ally joked, grabbing Lauren’s arm and pulling her towards the stage only to have Lauren yank her arm away.

“Wh-What are you talking about? There’s nothing going on between Tori and I.”

Ally furrowed her brows. “I know. I was just kidding.” She chuckled before her smile fell and her eyes widened as she gasped. “HOLY COW! You like Tori.”


“OMG! This so freaking cute!” Ally clapped. “How long?”

“Can we not talk about this? Please?!” Lauren shouted, covering Ally’s mouth with her hand. “Let’s just go watch her set and not say another word about this, okay?”

“Fine. Whatever you say…Tori-lover.”

“Oh god.” Lauren sighed.


“…So what are we gonna do?” Ally asked the girls surrounding her. “We can’t just let them go on obliviously liking each other.”

Normani scrunched her face up while glancing at Tori who was seated on one side of the dinner room munching on something on her plate while engrossed in her phone before looking over to Lauren who was chatting with Bea on the opposite side of the room. “How do we know for a fact that they aren’t something?”

“What? Like, a couple?” Camila asked.

“No, a freaking Quartet, Camila.” Normani rolled her eyes. “Yes, a couple.”

“Lauren wouldn’t do that.” Dinah shook her head. “She wouldn’t hide something like that from us.”

“Are we sure?” Normani shook her head. “I mean, I’ve witnessed them flirt plenty of times and Lauren really isn’t the type of person to not get what she wants.”

“So? How do you that Tori wants her?” Camila scoffed.

“Are you kidding?” Ally giggled. “Tori’s been hooked since Lauren winked at her at the Houston show.”

“True.” Normani nodded. “I just think that we need to push them to come out.”

“They aren’t a couple.” Camila shook her head. “I bet you $20 dollars and your desserts for a week.”

“Fine, but if I’m right, you have to be my servant for the rest of the tour.” Normani smirked.

“You’re so on.” Camila stuck out her hand for Normani to shake.


“I think they’re on to us!” Lauren panted as she pulled Tori into the large shower room of the venue.

“Who?” Tori looked around. “The shower elves?” she joked back to her paranoid girlfriend.

“No, Tori! The girls! They just asked me if I was seeing or talking to anyone, and I freaked out.”

“Well, unless you’re talking to someone else, I don’t think there was a reason to freak out.” Tori stated, crossing her arms. “You’re not seeing someone else, right?”

“Don’t ask me questions like that.” Lauren shot back causing Tori to laugh.

“I’m just kidding, babe. Look,” The older woman sighed, uncrossing her arms and stepping forward to place both hands on Lauren’s shoulders to look down into the slightly shorter woman’s eyes. “I think we should just tell them.”

“What?!” Lauren freaked.

“Lo, it’s been almost six months! My mom wants us to planning a trip out to South Cal to visit her, and I don’t think you’ll find a good enough excuse without telling them the truth.” Tori chuckled. “Plus, I really don’t appreciate the fact that I can’t make that really cute cuddling picture of us my screensaver.” She pouted.

“I…I’m so scared, Tor.”

“I know, but I don’t think you’re afraid of rejection or anything like that, I just think you’re afraid of being open with a relationship.”

“Duh! I’m not ashamed of dating you, or a woman for that matter, I mean, it’s 2015. People need to seriously stop making this shit a big deal. I’m just scared of letting people into what we have. I like having you all to myself, and I think that telling everyone will only make people start digging into our relationship.”

Tori nodded. “Okay, well can we at least tell someone else? We can tell someone really small and then branch out.”

“Someone like who?” Lauren furrowed her brows.

“Um…” Tori dropped her arms and moved to poke her head out of the showeroom only to see a nearby venue staff member. “Excuse me, Ma’am?”

“Yes?” The woman asked, looking up from the floor she was mopping.

“Can I introduce you to someone?” Tori smiled charmingly.

The woman walked around before pointing to herself and Tori nodded. “Um? Sure?”

Tori walked back into the bathroom to pull Lauren back out of the room to present her to the woman. “This is Lauren. My girlfriend.”

“Um, hello?”

Tori smiled brightly at the woman. “You see, Lauren and I have been together, officially, for nearly six months now and she’s a little worried about what her friends will do when they find out, so I’m trying to show her that we can come out slowly. Starting with you.”

“I’m the first to know?” The woman asked.

“Besides our parents and my doggie, yes.” Tori nodded. “May we know your name?”

“Mariel.” She replied.

“Nice to meet you, Mariel.” Tori beamed. “Now, can we trust you to keep this to yourself until we tell more people?”

“Of course.” Mariel nodded.

“Thank you so much!” Tori ran forward and hugged the staff member. “You’re the best, and you’re doing a great job mopping.”

“Uh, thanks?”

“Of course.”

“Yeah, thank you.” Lauren blushed. “It means a lot to us.”

“Not a problem ladies. And you two make a very beautiful couple.”

“Well, thank Mariel! You’re very sweet.”

“Yeah, that’s a first.” The woman scoffed. “Anyway, congrats to you two. I have to finish this.” She grumbled before turning back to her mopping.

“See? Not difficult at all. And not one more person knows.” Tori beamed. “And, Mariel is our friend now!”

“You’re such a dork.” Lauren shook her head at her girlfriend.

“You love it.” Tori giggled, stepping forward to wrap her arms around Lauren’s waist. “Please, can we just keep coming out?”

“I guess, but let’s go slowly, okay?”

“Deal.” Tori pecked Lauren’s nose before capturing Lauren’s top lip between hers.

“Ugh, I hate PDA.” Mariel mumbled under her breath.


“We’re gonna head on up to bed, Lo.” Normani announced to the girl as they stepped into the hotel lobby. “I think our bus leaves at like 7 tomorrow morning.”

“It does.” Lauren nodded, looking down at her phone again.

“What are you waiting for?” Normani furrowed her brows, glancing around at the zombie-like bandmates around her as the practically stumbled to the elevator.

“Tori is staying in this hotel too, so I was just waiting on her to get here to make sure she gets checked in and settled.” Lauren explained, looking at her phone once again.

“Um, okay?” Normani chuckled, stepping a little closer to Lauren. “Is there something going on between you and Tori?”

“Wh-What? Why would you say that?”

“Because you two have been spending a lot of time together…alone. And you’re just being different with her.” Normani shrugged. “And I know that you have a thing for guitar playing singers with great hair. I mean there was Brad, your short flirtation with Charley from Rixton, Matty Healy, and lord only know what happened between you and Camila.”

“Okay? Those were all in the past.” Lauren dodged.

“I’m just saying that if you like this girl, I want to know! I tell you everything about Masi and I.” The slightly older woman pouted.

Lauren looked Normani in the eye for a moment before remembering that she promised Tori that they would come out slowly to people. “Fine, but if I tell you then you can’t tell anyone else.”


“Including Dinah.” Lauren warned.

“What? I can’t do that! She’s my ride or die!”

“No, Mani. I want to tell everyone on my own.” Lauren griped.

“Fine.” Mani grumbled before perking up. “Now, tell me the deats!”

Lauren rolled her eyes before looking around and leaning towards Normani. “Tori and I have been together for almost 6 months…”



“I-I’m sorry. That just took me by surprised.” Normani breathed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I was afraid of it leaking out into the media…and of what you and the girls were going to do when you found out.”

“Do you really think that we’d care if you were dating a woman?” Normani scoffed.

“That’s not it.” Lauren shook her head. “We just wouldn’t have any alone time! You guys are like always all over the place and I just wanted some alone time with her without being bothered.”

“I understand.” Normani nodded. “But you could have told me! We’re each other’s spirit animals!”

“I know, and I apologize for that.”

“It’s cool.” Normani smirked. “So, tell me all about it and how it happened.”

“How what happened?” A calm tone asked from beside the duo. Both woman turned to see Tori standing there with a beanie on her head, a gigantic pillow wrapped in her arms, and a chill smile on her face.

“Tori, you’re here.” Normani smiled and hugged the woman.

“I am.” Tori nodded. “What were you two talking about?” she eyed Lauren quickly.

“Nothing. Just…stuff.”

Tori smiled and nodded in understanding. “Alright, whatever you say. But just a tip, if you ever want to have a private conversation, you shouldn’t do it in the middle of a hotel lobby.” She chuckled before moving to the check-in desk.

“She’s so cute.” Lauren whined after her girlfriend, watching her struggle to walk to the counter with her giant pillow in her arms.

“Awe! You’re all lovestruck.” Normani cheered while Lauren blushed. “Have you told her yet?”

“Told her what?”

“That you love her!” Normani stated as if it were obvious.


“OMG! You have to!” Normani cheered as she grabbed onto Lauren’s shoulders and pushed her in Tori’s direction. “You can tell me all the dirty details later. Go be with your woman and tell her that you love her.” She whispered to the green-eyed girl.

Lauren stalled her feet before turning to Mani to pull her into a hug. “Thanks, Mani.”

“For what?” Mani mumbled into the hug.

“For being my best friend.”



Tori smiled down at Lauren as she hovered over the sleepy woman. “So Mani took it well?” she whispered, leaning down to press a few kisses along Lauren’s face.

“She did.” Lauren nodded, closing her eyes at the feeling of Tori’s lips.

“And you’re okay?” she continued her kissing trail.

“I am.” Lauren nodded again.

“Good.” Tori smiled, pulling back from her job. “and see? It wasn’t so hard.”

“Not at all.” Lauren sighed in contentment. “Now to just tell the other three.”

“You’ll do great.” Tori reassured, pecking Lauren’s lips quickly. “Now, sleep.”

“Noooooo.” Lauren whined, pulling Tori down to lay flush against her. “I don’t want to close my eyes. I don’t want to fall asleep cuz I’d miss you, babe, and I don’t wanna miss a thiiiiiing.” She sang in a raspy tone.

“Babe, you’re so tired you’re singing Aerosmith.” Tori giggled.

“Yeah, but I only have until the end of this week with you.” Lauren whined. “Once the music festival is over, you go off to South California for two weeks while I go to Miami for a week and then I-”

“You’ll be in LA to record.” Tori filled in.

“Exactly! We won’t see each other for at least two weeks.”

Tori rolled her eyes. “You know that I can go to LA while I’m South Cal, right?”

“Baby, that’s a two hour drive from Wildomar to LA.”

Tori shrugged her shoulders with a laugh. “So? I’d drive any distance to get to you.” She husked while nipping lightly at Lauren’s neck.

“God, don’t do that.” Lauren panted breathily. “I’m too tired for anything right now.”

“Mm, I guess we’ll just have to take a rain check.”

“Sounds great.” Lauren mumbled as she fought to keep her eyes open.

“Go to sleep.” Tori whispered as Lauren’s eyes closed and her breathing evened out. “…I love you.”


“HA! I fucking knew it!” Dinah screeched back at Lauren while the other two sat with impressed looks on the couch of the tour bus.

“Me too.” Camila shrugged. “Congrats, Lo. You hit the lotto.”

“That was such a guy thing to say, Camz, but thanks.” Lauren laughed. “Yeah, she’s…amazing.”

“Awe! I’m so happy for you, Lauren!” Ally cooed as she tackled the woman into a hug.

“Thanks, AllyCat.” Lauren smiled.

“So, how long has this been going on? What’s it like? Is she good in bed? Does she hit that falsetto in bed?” Dinah asked quickly.

“DINAH!” Lauren scolded. “That’s personal.”

“Oh, come on, Lo. I know your pussy game is at like 1000. I mean, you had Luis whipped.

“Dinah!” All four girls shot back instantly.

“Alright. I’m sorry just tell us all the details.”

“There really isn’t anything to tell. She and I have been together since January. Well, the end of January. We had been talking since Thanksgiving because we ran into each other at one of the Jingleball tour dates, and we just clicked. She’s so amazing, guys, and I just want to make this work.”

“That’s wonderful, Lo.”

“Am I the only one that wants to know if Tori Kelly is good in the sheets?” Dinah asked around. “’Cause it can’t just be me.”

Lauren blushed heavily at Dinah’s words. “Alright, fine. Tori is…wow. There are literally no words.” She shrugged. “And she’s so sexy, like…ugh.”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Camila held up her hand. “We’re talking about the woman that calls her dog Snuckums and is a literal ball of sunshine. Let’s not put those kind of images in my head.”

“Whatever, annoying.” Dinah rolled her eyes.

“Thank you for telling us, Lo. We appreciate it.”

“Thank you guys for understanding.” Lauren smiled. “I was so scared of you guys like being upset. I really didn’t want that to happen.”

“Of course not!” Ally pouted. “We love you!”

“And that’s the thing…I love her.” Lauren whispered. “So much. I don’t want this to go south.”

“It won’t.” A voice called from behind Lauren making her whip around. Tori was there climbing out of the bunk that Normani had stashed her in to surprise Lauren later on, not knowing the conversation that she’d be having with the girls. “It won’t, Lauren.”

“How do I know that?” Lauren asked, standing as Tori approached her.

“Because I love you, too.” Tori whispered with a smile, leaning in to capture Lauren’s lips in a kiss. “I love you.”

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAS!” The rest of the girls shouted.

“We shall call them…TAUREN!” Camila shouted.

“I’m the captain! I called it.” Dinah announced with her hand raised. “I ship it!”

“Me too.” Lauren whispered against Tori’s lips.

The One With The Scrabble

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,879

This next part of the Tayvin Friends Series is a little late, and I apologize. But I also would like to announce that there will be three more after this, leading all the way up to the six-month mark of August. Stay tuned…

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Okay I haven’t stopped screaming since Lauren came out but I really hate all these posts saying that 5H has 5 woc and 1 bisexual and all that because if you actually read the letter you’d see she addressed the fact that she is WHITE she is a White Latina and she acknowledged her privilege which is something we never see anyone do in this industry. Her coming out wasn’t the only important thing in that letter we need to also congratulate her for knowing that she has privilege, that needs to be normalized


I’m not the type to go out to make big paragraphs or speeches about any fandom I’m in, but holy hell.

Management is fucking them over. Maybe that’s why she left she the band. She had the opportunity to leave the band and she took it. I pray to any god she makes it as a solo artist.

The fact that I hear my girl crying our girl makes me so fucking pissed. The fact that management  controls every part of the girls lives it is inhumane, it’s degrading, it goes against human rights. Lauren’s family had to fight the girls management so Lauren can go home to her grandmother’s funeral.

A military personal is granted at least 2 weeks of leave from duty when a family member dies. They are needed back at where they are stationed. You know how difficult that is to arrange, but they still do it. The fact that her family had to fight management blows my mind. I don’t get how that happens.

Am I the only one who thinks that some of their past and current relationships were a set up by management?

Lucy Vives? (I have nothing against her. I respect her.)

No lip Brad?

Dorito Boy?


When Zayn left one direction you spoke you cleared the air for the fans and the media. Why not do the same for the girls? Or do you like to play favorites? These are the people you hired to take care of 5th Harmony. You gotta do something!

It pisses me off. Any ways we gotta do something. We are their fans. We back them up a 100%. Shouldn’t that mean we do something about that.

Sorry I needed to rant.