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Dean Winchester x Reader

Story Summary: Dealing with a serious threat, Dean takes to the sniper route to take out his suspect. 

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and her SPN Hiatus writing challenge-week 4. I went with the prompt: “You’re supposed to talk me out of this.”

“Dean, have you ever shot this far away?” You whispered as the two of you climbed up the fire escape ladder, heading to the top of the building. He was carrying a long plastic container, the contents inside deadly.

“Sure. My dad made sure I was proficient in everything.” He answered, making you frown. You hated the fact that it seemed like Dean never had a childhood to enjoy, but that was an argument for another day. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” You muttered. “What if you miss? That will put both Sam and Cas at jeopardy!”

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Correct Larry Predictions

Worshippedlove recently made a masterpost about all the things Larries have predicted correctly. They laughed at the whole idea of our “Failed Larry Predictions.” Feel free to take a look yourself. I’m not going to tell you what to think of it because most of us are adults and can decide for ourselves. However I am going to go through them in order and debunk/provide an explanation as to why none of their “Correct Larry Predictions” are anything to brag about and why some of them aren’t even correct predictions at all. 

Correct Larry Predictions 1-6: Haylor ending, Hendall 1.0 ending, Hendall 2.0 ending, Harry having a winter girlfriend, Harry and his WG breaking up, and Elounor breaking up. As to all the relationships ending- no shit. Larries believe all Harry and Louis’ relationships with woman are fake and the women involved are being payed by Modest. Naturally they didn’t think that Modest was going to pay them for the rest of their lives and force them to fake a marriage. The masterpost says they predicted Hadine which is not completely true- they merely predicted that Harry would have a winter girlfriend but they didn’t predict with whom. It’s more common for the boys to date during the winter because that’s when they have time off and have time for a relationship, so it’s only common sense to guess that’s the most likely time that the boys would start dating someone. (Yes, occasionally Larries do use common sense.) 

Prediction #7- That Hazoff would be used for business purposes. Again, no shit Sherlock. Everyone guessed that, both Larries and non-Larries alike. But speaking of the Azoffs, Larries are the ones who have been dead set that the idea that the Azoffs are going to take over all of 1D and not just Harry despite the fact that there’s been literally no evidence to support that. Need I remind Larries too that they are the ones who are convinced that the Azoffs are the ones who are behind the mysterious NT, and that everything related to TMZ and BG and what not are is a “battle” between NT/OT. Larries whole NT/OT theory with the Azoffs and Syco/Simon are a massive failed prediction within themselves. So thank you worshippedlove for letting me bring that up.

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